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The Truth About Thigh Gaps The Myth About How to Get A Thigh Gap

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A thigh gap largely has to do with your bone structure; something you cannot change. To try and diet and exercise your way to a thigh gap is completely unrealistic and any trainer that tells you otherwise is either wildly uneducated on the subject of fitness and the human body, or just telling you what they think you want to hear. On The Doctors, Dr.

Travis Stork proved that inner thigh gaps are a genetic phenomenon based on bone structure. So a million reps on the inner thigh machine, in a desperate attempt to lose inner thigh fat, combined with a seven-day cleanse followed by swearing off carbs, gluten, fat and sugar will not help you get thigh gap!The thigh gap is a diamond-shaped gap between the thighs that is visible when a woman is standing upright with her feet together.

The thigh gap obsession is an alarming new trend focused on achieving and maintaining this space between the thighs, and it’s particularly prevalent among females who are in their teens through their early 20s. The truth about thigh gaps FINALLY explained Looking at catwalk models, you realize that one requirement for being a model is height, usually found in their long legs. Along with long legs, these models also have larger hips, which allow their long narrow legs to naturally create an inner thigh gap. Also, thigh gaps are primarily genetic.

Some people are born that way, but for most of the population, this isn’t a look you can—or should—strive for. There’s no one “perfect” body. So hey, the point of this video is to just show everyone what I’ve learned about the thigh gap because it’s become a real problem at my school and in my area.

People think it’s a requirement to be. Getting a thigh gap overnight is a myth because it has nothing to do with reality. Thigh gaps are either natural or you have to do quite tough work to get them therefore, getting thigh gaps overnight isn’t an option to go for!Barbell Denim, a jean company has started a Kickstarter campaign to fight against the trend of the “thigh gap”, a very rare trait in some very thin women. The campaign has raised over 735,000.

Myth 1: Anyone can get a supermodel size thigh gap The female bone structure and the way the femur is flared out naturally forms a thigh gap under optimal conditions. However, since every woman is formed differently, there is that small percentage that can never achieve a gap between the thighs no matter how thin and toned their thighs are. How to get thigh gap How To Get A Thigh Gap Fast: 8 Best Thigh Gap Workout. Get the best thigh gap workout here and get sexy leg gaps with these 8 best thigh gap exercises.

However, you’re probably here because you want to learn how to get a thigh gap.

List of related literature:

The “thigh gap” is usually code for anorexia or ultra-thinness, where young women especially think that if they could just lose enough weight so that their legs do not rub together, they will be all set.

“The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics” by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
from The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics
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There are some girls at my school who brag about the gaps between their thighs.

“When We Were Magic” by Sarah Gailey
from When We Were Magic
by Sarah Gailey
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Sometimes the problem is imaginary (such as when the skater with anorexia complains about her fat thighs); sometimes it is real and ranges from a mild complaint about love handles that hang over the running shorts to a major preoccupation with flabby thighs that results in relentless dieting and exercise.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
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Most of my students can’t imagine a world in which they would stop dieting or trying to fix the size of their thighs.

“Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything” by Geneen Roth
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Models have thigh gaps, so teenage girls want thigh gaps.

“Healthy Is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love in a Picture Perfect World” by Katie H. Willcox
from Healthy Is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love in a Picture Perfect World
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My girlfriends did not circle girls’ problem areas with black marker, but the shared agenda to be thin and perfect is evident in the 219 the college years: body obsession boot camp

“Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body” by Courtney E. Martin
from Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body
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And two years later, the same publication features a workout that promises to “Resize Your Thighs: 3 Moves to Slim Down Fast.”

“Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness” by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
from Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness
by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
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For now I simply wish to note that all versions of the dominant beauty ideal—whether hourglass, thin with curves, athletic, ‘modelthin’ with ‘thigh gaps’ and so on—require thinness in at least some body parts.

“Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal” by Heather Widdows
from Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal
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It explains, among other things, a distaste for “thin thighs” and narrow hips.

“Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex, and Plastic Surgery in Brazil” by Alexander Edmonds
from Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex, and Plastic Surgery in Brazil
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Yet, I started to wonder—what happens when women skip that “I hate my body and want to cut off my thighs” phase, and jump right to the “I don’t look like women in magazines and shouldn’t, and love myself just as I am” phase?

“Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are” by Hillary L. McBride, Ramani Durvasula, PhD
from Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are
by Hillary L. McBride, Ramani Durvasula, PhD
Smashwords Edition, 2017

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  • I wish I found this video after doing an inner thigh workout sheesh! Thanks for the enlightening words and more power to Fitness Blender ��

  • Hey guys! Thanks for that video and for going against all that thigh gap fuss. You just showed that all that thing is overrated and not worth damaging one’s body. Thanks for a splendid motivation! <3

  • I was told I was too big, that my thighs are too big……that I needs a thigh gap….mind you I’m 5’5 135lbs long story short, I’m bulimic and scared. I didn’t even know what a thigh gap was but now it’s all I think about. My self esteem and relationship with food is ruined….

  • I used to have natural stick legs and a thigh gap when I was 7 or something. My body grew a lot and idk if I can achieve a natural thigh gap because my legs are muscular and etc.
    Thighs are confusing

  • I’ve been recovering for like 2 weeks and I’ve gained like 8 pounds and it’s been so hard cuz I used to think that if i didn’t have a thigh gap or couldn’t see my ribs then i was fat but now I’m back to a healthy body and mind set towards food (most of the time). Also I’m vegan too ayyy

  • Yay Popsugar for talking about the uncomfortable stuff! And one more thing: who says thigh gaps are beautiful? Some people may find them
    attractive, but it certainly isn’t a beauty benchmark.

  • The only thing that bothers me is that I know I am perfectly capable of having a thigh gap-I did for years, and then birth control happened and your typical teenage hormones go out the window and your thighs start rubbing together and making it uncomfortable to wear shorts (not because of the look but bc of the rubbing together).

  • The real reason why most girl would like a thigh gap is so that they rub rub together when your wearing shorts or dress. Because in summer its worse. That fucking hurts and starts to get red.

  • I have some trouble sleeping with this thigh gap�� I needed to put a really large pillow in between my thighs to sleep, cause its so uncomfortable to have a space that prevents the pressure of each leg to find each other. (Especially after a tiring day)

  • GUYS! I love your responses. This is why I love this series… everyone has insecurities, but we can help each other. Some of you have contacted me on FB, Twitter and Instagram and I love chatting with you! Keep ’em coming! (And let me know what topics you want me to cover next!)

  • these guys are lovely awesome amazing real genuine and modest… i have started to understand my body and the difference between losing weight like crazy and being fit. love you guys. my self esteem is now sky rocketing

  • does anyone have weird thighs where you look like you have a huge thigh gap if you wear baggy shorts or skirts….but in reality you have lots of inner thigh fat at the top of your thighs and so you don’t like wearing tight jeans or tight shorts because you’re insecure about them because they look so WEIRD to you….or am i the only one with those kind of thighs..

  • I want A thigh gap, every time I sit down or something I glance at my thighs and I feel fat, instantly, and it’s scary, bc no one in my grade has one but still there are MY expectations and if I don’t reach it then I feel liked I failed. THANK YOU

  • In my opinion the best way to achieve thigh gap is to develop a good posture. Try to stand in front of the mirror and stand with distant feet( I think 5in is enough)..Push your butt outwards and you might find a difference from your normal thigh space( it should appear bigger because you are making a tension with your butt outwards)..

  • Ask any porn star how they got there huge gap. They did not have a gap when they started. A lot of big things will give you a gap. The bigger the toy the bigger the gap. Think about it you will never see a porn star with a little gap, never.

  • I had a thigh gap when I was at 130 pounds and my brother who is 80 pounds doesn’t have one. Thigh gaps aren’t usually weight related its more on how you’re bones structure is

  • The only thing I don’t agree with is that if you haven’t had a thigh gap your whole life but do now, it’s bad. I was overweight growing up, and did not have a thigh gap, but then I reached a healthy weight in my late teens I developed one due to losing excess body fat in combination to with my wide hips. My developing a thigh gap accompanied getting healthier, not a disorder.

  • I miss this types of videos! Don’t get me wrong I loooooove your workouts (specially body weight workouts) but I miss your educational chats!

  • I was with you until you said “embrace what God gave us” Some viewers don’t believe in God. Maybe embrace your own body would have sufficed.

  • So glad you made this video. I knew a thigh gap was down to bone structure and when people mentioned wanting a thigh gap and I tried to explain it, they just wouldn’t get it. I’m not happy with my thighs, and I know I’ll never have a thigh gap and I’m not bothered about having one, but I’m just wanting stronger, more toned legs which will make me feel much more confident about them.

  • I have a tiny waist (58cm/22.8inches) and relatively small hips (85cm/33.5inche)…I am 46kg/101.5lbs (and used to be 45kg before starting heavy lifting!!)…dont think many people can get any smaller than me!!but i DONT have a thigh gap, and i dont want one, I prefer a nicely shaped and rock solid thighs over a thigh gap on any given day!!!and thats my goal, working hard toward it!! no jiggling!!!

  • I have a thigh gap that has always been there not out of choice just because I have been skinny my whole life and no matter what I eat or how much I eat the only place I ever put on weight is my stomach area. I don’t call it or see it as a ‘thigh gap’, I just call it my legs. I love your videos Holly, and I love the body positivity, however, in this video, I can’t help but feel a little attacked over something I can’t control. Throughout school, I was bullied for being so skinny, even though I have never been unhealthy in any way. I think the message should be ‘love yourself and what you have and don’t let others tell you how you should or shouldn’t look’. If you want to work towards something, as long as it’s healthy, you should. If you don’t, then don’t! I love my body, my legs and whatever body parts touch and don’t touch. I understand this video and the point you are trying to get across, I just think it could have been said without making someone with a gap between their thighs feel a bit shit. Again, I love your videos, and I think you are an amazing person. This is not personal, just an opinion.

  • i didnt even know a thigh gap was one of those things people would get to “impress men” or w/e??? i just want one bc i think I’d look cute lmao

  • I love this video! Very inspiring and uplifting! Mostly because it doesn’t knock those of us who are naturally skinny and have a thigh gap because that’s just how our body is built. Everything I’ve seen about thigh gaps lately has been really disgraceful. People putting each other down to make themselves feel better. Yes, if you are going to extreme and unhealthy lengths to get a thigh gap, it’s dangerous. I don’t agree with that at all. Thigh gap or no thigh gap. You’re beautiful. You need to feel confident from within so that it exudes on the outside. Quit letting other people tell you how you should look!

  • I developed a thigh gap during puberty, particularly when I started running, I guess I’m naturally built like that as I have wide hips. But I didn’t even notice that, I was too caught up wanting a flat tummy ��

  • I think people find it desirable because it usually means that you have wider hips and I guess we don’t like the way our legs look when they touch.

  • hey just wanted to say thanks because I am in 7th grade and my friends tell me my gap is unhealthy. Now I feel better about myself knowing that it is a natural thing.

  • this video felt kind of dismissive of the causes of eating disorders and why people might want a thigh gap. Especially from someone who says to have gone through it. Not trying to be cruel, just disappointed I guess

  • Thank you again for your information and the truth about the thigh gap myth. I so agree with you. I love you guys. You do such a great job I can’t thank you enough!!!

  • im skinny. and i have a friend that have the same size as me but i dont really have an inner thigh but she has. its like my fats goes to my thigh and its really annoying

  • Whatever fits your lifestyle and does anything but hurt you… a thigh gap is nothing more than a fitness/beauty item, like many others. If it haunts your life in any way, quit it, immediately. Those characteristics are only enhancers of beauty, and anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Is this information still reliable, I feel like this is the most honest response, but just want reassurance since it’s an old video so please reply

  • Reminds me of something Anna Kendrick saideverything is photoshopped.
    Just try and be proud of what you look like, it’s ok to want to be pretty but don’t damage your health:)

  • Okay what about the natural skinny black girls who naturally have hip dips though? We’re told that our bodies are unattractive too

  • i’m 9.6 stone at 5’7 and i still have a thigh gap:L….. is there a way to get rid of it without gaining to much fat around stomach/waist? probably not though:(

  • You are really such a good role model I’m 15 and have had issues with my body and my relationship with food has started to slip but this video really made me realize that I can be beautiful in my own skin. Also I want to be as good at studies as you are.:)

  • If I want to have a firm but not bigger bottom, what exercises can I do? It seems that squats are making my bottom and legs bigger. i want lean legs and a lean bottom.

  • Everyone likes my thighs, guys are all over me. But honestly I don’t care, it’s what I want and if it’s what I want ima do it cause I’ve wanted thin thighs since I was 12

  • This is amazing, I always come back to this video if I’m feeling down or not confident, you guys are the best! Thank you so much for what you do.

  • I don’t always wear skinny jeans and leggings because of my thigh gap. Idk. I feel ugly about it. But now I feel normal because of ur vid. Now I am not ashamed that I have thigh gap. Thanks.

  • I lived with anorexia for 4 years and if I had watched a video like this when I was 10 yrs old I’m pretty sure it could be easier for me to get out off it. Thank you, Holly.

  • Im sick of hearing about thigh gaps… Some of us are not built to have them. It’s just the way it is! Be happy with who you are and what you have girls!

  • I have a thigh gap, and honestly, I HATE IT. I’ve been working really hard to gain muscle on that area and make my legs actually touch each other, and fitnessblender has been helping me a lot with this goal.

  • I think thigh gaps really depend on your body type. I’m recovering from an eating disorder now and even at my lowest weight with an BMI under 16 I didn’t have a real thigh gap. And that BMI is definitively not healthy. So like sis I don’t wanna look like a freaking skeleton just to have some CO2 filled air between my thighs. I try to gain weight now and eat healthy and workout a lot. My legs are skinny and I don’t have a thigh gap. So not having a thigh gap doesn’t mean that you’re fat. You just have a different body type.

  • I am curently in recovery from anorexia and my thigh gap dispeared this morning. I was completly freaking out. Your video help me so much to reconcider the bad choice I was going to make

  • These thigh gaps ruined my flawless legs. Both of my legs rubbed each other so it became darker. I have to wear boxers short cause if i dont, its so annoying

  • The only thing that bums me out slightly is having to throw away pants because my thighs rub together and create holes in the pants… I don’t have time to worry about a thigh gap.

  • Im a dude with semi muscular legs and even i have a small (very small) thigh gap

    What is it with you women and having fat thighs (not complaining tho i like my women thicc������)

  • This vid is very old so if u see this comment give it a like ot whateva�� but can i just say that i would TOTALLY date the guy with the hoodie and the shaggy black hair��

  • Omg.. i remeber when i was 11 or arleast around that age i would try my best to push my legs together so i didnt have a thigh gap.. but it didnt work ansd it made me really insecure because my dance teacher used to say that dancers cant have thigh gaps

  • What should I do about my knees touching but not my ankles it hurts when I put my feet together and it’s a problem because I’m a dancer

  • I used to have a thigh gap but I lost it cause I was eating a lot (not that much) Then I lost it and I am 11 years old I am 5’2 I am working on a Thigh gap cause I don’t want my thigh to rub when im laying on the bed