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The Truth About Thigh Gaps The Myth About How to Get A Thigh Gap

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A thigh gap largely has to do with your bone structure; something you cannot change. To try and diet and exercise your way to a thigh gap is completely unrealistic and any trainer that tells you otherwise is either wildly uneducated on the subject of fitness and the human body, or just telling you what they think you want to hear. On The Doctors, Dr.

Travis Stork proved that inner thigh gaps are a genetic phenomenon based on bone structure. So a million reps on the inner thigh machine, in a desperate attempt to lose inner thigh fat, combined with a seven-day cleanse followed by swearing off carbs, gluten, fat and sugar will not help you get thigh gap!The thigh gap is a diamond-shaped gap between the thighs that is visible when a woman is standing upright with her feet together.

The thigh gap obsession is an alarming new trend focused on achieving and maintaining this space between the thighs, and it’s particularly prevalent among females who are in their teens through their early 20s. The truth about thigh gaps FINALLY explained Looking at catwalk models, you realize that one requirement for being a model is height, usually found in their long legs. Along with long legs, these models also have larger hips, which allow their long narrow legs to naturally create an inner thigh gap. Also, thigh gaps are primarily genetic.

Some people are born that way, but for most of the population, this isn’t a look you can—or should—strive for. There’s no one “perfect” body. So hey, the point of this video is to just show everyone what I’ve learned about the thigh gap because it’s become a real problem at my school and in my area.

People think it’s a requirement to be. Getting a thigh gap overnight is a myth because it has nothing to do with reality. Thigh gaps are either natural or you have to do quite tough work to get them therefore, getting thigh gaps overnight isn’t an option to go for!Barbell Denim, a jean company has started a Kickstarter campaign to fight against the trend of the “thigh gap”, a very rare trait in some very thin women. The campaign has raised over 735,000.

Myth 1: Anyone can get a supermodel size thigh gap The female bone structure and the way the femur is flared out naturally forms a thigh gap under optimal conditions. However, since every woman is formed differently, there is that small percentage that can never achieve a gap between the thighs no matter how thin and toned their thighs are. How to get thigh gap How To Get A Thigh Gap Fast: 8 Best Thigh Gap Workout. Get the best thigh gap workout here and get sexy leg gaps with these 8 best thigh gap exercises.

However, you’re probably here because you want to learn how to get a thigh gap.

List of related literature:

The “thigh gap” is usually code for anorexia or ultra-thinness, where young women especially think that if they could just lose enough weight so that their legs do not rub together, they will be all set.

“The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics” by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
from The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics
by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
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There are some girls at my school who brag about the gaps between their thighs.

“When We Were Magic” by Sarah Gailey
from When We Were Magic
by Sarah Gailey
Simon Pulse, 2020

Sometimes the problem is imaginary (such as when the skater with anorexia complains about her fat thighs); sometimes it is real and ranges from a mild complaint about love handles that hang over the running shorts to a major preoccupation with flabby thighs that results in relentless dieting and exercise.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
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Most of my students can’t imagine a world in which they would stop dieting or trying to fix the size of their thighs.

“Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything” by Geneen Roth
from Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything
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Models have thigh gaps, so teenage girls want thigh gaps.

“Healthy Is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love in a Picture Perfect World” by Katie H. Willcox
from Healthy Is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love in a Picture Perfect World
by Katie H. Willcox
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My girlfriends did not circle girls’ problem areas with black marker, but the shared agenda to be thin and perfect is evident in the 219 the college years: body obsession boot camp

“Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body” by Courtney E. Martin
from Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body
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And two years later, the same publication features a workout that promises to “Resize Your Thighs: 3 Moves to Slim Down Fast.”

“Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness” by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
from Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness
by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
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For now I simply wish to note that all versions of the dominant beauty ideal—whether hourglass, thin with curves, athletic, ‘modelthin’ with ‘thigh gaps’ and so on—require thinness in at least some body parts.

“Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal” by Heather Widdows
from Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal
by Heather Widdows
Princeton University Press, 2020

It explains, among other things, a distaste for “thin thighs” and narrow hips.

“Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex, and Plastic Surgery in Brazil” by Alexander Edmonds
from Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex, and Plastic Surgery in Brazil
by Alexander Edmonds
Duke University Press, 2010

Yet, I started to wonder—what happens when women skip that “I hate my body and want to cut off my thighs” phase, and jump right to the “I don’t look like women in magazines and shouldn’t, and love myself just as I am” phase?

“Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are” by Hillary L. McBride, Ramani Durvasula, PhD
from Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are
by Hillary L. McBride, Ramani Durvasula, PhD
Smashwords Edition, 2017

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  • I wish I found this video after doing an inner thigh workout sheesh! Thanks for the enlightening words and more power to Fitness Blender ��

  • Hey guys! Thanks for that video and for going against all that thigh gap fuss. You just showed that all that thing is overrated and not worth damaging one’s body. Thanks for a splendid motivation! <3

  • I was told I was too big, that my thighs are too big……that I needs a thigh gap….mind you I’m 5’5 135lbs long story short, I’m bulimic and scared. I didn’t even know what a thigh gap was but now it’s all I think about. My self esteem and relationship with food is ruined….

  • I used to have natural stick legs and a thigh gap when I was 7 or something. My body grew a lot and idk if I can achieve a natural thigh gap because my legs are muscular and etc.
    Thighs are confusing

  • I’ve been recovering for like 2 weeks and I’ve gained like 8 pounds and it’s been so hard cuz I used to think that if i didn’t have a thigh gap or couldn’t see my ribs then i was fat but now I’m back to a healthy body and mind set towards food (most of the time). Also I’m vegan too ayyy

  • Yay Popsugar for talking about the uncomfortable stuff! And one more thing: who says thigh gaps are beautiful? Some people may find them
    attractive, but it certainly isn’t a beauty benchmark.

  • The only thing that bothers me is that I know I am perfectly capable of having a thigh gap-I did for years, and then birth control happened and your typical teenage hormones go out the window and your thighs start rubbing together and making it uncomfortable to wear shorts (not because of the look but bc of the rubbing together).

  • The real reason why most girl would like a thigh gap is so that they rub rub together when your wearing shorts or dress. Because in summer its worse. That fucking hurts and starts to get red.

  • I have some trouble sleeping with this thigh gap�� I needed to put a really large pillow in between my thighs to sleep, cause its so uncomfortable to have a space that prevents the pressure of each leg to find each other. (Especially after a tiring day)

  • GUYS! I love your responses. This is why I love this series… everyone has insecurities, but we can help each other. Some of you have contacted me on FB, Twitter and Instagram and I love chatting with you! Keep ’em coming! (And let me know what topics you want me to cover next!)

  • these guys are lovely awesome amazing real genuine and modest… i have started to understand my body and the difference between losing weight like crazy and being fit. love you guys. my self esteem is now sky rocketing

  • does anyone have weird thighs where you look like you have a huge thigh gap if you wear baggy shorts or skirts….but in reality you have lots of inner thigh fat at the top of your thighs and so you don’t like wearing tight jeans or tight shorts because you’re insecure about them because they look so WEIRD to you….or am i the only one with those kind of thighs..

  • I want A thigh gap, every time I sit down or something I glance at my thighs and I feel fat, instantly, and it’s scary, bc no one in my grade has one but still there are MY expectations and if I don’t reach it then I feel liked I failed. THANK YOU

  • In my opinion the best way to achieve thigh gap is to develop a good posture. Try to stand in front of the mirror and stand with distant feet( I think 5in is enough)..Push your butt outwards and you might find a difference from your normal thigh space( it should appear bigger because you are making a tension with your butt outwards)..

  • Ask any porn star how they got there huge gap. They did not have a gap when they started. A lot of big things will give you a gap. The bigger the toy the bigger the gap. Think about it you will never see a porn star with a little gap, never.

  • I had a thigh gap when I was at 130 pounds and my brother who is 80 pounds doesn’t have one. Thigh gaps aren’t usually weight related its more on how you’re bones structure is

  • The only thing I don’t agree with is that if you haven’t had a thigh gap your whole life but do now, it’s bad. I was overweight growing up, and did not have a thigh gap, but then I reached a healthy weight in my late teens I developed one due to losing excess body fat in combination to with my wide hips. My developing a thigh gap accompanied getting healthier, not a disorder.

  • I miss this types of videos! Don’t get me wrong I loooooove your workouts (specially body weight workouts) but I miss your educational chats!

  • I was with you until you said “embrace what God gave us” Some viewers don’t believe in God. Maybe embrace your own body would have sufficed.

  • So glad you made this video. I knew a thigh gap was down to bone structure and when people mentioned wanting a thigh gap and I tried to explain it, they just wouldn’t get it. I’m not happy with my thighs, and I know I’ll never have a thigh gap and I’m not bothered about having one, but I’m just wanting stronger, more toned legs which will make me feel much more confident about them.

  • I have a tiny waist (58cm/22.8inches) and relatively small hips (85cm/33.5inche)…I am 46kg/101.5lbs (and used to be 45kg before starting heavy lifting!!)…dont think many people can get any smaller than me!!but i DONT have a thigh gap, and i dont want one, I prefer a nicely shaped and rock solid thighs over a thigh gap on any given day!!!and thats my goal, working hard toward it!! no jiggling!!!

  • I have a thigh gap that has always been there not out of choice just because I have been skinny my whole life and no matter what I eat or how much I eat the only place I ever put on weight is my stomach area. I don’t call it or see it as a ‘thigh gap’, I just call it my legs. I love your videos Holly, and I love the body positivity, however, in this video, I can’t help but feel a little attacked over something I can’t control. Throughout school, I was bullied for being so skinny, even though I have never been unhealthy in any way. I think the message should be ‘love yourself and what you have and don’t let others tell you how you should or shouldn’t look’. If you want to work towards something, as long as it’s healthy, you should. If you don’t, then don’t! I love my body, my legs and whatever body parts touch and don’t touch. I understand this video and the point you are trying to get across, I just think it could have been said without making someone with a gap between their thighs feel a bit shit. Again, I love your videos, and I think you are an amazing person. This is not personal, just an opinion.

  • i didnt even know a thigh gap was one of those things people would get to “impress men” or w/e??? i just want one bc i think I’d look cute lmao

  • I love this video! Very inspiring and uplifting! Mostly because it doesn’t knock those of us who are naturally skinny and have a thigh gap because that’s just how our body is built. Everything I’ve seen about thigh gaps lately has been really disgraceful. People putting each other down to make themselves feel better. Yes, if you are going to extreme and unhealthy lengths to get a thigh gap, it’s dangerous. I don’t agree with that at all. Thigh gap or no thigh gap. You’re beautiful. You need to feel confident from within so that it exudes on the outside. Quit letting other people tell you how you should look!

  • I developed a thigh gap during puberty, particularly when I started running, I guess I’m naturally built like that as I have wide hips. But I didn’t even notice that, I was too caught up wanting a flat tummy ��

  • I think people find it desirable because it usually means that you have wider hips and I guess we don’t like the way our legs look when they touch.

  • hey just wanted to say thanks because I am in 7th grade and my friends tell me my gap is unhealthy. Now I feel better about myself knowing that it is a natural thing.

  • this video felt kind of dismissive of the causes of eating disorders and why people might want a thigh gap. Especially from someone who says to have gone through it. Not trying to be cruel, just disappointed I guess

  • Thank you again for your information and the truth about the thigh gap myth. I so agree with you. I love you guys. You do such a great job I can’t thank you enough!!!

  • im skinny. and i have a friend that have the same size as me but i dont really have an inner thigh but she has. its like my fats goes to my thigh and its really annoying

  • Whatever fits your lifestyle and does anything but hurt you… a thigh gap is nothing more than a fitness/beauty item, like many others. If it haunts your life in any way, quit it, immediately. Those characteristics are only enhancers of beauty, and anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Is this information still reliable, I feel like this is the most honest response, but just want reassurance since it’s an old video so please reply

  • Reminds me of something Anna Kendrick saideverything is photoshopped.
    Just try and be proud of what you look like, it’s ok to want to be pretty but don’t damage your health:)

  • Okay what about the natural skinny black girls who naturally have hip dips though? We’re told that our bodies are unattractive too

  • i’m 9.6 stone at 5’7 and i still have a thigh gap:L….. is there a way to get rid of it without gaining to much fat around stomach/waist? probably not though:(

  • You are really such a good role model I’m 15 and have had issues with my body and my relationship with food has started to slip but this video really made me realize that I can be beautiful in my own skin. Also I want to be as good at studies as you are.:)

  • If I want to have a firm but not bigger bottom, what exercises can I do? It seems that squats are making my bottom and legs bigger. i want lean legs and a lean bottom.

  • Everyone likes my thighs, guys are all over me. But honestly I don’t care, it’s what I want and if it’s what I want ima do it cause I’ve wanted thin thighs since I was 12

  • This is amazing, I always come back to this video if I’m feeling down or not confident, you guys are the best! Thank you so much for what you do.

  • I don’t always wear skinny jeans and leggings because of my thigh gap. Idk. I feel ugly about it. But now I feel normal because of ur vid. Now I am not ashamed that I have thigh gap. Thanks.

  • I lived with anorexia for 4 years and if I had watched a video like this when I was 10 yrs old I’m pretty sure it could be easier for me to get out off it. Thank you, Holly.

  • Im sick of hearing about thigh gaps… Some of us are not built to have them. It’s just the way it is! Be happy with who you are and what you have girls!

  • I have a thigh gap, and honestly, I HATE IT. I’ve been working really hard to gain muscle on that area and make my legs actually touch each other, and fitnessblender has been helping me a lot with this goal.

  • I think thigh gaps really depend on your body type. I’m recovering from an eating disorder now and even at my lowest weight with an BMI under 16 I didn’t have a real thigh gap. And that BMI is definitively not healthy. So like sis I don’t wanna look like a freaking skeleton just to have some CO2 filled air between my thighs. I try to gain weight now and eat healthy and workout a lot. My legs are skinny and I don’t have a thigh gap. So not having a thigh gap doesn’t mean that you’re fat. You just have a different body type.

  • I am curently in recovery from anorexia and my thigh gap dispeared this morning. I was completly freaking out. Your video help me so much to reconcider the bad choice I was going to make

  • These thigh gaps ruined my flawless legs. Both of my legs rubbed each other so it became darker. I have to wear boxers short cause if i dont, its so annoying

  • The only thing that bums me out slightly is having to throw away pants because my thighs rub together and create holes in the pants… I don’t have time to worry about a thigh gap.

  • Im a dude with semi muscular legs and even i have a small (very small) thigh gap

    What is it with you women and having fat thighs (not complaining tho i like my women thicc������)

  • This vid is very old so if u see this comment give it a like ot whateva�� but can i just say that i would TOTALLY date the guy with the hoodie and the shaggy black hair��

  • Omg.. i remeber when i was 11 or arleast around that age i would try my best to push my legs together so i didnt have a thigh gap.. but it didnt work ansd it made me really insecure because my dance teacher used to say that dancers cant have thigh gaps

  • What should I do about my knees touching but not my ankles it hurts when I put my feet together and it’s a problem because I’m a dancer

  • I used to have a thigh gap but I lost it cause I was eating a lot (not that much) Then I lost it and I am 11 years old I am 5’2 I am working on a Thigh gap cause I don’t want my thigh to rub when im laying on the bed

  • Thank god my country’s beauty standars (even when they are bad in their own ways) have never included this ridiculous thigh gap thing.

  • Yes I want my thigh gap back. Understand that when your thighs rub together you can have a pair of pants that you absolutely love. And they will wear a hole between the thighs and you have to throw them away. Or if you were shorts your shorts rise up between your legs and hang low on the outside and that looks very gross and tacky. Or if you wear a dress with no stockings the inside of your thighs get very raw.

  • Even if I got surgery I’d never have a thigh gap, I’m just not built that way, some of us have them some of us don’t, it’s no big deal ladies, a man will not judge you for it

  • I am naturally tall and slightly slender, I also naturally have a thigh gap. I actually used to hate it, I wanted a fuller butt and wider hips, because I hated how ‘flat’ I was. Now I’ve learned to love my body, I feel less insecure about the things that make me ME, and I can walk around feeling confident and happy. I wish that upon all girls, boys, everyone. You’re hella stunning, and you should know that!

  • Thanks for wasting my time with a clickbait, bitch. What is this channal? Is it about  exercise, relationship advice or therapy? I’m confused. The problem is not women having problems with themselves but the industrie (Mostely men) telling them how to look like and than they go around and criticise them if they want to have nice bodies. Go and critizise men first and STFU talking about women as if you know what is like to be one. In the meanwhile men are killing themselves wanting to become some unrealistic actionfigures and starve themselves. Go talk about men first. Who is doing anything for a man? Who are you talking to? Just show some exercise and STFU, IDIOT.

  • I want a thigh gap because i’m slim but i deposit fat only on my thights, not hips or butt and a thigh gap will make me feel more proportionate

  • I have a natural thigh gap I hate it because how wide my hips are. Even when I’m 130-140 it’s still there but has done nothing but make my body dysmenorrhea worse. In 2012 when thigh gaps were ‘in’ I felt embarrassed because girls without thigh gaps would make comments about how people with thigh gaps have wide vaginas (which is completely unrelated)

  • i dont want a thigh gap for the sake of beauty tho. i just dont want my legs to rub together anymore cuz that shit is painful lmao

  • I’m sorry for skinny people
    Thin legs are gorgeous but they have a higher chance higher chance of developing heart attacks than people who don’t have thin legs…

  • I sort of used to hate that I have a thigh gap, like my legs are not straight and if I try to close my legs together there’s this gap. I also do dance, and in pictures of performances I see the rest with their legs closed and then there’s me lol. But I didn’t even know what thigh gap was until I watched this video. And now I’m okay with it I guess��
    (Sorry for this really long and weird comment, haha)

  • I’m glad that you spoke on this topic Holly, I never had a thigh gap as I am a pretty chunky gal, but like yourself I’m more comfortable with my body now than back then:)

  • Im underweight and i have a thigh gap so i think having a thigh gap is not even healthy (p.s im 12 and im trying to gain weight i dont have anorexia or anything its also genenetic cos my mom is very skinny)

  • I was born very very skinny, not anorexia though, I am about to become 12 this week and I weigh 82 Its normal but I really want to gain some weight right now, I am very tall, and makes me even skinner, I have a gap but not so big or not so small.

  • Very good information! Having a thigh gap has much to do with genetics, but even with that you can still lose your thigh gap if you gain weight. I used to have a thigh gap when I was thinner (I was a size 0-3 for much of my teen years and early 20’s). But, now that I have gained weight (size 8), I don’t have one. The funny thing is I didn’t like my thigh gap at all. I didn’t even know it was something women strived for. Also, keep in mind their are women with curves who naturally have no thigh gap. It’s really not an important thing to have, and it doesn’t make a woman more or less attractive.

  • This video was so lovely Kirbie! I think you did such a wonderful job of not only touching on what is going on on the inside of the media but also giving people a different way to look at their own insecurities and how to make themselves feel more empowered. Lastly I love that you actually said, stop criticizing! It can be the simplest thing to think of but I don’t think people mention it enough in such a down to earth way. I really like this new series keep it up:D

  • maybe off topic of the video but i just remembered that when i was younger like middle school ish i thought girls got thigh gaps when they had sex like i thought the act of sex made your legs farther apart

  • I couldn’t comment on your “my eating disorder story” as comments are turned off. But wanted to ask… were you actually diagnosed? You said you “didn’t want to get to full blown anorexia” and that you maybe had “orthorexia”, but you were seeing CAMHS, so they must have said either way?
    No worries if it’s too personal, just wondering.

  • I have natural thigh gap, and it is quite big, I never bother it or really nocice until my friends say it and I dont really care. I dont knwo why I still have thigh gaps, I eat a lot like A LOT

  • …all I searched was “how to get RID of a thigh gap” and all I get is “how to get a thigh gap! In one week!!” �� also some of these comments are just straight up mean to people who naturally have one…

  • Go get ’em! Duped vulnerable teens are falling for this myth being sold to them by unethical “beauty” industry peddlers and hucksters. Rant on!

  • Okay, so you can’t get a thigh gap… but for the love of fitness, tell me I can get rid of it because I hate mine. It makes my legs look even thinner.

  • Thank you guys so much for this. It was very informative and eye opening. I think you guys prevented me from embarking on a truly useless mission.

  • I just wanna have one for important reasons, I fuckin hate the rubbing it hurts sometimes, its irritating, it made me have a dark inner thigh. Which is the most embarrassing part of my body. Just a healthy gap, im happy with it, as long as it doesn’t touch that much. Seriously its really irritating

  • “For the love of all things good health, set & pursue fitness goals that improve the health of your body & your quality of life not empty goals that are at best unattainable & diminishing of your wellbeing. Push yourself towards fitness goals that make you feel strong, vibrant, happy & healthy, & I guarantee that you’re going to like the changes you see in your body & mindset.” Spread the word! PS this is also just one of the many reasons why we don’t waste our time or yours by making a bunch of “inner thigh workouts”.

  • its hard topic legs, the people who have a thigh gap dont want one ( like myself, makes my legs look skinnier than they are and i hate it) then the people who dont want one… our bodies are always going to be perfect in someone elses eyes but unfortunately not in our own

  • I think you guys are well informed and educated on the subject. I have a wide thigh gap naturally. I am 5’6” and 108 lbs. I have an extremely fast metabolism and have had 4 kids. I left the hospital in size 0 jeans. There is nothing wrong with me health wise. I eat more than my 4 teenage boys. So a thigh gap is nothing to be proud of or not proud of. You are born with your bone structure.

  • I have a thigh gap but I’m perfectly normal weight, and it’s only because my hips are very wide thanks to genetics. So not every girl has a thigh gap, it really depends on your bone structure

  • I hate my thigh gap and I don’t know why anyone would want one…I get called chicken legs all the time because my legs are too darn skinny and the rest of me is normal…I wish I could gain weight on my thighs…I want to take the fat off of my mid sections and put it on my thighs and butt…cause I have no butt either! I don’t personally know any one who likes a thigh gap or thinks thery are sexy…they all think it is too skinny

  • So weird that someone actually took the time out of their life to make a video about thigh gaps. And people who put others down to lift themselves up are just a whole another level.. I love my thigh gap and I don’t care what anybody thinks of it:)

  • I almost cried… thank you guys so much! Thank you for being real, thank you for helping us to be ourselves and be happy with ourselves. Healthy and happy.

  • Holly I love this! I have narrow hips which are wide in terms of my body �� makes no sense I know, I’m dysmorphic and I struggle with an eating disorder and this is such a brilliant video. Couldn’t agree with this more. You go Holly ☺️����xxx

  • Those “you know” counts!! ������ girl I didn’t even notice until you started counting! Probably because I do it to! And thank you so much for finally dispelling this rumor!

  • I wish I could give 1 million likes to this video!! I am just in love with you 2!! Congratulations for being so informative about such critical issues and thank you for all the wonderful videos, the work you guys do is simply amazing!!! <3

  • This is such a beautiful video, I love the inspiration that was given. Thanks for the reminder that we are perfect no matter what. ������

  • Thank you so much for this! I was one of those people starving themselves (officially diagnosed with eating disorders and been through treatment since) and teenage me would have REALLY appreciated this video! I have very narrow hips and even at my lowest, sickest weight had no potential to get a thigh gap. Thank you for helping to educate on this topic!

  • I believe what you are saying. But I notice when I gain weight that is the first place it goes on me. I hate that part of me the most. The fat between my thighs in my clothes.

  • i have a thigh gap and i dont feel insicure about my self but you guys out their without thigh gaps i felt insicure with my thigh gap but thats what god gave and i live with it and thats what goes with my body shape not every one the same

  • 2 years ago i had kind a thigh gap but then i gained a little weight so now i dont have one but it was nice having one. U dont get chaffing and what ive noticed is that it defines your �� more. Not the camel toe but it just creases on the side of your ��. Like all my friends say thats one of the reasons they want a thigh gap too. And apparently it gives u dark thighs if u dont have a gap so ya…O-O.

  • I have kinda thick thighs but i have a thigh gap and i didn’t even know until my friends started saying how jealous they are that i have one naturally lmao

  • thankyou guys! videos like this really make me start to appreciate my body&change my perspective of why i should workout,eat clean. i was born with big thighs, over my last 20 years, i couldnt even count the number of times i beat myself up for”not having thin legs”. I would wear skirts throughout the year, even in the coldest winter, because im so ashamed of letting anyone see my legs. Thanks to FB, now ive ditched all those mind shit, my life is so much happier!

  • Im insecure about my thigh gap… its natural on my body structure, but everybody just assume im too skinny:( i never thought about it until somebody pointed it out

  • I don’t have a thigh gap and it’s making me crazy because I feel so insecure while wearing shorts or pants. I actually tried losing weight ( I actually lose 5kg, from 50kg to 45kg. ) but my thigh seems so big and I’m getting anxious because of it. I’m actually started to think that I’m naturally born with it, but when I was younger I have a thigh gap so I guess the reason I don’t have thigh gap it’s because I’m eating a lot? I’m very stressed because I can see a lot of girls wearing shorts comfortably while meI’m wearing a skirt to hide my big thighs ; which is kinda depressing because I don’t skirts lol. A lot of people tried to make me feel better but nah.

  • Ugh…I just love you guys. I’ve alway had muscular legs/thighs and I love them, but it does become a little disheartening when you’re bombarded with messages promoting a body type that’s completely opposite of yours as ideal. Thanks for addressing this

  • Finally….someone who knows what they are talking about. Thank u soooo much, I’ve worked so hard to get a thigh gap for so long and nothing seemed to be working out for me. You just made me feel better about my body.

  • Thigh gaps exist because a woman’s hips will move the thighs out to not have touching thighs, however you will have less of one if you have small hips or bigger thighs

  • When I first herd of “thigh gaps” my immediate response was, visible confusion and confused noises�� I honestly don’t like thigh gaps. Although if someone has thigh gaps, I wouldn’t judge them! (just my opinion on the subject)

  • I have had a thigh gap my entire life, I have done a lot of sports but I eat a lottt of food. I’m skinny, I’ve never had a disorder. Thigh gaps are ugly to me I hate having a thigh gap. It makes you look like a rectangle. You don’t look curvy at all. I just want to get rid of this stupid gap so I can actually look good in jeans. I hate it sooo much.

  • My legs are thick thick and it took me 2 years, 399 + plastic wraps, sauna sessions, exercise, slimming creams, for what?!!!!!!! Guy’s like you with or without it. Honestly concentrate on glutes and flat stomach, it’s genetics �� ladies! Put that energy elsewhere you’ll be happier. Because most men just lLIE anyway! If you gotta force it, it’s not for you and thick thighs save lives

  • I’ve had a thigh gap since i was born and in the 6th grade my peers told me i was not a virgin and i always was insecure about it, then in the 8th grade people actually liked it and i felt way better about it

  • I also have thigh gaps, but not because I’m skinny, but because some parts of my legs are so fat so that the other parts can’t touch.

  • I dont understood thigh gaps. For me i think thigh gaps are unatural. I say that becasue im an obese man and i dont pay attention to a womans thighs in public cause they will know im a pervert.

  • Thank you for this video. I have never had a thigh gap and i have been obsessed with getting one. But i don’t want to become unhealthy. ��

  • ok well that was a bit of a shambles…… if you are confused, the comments will make you even more confused….. but i solved the problem now!
    i hope this video makes you THINK anyway!

    and for those of you like “omg camel toe” in the thumbnail……. (it’s actually the seam in my leggings to be accurate)….. and ok i’m a female? you’re problem hun??!?!?!?!

  • Just found ur channel and i am in love. I love how you address things and ooze such positivity. Planning on starting my journey to recovery as well. God bless!

  • I have a confession to make. I only clicked on this video because there was a ghoul boy in the video. People that watch buzzfeed unsolved will know what I’m talking about.

  • There was a post I recently came across that suggested unfollowing beauty channels and models and follow artistic designers instead. Rather than obsessing over beauty, learn to embrace the beauty that is already out there.

  • Your legs are so pretty and toned now! I don’t have a thigh gap either but my thighs aren’t pretty, they just look unnatural since most of my fat gathers around them

  • The thing that’s made me feel the most comfortable with my body is just eating healthy and working out. I’ve been overweight my whole life. No, I’m not huge, but I’ve always been curvy and never really loved the way that I look. Here recently, I’ve started eating healthy and working out. I haven’t been dieting, just making better choices on a daily basis. Just knowing that I am doing what I can to be healthy makes me feel better about the way that I look. In fact, I think I’ve shed a few pounds in the process, but that wasn’t the purpose of this change. I did it just so I knew that I was being the healthiest version of myself and I threw out my obsession with losing weight. In doing that, I have become so much more confident with my body type. It’s not about how you look. It’s about just living life to the fullest and being the healthiest version of yourself.

  • it’s so wholesome that that one guy said he had the privilege to see some women naked, not like it was an obligation or just expected that he should have.

  • i’ve been increasing my intake for a while now and my thigh gap is starting to disappear:’) it’s scary and uncomfortable, so thank you for this video

  • I just want to say thank you for all of your body confidence videos. I don’t have a thigh gap or long legs or small hips. I’m the complete opposite. I have always been like a bully to myself, say that I was fat because of my thighs or because of my hips. Now thanks to you, I realize that there is a reason that god gave me this body. He wanted me to embrace it! So that’s what I’m going to do.

    A lot of the girls at my school have this perfect thigh gap, long legs, they’re lean, etc. so that has always made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, so I thank you for changing the way that I think of myself. I really love this channel! Maybe for the next video do something with height, or waist type things. Just other insecurities.


  • I have an ED, but it’s not the reason I want a thigh gap… I have psoriasis in between my thighs and the friction makes it flare up… It bleeds, burns, dries up… To sum up, it sucks ��

  • Hickory sticks! My son Andrew keeps watching this video. I’m a little concerned, didn’t I ask you once to leave a disclaimer saying “Not to be viewed by Andrew Lanter?” Can you please uploads that to your video please? He just won’t listen, plus he’s wearing his Mario hat to the dinner table again, despite our previous talking to.

    Bless your heart, dear.

    Mrs. Lanter

  • Mine are too natural. That gap makes men wanna ooh ooh wee Y’all don’t wanna start a fire between yo thighs rubbing them together. Y’all Pussy just gone catch on fire from, walking. Lmao and half of y’all already dragging yo ass cause it’s soo big. Can’t even pick yo feet up no more just sliding. They don’t walk no more they just slide. Need a damn skateboard to get around.. And men already know from looking at that gap. They can look at it and know exactly where dat dick going in at. They aint gotta go on no damn scavenger hunt fa da pussy. They can see the the pussy. You know it’s some good pussy when you can see it.

  • im new here and i like your channel because it tells you the truth and it makes you happy with your body and when i saw this video i stopped starving myself ive been starving myself for about 2 and a half weeks and i was researching for about a week and suddenly i found this video that CLEARLY HELPED ME.

  • I’ve never not had a tigh gap, it’s always been there, but even if I ever felt my tighs touch while walking I’d loose my shit and panic about it. I can’t imagine not having it altough I’ve never paid attention to others not having it, it doesn’t even make you look better, it’s just there, yet I’m still terrified. I don’t think I have an eating disorder, but I’m starting to think I should probably reconsider my body image a bit…

  • I’m so glad you are recovering from your ed I wish it the best in your recovery I know you can get through this you go girl sending prayers your way ����������

  • Just let me tell you dear holly. You are beautiful as you are. You are wonderful and most inspirational person I’ve seen. So just remember you are beautiful as you are.♥️♥️��

  • I’ve been following the auto immune protocol diet for 3 years now and I’m vegan as well and I still can’t loose any weight ����
    I work out and exercise but it’s not working ����any advise?

  • I will close my thigh gap next year, it’s my goal for new year, I’m naturally skinny and I tried to gain weight in the past, was even painful for me, but I will try it again, being skinny in latin america is really awful so thanks for sharing ur experience ^^

  • i’ve always had a thigh gap honestly, although it’s been getting smaller these past few years. i don’t even have wide hips though so i have no idea how it’s remained for so long lol

  • I never had a thigh gap-after pregnancy I now have one. I am heavier and more muscular than when I didn’t have thigh gap and now when I stand or sit with knees together there is a gap. I used to be able to have a cat or small animal on my lap and now they fall in the gap-and loose things I drop in my lap and have to fish for them. I have wide hips and they changed I think from pregnancy otherwise how would more muscle and fat allow a gap where there never was one when I was lower weight?

  • I have a thigh gap, it’s small, today my sister was like “omg you have a thigh gap blah blah blah.” And my mom chimed in “you know thigh gaps aren’t good they mean you have anorexia” and that conversation actually made me very self conscious about my small thigh gap

  • Sorry, I hate if my thighs touch. It’s uncomfortable and when it is hot they rub.
    Beside too fat you look knock knee in my opinion.
    There are toning exercises that work. You must be consistent though.

  • Thanks so much for making this I totally agree that there’s so much more to life than aesthetics but it can be so difficult to come to terms with this. You are so inspirational for making this video:)

  • OMG, Kirbie (yet again, did I spell you name right ����) you were SO close to making me nearly cry! (In a good way ��) This nearly happened because of these inspiring words! For me personally, I naturally ‘came’ with a thigh gap so it hasn’t always been an issue for me, but I do know/understand how this small ‘body part’ can effect someone’s personality and mind. I guess I can (kinda) understand because, I have a ‘flat stomach’ insincerity. Getting a flat stomach has I guess been a ‘priority’ for me, (though I never really did much about it, just sat looking at pictures of ‘flawless girls’ while I ate a whole block of chocolate����) but that’s not the point, this ‘series’ I guess has really helped to remind me that I am still fabulous in my own way. But lately the way, I guess, getting over my insincerities has been reminding myself daily (or every single time I look at myself in disdain) that I am beautiful and no one can change who I am.

  • I’m naturally super skinny and just can’t gain weight. I have a thigh gap and it’s THE WORST! Because of my thigh gap, my knees are naturally turned inwards, and they don’t touch. In dance you always need your knees turned out, so it’s so hard and doesn’t look right. This causes me SO MUCH KNEE PAIN and knee injuries. Don’t wish for a thigh gap, it’s. the. wOrSt!

  • I never thought about even wanting a thigh gap, but I didn’t know that it wouldn’t even be attainable for me, so thanks for the information. Hell, I DO have wide hips and I still don’t have a gap! And quite frankly, I don’t really care. I just want to lose weight and feel stronger. I wanna be able to climb a flight of steps without being winded for five minutes. If I get that then I’m good.

    Also, I can’t believe they’re marketing THIGH GAP JEWELRY. Like that is just weird and disgusting. Who would want jewelry dangling under their hooha? Not to mention, with all the walking and sitting, wouldn’t it be easy to break?????

    Lastly I love that you guys always promote body acceptance. Not many online (or real life for that matter) trainers do that very well and I love you guys for that.

  • I just want to get a thigh gap because I want to think I’m pretty too, I’m not doing it for anyone else. But because of my damn genetics I CANT GET ONE

  • okay Holly, i didn’t even know I needed this video! I guess sometimes all you need is someone that you like to tell you these obvious things that your ed doesn’t let you visualize. Thank you so much for this, you really inspire me in my recovery xx

  • I have a thigh gap like a huge on and when ever I wear any leggings I always have a camo toe like that’s annoying I don’t see how that’s like considered sexy like I’m 14 and its really annoying with leggings

  • I’m not good at editing so every time I have new photos i don’t care if somebody thinks I’m ugly but I’m gonna upload that photo without edit on my picture…. I’m confident with myself… I don’t like editing much… only filter but I will never try to edit my body nor my face… I’m comfortable for who I am….

  • Dont have thigh gap but my legs just dont want to be together xD like when i stand feet to feet, is space between my knees and all lower part of my legs, its a big problem cause i cant stay straight, walk straight and things like that. always broke my shoes, somedays i like it cause i look thinner, but somedays i think why i can have normal legs?:c (sorry, my english is so bad)

  • I have a thigh gap… maybe because of my hip and the shape of my thigh bones which are curved�������� I am thin and kind of tall… long neck, small face… and yes… I do eat…. I love eating�� IDK what happened, I even have a freakin’ leg gap��… arrggg!?! You may think its great but really I never wear jeans because of that… I look like a skeleton with wonky legs… I’m ashamed and my self esteem is low especially when they require fitted jeans and I’m that girl with the freakin’ 1 inch thigh gap!?!? So whenever I wear pants I always make sure that the space is filled… that’s why no one really sees my real figure…

  • I’d gain weight to get rid of my thigh gap. It looks kinda ridiculous; nothing touches from my crotch town to my ankles �� I do love how it looks with a skirt though

  • Women typically (NOT always) don’t do this for men. We do it for other women. It’s a constant competition. That’s just my opinion as a woman with anorexia.

  • Food advice pleeeaaassseeee I struggle with food, I end up eating the same things, get bored then end up munching out of stuff I shouldn’t ��

  • i hate my legs they are so skinny and i have a big thigh gap and im like so self conscious and I like eat a lot like i mean a lot and i want to get thighs like omg

  • Marilyn Monroe didn’t have a thigh gap even when she was Norma Jean. There is footage of her on youtube when she was a teenage on the beach, she is doing cartwheels, she doesn’t have that gap and her hips were narrow. Are you retro? Vintage? Not many people have records and a record player. I love historical things.

  • Ugly bags of bones. You only deserve dogs, you won’t get any real men and you better know that! �� Real men like something to hold on to.

  • now people LOVE thick thighs. so my natural thigh gap is always hated on. I get made fun of from it and I’m literally trying my best to figure it outand well now I know. yea I have wide hips so that explains a lot but I wanna know how/if I can close the thigh gap.

  • So, SO glad that thigh gaps aren’t “trendy” anymore. The only reason I’d ever want one is bc chafing (especially in the summer) is absolutely so uncomfortable.

  • what’s funny is ; everyone out here complaining about having thick thighs but in reality, having a thigh gap is hard. only the thick girls get attention, you know ��

  • 4:50 that’s knocked knees..At what age did they straighten?! I really hope I can straighten mines without surgery. Any quick tips that helped straighten your legs??? Please anything

  • “I’m looking for what IS there, instead of what is NOT there.”
    That statement is deeper than we think. I have a feeling we are not talking about thighs, based on this guy’s mannerisms..

  • Great, well considered, video. Personally I think girls’ legs are most attractive when the thighs just meet in the middle. And some muscle, so long as it’s not masculine-sinewy like you see some hideous pictures of women body-builders, is good. Strong legs are good. Just look at all those beautiful female tennis-players!

  • I wanted a thigh gap when I was 15 too, it was in 1996 so way before insta and before it even had a name I think. I have narrow hips so mine closes when I go over 45kg (bmi17) I can give you my reason which still holds today and it’s really simple: sensory issues. I can’t bear feeling them touch when I walk. That’s it! I’m currently weight restoring and I’ve hit a wall partly because this is still holding me back. I’m still underweight but my thighs are so close to contact at one point near the top and for me that’s like hearing nails scratched down a chalkboard. I’m happy with weight gain aesthetically but the sensory issue is much more of a challenge. If anyone can relate to this and has any advice would be much appreciated ����

  • LOL THE INTRO WAS SO ME LOOKING AT MIRROR AFTER GIVING UP WORKING OUT. AND THEN THE MIRROR SAID ‘its ok u should give up cause its hard’. I was like ‘Yeah, you’re right’

  • I honestly hate my thigh gap. I have a natural thigh gap and I really want to get rid of it but I don’t think I can. I struggle gaining weight due to fast metabolism and I absolutely hate my thigh gap. I don’t know anyone with a thigh gal so I feel like an odd one out.

  • I almost slipped into an ED for 3 times, but now I am sitting here, watching this video and eating waffles with fruit, sprinkles and ice cream, knowing I’m over it since a while and being a little proud of myself. Honestly, you are so inspiring! When I feel like my relationship with food is becomming unhealthy again one day, I’ll definetely go back and re-watch your videos like this. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for being such a real Youtuber/Instagrammer! I love your accounts! <3

  • I really enjoy working out to your videos, I am so motivated to get to a healthily weight. Your channel has literarily helped me to keep a routine the last almost 2 months and I am so much stronger and I am actually losing weight:D soo Thank You Fitnessblender for being so encouraging.

  • I can give you an answer it’s fuckn disgusting when I feel my legs hit each other every step I make, how they remind me how fat I got and how uncomfortable this is every single minute and I can’t get rid of it again.

  • the only thing I know about thigh gap is that the girl who has a thigh gap, her p*ssy is facing down while standing straight. no thigh gap, p*ssy is facing forwards, but what do I know!

  • The answer is simply that most men like like thigh gaps. Imo just be healthy and youself. Don’t manipulate your body in exessive ways. Sport is great and so on, but if you have muscular legs thats nice, or your hips are more narrow and you have no gap, so what. It’s simply something men love, cause they can see the lower parts and they can more easily fantasize about sex, i would say mostly from behind. You can judge, im just honest.

  • yes there is a valid reason, when the weather is too hot, walking gets really hard because of the friction between two legs, it is really annoying:/

  • I stopped caring when I got more serious about running and my whole body type changed. I found something which became more important.

  • I just want my jeans to stop getting giant holes where my thighs rub against each other while walking:(
    (or my legs themselves getting holes when I am wearing shorts or skirts…)

  • I’ve always had a thigh gap, just because I have wide hips. I never had an eating disorder.. And i’ve never been aware of it until someone pointed out that they’re jealous of it and I really didn’t understand why this was seen as desirable.. I mean you can be really skinny and not have a thigh gap or not be as skinny and have one.. It only has to do with how wide your hips are.
    Thank you Holly for adressing those issues and for spreading positivity ����

  • Plz suggest exercises for sliming thighs and lifting butt or round butt to be specific…….i wanted a round butt, but ended up in bulking my thighs, rather than that firm round butt….see if you can help….

  • I just want a thigh gap because my thick thighs make me feel thick and it doesn’t go with my body type. I’m 4’11 and being short with thick thighs is just not appealing to me. I don’t have a problem with thick women however, I think thinner thighs would look better on me since I’m petite and thicker thighs make me look shorter than I am

  • Hi Holly, could you do a video on what bio sciences essays are like at degree level? Such as topics you’ve had, structure, etc… I’m worried that school hasn’t really prepared me for uni level coursework since science essays are not something I’ve had much exposure to in school (most of my classes have problem sets or lab reports). Thank you! You inspire me so much:)

  • I never understood the “benefits” of a thigh gap and I never tried to get one because it wouldn’t be possible with my figure.
    Thank you so much for this inspiring body positiv video! As you’ve said: Everyone has a different body. Some people are tall and others are small. Some are naturally thin, others aren’t. As long as you are happy and healthy with your body and don’t have medical issues, don’t change because some people think it is good to do certain things! Be you and true to yourself! Except the way you are and make the best out of you!

  • Thank you! People who dont shame people with them and understand what a thigh gap really is! I have one and I am ashamed because people automatically think Im starving myself. I eat like a pig, but my thigh gap stays because of my bone structure! WHY dont some people understand that?

  • Thank you so much for this. I’m 17 and I’ve been struggling for 5 years now, somedays it gets really really hard to put on a brave face and keep going. But people like you remind me that there’s a way out, that I don’t have to live like this forever, that it is possible to be happy outside the ED. Even though I’m not in recovery, I still hope I can take that step someday.
    Please, never stop being the way you are.

  • i remember six months ago when i started working out and i really wanted to have a thigh gap…but i was sad because i was working my butt at the time and i still am… and you know i have to build the glutes and the thighs had to grow too and that wouldn’t allow me to have a thigh gap and now that i am still working out and i am pretty happy with the results of my booty…i am even more happy that i didn’t waste my time on trying to get a thigh gap… i seriously look at thigh gaps now and literally say to myself why did i ever want a fucking space between my thighs so badly!!
    seriously people you will figure this out at a time in your life that if you are healthy, you are beautiful
    sometimes i think of curvy girls and the skinny model type and just say they are both so beautiful
    why would anyone compare?!! it’s like comparing nutella and pizza! just embrace and love yourselves girls whatever body type you are!

  • You have amazing videos. Incredibly motivating. PLEASE show some videos on how to get that “gap”!! Thumbs up times a million…one thumb up for all the other women who have missed this video…lol
    Dont worry ladies. I have us all covered ��❤

  • Hi Holly��! I had struggled with eating disorder and body shape issues, too. This video reminds me of my (kinda) same “thigh gap ” sick days as yours, spending hours staring at my thighs, hoping and putting effort on shaping it into a “beautiful+perfect” one. Now I’ve overcome the misconception and trying hard to shape my body by healthy ways. Thanks A LOT for bringing up this topic!❤❤❤ It means a lot to me.��‍♀️��‍♀️

  • I have a thigh gap. I actually had to get up and check I had one because nobody’s ever told me or complimented me. If you don’t have one, then don’t make it your goalnobody really notices! And Kirbie, I think you are absolutely perfect the way you look.

  • I have a thigh gap, have a normal bmi and probs way more (52 kg) than holly. I eat pizza and french fries every week so i think it’s your bone structure. When i gain weight it’s on my butt, never my legs or arms. I think thigh gaps belong to the same thing as showing your clavicula bone or the bone around your hip. It’s a sign of being skinny but most of the time it’s just part of your bone structure.

  • Kirbie, you’re awesome! You’re beautiful, you have a wonderful personality and I love your show because they inspire me. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • ive had a small thigh gap, a large thigh gap, no thigh gap, and now a slight thigh gap… it really doesn’t matter. your body is beautiful the way it is

  • I don’t think women are striving for a thigh gap to impress men. I think it’s more the criticism from other girls and the comparison to them… Men aren’t really an issue in the thigh-gap-wish.

  • I’d love a thigh gap purely because my thighs chafe* SOOO badly in summer (actually, they chafe* even any time I wear a skirt or dress, so I just don’t wear them now without tights) and I’ve tried everything, it’s just so uncomfortable. But I too have narrow hips so no chance of that happening!

  • Thigh gaps are more about how your legs are than about being thin… My mother has wide hips and she has a thigh gap… she is skinny but not as skinny as you are…

  • my sister should see this…I try telling her that it’s impossible but she just does not listen…the problem is that she thinks that it’s beautiful…oh god..

  • My thights have always rubbed together and it’s very uncomfortable in hot and humid weather, but 1: I’m too lazy to compromise to work my ass off just to get a thigh gap and then mantain it. And nº2. I discovered underpants last year and those work just fine fore me in the summer under skirts or dresses.

  • Mr london started doing squat a while back and my thighs have gotten bigger than my butt i stop going to the gym but its not still reducing what do i do

  • I can’t not have a thigh gap �� even if I push my legs together with much strength.. I still have a thigh gap. but that is probably not okay as well because I’m actually very underweight:/ It’s just suoer difficult to gain weight

  • I didn’t even know what a thigh gap was until I was 10 and my dance teacher told me I had to wear dresses and skirts instead of leggings because I didn’t have a thigh gap. I quit 6 months later

  • All of my friends have thigh gaps and are really thin. Like at lunch when i eat i bring salads or protein shakes and some other healthy things, but when i look at my friends they eat fried chicken, 2 bags of poptarts, a CRAP ton of candy, and chips. I feel so terrible about myself. 2 of my friends inperticular brag about how much they eat and will not gain a SINGLE pound. I always want to cry whenever they do that. hurrah for genetics.

  • Honestly people explaining why u shouldn’t want a thigh gap is offensive bc I have one and absolutely hate it and yes i know it’s to give confidence to girls without one but that’s not fair to the ones who do have one bc honestly I want my thighs to rub together I look like a stick but this message is not for this video it’s for people just to know

  • I have a natural thigh gap from childhood onwards since I am an ectomorph body type like father and although I am very slender my hips are a bit wide-set (like my shoulders) and my inner thigh muscle shape has a natural open curve so the gap is still there even when my knees are together. I used to try to actually close the gap by trying to build more muscle like my favourite gymnasts but I let it go and finally accepted the way I am especially currently being in peak shape with sport and dance. Self acceptance is freedom!

  • I wish you could make more videos about your healthy stories,thank you so much.Cause I am a girl from Asia,where a skinny figure is popular. I feel ashamed for my waist and calf….Thank you so much, I really need to love myself

  • I’m 32 and I still can’t process thigh gag is a thing. I have thick thighs and they never have been a problem. Maybe during summer if they rub against eachother?

  • I want thinner legs but not a thigh gap. My upper thighs are pretty much entirely together and they actually look good cause I have a pretty big ass, but when it’s hot in summer I always eat chafe

  • Thank you so much for this video! I started to cry because of the release to know my body looks like this, It’s not worth to workout like crazy just on the inner thigh. Thank you!!

  • hey, weird. I had my food relationship low between 2016/17 too. crazy! D:
    (also, I think we’re literally the same age. 1997? I’d be in my third year at uni now but I interrupted between 1st and 2nd year)

  • Why are you talking about getting thigh gaps like it’s a matter of loosing weight. The gap in between your thighs depends on the way your pelvic is positioned. Unless you’re skin to bone if your pelvic bone isn’t position a certain way you won’t have a thigh gap. Y’all are really starving out there for the impossible.

  • I’m a little late but I just recently started watching you guys and I had to share!
    I was a dancer nearly all my life and so the thigh gap was always on my mind, but I never strove for it. I understood early on that it was all about genetics and bone structure and if I wanted to be healthy and fit, then it was more about how I felt in the end! Going through high school, college, and now in the workforce I see so many girls trying for something they can’t attain in unhealthy ways, and so I’m just really glad there are fitness authorities such as you guys to set them straight!
    That being said, I still do exercises that target the thighs, both outer and inner. This is because the excess fat and cellulite builds up there especially for me because of genetics. I don’t look for a gap, I simply know what my body looks like in its best shape versus out of shape! It’s all about controlling how you get to your best self and I think that’s the biggest take away from what you guys discussed! So thank you for the knowledge and support!!

  • I’ve stop eating and became anorexic, mostly to have a thigh gap, but now that I have it I just keep wanting it to be biger and biger and it’s never enough… Please don’t fall into the gap!!

  • I received this DM from one of my followers this morning and I needed to SPEAK MY TRUTH! Ladies… Don’t do it for anyone but YOURSELF! ❤️������

  • If Yonce doesn’t have a thigh gap, then I don’t need one. I’m don’t hate my body. If I did I wouldn’t be taking care of it like am today. I workout to keep it good, but no matter what I love what God blessed me with.

  • LOVE love this series! Kirbie you are so inspiring to meit’s so refreshing to hear a gorgeous woman like yourself talk about insecurities and how to address themsuch a role model!

  • The only time I have a thigh gap is if I bend over. I come from an older generation where thigh gaps weren’t and aren’t even a big deal.  Like it was said, it isn’t a very practical goal to have in mind in regards to fitness or having a healthy body.

  • For all you girls who want a thigh gap, think again. Because ones I was on the toilet taking a shit and I was on my phone. Then I dropped the phone and guess what, it fell through my thigh gap and plopped into my toilet. THAT WAS MY BEW IPHONE 7!

  • I only got a thigh gap when I stopped eating and stopped doing weights just walking and hiking and ballet barre. But I already had shapely legs to start with.

  • My thigh gap is so large that it looks abnormal. Almost skeletal but I’m not that skinny. So it just goes to show you it’s all in bone structure.

  • I found this video accidentally, I was searching how to lose my thigh gaps and have fuller legs because I was insecure. I adore legs that are fuller because I think it looks better. After watching this, I realised I don’t have to change myself, I should love what I’ve been given and just be contented. I wish this to other girls too.

  • I look in the mirror and tell my self that I don’t need to change anything and then I write ab inch of cute in powering sticky notes and put them around my room for me to see when I wake up! It doesn’t stop me from feeling insecure, but it does make me feel confident here and there!

  • I still have some weight left to lose but every now and then I see those thigh gap photos and I think I should shoot for that. I’ve never had one even before kids I’ve just always had thicker thighs. But my sister is the tiniest little thing and you know we look at each other and always say shit like I’d switch bodies with you if I could. She struggles to gain and she wants my thighs, i struggle to lose and want mine to smaller. All that did was show me sometimes you see these things and think wow that’s perfect but the person who looks that way may not be 100% happy with it. I’m trying to learn to be happy with these big ol thighs �� thanks for the awesome video!

  • The thigh gap phase will pass.. Most guys like looking at them, but that’s as far as it goes. Guys I know like a little meat on the bones…

  • i have a huge thigh gap like ariana or candice swanepoel and i always being bullied bc here in y country if u have a huge thigh gap you are not virgin anymore but im still a virgin girl

  • Wow I didn’t know that is a trend till now. I have thigh gap.but naturally, never worked out specifically to achieve that. I do workout a lot at the gym 6 days a week and great full for fit and healthy body. Btw you guys are awesome, please keep educating people.

  • I can say for experience that starving yourself ain’t going to work. I’ve only been eating 1 meal and 2 snacks a day for the past 6yrs and if anything I put weight/fat on. Your body goes into survival mode and stores any fat it can because it doesn’t know when its next meal will be. (yes I’m a weirdo apparently for it but I have a lack of appetite that I am having to gradually get back somehow)

  • Models need to be a specific size so that every designer can design an item which will fit every model around the world. The models always wear the original clothes. It has nothing to do with skinny and tall girls being prettier, it is simply practical:)))))

  • I want so much to be training there with you pity that I have no money. I already workout at home but I want to train in the gym I have a great genetics and I am 13 years old and I live in Brazil.

  • HiI just have this question.. is it possible to actually lose weight and then gain Glute muscle at the same time? Or… I should just really lose the weight first before even doing all Glutes (isolations)? Please answer. �� all the way from the PH ����

  • Hmmmm. I trust you know what you are saying. My experience is contradictory. I got down to 114 from 189 and at 116 or so I started getting a thigh gap. I loved it because there was no rub or sweat….can I get an amen ladies!? Then I couldn’t lose anymore weight. Started doing everything wrong-calorie paranoia causing, fear, over exercising with the wrong type of workouts… amen again? Started your videos knowing strength training is where it’s at for me now…and boom I have larger thighs and hate it. I hate it. I feel fantastic, but I’m sad about the thicker thighs. I do know if I was smaller I would have smaller thighs = gap. Also I’ve gone up from 114 to 116.5…!!!! Bigger thighs and more weigh feels like a complete loss.

  • How funny. Never heard of a thigh gap until today. Had to research what it means because it sounds so ridiculous. My thighs never touched until the past six months when I started weight training and putting on a little weight. My body is at its best ever and I’m in my 40s. Used to be a runner my whole life no weights, just all cardio. I finally don’t feel to thin and have attractive curves, and my thighs finally touch! I love it! In fact I was telling my fiance a couple weeks ago how I love that my thighs rub together now when I walk. I feel more attractive and I think it feels sexy 😉

  • I’m thick, & don’t mind that my thighs touch. I just want to step up my training & become stronger. �� So, a video on toning thighs would be great! ��

  • lol i’m not even that skinny but i just realized that i have a thigh gap �� i’m a 14 year old girl that does sports so idk if this is normal

  • I was obsessed with having a thigh gap I am naturally bottom heavy and have rather full legs, wide hips and so much of my weight goes straight to my bum�� now I realise that it’s just the way I am and even with proper diet and exercise I still don’t have a thigh gap and never will and I am okay with it in fact I don’t even care! But omg, i remember wrapping my legs in cling film over night because it was “suppose to make them skinnier”… it didn’t work of course lol. I really wish I found your videos then, I might have got it where I am now sooner xxx

  • Why can’t us slim women love the way we are I’ve tried everting to gain weight and only just got my confidence back and learn to love the way I am and my thigh gap but horrible disgusting people keep shaming us telling us it’s ugly.