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Your heart is a busy muscle. Its main job is to pump blood to other areas of the body that need it, delivering much-needed oxygen to muscles and organs. If you’re resting, the heart doesn’t pump very fast (the average HR of a healthy adult is about 60 beats per minute).

But if you’re working hard, the heart beats faster to keep up with energy demands. As you exercise, the heart. The higher your heart rate is, the more calories you will burn, but less fat. It is important to spend the most time around 70 percent, but increase your intensity at some point during your workout in order to get that extra calorie burn.

Wearing a heart rate monitor and keeping an eye on your heart rate will prevent under or over training. The overreaction to these problems has taken the form of proposing that heart-rate training doesn’t matter when it comes to measuring exercise intensity, especially with the rise in popularity of high-intensity interval training, where the directive is a. When your heart rate is too slow, it’s referred to as bradycardia.

Bradycardia is typically defined as a heart rate that’s less than 60 beats per minute. For athletes and people that exercise. If your resting heart rate is lower than 60 beats per minute, that’s known as bradycardia.

In serious cases, your heart may not be able to pump enough blood to the rest of your body. Certain. So while it doesn’t “come as a surprise,” that novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 can lead to heart damage, it may be occurring more frequently in these patients than it does in people infected. “It doesn’t matter how healthy you are or how healthy you think you are,” Dr.

Doshi says. “If your heart doesn’t feel right for you, it’s worth getting a checkup.” Relate. An electrocardiogram measures the activity of your heart through the use of electrodes on sensors placed on your skin. A resting normal heart rate for an adult ages 18 and older is 60 to 100 beats per minute. For a child, a normal resting heart rate is 70 to 100 beats per minute.

The fact that your heart rate is remaining lower than normal (under 60 beats per minute is called bradycardia) AND you’re symptomatic (short of breath, shaky, weak and lightheaded) with even slight activity indicates that your heart is not compensating for this as it normally would. We tested 11 heart-rate monitors – ranging in price from $29 to $200. To determine their precision, we compared them against measurements taken from a.

List of related literature:

Vessel dilation may be slower when athletes become excessively 80 fatigued; therefore, the difference between the lying and standing heart rates will increase.

“Swimming Fastest” by Ernest W. Maglischo
from Swimming Fastest
by Ernest W. Maglischo
Human Kinetics, 2003

Many athletes become aware of this if they regularly measure their morning heart rate and train with a heart-rate monitor.

“The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing” by Philip Maffetone, Mark Allen
from The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing
by Philip Maffetone, Mark Allen
Skyhorse, 2010

That’s why the heart rate has been used in doctor visits as a routine cardiac health measurement approach.

“Biomedical Signal Processing: Advances in Theory, Algorithms and Applications” by Ganesh Naik
from Biomedical Signal Processing: Advances in Theory, Algorithms and Applications
by Ganesh Naik
Springer Singapore, 2019

So when you report the average heart rate you essentially ignore all this variability and the information it contains.

“E-Book Energy Medicine East and West: a natural history of qi” by David F. Mayor, Marc S. Micozzi
from E-Book Energy Medicine East and West: a natural history of qi
by David F. Mayor, Marc S. Micozzi
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Heart rate by itself does not tell you how well you’re performing in a workout or a race, and yet many athletes try to draw conclusions from one number.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012

Perhaps even more important than heart rate, but much harder to measure is cardiac output in response to exercise.

“The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance” by Greg LeMond, Mark Hom
from The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance
by Greg LeMond, Mark Hom
Elsevier Science, 2014

To summarize, the more active the vagus nerve, the slower the heart rate, which reduces the likelihood of an irregular heartbeat.

“The Rhodiola Revolution: Transform Your Health with the Herbal Breakthrough of the 21st Century” by Richard P. Brown, M.D., Patricia L. Gerbarg, M.D., Barbara Graham
from The Rhodiola Revolution: Transform Your Health with the Herbal Breakthrough of the 21st Century
by Richard P. Brown, M.D., Patricia L. Gerbarg, M.D., Barbara Graham
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That study (O’Toole et al. 1998) found that although the 220 minus age formula for calculating the maximum heart rate was more accurate than another popular formula of 210 (0.5 x age), individual variation in maximum heart rate was great.

“Lore of Running” by Timothy Noakes
from Lore of Running
by Timothy Noakes
Human Kinetics, 2003

It is also important to note that a variety of external factors can affect resting heart rate.

“NSCA's Guide to Tests and Assessments” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
from NSCA’s Guide to Tests and Assessments
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

This understanding can actually produce the heart rate and other physical changes Ekman and colleagues observed, a fact that was unknown when these studies were conducted.

“How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain” by Lisa Feldman Barrett
from How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain
by Lisa Feldman Barrett
HMH Books, 2017

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  • My heart rate is always above 90. When they monitored my heart (I was laying down) it was at 135. It’s because I’m too stressed all the time.

  • Multiply by 6….yea right. I want to see you during a hard cardio session multipling numbers like 27, 24,34.
    Just take the HR for 6 secs and X10….

  • Hey scishow can you make opposite video about how slow heart can beat i was born with bradycardia condition which makes my heart beat slower then normal human but doctor warned me there are some consequences when it reach some breakpoint and i am curious where it sits thx in advance

  • I have a background in fitness and have exercised just about my entire life. I am currently 67 and do strength training and cardio vigorously 3X week and on off days I walk. My cardio consists of 30min of interval work on an elliptical or bike. I can not run any more because of knee issues. My training rate is as high as 165 and only as low as 145. I recently got concerned when I had my annual physical and my resting heat rate was 94 BP 120/80. BP and resting HR were high for me? I have since been monitoring my resting heart rate and just sitting around it averages in the 80’s???? Laying down at night in the middle of the night it may drop to 70. I don’t understand what is going on? My resting heart rate should be in the 60’s and has been. There is no history of heart disease in my family and I have no other symptoms. My primary care Doc. is not concerned!!! but I am. (this is my first year with this doctor as the my other doctor retired. Should I see a cardiologist? I feel fine but this heart rate is concerning me.

  • I like my fitbit. I don’t expect it to give me 100% accurate data, i expect it to give me a general idea of my miles walked and general activity. Only an idiot would trust one data point or one source of data.

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  • Maybe an analogy for people to better understand heart rate‘s connection with calory burn: How well can you infer your car‘s fuel consumption based on rpm alone? Not very well. Yes, they are connected, but a larger or turbocharged engine can run the same speed at lower rpms. Also, as with cars, a heavy person will need more energy to achieve and to maintain the same speed as a lighter one and hence, will also need a larger or more turbocharged engine. Only that turbocharging euqals greater VO2max for people.

  • eye greg, question. When I was learning about HR in my kin class we did some tests and my resting was about 40bpm. I could only ever get it up to like 140. I was also struggling a lot more with anorexia, I was so not in good shape but I had a low HR and Bp measure. of course a lot of people credited this to my fitness, cool but I couldn’t even like get my head off the pillow in the am. I’m assuming its just the body shutting down, but is there any other explanation the two polar opposites can mirror each other like that? ps I love your videos. though my recovery I’ve worked with so many obese dietitians, one of which worked on a dairy farm:) loved recommending her cheese line to the diabetic patients who needed to loose weight. sad to see how many health professionals are so lacking in the common sense certification. only thing thats helped me through this after 4 years of hospitalizations and dieticians is getting myself a damn personal trainer.

  • Sir give me a good idea..What do we do right now My wife heartbeat 50 to 60 ups and downs and It does not fluctuate much and sometimes a lot of pain in her chest,last seven days she has given birth to a baby, Sir can you tell me what is the reason she is having such a problem?

  • Hmm… That piece about not letting my heart rate get too high is pretty relevant for me. (My heart rate likes to shoot up close to 300 during what should be a moderate workout, yay broken genetics) So, how do I account for my heart not filling with blood?

  • I once had a heart rate of almost 300 beats per minute. I almost died. I spent 8 days in the hospital as doctors tried to keep it down. They said if it kept up, my heart would have ended up just giving up. It was like my heart was running a marathon continuously, non stop. There’s only so long it can do that.

  • Mine beats way too fast, right now my resting rate is 100. Which is what my heart beat sensors say on my phone and fitness watch. And when I exercise it jumps to 250-300.

    I’m probably going to die soon

  • Mine varies from 49-185. I am 13 and gonn die soon halp

    (Edit: I would like to state that I am healthy and have no medical conditions)

  • I’m 27, underweight and in the last 3 years had a bad lifestyle I rarely exercise those years. And now my resting heart rate is 96-110.
    I’m starting to change my lifestyle right now and will do 30mins cycling daily plus other exercise. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe I’ll update the result here after few weeks or months.

  • calm down, your resting heart rate is out of control:D
    also, Watt is a unit of power. Joule or calorie is a unit of energy. Power = energy / time.

  • A feedback on the video itself: I’m unable to speed it up, which YouTube usually offers on my videos. I found the overall pace of the video to be a little slow.

  • I do not believe he talked about whether to check resting heart rate laying, sitting or standing. My laying resting HR is 105 my standing resting HR is 165. I have dysautonomia specifically Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I do not believe he talked about weather to check resting heart rate laying, sitting or

  • What would an ideal range for heart rate variability be? I’ve seen so many different things online. Mine is rarely above 40 in the morning but I’m not really sure what that means. Thanks!

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  • I care for heart rate monitor on my watch because I like knowing my resting heart rate. The steps and calories burned are BS but you can just ignore those.

    Fitbit is also a smart watch that alerts you of texts and stuff. It’s also a watch. These are the reasons to get a Fitbit.

    Some smart watches have gps as well.

  • They take all these factors into consideration. Ur height, ur weight, ur heart rate, the weather outside, whether or not or doing cardio on an incline, how fast ur running etc etc etc. So I’d say they are pretty accurate

  • Fitness makes a difference to the heart rate, when i was running 70 miles a week and training for a marathon my resting pulse was only 38.

  • I’m a healthy 25 year old woman with a heart disease, I take a low dose of blood pressure meds in the morning but even at 11 pm, running, my heart beat can only get up to 120 max….

  • I am 56 Years old. During the day my Heart Rate is 50 70 BPM… I Raced Motocross/Mountain Bikes for 30 Years.
    During the Night my Heart Drops down to “22 BPM” and Sets off Heart Machines in the Hospital. They were going to ZAP me.
    I did a Heart Data Logger for 1 Month. And it was Confirmed my Heart slows down to 22 BPM on Record at the Hospital.
    And I feel completely fine. I may have the World Record. Am I OK????? My Doctor says I am Fine.

    I’ve been Riding PUSH BIKES non STOP for 50 YEARS. I think that’s why my healthy Heart Pumps so slow. I HOPE.

  • Mi hermano se suicidó hace 4 años, por alguna razón escuche la canción y pensé él, ahora vengo y veo el video y no paro de llorar. Mañana cumpliria 36. En 4 años aún me duele como si fuese ayer, este dolor nunca se ira.

  • Im 26 Years Old, im suffered with hyperthyroidsm, currently consuming Carbimazole 10mg and Propanolol 10mg per day, my resting heart rate lower than 60, sometimes 53-59. Im not active person but healthy eating for about 2 months, i cut 80% Salt on my food, is this normal?

  • I’m 28 and My resting heart ❤️ is 56, i was worried and uneducated in this area. Haha i feel better now. I was like what the flying F!? I run ���� a lot.. haha.

  • I’m 5’9, 163 pounds and I go between 74-105 resting. I’m in very good shape, but can almost sense that my heart is going overtime. Working on getting it down to 60ish

  • İ totally agree
    But isn’t heart also a muscle so the more blood it pumps the more calories it burns?
    I know that wouldn’t be much but just sayin

  • Calories are a unit of energy

    Energy can be calculated by Force x distance (hence Greg gave the 1 mile jump analogy). Force = Mass x Acceleration. If acceleration is kept constant, greater mass will mean a greater force, so for the same distance two people exercise, the person who’s heavier will use up more energy aka burn more calories.

  • That seems strange to me. I’m 38 years old and when I cycle fast, I get around 180 bpm. According to that formula, I”m pushing myself too much. Is that really true? I actually feel like I even could go faster.

  • I walk between 90-110 miles a week with my dog & work out on my heavy bag 4 times a week 20 minutes each time.I am 51 years old & have a resting heart rate of 48-54 beats a minute.My doctor say’s my heart beat is extremely strong & healthy & the reason i have a slow heart rate is because of all the exercise i do & to keep it up.

  • Lower numbers in any range is always good for the heart. Check athletes and super healthy people. They are the correct references for any model health test.

  • so proud of greg, his latest bpm record was 190-ish and in this video he said that 170 would be his perfect best
    goes to show you can never stop getting better


  • Well it can go 300 bpm if you go into V-tach or SVT, but I think they were asking about the maximum rate for a physiological response to exercise. (220-Age is a pretty good estimate). You really don’t have to worry about your heart beating too fast to fill unless you have a heart disorder.

  • And I guess it is pretty bad for your health to reach your “max heart rate” just by adrenaline from being really happy and excited about a score on a video game heh?

  • Okay so I’m an athlete but I have like no meat on my bones so I can sometimes see my heart beating through my chest, is this bad? I’m 13 and I have a Bpm between 60-72ish but when I walk around and sit back down it spikes to 86. Is this normal?

  • I’m sorry to ask this but may I know who are you bcs I need to put the description about my sources on my assignment. I don’t need the personal information, just the informtion on the surface. Like are you a professor at some university or smth like that.

  • I’m 27, underweight and in the last 3 years had a bad lifestyle plus physically not active bcs i have a desk job and rarely exercise. I spent most of my time sitting. My resting heart rate right now is 96-108.
    Right now I’m just starting to change my lifestyle and will do 30 mins cycling daily and other exercise to build muscle. Let’s see how it goes after few weeks and months.
    From what I know, you can only lower the resting heart rate gradually so it will take some times until I can see the result.

  • was wondering too if you could do a episode on why muscle all of a sudden turns to fat and one has a hard time getting those muscles back? I am suffering with this badly and it is very depressing

  • The people who disliked this video are the people who’s eyes were filled with tears that they couldn’t see which button they were pressing.

  • I honestly use my FitBit just for the steps. I don’t care how accurate it is, it gives me a number to shoot for, which keeps me moving. Aiming for 17,000 steps a day helped me maintain, even lose, a little weight during quarantine while keeping my calories about the same.

  • For God’s sake, quit saying taTCHycardia! There is no “ch” sound in tachycardia. Did your teachers say tachycardia? How’d you get 3.93 GPA and a masters for that matter and can’t say tachycardia correctly?

  • what about the online calculators where u input your weight, distance travelled, time taken ect to track cals? Do u think they’re accurate? Or at least better than fitbits?

  • I checked my heart rate and it was at 101bpm while sitting. I tend to eat healthy and walk daily. I tried running one day and I got really lightheaded. I’m only 32 and had many ekgs done and bloodwork done and always normal. I do have neck problems so maybe I just stretched wrong.

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  • What’s the slowest a heart can beat? I wake up and check mine on a pretty regular basis and it sits between 44-52 bpm. Could it go lower with some good cardio exercise each day?

  • Videos by Greg labeled “1 year ago” Greg was pretty calm. This video says 8months ago and hes callin everyone a moron. I always wondered when the calmness went away. I guess the emails did it lol

  • My Max hearts rate is 190 right out of the shower but I have POTS so go figure hahaha. My heart freaks out the minute I stand. I’m at 80 feasting and about 115 to 120 standing. Portal orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is alot more common then you know and can happen after a trauma to the body (including giving birth) or because of genetic reasons.

  • Yeah, that “maximum heart rate” thing always confused me, because when I was 20 it calculated to 200 bpm, but when I exercised hard, it sometimes measured as high as 240 bpm, so I didn’t see how 200 could be my maximum heart rate if I’d recorded it beating faster than that. It worried me a bit, so I got a heart rate monitor to figure it out and noticed my ranges were:
    up to 140 little to no perceptible effort
    140-160 light effort
    160-180 medium effort
    180-200 intense effort
    I tried not to push myself beyond that point, because after reaching about 205 bpm, my heart rate would jump straight to about 240. At 240, I had to stop exerting myself, because what you said about the heart not beating efficiently at that point was true. At 240 I’d start to feel really light-headed and tired. It felt like I wasn’t getting sufficient oxygen.

  • I’m 23, but if my watch is correct, my heart rate peaks around 200 -210 sometimes in timed races, especially running up hills. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I usually slow down at that point because I don’t want to throw up during a race again.

  • Recently got an apple watch and started to follow more my heart and health. Im 26 and my resting beat is 51 which looks good, I played professional Badminton for 15 years and weight lifting 4times a week for last 2 years. Interested to know and find out more about this all

  • This is the first time I have heard someone reference the laws of thermodynamics to weight loss. The body is a thermodynamic system. Nice work Coach Greg.

  • I love my Fitbit. I just don’t treat it as law. It provides me phenomenal information and data that helps me stay on track, keeps me accountable, and provides motivation.

  • My bpm is about 1-2. To compensate, my heart beats REALLY hard. Doctors say I should work out less, or soon I will reach the pinnacle of fitness, namely a bpm of 0.

  • If I try and lower my heart rate will help lower my blood pressure as blood pressure has been 125 these pass couple weeks I’ve been trying to donate plasma

  • I don’t know I don’t get it his really deep singing sounds oafish, can’t sing high notes he just goes very soft and the raspiness in his voice is nothing special. I could see the appeal of the chorus in some of his songs, but the rest just isn’t all that.

  • I went to the hospital today and they were talking about my heart rate being 48bpm was curious now ik why they were saying i must be relaxed

  • 33yr stoped once for 5 min and my normal beat per minute sit around 40-55 sometimes below one time i closed scale on my heart rate sensor it was scaled to 25 😉 i was born with bradycardia i dont have peacemaker yet thoo…..

  • I watch all your videos Greg and in general I absolutely love them. I even enjoyed this one but you’re off base. Not that anything you said was wrong but wattage is not something most of us can track on the fly. If you push more watts it stands to reason your heartrate will be up while you’re doing it. There obviously isn’t a direct correlation between heart rate and calories burned but for the average person who can afford a $200 fitness tracker it can help as a motivator. Just my two cents.

  • I’m 28 and start to pass out around 180-190. Goes along with the HR vs BP inverse relationship. Then again mine is from anxiety rather than exercise. Maybe there’s significance there too? Not sure.

  • So I’m 20 years old and fairly fit. My heart rate goes into low 30’s when I sleep and rarely goes over 100 on a average day, unless I’m exercising. I feel fine though out the day and don’t have brakicardia. Thoughts?? Am I just really healthy? Is it genetics? I’m 6’ tall and weight 180lbs.

  • mr i wanna know how to stop my heartbeats from going loud and medium fast that i cant sleep at night. Pls reply ASAP, Im very scared.

  • I remember the first time my heart rate suddenly jumped over 200 about ten years ago. I could literally feel it in my chest, it was so frightening that I had a panic attack. Of course I didn’t know it then, so I thought I was having a heart attack. My girlfriend called an ambulance, I ended up in the ER but they couldn’t make my heart slow down and by then I could barely breathe. They thought I might have pulmonary embolism, then as they were preparing me for a chest X-ray and I had to sit up so they could place the lead vest behind my back, my heart rate suddenly fell back to 110. I had to spend the night in the SICU, five more nights in the hospital then go to a heart clinic for an electrophysiological examination.
    It turned out my heart can conduct signals where it shouldn’t and it can trigger a supraventricular tachycardia. There’s a fix for that, but there was an 80% chance that I’d need a pacemaker if they tried, so for now it’s out of the question. I have to be careful not to move in a way that might compress my chest, watch my breathing and not to be in a too humid environment (I don’t know how’s humidity connected but it is). Which meant avoiding exercise (which was hard because I was a body builder and a karateka), and ironically doing so just increased my risks of triggering it because I gained a lot of weight. Now I have many other health problems and depression, and I’m also ugly. It’s mind blowing that a few millimeters of heart muscle can derail your life.

  • fitness trackers are not great for calories burned, my fit bit tells me i burned over 4,400 calories each day.
    I do think they are great to measure time and distances of your runs or rides.

  • Damn, I have got pretty damn close at 220. I do not recommend trying to just up your heart rate to the max as it is a very bad idea and honestly kind of hurts… actually it hurts a lot how I did it, but it is scary how close to the lower limit of Max BPM I got, I mean it is 20 off.

  • 220 minus age can be wildly inaccurate, I am 60 by the formula my max should be 160 but it is actually 187 by real world exertion testing. 27 beats difference is a big margin of error and totally useless, for setting heart rate training zones.

  • I’ve hit 250bpm several times during heavy workout. But my heart beats faster than average overall—my normal heart rate (at rest) is between 100 and 110bpm.

  • When I was in Junior High School I caught H1N1 and got really bad pneumonia from it, and after that my heart rate would be weirdly high normally and after running in PE, and I figured I did it wrong so my teacher got an electronic reader and it said I was around 240-250 after running, I’ve been fine since then just had a high heart rate, is there anything bad about that?

  • If I drink coke or have a heavy meal… it’ll be over 100 for a few hours until food settles… if I’m resting 70-85… if I’m anxious i have seen it shoot Upto 150 in the doctors office

  • Got my bloods done…sex hormones are normal but have now got hypothyroidism but no symptoms. I assume that is related to my low body fat as thyroid was normal in December when I had periods….hoping to increase weight over the next month but the anxiety about it is so real! Damn disordered eating for over 2 decades!!

  • I’m scared. I’m thin 150lbs and only been active when I was a kid. By 16 I just play a lot of video games. I’m 19 and my resting heart rate is 53.

  • When I was 18 and trying to join the Army, they had me and a few people do a heart stress test by having us step up and down from a platform in beat to a beep on a radio. We were all wearing heart monitors for safety and they forced me to stop because the heart monitor read 437 bpm. All the doctor observing said was that that was impossible and had me try a different monitor that still had me reading about 400 after the time it took to change it out and me just standing there for 30-40 seconds.

  • If you’re heart beats at 150 bpm, is it not working harder than one beating at 100bpm. Therefore the heart beating at 150bpm burns more calories than the ones beating at 100bpm.

  • Wow, this is good news. I was worried that I was having bradycardia but the thing is; I don’t feel like m draining yet kept me asking how can this be? Now got the answer. Thanks Doc. YES Doc, medical science needs to be revised.

  • My resting rate is about 40 45. At night when sleeping it slows to about 35-40. It has been in that range since I first remember testing it in high school. I’m 75 now but I’ve always lived a very active lifestyle. Outdoors a lot. Hunting and fishing. Running up and over mountains. Lots of running. No problems. Almost never sick. Recently, I was in Hoag Hospital here in Orange Co… for some tests. I nearly had to wrestle them to keep them from recommending a pacemaker. Just my comment.

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  • hahahaha “You are not important. Your opinion is invalid.”
    “Law of Thermodynamics” in every fucking video. I bet he cannot spell out what the 1st Law says ( I pressume he refers to that Law after all:p ).
    But in any case I like this guy, even if he is a bit rough at the edges and 90% of what he says is true.

  • Interesting video. I like the history lesson part of it where you explain where the 60-100 range came from.

    My heart rate has been out of that range for years and recently dropped down to mid 40s, so I was curious why 60 is given as the lower limit when my doctor tells me that a heart rate in the 40s is fine. Your video answered my questions. Thanks.

  • I knew I was in trouble. My hr is either in the 50’s at rest or in the 90’s when standing up. I have impaired relaxation too cuz of my age 70 but I don’t want to get to stage2. And I had shortness of breath for 8 years and the lung doctor said my lungs were normal in 2012 when I started getting shortness of breath but in 2019 said I had mild asthma and I’m on a 900-1000 calorie diet and it’s hard to lose weight and I can’t do much walking cuz I have moderate osteoarthritis in both knees. HELP!!!!

  • I have a question that I’m hoping someone here will be able to answer. In gym class, our teacher makes us wear these fitness bands to track our heart rate throughout the period. We are actually graded based on if we spend enough time with our heart rate in a certain range. Normally this is at least 30 minutes above 140 bpm.

    My question is if this is actually an effective way of measuring how much effort someone is putting into a workout or how intensive or beneficial a workout is, or is it more of a “pseudoscience”?

  • Normal is not healthy. Get resting HR below 60. Walk a mile or 2 in the morning every day. Throw some running in the mix. Stay away from sugar at all costs. Carbs are the devil. When working out, you need to push yourself really FN hard for a few minutes to get the heart rate maxed out. Drop and do as many pushups as you physically can (while maxed out). This will result in a stronger heart and a lower resting rate. Don’t forget to breathe.

  • Please, if you read this, dont do it. Its not worth leaving the life you know behind. You CAN do better. You WILL do better. Because there is nothing better than finding your purpose in life. If you think its not worth it, it is. Why? Because you can always find something to care about. It doesnt matter what it is. Move. Get up. Stop repeating the motions of a life you dont like. Go out with your friends. Go out with your family. Talk to SOMEONE. It doesnt matter who, maybe its the dude on the bus. Maybe its someone you work with. The next time you are about to say no, stop. Think, am i not doing because its not safe or whatever, or is it because you dont feel like it. If its the latter, just try to enjoy some part of it. Dont give up, someone does care. There is no reason to give up. Just get through the day. If thats what it takes, do it. Dont leave us, alone, without your presence. We WILL miss you. We DO care. So, stay with us.

    Sincerelypaint that is ever so slightly wet

  • Im 16 and my resting heart rate is around 45.. I weight almost 190Lbs, I do run a couple miles likes 2 days a week and do martial arts

  • My resting heart rate can fluctuate between 80-150 bpm… I’m a smoker and recovering opiate addict…. I take 4 different medications that actually lower your heart rate inadvertently, so I know it’s not my meds…I experience dizziness, chest pain and a fluttering heart on and off…I had an appointment with my doctor and ekg was normal… next step is the cardiologist… a lot of people on here are asking if there heart is okay but commenting on YouTube won’t help you find out… the last thing I wanted to do was go to a doctor but I also don’t want to have something seriously wrong and not know, so if you’re worried, try to get it checked out… I might just have a fast heartbeat or maybe something else, I’ll never know if I don’t ask an expert…

  • So, if we cant use fitness trackers, how are we supposed to calculate how many calories we need for maintenance, to know how many to eat to cut?

  • 5:19 if fitbits are wrong and only work on heart rates how can 2 people walk 1km at the same pace yet get diff results? fitbits are not 100% correct but they are a apx. but similar to food data i bet theyre not 100% correct either. i walk with a friend daily, i am fitter than he is yet weigh more as im taller. During our walk my heart rate is lower than his, we walk the same distance, yet my fitbit says i burn more, but this is wrong to your theory yet also right in your same theory, how can it both? fitbits DONOT work solely off heart rates it goes by weight age heart rate distances and time. Sometimes it uses all these things sometimes maybe only 4 of them, ie a workout vs a run, no one ever said fitbits were 100% but theyre a ball park, just like food data.

  • Been binging his video’s for a while today, almost spit out my coffee on his comment about the school system. I wholeheartedly agree some of the people I went to uni with, shouldn’t be allowed near the building, let alone get a degree…

  • Last year my average heartbeat while resting was 85 this year it is 68. I burned more calories on my fitbit last year than this year, and I am stronger and more in shape now.

  • man thanks for sharing this I have been stressing about this heart rate thing. I have been having a hard time getting my heart rate to a aerobic zone when biking. I will be sweating like a pig and it will say I am in a warm up zone. Then when I am done working hard and completely drenched my watch will tell me I can exercise again in 6 hours. I do have bradicardia as well as have recovered from COVID 19 so I was thinking it was the COVID. any other tips of suggestions on this topic is greatly appreciated Thanks

  • I’m 20 and my heart beats 46 times per minute, is that too low?? They said my range should be like 60-75 or something unless I’m an active athlete. I only do push ups every now and then

  • Wow. I’m embarrassed for you Greg. If this is the kind of education you got from wherever school you went to, get your money back! You need to take this video down ASAP!

  • I think i’m in love with this i just can’t stop listening to this. Evreytime i listen to this i think it raises my motivations. OwO

  • This was so in accurate lol I don’t think coach Greg has ever even used a smart watch to track calories. I helped my buddy lose over 100lbs, my fiance 40lbs, myself from 17% BF -11% BF and many others USING FITBITS. when I intend to lose or help someone lose X amount of fat per week, I input their stats, set their calorie intake to have the caloric deficit I want for them to lose that weight per week and then as long as they eat that deficit they lose that weight. it makes what coach Greg’s does easier. I don’t think he realized that they don’t only track heart rate lmao they use all of your stats the same way he would.��‍♂️

  • could it be that they lowered the heart rate considered healthy, so they could tell us we are sick and make more money treating more of us.?

  • Avoid certain performance-enhancing stimulants before working out (those pre-workout drinks). I’ve had a heart rate spike to 224 during a ride because of it. You can tell something is wrong, as you seem to lose strength and feel strange. Oddly, there is no great sense of pressure in the chest, and the only way I was fully aware was because of the heart monitor. Without it I might have thought I was simply imagining things and kept going. It took about 5 minutes off the bike, standing motionless, to get the heart rate to suddenly drop down to 135. Always use a heart monitor when training, marathons or bike tours.

  • My theoretical max heartrate according to my gymclass is like 204 bpm but it’s regularly in the 190’s when I run and I’ve gotten it to like 220 once.

  • once had heart palpitations at night and anxiety. couldn’t sleep and there was a clock ticking. was at like 140 bpm for a good 1hour

  • My heart rate resting is 75 right now. I am 24. Mald.. Is this normal. I get chest pains and tightness. My chest also pops alot. I workout a lot my workouts are no less than 2 hours long and sometimes I do high intensity training after my workout.

  • Hm Fitbit maybe I don’t know, it is toy, try Garmin, wear them for a month and then compare calories with your intake:-) There is avereage calories intake… and it is almost precise in my case.

  • I have anxiety issues, hypothyroidism, low vitamin D levels and I am on statin medication for high cholesterol! I always look at my heart rate and my anxiety kicks in when I see my heart rate linger at low 50s or feel pins and needles in my chest..I keep waking up every hour to check my heart rate! Every time I take a deep breath my heart rate goes down! I am 35 years old and moderately active person. Anxiety can be terrible but the best way to manage it is to make lifestyle changes. Easier said than done. I walk a lot now, play outdoor sport, eat healthy and still working on my sleep!

  • I have a heart condition where I am missing half of my heart. So my average BPM is usually around 175 to 190 BPM. When in P.E we have these elliptical machines that can test our heart rate, and my heart rate increases and decreases every second. So that’s my normal.

  • I love your passion Greg. I know this is an older video but I think its still a good video. I think you might be the funniest professional weight lifter I have ever seen. I wach a lot of videos and yours are entertaining and educational…I don’t think Fitbit’s are horrible as long as you understand them. I never imagined that people would insinuate that a higher heart rate would mean you are burning more calories than someone. That’s crazy… I have lost over 30lbs since 2019 and I think keeping track of my heart rate helped my cardio performance but again you have to educate yourself what a resting heart rate is…keep those videos coming Greg

  • I know I’m risking getting called stupid but here goes. I am not saying fitness trackers are even 80% accurate but what I humbly believe you are missing is the fact that you are supposed to wear them for the majority of your day and the fact that you are supposed to record your weight regularly. So the watch takes into account your resting heart rate and how much it spikes upon activity. So the tracker can tell you with about 80% certainty how much you slept during the week and cuts on to tell you that it senses and exercise that it would like to record. So even when you don’t track exercise the watch literally tells you how many hours you have exercised without you tracking it. Since I have been using fitbit along with measuring my weight and eating better I have lost a total of 60 lbs since October 2019. I am not saying the calories are absolutely accurate but it’s good enough that when I decreased my calorie intake under what it says I have been consistently loosing weight. So yeah if you put the watch in right before you exercise and don’t wear it any other time then the heart rate measurement would be a pointless indicator of how strenuous your activity is. But even you said that your heart rate changes to fit your activity fairly consistently when biking 130 when sprinting 180. So the watch is assuming the same thing based in your resting heart rate and normal activity which it takes into account.

  • They keep flip flopping their guidelines so you think you have a heart problem so they can give you unnececcary meds, fattening their profits. Just like high blood pressure range was said to be 140 and then changed to 130 so they can give you meds.

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  • Now that you mention heartbeat.. Do human and generally animals have average finite numbers of lifetime heartbeats before they die?

  • shiet my resting heart rate is 70-90, and I am 22:p, but I have to say, my cardio is very weak because I was operated and still recovering

  • I used to jog with a heart rate of 250 to 260 and I used to jog 2 hours straight. How was I even able to deliver oxygen?? I used to be scared of that heart rate tbh. But oh well

  • My Heart Rate is 22 Beats per Minute at Rest/sleep on Hospital Record from a DATA LOGGER.. lol

    I think I may have the World record. And I am still Alive and Kicking.

    One Night I had a Bad Dream, and My Heart Rate went up to 217 bpm for over 1 hour. Did I spin out from a Dream.

    I ended up in Hospital and it stayed at 170 bpm for Hours. “Anxiety Attack”. My Heart Rate can Swing between 22bpm 217bpm

    And of cause. Now I Never worry about my Heart or Rate at all.

    My Heart has proved to me. If you Push your Heart “early on” in life and Get it real Strong and Tuff.

    When you get older like me…. You Still have that STRONG HEART you created when you were young.

    Anyway, that’s what I think.

  • What are the health implications for our heart if this is the case (I did the test and got 54 at rest and 92 after walking across the room).

  • Very good content. I think there will always be a need to balance perceived exertion (or fatigue) vs. inter/ intra exercise monitoring. I stopped using a certain training software when I was taking time off because of OTS and the metric told me my “fatigue” was nearly zero!I did find this article, but need to read though a few times…

  • Excellent video. Have you done a video on blood pressure and its relationship with heart rate? I’m 62m with 45 BPM RHR since I was first measured at 22 and 160/90 BP when not medicated on anti-hypertensives, often higher. I have suspicion that I shouldn’t worry that it is a compensatory mechanism. Not seeking advice, just info. Thank you.

  • Loosing my dad made me come here to look for something to make me cool down, then I come across this song.ooh my God really cried my eyes out.

  • Remember, I am not your doctor. For merchandise visit:
    0:47 I know nothing about nothing,
    1:05 my other video, weights vs cardio.
    1:30 are fitbits accurate (calories)?
    2:32 are our school systems failing us?
    3:20 Fitbit (apple / other watches / HR monitors) ZERO knowledge. Why?
    3:55 When I rode my bike against Lance Armstrong!
    5:19 HR and calories explained.
    7:40 My HR vs. Breaking Bad HR.
    10:15 Responding to STUPID comments. Gramma Cardio.
    11:18 Bibbi Bapkas.
    11:40 Measures of fitness. Is your HR elevated throughout your workout?
    15:30 Krypton&Gravity
    16:13 Fitbit / Calorie intake / Calorie Output
    17:45 HIIT vs. MIIT

  • 12 days until our anniversary…but she finally had enough. I’m sorry for who I am and what I did, Lindsey. I wish you the best in life and I will always love you


  • My beats really hard after eating and when rising from a seated position. It gets up to 130 and sitting 89. I feel it throbbing in my carotids and in my head pulses.

  • I’m 13. My resting heart rate is around 40bpm and when I was in hospital (for cf) they did a set of obs on me after I got a midline inserted into my arm. My heart rate went down to 28bpm. They were very worried but not too worried because I was still awake talking to them. Lol but my max is around 190. But that’s because I’m super fit

  • 1. Fit trackers motivates you to do cardio.
    2. You can track everything you do, where youve been, distance etc.
    3. You can track your sleep.
    4. You can see your heart rate when resting, exercising etc. and track improvements.
    5. You can compare with friends and motivate eachother.

    Even though its not accurate, it has several benefits compared to not having a tracker at all!

  • I have no idea how Fitbit calculates calories burned, and for what it’s worth I don’t think it’s accurate, but can’t it do a ballpark estimate based on your resting heart rate, your heart rate while exercising, and your amount of activity? Many older heart rate monitors were only worn during exercise, whereas Fitbit recommends you wear your device all day, including while sleeping, and of course while you’re exercising. So, Fitbit theoretically can estimate how active you are and how hard you’re pushing yourself during exercise, all versus a baseline when you’re just sitting at home doing nothing.

    All that said, I think the calorie counter on Fitbit devices only serve one particularly good purpose: if it tells you you burned 3000 yesterday, and today it says 2700, then you likely burned more calories yesterday than today. Was it 300 more? I have no idea (and I’m inclined to think no), but it was more. As long as there’s a tiny amount of accuracy, and some consistency in the measurements, you have some data points, which is better than no data points at all.

  • I’ve always found the measurements to be a tad off, but a good estimates for what my heart rate normally does. Which I suppose is kind of the point, it’s an average baseline. For those curious, I’m 29, male, and while sprinting, I’ve been able to push about 212bpm.

  • I was one of those Suckers that would keep track with daily Cal. with a Fitbit. One day I would burn 3500 so I would eat 2500 and so on. I ended up gaining weight and gave up on counting calories, then I discovered Greg’s Channel. Getting an Education here and weight is finally falling off. I still use my Fitbit but only to keep track with what I eat and to log my weight.

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