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Beginner’s Guide to Running

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Half Marathon Training for Beginners: 3 ESSENTIAL Tips!

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Running is a full-body activity, so the stronger your core, stability, and mobility are, the better. Consistency is key to staying healthy—so don’t skip the warmup, dynamic drills, mobility wor. To do this, head out for a 30-minute run.

After every 5 minutes of your run, spend your 6th minute focusing on one of these body parts. Notice what your body does naturally, and fix it accordingly. So after your first 5 minutes, spend the next minute thinking about your upper body.

Here is an exemplary beginner’s running plan for the week Monday – 30-minute easy run in the morning + 45-minutes of cross training (weight lifting – optional) Tuesday – Rest or 30 minutes of cross-training such as cycling, spinning or swimming. Wednesday – 45-minute run at tempo pace. It’s easy to start beginner’s guide to running, right? Don’t you just get out of the front door and go? The answer to this question is both yes and no.

Yes, running requires a lot of internal motivation—oomph, if you will. Getting out the front door is a good portion of the battle; once you do make it outside, though, your body and mind. The average person burns.85 calories per pound he or she weighs per mile. To figure out how far you need to run to burn 500 calories, multiply your weight by.85 and divide 500 by the result. For reference, the average person who weighs 150 pounds needs to run just under 4 miles to burn 500 calories.

Perhaps begin by running for 4 minutes and walking for 1 minute, until you complete the 20 minutes. As you get stronger, begin eliminating the walk breaks. When you’re a beginner, don’t worry about how many miles you’re running. Focus on the number of minutes instead. If you are a complete beginner, then the NHS’s Couch to 5k programme is a superb start, tried and tested by thousands of runners.

It assumes nothing beyond a certain amount of. Walk for 3 minutes (or until you’re good and ready). Then run for 30 minutes nonstop.

End with 3 minutes of walking. Total workout time: 36 minutes, 30 of which are running. This content is. Running(any exercise for that matter) will bring you a better night’s sleep, according to this study. If you run in the morning, you will feel less sleepy throughout the day and be able to concentrate better.

If you run at night, your temperature will increase. When you cool down, your body will start to get sleepy. At some point early on, a beginner learns that 99.9 per cent of runners are pleasant, helpful people.

This realisation usually dawns when a beginner meets a veteran at a race or on a training run, and the veteran starts sharing his or her enthusiasm for and knowledge of running. That’s how runners are.

List of related literature:

Bingham, J. No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running.

“Essentials of Managing Stress” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Essentials of Managing Stress
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2016

(Chapter 6 features some in-depth tips on running great practices.)

“Coaching Football For Dummies” by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Football For Dummies
by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
Wiley, 2011

The first part of this book, “The Basics,” covers everything to get the whole thing (or even three things) running.

“Building PHP Applications with Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend Framework” by Bartosz Porebski, Karol Przystalski, Leszek Nowak
from Building PHP Applications with Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend Framework
by Bartosz Porebski, Karol Przystalski, Leszek Nowak
Wiley, 2011

This book is about something that many people don’t realize exists: the art of running.

“The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
from The Art of Running Faster
by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Every beginner worries about how to get started and has a lot to ask—about how to get motivated, what to eat, how to avoid injuries, and exactly when and where and how much to run.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

I don’t intend to use this book to teach you specifically how to run efficiently, nor what techniques you should use.

“Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running” by Jim Vance
from Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running
by Jim Vance
VeloPress, 2016

There are not a lot of training tips in this book, because in general I am skeptical that training advice is useful for most runners.

“The Incomplete Book of Running” by Peter Sagal
from The Incomplete Book of Running
by Peter Sagal
Simon & Schuster, 2019

Hopefully, after our discussion of easy running in Chapter 3, you know that running easy and at a conversational pace will allow you to develop the vast majority of the components you need to cover the marathon distance.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
from Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way
by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
VeloPress, 2016

I wrote a long article called “Beginning Runner’s Guide” for Runner’s World, and it remains available in booklet form through my Web site.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
from Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
by Hal Higdon
Rodale Books, 2005

Part I of this book covers the basics about exercise, physical activity, and fitness.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
by Sheri R. Colberg
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Great video on good tips to remember! I have been sprinting for quite some time but never knew that these same marching band form techniques applied to running.:D

  • I’m running in my first 1/2 on September 13, 2020. I started training in June by following a plan and I injured my right ankle somehow. Now that I’m better for some reason my left heel hurts like a really bad bruise. Mainly after sitting for a while and I get up to walk or when I wake up in the mornings. After a while the pain goes away. I’ve still been running because it doesn’t hurt to run. I just don’t want to really hurt myself before the 1/2. Do you know what this is or how I can fox it? I run every other day now and cross train on the other days.

  • The game’s story about coda’s struggles is like trying To find a comment In a YouTube video which you thought you left it there years ago and want To see it but In reality you never typed it there it’s In another video. Just like an endless scrolling Down The comments. Just makes me feel Bad now that i think about it. And when you realize you never left it there then Job done! No More troubles and endless scrolling and then you get To another video and find it there. And boom! A happy ending. Well sorta now that i think about it it’s just a comment. And boom! Pointless ending. Jeez now im making this even More sad. FORGET ALL OF THIS!

    (as you can see im really into The story of this game)

    1:30:32 i can see The tears In sean’s eyes and i don’t blame you

    No im not a 12 year old emo im 9

    Why did i type this?

    Go back and then you see it im really into The game’s story


    How do you type?

  • Have a passion to jog but knees arn’t cooperating. The swell and then I’m having to rest a few days so I feel like the further I get the more behind I get. Trying to stay encouraged but some days it feels like my dreams of jogging is not possible.

  • Hey I really enjoy and learn from your videos and will love to have the free training guide.. I’m 42 years old and that half marathon is on my bucket list. Lol.. Please send to [email protected] and thank you for your support

  • Really awesome video. No background noise. The audio is ���� you are a natural at public speaking and you are quick and efficient! Cover a lot in a short amount of time. Enjoyable to listen to you and you keep it moving along. Thank you!!

  • “Don’t follow a plan. Let a plan follow you.” I am using TrainAsOne AI running app to have a plan that follows me. Since I am using it I am steadily improving my running abilities, and have prevented any running injuries.

  • This video had some really good tips. Do you have any guides on nutrition. What to eat before a long run, during and maybe after please?

  • Love your videos. You’re a great communicator with a wonderful personality, and so knowledgeable. Thanks so much! I’m going to crush my first 25k!

  • Great explanation in your video. Although I´m not a beginner I learned a lot. Now running feels faster and more like flying. Before it was more like stomping the ground. The muscles on the back side of my body now hurt more, too. With the faster cadence it´s me against my cardio again.

  • Im thinking of doing a half marathon by the end of February, im hoping i’ll be okay for it! I try do 5k everyday or 10k everyday & i keep switching!

  • I started training for my half marathon about 3 months ago. I run between 4 and 5 miles 3 times a week, with the occasional 8 miler. A couple of weeks ago I noticed this pain in my wrists on one side. The side facing the floor. I don’t clench my fists during a run and I do shake my arms out periodically. Why do you think this could be happening and what can I do about it? x

  • Time to cry again. Coming back here to rewatch this in 2020 and im just working in my local library prepared to supress some tears:”)
    Edit: Watching this again because its so nice to play in the background while I’m working on summer school stuff, still crying

  • This video is two years old but the advice is still great! I can barely run 5k atm, but wanted to know a realistic timeline to eventually run a half marathon (and maybe one day a marathon). This video helped! Thankfullly I already have a fait bit of strength training under my belt so that will be an advantage.

  • Hi if you are a fit person who runs 5km 3 days a week and visit the gym 3 days a week is 6 weeks enough time to prepare  for a half marathon

  • Hi
    I am affected heavy shin pain due to skipping and running. Pls confirm it will cause fracture.
    What should I do next and pls help me to recover from this.

  • I wonder if Jack understood what this game means. I wonder if he took it to heart. I wonder if he spoke his mind of what he thought the game was, or what he thought the game was about.

  • Great videoThanks! Want to mention that sometimes arpeggios can be played more easily, as far as the fingering is concerned, in 1st inversion, especially when adding the 6th note. Also, in your Silent Night example, the arpeggio would then start on a B, which sounds good because it is the same pitch on the word “night”!

  • Can i still run for half marathon for the first time if i only have 1 week to prepare? I believe i’m fit enough i do work out 3 times a week but not running. But i wanna try my first ever half marathon so im planning to do running in 1 week straight. Any thoughts on this?

  • I’m a total newbie to running. I quit drinking alcohol 9 months ago due to the fact that I was way too dependant on it. I’m 45 and had been drinking heavily for about 28 years (drunk every night more or less drinking about three quarters of a litre bottle of gin a night and a few ciders to go with it. I wasn’t very well for the first two weeks or so, and I struggled badly to keep occupied so that I didn’t think so much about drinking. I found some hobbies to pass the time like learning French and Spanish and playing keyboards. The last few months I’ve found that going for long walks has helped clear my head and I’ve started to eat much better (I never used to eat when I was drinking) and after quitting smoking as well I’ve got BAGS and BAGS of energy. Tonight, I decided to break into a run during a walk. I actually ran non stop for two miles. I have NEVER done that in my adult life. I felt SOOOO GOOOD afterwards and that’s why I’m here. I want to learn more about running and training for half marathons. Despite basically being an unfit, sluggish alcoholic I always wanted to run a half marathon. One of my dreams when I was much younger was to run the Great North Run here in the UK. I’m now thinking about that again/ My ultimate goal at the moment though is to run the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon. I’m aiming to run it in 2021. I think next February/March will be too early for me. I’m going to do this!

  • Hey! I’ve been watching many of your videos on YouTube.
    Quick question: Is it okay to run 2 marathons 2 weeks apart?
    I’m running my 1st marathon ever on Jan 5th, 2020. Planning to run the other on Jan 20th. Is this recommended?
    (Going to run 1st half Marathon this Saturday)

  • Hello, thanks for the video. It was really informative.

    I have a question for anyone who can answer how long after a half marathon is it advisable to have physical relations with a partner? I plan to run my third half marathon in a different city and my SO will be with me. Both of us will be happy after I complete my race I just wanted to know how long I should wait, before I celebrate my happiness with her. Thank you.

  • I’m training for my first marathon in New York City.
    How many days off. Am I rest my sore ankle without wrecking the training plan. Thanks!! Lynore ��

  • Fell way short of other similar length videos. Could have been done in 2 mins. There are guides but listen to your body and adjust as needed. Cue the music, done.

  • Started with 5k, then 4 miler, then 10k, then trail race, then OCRs, now half marathon, the challenge keeps getting bigger thanks to you!!

  • First time I’ve heard an American say crighky ( not sure of spelling), thought it was a British thing. ��
    Great advice, working up the courage to apply for a half marathon next year ��

  • Davey was so desperate to find himself in Coda’s work, that put the lampposts in himself, to belive that someone felt the way he felt, he faked it, and pushed Coda away. Davey lost Coda because he extrapolated himself onto him, and Coda never wanted it, he just wanted to make games.

  • Was able to run 3.40 miles today! Such a milestone for me. Doing 5ks and then 1/2 marathon. But always listening to your tips and my body. Thanks guys!

  • Very good information for anyone.

    Been running for 47 1/2 years. At age 69 I’m still out there kicking up the dirt. Not as fast or strong as when I was in my 20’s or 30’s. Running is good physically, mentally and spiritually. Some day I may be forced to walk instead of run but that’s okay.

  • Great video!! Doing my first half marathon in June and it’s my first race…. I’ve been running for years and though why not…. ������

  • I don’t care, what other Russian people can say about me.
    But if to be honest, America have channels a WAY more interesting and cool than Russia.
    Keep it up! I’m Sportsman too, Several times participated in a ski marathon

  • I’ve had two ACL surgeries on the same leg, I can easily run 5 miles in under 45min. I’d say I’m more of a weight lifter than a runner. I want to do a half marathon by the end of summer if not sooner. How should I train? I currently have 3 gym day, 2 run, 1 ruck, 1 cycle, and 1 rest day as my program

  • Is it a bad idea to train for a half marathon if I can’t even run a mile without stopping? I’m doing a 5k and am 4 weeks away from the race but struggle hitting the paces a lot of times because I have to stop and walk. What can I do to improve my long distance endurance? Also what can I do to keep my legs from hurting as much?

  • That made me cry so much. I’ve been there, actually still am with depression and anxiety and everything you said when you think you’re just going off on a tangent meant something to me. I watch you tubers because I love games and because I feel I don’t have the creative personality to be able to do it myself. This was such a beautiful message and the more I’ve been watching your videos the more my original thought of your videos from the very first I saw of you (snakeybus) where I just thought you were a funny comic, is really only one portion of your depth. Not that people who make just comedic content don’t feel it but the fact of how much you tell us what we mean to you for watching makes me want to give you so much more of my time. Thank you for you.

  • Thank you for your useful advice. I just have one question: is the selection of the surface on which we train on a critical factor? Running 5K or 8-10K regularely on cement surfaces is tiring.

  • I’ve decided that I want to run a half marathon and have 10 months to prepare for it. I’m currently out of shape and started running recently but it’s been very difficult. I’ve been running / walking 2 miles a day and averaging 28 minutes. Would love to get some tips. I’ve also started doing some CrossFitworkouts in my garage gym.

  • I enjoy rock climbing and I still want to do it occasionally even as I am training. Can I incorporate rock climbing as part of my strength training?

  • Bugger. I just entered one five weeks away ��

    On the plus side, I’m already running 13 mile runs every over week, and did ten miles this week with no problems. Hopefully I’ll be OK ��

  • Ok I’m doing my first half marathon in 2019 and iv set my self a time of 3 hrs. I know I can do 10 miles in just over 2 hrs and can run 5 k in 30 mins. Is this a good time to set for myself

  • Been running now for 5 years. Im ready. I think. 58 years old. run 15 to 20 miles a week and strength train a lot. I’m a little nervous about my joints and back. Not a lot of pain just when I hit that 8 mile mark. I recover ok, but still, if I cant finish 13 miles, it will be a bummer. Im doing it regardless. Anyday before the run tips? Should I take any over the counter pain meds before my run? Leg me Know…………..

  • nice video! I just signed up for a Half Marathon, 3/3/2019! I have never ran in my life, I am 6,2 and about 185lb. 30yo. I was able to run 2miles @21 minutes today (today is the day1!), lets see how it goes!! I am open to all the ideas, from the youtuber or the followers…!

  • Your videos are so motivating. I’m running 10K in a few days yet I’m motivated to get fitter and run further. Thanks for talking to us like normal people, and not like we’re Olympic athletes!

  • I just completed my first ever race today which was a half marathon. I couldn’t even run one mile last year. Over this past year I’ve watched your videos over and over again for tips and inspiration. Thank you so much for everything!

  • YESSSS!!! I’ve been looking for this video non stop for a whole week, I watched it one sad winter day in the start of 2017 and was blown away by the experience!!

  • Hey, I dont understand one thing with my legs that if I start running or jogging from the start of the workout itself, my calf becomes hard and I have sore ankles within a km, but if I start the running after 4kms of briskwalking, legs are fine. For your info I am training from last 2 months.

  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to learn about how to improve your running endurance try Sarparder Running Expert Starter (do a search on google )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.

  • +Vo2maxProductions hey Sage, during the times of not running do you think walking and hiking is better than sitting down too much?

  • I’m running since the last 3 months and I did all the things you mentioned intuitively before I watched your video. Superb and accurate tips.

  • Do you have any tips on how to dress for a half marathon?? I’ll be doing my fist half marathon in November at Las Vegas, NV. I enjoyed this video. Thanks

  • These guys are great! I started running 5k 12 months ago. I am now 58 years old and just ran in my first half marathon in Bali Indonesia in 2hours and 45 minutes.

  • This has literally been the most eye opening 2 hours of my life bro like legit. This game said a lot I needed to hear. I enjoyed this entire video jack you’re the reason I saw this so thank you.

  • great tips.

    does anyone have advice for a stuffed nose? as far as I can remember It has always been that way, what kind of doctor should I see or what are some methods to clean my nose canal and stop mouth breathing

  • I really enjoy your video, was a nice experience, thank you!
    I would like to ask: what time (morning, afternoon, night) could be the best time for running, specially if I am a beginner?
    Thanks ����

  • I like your video. It is really helpful. Things you show can apply for warm up session before running as well. I have a 10k run in 2 weeks. I wish i watched your video earlier:) great job at making great video

  • Wow. So informative. Been running incorrectly all the time…I’m a swimmer and dancer, this lockdown messed up my core…..going to work at it again

  • I lift 5-6 days a week. Will it be impossible to train for a half marathon? My plan is to run after lifting as an extended cadio session.

  • I do have a question actually… What happens if you feel like you can’t breathe through your nose, like it gets stuffy when I run?

  • @masterkiller1791 HAHA! I heard it too! I swear he said fart lick running! I think I might not take up running after all if I have to lick farts! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  • Great video! Nate is a Super Coach, all aspects covered are necessary for creating a good and natural running technique. Thanks Nate!

  • Omg your app is amazing. I am training for my first marathon and this provides all the tools I need for injury prevention! THANK YOU!!

  • Proper running form is not running at all. Who is still stupid enough to run for fitness? There are untold numbers of studies that prove running is terrible for losing weight and it’s terrible on your body and your joints. It’s literally the worst form of exercise on planet Earth.

  • Old video new comment lol. Okey here goes, Jan 2020 I was 106kg 181cm 3xl in size. I’ve been doing cycling and running all year today I’m 89kg and size L, in two weeks I’m going to run Stockholm Halfmarathon. Pray that I’ll survive ����

  • “the harder I have to work, that’s where I want to live”
    Thank you, for sharing your knowledge and experience!
    Definitely will put your tips and instructions into practice!

  • I started toward running in January 2018. I had a lot of weight to lose. (Have succeeded!) Anyway, I just bought a pair of running shoes and built up from walking > fitness walking > jogging > something resembling running now 5-6 miles. I just did what came naturally, no coaching or instruction. This video showed me how my long yoga practice gave me a lot of the conditioning that supported moving from walking to running. What a discovery to love it beyond any possible expectations. At the age of 64.

    I found your channel looking at transition to zero drop shoes because I quickly developed a neuroma. That series, and this one, gave me so much useful information that I wish I had tuned into earlier.And I learned about drills. Yay!

    I look forward to viewing more. Your presentation is impeccable and I echo the comments about the quality of the sound in the beautiful outdoors.

    I LOVE that you are filmed in the bay area. I run in Cesar Chavez park near the Berkeley Marina. It is a great area with the Bay Trail along 80-580, the pedestrian overpass and Aquatic Park.

  • Great video it really helps being new to distance running. One Question I have is I would like to add the drills you suggested to my shorter run sessions. Do you think it would be more effective to complete the drills before or after the short run?

  • The strength training bit is key. I’ve been doing a 10K training programme, I neglected my strength training for 2 weeks and my hips started to really hurt.

    I’ve started my strength training again. Especially some kettlebell squats and banded good mornings. Hips haven’t bothered me since.

  • That ending was the only way he could think of to show his thought process. If you have never experienced the Desease it’s hard to explain that no matter how hard you try it’s seemingly impossible to find a way out. You Know it’s possible, that there has to be a solution… an acceptable solution. How do you explain the color purple to a normal person when you are Red/Green color blind?

  • Just discovered you guys. Great stuff. I am disappointed that the link for the two week program doesn’t work…is there a new link?

  • Request: I’m trainning for a half coming at they end of March, but I feel the shin splints, and even if I’m stand or walking, shins are mad, like getting mad mad, and I do strength and everything, my long runs are of 10mi currently and I feel I’m running out of time but my shins do not allow me more, I’m afraid I’ll get a fracture. Also, I can’t rest at work, my job requires me to stand and walk 80%, and go up and down the other 20% out of 6 hrs I get to sit 20 min. Please make a video that can help me he through this ����

  • im a beginner but i run a bit as if im 60kgs but would u pls help me how to run a 800m race in the span of 2:00 or 2:20 sec like that…����

  • Thank u alot for ur amazing tecnics
    This video was great fir me
    I have always 2 problems when im running first is pain in ankels second is i cant breath easily even when i do all tips for breathing
    I will try ur tecnics hope become better☘️����‍♀️

  • Thanks for tips bruh, deff need to plan out my long run, cause I just went for a blind run and got lost haha plus it started to pour raining. Good thing I brought my gopro with me so I can share my experience haha

  • Awesome tips. I’ve been running for 20 years, in the beginning I used to follow my body more, and It’s true it’s a best indicator than a training plan.
    Also agree with the tip to strength core to help a better running.
    Thank you and keep the good job please

  • Thanks so much for your videos. They are helping me so much. I am getting into running again after a 20 year hiatus. My daughter (16) loves running and so it is a great way to spend time with her. We are heading out each day with the couch to 5K app and getting ready to run our first 5K together:) The tips in this video were invaluable. I will add the knees up, butt kicks and arm pumps to our warm up. Thank you so much for your support. With gratitude, Melissa

  • Thank you for your video. I will start training for a half marathon in May. I am a natural sprinter who has put a lot of weight on. What should I do for pre-training, nutrition etc?

  • I have a feeling coda is bi polar…I was diagnosed a few years ago and the house cleaning section really hit me hard. Firstly because it’s really hard to keep your life going when you are in a depressive episode and it made me smile when Jack was just like yeah I’ll go make the bed cus I have a friend with the same disorder and a few times she has come over and helped me clean when she knew I couldn’t do it on my own and secondly when the narrator say this was a time when coda was “grossly happy” is very similar to a manic episode for me..the cleaning section just hit me really hard

  • Quick question Nate. The superman lay. You say squeeze you belly and your butt. I can squeeze my butt, the belly I’m either sucking in or pushing out. I can’t squeeze my abs the same way I do when I’m doing the back core exercise. Am I missing something?

  • Im going for 23km run on dec..what,how should i train..?if i feel tired while on the run,should i just walk then continue run if i fell abit good?pls teach me..tq so much

  • awesome tips for beginners. I realize I’m constantly learning and picking up tips. Even after 3 full marathons i can always implement something new. Thank you guys!!

  • Hi! You are really great. I like running but I couldn’t make it because whenever I start to run about 100 meters only I would get stomach pain. Is that because of I don’t perform a proper run or is there any other reason? How can I help myself to overcome this?

  • Any recommendations for IT Band Syndrome and Glute Medius issues? Got up to 7 miles, but then started having severe issues as prefaced. Thanks for the help!

  • This is a GREAT video instruction! There were definitely a few things I picked up on in terms of running form. Also, I appreciate the posture review at the start as probably so many of us spend alot of time sitting and slumping. Good work keep it up!

  • So the theories here are:
    1. Davey is Coda, and Coda is a fictional developer that Davey made and this game that peered into his past. This was before he made The Stanley Parable, and a time when he would just shut himself from society, not having confidence to show his work and at the same time wanting validation that it made him lose all his creativity. This is the most common theory, considering how inconsistent Davey was as the “narrator”, and at the tower’s final level, it implies “Coda” doesn’t have a problem, but rather it was Davey that has, and he was trying to make “Coda’s” work to have meaning and to be recognized by other people, when “Coda” just doesn’t want to. This is like an internal struggle between one’s confidence and self-isolation. And this was an inspiration for Davey to make this game tell a story to people.
    2. Coda is real, and everything what Davey said is partially true, as Davey is only interpreting and modifying their games as he sees fit.
    2a. Coda is real, but not a developer, but a romanticized version of a story of a person, and Davey made this game to interpret their story, as the “game(s)” themselves are clearly not made by an amateur developer, not matter how it looks “unfinished”, the game actually has complexity and combined all levels into one that says that this game is made by multiple developers.
    2a and b. Both arguments may be true considering the ending’s homage: To R. This branches to two things, the first is Davey’s former co-worker he had, and the second is If regarding to 2b, it may be possible that R is a female person also considering multiple levels with Coda being known as female even though Davey refers Coda as “him”, but since he’s an unreliable narrator who’s interpreting levels, he may not be talking the truth. So the possibility is that the interpretation of the entire game is that Coda is Davey’s lover is a possibility(but low). With the story being an entire interpretation of Davey’s relationship with his ex-lover.

  • Furthest I’ve run so far is 2.13 miles only but aged 46 and been running a few months. Totally out of condition but not obese…just some blubber around the middle. That 2.13 miles took me 17:10 minutes as well. I’m aiming for 3.1 miles (5k) as a goal.

  • It’s a Johnny watching the video of a wrist coach are telling us about the more money and I’m watching you know I don’t need this video I just wanted to say this this video is cool

  • An American football field is 100yds which is a little less than 100m. Are you talking about a football (soccer) field? Or is it supposed to be a 50m run? As a new runner 400m sounds like a lot for a start. ��

  • These are such good tips! Thank you so much, I started running again about a month ago and I’m definitely going to add these extra reps to my routine

  • I started running maybe 6 months ago and now I can run between 5-6 miles a day.I want to get up to 10 a day.Is that a realistic goal?

  • LOL can you imagine if 400 meters was truly half the distance of a football field. A running back would have to run 1/2 mile go from end zone to end zone!

  • I used to be in really bad condition I could not run for over 10 secs staraight when I started incrementing 2 seconds of run every week 2 years ago. Its bad weather here most of the year so I could only exercise in summer.

  • that day when two American girls realized that 400 meters is much easier to explain then 1312.34 feet, or about half distance of football field, or about a quarter of a mile 😉

  • I am 48 years old and have been working on losing weight. I know that I am too overweight to run right now, but I do currently do resistance training 3 days a week and cardio training 3 days a week. My cardio training includes swimming, walking and other cardio equipment in the gym. I am a little intimidated to start jogging because I’ve heard that it can be bad for my joints. I want to wait until I lose more weight before I start jogging. My question to you is do you think this is good advice or should I start doing interval with jogging and walking? Thank you so much for your help! And yes my doctor has already cleared me to exercise ��

  • I’ve never been able to do a push up but going to/from your knees looks so much more achievable!  I did some training over the summer in readiness for a 5k & 10k at Disneyland Paris in September but found the 10k really hard as I’d never done the full distance before (5k was Friday evening & 10k Saturday morning so no time to recover:( ).  September 2019 I want to be able to do the 5K & 10k again but finish strong!

  • This is kinda random but I’ve been running seriously for about 4 months now and I’ve run a few 5ks with my xc team but on December 1st I have my first 10k! I’ve been training super hard, I’ve gotten past the starter unenjoyment, and I love it dearly now. And even though I had wisdom tooth surgery a week ago, today for the first time I ran 6.2 miles straight through! I’m just excited and I thought I’d share. Race day in 10 days!

  • Thank you so much for explaining runs and fills in a simple key. Every video I have seen so far has been in some crazy key with a bunch of sharps or flats. Although I am able to play in other keys, when learning a new technique I can understand it better in a key of C, F or G. Once I understand it better I can apply it to more complicated keys.

  • This is a bucket list thing for me. I have no cartilage in my left knee. I want to do this for the Great Smoky Mountain (National Park) 1/2 Marathon and 5K. I know I won’t be able to run it but am planning on walking (speed) it. Any suggestions for preparation or precautions, knee wraps, etc that can help with impact or knee pressure? (I’m not a medical doctor btw…)

  • Hey mate please help me…
    My goal is 3.2km within 14mins..
    You can help me reach my goal…
    It’s humble request please…

    I’m beginner ������

  • Apologies for the unusual question, but what mic do you use? The quality of sound is amazing! BTW, love your videos, watch one after another pretty much))

  • Hello sir I am Biswhanath chatterjee from assam my dream is to join indian para SF in there we have to run 100 km so tell me some tips to run 100 km for beginers please make vedio about this topic or contact on 9435001093 I am waiting����������

  • As i start running sprain comes in my way.
    Could you plz suggest something to overcome that problem and some for pre running energy

  • I love running but if u run to much you’ll get to skinny and look like a bitch lol that’s why I hit the weights 5 times a week and run 6 miles 2 to 3 times a week….

  • Hi Sage. You are hot in those 6 packs lol i run to be fit for the rest of my life and i also run to beat the world record marathon! Running means everything to me! I want to know how to overcome the stress accumulated after 3-5 days of running?

  • Good tips man! Everyone should go to that form video you linked in at the end. It’s probably the best one on youtube. Showed it to my wife last year when I was getting her into running!!

  • Hey Sage! I just discovered your channel this week, just in time before I run my first half marathon! You have so much great information! Thank you for sharing!! I have one question, maybe something you could do a video on. My pace is not super fast, and with work I’m sure it could be a lot faster, but for beginners and slower runners how do you work in a fast cadence (180 steps/min) with good form while only running 9-10 min miles? I feel like when I pick my cadence up I automatically have to run faster and just can’t keep up with it, or I am just shuffling and barely bringing my feet off the ground and not making that high step before striking. I would love to have you show a video on a slow pace with good form!! Thanks for all your expertise!

  • yesterday I went for a short run
    , about 10min, since I am not really active I couldnt last longer…i tried to warm up a lil bit and I felt okay while running and after until now when I feel my right hamstring, as if its been stretched too much (if thats the right term??). I hope you understand what I mean. Did I maybe get injured yesterday from this short run? is there anything I can do about hamstrings pain since I have a problen with left hamstring for 6 months now and doctors only told me to take painkillers for it abd ofc, its bot working. please help! thanks in advance!

  • I am 13 and I run around 25-30 miles a week. Do you think it is a good idea for me to try to run a marathon in the next 2 years or would it be bad for someone my age?

  • Hi Sage, thanks again for the great video, I’m sure it will be quite educative to beginners.
    You often talk about Power Hiking, could you please show us HOW to do power hiking? I just had my first uphill race, and I did horrible. I had to take many walk breaks, and everytime I did I was thinking “What is that Power Hiking technique Sage is always talking about” I’ve tried to look it up, but didn’t find anything conclusive. I intend to participate to the race next year, but believe me, I’ll be properly prepared this time. I’ll probably do some power hiking if I know how to.

    Thanks again for your great videos, books suggestions and all.

    Your greatest fan,
    Stan (j/k)

  • I think my favorite part is when the walls drop and you see the hidden parts of the game. It makes you wonder how many games youve played and you would never know that stuff was there.

  • Really appreciate you addressing running for us novice runners…..there’s more of us than ultra marathoners, I bet. I started with 5k races, now up to 10 k, and hopefully will get to 10 miles, half marathon some day.

  • U know the beginning of the game was f**king terrifying like I was seriously unnerved especially when I heard the type writers and thout something was chasing him!!!

  • The real tricky part is to have a highly trained endurance athlete to start running. I am a cyclist and I always want to convince my training colleagues to do some running in the off-season because it’s so much fun, so I tell them to start in late summer really carefully so they are able to do some decent runs in winter. I always tell them that they have to be careful as F… or they absolutely will get injured. Ofcourse they are always like “ye ye ye ye…. ” and “meh I don’t do anything less than 10k that’s for sissies” and they get injured…. Pretty much every single one of them except for one guy who ran a 1:16 Half marathon after only 5 weeks of training… I guess that’s talent lol.

  • I’ve started running a couple of months ago, quite out of shape and overweight. I’m getting better and doing 6k runs 4 times a week (which is all I can do at this point). I’ve tried mimicing the running technique from your last video and found it forced me to go a little too quickly (the lean forward, mid foot landing) so gave it up half way through my run. Also it felt I was using more energy to get my back foot up each stride. Any thoughts? Am I doing it wrong, or just have to adjust to the new speed?

  • i remember the first time i watched this was just before i got into a really bad place. this is my third time revisiting this video. makes me cry everytime but it is so beautiful.

  • I was making a kandi mask for the first time when watching this. I just got my kandi supplies 3 days ago and it’s almost out, and I have to order more supplies. I have made 15 kandi things in 3 days, and I feel like I’m on a creative high. I feel a crash and wall coming but I’m driving at full speed. I related to the Coda portrayed because I saw a person finding something and really putting energy into it and finding happiness. Someone having a high and a crash and it being shown in their work.
    It really spoke to me in that moment

  • As important as good shoes are, it’s tough that you’re making the very first tip be a financial and self-conscious hurdle to get over. Many people who are completely new at something can be very insecure about walking up to veterans and exposing their own ignorance (not just a running thing at all). Aside from that, someone dipping their toes into a new hobby or activity will be more intimidated by there being a $100+ price tag associated with the first thing they’re supposed do.

  • Great advice to build your stamina. I have done several marathons using the 10:1 method. Some, including me feel you can get better overall times using this method, using the walk breaks, since you do not get overly fatigued. The walk breaks help your body to recover, so you don’t bonk at the end of the race.

  • When I first watched this my first thought was “Isn’t Davey asking too much from Coda?” But now… If Coda never existed and he’s just an Alter Ego then that means….that Davey always felt unsatisfied, unhappy with himself and like there’s a piece that he cannot find, like he’s not complete

  • He gave a warning. He said if you don’t like slow paced games you won’t like the video. Everyone who had a good reason to dislike the video should have turned it off right then. But 4 thousand people decided they should dislike the video. There are a few possibilities here. 1. You hate Jack and everything he does and you dislike every video of his, disregarding the actual video, which is stupid. 2. You watched the video and didn’t like it, which is stupid because he literally gave you a warning. 3. You don’t have any reasoning behind disliking videos, which is stupid…it’s alarming that 4 thousand of the people that watched this video are that stupid

  • I know not that many people are going to watch this by now but, at the end, was the first time in my life I have physically sobbed, i’ve cried so many times in my life but I have never felt such raw emotion in and from this video.

  • this makes me wish i could make my own games, or have ideas more intriguing than my own.

    yes i can draw, and i can write, but video games like these ones feel more,, abstract and harder to interpret than some drawing or writing. it feels less direct.

    and i feel like that would be an amazing talent to have.

  • Just a heads up, I know that coda probably doesn’t exist but the games never existed in 2009, because if you look into the games files it will say that the maps have been made in the Portal 2 version of the source engine, which came out in 2011 the last time that coda made a game. You can also see some slightly modified valve textures In the game somewhere.

  • Man, your advice at 46:35 just made my life worth living. The thought of having to get a job and only wake up in the morning to do work for someone else just pains me inside. About a year ago, it occurred to me that all life is is just going to school and when thats done you go to college and when thats done you get a job and when thats done all you have left to do is die. So whats the point in living if all life is is just working until you die? That life isnt worth living to me. I am such a lazy person and i can never get any work done because having to do any work just makes me want to die so why am i even here? But you, the person that millions of people look up to, saying that you used to be in the exact same situation that i am in right now makes me feel that maybe i do have something to live for. Maybe i can grow up and find something that i love doing just as much as you love youtube. Maybe someone will look up to me as much as i look up to you and maybe i will be as important to them as you are to me. Now i have something to live for. Thank you Jack. I really really love you.

  • This is my first half marathon,i am 47,I’ve been at the gym on and off for around 10 years. I have always wanted to run a half marathon but thought I was two old,through the support of my family, i have been training,running 4 to 6 miles 5 to 6 days a week for 2 MONTHS. I’ve lost 10 pounds and feel amazing while training, does it get easier and what advise can u give me for my first half marathon which is only 4 weeks away

  • This was such in meaningful game and video and I can really relate to this. I feel like this would have been a lot different to watch if It didn’t have Sean sending out those important monologues throughout the game. I love how he’s so honest and sincere with us viewers and this video really shows that. Thanks Sean, for being real ��

  • Though i dont think davey confirmed it, i agree with a lot of people that it sounds a lot like he’s talking about himself through coda.

  • Yeah you don’t know how you’re body is going to respond to training so setting a plan is a bad idea, unless you add recovery time and disobeying the plan to the plan…

  • While Sean is an extremely funny character he can still sit down and have a deep and serious experience, respect to this dude. One of YouTube’s GOATS.

  • Serious: No matter how many times I watch this, this stays my favourite game. And no matter how many times I watch this, the ending gets me everytime. Do you know that feeling when you’re at the edge of crying, you feel it in your soul, but you just can’t force tears to come out? The first few times I ‘cried a river’, but now, i just can’t. only the feeling stays.

    Edit: I wrote this down so I wouldn’t end up like Coda (in some way). I had to “release” this to the word, I had to let myself be heard. (it doesn’t matter if noone likes this, or dislikes this. I just had to let this go. And I’m rambling)

    Edit2: And to speak of perfect timing, i was listening to ‘Seven Deadly Sins Perfect Time V2’, while writing this. (well, i wasn’t the one listening to it, but my sisters, but i was there so it counts as listening lol)

  • Not sure if you or any experienced runners still frequent this video. I have signed up for my first half Marathon. it is 6 months away and I’ve started training. I’ve already been training for 3 weeks and seen big changes. Before I used to look at the clock every 30 seconds to see if I am almost done as I slowly die on the inside and want the agony to end. Now (3 weeks later) I am up to 4 miles per run and 5 miles on the weekend and the training is significantly easier. I am only running every other day so 3-4 times a week but don’t do any other training (aside from soccer once a week). I am slowly increasing my distances and my pace (started at around 3 miles now at 4 per run, started at around 6 miles per hour now up to 7 miles per hour pace). That being said I do have a few questions 1) did i start training too early? 2) Is it a reasonable plan if most of my training involves just running and resting (i.e. one day on/one day off), or is strength training just as important as running? 3) My plan is to increase my running to 5 miles every other day, with the weekend run being longer, specifically increase by 1 mile every month until I reach the 10/11 mile mark preferably at 7.5 pace per mile in May. I am doing all of this on a treadmill but plan on doing outdoors training when it warms up in April/May Is this a reasonable plan or is it too slow in terms of growth?

  • Ay carumba. Have to wade through so much hur hur posture isn’t just what your parents bugged you about! Here are fourteen synonyms for posture! Before we get to the content we came here for.

  • I just wanted to take a step back in time and watch this again… 4 years ago. A lot in my life has changed in 4 years. I started watching Sean’s videos my 6th grade year, which was about 6 years ago. I feel like watching videos like this helped me grow and helped me get through my hellish past. As I get older I feel like i watch his videos less and less, but i always occasionally come back just to see how he’s doing. I wish I could tell him thank you. I wish he knew how much he helped me without even directly speaking to me. This channel will always be a big part of my life.

  • i lost interest towards the middle.. but at the end, seeing the maze and just thinking about life really hit me hard. i relate to that shit. my mind is a labyrinth

  • Thank you for your tip and advice. About the diet, I tried making my diet different since our family is Japanese and we always eat rice. Its been our normal diet here culturally but my dad has a terrible condition even most of our calories we consume are way to high because our dad needs more nutrition and my active journey just makes it not much challenging. I also been going to a gym and I dont think it is giving me this challenge. I started to run on a treadmil and we have a gym in our apartment so our mom is paying for this membership. I didnt want to go into this losser route to going to gym and I still needed to do something active. Well I am trying to simplify in saying I wish I knew something about getting active without struggling my diet, and challenge I need to stay moving all day not negatively.

  • I feel that this game is showing that Davey really wants to be happy with his creations or his life overall, and he wants everyone to think that he’s fine. It seems that he was subconsciously using Coda as a way to express his true feelings, weather coda is real or not, and people started to find out. If coda is real, he was just upset that Davey did what he did and showed that through his games, and Daveys explanations of the game are his true feelings. If coda isn’t real, than Davey created the games to express his true feelings, and when Coda wrote to Davey in his game, it was actually Davey, who regretted what he did and the whole purpose of the collection of games. Just a theory, though.
    This is my favorite play through, it’s just so meaningful.

  • “I want to know how to be a good person. I want to know how not to hate myself. Please. I’m fading. And all I want is to know that I’m going to be okay.”When I say that this line hit me like a TRAIN… I find that I relate to this line more than is probably healthy. It’s hard for me to relate to many people, but the creator of this game fully encapsulated what it feels like to suffer from anxiety and depression. I really needed to see this today, so thank you so much, Sean, for putting this up. I know you may not see this since it’s a super late comment, but I needed to thank you.

  • Sorry, but without a plan you will get hurt!!! I ran half and full marathons with a plan and NEVER had any problems. Now, at almost age 70, running in Cuenca, a much higher problems, it was never about who was faster or better than I. The beauty of a runner is all about how we run…enjoying the run. Those who never run will never understand that.

  • I was training to try and get a sub hour 10k then went out for my long run today and ended up running my first half marathon, 2 hours and 32 minutes. Felt amazing just to run but would love to do a race after covid!

  • I just played this recently and ngl during the “descent” chapter of this game I thought there’d be invisible walls to prevent me from falling so I just leapt off the first platform lmao whoops

  • 1:31:15 “What do I do?” It feels kind of ironic.
    The whole point that I got was there shouldn’t be this expectation that the games need to have an ending, solutions, or a mirror to see yourself in.

    That’s also ironic, because now I’m making my own conclusions up about the game, what it’s purpose is, etc.

  • Absolutely agree with you … we have to listen to our body than a fix training plan schedule. I started running 3 months ago, 3 times a week 5 to 10 km, on 21th August 2018 I got an Half Marathon slot from a friend who could not attend already closed registration of Maybank Bali Marathon on 9th September 2018. It was my virgin Half Marathon and I finished it for 2 hours 24 minutes (BIB 50973), at my 55 years old.
    I plan to run Full Marathon next year, but the nearest event I enrolled an 16 relay of 170K Ultra Marathon,
    my route will run a 10 K continue uphill road with elevation gain 500 m, is there any tips for running it? Thanks a lot.

  • Great video Safe, I really enjoy your videos a lot. I started (restarted) running about 7weeks ago now and in my first week I was doing 5k’s on over 30min, now I am doing a 5k in less than 19.57s thanks to a lot of your tutorials and pointers you shared… One thing that is plaguing my progress is injuries, be it to my ankles or knees or shins…. So I am forces to run one day and rest one day and during my rest days I try to keep busy by doing some house chores, core strengthening or anything that doesn’t affect my legs…
    Could you give any tips on diet and on other joint/bone strengthening foods you found worked well for you in the past? Also I am thinking to ditch my adidas Glide boost and Nike pegasus and switch to maximal cushioning shoes… Any thoughts on that?
    Sorry for the very long comment, thanks
    Alfa London (UK)

  • Why do you have your shirt off? Did you have to mention where you placed at Boston? Fuck Boston.
    I just need some tips, douche bag.

  • There are many people who watch this video, but we can all be put into a few categories.

    You’re either a Coda (someone who does something for fun, even if it doesn’t bring you recognition), a Davey (someone who attaches to another and lives vicariously through them), or a Jack (a neutral party that is slowly convinced to feel something as someone tells a story).

  • im not sure why, but i was really. really relating to coda. i felt genuienly angry and davey for what he did. and now im reading the comments and apparently coda isnt real so. im crying harder