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If you are having trouble losing weight, take a good, honest look at your diet; you may very well be unintentionally eating too many calories. Keeping a food journal can help a dieter become more aware of their caloric intake and pin down where their trouble foods and weaknesses are slowing their fitness progress. You may be able to lose quite a lot of weight at first, without much effort.

However, weight loss may slow down or stop altogether after a while. This article lists 20 common reasons why you’re. A calorie deficit is required for weight loss.

This means you need to burn more calories than you consume. For many years, it was believed that a. Why can’t I lose weight: 5 common reasons.

These common myths could be the reason you’re not losing weight. Myth 1: Exercise more Why we believe it. Regular exercise burns calories and is essential for good health. If you have a desk job which consumes all of your day, then it is common not to lose weight.

Basically, you are not physically active enough and whatever you consume might be turning right into fat which can cause weight gain or make it harder to lose your existing weight. With all the opinions out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Not to mention, misinformed. So how do you separate fact from fiction and avoid dieting pitfalls Here are the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight, plus what to do instead to reach your weight-loss goals in a healthy way. That’s why it’s so important to eat within your calorie range.

If you aren’t, you could be doing more harm than good. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls dieters face, and deal with the ups and downs of weight loss more easily. Hang in there! It’s not always easy, but you.

If you love to run or bike for reasons other than losing weight, then by all means don’t stop. But if your primary goal is fat loss, there are other forms of exercise that give a much better. Only having 1 or 2 Syns or no even no Syns will not make you lose more weight. Syns are there to be used!

Also skipping Healthy Extra’s are wrong too.. this will not help you to lose weight. As I mentioned before the plan is there to be followed. Skipping Syns and Healthy Extras can result in no weight loss. Contents.

1 Diet Mistakes: 6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight. 1.1 Diet Mistake No. 1: Racing to the Finish; 1.2 Diet Mistake No. 2: Skipping Meals; 1.3 Diet Mistake No.

3: Too Many Liquid Calories; 1.4 Diet Mistake No. 4: Oversized Portions; 1.5 Diet Mistake No. 5: Choosing Unhealthy Add-Ons; 1.6 Diet Mistake No.

6: Mindless Eating; 2 20 Common Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight.

List of related literature:

Unintentional weight loss · Significant unintentional weight loss during the few

“Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines” by Duodecim Medical Publications, Ilkka Kunnamo
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• Because continued adherence to a calorie-restricting plan does not produce commensurate reduction in weight loss, dieters become disillusioned and discouraged and stop following the plan (Figure 6.7).

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Because I didn’t need to lose any weight, I didn’t follow a set plan or diet.

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Because energy requirements decrease as weight is decreased, diet and physical activity goals need to be revised so that an energy deficit is created at the lower weight, allowing the patient to continue to lose weight.

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Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight

“Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine E-Book” by Richard B. Berry
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These dieters often feel frustrated with a slow rate of weight loss and a modest amount of total weight lost.

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Dietary changes alone are associated with high failure rate in achieving and maintaining weight loss for multifactorial reasons.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Joan Gandy
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Because people are not doing the practices for the purpose of losing weight, weight fluctuations have less impact on motivation.

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Because continued adherence to a calorie-restricting plan does not produce commensurate reduction in weight loss, dieters become disillusioned and discouraged and stop following the plan (FigureFigure 6.76.7).

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Inconsistent results and plateaus: You get discouraged because the weight loss is not consistent.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • so i did phys ed in my final year. and they have ATP PC and the lactic acid. but can you use that ultra high output to increase fasting ‘turn around’ time. i would guess yes?

  • I ate yesterday at Shri baba temple this food is blessed Indian food n healthy

    I’m starting to understand my diet mistakes biggest one was eating avocado as a fad then still having regular food type reason.
    Ok so here’s a topic I do I have ibs so doctors tell me my colon speeded up cuz it thinks I’m always eating poison but I’m not
    If I drink Vietnam coffee which is expensive black coffee or have chocolate milk o tend to notice it says In my colon unless I have n enema which I have like five days per week out of fear of
    Food rotting in me
    I’m not super fat I’m only 240 lbs n I’m a good sized guy I have muscles
    I’m not trying to be anything I used to do the starvation diets but they took a toll
    Can you discuss thyroid food as certain almond products are iodine blockers n discuss female hormones in food
    People get low thyroid production due to gluten on their blood see I’m not stupid

  • This is possibly the dumbest video in the history of nutrition advice, you must have a caloric deficit to loose weight period, this isn’t starvation it’s watching what you eat this is so dumb; how you even have one sub astounds me.

  • if it grows on land or in the ground, fruits and veggies are ALL “ORGANIC”, pesticides used or not! How silly it is that people think “organic” means pesticide free. geez.

  • I’m loving the workouts you post on Instagram! I’ve been integrating them into my workouts.
    Thanks for everything!

    Instagram name

  • Many people today are working to find out the best way to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that will work for you is hard to discover. A very important factor you want to understand is that a diet is effective for one person may not work for another. And that means you have to know what your getting into before you start one of these diets. Therefore we have decided to offer you a fantastic look at the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This may provide you enough information to find out whether this is something that is suitable to your requirements. Read more here

  • Hi Autumn! I recently started a new diet and exercise regimen. It’s called the 21 day fix and it seems like a lot of food to be eating in one day. I’ve noticed I’m actually more hungry when doing this. Is that normal/ what is your opinion on the 2day fix?

  • Your channel is helping me overcome my eating disorder. I’ve been eating normally for about a week now and your nutrition facts really help me debunk my irrational fears of gaining weight. I could eat 16,000 calories?!?! Lmao that blows my mind! I’m excited to eat again. AND IM LEARNING YAY

  • Hi Autumn! This makes perfect sense…not too “science” at all…I just found your channel (awesome btw) do you have a series that talks about the proportion of different macros in a day to help?
    Keep up the great work!! Jen

  • Hahaha, oh lord.. I do ALL of these things �� I’m addicted to carbs and sugar, I prefer smaller meals instead of fewer big meals. I’m always hungry, and I used to restrict my calories a ton. I was anorexic as a teenager, was put on alot of medication for mental illness and gained 80 kg!!! Since then I’ve been on all kind of diets to lose weight. At one point I was eating around 900 calories a day and still wasnt losing any weight! I platuad (however you spell that) for more than 1,5 years! I lost 39,7 kg, gained back 16 because I got very physically sick and was pretty much in bed for 14 months. Lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight.. And now I’m just gaining because my health has gone to shit with all my illnesses. I used to do alot of sport but havent been able to do any for 6 months and that really shows.

    Do you have a video where you talk more abour sugar and carbs? Maybe show some meal options?

    Is stuff like oatmeal, meat, potatoes, smoothies and stuff fine?

  • So true!! There always needs to be balance. << This helped me get started and really helped with my weightloss and health journey, sharing because way to good to keep to myself and I also hope it changes someones life.
    All the best for your health and fitness goals in 2020 xx

  • Hi Autumn, I really like your channel, but you talk so fast it’s hard to take in all the information. I have learned a lot but I feel like it’s a tidal wave hitting my brain. Please slow down a little.

  • Is it OK to eat some carbs? Like whole grain breads and beans and pastas? what would you recommend for a daily consumption of carbs as well as totals for how much protein and fat and fiber you recommend? I know it is different for every person but do you have average ratios or totals for carbs and protein and fiber and fat that someone should eat to lose weight?

  • Uh…just because you eat carbs doesn’t mean they’re “immediately stored as fat”??? Carbs are an energy source too. If you eat them your body just burns them preferentially to fat. It doesn’t just decide to deprive you of energy and store fat all the sudden. Also there is no such thing as “long term damage” to your metabolism. The study didn’t even prove that. All their metabolisms and bodies went back to baseline with refeeding. I see you are a nutritionist and not a registered dietitian. This makes sense now.

  • Hey Autumn, can you please make a “what to eat in a day” for weighloss EXACTLY on intermittent fasting? Please �� pretty please ����

  • HEY ( autumn bates ) you always post a great content in your videos. I also have youtube channel i also provide weight loss tips with low budget

  • I love this information. How is intermittent fasting different than calorie restriction? Isn’t intermittent fasting kind of like 0-500 calorie restriction during fasting times? What am I missing? Great video!! ����

  • I’m so glad to have come across your channel. I’m in my late 48’s, about 20lbs overweight. I’ve been going to the gym 3x a week. I want to add some walking around the lake. Your science based vids are perfect! New subscriber!

  • Hello Autumn, I am desperate to start but don’t know how and where. I was wondering if you have used this weight loss program before? I heard that it helped you a lot and just wanted to check things with you. It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately! You are such a motivation to me!

  • I have dropped a substantial amount of weight doing intermittent fasting and keto. I’m also building muscle even though I’m eating far fewer calories. The key for me at least seems to be controlling insulin and blood sugar. I hit plateaus repeatedly and was stuck at the same place for over a decade when I was exercising and counting calories but still eating carbs and sugar. Since I learned about keto and intermittent fasting and insulin resistance, I’ve absolutely blown through those plateaus, and I can eat one meal a day for four to five days in a row without even feeling hungry (I always eat more on the weekends because I don’t want my body to be in a catabolic state all the time even though my goal is to continue to cut fat). I’ve been doing doing this for over four months now and I’m still burning fat and building muscle.

  • Hello, so I’m kinda new to your channel but I find your videos really helpful. Thank you so much for creating such valuable content. It means a lot having an insight into what I should do in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. However, I’ve got some questions that I hope you can help me answer. I started following keto diet 4 months ago, and recently, I’ve reduced my protein intake and my diet now mostly consists of veggies and fat (olive oil). I still consume protein though, but not on a regular basis (just 3 or 4 meals a week). The problem is that I was not constipated until I decided to cut down on protein. So I wonder, is there any relation between constipation and low amount of protein? What can I do to naturally relieve constipation? (I drink a lot of water and every morning I go for a walk in the park)

  • You talk often about keeping your blood glucose levels as even as possible. If you are testing your blood, what is a normal or acceptable rise post-meal and what would be considered an unacceptable spike?

  • Hello Autumn! Thank you so much for the valuable info. I am someone that loves to understand the science behind everything, especially regarding weight loss since that’s something I’m obsessed about, and that’s why I love your channel ♥️

  • About calories my BMR is actually really low like 1200 cal my TDEE is 1600 cal I am short and have a sedentary work though I exercise regularly. On days I exercise, I burn about 1800 cal. I eat until I am satiated and absolutely full (like I can’t eat anymore lol), but when I counted calories I realized I have been only eating about 1100 calories!! Do you recommend eating TDEE for my case? It’s great to know that I shouldn’t restrict calories but I am also not sure how much I should eat! Thanks for the video!!

  • I’m really interested and love your videos, it helped me and my boyfriend to really start and it’s been a month since we changed our lifestyle and we both lost around 2-3kg. There is just one thing that is so hard for me and even harder for him with it and thats your videos.. I know you have a lot to say but you cut almost every 2 seconds and even with the music in the back its so disturbing:( now its only me watching your videos to get informations because of I can somehow manage to get thru the video:(

  • I been doing keto lately and since its low carb I shouldnt eat 1600 cals a day with walking and intermittent fasting? Should I just be eating 2k cals or something?

  • I’m lost…. if your trying to not count your calories and listen to tour body as well as lose weight how do you know your eating enough throughout the day?

  • Thanks Autumn, I’m giving IF a go, love the keto coffee by the way. Can you tell me why some mornings I wake up really hungry and its a struggle to get through to 10.30 ( my window is 10.30-6.30pm) and other days I’m not even hungry and then realise its already past 10.30?

  • Great video! There are many studies that show how constant calorie restriction leads to a slowdown of your metabolism. I have just read two studies that used diet breaks as a way to prevent this. The group that used diet breaks even lost more weight in the end!

  • Hi Autumn! I really love your page and I’ve been learning so much so Thank You first off!:)
    I’ve been doing inter fasting for almost six months now in a 6 hour window usually 12-6pm
    but sometimes really don’t really feel hungry at all.. and I had a few days where I only eaten very small meals
    is it Ok? sometimes I eat just because It is important to give the body some food even tho I’m not that hungry ^_^’
    just wanted to know if i’m doing something wrong or what is happening haha I workout a couple times a week and walk almost 15K every day thanks to you =)

  • The study you referenced was done on men. They were eating 3000 calories on average, so they cut it down in half. You really took that example of context at least for woman, some woman who are tiny couple probably eat 1500 and feel fine. Let’s say a woman was eating 2000 calories, if we use this study they would cut it in half to 1000 calories a day.
    Starving calories is def a person to person thing.

    Curious how many calories do you eat a day?

  • Hi Autumn, I absolutely love your videos and and energy! This one came at the right time for me as I’m struggling so badly with weight loss at the moment

    Cutting too many calories is definitely a huge problem for me, but I’ve been doing it for many years now so I assume my metabolism is pretty messed up haha. I have tried a lot of diet methods over the years but have never lost as much weight as I wanted to. I recently just jumped on the Keto+IF train, which so many people rave about it turning you into a “fat burning machine”, but even with this, I only lost 10 pounds during the first 3 weeks and then kinda just hit a plateau-it’s been more than a month but I haven’t been able to lose any more weight:( I’m still following everything strictly and healthily (+working out) but doesn’t seem like anything’s working at all and it stresses me out so much.

    I think it would also be really helpful for girls like me if you could do a video about “how to “fix” your metabolism after damaging it by calorie-restriction”, this seems to be such an understated issue when everyone’s like “calories in < calories out" "just eat less and you'll lose weight" �� I know you've done a lot of videos on hormones balancing and eating until satiated, but when we're used to eating so little calories, how can we incorporate calories back in safely without any side effects or severe weight gain?hope this wasn’t too long, it would be great to hear back from you!

  • Great video Autumn! I for sure don’t snack and have cut down on carbs incredible except for the occasional berries (I was always big on fruit). This is all so helpful! I’m still not at the ideal weight but I’m trying!

  • I follow Dr. Berg and Thomas and just happened to come to know about your channel via another video and I’m suprised you have such less subscribers. Your content is so good. I’m sure you will reach the 1 million mark soon.

  • Hi there…nice job right in point.I have started I.F 16/8 about 1.5 year ago [cards less than 100} and i have lost almost 6 kilos.I break it only every Sunday.I am 1.73 and now 62 kilos.I know my weight is normal but i have belly fat and love handles….I am trying to lose 3 more kilos but i am stuck.I eat mostly protein fruits and veges.I dont work out a lot (i work mostly 12 hours a day)but my job is demanding.What should i do?Maybe more protein?IF and low carb also helped me with my migraines so i am not going to change it.
    Thank you in advance…

  • I use to wonder why I still had a belly when I was trying to nibble on small portions throughout the day. With IF (mixed with Keto) my belly shrunk like someone deflated a tire! You make the science interesting and clear to understand. Thanks!:)

  • Hey Autumn, love your videos! Keep going. Pls answer this. Ive been doing IF since 3months and a low carb diet since 2 months and my menstrual cycle stopped since then. What am I doing wrong? Why did my period disappeared?

  • Hey there, I posted this question in your fb group recently. Sadly, there was no reponse. What I’d like to know is: do I need to go low carb / keto in order to achieve sustainable fat loss or does the “protein / fat / fibre” rule only apply to one’s first meal after fasting for 16-18 hours? And is a moderate carb intake of 150+ grams per day still in line with wellness and insulin sensitivity? (btw I’m 6’4, weighing in at 240 pounds, rather muscular except for the midsection)

  • The only manner in which I’d know exactly was to take the plunge and so give it a shot for in person. So that’s exactly how my weight-loss journey began with the three week diet plan. The very first thing was to now download the ebook, i found it great mainly because I realised I was able to begin with the 3 week weight loss diet without delay. A few mouse clicks and I had it. unnecessary to wait for the shipment or anything, only just download on smart phone, PC or tablet. To find out info take a look at my review and special offer now

  • Bought the wall anchor kit and like it. How do I get a second set of handles so I don’t have to keep moving the 1 set back and forth between different anchors?

  • Are Bibek bhai tum ne to, wo jo 10 days challenge wala vdo me kaha tha 20min. Cardio karnese fat lose hota hai, phir iss vdo no.2 mistake me ye kya kahe rahe ho???������

  • Thanks guys….
    Lose It!… also a GREAT APP for counting calories. Helped me lose 40 lbs!
    Red Skelton-one of the best, gone but not forgotten… I still remember his closing line “good night everybody and God Bless.”

  • Hi, please make a video for losing weight while having knee athritis, lower back pains and being obese at the same time. I’m having trouble with this tricky situation as the only options I know are swimming and getting a cross trainer. Thanks. You are really improving many peoples lives!

  • I’ve lost over 60 lbs by tracking my calories. Start by calculating your TDEE which will tell you how many calories you need each day to maintain. I started by creating a deficit of 500 calories. Tracking everything via MyFitnessPal I lost 50 lbs in a year and now are over 60 lbs. Since October I have been getting into weight training and powerlifting. I agree with all the tips you have said. Small changes compound to large changes!

  • Wasn’t there a recent study that counting calories doesnt really matter if you keep eating healthy?

    This is from memory but I know the article is real.

  • Fellas may I add my 2 cents? I dealt with being overweight and derived these ideas.
    #1 Metrics. Know how many calories you are eating. You said this, I know, but it bears repeating.
    #2 Dont eat when you are hungry. If you are craving you make poor choices. Eat when you are NOT hungry. Stay full of low calorie foods and lots of veggies.
    #3 Dont diet! Just skip the diet and go to the end where you are at the weight you want. Use a calculator to determine the number of calories you need at that weight and eat that much. If you cannot accomplish that there is no point in dieting, you will gain it all back. If you can accomplish it, do it, and your body will follow you to the promised land in time, I assure you.
    #4 When you eat something fattening, portion it into two parts. Wait 5 minutes between servings. You will find part of the time 5 minutes later you no longer feel a craving for the second half. I call this putting “temporal topping” on your food.

    Cheers! This worked for me.

  • You forgot to mention an Yiddishe Mame, haha. I really can’t blame her, I started to gain some extra weight in my thirties, so… Could you do some video about anti-snoring exercises? Maybe you already did one, but I didn’t find any. The best way to improve it is to lost the extra weight, I know, but in the meantime…

  • You only torture yourself with healthy food
    “I’m dieting, I cannot eat that. Ugh,” you think? If you torture yourself too much and think about what you are NOT allowed to eat, the diet will not be a success either. If you want some chocolate, you do not need to swallow a whole bar, but, here and there, a piece of dark chocolate is even healthy. Enjoyment is allowed in moderation and is a good precaution against sudden food cravings and the yo-yo effect.

  • Douglas Johnson
    There are so many incorrect “facts” in this video… and I only watched the first three. Do your own research people. Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube.

    Ok I watched a few more… I’m now convinced this video was sponsored by big companies who are just trying to get you to buy their products. This video should be removed.

  • Organic food may not help with weight loss but saying it’s not better for you is a stretch. I have a ton of gastric issues most of which go away when I eat organic food opposed to overly processed foods. I’m only 25 and I’ve already had an ulcer in my intestines, the less preservatives, pesticides, etc. The better my stomach feels however this is very expensive and I cannot afford to do so on my disability income. So I literally can’t be healthy because I’m too unhealthy to pay for the things that make me feel better.

  • This is possibly the worst “bright side “ video. They should rename it to “blindside”. Who sponsored this the FDA? Just because someone is not diagnosed with celiac doesn’t mean they should be ingesting gluten. And the FDA grading of eggs has nothing to do with how the Chickens are kept, Fed and the antibiotics they are given.

  • Wow! All of these dieting programs is exhausting my mind. Now my tired so I’m going to the one who created my body God by praying to him, God please give me Natural Weight lost because I have tried all of these diets but is not working ��‍♀️����.

  • This girl in my class is gluten-free bc she has allergy against it and if she eats gluten she will throw up and will have stomach ache.

  • 11:00 eggs with a brown shell… Just sing “Brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs address fresh!” An ad on TV in the 90’s. Lolol

  • A note to you all, restricting calories is bad, when you go back to your regular diet, your metabolism is slower than when you started!

    Either intermittent diet, exercise, watch your sugar intake, or go keto (provided it’s for your body type)

  • I haven’t noticed eggs being graded in the UK also they don’t need to be kept in the fridge because they haven’t been washed and had natural coatings removed.

  • I like your info in general, however, I do not follow a keto diet. And I won’t be ever. Just not for me. I do follow a 18:6 IF protocol though. The carbs I eat are usually sweet potatoes, white rice and occasional oatmeal. All of your videos say not to eat many carbs. But you don’t address WHEN the carbs should be eaten during IF. Could you please talk more about balanced diets that DO include moderate carbs as well as the keto? Not everyone doing IF is keto.

  • honestly, you should DEFINITELY buy organic. okay maybe they aren’t loads better for you but generally companies who care about an organic label, care about sustainability and where everything comes from. organic and fair trade tend to go hand in hand. also organic free range animals are treated SO much better than non organic. i’d rather have natural pesticides than synthetics. they are now doing research and they have found a link between cancer and pesticides. being aware of where your food comes from is the best thing you can do

  • My biggest weight loss mistake has always been not incorporating the nutrition side consistently ���� love your videos!!

    IG: @jill.pearce

  • Juice is healthy, even if it can help you to gain weight.
    The video is called ”11 Mistakes Everyone Make When Trying to Eat Healthy”, not ”11 Mistakes Everyone Make When Trying to Loose Weight”!!!
    Those 2 things are kinda different.
    For loosing weight, the video is good, but for eating healthy, you also need natural sugars and vitamins from fresh fruits juice and cereals.

  • Besides Zoliac desees and gluten alergy, there is a third one called ” non zoliacnon glutenalergy glutensensetivity” this affects mor people than zoliak desees. And those people.should avoid gluten as well

  • White eggs are a little bit better for the environment, not much, just a bit.
    Chickens laying white eggs live a bit longer (up to 2 months) and they use little less food. They are a little bit more efficient in converting food to eggs.
    And please USA, stop washing your eggs. You only wash off the natural protection to diseases. That’s the reason your supermarkets sell eggs from the fridge and in the EU eggs do not have to be cooled. In the EU eggs are only brushed, saving the natural protection. Once in a while you’ll find a little bit of poo on the outside or an occasional feather as a bonus.

  • I still don’t understand why people think gluten free is JUST for celiac disease. Theres gluten intolerant people and gluten sensitive people and a LOT of the population is on that spectrum. It’s just as common as being lactose intolerant, but unfortunately most of the gluten sensitive people don’t even know what’s making them sick:/

  • I don’t buy organic because I think they’re healthier, I buy it because many synthetic pesticides are tested on animals. I’m gluten-free because I’m gluten-intolerant (the ones that get all the symptoms but don’t test as celiac, we get forgotten as a group all the time).

  • This is why I am one of those people standing in the aisle reading the backs of packs. It’s eye-opening once you realise exactly what goes into the foods we eat, even ‘healthy’ ones. It’s just a matter of taking a moment to educate yourself on what you’re putting into your shopping basket and therefore, your body.

  • I have a wholesome and nutrient dense diet, I track my calories, I burn around 1900-2000 calories a day according to me Apple Watch so I eat around 1600 calories a day. I get in over 10000 steps per day + a workout and still only manage to burn 2000 calories but I am in a deficit. And I’m still not seeing results, in fact I feel like I’m getting bigger �� I feel so disheartened.

  • How’s about a Top 11 list of do-able things that will GUARANTEE you lose weight and stay healthy consistently, instead of just making us feel bad for making an effort not to be super unhealthy and lapse with our diets and choices.

  • Gluten ages you faster. So no thank you �� most Asian countries eat rice for their main course everyday single meal and every single day and they look younger. I now follow their diet and no gluten I have changed my look instantly

  • funny thing is you are sooo wrong about egs. there is soo big diference from domestic and store bought egs. my english is not best so i cant explane now this video just proof that even you can make mistake and advise people wrong stuff

  • Regarding the soda, I am like you: not a soda fan, I never picked up the habit of drinking soda, so I am glad about that! Also, I agree, the only way to make me drink soda if if its a cocktail (alcoholic) drink!

  • Hey Vicky! First of all thanks for all the work you do for us.
    Not sure if you’ll see this message (anyone else feel free to give me your advice too). I pretty much check off all the boxes you mention here, only guilty of snacking but even then i tend to keep it so that my caloric intake is between 1500-1700 cals daily, alongside doing at least 1 hour exercise every day mixing up resistance training with hiit, bodyweight workouts etc. just getting a whole variety in.
    I have been this was for 5 months now and have not lost any weight whatsoever (I am very very overweight). I don’t know what else I can do and it’s really disheartening. Would really appreciate your advice

  • I get so hungry, like 15 minutes after I eat something, but I can’t stop it ughhh
    I don’t know what’s wrongggg
    It’s so hard not to snack too much, but I manage

  • Carbs make me tired and make me binge eat. There is nothing wrong with cutting back on carbs if you feel you function better without them ��.

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  • Imma put this here hoping someone can see it and help me put a bit since I’ve been struggling a lot. I started dieting almost nine months ago, I had been an athlete for my whole life but stopped because of an injury. The injury was so painful that restricted me from doing exercise for a couple of years, I gained weight, not that much taking into account how bad I ate, but I wasn’t happy with my looks. I started my diet slowly, didn’t cut off everything at once but gradually, but now that I’m nine months in, kinda happy with how I look, I’ve started to feel so much anxiety. I DO A THREE WEEK CYCLE OF STRICT DIETING and ONE CHEAT MEAL AT THE END OF THE CYCLE. It all started good but my last two cheats have been difficult, it’s gotten to the point of eating until I feel like throwing up. Actually, the last time, 11 days ago, I threw up and naturally none of my cravings got satisfied. So I’ve been craving my faves foods for like 32 days now and the only thing I can think about now is about food. I wanna satisfy this craving in my next cheat meal but I’m scared of eating to the point of feeling sick, it’s the worst feeling ever! ANY HELP OR ADVICE IS WELL RECEIVED.

  • Unfortunately I just realized the cheat days was doing bad than good for me, for two months I’ve been on a strict diet for 6 days and have a cheat day and I was miserable and gained weight instead of losing it.

  • Keto is not that strict and esp. not that much of work imo. I am doing it for years and it couldn‘t be easier. Eating fats & protein in so many varieties. And a little bit of carbs. When I used to eat more carbs (like a typical fitness diet with rice, porridge, potatoes and stuff) I had constant cravings. It was a mess. No matter if the carbs are healthy or not, they will kick your insulin up and fat loss stops. And also carbs make you crave more and more and more carbs. Its just much harder with carbs imo. But to each their own.

  • I know this sounds bad but I used to wack my stomach and say “sKiNnY” and I’d have red marks all over my stomach and I’d get asked why ��

  • For anyone who doesn’t know what portion sizes to go for, look at the serving size in the packet of what you buy. If it’s in grams, weigh it with kitchen scales or look up how many cups that is equal to.
    1 serving of nuts is 30g which is roughly a small handful.
    1 serving of rice is half a cup
    Bread is 2 slices
    Potato is 2 small potatos (the grams differs per type tho so look it up)
    1 serving of hummus or peanut butter is 1 tablespoon

  • i’m 12 year old girl. i weigh 135 pounds but i’m 5 foot 4. is this overweight??? i’m mostly toned everywhere except i’m soft around my hips and stomach. any tips to get the snatched waist and tummy??

  • Just came across your channel, and I swear you are the American version of Natacha Oceane��. I am all about science based fitness advice, hence why I’m a huge fan of hers, and now, a new subscriber of yours! Two thumbs up.

  • I really appreciate that you differentiated between low carb and keto! Two very different things. Energy for workouts is certainly not a problem on a well formulated ketogenic diet. Not the best for high intensity training that requires sudden bursts of energy but makes a huge difference in endurance! Also, working out in a fasted state is not a problem at all since there is plenty of fat (in my case at least) to burn for energy ��

  • I agree on the miserable diet thing, I started trying to “diet” recently but I’m not doing some super restrictive system for a set time cause then I’d just gain it all back, I decided to change my lifestyle and just cut out things that are bad for me that I don’t enjoy too much anyways and adjusted my meals and things I already eat to be healthier and more filling. I’ve never been too bad about snacking or being addicted to soda so that part wasn’t too hard, the main thing is adjusting your meals and snacks to be healthy and have good things in it like protien and fiber to help fill you quicker and to avoid things that aren’t natural like added sugars. I’ve been trying to track my calorie intake everyday and stay within a certain range, excercise everyday, walk, and drink more water and so far I have lost a bit of weight. I hope I can keep it up and achieve my goals and I hope who ever reads this can do the same ��

  • i don’t know if i should call it a “strict diet”, but i usually eat pretty healthy and give myself a small treat. i also exercise for atleast 3-4 hours a day. i do pamela reif’s program and i go biking the rest of the time. since i’m indian, my diet is filled with carbs and some protein. my breakfast is usually a sandwich and milk, oatmeal, or some healthy cereal. my lunch is always rice, and my dinner is either whole grains or protein/carbs. but, i allow myself to have up to 100 kcals of junk food a day, for example, two oreos. is this a healthy/okay lifestyle, or is that too much junk food?

  • But we think proteins are better than carbs also because 25% of proteins calories are used just to metabolize themselves, and carbs not

  • The tropicana juice says it’s pure fruit in the ingredients and has no sugar or anything added. Is it still not good to drink that? Just confused. Hope you reply

  • Always look forward to your daily workout posts! Love incorporating your workouts at the gym!! ❤️����

    Instagram: Kristen_grabowski

  • Finally a super educated YouTuber. When this video popped into my feed I though it would be the same stupid things they all say. Great job girl. I’m a new fan.

  • Lol literally tried keto for a week and pigged our on carbs on the weekend SO hard. �� This is so spot on though. I’ve made these changes and you just gave my the confirmation that I needed to feel that I’m on my way to my goal.

  • Do not count calories, eat 3 meals no snacking, cut sugar and grains, 1 fruit a day, vegetables with every meal (even breakfast). Corn is a grain. It’s about a life change not a fad diet.

  • this video is so helpful. like for 1 month I do a strict diet and by the end of the month I have a cheat day now I realised why I’m not burning fricking FAT.

  • When I was younger I cut out all processed food, to the point I wouldn’t even have biscuits or cereals. My diet consisted of just whole foods and I never starved myself I would eat until I’m full but just whole foods like fruits veggies and I’m asian so a lot of rice. I wanted a flatter stomach which I achieved but the flabbiness I couldn’t get rid of. I know it’s because I was resistant training at that time I was 14-15 and couldn’t afford a gym. After a while on this diet, 4-6 months in junk food wasn’t even appealing to me anymore. I would see my friends eating it and I wouldn’t even crave it anymore. Eventually many changes happened and my diet went back to trash because I couldn’t keep up. Now I’m older I eat out every other day �� I have started getting back to eating whole foods again and little process food. I’m passionate about gym and try to exercise as much as possible.

  • The snacking segment is what I could relate to the most. I find that I don’t crave the typical things like ice cream or burgers, but oh my God sometimes, my body would be calling out for some biscuits or cookies. Like I could be up all night thinking about having an Oreo. But what I’ve found works for me is that, once I get a craving, I just satisfy it at that moment because if I try to fight it off, the craving will still come back and it’ll be harder to fight it off. I find that if I just have like 3 cookies, I’m good and I probably won’t crave it again for a while.

  • One huge flaw in this video you body CANNOT digest protein as fat there for eating 1000 calories of protein extra will cause no weight gain and 1000 of carbs will. (Roughly) also starvation mode is a myth

  • nice info but in starvation mode your body doesn’t hold on to all the fat that it can. your body will use glucose as energy for as long as it can before it taps into your fat storage for energy. so if youre fasting your body opens the window to fat storage since there is no calories coming in. and while it is searching your metabolism will actually kick start for like a day.

  • omg i wish i had found your channel before i always tend to go on strict diets then cheat then feel guilty as u said and it’s not that i’m fat it’s just than i have a high fat percentage and that makes me feel fat yeah i still dk how to eat tho

  • Ok. I’m absolutely NOT doing any of these things, I swear, but my progress is so excruciatingly slow for some reason. I even count the stuff I eat to grams on the food scale, and no I don’t forget to count the snacks, cooking oil, or milk I add to my coffee. I do weight training 4-5 days a week. I used to do 30 min cardio after 40 min weights, but I’m going to cut out some cardio and increase my weight session instead. I am eating natural foods, carbs are mostly complex carbs, and I’m eating a lot of protein. I’m only losing like 0.3-0.4 kg per week, despite my 400-600 caloric deficit according to my estimated TDEE.
    Yo I better have gained muscle next time I measure inbody bc I can’t tell by normal scales. Everybody seems to be seeing results so fast.

  • I don’t eat a lot daily, at my age im meant to have like 2200 cals a day but without snacking (I don’t snack and stick to 3 meal a day) I eat like 1600 cals a day, I eat super healthy and nutritious meals and usually spend much time preparing them and their portions, Ive been doing this for months with ease but Im not losing weight. i don’t care about the scale, I just want to shrink up my waist. Ive started doing the vacuums but do you have any other tips? I eat so healthy but for some reason I Ive still got a belly…(also its not just my shape because im naturally fit and have a sporty body typeif thats a thing)

  • I like the part where you say…kinda like relationships, “if it doesn’t make you feel f_cking AWESOME WHAT’S THE POINT?!!!! ” Kinda gave me a jolt there. Thanks Vicky! Stay well, sweetie XO

  • I was thinking “oh yeah I can absolutely do this!” Then you said drinking juice on the daily…I’m diabetic so that’s what I need when my blood sugar drops����

  • Heck yea it does. It just happened to me recently where I wanted to try out Keto but that definitely wasn’t for me. I lost count of how many cheat snacks I had. Thank you for the tips. Leaned several things I will Im operate into this new lifestyle.

  • I bought a costco size bag of skinny pop as a snack bc I LOVE spicy
    chips and snack on that a few hrs after dinner �� I eat about 2-3 cups of it I know it’s bad but I miss chips

  • I eat really healthy in the day. My family is vegetarian so we eat a lot of vegetables for lunch and dinner. I drink water mostly in the day, and don’t really have crisps. The problem is dessert every weekend my mum makes a big dessert and it lasts us days so I find myself eating pudding for days and I don’t know how to stop

  • 1) Cutting out carbs, unless you’re on keto.
    2) Snacking all the time.
    3) Going on a super-strict diet then going on cheat meals.
    4) Drinking soda and juice, which is loaded with sugar.
    5) Ignoring resistance training.

    Sorry but,
    A) Calories in calories out DOESN’T work for most of us suffering from hormonal issues, which is very commonly associated with obesity.
    B) Cheat meals can actually work in your favor if you know how to wisely cheat.
    C) Concentrated fruit juices, even if they contain ZERO sugar, are still pretty bad for the body.

    Overall a very misleading and misinformed video.

  • Heey girls, i’m Loving all the video’s from Vicky but i have a question about this one. How do you only eat when you’re feeling hungry and still eat enough kcal? I’ve calculated how much kcal i could eat when trying to lose fat (around 1500) but when i only eat when my stomach growls i barely eat 1000 kcal a day… What is more important? Eating when i’m feeling hungry or getting enough kcal? ����️

  • I literally don’t do any of the things that mentioned which is good.. But I’ll admit I’m still struggling to burn more a less fat even though I do weight training hiit and etc combined throughout my week’s my body is becoming extremely toned however my abs are almost building to much and my waist is looking bigger help!!??
    What exercises should I avoid on my abs that would be bulking me too much??

  • The last tip is more helpful than watching like ten of these weight loss videos. I have to lose weight first (before gaining muscle) which means I need to be in caloric deficit so I thought I had to work out cardio, not resistance training (which requires caloric surplus) but this makes much more sense! Thank you, great video btw

  • Omg the diet plan happened to me so bad. I had given birth to my daughter and was the heaviest I’ve ever been (aside from when i was actually pregnant) and I went on a diet with my sister and mother. I lost 30lbs and was super excited about it but because I cut out so many things i loved when my “cheat day” came i binge ate like crazy. Then i told myself id do 80/20 when in reality i did 0/100. And i just gained allllll the weight back two to three months later.

  • Needed this video! I realise I eat too few calories but I don’t feel hungry because of my employment I don’t have time to eat most of the time �� but I still love food so much! I just don’t know if I’m in the right path I’m so confused

  • Sparkling ICE is my favourite ���� I eat around 1500 calories but I’m definitely eating way to much sugar…recently I’ve also been losing motivation to work out and I just don’t know what to do

  • I’m 14 and I’m starting to try and lose weight this summer and hopefully I can lose some weight by the end of the year. Anyone wants to be motivation buddies?!

  • I love you and your content! You inspired me and helped me to understand that eating more FUELS my body instead of always being afraid that I would end up gaining tonnes of fat, i can’t thank you enough! My insta is @rosy.patterson, i would love love love to try your guides!! ������❤

  • I made all these mistakes in the past! My most recent mistake was I noticed I was checking the scale too much and not comparing the progress photos!

    My IG handle is ashleyawilsonn

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    I am thrilled to participate in this giveaway
    Thank you

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  • Thank you for all your tips!! I love your workout routines and realness you share about achieving a healthy mindset in reaching fitness goals!! My insta handle is hayesh13 ❤️

  • Actually, I’m trying to gain weight, and eating gluten affects my behavior, especially at school where I’m trying to graduate so I can go to college and move out of my parents home.

  • This is a pretty informative video, but one thing you got wrong is the sports drinks. After physically intensive excercise, it’s ideal to take in a similar amount of fast acting carbs to support glycogen synthesis as it goes hand in hand with protein synthesis.

  • You are super inspiring for me. Every time I’m on instagram and you upload a new routine, you motivate me to do it. I need this guide <3
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  • Your tips and routines are super helpful! Also I’m on your Facebook group, I’ve also learnt a lot there too! I need this guide! My IG is @karlirm9

  • I’ve been watching your IG posts and doing your routines and now listening to your tips here on Youtube! You’re amazing and love your outfits! I wish I could win! My IG is @karlirm9

  • I needed this! I got started at the gym, but then missed this entire week of gym sessions because I started a new job. I ended up getting a stress migraine. Lol my body forced me to slow down and actively rest. Next week, I’m going to avoid the guilt and keep going!!

  • I LOVE YOU!!������
    And for the giveaway I’d love to win! I missed ur last track and tone so I’d be so happy to be apart of it!! I love ur workouts so much!!��
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  • I LOVE YOU!!������
    And for the giveaway I’d love to win! I missed ur last track and tone so I’d be so happy to be apart of it!! I love ur workouts so much!!��
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  • I LOVE YOU!!������
    And for the giveaway I’d love to win! I missed ur last track and tone so I’d be so happy to be apart of it!! I love ur workouts so much!!��
    My IG is Macky_330

  • I LOVE YOU!!������
    And for the giveaway I’d love to win! I missed ur last track and tone so I’d be so happy to be apart of it!! I love ur workouts so much!!��
    My IG is Macky_330

  • I love how passionate you are about helping people it truly shows I’ve watched all your videos and find them all equally as helpful as each of them touch on a subject each of us ladies struggle with! I’ve definitely had my friends follow your Instagram and they also find your content equally as great keep killing it and delivering such value! �� @michelejo_

  • I am always hungry. I feel like if I ate until I was full, I would be eating way too much. For example, when I break my fast at 12 pm. I have a coffee with coconut milk. I have two scrambled eggs. Sometimes some nuts or a slice of toast. And I STILL feel hungry, if not right then and there, maybe 30 min later.What can you eat or do?

  • I have been following you on Instagram for a while now and I love your workout videos I follow them every time I go to the gym! So I’m so happy you finally started a YouTube channel! So excited! Thank youuuu ��

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    Love the message you‘re spreading balance is really key.
    IG: fallinf0ryou

  • Thanks for your videos and sharing such great information with us. I’m so glad you decided to start your YouTube account even though it’s not directed right at me, it seems so personal. Keep up the great work girl! You’re such an inspiration.

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    I really want to get my hands on a guide….my IG handle is danitza.cas:)

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  • how to maintain being in caloric deficit the week before our period?? Because I crave a lot and it’s reallyyy hard to restrict myself from binge eating. Any tips for that?

  • I love your video’s. I am 16 and tried to look better. A tinny waist, bigger hips, less fat. so I went on a calorie deficit and at like 1200 calories. I at one meal in the morning and one dinner and did intermittent fasting. I thought that I plateaued and slowed down my metabolism. Than I saw people saying that I needed to eat more to loose fat and get muscle so I now I try to eat 1500 or more so sometimes I eat 2000 but still intermittent fast. I watch a lot of video’s but I am so confused. I can’t loose the fat on my body by eating less but I also don’t want to get more and more muscle becomes I just want to be a lean with like a little bit of muscle definition but not bulky. I also want to loose my belly fat but it’s almost impossible because I eat healthy but eat 3 times in a day and if I eat less then I get the problem with my metabolism. But I can’t lose fat with eating more And I don’t want more muscle.I also have a little bit of hips but have a big ribcage and narrow hips so if I lose to much fat I will lose my curves and will be flat. It’s so difficult. What can I do?

  • So basically when I eat like loads of sugar and ice cream and brownies, my body actually stays skinny, but when I eat like Mac n cheese or a salad I look like I’m built like a key, please help me

  • “juice cleanse”

    Me hissing like a vampire Juice is acidic and damages your teeth….

    Oh wait. I think I am the only person who is paranoid about destroying my enamel.

  • That thing you said about letting a slip up turn into a blow out, that’s my worst habit. Im working on getting out of that “all or nothing” mentality. I placed a weight loss bet to keep me motivated. So instead of making a goal to be perfect and not slip up, I will give myself permission to be imperfect so that if I have a slip up I will leave it as a slip up and not turn it into a full blow out.

  • I’m so stressed about losing weight, everyday people tell me that I’m not fat but I don’t feel like that. I still think I’m ugly and a doesn’t lose any weight:((((

  • A woman on my FB has been posting about this chocolate fat burner that helps with your tummy fat. And all you need to do is eat a tsp or so a day and all your belly fat will just magically disappear. I want to comment so bad about how ridiculous this is, but because who she is I have to stay silent.

  • I fall for the guilt all the time in the past, I’d just be like will I didn’t work out for 2 days that means it’s over I give up ����‍♀️ ughh I hate that I used to do that to myself and throw away all my hard work

  • I also think people really need to stop considering having a doughnut a “slip up”. As you said, having an occasional treat isn’t going to ruin your healthy lifestyle or your progress. It’s much better to enjoy that doughnut and just continue your healthy lifestyle otherwise.

  • You are so captivating when you speak, that’s priceless, it’s so hard for me to watch a video until the end.. With you I always wish there was more 😉

  • I’m a teen and for now I count calories I eat pretty healthy but just for now I’m counting to lose fat. I know counting isn’t the best diet for the long term but for now it’s working for me��

  • I began tracking calories and eating more Whole Foods on March 4. In the first two weeks I lost 10lbs, i used tdee and iifym to figure how much I would need to eat on a 500 calorie deficit. I included stretching and some yoga to ease into exercising since it had been a good year or so since I’ve done any sort of physical activity. Sooo now it’s April 11th and I’ve lost about 13lbs. So clearly the progress slowed, I was freaking out at first thinking I hit a plateau and I needed to increase my deficit but that’s not the case. I got excited and I’m sure my body went through a drastic caloric change in the beginning which is why I lost so much so quickly. But now I know I haven’t been eating as good as I was and I’m not tracking everything I put into my mouth. Soo hopefully making some changes and getting back to cooking and tracking will help me continue to lose but only lose 1.5-2lbs a week. Lmao let’s see, all i have is hope ��

  • I had about 1000 calories of ice cream and chocolate yesterday but I didn’t beat myself up for it. I just got up this morning and went back to my normal eat healthy/ workout routine. I’ve never done that before. I usually go off track for a month or two. Progress!

  • Do you have any tips for people struggling with gaining weight? We cut out a lot of carbs and sugars as I’ve read they cause water weight and inflammation (things I have issues with). Lost like… 30 lbs in 3 months. Super fast, but I’m having so much less issues with swelling in my hands, arms, and feet. I count this a win, but now I’m way lighter than I want to be. To me I don’t care what I gain, fat muscle, or both. I just hate seeing my ribs sticking out of my chest. My appetite has always sucked, but I’m going to start drinking more calories cause I just feel like I can’t eat everything I need. Any other tips or tricks or smoothie recipes would be appreciated…. If anyone actually reads this. ❤

  • I loved the make your own b ox comment. I think that is 1000% true. I have researched so much on all different eating protocols and have taken what I feel works best for my body and lifestyle and use that. I feel great, am seeing great (slow but great) muscle gains, and steady fat loss. After having 3 kids in 4 years it didn’t take a week to get out of shape and it’s not going to take a week to get back there but my body and mind are heading in the right direction. Thanks for being so amazing and logical!

  • I like your advice. It’s no bs, just straight to the point…….Only thing I really want to know where you do you get your adderal? Lol jk! Great videos

  • I do like this video but I do have a point to make/ask
    If you keep doing cardio for 1 hr at the same rate for a month then yes the body will adapt to it but if you gradually increase the time or the effort you will continue to see results and improve
    And if you never workout in the first place the simple use of your muscles will increase their mass
    And then after you’ve been doing it steadily and are closer to your goal you can add some resistance training (so if I started doing 10% resistance and 90% cardio I’ll keep adding till it is 80% resistance and 20% cardio)

  • I really needed to hear this! I keep yoyo dieting until recently I reverse dieted. Then one week I had a knee injury and ate SO much. I checked on MyFitnessPal and I overate by around 3000 calories ������. And now I can feel the fat on my body. Anyhu so now I’m 29 lbs away from my goal weight. Grrr. Now I’m three weeks into my deficit and I haven’t lost ANY weight on the scale. My stomach looks flatter but I don’t know if I’m imagining it. Marisa I am 5’ 4”, 25 year old female with a goal weight of 129 lbs. I have 29 lbs to lose. Tell me, shouldn’t I aim to lose 1 lb of fat per week? I exercise 5 times a week, with a mixture of resistance training, HIIT and walking 9000/10000 steps a day. If my TDEE is 2420ish then I should be eating 1920 calories?

  • If you haven’t I would would love for you to talk about the 8-16 diet. You also look like a young Mandy Moore, never noticed that before. ^^

  • What’s the best creatine supplement you would recommend? I dont wanna waste money on one that’s full of artificial junk! I’m sure you’ve probably mentioned it on a video somehwere! I’ll try to find it if I can!:)

  • I always say that I do weight training for my physical maintenance and cardio for my mental maintenance! It’s all about doing whatever you love to do so that you stay active and healthy long term ��

  • sir mostly whey protein shared facilty mein produce kiye jatey hai jaha par egg etc process kiye jatey hai. mein veg food par stick hu aap koi aisa brand bata saktey hai jahan egg process na kiye jatey hon plz help me on this.

  • Please be you make a video about weight redistribution. When underweight and trying to increase, weight seems to go on the lower tummy and face. But doctors say (in a rather blasé way) the weight will move in time. Really!!!!?

  • Thankyou for all your help! Please do a video on easy ways to add protein to snacks/meals.
    Thankyou for this giveaway❤️
    Ig Georgia_keen_

  • Whoa! You were on a mission on this one. The passion was exciting. I don’t like the word plateau because I am sitting on one. I am working on the mental courage I need to change my game.

  • I love your videos! They’re so motivating. I also love the fact that you’re from Edmonton and I’m from Calgary! I rarely see Albertan youtubers! Love you girl!! ������


  • How do you feel about full body weight workouts as use for resistance training? Like I lift weights 2-4 times a week, but I’m wondering if I was just more active in my daily life and full body resistance training is easier for me to access because I can do it anywhere rather than a gym.. could I implement that more and still build muscle? Or is lifting weights optimal for muscle building? (Sorry that was long):)

  • I needed this video so bad! I’ve been feeling so down and discouraged lately, but this made me rethink some of the thing i’ve been doing!

  • This made me feel more proud of myself for doing it slow and steady. I’m 3 pounds away from my healthy weight. It’s taking forever. But it’ll happen and I don’t feel starved or deprived. I see those girls who lose 20 pounds in a month and I’m like dang. But I know I’m gonna get there and stay there. Love your whole vibe and all your content! ����

  • I wish I found your channel like 6 months ago… Getting married in 3 months, and kinda realizing the ‘fast’ diets don’t work for long term health… Need to come to terms with not looking how I want at my wedding

  • I respectfully disagree for the first time. I’ve heard this over and over and it makes zero sense. There are several reasons not to lose too fast such as lose skin, slowed metabolism and muscle loss, but the excuse of not being able to maintain the weight loss for life because of the speed of loss is rediculous. It is no more difficult to change your eating pattern for life before or after weight loss. I would argue it is easier after…but not the point. People who regain the weight will do it whether they lose fast or slow. Love your channel btw!

  • First 28 seconds is literally MY LIFE. I lost 55 pounds from August 2018-January 2019 and since then… NOTHING �� thank you for this video! ❤️

  • Hey! Would love to see a video on your thoughts/tips regarding consistency. I think that’s been the biggest stumbling block for me so far have been changing small things at a time, but things like working irregular hours and socialising with food are destabilising to building a routine

  • Have you ever considered doing a collab with Abby Pollock? You both kinda have the science behind the fitness thing going on…:)

  • People are too impatient, they don’t think about the long term goals, the BIG picture…you make so much sense to me. I’ve been following this intermittent fasting group on FB and they are so impatient. For example, “I only lost 5 lbs this month, what am I doing wrong?!” Here I am thinking, “what?! that’s amazing!! you LOST WEIGHT! It’ll be sustainable because you’re obviously making changes slowly, lifestyle changes.” Nope, they think they have to drop like 10-20 lbs in a month. Sadly.

  • That part about being able to just show up to my friends wedding in a dress and not think about it sounds so liberating, however i think even at my perfect weight my friend look at me weird #mentoo

  • I’m just struggling with mindset. I’m athletic and I’ve been lean. I think it was being on the pill for so long that messed me up. I’m your size and I gained 20 lbs in two years. I’m trying to focus on fixing my hormones first and trusting the fat loss will come with time. I keep telling myself that to fix my hormones I have to feed myself enough.

  • out of curiosity… I run ultramarathons (and i do try to get a healthy amount of lifting in on top of all the running) but I burn anywhere from 2,000-3,000 calories on my longer runs (once or twice a week). Then of course I have shorter runs in the week that are closer to like a 500 calorie burn. Does fluctuation like that have any affect on how my metabolism adapts? I’m not necessarily trying to lose fat, but if I did want to, I certainly wouldn’t want to stop running…. so I guess my question is if its possible to keep up with my sport and change my body composition lol

  • Could you do a research video on the Whole 30 Diet? I’m currently doing it and I’ve read controversial opinions on it (both good and bad) and would like your perspective since you seem to be very dedicated to reading well credited research on all the topics that you’ve been teaching to us. Thanks!

  • Okay so I am trying to lose weight and I am very confused because I have one person telling me that I should only eat as much as I need like knowing when I am full and trying to be mindful of the calories that I’m eating while I have another person telling me that I need to eat 4 healthy meals a day. I’m so confused

  • Ok people, I need a lil help. Im trying to lose a little weight, because i dont like the way i look/am not very confident. Btw, im a teenager. I have watched probably every fitness guru/weight loss chanell person on youtube. I rly like fit and nerdy because she makes sense. But, i don’t know to do resistance/weight training and do cardio, or just resistance, to eat more,to eat less. Ive heard everything. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THE TRUTH!!

  • I really miss having ice cream every day! In the last 6 months I learned a lot of information about dieting and I think the biggest thing I wasn’t doing correctly was exiting the diet with a plan like reverse dieting. I had been yo-yoing up and down 30 lb since 2016 and in this last diet I finally got down to my target weight for competitions and I’m in week four of the reverse diet. I really hope that I can properly reverse diet without gaining all the weight back and being a good position next year to potentially drop another weight class.

  • Hey Marisa!

    I loved the video. I think the thing I am struggling with is that I have been watching your videos A LOT (like binging them) to learn more about how to continue my weight loss journey in a healthy manageable, maintainable way. I started with a working on my nutrition. I do follow a moderate low carb “diet”, and have increased my healthy fat content, because I noticed I seem to just generally feel better with less carbs, and I was losing weight amazingly at first. About a month in (2 weeks ago) I started incorporating exercising, once I knew my diet was on point. I eat about 1300 to 1500 calories a day, and am very satisfied after I have eaten, but when I started to incorporate weight training into my healthy living routine, I noticed weight gains. I was wondering if this is normal, while the body adjusts, or if there is something different i should be doing as well, or something I’m doing wrong. I started at 245 on March 2nd, and got down to 229, and am now at 231. Most of the initial weight loss was water weight. I have lost about 5 pounds of fat so far (in case this helps with your answer) thank you!!

  • Hot damn! I knew about those mistakes, I’m not new at this rodeo, but looking at my last month, it just hit me in the face that I was doing them! (Taking too much changes, failing for a few days and then completely giving up…)

  • I am so happy that I came across your channel! I have to say you actually changed my serial dieting ways.. building muscle is my priority now and I’m looking forward to next year me but taking the necessary steps take better care of me on the way to my goal! Thank you!

  • I really needed this video thanks for delivering I’m currently doing a no sugar challenge and I’m on my 16th day and haven’t seen a difference on my weight but mentally I feel great i don’t feel lazy and sluggish no more

  • Let’s show the cat whisperer lots and lots of our love and support as her subscribers and fans and let’s show her how much we love her as a youtuber kittens assemble

  • I SO needed this video today! Weighed myself this morning and was up 2 pounds in a week despite working out 4-5x a week (mostly resistance training) and tracking my calories (average of 1800 daily, 80/20 whole versus processed food)… But I’m only 3 months into this new lifestyle, so I need to remind myself that patience is key and hormones/salt/carbs can sometimes affect what shows on the scale!!

  • Brother I am doing yoga on a regular basis. 3 types of surya namaskaras along with aasanas. I would like to have the best diet along with that. Purely vegan. Could you suggest any?

  • Am not agree���� with the 2nd tip, I repeat am not agree with your 2nd tip���� only after watching your video

  • Best video ever. I felt like these 5 points were made just for me. I am loosing inches and dropped dress size but still somewhere a desire to see that number on scale down is what I see as a progress. Which I am slowly trying to change the belief. I am doing all the other 4 points. All ticked ��

  • I feel CALLED out when you were talking about cheat days. I’ve lost a total of 110lbs and still am trying to lose more, but I’ve been on a plateau for months.Your video is definitely making myself realize that I haven’t been holding myself accountable for what food I’m intaking. I hope I can pass this plateau keeping in mind to eat intuitively!!

  • Thank you fit tuber.U inspired me to get a healthy lifestyle in easier way…now I check the ingredients of each and every food which I bought from market…U help me a lot for my weight loss journey…I got very useful information in your each and every video…keep it up����

  • I am 33yrs old n mother of 10month old baby. My current weight is 64.5 kg n height 5’1”. Whan I cut my sugar and carbs. Within 2-3 days my BP goes low n I have to take more suger or ORS pls help me in this regard.

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  • Bro the video was good but u did not answer the last question I asked about those product videos… What is the source of ur research???

  • Hi Vivek,

    My husband’s weight is above 100 and it’s kind of stagnant. It get reduced near 101 from 106-107 and after some time again get to 106. He don’t have any thyroid problem. We are doing regular walk, exercise, diet still facing the problem. Could you please guide us end to end how to deal with this

  • Hi vivek your videos are very helpful. Can you please make a video on how to calculate maintenance calories and how to distribute the macros

  • Bro, please make some quick, tasty airfryer recipe videos with veggies to have for dinner/lunch. It’d be very very helpful for working professionals who can’t spend much time on cooking.

  • Brother i have a question and i demand a reply as i could not get the answer anywhere.
    So being cost effective i m purchasing raw whey protein for my protein powder.
    Now the question is which digestive enzyme should i use and how to make it as better as whey with digestive enzyme.
    Please do your research and help.

  • Hey! Just wanted to say that I absolutely appreciate you sharing your knowledge!! You are my go to! You are making amazing changes with your body…keep up the incredible work! So I’m probably not a typical subscriber as I’m pushing 50….1 yr 2 mos away…yikes! I’m finding that as I’ve reached peri menopause that I’m gaining weight for the first time in my life. I didn’t used to have to be so diligent about diet and exercise, but now I do. I find keeping a consistent workout routine going to be my biggest challenge bc I teach elementary kids, have a very early start to my day during the week and then I’m just physically and mentally drained by the end of the week day. We have a home gym that’s very CrossFit inspired, so weights are our focus for workouts. I’m considering purchasing your 7 week ebook, but truthfully I have a lot of things in place just lack that darn consistency. Thoughts?

  • Hello Fit Tuber, I am trying fat loss, but i have very slow metabolism. I dont sweat at all. That means i am not loosing the fat.
    So I started drinking hot beverages i.e green tea. But still no progress. Please help me.

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