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One common squat mistake is for one or both knees to collapse inward as you lower into your squat. The reason your knees cave in may be a lack of form know-how, but it can also be the result of a muscle imbalance. This is less of a ‘mistake’ and more of a risk. 6 Common Squat Mistakes to Avoid and How to Correct Them.

WORKOUT MUSIC. RELATED POSTS. Training Legs Twice A Week: How to Build Bigger Legs.

Leg Press Foot Positions for More Mass and Definition. Supersets For Shoulders: Workout For Building Huge Delts. One common squat mistake is for one or both knees to collapse inward as you lower into your squat. The reason your knees cave in may be a lack of form know-how, but it can also be the result of a muscle imbalance.

This is less of a ‘mistake’ and more of a risk. Letting Your Knees Move Inward. Never allow your knees to cave inward as you descend. That puts too much stress on your knees and can damage the ligaments.

Solution: As you squat, try to push your knees slightly outward so that your knee caps point toward the same direction as your toes. Mistake # 5. One common squat mistake is for one or both knees to collapse inward as you lower into your squat.

The reason your knees cave in may be a lack of form know-how, but it can also be the result of a muscle imbalance. This is less of a ‘mistake’ and more of a risk. A common mistake people make while doing squats is to begin the movement from the knee rather than the hip. This generates maximum strain on the wrong muscles (the quadriceps instead of the glutes) while also increasing the risk of knee injury.

Avoid forcing your pelvis into an anterior pelvic tilt (i.e., when your belt buckle points downward). Instead, keep your lower back neutral and maintain that position throughout your squat. (It also helps to keep your neck neutral and your eyes focused on something a. Mistake #2: Your knees push past your toes.

If your knees move beyond your toes at the bottom of your squat, you may experience knee pain or injury. “Leading with your knees causes quad dominance,” states Cunningham. “That’s not to say your quads shouldn’t be used, but squats should primarily engage your glutes. Rounding Your Lower Back. Always maintain a flat, neutral spine when squatting. If you round your lower back, you’ll put dangerous stress on your lumbar spine. In the squat community, this is called a “butt-wink” because, as you descend towards parallel, your butt tucks underneath and your lower back rounds.

Additionally, avoid squatting on plates or heel boards, which push your knees forward. If you’re using a leg-press or hack-squat machine, the same thinking applies, but the line will be coming up from the foot plate. Here, place your feet higher on the foot plate, which will take some of the emphasis off the quads and knees.

List of related literature:

Again, I cover these faults and corrections in more detail in the Squat section.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Second, never squat without a safety rack or experienced spotters.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
from Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults
by Joseph F. Signorile
Human Kinetics, 2011

For example, if you initiate a squat by flexing your knees first, your knees will be loaded maximally as you lower into the squat, which is not ideal.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2015

Avoid these common mistakes: using a grip that is too narrow, letting the elbows Squeeze intoo closetothebody instead of flaring out, finishing the exercise with the upper body above parallel to the floor, not arching the low back, and locking the knees.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

The key moment, which also is the most challenging, is the transition from the Long Bent Sit to the Single-Leg Deep Squat.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

For instance, some well-respected coaches say that your knees should never go past your toes when you squat, that rounding your spine on a deadlift is okay, and that touching the bar to your chest on a bench press is bad for your shoulders.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

For instance, a squat performed with the feet wider than shoulder-width apart and the toes pointed diagonally (often done in powerlifting) is not mechanically effective since the quadriceps muscles are not contracting along the line of pull.

“Serious Strength Training” by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
from Serious Strength Training
by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

To prevent strain on the back muscles, it is important to squat, bending the hips and knees while keeping the back straight and in proper alignment.

“Home Care Nursing Practice: Concepts and Application” by Robyn Rice
from Home Care Nursing Practice: Concepts and Application
by Robyn Rice
Mosby Elsevier, 2006

One hypothesis brought forward is the ‘squatting hypothesis,’ which assumes that the modern habit of failure to squat leads to shortening of tendons and inadequate stretching.

“Encyclopedia of Sleep” by Clete Kushida
from Encyclopedia of Sleep
by Clete Kushida
Elsevier Science, 2012

The real problem with the squat is that few people do it correctly.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

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  • Thank you so so so much. I appreciate the repetition on how “not to do it” while instructed the correct manner. Very helpful! Already subscribed sis:)

  • Okay you know what, yall youtubers need to agree on just one thing, I literally just seen a video of a man’s channel named MRLONDON who’s just said the opposite. ����‍♀️

  • My knees feel like they’re being pulled in, my ankles feel like they’re being pulled out and forward… all of which wouldn’t bother me if I could just learn to squat without fainting (chronically low BP, so I assume it’s lack of blood to the head).

  • You squat with all knees. Thats not gonna work for most people and usually causes pain under load. Hips come back first then knee bends. Torso can come forward.

  • I did squats one time with weights and the bar and accidentally focused on something lower down and it almost went over my head hahaha

  • I am gal and I have just started squatting for 4 days with three days of the Smith Machine and my butt doesn’t hurt but my hamstring musclers and the upper leg muscles. PLEASE HELP.

  • Hi Hanna! I would love if you would talk about training after or in the end of sickness. I’m having a cold and coughing right now and my energy level is like soo low that I had rest every 200 m walking home from the grocery shop yesterday��
    How do I transition from this to begin to workout again?
    Och tack för en inspirerande o underbar kanal fantastiska kvinna❤️❤️❤️

  • How to go down in a squat? Why do we need to push our hips back before we squat down?
    When doing squat, is the movement only happening in the hips, keeping the shin unmoved? Thanks.

  • How do I push up with my glutes? I’ve watched the video a couple of times and have tried it how you’ve shown it, but I always seem to feel it in my knees rather than my glutes. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  • Thanks very much for the detailed breakdown. I’m recovering from a past knee injury and looking to strengthen my legs again with body weight. The small details will go along way!

  • This brought instant relief to my knees when doing squats. Thank you sir! I just started working out and was wondering why squats hurt my kneecaps so much. What a great video.

  • Glute activation will not occur until legs drop below parallel. I back equated up to 900 lbs to parallel but could only flute bridge 440 and reverse lunges were yet worse. Strong legs and back but weak links in the chain go lower or perform assistance exercises with full range of motion.

  • Are you telling us this is the correct way to perform me your legs take on a very wide stance..I always thought it was shoulder width apart.????

  • I’m 14, 5’3, 123 pounds and yesterday I squat 200 for 2 reps. Almost died. Back is still in pain. Ass wasn’t to the grass on the first on the second it was and I legit was about to fall on my face due to the 200 pounds on my shoulders. Might not count because it was on a smith machine

  • This stuff is more techo than it looks but wouldn’t it be better to use the bar or the bar+10kg 2X5kg until the movement is correct.

  • Unfortunately heavy squats are perfect recipe for hemorrhoids or even rectal prolapse. I recommend doing more reps with lighter weight.

  • I was trying my best to follow your instructions, but my knees were still feeling pretty strained while I was doing the squat. any possible reasons why this might be? (note: I wasn’t even using a bar or weights, I was just trying to get the basics of squatting down. I apologize if I shouldn’t be posting this here)

  • I’m about to try my first squat. I don’t know why I never added this obvious must have to my list…. No, acually I do know. it’s the fused spine….. I’m going to give it a few months at home…. riducoulsy light. and if it goes okay, great. Raise the weight… watch out for pain

  • Question: why do my arms always get tingly like they re asleep even though i am not using that much weight. And the bar placement seems correct compared to videos like this. Not on a neckjoint or anything like that. Seems like its because my arms are far back holding it on the traparea?

  • Hey guys little help.
    My mom a 60 y.o lady, decided to start working out. She said “I want better legs” I told her a good start would be squats.
    Thing is, she absolutely cannot do a squat without curving her back forward. Looks like the mistake #1, except she ain’t holding anything on the back of her shoulders, she was placing her hands as a front squat.

    How to fix it?

  • this is actually incredibly helpful. but its also very important to consider all the other 100 reasons why your squat might be shit.

  • At first, I think you should be able to do bodyweight squat with perfect form first (full range of motion included) and then move to weighted squat.

  • I recently discovered your videos and have to say, I’m a major fan. I’ve lost 50 pounds over the last 10 months, and your tips really help me take my workouts to the next level for better and faster results!

  • I’ve been trying to explain the “keep your back straight “ everyone says it doesn’t mean staying upright or shooting your hips all the way back it’s hard to explain that someone

  • Thanks for helping me understand the dos and the don’ts and I like your blooper session at the end, do one on rounding your breasts naturally ������

  • Thanks for the tips i was having problem always coming up in my front foot now i know come up with heels like coming off chair thanks

  • when i squat, my asshole puckers up b/c the grass tickles and gently caresses my hemorrhoids. i’m already taking a lot of fiber. is the extra natural supplement ok???

  • Hey I’m trying to get some nice legs so I’m doing squats. But all I wanna know is am I supposed to have a sore lower back or am I doing something wrong. I’ve pulled my back once before and I’m not trying to again so someone please help!����

  • Very good lesson thanks.
    I was told by someone that you have to keep your feet forward (as opposed to having your feet vertical with your body), so as you squat down, your leg is inclined. Isn’t that also a mistake?

  • I love the video but along with pushing through heels I’d also suggest considering imagining 4 points on your feet and pushing through all four. 2 points on heels and 2 points on the front of the foot before the toes. You will increase your stability and improve your form this way.

  • I think you just helped me learn to love squats?!!!! I’ve dreaded squat for years because I’m 5’11 and have always felt like I’m doing squats incorrectly because my knees go a little past my toes sometimes. I paused the video and practiced the taking it slow and hinging at the hips tips you gave us and GIIIRRLLLLL (Idk if I can call you BEEECCCHHH, yet), but THANK YOUUU!!!!! From me and the booty I will now some day have thanks to you!!! ������

  • Hey @BuffDudes have yall considered pushing through the middle of the foot (using both heel and toe) instead? I have trouble with falling backwards when using exclusively the heel, and pushing thru the midfoot just works so much better for me. Thanks!

  • Thank you! Thank you for this video on how to do squats! I have Patella Femoral Pain Dysfunction in both my knees and yes I thought and ALWAYS think about my knees with workouts, which made me fear to do any form of workout but I bore three babies and momma needs to be active and back into a more active lifestyle. I know this will definitely help now that you explained how to properly do a squat! I think I am binge watching between you and Voddie Baucham and his sermons on YouTube lol thank you again for all your information and giving such positivity through all your workouts!

  • Omgoodness I just wanna squeeze (hug) that gorgeous son of yours! Soo adorable and I’m a new, (very happy to hve found you) fan! You are awesome luv!!! ����

  • Women should leg press on machines where they don’t have to load weights. They should NEVER be lifting heavy weights with their hands and shoulders.. They should NEVER be doing heavy weight that works their back.. Ladies.. Where you feel sore is going to get bigger. I doubt you want a thick back.. You probably want to keep a small waist while you grow your butt. You should only feel sore in your butt or you are doing it wrong.

  • I have a question. I naturally have a round big firm butt and started to do butt exercises because I want it to look even better. What happens to your butt if you stopped doing the exercises?? Will it be smaller compared to what it was or not? Please answer thank you!!

  • Recently discovered your channel and i am hooked. Could you please do a video on quick warm-up for the entire body?
    Also, could you please tell me what exactly it means to keep the core engaged? How can i do that?

  • Good vid thanks. Doing a 405 challenge to raise money for my youth bursary in Toronto. Sending power out to all of you reaching new personal goals, do so with others in mind it will make the journey even more rewarding in the end.

  • I normally use the abductor and adductor machine to warm up those muscles.

    I just started using the barbell for my squats and deadlifts yesterday so I can prep for the next heavy leg workout by getting my range of motion set before I do any of these mistakes.

  • If I “pull” myself down wouldn’t I cause back issues by creating too much downward momentum to be forced on the back at the bottom?

  • I like how her son always comes in her videos. That’s real life lol. There hasn’t been one workout where my little one isn’t crawling over under or on me ��

  • La chaîne en français ⁉️ le titre de la vidéo et l’explication en l’anglais ❕❕ I didn’t understand anything!! you didn’t notice ����

  • 1:13 where bar sits
    7:30 back angle summary

    lower palm should grip
    elbows and hips stay in alignment
    on the descent keep weight on mid foot
    no back and forth moement of elbowss
    no up or down movement of bar on back
    chest stays angled down towards where you are looking
    5:20 drill balance

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  • I’ve been subbed to this channel for a while, and love finding older videos, but this is the most I’ve heard anyone say ‘dude’ since Hulk Hogan retired.

  • I found my solution, turns out my hips are more comfortable in a wider stance. I was told bu a coach that I only have to practice the “normal” squat position (which is too narrow for me) until I get used to it. Glad I googled.

  • The 2:18 test really came to bite me in the ass cuz oh loooord it hurts my knees when trying to keep my heel down���� def gonna be doing warm up and stretches a lot more now.

  • Just for sharing.
    Risks of squat: Worsen hemorrhoid, pudendal neuralgia pinched nerve, spinal cord injury & rectal trauma. Enough to cause you to go for surgery and long holiday. Facing difficulties to poop everyday. You ll only can lie on the bed and forget about your muscle building plans and body is going skinny and losing libido. You want to eat but you ll not dare to poop with pain. How about your work? Medical bills? Taking painkiller everyday? Who can taking care of you? Previous efforts and cost on muscle building is burnt.

    Make sure you do squat properly or else it cost a lot….

  • Your videos are really fascinating with the level of detail and the amount i’ve learned. It didn’t take me long to decide to sign up for one of your programs w/ the quality of free content you already put out.
    One question though, those animations you show with muscle movement, where do you get those from? These type of videos make me really interested in the musicle groups and how they work together and those animations are terrific, and would like to know the source of them so i can learn more please.

  • For weighted goblet/ dumbbell/ barbell squats, is it okay to straighten your legs (locking knees) after standing at the top position? Should we or should we not straighten our legs at the top

  • pls, help me. i used to train my total body, then switched into push pull leg upper lowersplit and start running in free days. i used to do squats before but now my knees hurt and not only squat, lunges or reverse lunges too. also my knees hurt during running. i had this problem 2years ago because of football and age too. can anyone help me? should i stot working out??

  • Squats do not grow the glutes!! This is fact and not very well known unless you speak to a knowledgable PT.

    They are compound exerciseand predominantly works the thigh muscles which can for some body types make the thighs bigger.

    If your goal is to get a bigger booty then unless you are naturally very skinny and need to add muscle mass to both your thighs and glutes they are not the best exercise at all

  • Nice video. Thank you. Folks like you help us stay body healthy while some other evidence-based gurus show us how to potentially ruin our back.
    Keep up the great work

  • Excellent video! Starting to experience knee instability lately due to low back SI injury and new clicking in two places in the knee of the injured leg. Only relief is bending the knee and kneeling to sit on leg. This video seems to reiterate that glute max or medius is weak so will have to attend to those as a way to stabilize knee. Thanks for the info.

  • I have hiatal hernia and acid reflux, i often have abdominal pain after doing squat so is there a way for me to squad without having acid reflux? I really dont want to stop training legs

  • You know why? So many personal trainers say oh no don’t let your knees pass your feet. Then people develop this. They say get your butt back and do not let your knees pass your feet over and over. Why do they tell people this. Ive developed injuries where i wouldn’t have naturally if I listened to myself and how I feel.

  • Omg u are so hilarious! Wonderful attitude and great enthusiasm! I’m so glad I found u on YouTube!!! I will watch u all the time! Thank you so much! I wish u could be my trainer in person! You are so inspiring!!!

  • Its good to squat without weights.. u can always do leg press with the weights.. to me personally I do lounges and squats without weights and it works..

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  • when I squat with loads, at the bottom I always feel that I can’t get up, or it is abit tough for me to stand up, how do I know if I squat too low?

  • But when i do it with a 10kg bar with no weights, i get pain in the wrist especially right wrist. Even the form is right. I think i am somewhere wrong especially in holding the bar. Jeremy, Can you please guide why it happened so?

  • Thnx for the video but wouldn’t it be better to do the wrong ways without weight on the bar I don’t want you injuring yourself trying to help us

  • My biggest thing really is bending too much from the hip and over extending my wrists. So at the end my low back and my wrists are on fire. Especially after high rep sets.

  • Pointing my toes out is one thing I noticed I have to do. I thought I was doing it incorrectly, you proved me it’s helpful thanks for the vid

  • I’ve had knee pain with squats. Switched to low bar squats with perfect form (as in starting strength), can now go below parallel and no pain.

  • Question: They seem almost hunched over when squatting, rather than “chest out, neck back”. Is that not heavy stress on the spine?

  • Did some the other day:/ first time for years.. I try again in few days again / found a good weight to start with.. and try to get better form/ thanks for vid Jeff / yea I even meaning to check my form //. Think I did ok thu.. will do better in few days thu @Marcus

  • Howdy, I’m a new follower. You may have already talked about this but can you give me your input on narrow based squats? Should/shouldn’t, width?

  • Wonderful review of focusing into common errors. Me? Guilty of using too much back coming out of the hole. Gonna try to keep me eyes, head and chest focused as my cue.

  • guys help i got a knee injury from pistol squat and it hurts when i try to bend and walk upstairs and down, my right leg is fine but my left KNEE hurts really bad, it hurts around above knee. PLEASE HELP

  • I have learned that pushing with 3 points of contact helps. Push with your heels, big and pinky toe. Not only I notice more quad engagement but the hamstring helps on the knee joint.

  • Hi, do you think the 5″-from-the-wall ankle flexibility test can be shortened for larger feet?

    For any given lower leg length, the longer the foot then the more angle needed to reach the wall.

  • At first I came to his channel for fitness advice and now I come for the comments �� I was joking in my head “LOL he probably recommends face pull to improve squats” and alas, he actually did

  • One day I will record people doing squats in my gym for a laugh… Most the time they just lean their knees as far forward as they can until 2 o’clock and stand up again ��
    Think they are ‘solid’ for having 160kg on their shoulders and have never once engaged their glutes, and barely engage their quads.

  • fucked my left knee today. I was always squatting 80kg for last two weeks at on point. Suddenly added 20kg and just fucked my knee. It felt like someone inserted a fukin knife inside my left knee.

  • every since joining the Army I have found a huge desire for improving my physical health. I want to look like you one day Jeff! love this channel.

  • What can I do about my knees “popping?” They “pop” when I flex my leg forward or when I stand up. When I sprained my right knee I wore compression sleeves on both knees, even after my sprain healed. I am over 50, so is my knee issue a nutritional issue, age, or lack of exercising properly? This only began recently, I’d say about 1 month ago after I began exercising again.

  • I dont like the idea of having all that weight on you neck area. When I was in high school, we had to squat for gym, I didn’t have that much weight on the bar, maybe 225 or a little more. Somthing popped in my left shoulder blade that put me down. It hurt so bad it made me sweet. I continued lifting after I thought it healed but no more squats. After a few years I had the same thing happen to me, but my left arm went numb. Got an MRI, blew out C4 thru C7. Had to have them fused. Not sure it happened from the squatting but it hit me the same spot same feeling. I do other things to work my legs and yes I still lift to this day. At age 53 I can still bench 380. I hate seeing people put all that weight on their neck like that. I was lucky they fixed it right and didn’t get paralyzed

  • I did the ‘placing on the neck’ mistake and I’ve had a headache since yesterday morning. Thank God my sister is a medic. I wish trainers would stop forgetting these little details. My trainer mentioned all but the neck one. I almost went mad for having a migraine.

  • BEWARE when doing this lift that if you start back up with your but out and leaning forward because you are tired than bad things can happen. When you do this the weight of that bar will be able to put you on the floor and you won’t be able to stop it unless you have the safety bars in place and it won’t be pretty. So be very careful with this lift or suffer great harm. FYI

  • Jeff why do some people move their hips backward when they come up? Example Lauren Fisher goes down and up in a straight line when back squatting. With Brooke Wells you can see her hips move backwards before coming up. Is it someone’s build or is it a mistake?

  • Just when I think I finally got the squat form down I see this video. Man I’m having so much trouble with squats dude I don’t know wtf to do. I struggle with even just the bar, I don’t know why I’m so weak. Deadlifts are also a problem for me but pretty much everything else is decent. It just feels so awkward and uncomfortable.

  • Will this help women aged 50.? I. Was offered a place to train for eventing but although you dad could afford it his / my mum who had me to get his money refused. She threatened to divorce him for everything if he sponsored me. So he sided with her and kicked. Me out. Life’s a journey and mmy autistic son is my world. I am possibly autistic I’m a brilliant horsewomen (wish I could have kept working but my sons needs came before my career ) I am old now. And needs to get fit because I can’t even walk up hill to our corner shop but boris has made sure people like me had our benefits cut to literally a tiny amount that can’t even get me to visit my aunt on her 95th birthday in Scotland I. Can’t heat my house because I can’t afford the rent top up or council tax. When my son was Born there was no council tax or bedroom tax. People weren’t forced to. Pay extra rent because your tiny. House had a storage room 5 foot by 6 foot the door s in a place that stops a bed going in the room other than a tiny cot or crib. A toddler bed makes the door unsafe in the case of a fire. My son has been vomiting everywhere since they cut my money because I can’t feed him the home made pizzas he can stomach. He was born with pyloric stenosis and autism and adhd and dyslexia and he is in continent. I don’t know how to survive in this right wing era. Please any advice on how I move forward and give him a better life will be appreciated. My parents disowned me in 1982 when I was 11. Talented at horse riding and flute playing and art. I was offered a place at st Martins college it’s probably findable. I don’t know but all I know is I am a 50 yr old who wants to make life better for my son.
    My husband suffered stomach cancer and died in Jan 29 2001. I know I can do this. I know squats are probably easy for most people but I’m going to do this and get a better life for my son.
    Don’t judge because he’s an adult. You have no idea how autistic he is. Everyone who knows me believes I and him are exactly the same. I seen a doctor for 2 and a half minute and she said no. Girls don’t have autism, only one in millions does. I have 3 kids all 3 diagnosed autistic. Not one of there dads had autism. And I got different boyfriends because I believed they passed autism on through their genes. All have multiple kids now and none are autistic. All were tested. Please tell me this will get me fit and it will get my now 23 yr old fit and maybe give him confidence to go out there.

  • Serious (probably stupid) question: if the ultimate goal is to have vertical bar path, does this mean squatting on the smith machine is optimal?

  • Great advice but you forgot to mention that don’t squat next to a angry guy he’ll beat your ass just because he’s mad at the world for some odd apparent reason and needs to pick on smaller guys to feel better.

  • Do I have to intentionally lean forward at the top because at the bottom of the squat I lean more and bar path is different, but consisten except the top

  • If I use an elevator stand ( to elevate my heels) while squatting will that protect/ be good for my knees or will it screw them up? I find myself squatting lighter than I can because my right knee hurts. (pattelar tendonitis probably

  • Squats are just not a good exercise full stop in my experience. Certainly not for quad development. I’ve got excellent form but still, squats gave me issues with my knees and hips so I had to stop doing them. They also never made my legs bigger!

  • My knee hurts when low bar squat but no problem with front squat or high bar squat. to be specific, tendo above the knee, connected to the quads part. I noticed a shift of COM towards toes when I am getting out of the hole. I got a decent depth in both high bar and front squat. Not exactly ATG but enough for Snatch and clean. definitely below parallel, any tips on this? Thanks a lot!

  • This isn’t low bar squat, this is the Rip squat. Low bar squat can be performed in several different ways including ATG variations. The purpose of the Rip squat is to transform the squat movement into a proxy deadlift movement with the bar on top of your back instead of below you, that’s why you can squat more weight as long as your deadlift numbers are significantly above your squat numbers.

  • Ask Tom Platz about too vertical. His method is vertical all the way and his thoughts on this are that people are leaning too much forward just to move the weight and nobody actually hits the quads. I lowered my weight and went all the way vertical and the way it hits the quads is just insane.

  • I squat to a bench depth (regular gym bench, around 18 inches high). when my butt touches the bench, i get back up and i badly need the bench as a reminder of adequate depth. Can you plz confirm if a regular gym bench height is low enough for squats? if it’s not then i have been doing half squats for all this time.. sigh

  • These rules apply to a tall guy? Im 6’3 and been struggling a lot to get the low bar squat right. I even hurt my low back because of doing the good morning squat and not being aware of it.

  • Weird,im sure Russel orhii,a competition power lifter said in a vid to always break from the hips,I think he said imagine a girl sticking her ass out to sit on your lap…everybody claims their way is the right way..

  • what a boss. he does a messed up version of the exercise risking injury to himself in the video (even though it’s probably light weight for him) just to show how it’s not supposed to be done, haha! Thanks for all the information man, people love and appreciate you and your videos.

  • I’m having a problem of wrist extension and then too much pressure gets put on my wrist and it’s very painful. This is only happening on my left wrist. Still trying to solve it.

  • Is this bar any good for ensuring a better posture when squatting……especially if you have mobility issues in your shoulders?

  • I’ve been squatting for a long time and still have no idea if I squat properly or not. LOL! I can squat 2.5x my bw, so that’s not too bad.

  • If you observe a toddler doing a squat their form is perfect. Knees track over toes and balance is perfect. Olympic lifters also have great form as well

  • One problem with the “below the scapula” cue, is the the bar is horizontal, while the spine of the scapula is diagonal. Therefore, the bar is, I assume, below the acromion, but above the medial end of the spine of the scapula?

  • Why do none of them use a neutral wrist thumb over grip when it is the preferred method? If all of rips SS coaches dont keep a neutral wrist then why is it taught that way?

  • I must say this i am a new subbie for a week and i thoroughly enjoy your work out, your video are not too long neither too easy to follow. and for the first time i understand the right way to do the squats

  • The pulling down hip queue helps me the most. When you get this perfect it feels like you are hovering down and up in full control over perfect center of gravity. It’s an amazing feeling. I never had knee valgus, shins are ok because I wear squat shoes. The hardest part for me is to warmup but over time the more you squat the less you have to warmup to squat deep. The biggest issue in going up in weight imo is still breathing/valsalva maneuver. Got to learn that to squat heavy or your low back will hate you.

  • Hope you enjoyed this one! Comment below what other exercises you’d like me to cover in this fashion��!

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  • Hello Jeff!
    Thank you for your great content!
    I have a question about this video; not on the Squat, but rather on how you’re doing Face Pulls.
    In another video, you’re explaining how the wrists wins the race over elbows when travelling backwards in Face Pulls. However, that’s not what I’m seeing here.
    Wanted to know more about the differences between the two forms!
    Thank you in advance, and I appreciate your work.

  • A major mistake I see is when people do squats on a barbell machine, they put their feet in front of them instead of straight under them. That is going to hurt the back, which is obviously not good.

  • About the knees being forward relative to the toes, this ss video contradicts what’s is said