The Main Difference Between Negative and positive Discomfort During Exercise


Triceps Tendonitis Treatment Stretches & Exercises Ask Doctor Jo

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Exercising with osteoarthritis: understanding good pain & bad pain

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Good pain, bad pain: Know which one when you work out

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The Difference Between Good Pain & Bad Pain Running

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This is bad pain, and is likely a warning sign of a more serious injury, such as a tear. Three examples of bad pain: 1. Pulled Muscle If you feel a sudden tightening during an exercise, you’ve probably pulled a muscle and how you should respond depends on the severity of the pull. Again, this could be a sign from your body that you’re over. There is in fact “good pain” and “bad pain”. The following information will hopefully help you to tell the difference.

The most common type of good pain is clinically referred to as “delayed onset. What is the difference between good pain and bad pain? It is well known among athletes that some discomfort is part of athletic activities and is often part of a successful training program. For muscle strength to increase, the muscle must see some increase in stress over what it is used to experiencing, and this stress is usually perceived as the “burn” in muscle during activity.

Signs of a Bad Pain: “Pain in the groin that increases toward the end of a run, especially if it is coming on earlier and earlier and taking longer to go away, could be a sign of a stress fracture in the femoral neck,” says Dr. Geier. This symptom is especially worrisome in both young and perimenopausal women engaging in long-distance running. This injury may require surgery and should be. Why pain feels good.

Share using Email. the pain of intense exercise also causes a spike in another of the body’s painkillers, anandamide. “We make a difference between good pain and. The Mayo Clinic warns that if your extreme soreness is actually pain that came on suddenly in your arm, shoulder or back, and occurs during exercise but is relieved by rest, it may signal heart disease. Sudden-onset arm, shoulder or back pain accompanied by a feeling of pressure or squeezing in your chest can also signal a heart attack. If either of these descriptions applies to yo. Symptoms arise during or immediately post activity.

Symptoms stay past three days. Example: You have signed up for a half-marathon race. You go out for a run, during the run your knee feels a little niggly and on some strides you even experience a sharp pain.

After the run your knee muscle still feels sore, maybe the pain turns into an ache. During anaerobic exercise, the body breaks down glucose stores in the absence of oxygen, leading to a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. The main differences between aerobic exercise. Good because I have a fair amount of experience with tendon pain, and also have an anatomy and physiology background.

Bad because I’m pig headed, have a tendency to overtrain when I get excited about something, and clearly I’m not that good at differentiating between muscle and tendon pain in myself (although I’d like to think I’m getting less bad). C. the difference between good and bad stress. D. the effects of stress on our health.

A. D. sudden chest pain during exercise or at rest E. irregular or high heart rate at rest or during exercise. C. Krista is a softball catcher in Texas; which of the following is NOT one of the key strategies Krista would use to prevent excessive.

List of related literature:

On the other hand, when working out you should not experience pain; if you do, then you’re exerting yourself too much.

“The Power of Story: Change Your Story, Change Your Destiny in Business and in Life” by Jim Loehr
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Furthermore, distinction must be made between good and bad pain after exercise.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
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There is a big difference between the ‘good’ pain of an exercise and bad pain.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

A common misconception is that exercise increases pain, and when you have pain you should stop all physical activity.

“IBS For Dummies” by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
from IBS For Dummies
by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
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Yes, you might be pushing yourself, and yes, you might feel a bit sore, especially if you’re doing an activity for the first time, but pain should not be part of your exercise routine.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
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If you have pain after exercise, the

“Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2019 E-Book: 5 Books in 1” by Fred F. Ferri
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I have injured myself a number of times when I failed to warm­up before exercise, and I am sure you have experienced the same.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
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The pain and soreness usually disappear within several hours after the exercise.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
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Usually the pain will be described initially as a mild ache occurring after a specific amount of exercise.

“Baxter's The Foot and Ankle in Sport” by David A. Porter, Lew C. Schon
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After the exercise, the feeling or ache usually disappears.

“Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition” by Sherrie Dillard
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  • I agree, good timing, I know on yesterdays run, I believe I was compensating for my right knee. Have started doing more of TRE App stretches and exercises; though I am addicted to getting on the treadmill or on the street, and don’t want to lose my momentum, I hear what you’re saying.

  • I am at a point, where I run between 5 and 10K, without any noticable pains, BUT I can sometimes get a little sore in the hip area, but in the front, like in some tendons(?) Maybe I’m running wrong or using the wrong shoes? Anyway…great vid!

  • I’ll be running next week at the Sydney Marathon with 3 injuries!! BUT, I’ve been doing plenty of stretching and strength work to help me get through, and this race is very important to me so just like you said towards the end, it’s something I’ll just have to deal with (hopefully I don’t injure myself any further in the run though haha):D

  • Im having problems with my knee ( runners knee) and will be running my first marathon ever in Athens in November. Kinda sucks to be injured but I will do whatever it takes to cross the finish line!

  • I never said thanks for your advice last year. When I ran the Ogden full. I walked a lot, I ate the food at all of the rest stations. And yes I was in a lot of pain when I finish. I could barely walk for a week. But I finished the whole thing. I don’t know if you remember responding to my question. But it was great advice. That was my third marathon I finished. And I’m doing another in 2 weeks.

  • So ive “discovered” running and im really enjoying it now. meaning ive gone from “kill me now” to “i dont wanna stop”. ive lost 28 punds since may this year and im really into it. All theese positives makes me wanna run all the time. and this again has led to me increasing my mileage too high too fast and my knees have been bothering me quite a bit theese last few weeks. They are getting better day by day now and this time im gonna stick to not increasing more than 10% each week. But here is my question (finally): 10% increase in total mileage each week. or 10% increase in each of my sessions (strength, hill runs, as well as long runs)? What would be the best way to go?

  • I’ve been strict and not ran in 5 weeks with a calf strain. Got 10 weeks until my next 10k at least I can do some strength training

  • Hi, I am one of your followers I had some question I do running, jogging, about a year but when i suddenly stop at two months, then when I came back running ang jogging I cant run properly and i fell pain at my hips back and only three munites long i can run. My question is what ways i can improve again.

  • Can you tell me how to tell the difference between medial epicondylosis and triceps tendinosis? Is there a test or something to look for?

  • i have 6mn calcification tendonitis in my triceps since 2years, shockwave therapy, PRP and others stuff dont break the calcification. What should i do in this case? stretching everyday can break the calcification? surgery maybe? thanx

  • Absolutely needed this! Runners knee has had me in its grip for the last six weeks, but am finally getting to a place where it still hurts but eases up during the run. Hoping it’s the start of it going away…

  • Hi i know this is an old video but i have pain in the elbow and need to see a doc when i can. I have a tiny bit of golfers elbow. Mostly in the dead center of the joint though. Doing tricep extensions will hurt. Is this most likely tendonitis or nerve related?

  • I started to experience a bit of discomfort in my left knee today and suddenly got a reminder when I had the MCL injury last year. I will see how the body responds tomorrow and the coming days, and see where it is going. We need to listen ourselves more indeed and stop when we have to, even when we don´t want to.

    Thanks for the advices!

  • I’ve got a 5k tomorrow, and my right knee hurts in a way they feels like I need to pop my knee, but I can’t get it to pop. Any advice?

  • Thanks Coach Nate! I’m currently nursing a month old soleus injury that continues to linger. Thanks for the motivation to keep active and explore different strength opportunities.

  • One of your best videos! Solid info. Love the specifics of an alternative workout-rower, kettlebell, burpees, and the personal story at the end brought it all together. Nicely done! Plus the little talk at the end helped me decide not to do my upcoming half….my heart definitely hasn’t been into training this time around and my body is feeling a little tired. Probably for the best to sit this one out!

  • This is a really helpful video for runners in pain. Yes, we’ve all been there, and done that, right? I am also trying to add other exercises like core strengthening pilates and yoga almost every single day to ease the pain in my joints and muscles to keep running. Thank you so much for your warm thoughts and headsup for us, coach Nate!

  • Perfect timing. After a 5k this weekend I took a rest day and on the NEXT day I felt that discomfort where you can feel your hip socket. Decided to keep running because it wasn’t painful but I wasn’t bouncing off that leg properly. Put 18 miles on it and my body told me no more. Weird because it came AFTER a rest day. I think it might be bursitis or inflammation of some sort. Gonna take some days off and still stretch and foam roll. Any ideas what this is and why this happened?

  • Thanks Nate, real sense spoken. I’ve been struggling with Jumpers Knee for the past two years (having only had it properly diagnosed a few months back) i did all the things you suggest, different shoes, pain killers, trying anything, and as you say occasionally it would go away then come straight back with a vengeance. It has been so frustrating going from preparing for my first half marathon (which i wasn’t able to take part in due to this injury) resting for months only to come back and have it re-appear. My current physio is working wonders and while i am not yet where i want to be i’ve learnt some patience, and probably like many others need another person to state the obvious to really make me think.

    So thanks again, you have really changed my mind, firmed up the advice I have been receiving and hopefully in the coming months (after heeding and using the advice i have been given) things should be back on track and I can start my way back onto the half marathon training my eventual goal being to run the Isle of Wight Ultra (UK) which is a staggering 106km at some point in the next couple of years injury free and strong.

  • I ignored shoulder pain for over 20 years. Trough sports injuries, work labor related pain and workout pain. I am now paying for it big time. In my 50’s needing shoulder reconstruction on both shoulders. Sucks. Please don’t overdo it folks…you will pay for it later.

  • Quick question for you see if you can figure it out cause it’s been taking some time. Why is there a indent on my left thigh inside above knee muscle and not on left? It causes my leg to be less strong and hurts my knee in the middle

  • Thank you for the video. Suffered a work injury. Job doesn’t want to pay for physical therapy. Told me about that “can of soup” thing. Glad I seen it in this video. Yeah… our health care sucks.

  • wow damn that was epic never blame the exercise blase your self and the exercise exposing your fault great video coch waiting for prt2

  • Your videos are always well thought out and to the point. I applaud you for that.
    However i have to say from my personal experience i have to say you oversimplify things. Your advise offers nothing new nor helpful for someone who struggles with general joint pain. After two years i am still not where i used to be, and can only dream about improvement. And its not for the lack of trying or not seeking professional help.
    The real challenge is to do the very thing you are telling us to do, not the realization to do so.
    General physician don’t have the expertise to help you. Physical therapists are used to treat the elderly and frail, don’t see the problem with you not performing at sport as you used to, and tell you to be happy with what you have. Experts only find localized inflammation, worn out cartilage or ligaments and offer you a surgery with very long recovery time and a low chance of improvement afterwards. Or tell you to stop everything you are doing, which is the very opposite you are trying to achieve.
    If you have trouble with a compound movement, you break it down to its components, try to improve where you are weak. If that doesn’t work you break it down even further, and further still, till you see no room for improvement.
    I used to do a dozen one arm pushups with my weak arm, now i struggle to do a dozen with both arms on my knees.
    I was working towards one arm pullups, now i struggle to even hang from a bar for more then 30 seconds.
    Every missed exercise resting makes you weaker. Every time exercising makes it worse.

    Sorry for ranting, but joint pain is a very frustrating thing. It comes from seemingly nowhere, stays with you constantly and gets in the way of everything you try to do about it.

  • One more thing: If you want to use exercise for pain free, we have the book Super Joints of Pavel Tatsouline. A quick review: 1: Joint Mobility drills (there are 17 in the book) for more synovial fluid in the joints, refreshing them. And 2: Active flexibility (10 more exercises) for synovial fluid, flexibility, strength and first of all, muscle balance.

  • I have a very physically demanding job lifting boulders, digging etc and now have tendinitis in one shoulder, gonna see physio in a couple days. my issue is finding a balance between physical activities and recovery. feeling stiff and sore is just the nature of the beast for me, this shoulder issue is wear and tear and every couple years something gives out.

  • My goodness your videos are amazing, wow!!! I’ve actually been have some problems with my wrist and my elbows. This video is a big help

  • im sure you get a lot of this! but, “your advice is absolutely amazing and practical”. what makes it even more special, is all of it is totally based on your experience which is the best teacher!! #fanfromIndia

  • My reaction after every video you upload: damn that’s just the thing I’m struggling with these days. Thanks for you existence Matt (:

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  • After watching dozens of videos on tennis/golf elbows, I think I finally understood what was wrong, with 2 months of struggling (quarantine body weight workout) thank you!

  • thanks a lot… I did the first 2 exercises and my hand went from being able to bend to a 90 degree angle to having full motion back. helped a lot

  • Hi Doctor, can u please help me out, I’ve pain in my elbow and it’s unbearable pain sometimes when it’s jerk or when I try to stretch my elbow and it’s start paining from the backside in the elbow. Is it possible to do video consultation. Please let me know thanks

  • Dr Jo thank you for the excersise My Q is to ID whether i have Triceps Tendonitis how do i diagnose that condition? Some symptoms i have are my shoulder joints click when i try to rotate the arm and also if i try to do a chicken wing dance stance during the upper elevation the tricep ares is in pain. thanks for your advice.

  • I thought I had a golfers elbow for the last 2 years, turns out it was this and not that, after the first stretch it already felt 10 times better then all the stupid forearm stretches I had been doing for my “golfers elbow”

  • Hi doctor jo….whenever i do overhead triceps extension…i get pain in my triceps tendon….i always get the feeling that my tendon is stretching n will rupture if i lift more weight….is it triceps tendonitis???…

  • Hi Doctor Jo like the video these exercises look great thank you for the informative video I have such tightness where the tricep meets the elbow at the moment when its painful its very painful feels like ripping burning type sensation and the elbow point itself is so sensitive and painful too… sometimes when I go to sleep the elbow pain is very bad almost like its pulsing constantly… I thin i need to completely rest it for longer so its settles before doing any stretching do you have any further advice or thoughts on this injury Its a bit worrying as at the moment I can’t get my hand to my mouth because of the pain and tightness.. any reply greatly appreciated…

  • I have a question. I have been swimming for years now and every time I swim freestyle my triceps hurt very bad and I get lactic acid in there very fast, much faster than others. Do you have any advice how to get rid of this because it REALLY bothers me

  • I feel like I have tendonitis in my lateral tricep head only. I follow the muscle head down to the elbow and the pain is off center just above the elbow. Exercises like bench press feel fine though. I feel the pain when I flex the elbow with bent over rows, curls, bent over lateral raises. Any thoughts? I hope this will heal quick!

  • Whenever I flex I don’t feel it in my tricep rather my lower tricep right above elbow bone and it hurts when doing any tricep workout or pushups or bench, not bicep isolation tho. Is this a pretty good sign on tricep tendinitis? Edit: on the opposite side of the bone it cracks to when I bend arm all the way

  • Do you recommend wearing a compression sleeve in addition to these exercises? Going through Police Academy soon, and we’re expected to do LOTs of pushups and I’m feeling tons of soreness in my left tricep / elbow area when I do them. ��

  • Hey doctor joe,its mani from India.
    I got this pain while playing cricket.when i tried to ball quick using my shoulder i found some pain in my tricep..your video helped me to strach my triceps,though its is the first day but i can feel the heat….i need your help,when ever i used to through tha ball while fielding i got shock pain,it was so high,this i got when i was doing jumping pushup,its about a year

  • Thank you so much! Before doing some of the exercises my triceps were so tight I can barely touch my face without experiencing pain.

  • Hi Dr. Jo, I got tricep tendonitis 4 months ago, then i stop working out to let the tendon heal. Now, i started working out again from home, Then the pain gets back again. i already consulted orthopedic doctor before, he gave me medicine. But now it came back again. how should i recover from this problem. what if there are micro torn tissues on my tendon? can i still do the exercises on this video to fully heal my tendons? i can still move my arm freely. no huge inflamation. but i feel the pain when pinching my elbow. thank you in advance. Keep safe ������������

  • Just subscribed thanks to the easy and simple way you explained this remedy! I am actually trying to grow my triceps but whenever I do extensions I have pain in my elbows and next to no muscle soreness in my triceps. Is it a sign of tendonitis?

  • So I’m a body builder and I’ve been having this pain for about 3-4 months and it’s the tendon area on the tricep and when I put pressure and stretch out my arm I feel the snap on my elbow when the arm is stretched with with some weight, even simple stuff like taking off my shirt I don’t want to say it’s tendinitis because I haven’t got checked on and I’m still a minor and my parents having brought me to any specialist with quarantine for covid-19 although I have the pain I still do whatever I can without flexing the tricep so what are some upper body workouts I could be doing that won’t make my arm worse

  • Mam what is this triceps tendinitis!? my Mom also have problem in their right hand but i didn’t know that problem name?? If you can suggest any exercise for her. Then. Please

  • I only get the pain in my right elbow, but have been told I have tricep tendonitis.. I took 3 months off the gym. Recently came back and still have it:(

  • I have extreme pain, it is in between biceps and triceps from body’s side that “jule” i dont know the name of it, sometimes when i do pull ups or front lever pain is so extreme my shouldrt drops and i can’t function on my arm…. What to do

  • Thank you so much! I hope it helps I just started. Could you please explain why these stretches and exercises help the condition even if it is painful to perform? It would help keep me motivated to continue. I’m not questioning your recommendations I just like to know more about it. Thanks again!!!

  • Thanks Doc, i got tendonitis in my my right wrist a year back and just got tendonitis in my right elbow from weight training. Your video on wrist tendonitis saved me a lot of grief and helped in rehab, hoping this one does the trick again.

  • i think i have triceps tendoniitis, but the pain is only behind the elbow, none up higher. no swelling, doesn’t seem to fit the classic tennis\golfers elbow location. it was from me putting lots of torque on my arms, tightening down on a piece of wood in my lathe chuck. elbows out to the side, turning with lots of might. it had been a dull roar of ache, then suddenly it got painful. so hard to get a diagnosis stuck at home during covid time. wringing a towel hurts a lot, but BEHIND my elbow, not on top, or the bottom, or on the tip. if i make a tight fist, i can make it hurt a little also. the more i hyperextend my arm, the more it hurts. pain level 2-5 on a 1-10 scale. sound like triceps to you? when i look at the anatomy, it certainly coincides with either the bursa, or the lower insertion point of the triceps.

  • Hi Doctor. I am Mudassir Ahmed from India. I have so many problems in left hand. Tricep muscles has wasted also tricep tendonitis is weak. And extensors muscle has waste. And thumb tendon also not work. What i do exercise for better devlopment. Thanks you.

  • I’ve long been having this pain in the rear part of my arms, between the triceps and the elbow. It particularly aches when doing Bent-Over Dumbbell Row (when I reach the higher position with the elbow). I’m not sure it’s triceps tendonitis since it does NOT ache when pushing, but rather when closing my arm and at the same time having something closely held in my hand (the same happens with dumbbell curls for biceps and even with pull-ups, but at a lesser extent compared to the dumbbell row). Can you help me?

  • Dr jo sry for bothering….I have pain in my one point of armpit (right shoulder) Upto the inner elbow of ur right hand(below)…is this bad???.and also can I get better from pain with these stretches and exercises…pls reply

  • Hi Dr Jo, I suffered from mild radial fracture in Dec’19 in the right hand which has healed. But the right elbow is too tight and I can’t straighten it like the left hand. It also seems to have lost its strength. Please help

  • Thank you. Recently I have started some exercises and push ups as part of it. I do 2 or 3 times a week push ups. Some days a go I got much pain in my right upper arm, the after I couldn’t do the same number as the day before as I got much pain there. I am typing it after the stretches you present here and already I feel it is better.

  • I honestly give up. My right arm for the past 4 years I’ve had intersection Syndrome just starting to get over it and now I’ve just got this in my left arm. I’m Cursed

  • How long does it take for the tricep to heal? I hurt mine overdoing tricep exercises and then it hurt when I hit my serve in tennis. I saw a PT who said I was better and gave me a few exercises, but now it hurts again sometimes when I serve. I was pain free playing tennis and working out for a couple weeks. How can you tell when you’re better?

  • Hi DoctorJo. Can I use light dumbbells for the tricep extensions? Also when I starting feeling better are heavy dumbbell extensions ok? I’ve read using too much weight on dumbbell extensions can cause tendonitis.

  • hello Doctor jo. i have a question. in the case of a tendon injury isn’t an eccentric exercise recomended for the triceps muscle. i mean you should help with other hand while the Concentric movment.!
    thank you for your vedios.

  • New runner (again). Gosh dang you inspire. Looking at your programs pretty much as I type this. Appreciate sooo much what you do.

  • @AskDoctorJo Am I allowed to do push-ups after this exercise or should I avoid working out entirely to give my tricep tendon some rest? I am a bit new to these, and I was wondering if I could use these as warm up exercises before I do my push up routine.

  • Hi Dr Jo!

    Love your video, thank you! I THINK I have had a little tricep tendinitis AND golfers elbow for about 4 months now (I was silly and didn’t rest it or try to get it sorted early on). I’ve been making progress but then overdoing it and going back to square one a couple times in the last month. I have a couple of questions if thats ok?

    1) Do these every day? Or every other day? My chinese physiotherapist said every other day, but I found different material online saying 5-7 days a week.

    2) Is the aim to strengthen the tendon, or simply to strengthen the muscles around it?

    3) Is it ok to do these through a bit of pain. One day the arm might feel fine, and then I go through the exercise routine and it is sore. I read that as long as the soreness does not increase over two days, then its good to go?

    Thank you so much for your videos!

  • You have great videos which are very helpful. I am a newbie at calisthenics and have unfortunately hurt my elbow while trying to do pull-ups.
    I have a question pertaining specifically to 2 of your videos a) 7 Best Tennis Elbow Pain Relief Treatments (Lateral Epicondylitis) and this video.

    With the Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis; inflammation on the outside of the elbow. The advice (#5) was to perform an ECCENTRIC armbar exercise.
    With the Triceps tendonitis, aka tricep tendonitis. The advice was to use resistive bands. That specific exercise was a CONCENTRIC tricep exercise. ( I’m an exercise newbie; if I have assumed incorrectly that this exercise is concentric please excuse me).

    My question therefore is in both cases should it be following the same ie both eccentric or both concentric?

    Thank you for your time; I hope this question is not confusing.

  • Hello, i saw your website, and i would like to know wath injury i have in my right Triceps, i was doing tricep pushdowns with resistance bands (no weight) and i contracted my tricep hard and i felt like a burning/cramping/exploding sensation, so i had to stop the exercise, and the sensation has gone, looks like i over contracted or extended my arm hard, and since that moment, i cant do dips on bench or in paralels because my right triceps have that sensation,my left tricep is normal, yhe good thing is that i dont have hematoma or pain trough the day, yes i feel sometimes a minimum of little discomfort but nothing painful, until i want to do dips that sensation comesback

  • Im training for strength.. Did squat jumps,burpees,lunges and side lunges.. When i hit the road for 10k long run, i had an issue with left knee.. I might need some more workout.

  • @ 5:38 my hand don’t go straight.. most of excersise my elow stuck and dont go straight and shoulder pain start like i am hitting shoulder muscele plz plz suggest me something

  • YES! Trying to superimpose a partial ‘fix’ onto a problem that’s global is not going to be all that helpful. And this is a point that people just don’t grasp until its too late.

    Alexander teachers should be included in the list, perhaps above most of the others.

  • Omg Dr Jo you are really great. I had a massive tricep pain for 2 days and came across your youtube. I did the exercises yesterday and this morning all the pain has gone. You are an agel. Many thanks

  • Hello Dr Jo,

    I’ve been doing these exercises for a few months now and have been to 27 sessions of physical therapy but my tendinitis in both elbows hasn’t gone away still
    I feel like the problem could be coming from the shoulders or the neck, as they are tight pretty much all the time.
    What would you advise me to do with my problem?

    Thank you!

  • If you want to get medical, muscle strength doesn’t help bone strength. Weighting I mean waiting around(doing minimal activity like walking or sitting) helps bones form properly. Exercising on weak bones well everyone knows what happens then….

  • hi, i guess got that injury over 1 year. If i do nothing with my triceps there is no pain so I do nothing heavy with my triceps for recovery but after 1 year still feeling the pain when tried:(. Is that normal??
    And first exercise in the video i feel something, not pain. Should i do those exercises??
    thanks for the video.

  • hello.. when is the best time to do this excercises? while applying an icepack on my triceps along to my elbow?, before / after 5-10mins of icepack?

  • Had this for 2 months going on three did mri an x-rays came back negative. I’ve iced an taken anti inflammatorys didn’t help so I stopped. I was a weightlifter an gotten to the point where I could bench press 320 pounds then suddenly it started happening in my right tricep tendon. I hope this helps because I’ve tried everything but therapy. it’s depressing seeing all my strength an progress go down the drain.

  • My MRI was done and I was diagnosed with a triceps tendonitis and a partial triceps tendon tear, 3 months ago, after I fell down and over exerted my triceps which resulted in this injury. The pain was around 7-8 on the scale of 0-10 at the starting. But I have been doing these exercises from past 25 days and the pain has been reduced to 3-4. I would like to thank you for this. Secondly, when will I be able to return to 100% strength? how much more time can it take to heal completely? Thank you again!

  • thanks for some nice exercises, hope they help with my soreness in tricep which gets worse at night when i try to go to bed.
    + you are really nice and upbeat, be that way:)

  • hey doc. i hurt my left tricep tend about 2 weeks ago, due to bad form. there is a little pain only if i do cable pulldown exercices or skullcrushers. kickbacks and overhead tricep is good 0 pain. my question is should i keep resting for 1 more week? (i trqined chest/tric 6 days ago 1 week after the first hurt. it was fine except pulldown ex couldnt make it), or can i train other parts like back/bic? i plan doing abs/legs only

  • Hi Dr. Jo! Finally a video I can watch from start to finish..Great Job! How often do i need to do these exercises once a day every other day?..thank you Rob