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The One Trick to Feeling No Guilt When You Skip the Gym. by Brittany Risher. February 2, 2019. 1 Comment. Mindfulness tends to be associated with “healthier” practices such as yoga and meditation, but living mindfully isn’t about always choosing Pilates.

Feeling less guilty about skipping the gym takes a mix of mental and physical training. If you want to work a little harder next time, take time on the day you skip to plan a high-intensity workout. If you know you need a little love, remember to give yourself grace. In the end, one missed workout won’t undo all your hard work, so don’t let yourself get too upset about it. Frequently Asked Questions Do you need to go.

One bout of sniffles shouldn’t have you hitting the bench just yet: light to moderate exercise can boost immunity and actually cut down on sick time. But if you’re not sure if. 9. The One Trick to Feeling No Guilt When You Skip the Gym We’re beginning to learn the power of mindfulness when it comes to weight loss and healthy living.

So if it helps us maintain perspective about working out, too, then bring it on. This applies to you, too. Whether you are feeling should-y for not working out for one day or a whole decade. So the next time you’re feeling guilty for dozing off in your yoga class (yes, I sometimes do this), remember these things: Your body is not going to drastically change from one or two missed workouts. This is one mechanism used by women in my study to mitigate their sense of “failure” and guilt associated with exercise—in other words, to think about exercise without automatically feeling.

When you find yourself in such a situation, heading back to the cupboard even though you deliberately put the packet away because you were only going to have one, the trick is. You feel guilty because you know you could’ve made the gym that day but you didn’t push yourself to get there and that makes you feel ‘guilty’. You could have and you didn’t. You failed. Actually, you can even feel exercise guilt when there literally wasn’t enough time in the day (unless you woke up at 4am to workout) to fit it in.

I run or bike for like 10 minutes and then do maybe 10-16 different exercises 3x10 reps. I’m not really sure if that is too much but I don’t feel that tired after only 45 minutes so it never occured to me that 45 minutes is all I need. So I wanted to check with you guys to see if you have any experience with shorter workouts. Thanks in advance. The trick for how to forgive yourself or how to stop feeling guilty is simply to discover that you are not to blame for what happened and that you don’t know whether what happened was bad.

I hope you find this video about how to stop feeling guilty to be helpful.

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You might even feel a bit guilty leaving the gym after less than an hour.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
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Or “Today I’ll skip my workout, but tomorrow I’ll double up.”

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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Activation “I hate the fact that the gym makes money off of me because I never go.”

“Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness” by Dawn Clifford, Laura Curtis
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Don’t feel too guilty if you miss some training, but be honest with yourself and realize that you will not get the benefits of health and strength you are seeking if you miss workouts too often.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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If you find yourself walking away from a workout with a little bit of guilt, telling yourself you could have done better, just resolve to get a few more reps or sets the next time around.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
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If you’re feeling like you want to give up or skip a day or two, remember that you’ll never regret working out, but you may regret choosing to skip it.

“Basic Training For Dummies” by Rod Powers
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I continued this trick until exercising at the gym became a solid part of my routine, and as I continued to feel better and better each time I went, I didn’t have to trick myself any more.

“Anxiety Rebalance: All the Answers You Need to Overcome Anxiety and Depression” by Carl Vernon
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When I travel and work out in new gyms by myself, I focus on beating my old records.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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You leave the gym feeling somewhat redeemed.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
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If you write down or verbally tell someone that you are going to the gym, it will help you stick with it because you’ll feel guilty if you don’t go.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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  • I had less progress when I was hyper monitering myself and working out intensly 6 days a week. My body started to stress out and I wasn’t changing, I was still overweight. Then I stopped obsessing about being ‘healthy’ (which isn’t true health mind you) and all of a sudden, the last few pounds fell off and now I am happier and free from food and exercise guilt for the first time. ��

  • Cambria, thank you so much for making this video. I truly did feel like you were talking to me specifically. I am going to take your advice and try not to feel guilty for missing a workout. Instead I will do my best to love myself as I am now not some perfect picture of who I think I should be. As you said: acknowledge the steps and achievements you make towards your overall health goals. I love you and thank you again for sharing your knowledge and encouragement. ��

  • I found your tik tok profile and then it linked your channel: I love all your social medias and your message hits so different ����

  • I started my weight loss journey last month, May 19, 2020 With 72kls weight. I feel motivated everytime i watch your video. After a month of following your low carb diet, (no rice intake) i am weighing 65 kls as of June 19,2020.. Is my weight loss too slow or too fast? Thank you! Greetings from Philippines ��

  • I love your advices dear Cambria, you don´t imagine the way they have helped me to visualize myself as a complete human being, you always has the right words for us. God bless you forever. XOXO

  • Thank you Cambria, you are so genuine and kind. I have been a subscriber for a long time and watching you grow in YouTube and remain YOU is awesome. Thank you ��

  • Hey Alpha m, do you have any fashion related tips for skinny/slim dudes? ‘Cause I have problem dressing up to look good even being slim. Thanks dude.

  • I’m a Christian and someone I know has been talking about being gay and stuff and I know for 100% i am straight like really straight but the little voice in my brain has been saying “what if you’re going to be gay sometime” and I makes me so nauseous because I can’t stop that voice and it’s so bad!

  • I have struggled with my weight since January of 2019. I gained 30 pounds during treatment for what doctors thought was leukemia. I was super discouraged as I have always had a super thin figure from playing sports my whole life. I started college in August of 2019 and hit the highest weight i’d ever been, 176lbs, in October of 2019. keep in mind I am 5’10 but for my frame, that weight was not healthy. I have tried every diet under the sun and have had no success. in January I got serious about losing weight and I have only lost 11 pounds. i have roughly 20 to go until I will be at my ideal weight. after watching your video, I have realized that this journey doesn’t need to be just a weight loss journey, but a lifestyle change. i have never been one to eat junk food, but my guilty pleasure is a Sprite in the afternoon when I get off work or class. your video helped me realize that in moderation, anything is possible and it’s not going to be an instant change overnight. you have no idea how much you just motivated me to change my lifestyle, thank you so much!

  • I’m on a diet since a month (25th June) and I Lost 3 kgs, I’m eating things that I like so that It doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. I’ve also included physical Activity and you’re really helping me giving me extra Infos and knowledge and keeping me motivated. Thanks for that�� love from Italy

  • I don’t have symptoms such as my mind telling me I’m gay and I don’t have any fantasies about males. The only problem I really have is that my mind keeps asking me are you gay and it’s nonstop. This is not as bad as other things I’ve seen in the comment section but is this hocd?

  • Bohot harami hai pichle videos mai bola kam se kam 30-40 spf cream lgao isme paise mile to 20 spf pe aagya ( please translate this to English for him or audience) ��

  • You are amazing. Right now im struggling so much with my weight. I work out everyday and try to eat super healthy but when i get an off day i feel so disgusting. Your video made me feel that im not alone. I started gaining weight when i dropped out of college and my boyfriend broke up with me. My face started to break out and i hated myself. This was a year ago and a month ago i decided to change my life after trying 100 types of diets and crying all day. Im going to try sth different just like you. You inspired me.

  • Trust me, once you start masturbating it’s very hard to stop. Please don’t listen to videos that say it’s “normal” and “healthy”. It’s as easy to get addicted to as smoking cigarettes and once you start, the guilt increases everyday. Because I was addicted to masturbation, I know how hopeless I felt. I am doing my best, and for the past few months managed to keep myself in check and not masturbate. But now I know how addiction feels and I am set on never trying anything like cigarettes or alcohol, even as a one time thing because when I started masturbation, I never thought I’d get addicted. So please, please don’t masturbate. Divert your attention to other things that you can put your energy into. If you really feel like masturbating, do push-ups, not only will you get healthier, you’ll be able release the pent up energy.

  • Been watching your videos ever since I started losing weight, and guess what?
    After doing intermittent fasting for weeks and workouts, I lost 10kg in 6weeks.
    I’m really happy for the results! Thaaaanks! More vids to come!

  • Practice IF
    Drink coffee, tea/bulletproof coffee
    Eat high vol nutrient dense low carb veg
    Fill the rest of ur plate w fat and protein
    Drink enough H2O
    Do sumn else that doesnt involve eating
    Manage ur stress lvls and get adeq quality sleep

  • If you don’t know why adding butter and oil to your diet is going to stop you from reaching 100 then check out the work of Pritikin, Ornish & Esselstyn… ��

  • Thank you so much Cambria!I’ve been feeling guilty for days because I can’t work out when I’m sick. I really needed to hear this. Have you thought about starting a podcast? I would definitely listen!!!

  • Hello someone please help me. Ive been straight male my whole life. Is having same sex thoughts part of hocd? I do not want them and they are not pleasurable to me.

  • I’ll be honest cambria, you talking about working out is SO inspiring �� I’ve missed the gym a lot this week and this helped me feel so at peace with that! ALSOthe way you positively speak about how you LOVE your workouts inspires me to hit the gym and do workouts I enjoy �� I love it! Thank you and keep talking about the things you are so clearly passionate about! ����

  • Yes!I’m early! ♥️♥️♥️ you are always underated. Your tips are always honest and on point. Hope you’ll have millions of followers bc they also need help, just like me.:)

  • How do u start back when u feel tired all the time? I want to but once I get off work all I want to do is go home instead of working out?

  • Thank you Sir! You really helped and inspired me.. From 64kg to 60kg for 3weeks. I’m Practicing 18/6 and shifting to OMAD then preparing myself for 7days water fast. Any tips? Thank you in advance ������

  • I just have to say, you can do all these fancy treatments but god is the real person that can help. If you realize that these thoughts are just the devils way of trying to get you to strain farther from god it’s not that hard to act against it. Trust me, if you pray to god, read the Bible and go to church your hocd will go away and you will realize that hocd is actually an amazing thing as it can bring you much closer to god.

  • I started doing erp but then i get thoughts like ” I am not suppressing my gay thoughts these days may be I have accepted that I am gay, oh God! I am not Gay!” Please someone tell me this is just HOCD ����

  • Step #3 is key! This will change your life. You can still eat pizza once in a while but make sure you’re not stuffing yourself EVER.

  • thanks for being so inspiring and giving out good advice!! i’m struggling with calorie counting and self confidence and your tiktoks have really given me hope����

  • Omg I literally just paid for a meal plan last week (calorie deficit and macro’s included) and I guess I wasted my money Bc I’m not counting ����‍♀️����‍♀️ thank you sm for this. You’re so so inspiring ❤️

  • I can vouch for the cold exposure and Wim Hoff, ive been doing it for 6 months, ice bath (outside) breathing and meditation every morning, feels amazing. As for sleeping, had insomnia for 20 years cured it with CBTi which involves habitual/behaviour changes and sleep restriction to fix your sleep drive. It has an 86% success rate but two most important things to do, regardless of the time, only go to bed when you are ‘cant keep your eyes open’ tired (never set your bed time by your watch) and get up at the same time everyday, get up, get light get active, let your body know it is morning time. Give your body this consistency and you will see massive improvements in sleep (or if you still have serious problems sign up for some Cbti)

  • I’ve been dealing with this since I was 11 which I know is really young to develop this but my friends kept calling me a lesbian since I hadn’t had my first crush, kiss or boyfriend. They also said it was because I gave them hugs (as young kids do) when I saw them for the first time in ages. This really freaked me out as I’ve always been in to Disney princesses and dreaming of falling in love with “my prince” so to suddenly be told I’m something else really got to me. As I got older the more I started to obsess over this fear. Every time there was a sexy scene that involved a woman in a film or a tv show I would always think “am I turned on by this” and would freak out if I had the tiniest reaction. After I kept telling my friend her boyfriend wasn’t a good guy I started to freak out that I was the stereotypical “gay best friend” who has a crush on the main character and would get jealous of them being in a relationship when in reality I was just trying to warn her that he was a douche and she keeps giving him too many chances after cheating on her. But I’ve always been emotionally attracted to guys, I’ve never had a crush on a girl before, whether that’s in films or real life. So when I thought that maybe I was just gay and in denial I would think about being in a relationship with a woman and it didn’t feel right, I only like the idea of being in a relationship with a man. I searched up my thoughts and I came across this and everything made sense. I had all the symptoms and was relieved to see this is an actual thing and I’m not going crazy. I still do panic about not being able to fall in love with “my prince” but I now know that this is just another symptom of HOCD. I don’t know how I’m going to tackle it but seeing this is all just the thoughts in my head and that I will be able to get actual help instead of being told “you’re just a lesbian in denial” has made me feel less alone. Thank you for helping me understand why I have these thoughts in my head.

  • I love your videos. The stuff works and you get straight to the point. I even bought ur no diet diet book on amazon kindle. It’s a great read and very useful information. Keep it up bro ��❤️

  • Great video man! Simple and summarizes an incredible amount of wisdom in simple templates/action plans to take control of one’s life. Awesome!

  • for me I think my mind has made me think that girls and Guys are the same, and I now I feel like I’m attracted to both. I tried to go deeper in my thoughts to fix it, but it has gotten worse ��

  • I cannot express how much I needed to hear this today and at this point in my life. Your videos have helped me get through so many different stages in my life, and as I am about to embark on another stage (graduating from college in December!), I’ve found myself (and my boyfriend) turning back to our faith for guidance and it is in large part thanks to you. You are changing so many lives, and I hope you never forget it!

  • You can have keto alternatives. I have a small ChocZero (for example) almost everyday and I never feel like cheating with standard chocolate. It’s made with monk fruit sweetener and mct oil and all clean ingredients. I get it on amazon. You can get all kinds of keto versions of junk foods, and it’s guilt-free.

  • what a self-serving, superficial, recycled advice with no basis. “cold exposure” has very little actual scientific benefits but its very harmful for sure for people with high blood pressure and can give many renal failures. There is a scientific article published on a 27 yo Japanese man who destroyed his kidney by cold exposure. Sure it wakes you up but the anti-inflammatory and other claims have zero scientific bases. All your “advice” is using vein and external methods. that coupled with your understanding of depression “addiction to your problems” combined with the ridiculous title of this video to stop depression in 60 seconds, all speak of your utter lack of understanding of what depression really is. How do you even recommend meditation with a straight face when you’ve never done it yourself for more than 5 days???? This consumerism, non-sense advice can work for someone who has had a bad week! As someone who dealt with depression for years, I find this video INSULTING!

  • I masturbated to a guy today and I felt I’ll afterwards I started having some sort of attack my stomach feels ill i am also a massive masturabation addict and the reason this started is because I tried to masturbate to a guy and it worked and I felt I’ll I was always straight before and now I don’t think I am I haven’t been diagnosed but I truly think I have it, I hope I have it I really do because I don’t want to be gay it just doesn’t feel right i don’t feel gay I have never been gay ever and it’s just happened past 5 months and I keep on masturbating to guys I hate it I feel so gay maybe it’s a groinal response but idk I just wanna go back in time man please I beg somebody help me please somebody reply with a long truthful message because idk if it’s denial or me being gay I’ve always been straight but as soon as I hit year 8(12-13 years old) it’s been hell every time I look at a guy I’m like I’m I gay and I know I’m not but I might be I’m so sad

  • For me it started when I was 19. I’d been severely bullied and due to my gifted brain I’ve always tried to find solutions by going over them meticulously. I blamed myself. So I wasn’t the victim, I actually blamed myself here! Because of my lack of social skills and the bullying I was pretty lonely and never dated girls. And somehow whenever the “gay” topic would come up I was afraid that people would look at me, so I always wanted to avoid that topic, which in turn made my face turn red, which made everything worse. Anyway, after a while I started doubting if I was truly straight, just because my face turned red everytime and the gay topic was so loaded for me. So I decided to start checking myself and find out once and for all… Big mistake.
    I’d been having these intrusive thoughts between age 19 and 29 and only then I found out it was ocd. I felt immensely relieved that day, but the following day that little voice: “What if this is not the case for me?”. My thoughts were there constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Constantly checking, reassuring myself until I couldn’t anymore. Finally when I found out about ocd it took me nearly another year before I asked for help. 2 Years of therapy gave me back my life, or so I thought at least. The thoughts and fear would be there, always lurking. Especially triggers when seeing some random guy. No particular guy, it could be anyone. Even my dad triggered my ocd once. Anyway, due to my ocd and trigger avoidance I’ve developped social anxiety and worse: an avoidant personality disorder. 2 Years ago I started therapy for my avoidant personality disorder, and after a while my ocd came roaring back into life.
    Needless to say: my life is pretty messed up right now. Had a big spike just passing some random guy this morning and felt all out of energy ever since. I’m 41 now and I wonder if this will ever go away or if this is just it. I’m trying my exposure exercises again, but there just doesn’t seem a point to it. Next tuesday I’ll ask for more ocd treatment as I don’t want to continue like this.

  • I got this girl. She’s sexy. The likes to take selfies on a bikini. I’m a lucky man. But I’m fat. I have a small pee pee. ¿HOW DID I ACCOMPLISH THIS? Confidence, listen to her, and lift her up. There are more important things than just look.

  • is it harmful to the body if I fast for 2 or 3 days then eat for one day then fast again for 2-3 days and keep doing this cycle over and over? I want to lose a lot of body fat, that’s why Im planning on doing this.

  • I saw your tiktoks and I love them so much. Now that you’re on youtube and I couldn’t be more happier! love your videos, love how you address all the questions!! hope to see more contents from you!! you’re my fav youtuber!!

  • Wow Cambria. This video just confirmed everything I have slowly begun to understand over the past few months. I used to hate myself. I used to diet, and then binge, and then hate myself more and beat myself through a workout to make up for it.
    Not anymore. God has been healing my mind, as you said, and showed me light. And love. And FREEDOM. It has been a process and change hasn’t happened overnight, but little by little He has led me from captivity to freedom. From dark to light. From hate to love. He is still leading me. Your video served to open my eyes even more to TRUTH! Thank you. X

  • Bro!! Audible!! Seriously one of thee best pieces of advice iv received from this channel, among others of course. But I have knocked out 63 books in the last year thanks to you!! Its been a complete game changer!! I NEVER read. Now not only do I use audible daily for a minimum of 3 hrs (thanks to the off the grid app, alittle electronic detox thing) but I also read books in between. I have a whole collection.

  • hey… I’ve been watching your vdos and I have lost 5 kgs in 2 months on your tips and intermittent fasting… but I have a question…. does hot water with lime also have an effect on insulin?

  • True freedom however comes through Christ. The word of God says where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty 2 Corinthians 3:17 through Him is true deliverence from all enslavement to standards that are unreachable in our strength and outside of His will. If we first understand what Christ Jesus did for us at the cross then we can start to understand grace, forgiveness, life, acceptance and truth and all that is truly good through God’s eyes we will then start to value others and ourselves more highly than we have before not in a way that is selfish or proud but in a way thay is humble, true and precious. Eating/living healthily is a choice; we will need to see the value of it before we choose is. Common grace is given in measure to all by God but God’s ultimate grace is given through the cross of Christ, made available to all. We don’t chose that; God chooses us it is completely undeserved but still given freely to us yet it cost the Lord God Almighty everything to give it. That is true grace. If God gave His Son Jesus to give us life, who chose to go to the cross and lay down His life for us to pay the debt, the price for our sins to stand before a righteous judge (God the Father) on our behalf to pay our fine/debt for our sin (breaking God’s commands) how can we say God does not love us that is like saying to someone who took a bullet for us/who gave us everything they could and still saying “I don’t believe you love me” no greater love can any man have than to lay His life down for His friends. John 15:13.

  • It’s so sad I was sort of cured, at least the thought was gone and now I’ve been worrying for a week again lol. I’m so happy I’m not alone rn, besides that I’ve had 2 boyfriends already and I’ve been never attracted to girls like that. But since I broke up with my most recent boyfriend, the thoughts have been coming back.. it’s making me sometimes so uncomfortable:/

  • Everyone already knows this shit, why do you seek this random guys advice who only makes videos to sell you products while pretending to care about you.

  • Only works for guys under 50 older doesnt work and thin resources equal what’s on list ive been in the failure barrel since i was a kid

  • I literally needed this video��I’ve been struggling mentally, physically and spiritually because I’ve wrapped my mind around perfectionism. I went from a 2xl to a large in a couple of months and I felt that if I missed a work out I was going to get bigger again.But hearing this video encouraged me to be happy and to be human and to no longer feel ashamed for missing a workout. Honestly the best video ever.��Thanks��God bless you��

  • loved this video❤
    The untethered soul is a great book about hearing and acknowledging the presence of your ego (the negative thoughts your were talking about) and knowing that they are NOT you.

  • Oh my goodness! This brought tears to my eyes. I have always been guilty when I couldn’t or didn’t make a workout. You said everything I needed to hear and moving forward no LIES only TRUTH! 😉 Thanks Cambria for being amazing and always uplifting <3

  • So is this video to help people reinforce that their gay? It seems biased.. Whats wrong with praying?. This video seems odd and deceptive. Just like the mom that says that’s not really a pill it’s just bitter candy..

  • Alpha m. I don’t always agree with you on every little thing but this vid really resonated well with me. We all have infinite hidden potential.

  • I’ve even lost my sex drive. I was sexually assaulted in 8th grade and it’s messed me up mentally because now I feel that I am gay when I’m not. I was touched inappropriately in my lap and then touched inappropriately in my groan. The pain made me go crazy and I even went all the way to watch straight porn to prove I’m not gay. I’ve rejected many gay guy because I’ve even said I’m
    Not gay I’m straight. There was one time when I had to say I was gay for be friends with people and I didn’t know what it meant and I regret it. There was even one time when I a gay guy told me to experiment with a guy because I kept getting rejected by girls and that Itself broke my heart because now I feel that I’m going to be gay when I don’t see myself like that. Please I need help asap

  • When I don’t have an hocd symptom it scares me that I’m just in denial but I remind myself of the symptoms I do have and that not everyone is the same

  • I really have to get on Tony’s show he’s really my only hope to help me get out of this shit I know it sounds corny but that’s how I feel

  • I just allow myself one cheat a week. Could be anything from chocolate to chips or fries but only if I really fancy it. Sometimes its 3 weeks before wanting to cheat!

  • Thanks for another great video!:) This is probably a dumb question but I dislike MCT oil, is the HVMN brand powder (coconut form instead of whey) okay in bulletproof? If not I can just do the butter. It’s vanilla flavored so that MIGHT trigger and insulin response.

  • This is bs snake oil if this would work in long term every Doctor would use the Method and we didn´t have that problem anymore. Nothing about this is so easy and straight forward like this.

  • Really enjoyed the video and went to get your 11 questions to journal on. Happy to provide my email address but you also want to link to my Facebook messenger to send them? What did you need my email address for then initially? Not cool, can you just send them via email?

  • I am lying in bed the whole day (because I am ill) and I am thinking I should go to the gym. So I really needed your talk today. Perfect timing 😉

  • Cambria, God is using you in such a powerful powerful way. I needed to hear this so much today. I have just started a new job in the last month which I absolutely love, and I’ve also started back to school at University. I’m finding I’m feeling overwhelmed, and very tired. I really want to workout consistently, but am often just so tired I crash on the couch. I definitely have been getting very hard on myself. This video hit my heart so hard. Thank you for following God’s leading, and sharing His heart with us. You are amazing and you inspire me and encourage me! I so appreciate you and all you do! <3

  • Amazing content it’s really helpful, I’m doing IF now your videos help me understand it more and even recommending your videos to my friends…….

  • Can you please make a video about how to handle people at work when they aren’t christians and you have to hear them talk about others and negative stuff and as a baby Christian how can I handle that and what should I do.

  • Cambria, thank you soo much for what you’re doing. You’re amazing, God speak through you wonderfully. GBY ��❤ and say hi to Bo, he’s an amazing husband, I pray to God that He will send me my the one ��

  • Can you make a video on how to improve you metabolism with gaining the weight back? I basically ruined mine now if I eat more and don’t exercise I gain it all:(

  • Sunday evening with family is a good time for that. Just don’t overload on sugars as that may knock you out of Ketosis for 2 days!..Eat other types of foods like pizza, tacos, lasagna, etc

  • how did you drop calorie counting? I feel like after it’s been part of your life for so long it’s hard to see foods and not associate the numbers with them. would love to know how you did it because i have been wanting to stop for months now but can’t shake the fact i feel like i am internally always counting!

  • I ran into ur videos back in mid January. I had tried keto before without success. With your information and motivation I am changing my life! For the first time as an adult I am in control of my weight and my diet! I have gone from 367lbs to 306 since January 31st. I still have a long way to go…..but I know I’ll get there and I’m enjoying it! No rush, no misery, just success! Thank you so much!!!!

  • My first time doing IF didn’t go very well because I rushed into it, that’s why I stopped for a week. And after that, I stumbled upon one of your videos where you talk about how IF should be done and I followed it. I adjusted my meal times and got into it very fast. I have lost 12 lbs in less than 2 weeks. Just this week, I tried doing OMAD and it’s going well for me. Thank you for what you do☺️☺️

  • AMEN
    This videos message was so beautiful and I’m so thankful that you are not afraid to say exactly what God is putting on your heart. Your passion is so inspiring Cam!!

  • you should do a video on what influencers you’ve watched and books you’ve read that have helped to inform you and grow in your health journey! i really love this video and your account, so inspiring! it’s hard to want to stop worrying about the outside and weight and focus on being healthy, but you and your videos have really just brought me in the right direction to want to do this for the right reasons!!

  • I was putting myself in a alot of stress because of over-counting calories and decision fatigue..
    I was giving up but thanks to you now i know what was causing all that stress and I’m inspired to try again.
    Thanks alot ❤

    Love from Egypt.

  • i feel like i’ve scared myself into making myself look at other females and make myself think their attractive but deep down i know i’m straight. does anyone else feel like this?

  • Yaaasss this is such a good message �� I recently started working out again at the gym after like 6 months of not working out. I have already lost over 70 pounds over the last few years, but I do need to just tone up my body and lose like another 15 more pounds. BUT I find it hard to workout when I am not fueled by anger, or like, I feel like I have to be in an aggressive state to work out. But I got myself to the gym the other day and I just stopped my mind for a moment, telling me all the negative things about myself and I just went there with an intention of focusing on doing good for my body. Like I am working out right now because it is healthy and I love my body and I love me, and god wants to see me taking care of myself. When I started to focus on that, it became so much easier, now I can’t wait to go back. Because I took the focus off of ex-boyfriends, my flabby thighs, and what I need to weight. I put all that crap in the garbage and just said I want to do whats best for me <3

  • Hi I have been following you for about a month now. I just reached my first 24 hour fast, and I feel great!! I have a question regarding metabolic fasting. How or better when can fasting hurt your metabolism? Thanks for all your great info:)

  • Preach, girl! Thank you so much, this is exactly what I need right now. I am going through something similar to what you went through… and I am trying so hard to push all the negative thoughts away and drown them in positivity, but it is hard. BUT, I am not giving up!:) Thank you… I shall be free:)

  • Exactly what I needed to hear about Cambria! Thanks so much for sharing. I love how open you are to letting God speak through you. You are so inspiring and resonate so deeply with so many. Love you and God bless you ❤️

  • this video was for me and i know it was. I just started my freshman year in college and i am super busy and havent gotten to go to the gym in a little bit and i was listening to satans lies of that i will lose my progress and just feeling guilty for not going. this is why i love your videos cambria, because you encourage us constantly and share the lord puts on your heart. thank you so much.

  • slightly off topic here, sorry…..but i was looking at a video of yours from years ago about bentonite clay…I’m from Australia, trying to get food grade CALCIUM bentonite…not possible here…only one I can find is in America but is really expensive….like really….will cost about $100 to get 450 grms here…….you got any good source ideas..? ta, appreciate it…

  • I think that this tipe of video are really motivated and interesting, every time I watch them I think that I must and I CAN be a little bit healty
    lov from ����

  • So quick question this started happening to me during quarantine. And I really enjoyed Females and I’m a male. So does this mean I’m gay?

  • I don’t believe in god, but I got so inspired by you!! I believe in the same things, I just replace “god” by “the universe”. Thank you! I really needed this today❤️❤️

  • I have learned, when you are stressed, your mind does funny things. Ask yourself what stressors you have in life right now. And, dont forget to take care if yourself. Love you all.

  • I finally watched I Am Not Your Guru last night. I don’t know a ton about TR but have been exposed to his fans a lot because I bought the Knowledge Business Blueprint he did with Dean Graziosi. It’s been so fascinating to meet his raving fans and learn indirectly about his methods. It’s been really cool. I made a new friend who has helped me change my mindset and quadruple the cost of my upcoming course. Now my new TR friends want me to go to UPW (which I just learned is his event Unleash the Power Within). One of my friends said she will pay for it because she wants me to go so badly. Tony really must be something if his followers are willing to buy people they barely know a ticket. I know they are not cheap! Thanks for explaining these concepts!

  • After 4 years struggle finally I know my Mental sickness name����….
    I think Allah will show me way.
    But one thing’s now I am 100% clear now from I am straight ��like my parents and I also know that before because I have sleep with many girls before and I also feel that I only Attract to women. The feelings came to my mind when I see men that’s fear. The day I understand it.I aslo have over come it. But now I only one things killing me my thoughts ��

  • Try to read porn instead. There are plenty of erotica websites. Helps your uh… fantasy a little.

    Not that I know much about it or anything.

    But, it’s worth a try! Trust me!

  • This is my goals�� I’ve been tracking macros etc for the last 3 years I hate it I hate having to weigh everything etc it’s no way to live I’m scared to get rid of the app because I won’t know how many calories I’m eating but I still will be exercising so as long as I’m staying healthy it’s all I want ����

  • You are absolutely amazing and I needed this so badly�� you are so beautiful on the inside and out. Keep doing what you do, thank you❤️

  • I’m legit crying…everything you said hit close to home. I also was diagnosed with anxiety, so this really does make me lose my mind

  • would an OMAD before -> cheat day -> OMAD after strategy work as well when it comes to intermittent fasting planning for cheat days?

  • Hey Clark, great vid, what did u do about the coffee withdrawal, when u were at the farm? I tried not drinking coffee and got headaches, thanks, ������

  • thank you so much for this video! I’m nearly sixteen and since the beginning of the year I have started to feel really guilty about what I eat and counting calories and I know it’s not healthy at all! I have always loved to cook and enjoyed it but now I started to feel afraid of it… I think you just open up my eyes and that I’m finally gonna enjoy the food I decide to eat! I’m gonna start to apply your tips�� thank you again for what you’re doing✨you’re an inspiration to me!

  • The first thing that you talked about was me but I actually changed my mindset and I find that I am a bit better and going through as the day goes by.

  • Thank you for this. I’ve been killing myself with this and was almost falling out of love with working out. I was working out 3 hours a day on top of a 9-5 full time job and piano lessons every day. I missed a single gym session I would batter myself because I would tell myself I’m not disciplined. I just end up crashing straight into a wall. Injuries, sickness, complete lack of motivation. I wouldn’t listen to my body or mind and I suffered a lot cause of that. Even crazier is there was never any outside pressure to do any of this. I took it all on myself and yelled at myself internally for failing to do any of it. I just needed some positive words just gonna take today to reevaluate and put together my mental health.

  • Saw your video this morning and You are so on point! Side note: I really appreciate it that you added the workout and what exact moves you did. Did your arm workout this morning after my jog. We worked you together. Well sort of. Close enough. Thank you Cambria. God bless!

  • I fasted for 17 days. Felt great until day 18 got the shakes couldn’t make them stop had to break my fast. Can’t do coffee or tea, allergic. Trying to go omad. In the trial and error faze.

  • I love your health philosophy. Such a healthy mindset. it took me so long of yoyo dieting to find intuitive eating and realize I should focus on adding more healthy foods to feel better rather than just starving myself all day and binging at night. I really wish more you tubers had your mindset. It is the perfect way to be thinking and it is such a good influence for others. You should be very proud of the positive mind set and example you are setting for women.

  • How long do you normally workout for?? I feel like I’ve been working out for forever and seeing no results so maybe I’m doing something wrong!

  • I have a cure!!!Trust me it worked for me But you must be patient
    1.Give the voice in your head a name.Im gonna use Bob for example.Bobs goal is to make you depressed and anxious.He is the same voice that makes you feel bad about yourself and insults you when you look in the mirror and the same one that gets makes you say stuff you will never say when your angry

    2.How do you know if its Bob.Well he will start with “what if…”Like he might say”what if you are becoming gay”and then you start crying.

    3.Ignore Bob at all times.Know you are straight and dont respond to anything Bob says.If is says “What if your gay” ignore him and talk to yourself about the weather or somethong

    4.How to ignore bob?You must busy yourself and dont get deep into your thoughts.Like day dreaming.NONE OF THAT.Because then Bob will be talking to you and you wont realise.Act like its a crazy guy talking behind you.Dont listen or acknowledge his existence.Just live your day as you did before you had hocd leage everything related to it

    5.After ignoring him you are gonna find that the whispers are slowly going away..BUT DONT CELEBRATE YET.Because if you start getting excited about how straight you are bob will see this as a chance and tell you your gay.Continue ignoring him

    TIP:Dont leave anything or do anything because of the voice.What do i mean?If you are watching a movie and there are two guys and you get disturbing thoughts about them.Continue watching the movie and dont stop watching.Stop watching when ever you wanna stop watching.Another example if the voice says your gay,dont prove the voice your not gay by masturbating.Dont be stupid.Rather say “I know im not gay and i dont need to prove im straight”

    Also be patient,if you do the voice will slowly start to dissepear

    I hope this helps.This cured it for me.If any questions please ask because hocd is the worst thing and makes me and probaly you wanna kill yourself.Hope we all recover��

  • When I started not getting turned on by porn this went and slammed me at full force. This wasn’t a slow thing either, yesterday it was great and the next day nothing. A lot of people say it’s because that my brain wants more dopamine than I can actually give it. So any tips on this?

  • You are such an inspiration. You’ve lifted my spirit in so many ways with this video. I’ve struggled with hating my body, hating myself, and binge eating for years. I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight and often I feel so lost with it all.

    Is there anyway you could maybe do a future video on eating healthy and maybe how to eat like you do to lose weight and get healthy for beginners like me?

  • hi katelyn! i’m 14 and i’ve been trying to loose weight for a while now but nothing has worked:( so what do you think i should try? bye i love your channel sm ��

  • Just taking time to say that I am taking a break from graduate school work to watch your content because it is truly uplifting. Thank you Cambria!

  • This is terrible! Depression is NOT a symptom! It’s the DISEASE! a very real, very life threatening disease and you need medication to treat it, not a pep talk!!! How hard can it be to understand?? It’s 2019!!!
    This should at least have a warning.

  • i’m bisexual but I haven’t been in a relationship in a while and I started questioning myself and now I can’t stop I genuinely know who I am but I can’t shut up my thoughts

  • I love the video and I enjoy the energy you put on it, i know you probably know this already but shorter will make it move from 99% to 100%

  • Great video!
    Have been a regular OMADer fr about a year now. I would like to know ur opinion on continuing OMAD during pregnancy. Thx!

  • Hello Mr. Peterson My name is Luis Lopez and I am a sophomore at the university of north Texas and I’m currently in need of a therapist. The reason that is because I suffer from HOCD and I’ve been having intrusive thoughts that are messing with my identity for instance I am straight but I am getting thoughts that prove otherwise. I’ve had to look back at my youth and even had to prove I’m not gay. I don’t like men at all whatsoever I’m straight. All my life I’ve been just interested in females. I don’t know why this is hurting me right now. I also immature victim of sexual assault from a male and everyday the experience makes me feel that I am gay when I know I’m not. I wished that I didn’t get these thoughts because it’s making me feel that I will be lesbian or gay when I truly don’t see myself like that. Please help me in whatever way I need all the help possible

  • yes this is me i always think what if i was and i always was confused like wtf i’ve always liked boys and never had a crush on a gurl and then it started and my mind was like if you think this it’ makes you gay and i’m not!! i always thought i was the only one i have anxiety and hocd and i hated seeing lgbt stuff. i will feel awkward and weird when a pretty girl is around and my thoughts will be like u are attracted to her when i’m not!! this helped i thought i was the only one

  • So I have hocd but when I get thoughts on stuff like that i get aroused but even tho I don’t wanna and even tho I have a girl friend and I only like girls and it’s just bugging me

  • I’ve been struggling for so long with my body and eating and you have completely changed my mindset and I can’t wait to start this journey seriously THANK YOU

  • People trash on Tony alot and say his strategy may backfire. But the thing is he is professional he change his approach depending on the subject. He reads their body language and comes up what to say. But i think we shouldn’t try them blindly.

  • Get MORE Confidence! (While Supplies Last… HURRY!!)
    Grab the Tiege Hanley Starter System (+ FREE LIP) while supplies last!

  • 5:56 It’s healthy. Prevents enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer. Not to mention, keeps your libido up and elevates testosterone slightly. It’s basically masculine maintenance.

  • This just pisses me off because I have this toughts but this make me sad because I’va always loved women and I still want to… I just don’t want to be without girls for the rest of my life.
    I loved my girlfriends!
    And now I just don’t feel disgust when I see gay people kissing, but I still rather being with girls, but I can’t stop the thoughts
    I just wan’t to be with girls

  • Thank you for your message. I used to struggle with feeling guilty when I “missed” a workout. I’m a rower and I wanted to give you some tips on the rowing machine. When you finish a stroke and your legs are straight in front of you, you want to lean back to so your body makes a 45 degree angle. Your arms should come out like chicken wings or like you are elbowing someone in the face. When you come back up towards the screen, your arms should come out straight first then your back comes out of the 45 degree angle. Once your hands have passed your knees, that’s when you move your legs. When you come up to the screen (called the catch) your elbows should be over your knees. When you push back (called the drive) only your legs move first, when they are out straight then you lean back to the 45 degree angle after then you pull your arms into your chest. Sorry for the long post. I hope that you don’t mind me correcting your form. That you for being the lovely and inspiring woman of Christ that you are. God bless.

  • 00:00 intro (backstory/old habits)
    07:14 beginning of health journey
    09:03 step #1 workouts
    10:43 step #2 nutrition
    12:53 step #3 listen to your body (intuitive eating)
    15:49 q&a

  • Thankyou for making this video for me. I really felt your message and passion. I still set those rules and feel the guilt when I miss the gym so this one really hit the nail on the head there. You are so fierce and gracefull all at the same time �� ps come to Australia for a holiday please!

  • Thanks for your informative videos, much appreciated. Would love it if you could make a weight loss video geared at over 50, soooo hard to lose weight!

  • “you gotta be willing to fail”…yup, at 34, lemme tell ya, the “freedom to fail” is the most, THE MOST important thing in your life. Once you realize failure is ok….holy cow, boys, you gonna smile, like sh!t eating grin smile.

  • YEAH:3 IF is a powerful tool, I did many works out bf with some results but never ever get the result as IF delivers. *Wow * your videos are so helpful too.

  • Cambria I really needed this because I’ve been hard on myself for “missing” workouts and then I end up feeling ugly until my next workout. So thank you, I know i am fearfully and wonderfully made by God and you just reiterated that at the perfect moment. I love you and what you do. ❤

  • Well explained and awesome vid, if I were to have a cheat meal, I will still do it the intermittent fasting way, but I remembered like about 4 months I did a week of 16:8 diet but I did it eating like if I wasn’t dieting at all, I lost a good amount of weight but I felt sick after

  • 8:50 “The Reason why i make this videos is other than to sell tiege hanley is to make you feel amazing yourself ” love when alpha be so real:D

  • People: short people cant play basketball.
    muggsy bogues enters the chat
    People: Short people can play basketball
    muggsy bogues left the chat because it was pointless

  • I need a video about your lovely cheesecake you be having, because I want to know how to incorporate this cheese cake into my diet, if you make it, you can show us how you make your version of it

  • I have had OCD for 6 months, after 6 months, the intrusive thoughts went out of my mind, only, you have to find the reason that causes HOCD in your brain. when I stopped watching porn, my intrusive thoughts gradually began to diminish, and now i dont think anymore for that thing. everything in this life is curable just death is not curable. stay strong guys
    sorry if i made mistakes cuz’ im new at english

  • Thankyou for giving us a lot of information on how to initiate a proper diet, its been a month or more i think since I follow your advice when it comes to diet and have some HIIT workout and lost 6kg �� Thankyou again!

  • I would like to do a water fast for weight loss. I’ve ignored my health for a very long time and used to live by a see food and eat type of lifestyle but now I’m focusing on my health. Do u have any advice for a water fast?

  • Wow! Absolutely love this! I’m so proud of took something that gripped you and had a huge hold on your life for so long and turned it into good and now are speaking truth through it!! Love love love!

  • Im scared i have hocd but have symptoms for denial and in really scared and confused im 13 and scared i think im bi when i know deep down im not i tell myself everyday im not bi its just ocd but the thoughts keep coming back

  • Love this vlog! I totally agree, I know so many girls who skip one day and complain the entire day that they regretted not waking up at 5am and working out. I’m like its okay!!!

  • I 100% needed to hear this. I was sick with a sore throat and just feeling so blah all last week and didn’t go to the gym because I didn’t want to get others sick. I felt extremely guilty for not going (especially because people around me kept asking when I was going to the gym again). I’ve also been struggling to keep motivation and haven’t had much this week to go so I’ve definitely felt guilty. But, this makes me so much more..relaxed? I guess is the right word. All I know is it’s made me feel better about taking some time off so thank you Cambria <3

  • Man, I’ve been struggling with this one lately. Thinking “How do I know I’m actually straight”, looking at homosexual porn to try and figure out if it turns me on, getting self-conscious and in my head when I see another guy who I think looks good/cute (even though I have no sexual desire towards him…but my brain is trying to figure out if I do). Shit, even as I watch your video and find certain features about you attractive, I’m questioning if I’m gay.

    I wanted to give a premature thanks to you for making these videos. I’ve been struggling with anxiety (and/or maybe ADHD, still trying to figure that out your video about it is how I found your channel) and I can tell you’ve been through it and understand what it feels like.

    One bit of feedback on the video, I think the background music is a bit too loud.

  • I just want to say this post really help me out! I am crying while I write this because, I have had this for 9 months and it has completely ripped my life up. Everyday I wake up with some new thought with my HOCD. I feel like I have nobody to talk to about this and it getting annoying bc it seem like always there. Then I thought what if these thoughts are true and I Tend to over think them. Now my brain is trying to trick me in to think this is really what I want but I feel the opposite way! I cry every night bc I don’t know what to do with all the stress and anxiety. I don’t know what to do or who to turn too and the most upsetting this about all of this my brain will take a good thought that I actually like and turn it into something gay and I will bust in tear bc I don’t feel that way at all. It so annoying, it’s feels like I can’t ever be happy! You know but anyway thank you for giving me the space to talk about this and thank you guys for all the support already!

  • I’ve been working out and eating healthy for 3 months so far and there is barely a difference in myself, I do feel healthier and energized but I only lost 6 pounds. I’m very upset about my journey and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  • Dude, I think this is what I have.
    I am a male and have been and am completely straight throughout the last 23 years of my life. Two nights ago, I just had a thought of holding my male best friend’s hand and walking through an outlet mall as a couple. This thought just spiraled out of proportion and I had thoughts of kissing other men and having sex with other men and being ok with it. But I would get REALLY ANXIOUS about these thoughts and how I didn’t wanna be gay and I wanted to be straight. Nothing wrong with being gay, but I didn’t wanna get into a gay relationship for myself. I was scared that would either be gay or bi and the thought was just killing me.
    Then, I came upon the topic of HOCD and it really calmed me down. After reading about it, I realized that this all just started from a thought and I doubted it way too much that it spiraled out of proportion. I realized that truly gay people are only afraid of coming out as they don’t know what other people are gonna think, but they are still very content with the thought of being gay. For people with HOCD, the thought of just having a relationship with a man can be daunting and terrifying.
    So yeah, I think quarantine really just messed with my head a little and good to know that there is an explanation for this phenomenon.

  • I know you used to follow tone it up I can see why before, you had that kind of mentality following them. Nothing wrong with those ladies but I feel when I was hardcore into tiu I felt so pressured, felt I needed to compete with the community, and felt I needed to look like k&k. Finding your channels has been such a reality check for me. Before I found your channel I did have a list of goals but after watching a lot of your videos, I’ve really made a detailed list of what I want to accomplish and knowing I can’t take it all on at once.

    On a side note, I’d love to see more from cambria’s kitchen and if you have different salad recipes!

  • Dear Cambria, I have been in a healthier lifestyle for about two years now. I used to have the same mindset you did, that if I didn’t workout or not eat heathy all the time that I was going to gain weight and not look like how I wanted to because I had worked so hard at trying to look a certain way. I have been watching your videos for a couple of months now, and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for helping me to realize that I do not have to feel guilty about myself if I don’t workout or if I want to eat a sweet treat sometimes. Your videos have inspired me to become a better person mentally and spiritually. This video has especially helped me get rid of all that guilt and just live with freedom!

  • I feel the opposite way. I have always felt attraction to both Men and Women but I fear that I may just be straight and it drives me nuts and has made me very very depressed and anxious in the past.

  • I am not gay. Always love girls, for sure. For 4 days I suddenly got these thoughts, I’m still going crazy. I have a question for others concerned. I sometimes imagine situations, e.g. lying in bed with a woman (normal for me) but then for a test with men. But I don’t get any negative or positive feelings in my head…. does anyone have that??? Hocd is kidding

  • I rarely rarely comment. But I just wanted to thank you..I really love this video. It’s not the solution to everything but it does help

  • I think I have so many kind of ocd thoughts didin’t know/understand that these thoughts were ocd too �� this video helped me much!!��

  • When I started to exercise, I became obsessed with how I would look if I fulfilled all the requirements. But as I’m studying a career that demands a lot of time, there were days when I couldn’t do exercises because I spent all day in college or I was so so incredibly tired. That’s when I started feeling guilty about losing all my sessions. It’s been a month since I haven’t been able to do exercises for the jobs I must do to pass in university but I’ve learned that if I never give up, no matter how long I leave, I’ll get what I want. Much love for you Cambria, you always make my day better��

  • I appreciate how u would refrain urself from saying the amount of calories u took at that time and othee triggering words,, i feel like im in such a safe space:(( thank you

  • Plz tell me, can a straight guy who loves girls can become a gay? Because I geting thoughts like I should do sex with a guy and I will enjoy it..
    What this means plz help me I don’t wanna become gay.. and I am losing emotions and attraction towards Girls and world

  • dang. your before journey sounds a lot like where i’m at now. thank you so much for this video, i feel like i’m going to watch it over and over because you gave so many helpful tips!

  • Cambria, honestly i dont know how to write it. EXACTLY about that I had a talk with my mom yesteday. ’cause i broke down… couldnt do it anymore. And than: your video came. Like send from heaven. SO crazy, SO wunderful. Thank you. I am criyng while writting this because you truyl touched my heart. (sorry for my english..)

  • I guess sometimes I get annoyed by the whole “don’t set out to lose weight” thing. Because if you hadn’t have lost any weight would this be a “success story”? Not hating on you but questioning this sentiment from body positive youtube. There no one doing a “healthy journey” video with any substantial views that didn’t have ANY outside transformation. It’s confusing and frustrating having thin people tell you not to “try to lose weight” and that “It just “happened as a result.” �� but is it not a result you’re all VERY happy with? And there’s nothing wrong with that! You worked for it! But it’s a tricky slope for me. The motivating thing in all these videos is the transformation and the weight loss if we’re being real. I get not wanting to fall into diet culture but I think we’re strong enough to handle wanting to be at a better BMI

  • I always liked girls, always, but once when I was 12 I had a Homosexual sexual relationship, and I dont know if that is gonna make me gay, I will marry in the next 30 days with my girlfriend(we have a relationship since 2015), please I need help, I had a treatment but it isn’t working well as I wish. A Big hugh from Colombia

  • hi! i need to release some tension n anxiety so i’m just gonna write my whole story. it all started in early may, aka 2 months ago. it appeared due to some tiktok that i watched aka the cuff jeans thing. i’m pretty short, so i cuff my jeans 24/7. anyways, i panicked and i didn’t like the thought of me being gay/bi. then it started making past memories come back. i had this friend crush on a girl in 7th grade but i just wanted to be her friend. but my dumbass self thought it was an actual crush. we lowk got together but it lasted a day because i held her hand n i felt HORRIBLE. aka i didn’t like it at all. this was 5 years ago n i was literally 11. all my crushes before n after that have been males. i’ve always been known to be boy crazy but my thoughts kept destroying that part of me. like i heard that people get pubescent crushes on the same sex n that it’s pretty common!! but my thoughts keep making it 10x worse.. like?? i was a little kid. LITERALLY A LITTLE GIRL!! i didn’t know, n now i know what i like n what i clearly don’t. like, i was going through so many phases in that point of my life so. anyways, that girl ended up being a lesbian as of today, n it triggers me even more. like?? i didn’t like her sexually nor romantically. my mind was just messed up af. i’ve gone on a few dates w guys after that since it didn’t really matter n i left it in the past. but, the hocd keeps bringing it up and it makes me want to puke and i really want to slap my 11 year old self. like?? anyways, i really don’t want to give up on men and this also goes against my values as a person. i’m a catholic n i come from a ver conservative family so this is really not my thing. i support the lgbt community, but i simply don’t see myself there. i have family members who belong there whom i love with all my heart. i just really want to get married to a man and have kids with him.. not with a woman.

  • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. -Eleanor Roosevelt

    “Focus on potential and not limitations”. -Alan Loy McGinnis

    “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. -Henry Ford

    “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”. -Jim Rohn

    “What we think we become”. -Buddha

  • when people may ask you like “do you like the same sex” or “are you gay” does your heart drop and do you get anxious and feel like when you say no you feel like you’re lying but you aren’t?????

  • It’s very normal to have hocd DO NOT worry its perfectly normal I think about it every day but it’s all normal and it’s a part of life and it’s just a part if life I’m young but if u are young it’s just a phase and if your older it’s ok u will be ok either way ������

  • Thank you, I actually really needed this today, I’m in a rough spot and needed a “cheerleader” no matter who was out there wanting to give their subscribers a kick. ��

  • Wow this was so good, Ive been putting it off and putting it off more that now Idk where to start. My doctor told me that I’m at a healthy weight and that sadly sent such a peace through me that I stopped worrying about how I look and what I ate and now I’m back where I started and the anxiety comes and it’s hard to make it go away…I really needed this thank you!

  • This all started a few years ago. I had a bad split with a great girl. She never smoked weed or drank when I was the total opposite but still everything with the world and media I guess made me have trust issues and I guess same with her. But I found out she got drunk. I was upset and did the same. I still wanted to smoke after my friends dropped me off and I would use my gay neighbor for weed (didn’t know he was gay at first and I was always too high to pay attention) but he kept on insisting to blow me and I didn’t want to. I knocked out and when I woke up in the morning i checked if my pants were undone. I was thinking I would have remembered at least something if it happened. Then the following weeks I would think about if it really went down and I asked him and he said nothing happened. Then I would just trip out about it. Being weak minded and all I think people would notice or know what I was thinking and would crack gay jokes so I would think why do they know what’s going through my head. I love girls they’re so hot and sexy lol the mind is a strange thing

  • Katelynn, Ive been following your tiktok and watching it grow has been so inspiring. I hope you continue to do youtube and I cannot WAIT to see you blow up. Also, thank you for not using “number” (ie. calories) as a shock factor like many other YouTubers do, you are amazing girl!!!! You’re changing the game!

  • i love what you said about intermittent fasting because i’ve been trying it, but sometimes i go to bed hungry. you honestly make me feel a better:))

  • Nathan is it possible to have hocd and harm ocd at the same time. I have been struggling with harm ocd for a month and one night the thought of being gay came to mind. It really disturbed me as I have like women my whole life. I have been taking 24 hr anxiety candy so when I get these though I do not get as anxious and do not get attached. However I keep doing mental compulsions. Finally when I take the candy I feel really bad when I get a thought and believe that’s what I want cause I have stopped having panic attack and crying. Do you recommend I carry on with the treatment

  • Thanks for sharing this!  It is so true.  I did the same with working out, but I learned my lesson a while back and “fell in love” with how God created me and working out in general, which you helped with through your videos.  This still spoke to me at this very moment though, but not in a way you probably expected.  I ended up taking that perfection mindset to my Youtube channel and schedules and planning and all that jazz.  I would feel guilty when I didn’t stay on schedule, and I was wondering why I was so run down and tired, and I was losing my passion. 
    I needed to hear these words, Cambria, and God used you once again!  I finally know how to put how I feel into words that make sense.  Thank you, and I thank God FOR you!  <3

  • Someone who’s come out of this no cap hit up the comments man this is mentzz the lockdown really fucked me up we need a step to step to get out of this anit no one tryna live lyk this

  • I definitely have this. I know I’m not gay, but my brain keeps telling me that I might be. This really stresses me out, because it would be a curse if I had to spend the rest of my life with a man. I really want this to stop!

  • Thankyou so much! needed to hear this today:) <3 Do you think I should confront the fear and just not work out for a while? cant't figure out the appropiate amount of time that it's okay to not workout without being lazzy??... maybe that's a problem in itself lol

  • I USED to watch these videos. I want you to read. Take what I’m about to say as everything I base my life around. I have stood face to face with anxiety bipolar depression. I LOOKED THE DEVIL IN THE FUCKING EYE AND SAID TAKE ME BITCH I KNOW WHO I AM. What you need to realize in this world IS you have to be normal or you get eaten by wolves. I don’t say this as an asshole who thinks he has a smart comment to write, this is the real world. Let me give you an example. Two people Bobby and john. John and Bobby are friends. Bobby has an impulse which causes him to laugh in an in appropriate time. John looks over at Bobby with a disgusted face. Bobby is weird. John will take any opportunity he gets now to feed off Bobby and build his own ego. Don’t be John but also don’t be Bobby. There are things I cannot say to you people because I will get preyed upon. Your weird. I’m weird. Everybody is weird in a way because as humans we have an instinct, that causes us to rebel. Prove me wrong. Make up hypothetical society’s. See how you kinda cringed when I said that? Your weird because that didn’t sound normal to you. If I say something weird then who’s actually normal huh?

  • OH MY GOD I THINK WE KIND OF HAVE A CONNECTION BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I REALLY NEED AT THE MOMENT. I actually started working out since about 6 years ago, but this is the first time i ever feel this way, and it is not even go to the gym but doing workout at home (it is easier for me to do workout at home with my situation). And this actually comes from the feeling of being responsible. It is funny and stupid, but since i loss weight so much and people compliment me for that, i feel like i have this responsibility that i have to keep this body and continuing losing weight and being skinnier than i am right now. Like when people said i looked like gain a little bit of weight, i would feel sooooo bad at myself and this affects how i feel about my accomplishments with weight loss and health goals. And at the moment i feel so bad everytime i missed my workout. So i was so happy when i found out you made this video:) thank you so much for sharing your story and giving the advices, i will be working on it!

  • This has been happening a lot and I can’t even be aroused by women anymore even though I know I’m straight, but this video I’d really helpful thank you

  • I’m a new subscriber from this video alone. THANK you.. THank you for this. Yesterday I had a break down and my husband had to talk me down from that tight chest I was having in my feeling from panicking because I was tired from working out for an hour 5 days a week. I skipped my monday workout and felt like that I was a failure once again. ( I’ve lost 80lbs before but gained weight back due to pregnancy..Not all) But I am always worried about me looking a certain way so either people don’t talk about me or I THINK I’ll be happy if I’m smaller. I felt like that I would undo all I’ve been doing. For 3 months straight, I’ve been working out 5 days a week..Off weekends and the one week I didn’t do a “Monday..”It felt like I just undid EVERYTHING I worked on. I couldn’t handle it and I lost it. The guilt was destroying me and I am so GLAD I stumbled upon your video. Thank you. God Bless You.

  • I know that i am gay. But I alway feel disgust about myself and hate myself for being gay because my family is Chinese descent, they also hate LGBT people. I used to check about gay therapy(a therapy that talk about changing gay to straight). And after I saw this video, i feel shock�� I really don’t know if I am having a mental health or what.

  • I usually don’t comment, but I absolutely loved this vlog. I loved your message and the workout clip at the end. I also loved the song. You are inspirational and I’m so glad I found your channel. God bless.

  • As a tea connoisseur (and reported tea snob), tea has helped me even before when I discovered IF and low-carb. 10 years ago I switched out soda for tea and that improved my life a whole lot. If you love tea, you should try getting yourself out of the bag and discover loose leaf, unflavored teas. First, some teas have added sugar in them like dried fruits and others may have added chemicals (sorry decaf lovers). If you have not experienced the crispness of First Flush Darjeeling or the wholesome earthiness of a press Pu’er tea cake, it’s a new world to discover.

  • My struggle is that i work in hospitality, And i eat diner at 16:30 and then i get hungry at 20:00 and 00:00.. do you have tips Maybe?

  • Hi Guys I started with my thoughts 2 months ago they started out violent and it caused me to be anxious and avoid knives and sharp objects. Then one night I had the thought of being gay even though I have always been straight. I had a panic attack and I have been having these thoughts for about 2 weeks now

  • Plz help me, one day I suddenly get a sexual thought like if I will do sex with a guy I will enjoy it is this because of hocd or I am a gay before this I have crush on girls

  • After doing erp and all……… I still want to be straight but not very strong in it…… My mind says that i like being gay but actually I’m not…… I don’t know what i want but i still wants to be straight……. I’m so confused

  • thank you for not using diet culture language and not including numbers in this video i can tell you really put a lot of thought into this video��

  • I’m going through a weight loss journey right now & it’s super hard to not feel guilty if I miss the gym! I’m actually at the gym right now & I was starting to feel this way while being here! Thank you for the encouraging words, I really needed this! Lets pray for each other ❤️

  • Dude I’ve had this for like 3 months and I worry that I’m actually gay. I always liked girls and now idk what to do anymore, my life is ruined. I can’t even go outside without thinking about this. Whenever I start to calm down my brain starts telling me it’s not the real me and I should just submit to being gay, and when I deny it chooses a backdoor and starts saying I’ve been gay to begin with.
    I read that it rewrites your past but after reading many past articles about this I’ve been throwing myself into the hole deeper and deeper by celebrating too early, now i worry there’s no fix for this.

    I don’t want to be gay, or at least I don’t think I want to be gay.

  • Oh my goodness thank you bro so much I just want to do something for you but I don’t know what it is that was the thing I was struggling with I needed help for a long time and you actually helped me I asked my dad and my mom about this over and over again and all they said was you’re not gay and things to try to help me but they did help me a little bit but I don’t think they know what this OCD thing is my parents are really nice and they try to help me and they are good questions

  • I pray for everybody who’s going through this, I’m one of seven and three of my siblings have had it. Shows you how common this is, especially in young boys, I’m sure it’s what leads to a lot of young male suicides �� ❤️

  • Dude…. Thank you!! Great video! You’re great at what you do. Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re probably never gonna know exactly how many people you’ve helped and how many lives you’ve changed, but be assure that you are and that’s the greatest feeling in the world to know that you’re making a difference!! Keep it up!���� Thanks again!

  • So true I haven’t been in the gym for a month. Only because of medical reasons and I would be like I hope I don’t gain weight and I was upset that I couldn’t go to the gym. But I realized that I am made in God’s imaged so I stop feeling guilty

  • Hey for those of y’all suffering with hocd like me don’t worry it’ll all be ok. The thoughts are fueled by you reacting to them by being scared, sad, or even angry. Just acknowledge them and move on. Now if your like me then it’s not that easy but what helps me is to realize that it’s just hocd and for me this happened of a sudden so I tell myself that I’ve never been attracted to any guys in my life so Ik I’m not gay. You know yourself and you know that your not gay. Nothing can change the fact that your straight. Keep your head up and fight through these obsessions. Everything will be ok. (Try keeping yourself occupied as well)

  • Does Intermittent fasting help in spot reduction? Like the excess chest fats?

    PS. Push up, squats, HIIT workouts are my forms of exercise.

  • After doing erp and all I’m doing fine but I’m having this intrusive thoughts but i don’t get depressed r obsessed of it…… This is normal right????? I hate being a gay but i don’t get depressed a lot….. It makes me worry a bit….. Is it ok????someone pls help

  • Can someone please reply can I go gay if someone touches me In the private I am scared I was looking at a women and I got hard but then a boy accidentally touched my private I lost my erection but I feel like it is making me gay please reply anyone I am crying a lot right now

  • I am a 13 year old boy I have been straight my whole life and I have been thinking I am gay for a day or 2 and it’s getting me really worried and I know I’m straight and I am getting depressed becuae I want to be straight

  • Good content bro. Would you be able to do a video about reverse dieting? That has been a trend specially when it comes to using metabolism for weight loss.

  • Hey for those of y’all suffering with hocd like me don’t worry it’ll all be ok. The thoughts are fueled by you reacting to them by being scared, sad, or even angry. Just acknowledge them and move on. Now if your like me then it’s not that easy but what helps me is to realize that it’s just hocd and for me this happened of a sudden so I tell myself that I’ve never been attracted to any guys in my life so Ik I’m not gay. You know yourself and you know that your not gay. Nothing can change the fact that your straight. Keep your head up and fight through these obsessions. Everything will be ok. (Try keeping yourself occupied as well)

  • I’ve been really following your suggestions carlo for like more than a months now. Problem is my visceral fat won’t come off. My body looks good already thanks to you but my belly isn’t. Any recommendations on how to get rid of visceral fats? Thank you��

  • This was great, I’ve been looking for “beat depression with diet” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework (do a search on google )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner got cool success with it.

  • Carlo, thank you. I love your videos, you’re a blessing. I started walking and bought a pair of walking shoes. My one down fall is Diet Pepsi, I’m trying to give it up cold ��. I’m going to down load your blue print, thank you for caring so much for us all. God Bless you��

  • This video could not be more true. The world needs more of you Cambriathank you for helping and saving my happiness. You are truly a beautiful, amazing person and your words mean the world to me & so many people. You are such an inspiration of mine. We love you Cambria!!!

  • I’m crying because of how much I needed to hear this and I’m hearing it now in this moment! Today is the day I will own it! Thank you Cambria

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  • I’m ruined rn. I’m so far in HOCD and it’s gotten to me that normal attractive things I see in women only reminds me of HOCD and I can’t even fricking live my life

  • This is just dangerous advice at best. Sure, do things to help yourself. But do not put all your eggs in one basket thinking it’s all fixable purely within yourself. Seek medical advice and go to a DOCTOR

  • Thank you so much for this girl! I LOVE your mentality towards this topic. You’re amazing and I’m so proud of your progress with your mentality and health. Love you!

  • I have this and i wasn’t like that until i had a dream and now i can’t watch lgbt movies and most of movies nowadays have lgbt content i support lgbt and want them to be happy but after seeing lgbt scenes i get anxious and start to get intrusive thoughts pls help me

  • The whole food-thing was kinda confusing to me. I live in Finland and everyone I know eats mostly whole foods (also in schools, there are not unhealthy foods). For me it has been pretty obvious since I was a kid…

  • You’re so perfectly handsome in the most American boy way! Ha! I’m married so I’m not hitting on you I’m just stating a fact! Aside from that your content is fantastic! Your drive is contagious and I appreciate all the fantastic tips! Thank you for sharing keep it up. I also love audible I read about five books a week and and I listen to at least one every two weeks. Love a good story! Edit: I had a glass of wine and forgot how to spell your * apparently lol sorry!

  • What a crock.. if your depressed the last thing you think about is changing the state ur in and doing things to get into a positive state

  • I did my erp…… Now I’m almost out of anxiety and depression…… I want my attraction towards girls but now my mind says do i really like girls…… This thoughts kills me…….. My mind says i like being but actually i hate it……. Someone help???? What all i likes my mind says that i don’t like????? For example if i think i like girls my mind says no u don’t……. If i think i don’t like being gay it say u like being gay…….. Someone plssss help these thoughts killing me����

  • I have been following Clark Kegley and taking his advice and is been helping me tremendously on my journey to making 5 million dollars:D Thanks Bro!!!!

  • It’s really weird because Ik I’m not gay but these weird ocd thoughts are a pain in the ass and it’s like why tf are these thoughts even here I’m only 14 btw

  • Hey everyone. I just wanna say that if you’re abusing substances it might help to quit. It really helped me clear my mind and destress. Not 100% but still helped so much. I’ve been more stable and my voice has gotten a little deep or maybe it’s just confidence cuz drugs never helped with that

  • Question do any of y’all ever get this feeling like when you see a good looking guy or sum and your mind starts making you feel like you like or find him attractive but in reality it’s just the hocd.

  • Very good pieces of advice, some of them I already apply but good to hear about some new ideas, going to share with some my friends, too

  • hi! I loved the video so much and found it really helpful and have been loving your tiktoks but I was curious in why you say diet. Do you view how you eat as a diet because I feel like the word diet means what its intended and seems to put a phrases on how you freely eat. I guess I’m curious cause I don’t believe in “diets” cause I see it in a negative way but I would love to hear your side! Again not hating or anything you’ve helped me alot!

  • I did not know people suffered with this. I suffer with unwanted sexual attraction. I have acted on my attractions. I will say this God made man in his image and he has made some really beautiful creatures and it’s okay to acknowledge the beauty in his creation regardless if male or female the issue is our society over sexualizes EVERYTHING!!! Just because you think another man is attractive it doesn’t make you gay. You’re okay ���� Take a deep breath and relax. I will say this I would not try it not even once. Gay sex is like crack some people can try it and not get hooked but then some people try it and they are strung out for life. Plus the regret will dig deep into your core and eat away at you which will lead you to feeling shame which will lead right back and you will be stuck in a cycle. In closing guard your eyes, heart and your mind and don’t be a slave to lust regardless of the sex of your attractions. Be blessed!

  • Went out my comfort zone and bought a new used car working for Popeyes lmao. It’s a nice ass 2014 though. Never driven anything newer than a 2002 until recently! You can do anything if you work hard. Wish me luck on building my credit ����

  • I started to listen some podcasts of tony robbins yesterday and i liked a lot. But this video is awesome not only bc of him, but bc of you, that made a great job, You’r so expressive and cool talking about this.
    😀 Keep the good work.

  • Is it still hocd when after years of checking you can imagine being with the same seX and your thoughts tell you you would like it?

  • Big admirer of this channel Clarke but I believe you’re crossing a dangerous line in this video. Depression / anxiety is a hugely complex issue that can have life and death consequences for the sufferer. Attempting to suggest depression or anxiety can be dissipated in 60 seconds is totally inaccurate and irresponsible. Attempting to put your own spin on defining why people are depressed is again irresponsible because you’re not a medical professional, neither is Tony Robbins whose methods have come under much scrutiny. By all means you can suggest a myriad of practices that people in general can undertake to improve their wellbeing, including the WimHoff method which you covered a couple of years ago, but I suggest stepping away from any attempts at offering those suffering depression advice on how to deal with their mental health issues or critique the reasons for their condition.

  • It all comes back around to selling something. Whether it’s $25 tee shirt’s, or $70 supplements, or $200 seminars. Books,DVD’s
    Sure these guys have some good advice. But don’t be fooled because the biggest benefit to all this advice is to thier wallet’s. Highly skilled salesmen.

  • Being scared on the thoughts of “what if im gay, what if gayness is infectious, what if im secretly gay” proves that you’re really straight. Intrusive thoughts “ain’t real” always remember that. OCD is just an entity that tells the opposite of what you want or what you are(deepest fears). OCD is the perfect definition of a monster inside our brain.

  • This is the most naive title I’ve ever read. What’s next, how to cure addiction in 10 seconds and 5 low monthly payments of $19.99? ��

  • Thank you, Cambria, fr speaking the Truth! Declearing the hings that are true! Thankyou for letting God do work trough you! God bless you!

  • Clark, who is editing your videos now? Can I have their contact info? Btwlove tony and love working and volunteering for his organizations!

  • Think long term, I cannot stress this enough” That is key. Train 3 days a week + some cardio on off days, eat healthy with some fat and HAVE FUN. Depending on your physique and age it may take from 2 to 5 years so do not give up and stick with it!

  • So I’ve had HOCD for about two months and I’ve controlled the gay thoughts. They come back but not as strong. I’ve also had other intrusive thoughts that don’t matter but now I have a new issue where I feel like I’m not attracted to women anymore. I’m not saying I’m attracted to men either because I’m not but before I used to get an erection for any girl but now I can’t unless I force myself to. Please if anyone is experiencing this let me know because I feel like I’m the only one

  • I used to have a cheatday per week. But i feel really tired after that day so I decide to have 2 cheat meals per week. Is it ok? Will it make me gain weight? Should I just keep 1 cheat day? TT ( sorry for my bad English writing) Thanks so much for your answer.

  • Help me I’ve been dealing with this for about three or four days idk..maybe a week..when i get thoughts about i just want to look away..i know I’m not this
    This thing that voice inside my head keeps on telling me that and i know I’m not
    I feel like my whole personality,my whole world basically just me the whole me is ending i know it’s not me i feel like theres this other person in my head it’s not me it’s not me..i need help i need people like me i just want to be me again
    I want to be happy again i want to feel like me
    This sucks tbh it really that feeling that you want to look away but cant..
    It just sucks

  • I don’t drink, but if for some reason I ever get drunk I can see myself going on a big rant on how awesome you are and how much I love your channel. I am glad I saw this video today, yesterday was a terrible diet day for me. I keep promising myself I am back on track and then food is presented to me, but I am so tired of relapsing at this point.

    I say this in every video of yours, but this time I 100% mean it, TODAY is the day I get back on track! Today is it. We have cake in the fridge still and I will not touch it. I will not. I had a lot yesterday, and am DONE.

    Now if my 3 year old can stop waking me up in the middle in the night…. I can master this good night sleep thing.

  • I’ve been stuck in a loop of thinking that ive finally gotten over hocd, and then the intusive thoughts come back. This happenes over and over again.

  • I was literally in the exact position that you were talking about. I’m 20 & I moved back home with my parents in the summer of 2019 and literally have been up & down with my health habits and just now am living a lifestyle that makes me feel good and happy! You are so inspirational and I honestly love all your social media platforms! Keep doing what you do! ����

  • Oh my goodness I needed this so so much today, I was exhausted this morning and missed my class and have been spending the day feeling guilty. But I guess my body just really needed a break

  • Yass! Started to look for subs and so happy that I found a no-carb rice and noodles. I can finally eat maki and noodle soup. Also found how to make no sugar ice cream and low carb pizza. How wonderful that I can eat what I want in moderation and still lose weight.

  • Now with the end of summer i lost 20 lbs almost fat since i started end of may now i got my 4 pack sadly not 8pack but it is enough for me this year now i will start to eat normal with family and friends so no more omad keto till 2020… 😉