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The Dark Side of an Extreme Fitness and Diet Challenge. Before you consider one of the popular extreme diet and fitness challenges out there, or simply envy a bodybuilder’s physique, weigh the behind-the-scenes sacrifices that aren’t shared on social media. The Dark Side of Extreme Exercise: Rhabdomyolysis among exercisers who participate in one of the more recent trends in fitness, to note that a 2015 study suggested that eating a diet rich.

The dark side of extreme weight loss Editor’s note: The claims made in this slideshow are as published by our content partner and not endorsed by Microsoft News or Microsoft. The dark side of extreme weight loss Being an appropriate weight can be extremely beneficial for our health. The link between being overweight and a number of health conditions is well known.

The dark side of extreme weight loss Being an appropriate weight can be extremely beneficial for our health. The link between being overweight and. When you go on a crash diet and stop eating the required amount of food, it will lead to the loss of muscles, along with fat, making your body look unhealthy and also lead to the problem of sagging skin. Qualified nutritionists and a GP have exclusively told FEMAIL Food&Drink some of the shocking side effects you can suffer from if you embark on an. Dark Side Of Fitness – A Weight Loss Driven Society.

Image Source. A Weight Loss Driven Society. It’s been proven in the past that the fashion and entertainment industries like to present an impossible image of perfection. I am super slim, or I am not, that’s the message that society is conveying.As a result, extreme dieting is turning into a bad habit. Online Personal Training: Bulk Powders Products: RISE Clothing: (UseCode: JOEY.

And while a 2016 study published in the journal JMIR mHealth and uHealth showed that fitness trackers increase the amount of physical activity wearers get each day, there are downsides to quantifying every aspect of your life. For some, the desire to track every step taken and calorie burned becomes an unhealthy obsession.

List of related literature:

These results indicate that diet-breaking behaviour shown by normalweight dieters, the obese on weight-reduction programmes and bulimics may relate to an active decision to overeat and suggest that perhaps self-imposed limits (‘I’m going to eat less’) may activate a desire to rebel against these limits.

“Health Psychology: A Textbook: A textbook” by Ogden, Jane
from Health Psychology: A Textbook: A textbook
by Ogden, Jane
Open University Press, 2012

There is nothing inherently unhealthy about a good challenge.

“108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential” by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
from 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential
by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
Hay House, 2017

I was very disciplined with the diet part of the Challenge—yes, me, the emotional eater.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
by Pamela Peeke
Rodale Books, 2009

There are some real nutritional horror stories among people who crash diet or diet stringently for contests.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

The challenge is to learn how to continue to improve the palatability and quality of our diet while doing so in a more healthful manner.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
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One source of this challenge is that most individuals, particularly overweight and obese individuals, tend to underestimate their calorie intake.

“Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance” by Thomas F. Cash
from Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance
by Thomas F. Cash
Elsevier Science, 2012

Challenges are fantastic because they really motivate me to get out of bed and do my exercise.

“A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media” by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
from A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media
by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
Princeton University Press, 2016

A full 20 minutes of exercise later, I faced the ultimate challenge.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

This is a central challenge for obese patients and their practitioners.

“Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
from Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications
by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
CRC Press, 2003

My challenge is that I don’t quite have a handle on what it feels like in my body to be comfortably full.

“Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating” by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
from Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating
by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
Mango Media, 2012

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • aww, she reminds me of my mum. my mum has 4 kids, is a single mum, works and does the same

    remeber all women are beautiful but some feel confident in a differnt way <3

  • hey it’s been a while since u released this but i would just like to say thanks because over the last year i have lost 36kg and u inspired me love u lots

  • Hey man i have watched this so many times but i never end up actually following ��. I’d love to lose some of the gut i got but how do i actually motivate myself

  • Is it just me or has his face changed a lot from this too? Like you look at the previous look of his face and look at his face now there’s quite a difference

  • Clearly you’re not made for the sport buddy. It’s all about perspective. Seeing shitty food as a option and choosing not to eat it is were you’re wrong. It shouldn’t even be a option. Be consistant, work hard and stop pitty yourself about “boohoo, look how poor I am for not being able to eat shit”.

  • I just wanna die when I look at myself in a mirror, even tho I lost a lot of weight it always feels like it’s never going to be enough.

  • Anyone here trying to motivate them self to do workouts by coming back and watching these.��

    Because I am. Like if you are the same.

  • Have you done much stamina, endurance or lung capacity training? I surf giant waves (seriously massive dangerous waves of extreme consequence) and peak physical fitness is vital, I’m getting more built up, and that requirement to eat more food is just how it is for us really, you get bigger, you need more nutrition (eat them edamame beans), however if you are purely bodybuilding, you need to remember that being lean should involve regular exercises that focus on your stamina, I do loads of paddle training, and out of water, running and yoga really helps, diaphragmatic breathing exercises are also extremely helpful to maintaining your lung capacity (if you smoke, just don’t, that’s ganja or tobacco or mugwort or whatever), healthy eating is also extremely important, it can take some time for your body to start showing proper benefits, but cooking food for yourself (like vegetable and rice bean stews or making a sandwiches with houmous, butter lacks nutrition, and then putting a fried egg and some lettuce on it, adding whatever you feel, loads of fruit, ridiculously hydrated, and spending time with yourself and others are seriously good ways to maintain general fitness) is far better for your body. We are all different, and it takes quite some work to find out about yourself, especially with parenting in this culture lacking communication or emotional availability or healthy boundaries with their children, but once you do, you will start to get a much better feel for how you work. As I said, don’t ignore stamina, long walks in natural spaces (preferably untouched wilderness but that’s become an ancient memory at this point, you’ll be lucky to even get a non-functioning ecosystem filled with sitka spruces that aren’t in any way ecologically viable to places like North Europe, but I return to our topic) really also helps with stamina and endurance, you might need to keep some kind of sandwich and snack bar with you to eat when you feel like it, and a large container to store water in, like a 2 litre water flask that you can reuse for outdoor activities. Wishing you all best, hoping you can find your balance brother.

  • Is it only me sitting in my room at 5am a week before I go back to school watching this to try and lose some weight before I go back…..
    just me?ok ��

  • Do I do the following set once every two days?
    Plank 30 secs

    Sit ups 3 sets of 10
    Knee high crunches3 sets of 10
    Crunches 3 sets of 10
    Sit up and twist 3 sets of 10
    Superman 3 sets of 10 (30)

  • I deleted my Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat. I don’t miss it. I can tell you is I miss some of my very few friends I have. But I don’t miss social media. It’s full of fake and I would rather live in reality than in a fake world full of deceit and lies. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense.

  • Meanwhile I’m here eating 4 McD’s quarter pounders in one night and not gaining a pound. I’ve been between 5-10% body fat. my whole life

    How can someone working out so much gain weight? I had to add mass building shakes to my diet when I started taking Adderall because even eating my normal diet I was LOSING weight.

  • I’m sorry ur full of shit on eating 10k calories that’s 17 and half Big Macs ull have to eat BIG MACs not white rice fucking BIG MACs that’s food eating challenger shit and that takes years to build

  • Exactly. The whole point is to see what they are doing but realize your own realities. I am not an IFBB pro and I have a life that keeps me busy. I am as good as I can get and staying realistic.

  • They barely look sweating and I get that their in shape but I’ve run marathons before and I do cardio everyday but I sweat a storm

  • Thank you for a very inspiring video. I am thin and newer actually got like very big, but I lost 20 kilos without training. But now I want to build some muscles:-)

  • Great and much needed video, I have reached the grand old age of 56 and have maintained my weight and size my entire life by finding balance and having an active job, your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

  • I’m glad I don’t feel this way even tho I don’t look buff like the fitness gurus I followI see them more as aspirations and teachers, kind of like you, Mr Nalawanyj

  • easy for u to say…
    i work out for an hour from 11-12, i mean my “workout” is complete shit and stupid asf
    i have also only started today…
    ok i’ll listen

  • Really wise and real life based piece of advice! Thanks Sean. I really like the part your talking about working out for the love of being active. That’s the real key to making this life-long habit a blessing. Everything that takes long time effort should be viewed that way. I have been watching your videos for a long time to get information on excercises and study English. You may not have thought about it, but your way of speaking English demonstrates what well-spoken English is like to non native speakers like me. Not just pronunciation but also word choices and logical structure.  Many Thanks!새해 복 많이 받으세요^^  (meaning Happy new year in my language, Korean) A fan from South Korea.

  • Had a friend at 5.3 and 105 lbs thought herself fat!! she disappeared for aa week-end and came back after having her “fat” knees reduced. Sad! And she lifted and ran. Looked fine but couldn’t get over the fact that people she was comparing herself to were not near what normal people look like.

  • All I saw him eating was garbage food, that’s why his misrable and deppressed, it has nothing to do with him being lean, add to that all the steroids he take. I eat healthy food all the time without forcing myself and without counting the calories that just insane, I just simply enjoy what I eat, I do a 1 cheat day per week, workout 5 days per week, I don’t have a bodybuilding body, but my body is fit with muscle nothing extreem, I’m happy like this.

  • Good Video, Only thing is at the end of doing all this work then going to get a magazine like photoshoped like pictures. You should take pictures of just your natural self no makeup no photoshop editing and lighting just you be happy with your true self not a cosmetic covered up version. Don’t look at celebrity’s for inspiration just do it because you want to make a change.

  • Just want to say that her previous exercise experience helped her A LOT. She was able to get into the right positions on her first day so all of what she was doing was more effective. She deserved that dress, nobody would look better than her in it.

  • The problem is that its way too many Social-Media sites out at once Like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram Ect. Ect. Ect……. An the fakest people have the Biggest Followings. This generation Sucks… Great Video!

  • The “dark side” of social media. Vegan Gains…enough said.
    I don’t worry about someone on social media having more muscle then I do. I have made RADICAL gains in strength and muscle mass in the past few months and gone from obese to a beast in a relatively short period of time without the use of pharmaceuticals. Do most YouTube muscle gurus have more mass and definition then me, you bet they do, but I am old enough to be their dad so that does not bother me a bit, all I focus on is being the best version of me possible and that is good enough for me.

  • I wish fitness models were more honest about their training, drugs, supplements and specially their pics!!! I think the main reason why they alter their pics is just because they have to compete against other models too…. some stretch marks here and there will be awesome to see every once in a while….and as usual very good video!!!

  • Well explained! A major problem in today’s digital world. Everyone is trying to look their best which leads to social comparison resulting in negative body image for the viewer. Just being aware of this issue helps a long way!

  • If Tana and Vin Diesel had a baby. She’s so pretty and motivated even before she started the works. So proud of her and to Michelle as well for being such a good friend to Olivia. Thanks for sharing such a inspirational journey with us. Kudos to the both you!! ����☺️

  • Am I supposed to be aiming to do all 3 sets at once or 3 sets a day total? So like once in the morning, afternoon, and then evening?

  • Hi Sean,
    Great advice, and I couldn’t have said it better! This is very helpful to those struggling with body image issues. Thank you for putting this out there:)

  • Bro at your height and the amount of weight you have I can see why it’s really hard for you to burn that many calories as for me I’m 310 lb I’m 6-4 last week I ran 5 miles my heart rate was a consistently at 159 as the average and I was running 14 minute miles I burn 1,800 calories in an hour and 17 minutes.

  • I actually started doing this…..I don’t say I am fat perse…but I say that I do have fat…..I really don’t see myself as others see me, it’s nuts

  • Yay early squad. I totally loved this video because. Weight is not only important for determination of drug dosage but for over all health. Fantastic video������. #Exerciseismedicine.

  • I’ve never looked like you. You’re in great shape.
    I got to a physical state I was happy at, then realized it was a full time job to stay that shape.. Now i’m happy if i fit in my clothes and healthy. Props (respect) to those that do stay fit, i know it’s a lot of work.

  • I remember when I cared so much about the 6pack, because those top tier guys have that ripped 6pack… but, I have come to terms with walking around with a 4pack and having a little bit of belly fat. I feel much healthier this way.

  • if only people focused on becoming strong doing heavy compound exercises with the right technique, the current fitness industry system would slowly disappear.

  • My 12 year old nephew asked me that I go to gym daily and had been going since I was 22 but still why I never had fully visible six pack abs all the time. I told him, what he sees on TV and social media is not true, grow up, join gym and spend few years working out and then he’ll understand why.

    Thanks for the Video Sean

  • It’s refreshing to find like minded trainers. Since I’m an old lady I don’t go on instagram much. My motivation has always been to overcome my chronic health challenges. It’s so true that our motivation needs to have depth and a promise we make to ourselves and our body that we always do our best to take care of it. Great video.

  • Great video and well said. I am a dad with 3 kids and have a nice physique…for a 50 yr old! I work out about 3 times a week and eat relatively light. I have a nice body when I compare myself to everyone around me. And yes, I look hot in the shadows and less so in full light. However, I’ll never look like Sean Nal but that’s ok! I don’t need to…Sean works way harder than I do in the gym and it shows. Nothing to be ashamed about. Just love who you are where you are at and always strive to be better.

  • I have been following jean from the beginning, he didn’t loose his weight with CrossFit he enjoys CrossFit 1. And given the controversy with the company CrossFit he doesn’t associate himself with the companies negativity

  • Ur macro calculator is not working on ur website, I have used it for over a year now and it is by far the most accurate macro calculator,was wondering if or when will it be fixed as it is not working?

  • Your information is always on point! Question…. in your opinion is it best to stay pretty lean like 1012% body fat and train to build muscle?

  • Dude. That was one of the smartest most helpful information I’ve ever heard. It hit me hard and in a different context. Thanks Sean

  • You are a mad inspiration and you’re MY inspiration. I’m morbidly obese but I’m so upset and sad being this size. Your video has inspired me to make a change.

  • thanks for the video. i started 2 January this year with 343 pounds. i keep running and walking everyday, also do some intermittent fasting. now im at 313 pounds as of 3 February 2020. ill do crossfit now:D

  • I need MK as a friend! I’ve been on a weight loss journey and am running daily while counting calories. In 80 so days I’ve lost 10 pounds. I’m not eliminating entire foods or doing anything i can’t do long term. Furthermore I have a three year old daughter I want to model healthy body image and relationships with food. I hope to get back into weight lifting again (stupid covid)

  • I guess he’s clueless about cortisol. The benefits of burning 10k calories (especially at night) are thwarted by the extreme production of cortisol his body endured throughout the whole experience.

  • I relate to Olivia so much omg! I still dance but I was and definitely still am intimidated mostly to try weight lifting for the same reason

  • You’re doing something terribly wrong. I don’t have any of these negative side effects. I train mma for 4 hours at a time. I’m extremely lean year round and healthy. I’m not excessively hungry. I feel GREAT!

  • thanks for this. although i was anorexic for about 7 years i really can distance myself from all those “perfect” girls. i dont diet. despite i focus on myself and on my goals. getting stronger. i have a bf % of about 19. other girls would start dieting. i don’t think about it. hm weird writing ��…. however i also deaboed most of those photoshopped girls as i don’t want to feel really shitty or fat. cause i’m not!

  • The way i put it to my friends who asked how lean or “fit” i want to get was that I’m not really going for a certian look rather an “internal physical/physic feeling”. If that makes sense, and looking good is a bonus. I’m a pretty thin guy as it is, so just like a mind and body balance. Plus i don’t post on social media about my body so, im good if i dont look 100% as long as i know that my body can kick ass and get it done.

  • I used to be overweight and after finishing my cutting phase was terrified of getting fat again so I took forever to bulk. Finally doing so now and I feel better than ever, sometimes I still feel fat but then look at myself in comparison to the rest of the population and I feel way better. My family, who kept mentioning how skinny I was when I was cutting, says I look much better too.

  • thank you, I think this is extremely important to know. Because it shows to the people who cant get that lean that it is NORMAL to not achieve this as it is unhealthy and even inhumane to do this to yourself. It is no different that anorexia, this is an obsession. And I hope you get to find you balance in life, mostly with food and body image:).

  • Society nowadays is so sad and superficial. Its funny how such valuable content gets only 27k views after 3 years but yet other youtube fitness content that doesnt give any true value on how to reach your fitness goals will get millions of views and the content is nothing but pure hype and mind numbing entertainment. Keep it up Sean

  • I hope you guys love my brand new series! What other things would you like to see in upcoming episodes?:D Follow Olivia via her socials in the description!!! She kicked ass in this challenge:)

  • Surely you dont eat like that all the time? All that fast junk food. That is not helping with the hunger and energy levels, I am certain.
    Appreciate the honesty.

  • Great Vid Mate… My Friends always tell me the same.. But when someone like you talks about that, it is a whole other Thing! Cheers Mate!:-)

  • Inspirational and helpfull video Sean. I feel like social media should be almost illegal because it’s a big lie! people do everything to get a “like” because it makes them feel good (endorphines and dopamine level increase )

  • Nothing but respect for u bro. I play D1 football and i can barely do muscle ups. The fact that u were able to change ur body in this way is truly inspirational

  • I was extremely lean and my only problem was sleeping. I wasn’t hungry, hormonal, energy deprived or anything I just couldn’t sleep.

  • I’ve been very lean before and never experienced negative side effects to this extreme. I guess I’m lucky. Sure you are hungry a bit but it isn’t too bad. And sure less energy in the gym but honestly I’ve learned to push through it and beat that. However I did meal time and eat every 2 hours which may be why I had more energy throughout the day. I also didn’t hate working out I still enjoyed it. His experience may be common but I think it can be different for other people.

  • half of the stuff he said depends on your genetics. im naturally lean with a 10-11% bodyfat at 160. only hassle is the the relationship with food. i have to eat a lot to maintain because of my fast metabolism

  • Another thought is how many used Photo Shop to make themselves look even better than they really are?.. Good angles are one thing, but…

  • I’ve always been low-body-fat % & lean by nature, so it never was a struggle. I also shot up in height around puberty (6ft2in as adult) I just eat my version of “real whole food only” healthy whenever I feel like it & carry on with my various daily routines & exercise. I’m still lean & decently cut even in late middle-age today, and have never had health issues as an adult. Lucky genetics I guess.

  • Dear Shawn,i think this is the most important video i saw.If working out is only linked to optic changes,it misses the goal.I think,it should always be linked to be and stay healthy.Especially young people fall to the trap of just looking good.I’m55 Years old and i found out that developing your personality through the discipline conncted to physical exercise gets you much further then just a perfect physique!��

  • i lost 4″ off waste in 1981 ranger school i had to get re fited clothing tec sgt said it hapens alot befor i knew it i looked in mirror i had a 8-pac without trying thanx sgt brey i did 100 situps in a min & 100 pushups in a min i wasnt fat to start i was avgweight i would max my pt test as a reward i didn’t have PT on fridays only 0630 work formation

  • well what i’m doing is. get skinny and just get strong and be able to look good in skin tight clothes and without my shirt on. and be strong enough to play tackle football and just enjoy life at that and not get lean like everyone else does. so i can just enjoy life and do regular stuff and not have to worry about the stuff he talked about in this video basically.

  • He talks about being “lean” but what he did needs to be done to achieve like 3-5% bodyfat. This is as lean as it gets no simple lean. EVERY bodybuilder does this for a competitiopn for a very short period of time, nobody can does it all year every year. You can still be very lean with like 10-12% body fat and eat burger/pizza/whatever as long as you mostly eat healthy and work out.

  • That face of bliss when he gets to actually eat something fatty tells a lot. appreciate the honesty about how it is behind the curtains mate. Personally more a fan of food than unknown peoples opinion of my body but obviously everyone likes some level of attention for what you achieve by hard work with your body but there must be a balance.

  • One part which most of us over use is our toungue��Toungue is to taste whether food is good and not sugary ��
    When Toungue become your first brain this kind of confusions will come and I Love staying lean and the food choices I make to keep me on track✌️

  • Is calories only related to heart rate? Lets say on rest days after a workout, i don’t think my Heart is rushing since i’m Lying on the bed however the damages (bone, muscles…) I have done to my body during the workout will imply a higher metabolism. And that’s not reflected on my Heart raté the day after…

  • What u see shared on social media with physique status is either skewed toward the more genetically elite side of the spectrum (i.e. ppl still look shredded at 15% Body Fat) and this makes the average more naive to this person think that this is what is considered “normal”. Not to mention they’re literally trying to warp your perception of stuff in the fitness industry to try to sell you something more often than not. These people don’t look like that year round, the photos are edited with the perfect angle and lighting, and these fake fucking naturals giving people false hope making money off of it need to gtfo

  • Sean, once again you have produced a very insightful and intelligent video for all of us……We appreciate what you do and HOW you do it! Thank you for your consistent videos as of late. I always look forward to them, bro!

  • At age 12 I was 4”11 and 145 pounds. I lost weight so fast and got an eating disorder. It started with “Fad” diets like military, liquid, etc. I started keto which was a super bad decision considering my age and that I was still growing. At 13 my real eating disorder started. I ate 200 calories a day and my mom loved that I started exercising. I already did dance 8 hours a week. But I decided to start running track. I was running 6 miles a day on 200 calories + dance. I went from 145 to 112 in 5 months. I am 15 now and still struggling with my weight. I HATE quarantine and am now 123 pounds (height 5 feet) I know I need help but just don’t know how to ask.

  • Im here because I want to lose belly fat and I cant change my diet D: so I to have to do with what I can. If I remember I will come and update this

  • Sorry to hear these isues you had. Quality of life is also because you are walking the wrong path to health and exercise. Try to change your culture about health and food.

    For example just consuming “healthy cereals” creates huge cravings and hunger. Like all the other processes highly refined sugars. Quitting them right

    Try Keto and IF instead. You just have to understand hunger, hormones and that you control your body, not vice versa.

    All the best for you and family.

  • What an amazing guy. I’m a tall guy and this chap weighed twice my weight at the end of high school. I’ve been training hard since 1971 on my 10th birthday. I’m still training. That’s what it takes to stay fit and strong. This guy is extremely impressive. He got to his goal with his mind, with an iron will. ����������

  • lol i like how everybody is complaining about instagram and snapchat and i stopped using this apps but they aint saying shit about the fake models wtf??? just unfollow them thats all.

  • I love what Behz has accomplished and I rate him so much.
    But there’s one thing about this video I want to mention.

    Behz: “No processed foods, no takeaway”
    Also Behz: “Let me whip out my processed fish-pie and whack it in the microwave”

  • Hi Sean! Speaking about social media, one common distraction are phisiques made with CrossFit. Such an impressive phisique seems not possible to get done with traditional gym, or at least not the atletism that those men have. Have you ever talked about CrossFit vs gim comparison? Thank you in advance and very useful videos you upload:)

  • Funny thing with all that running is that if you don’t replenish carbohydrates then you mostly burn muscle and not fat. What a waste of time.

  • I seriously don’t understand he weighed 360lbs and I’m 305 currently and a single XL and that fits me comfortably?? How could someone once weigh 55lb more than me and have 4 more XL????

  • Really good video. Props for honesty. I wrestled in high school, cutting weight to get to a % body fat is tough, and I experienced most (if not all) the negative consequences you talked about. Very good reminder for me. Ty

  • This shit good, done the exercises along with lots of cycling and the diet plan aggressively for 2 months and I’ve lost around 18-20 pounds. If you’ve got the resilience to do it for months, do the exercises as well as other exercises like cycling or walking, totally worth it.

  • This was by far your best video ever Sean. I think you nailed it. It’s funny because just last week I got tired of looking at all of these muscle bound dudes on FB and I stopped following all of the guys that just posted pictures (and advertisements) and I only follow those who give great (real) advice. I feel much better abut myself and I look at my work outs in a completely different light. I’m not there yet, I still look at myself as over weight, but I think I’m heading in the right direction.


  • Anyone hear of testboost?? It is a cortisol crusher that sculpt nation produces, it is ALL natural and helps crush the cortisol excess in your blood so you can naturally regulate your testosterone. It may help balance your intake and feeling of satiation?? Can supplement that with digestive enzymes so it asorbs more effectively. But you look like you know a bit already my friend.:)

  • How did you tighten your skin? Surgery or were u able to tighten it though training? Amazing what you did!������������������ God Bless!!! It’s hard to see skin with the tan. How much of it were you able tighten up?

  • Bottom line: Delete your Instagram and Facebook, live a happier life. An impossible task for a millenial or Gen Z, but “take your head out of your phone” as Sean says. People look at me like im nuts when I tell them I dont have any social media applications. But a person shouldnt need likes or notes to feel good about themselves. Its a nasty addiction

  • i saw this one on 9gag. and i really like u are comming out with the truth…
    the same thing what rich piana did. i really liked him, and now i might wanna follow u, wish u good traning!

  • Sounds exactly like a friend of mine who is anorexic
    Her life basically revolves around food
    But not that she likes food, but just that she doesnt want to eat, but has to etc.

  • On my weight loss journey as well. Done lost 2 pant sizes. Taking responsibility for poor dieting and lack of exercise to transitioning into the body i want to achieve. It’s hard work but well worth it. I feel so much better and not going back to obesity never!

  • 2:47 Is why I’ll always give shit to someone who makes fun of an out-of-shape person trying to get in shape. How can someone do that? Everyone starts somewhere.

  • i love the way you tackle issues Sean….
    You go direct to the point,honest and your tips are the best.
    Love the great work you do,it really helps

  • Though I realize this video was posted 3 years ago, it is still incredibly relevant today.
    Your message is remarkably well delivered. In the Zeitgeist, we find ourselves accountable and compared to millions of strangers globally. This has been a dangerous misstep in our social evolution. Social media provides a myriad of benefits, but also a multitude of drawbacks, one of course being the Sisyphean task of trying to meet the erroneous standards furnished by “elites” in the fitness community. When I began training I was 120lbs soaking wet. I have an exceptionally small structure, but I was convinced I was going to be a great bodybuilder. I’d find myself, alone in my bathroom, crying to myself because I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried, reach those unattainable goals. Now at 40 years old at a height of 5’8, I’ve reached 212lbs at around 19% b.f.. Not impressive by today’s standards, but I have been able to find happiness with my physique. Nothing feels more liberating than finding inner peace. Youth is, for the most part, wasted on the young.

  • Currently in the stage of headaches, always cold, sweating issues, always hungry, don’t want to go to the gym. I just want to eat steak, burgers and fries and be happy. Problem is, i’m not happy with the way I look now, and i’m extremely not happy with the the way I look if I stopped working out. Either way you cut it, i’m not good enough for myself. I hate going to the gym now. Its a task, not a want. I don’t want to squat, I don’t want to do free weights and I have severe body dysmorphia meaning I always think I look horrible no matter what. Too skinny, too fat, arms too small, chest too thin, hips too wide, run more, no that’ll make you skinny, bulk more, no that’ll make you fat.

    My mental state has been spiraling and I just want to look good and have nice definition without starving and hating myself.

  • thats what average female deals with throughout their lives whereas for guys only when they spent a lot of time and efforts on their body

  • Seek the Lord Jesus and He Will free you from this bondage form of slavery. He Will give you True peace and rest you need.
    John 3:16-19
    ! Corinthians 15:1-4
    John 6:37
    Romans 10:8-13
    God Bless

  • i’m 17 and eat like shit and my bmi is like 5% percent. I physically could not gain fat if i wanted to. The only way i can gain weight is by lifting

  • What a fantastic person you are John. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us so openly and honestly. I have the greatest love and admiration for you.

  • needless to say, this young man has truly inspired so many people.. He is very humble and captivating… what a difference the world would be if there were more people like him… Thank you so much.

  • As a girl I’ve never thought that bodytype is what makes someone attractive rather I always worried for them because I know it would be hell to keep up and if you dont genuinely love that lifestyle… well this video probably explains that better than everything else.

    You know a little muscle is always good for every human since it can help with day to day life but to constantly push yourself to the edge and beyond? It just doesnt look healthy. Especially when you know what guys that compete in muscle competitions have to do weeks and months before it even happens. My great uncle was someone like that.

    I don’t think torturing yourself to look good is what anyone would want to do. Same for things like plastic surgery. I guess it would feel like an achievement you are working towards but once you have it you realize how much you missed out on because your where so focused on the goal.
    Just be yourself and live healthy and comfortable if possible!

  • I have a similar problem, no matter how much i train or how good i look, always when i look in the mirror i look smaller and smaller.

  • You might not see this but I just want to say that even though I’m skinny and look pretty great, I am not in-shape. I have also been worried about my mental and emotional health declining. You have inspired me to start a fitness program so I can get in shape, get toned, feel great, be healthier, and continue to improve my mental and emotional health. I was keeping up with the program for a couple weeks, but I eventually started becoming inconsistent, ended up stopping for a bit and gave up; however, recently watching your videos and seeing your journey has really motivated me to get back into it, be more patient, consistent, eat more (to get toned), and not give up. I know once I’m a month in, I’ll have no problem staying consistent, but right now you’ve been keeping me motivated so thank you! I’m quite interested to see how much greater I’ll look. I’ll update you on my results in a few months!

  • I enjoy being a freak for my age… I’m 59 and today I did a set of 4 reps on declines with 147.5 kilo. No Anabolics, just hard work… I was stronger in my 30’s, but happy with where I am at my age… I don’t need to look like others on Instagram or YouTube or whatever…

  • I and others are surely thinking after watching this… I wonder if I can reach the extreme end of the bell curve if I took PED’s?

  • Glen to address your hunger, why not walk away from carbs and go ketogenic? Ditch the short life of someone dealing with MTor and balance with a longer life with autophagy by fasting, fat as fuel, and only strategic carbs. You’ll feel better and look as good as you are

  • The world needs more people like you. I believe it will be an eye-opener for a lot of teenagers, who are still growing and can’t look at a social media from various different angles just yet, it’s so easy to believe in impossible when you’re really young and inexperienced. Those false claims that you can add muscle gradually til the day you die just won’t die any time soon or that it’s possible to achieve certain physique naturally, of course some people get it more easier and some don’t, and some people lie. BTW I like your videos and your speech you’re honest and you speak so fluently.

    Thank you, Sean.

  • Intrinsic motivation is the key. Don’t draw motivation from all these social media fitness peanuts. The fitness models don’t want to motivate you, they want their egos stroked and money from you. They want as much money as they can to fuel their drug use, materialism and lifestyle. These unenlightened people think they are gods gift to humanity, spreading goodness and beauty where ever they go, when really they leave a pile of destruction.

    If you are feeling unmotivated by these social media fitness models, remember the extreme measures they take including drugs, severe calorie deficits, cosmetic enhancement and not to mention hours of hair and make up. Then behind closed doors there’s for guys there’s the shrunken balls, internal organ damage, premature aging, low sex drive, mood swings, fatigue and loss of loved ones. As for the ladies enlarged clits, facial hair, acne, deepening of the voice and fake body parts (lip injections, breast implants, some butt implants etc).

  • There is always some level of doubt when you are listening to an “expert” talk about his experience, you can really never know if they are for real.
    But with this guy, you only need to see his body to know he really went through all this and more.

  • I attempted this challenge once before and I failed because I only achieved 7750 cal! And I am doing it again today and I am exhausted

    I just finished it and I ended up burning 8706 calories!I do feel proud of myself ����! I failed but I’m happy that I went all out and I did not quit

  • Good video as usual, can’t agree more.
    Allow me to ask an off-topic question; could you tell me which mic you’re using in this video? Thanks.

  • All I can think watching him swim is when he was on Kurt and Sezzy’s podcast and he said how when he just uses his legs go moves backwards.

  • damn I’m tryna burn 1500 cals @ the gym bc yesterday I ate 4500 after eating <500 cals for like 3 days and I need a good weekly avg �� so I’m gonna run & do so much activity (came here for ideas while I drink coffee so I can workout)

  • Can I ask if anyone’s seen, did he ever have excess skin and need surgery? Cos I’m 6ft and 238lbs and I have stretch marks I need to ask from anyone educated in this, is this too far to lose without needing surgery ����������

  • He said he’d do a documentary about his loss after his birthday which was now 2 years ago I think I wonder if he’s keeping the footage for the YouTube show he’s doing later on in the year for the Marathon

  • I want these guys to help me �� i have no motivation and me working at a fast food doesnt help i used to do weightlifting at school but now since im graduating i need to hurry and drop 30-40 lbs before the army

  • Wow, I just found you on YT. You are amazingly insightful and this topic is so right on. I underwent cervical surgery 12 months ago, and have been recovering since. I discovered this entire YT, Instagram world of “perfect” bodies while recuperating. For me they are inspirational, but at +60 unattainable no matter what, but I feel very passionately about younger people thinking these guys and girls are “real”, it is just not the case except for the genetically gifted.

  • Great point to look at the people around!
    I was stressed by the same “fitness media” phenomena that made me feel
    terrible and frustrated as I could not match. I gave up and then it went to
    another extreme of neglecting myself (sort of dead-end). At certain
    point changed my total approach for the nutrition and joined Sean’s program –
    lost 60 pounds and gained a good portion of muscles over the last year. I am 42
    and got used to the idea that I cannot cope with the 25 year old guys way of
    life – when you can train, eat whatever, drink, party and look good. But I
    started to notice that I look better that almost all the people around my age
    that I know. I train in a couple of gyms as I fly for my business and see a lot
    of people (airports, hotels, malls, companies, etc.) – nothing close to the
    fitness mags screenshots. During the last year I have seen may be a dozen of
    really perfect shaped guys and another dozen of ladies but 99.99% are not there
    (with all my 4-5 weekly workouts I consider myself being around 15% top of the
    common people). And here is another great point – do it for the way of life and
    fun! From then on I look at the fitness model pictures on rare occasions but
    never got myself trapped with the idea of looking like this.
    Sorry for the long comment

  • I don’t think he trained “efficiently”. When you are looking to max out your calorie burn, the way most people completely overlook is CARRYING WEIGHT! this is far superior to lifting or running as it combines both. You want the calorie burn of cardio PLUS weightlifting at the same time?!?! carry it. carry in a rucksack, use farmers walk frame with low weights maybe 5kg in each corner to run with an additional 40lbs. there’s a world of difference running as you are compared to running or moving with an additional weighted load on your person. Makes sense

    You hear all the time “oh, your calorie burn depends on your body weight” Exactly, when carrying additional weight with a rucksack or weighted vest, you get the higher burn rate associated with a heavier person, Your workout therefore is more “efficient, you save time, you get it done quicker. When you take off the rucksack you are stronger without it. 10,000 calories can be burned in as little as 5 hours

    the highest calorie burn I achieved was 5500 in just under 5 hours, Using the Carry-weight method, i got 2 25kg plates in both hands and jogged, thats an additional 50lbs to my bodyweight.

    weight cancels weight, there is nothing better on this planet than combining cardio with weight plates or sandbag. You cannot beat it and this video proves it

  • When you run fast, you need to focus on landing softly. You were stomping when you were running fast and the car was right next to you.

  • Hey look I have athletic asthma well I grow into it. I use to run, play volleyball. The thing I miss the more it playing with my kids when they want me to play with them and their friends. Im a big kid I miss hanging with my kids. Can you do a work out for people like myself to enjoy workout again?

  • Wow…..Great story…..I would be willing to donate to a GoFundMe account if he wants to raise money to pay for a loose skin removal surgery!

  • I just searched this up and did it because the show im watching is supposed to have a new episode 3 hrs ago in Netflix but its still not there lol

  • The way to reduce loose skin is to loose weight slowly max 3 pounds a week. And also workout your muscles a crap ton after losing weight. Good luck everybody ��

  • You’re gorgeous Olivia and you are badass girl. You kicked ass and you looked amazing before and now you look SNATCHED. good for you!

  • People need to lay off overweight people they do not understand how hard it is and people that want you to work out want you to do as much work out as a skinny person does you can’t start off doing that much exercise when you waste so much just cutting out the sugars and do a little bit of exercise here and there will help a lot

  • Hello i am struggling with pcos and weight gaining. Can’t go to gim for from past few months due to corona. Can you do videos on diet and home excercise for pcos women. Please