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Taking time off from working out can be a slippery slope. While adding a recovery day to your routine is generally a good practice, too much time between workouts could lead to potential setbacks. According to a small new study, it’s actually much better for your body at the genetic level to not fall off the fitness wagon in the first place. Yes, anywhere from a day or two, up to a week, can give your body the rest it needs to recharge, recover, and come back better. But, at the other end of the spectrum, in far too many cases, one week off can easily lead to 10 days, then two weeks, and so on and so forth.

Soon after, all the momentum and benefits you gained can quickly disappear, and you’re right back where you started. Continued 3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Hydration is super important to staying alert and energized even on those days when you have to skip the gym.

O’Neil says one of the reasons we feel. “Skipping can have a detrimental effect on one’s mood and lead to the development of a new routine, one of stagnation. The body and mind will become used to inactivity.” How do I get back into it? Falling off track is stressful. And it can be tempting to give up altogether.

But it’s worth it to get back to the gym. Keeping up with the workout schedule is not easy. Sometimes you are too tired, hungry or lazy to even think about working out, which is absolutely fine.

Skipping your workout becomes a problem when you skip for more than two days in a row, say experts. It’s incredibly easy for one missed workout to turn into two, three and more. Skipping exercise increases your chances of suffering chronic health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Generally, these diseases arise as a result of long-term poor exercise habits, but in the case of your body’s use of insulin, you may suffer negative effects within just two days of skipping exercise, according to a 2004 study led by Kump. Skipping Workouts: When It’s Not the End of the World.

1. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in days. Sleep is one of the most overlooked pieces to a good fitness plan. Your body needs sleep to properly recover from your workouts.

In fact, many would argue that this is the primary time your muscles grow. Typically, if you skip too many workouts, it’s the health of your heart and lungs that fades first. Meanwhile, your strength levels may hold up much longer, as studies have shown that newly made gains in strength tend to stay the same even after months of inactivity.

Sure, the gym might make you feel better, but so too might drawing a hot bath and pouring yourself a glass of wine before going to bed early. 4. There’s Something More Fun Happening. Not only will skipping the gym allow your body to focus on getting better and not drain your immune system, you’ll also spare other exercisers.

List of related literature:

But if you make the commitment of traveling to the gym for half an hour, you will most likely decide that you’re going to put in some work so you won’t have gone there for nothing.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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I only went to the gym three times in my life but had to stop because of a lack of time.”

“Live and Die Like a Man: Gender Dynamics in Urban Egypt” by Farha Ghannam
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This is bad enough in a gym, but it’s when we get outside that the constant checking of a tiny screen truly wreaks havoc, downgrading what should be a rich, elemental, and sensory experience into yet another task we need to complete to meet our daily goals for steps taken and calories burned.

“Unplugged: evolve from technology to upgrade your fitness, performance & consciousness” by Brian MacKenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin, Phil White
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Many people plan on going to the gym after work, get tied up, and skip it altogether.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
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Fair enough, but before you get discouraged and decide to throw in the gym towel, you’re going to pause, take a deep breath, and take it one step at a time.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
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If you don’t have a gym that close, at least make it convenient to your home or place of work.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
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Use the same poundage for one week of three sessions or at least three workouts, If you are training three days a week, make them alternate days with a rest between, not three in a row and then a lay-off.

“Running to the Top” by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
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But what happens when you’re sick, too tired, or just don’t have time for the gym?

“The Freedom Model for Addictions: Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap” by Steven Slate, Mark W. Scheeren, Michelle L. Dunbar
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from that point, it would become harder and harder to continue with the practice of keeping up the exercising routine, and I would begin to make excuses to myself for skipping a session with promises like, “I will make it up in the next session or add one in the morning before work during the week.”

“The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life Master Any Skill or Challenge by Learning to Love the Process” by Thomas M. Sterner
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I think anyone who’s ever been to a gym can relate to this one.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
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  • You have inspired so many of us by now. I was 255 pounds with 40 percent body fat. I changed my life and so did a lot of people. I have been following your videos for last 6 months and lost 25 pounds of fat. Thank you Jeff for being with me every day and thank you for taking me to gym.

  • Should i work out while studying in quarentine cause i always seat while doing every thing which means my workout is useless cause it doesnt make change in my body what should i do?

  • Nothing is easy until you put 100 percent towards it, everyone knows that one guy who has tried everything and achieved nothing. You have dedicated 100 percent to making muscle, i have dedicated 100 percent towards being a multimillionaire. But when you put 100 percent towards it, you will achieve. Recently i have started trying to build up my body, im 100lbs amd i want to put on quite a bit, ans the gains are there but they are slow because i havnt been eating huge amounts. Im going to take a month or two to just pump, having money allows me to dedicate 100 percent towards other things so we’ll see how much i can put on. Do you know how tough it is to get employees to listen to you when youre 100 lbs lol.

  • At the four-minute mark, you started to sound like my wrestling coach lol. However, it’s true, if it were easy everyone would be doing it and trust me when I say this it ain’t easy.

  • Im sure this has been said time and time again but the most important part is the fact that in general if your not uncomfortable then your not there yet. You need to separate the men from the boys or the woman from the girls and commend your body to grow. The consistency becomes the realistic goals you create to achieve. Do something you have never done before and again and again. You will love yourself everyday for accomplishing something you thought you couldn’t do and what your body isn’t willing to give you. F average and average is based on effort level to push yourself to the top! I believe in everyone and don’t sit on your but nd let the sigma or bs you have heard online to stop you. The only thing stoping you is the willingness to start somewhere. If your looking for a professional and well educated approach to everything you have seen online then AX is the place to start and continue your 20lbs gain or loss. No joke or tricks her folks just pure natural knowledge for anyone to keep the gains coming!

  • Never except defeat. I’ve been there buddy motorcycle wreck broken shoulder blade torn rotator cup detached bicep tendon. I am now stronger than I ever was

  • Odd my favorite equipment is the ones that push me the hardest except the stair master it can die and go to hell while jack hammering itself in the pooper. Mind you I am 40 I have smoked since 18 years old never been to the gym to work out till about 7 weeks ago. Up to 15 minutes non stop and up to 45 floors still hate it. Also I am over weight.

  • I can remember one camp i went to for 5 days. I have never felt so exhausted and sore in my life, and I have never been able to replicate it, which is goddamn disappointing. For some reason its stupidly refreshing to feel the pain in your body.

  • My old teacher used to tell me show yourself no mercy. Because I’m the field of battle it’s selfish to be weak when the lives of others are on the line. She was a bit old school.

  • Working at construction yard makes it kinda tough for me to exercise, if I give 100% at the gym I have absolutely no energy left for work few days after.:|

  • It’s also about how you feel (if you’re in a stressed out positition in life or not) in your everyday life. For example, if you have been training for a long time lets say around 5-6 times a week, getting your whole body trained at least twice a week. you will get tired physically because of all the work you put in everyweek. But you will likely feel mentally stressed as well, which may affect you even more in the longrun. Take me for an example; I’m 19 years old, been working since I were 15, so 4 years. I have been schooling and now I’m working as an apprentice to get to be an electrician and I can tell straight out of my own experience, that days of and sometimes even weeks of can help you alot increasing your strength and getting in physically better shape. Cause while your working out there are all these other things in your everyday life, both small and big issues (mostly big) that will have certain affect on your results. Especially for me, I see when I have a relaxed realationship with life, it all goes much better, both training, social life, work, basically everything. But however, you may not feel relaxed all the time because you do work, you do studie, you do social life and you will feel stressed before tests and different experiences in life, you name it. And thats 1 of the most important things in life that will most often for everyone prevent muscle growth, your stressed, basically. You are a human being, you need time off everything to “heal”, heal your mind and I promiss you you will feel much better which will influence your everyday life, among other things, especially training and working out. If you feel better, you will get better results, take a week of when you feel for it!

  • Jeff, Jesse, and rest of your team. I truly enjoy your channel, knowledge, experience, and do my best to incorporate what I learn from you all. 7/4/2020.

  • I get sad when my work out is over. Even though my legs are telling me to stop I wanna keep going and count the minutes to tomorrow to go again I love it

  • This is one of my favorite videos that he has done and includes a great Cavalier axiom: Actively take what your body isn’t willing to give!

  • Jeff: your not gonna like everything I say in this video
    Also jeff: the question I asked didn’t have an answer.
    Me: yeah, fuck this guy

  • Jeff: If u are only doing an exercise u like….throw it and do the ones u hate..

    Me: but….I thought u said in other vids that bicep curls are the best for ur biceps

  • When I started what I considered hard work is what I now consider half assed, but I’m getting into the rhythm and I’m getting significantly better all the time now it’s great

  • The other thing:
    Leave ego at the gym door.

    Ego does more to hurt a workout than anything I’ve seen. Whether it be not smart (too much weight so you get injured) or too complacent (proud of 12 reps benching 225.)

  • Wow the BEST inspirational vid I’ve seen. So real like something my old trainer would say. A lot cleaner language than he’d use hahahah but still a great motivational video. Ps you forgot to tell us which exercise was the best one. I think the 3rd cause you could see he was pushing harder.

  • I go through withdrawal from the gym. It’s that one place I can go and just not worry about anything and just release any stress the day
    Before had been placed on me.

  • To be honest I ended up taking a week off because I was moving house, and see when I went back I found that I had actually gained strength. Which really surprised me, so every few months or what ever I’ll take a week off.

  • What sucks the most is getting sick. It takes 2-3 weeks to recover from a virus, and you loose a ton of strength and it takes equal time to get back to where you were. A good thing is to workout with 50% intensity if you do not feel too bad.

  • Hey Sean, what would happen to my strength if I continued my weekly workouts without missing a day, but slipped on my diet and started consuming less calories, and protein? I know I’d start losing muscle size and tissue, but would I suffer strength decreases over time? E.g., if my max bench press was 200 lbs today, but I cut my calorie intake by half, would I be unable to lift the same weight in a month from now, or would my strength remain the same, despite my muscles getting smaller?

  • Thanks sean that’s very informative and concise. I’d like to ask what’s your take on “deload” workouts? It’s the workout where you go with really lesser weights vs normal routine. They say doing that for like a week helps prevent plateau, what do you say about that?

  • This is a great vid Sean, you are awesome lol. I found this extremely useful. The idiot below is jealous he can’t make vids as easy and informative as yours!

  • Hi Chloe. Recently in these lockdown period I have lost 8 kg of weight and I want to maintain my weight. So, please make a video on weight maintainance.

  • Question: on the workout program do you do all the day workouts one after another or can you do 1 video in the morning and the other in the afternoon?

  • When you get your first period in the middle of a (2 week)chloe ting challenge: ����☹️����. Also can you please make a ‘shark week’ workout video?

  • Great vid! good infos:) but one thing also that i have noticed is for me that if i have unplanned taken one, maybe two weeks off from the gym. I somehow do not have the 100% exitement motivation to go the first time again, its just to go and the motivation blasts again! Gotta be Dedicated!

  • 10:40 especially if you add resistance bands and weights to increase resistence with home based workouts so you continue progressing

  • I usually push myself through the workouts on my shark weeks, and during the workouts it really hurts and I have to take some extra breaks. But when I am done, the cramps are done too! (at least for 4-5 hours)

  • Haven’t a diet when you underage and you live with a Mexican mom is hard,but I’m not overweight I’m just want to get slimmer not like slim thick but more like a stick you know. So yeah

  • Thank you for being honest. It’s nice to know that it’s okay if I’m feeling super fatigued during shark week. Or if I’m doing low impact during those days

  • I DID THE SHRED AND MY PERIOD IS GONE. WTF SOMEONE HELP. I’m 14 never touched a guy, did the shred and my period is gone. It’s been over a month and still no period. IM SO SCARED WHAT IS HAPPENINGGG

  • i’m a student athlete, stress is my everyday companion and during corona i gained WEIGHT. a lot. i started following Chloe’s workouts, made my own schedule working out in the mornings, that’s what works for me and i’m happy with myself these days. period-wise, i don’t have them anymore, i’m finally on the pill, because i could NOT workout during the first 4 days, i couldn’t even fucking walk sometimes, changing my pad every hour. and i felt so guilty about not working out, so i just want to say it’s fine. sometimes even going to the bathroom is an achievement on these days.

  • After 2 years of workout my gf broke up and i stop anything about gym now its been 2 more years i started again and u cant even imagine how much i miss the gym i hope i can lift old weights again that i was normally doin

  • Day 1: leg day( heavy weight, compound exercises and keep rotating)
    Day 2: Walk for 60 min
    Day 3: upper body, ab exercises for 10-15 mins
    Day 4: leg day( little lighter, glute isolation, different exercises)
    Day 5:short walk
    Day 6: Full body workout ( body weight exercises)
    Day 7:break

  • 2 days without working out and I feel like I’m getting fat again..jeez my period surprised me HAHAHHA (my period is irregular so I can’t track it HAHAHA)

    I want to exercise but feels like I can’t cause of my period

  • Does anyone know how many minutes/hours I should workout per day? If its relevant, I want to workout because I want to feel/become stronger and to be healthy/fit. I dont really want to lose or gain much weight but more like maintain my current weight?

  • I workout everyday, but I don’t feel any muscle aches or whatsoever. Does that mean my muscles are no longer growing and my exercises are in vain?:/

  • I love your workouts. the cardio especially I feel my heart is getting displaced. I sweat Loadssssss and then I’m satisfied that I have pushed my body

  • The health thing makes sense. I have ACL injuries in both my knees. been doing the summer shred and honestly in week 3 my knees got so bad I couldn’t walk straight, had skip two days. Now the 4 week program has become a 5 week thing for me lol

  • Hey.. I’ve a question.
    I’m 16 yrs old and I’m doing the two weeks shred ABS workout and amrs also because I want to reduce my belly fat.So in this 2 weeks am I supposed to take any day off or should I do it everyday for this two weeks???
    Plzzz answer.. I’m really confused and can’t find anyone else to solve my problem ��

  • So grateful I found her and her workout plans really motivated me like seriously why didn’t Youtube suggest me this from the beginning ����

  • Idk about everyone else but I feel like a lot of fitness youtubers love leg day, meanwhile, I literally dread it every time and I basically die���� that’s why I love upper body days��

  • You shouldn’t workout during your period because your body is already stressed out with cramps, loss of blood and general sensitivity. Your body needs to recover from all of that so its best not to workout at all during your whole period. Go for walks and stuff if you feel like but definitely no workouts. Its dangerous for your body. I workout and once i exercised during my period maybe on the 4th day, and i had a siezure and fainted. It was pretty bad. Take care of yourself during your period and just rest and relax.

  • Got one more question: What workouts are recommended to do in an active rest day? Doing the 4 week program, today is day 3 (just finished working out) and day 4 is my rest day, though I feel like doing something… Thanks <3

  • I’m just worried I’ll bleed everywhere when on my period. Like if you squeeze your abs it’s just so uncomfortable because blood’s just rushing to leave your body

  • hi chloe i have a question, what if i already hit the plateaus? if my body doesn’t hurt anymore after working out does it mean i’ve hit my plateaus? i’ve read somewhere on the internet i can switch reps or sets of workouts to break through my plateaus but i’m not quite sure how to do that considering i’ve always followed workout program videos? thank you x

  • I literally started my period today, and I hate that I’m not working out today because last week I missed like 2 days, but I just need to accept that missing days is okay.

  • So I have a goal of growing my booty too, can you do a video showing maybe what videos to do first weeks/months then when ready for the gym, what workouts to do at the gym. Maybe step by step how you got where you’re at and FYI I already started the 31 day challenge for growing my booty. Thank you so much for taking your time and making it free for us to join the journey to get to our goals!

  • I just wanna say i love your exercise and i love you ma’am… I wish u were my sister. Thanku so much for guiding us through ur videos.
    We all love you n ur programes really helps millions i guess. N will more.

    And yes i case u read my mesaage do reply me. I would like to connect wid u. ������love u ma’am.

  • If i could get anything else besides you tube, to message u personally n to ask help from u. M very depressed. U r such a darling, ur videos are so motivating, n everytime u smile it helps everyone to get motivated and they get charge automatically. ����

  • Taking a few days off. I noticed that I actually started getting bigger. Then when I got back into the gym I noticed I was way stronger.
    So when I do work out. I do day on day off.
    Rest is more important then working out. That is if u are working out right

  • Ma’am how will i lose my weight, i am doing all ur workouts in my home, but i dn’t think so doing only these will help in toning the legs like u have. It is definitly going to work, but our body is not that tight like you have. I have a soft skin. I have to tone my body. Like ur’s.

  • I’m doing the 2 week shred challenge and i had my period midway�� but i didn’t give up and thank god it was an easy one i might have given up so looks like I’m goona keep a tap on my schedule, watch out girls ��.

  • I don’t work out the first 4 days of my period. My mom told me you could damage your fertility if you work out intensely during the first half of it. Is it a wives tale? Possibly. But I want kids so I won’t take chances. Plus the first 2-3 days I am aching, there’s a shitton of blood and I feel like crap anyway.

  • I’m doing the 2 week shred challenge and it’s my third day, I found out I’m on my first day of period that’s why I’m kind of feeling dizzy and have head aches earlier, i’m gonna take a rest for a while cause i get cramps so bad especially on day 1 and day 2 of my period to the point that moving an inch is difficult cause it hurts. I don’t wanna stress my body too much now that I have period, maybe I’ll do some stretches or leg workouts then after the period or if I feel better on the 3rd or 4th or 5th day, I’ll continue with the program, it depends if my body can take it.

  • I just came off a 5th metatarsal fracture and that was exactly how I felt! Now I’m more hungry and determined than ever to actually get not only back to where I was, but excel further as well. Baby steps as hell!

  • I was working out for 4 months making great progress then I injured my back and I haven’t been able to work for 6 months now I lost everything that I gained and I’ve never been so aggravated and depressed working out made me happier than anything in the world I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to lift weighs again my back won’t heal and get better I’m hoping for a miracle to get better.

  • I gave up after 6hrs a day 7 days weight training was said to be unhealthy etc etc this guys not trained 7 days for 1/4 day for years I was huge for 3 years then got fat coz of hunger

  • Please can someone tell me i am 70kilo and in the quarantine there is no gym i stopped doing exercise so i go back to the gym in juni 21 but results is shocked i can even move 1hand my muscle in the right hand is so pain i can’t play games or do something before I went to hospital can someone explain me?
    (My English is bad )

  • Does anybody who stopped working out for half year or a full year developed stretch marks? (cause of stop eating the same and lose weight and mass?

  • People saying “Oh I thought he stopped working out on purpose to see what would happen” don’t have any idea how long 3 months of being sedentary affects people who have been training for years. Some things are not worth it, even for internet fame.

  • God loves you brother he will never leave you not forsake you and is always with you����Deuteronomy 31:6 New International Version (NIV)

    6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”Joshua 1:9 New International Version (NIV)

    9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”praying for Guidance and healing for you in the mighty name of Jesus who is our healer!!!Psalm 107:20 New International Version (NIV)

    20 He sent out his word and healed them;
    he rescued them from the grave.JESUS IS THE LIVING WORD AMEN WHICH MEANS SO BE IT

  • This is what i really need. Have been suffering from an herniated disc with sciatica pain for a couple of weeks with several months of not doing any formal strength training ahead of me. The mental aspect is really what hard, going away from something you love that much.

  • I’m trying to just go a week or two without the gym cause of COVID-19, they say it wont open for 3 months, might have to resort to home workouts

  • Bro I had a very similar injury plus recovery. Thing is depression anxiety got the better of me and I put on a lot of weight. I’m slowly learning trying to eat better but with my physical job I just don’t see working out. Anyway love all the videos it’s definitely inspiring keep them going please.

  • Way to get back at it dude…. Same freaking thing happened to my ankle and I had to work hard to get back to where is was… It wasn’t easy so go for you!

  • Pacemaker replacement surgery put me down for 90 days also. Alot goes through a person’s mind when you’re forced to quit something you love. But it gave me motivation like no other and now I’m in even better shape than before #StayBuff #BuffDudes4Life

  • I take a week off many times.. Because im getting tatted allot. Busy with my second arm now and after a day session, i let it heal for around a week. And i can’t train arms for around 7 days. And never notice any losses(altho i still eat like i do when i would have trained).. i get a extremely big pump tho if i finally train those arms again.

  • Pete! can you talk having ever gone through a slump of lacked motivation? But you know we never lose that dedication. any tips on gaining excitement 

  • I stopped working out because I didn’t recognize the results…but looking back at pics I see the results after the fact…smh today 1st day work out

  • Some times i am depressed whether i should do the exercises or not. I wish that u were there to guide me as, u r the only one who can help me out. I really want to get fit like u ma’am.

  • Mental is the toughest part. I had my prostate taken out and was out of commission for a few months before I could go back to the gym. Had to ease into it.

  • Thank you for this video. I’m glad you have found your motivation again. I’ve been in a similar situation. I had cancer and my surgery was 8 weeks ago. I’m proud to say they successfully removed my tumor and I am cancer free. They also removed my lower and middle lobe. So I’m trying to get used to my new lung capacity. I started working out and eating healthier again. I’m taking it easy like you and conditioning my body with light weights.

  • I hit a massive wall in July and havent been able to get back on the horse again for another 5 1/2 months. It blows. I am trying to find my stride again. It blows. Thank you for the video!

  • The good thing about training is muscle memory. I’ve had breaks of 6-7 weeks a couple of times in the last couple of years and it was clearly visible in the mirrow but when you start training on a regular basis again the strength and size comes back really quickly.

  • What is wrong with all the people talking about Thor, Marvel, Endgame…
    Nobody’s civil anymore, nobody thinks what it’s like to be the other guy.

  • Im more amazed by the fact that your scar didnt get swolen like mine and its in a more conceal able spot. Fyi, i did everything the doctor told me not to do during recovery including diet, light exposure and physical contact. Good luck recovering.

  • I decided to stop working out for a year to proceed with studying and getting taller, i know people tell me that workout dont effect your height, i do believe that, but i used to workout alot and im 17, i workout everyday, and swim after that, im not afraid to lose my gainz to pursue height im just afraid it will took me a long time to get back to my usual weight training

  • Woohoo! T-Shirts! I couldn’t have done it without you guys. I really enjoyed designing this one and I hope that you guys can enjoy it as well. Please come check it out if you can!

  • I seriously want to know…if I will not be involve in heavy workouts…then can I ever stop gym….i asked so many people…not a single one answered me correctly…if i can get these information i don’t want to join gym…i don’t any side effects…and i am not sure if i can continue gym for ever����

  • For me, i have to work out every day if not i find it extremely hard to pick it up the next day, my rest day is basically walking on the treadmill for an hour or two while watching a show.

  • I stopped lifting but still doing
    1 min planking
    1 min wall sit
    100 pushups
    every day.. is it enough or should I still lift? I’m fairly new into this bros.

  • As you explained maybe due to lack of motivation i sometimes give rest for 4 to 5 days. And this is video I am looking for thank you captain. I will be greatly appreciate if you manage to make one RECOVERY WORKOUT (5/6 days of rest).

  • Exercise is such a waste of time if you loose muscle strength within short time you trained like 2 weeks and going as a general no matter how long you have been training consistently even for years

  • I stopped for 2 weeks, if anything just motivated me it was this “use it or lose it” I worked too hard for it back to the gains I go!

  • Love this vid. I had surgery on my legs and needed to rest for 2.5 -3 weeks before going back to the gym. In the meanwhile I tried to stay as active as my wound allowed (keep walking, keep training my upper body etc). On the 3rd week, trained my squat for the first time, I admitted there’s some strength loss, weight felt super heavy and loss of couple reps. But then on the 2nd squat day, my strength totally came back to normal. This experience taught me it’s 100% no big deal to take a long break from training and when strength loss happens, just stay calm cos it comes back very quick anyway!

  • Help! I’m a former bodybuilder who had 2 shoulder surgeries 10 years ago, got addicted to Opioids and stopped training. Now 6 years clean, (thank you God). My question is this, do I still have muscle memory after all this time?

  • As someone who gets injured a lot, I need to almost do NO exercise and just do flexibility 3 days a week, which can be frustrating if I want to be active at all every day. How long did it take you to be able to be active every day? How do we build up that ability? Thanks!!!

  • I stopped working out on summer cuz I was rly sick but I got back and continues to do workout. But the prob is I used to do 30 pull up but I can’t even do 10 anymore:(

  • I stopped working out for a year. I was very skinny when I started going to gym, I worked out for five months and start gaining muscle and weight but after a year I did not workout because of a very busy schedule my muscle just shrunk but my weight is still the same and when I worked out again after a year just by 1 and half month I regain all muscle that quick and got into my old shape just like a year ago

  • ive been deloading. outside of light bike riding and yoga I havent exercised the past 5 days. when I deload, I determine when to do it and how long to do it for by listening to my body. I wait until I feel fully recovered (muscles, joints, everything) and then I wait one more day. yesterday was the day where I felt better and it drove me nuts because I wanted to go work on my vert, but i held myself back. should get in some jump training today

  • I had surgery on my arm yesterday, on the table I asked about the gym and the surgeon said 2-3 weeks, just gonna have to eat like a king and bulk some I guess

  • i been getting sick a lot lately, working out and then not working out, then working out for a while now not working out again. you lose a lot of progress very fast, one or two weeks off will turn your six pack into a squishy flat surface surprisingly fast. its very discouraging. the mental struggle really is the hardest part like you said.

  • I have been training for 6 months, and have been making good progress, while training for mass 4 times a week. Unfortunately, coming September I will start attending University, and will barely have enough time to train at all. What is the bare minimum that I can do to minimise my losses in the meantime? Thanks.

  • This helped a lot because in going on vacation for a month and I’m not gonna have any time to workout, I thought if I stopped was gonna lose all my hard work lmao

  • For me it’s always illness, the moment I start getting some proper gains I get ill, like I am right now after working out for three weeks.

  • Don’t be too worried but don’t get too comfortable. I played HS football for 6-7 years including mid school.. and I stopped working out mid senior year and stopped sports. A year later and I still have my abs. A tad less defined but no one notices. As far as my strength.. yes that ofc dropped but I’m not built. But I’m not muscleless either. I had an injury that made me go off and on

  • My issue is the mental state. Even though I won’t lose muscle mass I start to feel like I have. I’ll look in the mirror after a workout and feel huge but after a few days off I swear I’ll see a completely different body.

  • I being blessed with great metabolism so missing gym day is no biggie but what i suggest is to take a week off after every tow month because sometimes your body gets fatigued and so do your mind and that’s where the lazy days begin which is normal but if you keep going to the gym religiously there will come a time where lazy days well come more often.

  • I try to take a week off once every 12 weeks last week felt overtrained (working out 6 days a week) realized I haven’t taken a week off in 6 months was kinda nervous to start but after watching this and listening to my own body I think it’s time to take a break

  • I’ve been working my ass off for the last three months. I’ve been very very exhausted mentally and physical. My whole body just felt tense and weak. I knew my body needed a break. I’m takeing the entire week off. But while I’m away letting my body repair I’ll be doing much yoga to keep my flexibility and diet.

  • So so glad you’re doing so much better. I can so relate, but not as advanced as you. There’s so much conflicting info, that I’m more confused than ever. Can’t afford a trainer, and so far to go….

  • I strained almost ever muscle in my body. I’m on my 4th months off the gym now.
    If lost some gains and about 15lbs. But it will come back fast after about a week of training again. Only because of been w9rkimv out for 3to 4 years now tho.

  • Taking a week off is actually excellent for recovery. I gain more size during rest weeks than I do during any given training week.

  • Hi. There you mentioned an `off week`. So my question is, do I still need to take the recommended amount of protein in an off week as well? I am 75kg (165pound ) and I take around 150g of protein everyday as suggested. Is it ok if I dont take protein powder, or take less amount of protein in my off (deload) weeks since I actually dont push myself much and take any workout to failure at all? Thanks a lot

  • Thanks for the info, Pete! Subscribed. I just got done with a heavier weight, less reps period, and am taking a recovery week off, and then am going to do a lower weight, higher rep period.
    During that week off, should I lower my calorie intake or stop taking protein shakes or kreatine? Thanks!

  • i came here thinking he would give us some indicators: muscle ache/muscle recovery, pain to avoid/pain to try and get but it was just a motivational speech…..

  • I fit my longish lay offs when i get ill e.g. now day 5 without the gym i guess its needed every 3 months or so to rest the joints etc.. it really does suck though

  • Part of the issue/fear for me is that when I’m not actively in the gym 6-8 hours a week, I lose motivation to eat properly too. I know that sounds like it should be the opposite, but it’s definitely more challenging to stay within my calories, protein, etc. if I’m not also lifting. So, then I do convince myself that a week off will screw things up, bc even in this video, it’s mentioned how important diet/nutrition is

  • i think this is total bullshit
    33% training
    33% sleep
    33% nutrition
    all three are equally important, fuck rest days, if you are eating right, and getting a lot of sleep at night and taking that stuff seriously, you don’t need rest days often, maybe one or 2 days a month at the most. problem is no one takes sleep seriously, and thinks they can get away with 3-6 hours and just chug back a ton of fucking coffee to power through the day and it’s just pathetic. YOU ARE RESTING IN YOUR SLEEP WHY DO YOU NEED A WHOLE FUCKIN DAY. anyways that’s just my oppinion, do whatever the FUCK you wanna do.

  • Cant workout bc of school. In our vacation, i workout everyday but now, i cant workout even i wanted to buy im so tired after the class. Im scared.. I didnt workout 3days.

  • For me, it’s not the fear of losing my gains that makes me leery about taking time off, rather, I go nuts if I don’t go. My body craves it and after a while I start to get something similar to “cabin fever”.

  • I would totally disagree about nutrition being 80% and training only 10%. If I completely stopped training, I’d lose it all regardless of diet. If I started eating like shit, but still lifted just as hard, I’d be able to keep my physique more or less. I’ve been training for 8 years and in the last year or two my nutrition has definitely taken a turn for the worst and I started to drink more. The result? Same exact bodyweight during that whole time and same strength, actually gained some strength in certain excercises. I honestly think the formula is 40% genetics, 30% nutrition, 30% exercise. (Not counting rest in there) If your genetics are right and you’ve been training long enough, your body will require less and less protein and in general “good calories” to make the most of it. It’s when you’re a noob that you need the most proper nutrition. Just my experience though…

  • Question I’ve had for some time; Does muscle rebuild/gain faster after time off for an experienced lifter than if I was new to the gym (noob)? (ie: Can I get my gains back quickly)?

  • Today is Wednesday and I haven’t been to the gym since Friday because I’ve been sick. I was feeling so bad about it, but this video really helped. Thanks!

  • in regards to this topic, would it be better to skip a workout, or force yourself to workout anyway (like say you dont have time for a complete workout, or you dont have much energy, or maybe you have a headache or something)?

  • Is doing it every 8 weeks alright? I usually love leg day but today I just wasn’t feeling it of u get me? I wasn’t motivated, my muscles couldn’t lift as much I felt helpless even though I wanted to keep going. I did dropset training for about a month to spike my strength and now I’ve been doing straight sets for the past 3 weeks so what do u think I should do?

  • I take a week off every 2 months. I work out Tues, Thurs, and Sat, and do tons of walking on my off days. So with that week off, I’ll work out Tues and won’t return until the following Tues so I’ll only miss 2 workouts. But it works wonders for recovery and for the nervous system. And I always come back strong.

  • I wish if I can thank him in person and show him that what he did to me is more than anything in this world, thank you pete and I will always respect you.  #teamfurious  

  • NDO no days off �� i dont give a fuck if your dieing abd your arms and legs fell off. Your weak and soft if you miss it! Dont be sloppy

  • this deff helped me out…last few weeks I’ve been unmotivated and moody because of the weather, i thought i was the only one but everyone at my gym has been like that…plus vday is coming up friday and all the money I’m gonna spend on dinner and crap has deff been on my mind, not to mention gas money to the gym and groceries smh…this deff helped me out now i don’t feel as guilty for taking the week off thx Pete! 

  • wow a Furious Pete Fans Rock six pack shortcuts video advert  what xD how does he get way with scamming people into watching his shitty videos with his “magic red drink” 

  • Satellite cells donated myonuclei stay in the muscle for as long as 5 year even if the musce atrophies. That’s what causes muscle memory, since a big part of hypertrophy consist on this process, the donation of myonuclei to the muscle tissue by the satellite cells, when the person starts training again hypertrophy happens much faster because some adapations remained.

  • 80% is nutrition??? I don’t think so, if that were the case anyone could eat their way to a fit muscular body! That’s not the case! Lifting and stressing your muscles intensely is 80% of it, not nutrition! You could have a bad diet and still gain muscle if your lifting, you not going to gain muscle from just eating! This is really just common sense…..think about it!

  • I just made my trainer licence and they told me you have the best results when it comes to muscle growth when you train every muscle twice a week but not until failure. Otherwise you have not enough time for recovery. What you think about that?

  • I can testify. I took off a LOT of time from the gym (4 months) and my loss of gains has been minimal. I started training again for a week and the small amount I lost came back immediately.

  • +FuriousTalks
     Hey Pete I have a small question:
    How can you know/feel how much rest you need. Of course it depends on the person, some can work the same muscle 2 times or more a week, and for some once a week is good enough. But how do you FEEL it? After training (day 0), my muscles are sore (of course), on day 1, 2, and sometimes 3 a little bit. But should I train these muscles again on day 4? Or is the pain a bad indicator of the state of a muscle? Or should I just keep it to once a week?
    I know that once a week is a general thing, and will never be perfect, and a “perfect” training routine might imply to wait 6 days for legs, 5 days for chest, 3 days for the arms… So not doable…
    tl;dr: Do you start working out as soon as the pain in your muscles disappear?

  • Are you refairing to the motor unit, and the increased controll over muscles that comes when you train them as a consequence of each nerve controlling fewer muscle cells?

  • dude, if u get a chance go try out the lifetime fitness in Mississauga. I think its the highest rated gym in the GTA and its where I go. Every time I go to that place I don’t want to leave cause it’s so epic lol. And don’t even get my started on the hot tub and the eucalyptus sauna they have in the change room.

  • Hey Fursious! need your addvice… I´ve been workin out for let´s say years now. I did a lot of progress but really not as much as I should or I would be expecting to. I tried several times to lift a lot mor weight than i´m capable of and even had my friends help give me that extra push sometimes in order to get used to it.. But that didn´t work as much as it should.. any ideas? btw love your vids!

  • Every 5 months i take one week off…from training and from my diet!  I rest and eat whatever I want for those 7 days.  I always come back stronger the following week.  Nothing wrong with it and you’re not gonna lose anything.

  • 31 years old, and for the first time my body betrayed me for 14 years of training.
    20min. of lumbering and warming up my back and legs before squats, thrid set hitting hard almost at the finish line perfect form, and I hear a pop in my bad.
    3 days in bed can’t even wipe my ass, I can’t even believe this happened to me.
    On the 4th day I started moving again yes I’m back baby but the fear of betrayal is always in the back of my mind.

  • Had ankle surgery myself on New year’s Eve and just now feeling good enough to try to workout but between a 1 year old and being bound to the couch and eating crap I’ve gained over 20lbs but I have a plan and it starts with doing P90x at home till I can get in a gym. Any other suggestions?

  • The best thing about this speech is it perfectly applies to everything in life, even job. Doing better every day is a mssion.

    Btw, you got my thumb up at “it separates the men from the boys”.

  • Well I box I use to lift weights not anymore determined to be a pro boxer but what you say is true I always worry that I’ll lose my stamina and technique but I just took a week off and i feel great:D

  • I don’t schedule my off weeks bit every 34 months I can fern my body is just ready to quit and im not able to lift the same weight so Ill take a week off. The issue was my mind going insane from boredom. I recommend finding a hobby to engage the brain. I tend to read on off days, great way to pass the time

  • Hey Furious, I know everyone’s recovery time is different but I would really appreciate if you could tell me when you know you’ve rested enough?

  • I tend to have every other week off from the gym due to the fact I go to work on a 7 nights in, 7 nights off rota. The weeks I am off I go 4-5 times that week and do strength training on different muscle groups each day but when I am on shift I physically can’t do it as I am tired from work and need to sleep throughout the day, I have still noticed the difference in my size as I even had a friend I haven’t seen for almost a year say to me “Jeeez, your shoulders and chest are wide and you are gaining that ‘V’ shape”. I would always worry that a week off from the gym every other week was making me fat or losing strength but it’s all in your head. I will admit that i do work my chest every time I workout but I tend to do one strength training day and the the other days I do a weight which is comfy to hit 10 reps so that I’m not completely fucking my chest up.:)


  • Great video Pete! It was exactly what I needed to hear.

    Explains why my deadlift PR came up after two weeks off following 10 weeks of CrossFit straight at 6 days/ week.

    I’ll take more rest from now on. Perhaps every 8 10 weeks.

  • Its important to change up the routine in the gym so it doesnt get stale. Also having a good place to go. Come by Fortis Fitness at Carlaw and Lake Shore sometime, its dope