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The Hunger Games Workout from DailyBurn’s Animal Core workout provides the functional training every tribute needs by mixing high intensity moves with flexibility and strength. The Hunger Games workout could be a killer: with video Back to video The popular classes, now launching in Canada, are based on the bestselling book series — and the movie opening this weekend — in. Train to survive anything life throws your way with this workout inspired by Katniss Everdeen’s skills in The Hunger Gamestrilogy.

This obstacle course works your body like circuit training but is. The Hunger Games Workout is offered from the end of March through the end of April at various Sports Club locations in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington; for a listing check out. The much anticipated HUNGER GAMES WORKOUT is FINALLLLYYY here!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to release this video. It is a culmination of everything I’ve been learning and working on since my start as a YouTuber!

To write, produce, edit, and star in a mini workout. Though we don’t recognize District 13 in our Annual Hunger Games celebration, we’ll pay them recognition by performing the “Jump Squat”. Start with feet shoulder-width apart and squat down so your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.

Complete this move by jumping up high reaching towards the ceiling. The Hunger Games Workout Strategy In the outskirts of District 12, the young woman Katniss became what we might think of as a decathlete. Sure, she could put an arrow through a bird 100 yards off, but where Katniss thrived was in the fact that she could survive in nature just as she later would in The Hunger Games. Thanks to ‘Train Like A Tribute,’ a new class at one New York Sports Club location in Manhattan, the world of The Hunger Games is now available as a free workout for the general public. While the movie, starring Jennifer Lawrence, opens Friday, March 23, the class will be available until April 25 in New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Boston, according to the NYSC.

And he trained her hard with sprints, stationary bike rides, archery lessons, and rock and tree climbing with the stunt crew. And even though most of us won’t need to shoot a bow anytime soo. Recipes include Capital Springtime Soup and Hunger Games Porridge.

Now, go grab your exercise mat, District 2 Custom Water Bottle, and workout clothes; fix your hair in a Katniss-style side braid.

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Initial Workout: Contestants work out with the trainers.

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To stay at the top of the freerunning game, Olson incorporates weightlifting, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting into her routine, along with conditioning classes, judo, and kickboxing.

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Quite similar to other strength workouts, the Bread and Butter Workout is scheduled for 10 days after the Simulator.

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Together, Ellie and I had downloaded free fitness videos, and gotten various ten-, fifteen-, and twenty-minute workouts from magazines.

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I watch as Peeta positions his artificial leg.

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You’ll find there are plenty of workouts in this book to keep you busy.

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  • I’m going to be 100% honest. There were many scenes throughout all the hunger games series that were so hard to watch because of Jennifer’s acting. I’m not being rude at all. I felt that way in theaters and when I’ve re-watched with friends, and now I know why it wasn’t great. She doesn’t spend any time getting into character. The crying in a lot of the series she did was forced and unemotional(like even when there were tears coming out it was so weird), and now I know why, it’s because she was laughing and cutting up until the very last second before they started every scene. I don’t want this to be a rude critique. I am just being honest. I hope Jennifer spends a couple minutes before every scene in future endeavors getting into character, because she didn’t with the hunger games and you can tell. If you’re getting paid millions to act, seriously what’s a few minutes to get in character?? Especially over a book that brought people to tears when they read it.

  • Why are so many people spamming this video with Venus factor comments! It’s so annoying this video is about having fun and enjoying working out! Stop it ok!!! >:C

  • Basically, it got 947k views because ARMYs thought it was BTS, as in Bangtan Sonyeondan, when it actually meant “behind the scenes” ��

  • @ Samantha Clark. Yes she is after Peeta in the book. But more scenes have changed in the movie. For example the scene when Rue died.

  • I love hunger games catching fire going to see mocking jay I dressed up as katnis everden and my friend,Hannah dressed as primrose everden

  • This is amazing!!! I just saw the movie last night and it was awesome! I also just found your channel yesterday and I am ready to work myself back to a healthy lifestyle. THANK YOU SO MUCH!:) 

  • Your video’s are awesome! I love the ones with actual music playing the best and your energy is so vibrant and infectious! Love it! Can I ask, how do you do your video’s! Especially when you just started too. Like just a camera. Did you use or do you now use mic’s or loop in sound later. Do you prefer the mac or pc for putting it altogether. Did I mention I love the video’s!

  • You know I would agree but just I can read the book in about 10 hours now and even with that I would have this song playing about 170 or so times.

  • The males in the movie, has no problem cutting their hair cause it grows back easily but I don’t think Jennifer would be best to play katniss if she keeps that pixie cut…

  • In the training center

    1:57 Finch “Foxface” in Training
    2:29 Peeta Mellark in Training
    2:48 District 3 female in Training and it falls to the ground

    In the cornucopia bloodbath:

    1:06, 1:26 and 1:19 Tara Macken (District 4 female) fighting with Kara Petersen (District 6 female)
    2:36 Cato fight with District 5 male and District 10 male and District 6 male (Jason) hidden
    2:45 Alexander Ludwig (Cato) fighting with Tara Macken (District 4 female)
    3:04 Leven Rambin (Glimmer) fighting with Jeremy Marinas (District 10 male) (on the right side) Chris Mark (District 5 male) hidden in boxes of supplies looking Glimmer and District 10 male fighting
    3:07 Glimmer hit District 6 female with his fist, and it takes you a sleeping bag. After District 10 male and appears to Glimmer fight against a sleeping bag

    In the feast:

    3:25 Alternate Scene, Thresh kills Clove only a blow to the cornucopia

    In the feast or bloodbath:

    3:21 Katniss fighting with Clove and District 10 male watching

  • Hey everyone Van anyone tell me what kind of Bow she has?
    I search the internet but i found nothing.
    Please PM thanks so much
    The Tribute of Panem my best film i see

  • hi, i was reading comments about “Fit Tea” the tea that helps  burn fat and helps your digestive system better does anyone know if it really works?

  • Sam is married but I really ship him and Jena, everytime she looks at him and he looks at her and she looks away omg dhushduedhuhuehd

  • If I was in the games I would just yeet my bag at everyone and me being welsh bitch I am would be like: Right you don’t throw a feking knife at me you or I’ll go get my slipper!

  • HUGE UNPOPULAR OPINION HERE. The girl who played Clove should have played Katniss because she is smaller. But no hate Jenn did a wonderful job

  • I feel like the fighting parts in the move weren’t even that hard to do they act like they needed so much training like what did glimmer do besides run through the forest and have a fucking seizure on the ground from trackerjackers ��

  • 1:54 1:58 So Glimmer did kill the boy from 5? I heard from a few sources that say he was killed by Cato, and another few saying he was killed by the boy from 8.

  • Jack Quaid is so underrated but he’s honestly my favorite (he grew more popular on the show “The Boys” but I was a huge fan of him before that)

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  •  whats the best work out for arms? cause i realy have fat arm fat hanging down and i want to ether tone or lost the fat in my arms

  • Why in the everlasting f**k is YouTube still advertising the YT rewind 2016 for me?! I’m so sick of it. In the beginning of all of these lovely soundtrack-videos… It takes away the pleasure.
    Every time a video starts: Dun DUN DUNN REWIND IS COMING!

  • That one kid who didn’t have a prominent role in the movie and was killed in the cornucopia but made me laugh the most at the end with his comment about the cornucopia

  • This scene is why I love the portrayal of Katniss. She’s like a curious cat. The moment of: ‘I missed, how could I miss’ and the look of ‘why don’t they watch? they do this for a show, yet they don’t pay attention’

    It’s just perfect. A girl totally out of her place, in a new world. It’s perfect <3

  • one of my absolute favourites, thank you cassey for making such creative videos they really a difference to the power I put into my workouts and my motivation. I look forward to each of your videos, even if it is torture! X

  • Katniss is such a badass……that’s why we love her. She’s skilled in archery, cared for Rue when she died in her arms and kept herself and Peeta alive and won the 74th Hunger Games. What’s not to love about her?

    Katniss’ attitude when she shoots the apple, takes a bow and says: “THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION!” Katniss lives like a boss.

  • The Last Number Of Your Like Is Your Character!
    0. Gale
    1. Glimmer
    2. Clove
    3. Cato
    4. Marvel
    5. Thresh
    6. Foxface
    7. Katniss
    8. Peeta
    9. Rue

  • if you read it on the book its kindda boring at first. but when you read it patiently up to the climax it’s too amazing! i like this kind of stories you know. anyone can feel the same way here? hahaha isn’t amazing?

  • You’re telling me nobody in the history of the games has shot at them before? Out of everything in this series, the idea that they wouldn’t have a force field is unbelievable.

  • mm i just found this hard to follow.  not a fan, but glad everyone who liked it liked it.  a lot of work obviously put into the filming and concept

  • um… i really like marvel:)
    and hasn’t anyone realized that ashton moio (boy from d6 or jason) is very tiny on 1:46 until 1:50? looks tiny..

  • It’s not sad that I like bts and hunger games so when it said hunger games bts I immediately thought bts was pretending that they’re in the hunger games right

  • This seems like an easy work out for me so I can get skinny and lose my fat stomach. LOL thanks for the video it seems like a lot of fun to do.

  • This tune at 1:21 1:49 is my favorite of all the hunger games movies. It’s so haunting, but empowering at the same time. I wish it was longer, like a full length song is. To see Jennifer Lawrence’s performance to this tune makes you feel it even more. Amazing!!!

  • at first i didn’t like there was no music in the movie, but after watching it more times i really think it’s one of the reason this one is masterpiece. i have time to think about what’s happening and all the other stuff, it really helps me concentrate fully on the message of this trilogy.

  • 1:21 Is my all time favorite scenes and music when Katniss looks at the image of the forests thinking of her home, but to me it’s also beautiful looking at the landscape.

  • In the book, she doesn’t take the time to put the bow back. She just throws it behind her while she marches out of the training room, no hesitation or retrospective glance. It encapsulated the raw anger she felt that they were sending her to her death and they didn’t bother to give her their full attention which is the very least they could do considering the circumstances. And as if that wasn’t insulting enough, they all had the audacity to gawk over a luscious roast pig, the likes of which none of the tributes have ever seen, let alone eaten, and never will. She commanded their consideration without saying a single word. Katniss’s arrow, if only for moment, brought the gamemakers back to the here and now and forced them to feel the reality and horror of the game they created.

  • I can’t be the only one who is a little jealous of how much fun they had on set lol I don’t think I have ever had that much fun on a set


    I’m glad I’ve already seen it or the entire movie would have been ruined!! You could have at least put a spoiler alert in the title, Cassie.

  • It makes me very happy to see that despite the dark subject matter that exists in the movie, all of the young cast members had a lot of fun working together. It’s so cute seeing Jennifer and Amandla fooling around on set while the cameras aren’t rolling.