The Five Most Underrated Exercises You Ought To Be Doing


The Most Underrated Posterior Chain Exercise. PERIOD.

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3 Underrated Calisthenics Exercises (DON’T SKIP THESE)

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The Most Underrated Exercise

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The most UNDERRATED exercise in CROSSFIT (You SHOULD be doing this.)

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3 Underrated Exercises You Should Be Doing! | STOP FORGETTING THESE!

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2 Underrated Exercises You Should Be Doing

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The 5 Most Underrated Exercises You Should Be Doing. 1. SQUATS. “The squat is a functional movement,” says exercise physiologist Fabio Comana, a faculty instructor for the National Academy of 2. PUSHUPS. “ Pushups have all the criteria of an amazing exercise,” Holland says. “You can do them. Here are 5 very underrated exercises that you should be doing.

There is no shortage of exercises that work any muscle group you want. Options are good, but a lot of them make you question what is proper form. This, however, does not have to be the case. Read more: The 5 Most Underrated Exercises You Should Be Doing | MyFitnessPal.

The 5 Most Underrated Exercises You’re Not Doing (And Why You Should) 19 Feb. The 5 Most Underrated Exercises You’re Not Doing (And Why You Should) Posted at 15:32h in Fat/Weight Loss, Muscle building, Resistance Training, Strength by JP. Undervalued, underutilized, and often under-appreciated. That said, here are 5 underrated muscle building exercises you should try today. The Sled Push. Sled pushes have become quite popular recently.

Before, it was solely the domain of football players who wanted to condition their bodies for the season. Now, it’s used by CrossFitters and even appears in the weight loss niche. The rowing exercise also is very beneficial for your cardiovascular health. It also helps to gain that desired control and strength.

The legs and hips are a pivotal part of this working out. Your lower body plays an important role in providing you the needed dynamism. Now here are the 5 most underrated exercises.

Go try them out and trust us. Tip: The Most Underrated Conditioning Exercise You did it as a kid. Here’s why it needs to make a comeback. by Gareth Sapstead | 07/12/20. Tags: If you do, then taking your jumping jacks one inch off the floor at a time will pay off big time for your lower-body athleticism.

Meaning your workout needs just five exercises, one from each of these categories: push (pressing away from you), pull (tugging toward you), hip-hinge (bending from the middle), squat (flexing. The Most Underrated Exercise You’re Not Doing for Shoulder Health; Dani LaMartina. Jun 22, 2020. 5 minutes 38 seconds. Exercise Index, Rehab & Recovery.

The Most Underrated Exercise You’re Not Doing for Shoulder Health. TAGS: bench press pain, Dani LaMartina, shoulder health. the 4 most underrated exercises you should be doing As a fitness professional in a commercial gym I’ve seen most of the exercises you could ever imagine. With the wide world of exercise selection floating around the air in the gym as well as on the Internet, it can be over whelming choosing which exercises your should into your personal program. Heavy step-ups are like dialing carrying up to 11, and I think they’re an underrated strength exercise.

If you have access to one my favorite way to do heavy step-ups is with a safety squat bar. The next heaviest option is in a back squat position. Finally, if you want to work on your grip strength or you already have ferocious grip strength.

List of related literature:

These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

#5 Lying Side Leg Raises.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
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4.Perform Back Exercise 7 once or twice a week to remain fully flexible.

“7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life: How to Rapidly Relieve Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain” by Robin McKenzie, Craig Kubey
from 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life: How to Rapidly Relieve Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
by Robin McKenzie, Craig Kubey
Penguin Publishing Group, 2014

These five exercises are by no means comprehensive.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
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These five exercises are not really exercises at all.

“Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth” by Peter Kelder
from Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth
by Peter Kelder
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2007

Each of those exercises falls into one of the five aforementioned basic human movement patterns, which are: the squat (bending at your knees and hips), hip hinge (bending at your hips), push (pushing something away from you), pull (pulling something toward you), and plank (keeping your torso stiff).

“Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit” by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
from Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit
by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2018

I took the list and promised I would start doing the exercises.

“Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream” by Ibtihaj Muhammad, Lori Tharps
from Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream
by Ibtihaj Muhammad, Lori Tharps
Hachette Books, 2018

These are the 7 exercises that I used in the video that went viral (see p9) – and got

“7-Minute Body Plan: Quick workouts & simple recipes for real results in 7 days” by Lucy Wyndham-Read
from 7-Minute Body Plan: Quick workouts & simple recipes for real results in 7 days
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These are my favourite exercises.

“Memory Mind & Body” by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
from Memory Mind & Body
by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
Diamond Pocket Books (P) Limited,

All these exercises require a high degree of core stability and body awareness for safe execution.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • When I do barbell glutes with feet close to butt, hips as high and everything you say I feel pain in my knees. Sometimes its in knees and lower back. What am I doing wrong please?

  • Oh dear, i think i must have looked the same like when i did my first TGU. Its hard stuff, but i like to see that u go through it tough. We do them regularly in our box, but only in warmup sets or accessory work or as rehab. it too dangerours doing them for time in wods. If u got routine its a really nice exercise.

  • Mayweather will win by late stoppage between round 8-11.
    Conor will gas out late on and the speed in his punches will diminish, just like it did vs Diaz 1 and 2. Floyd punches never slow down and he’ll land at will.

    Conor could win but its a punchers chance early on

    The verdicttt

  • Me gustan mucho estos ejercicios pero no entiendo el idioma podrían poner subtítulos en español por favor… Saludos desde Bogotá Colombia

  • Every time I do leg raises I keep swinging a bit and it’s really annoying
    Do you guys have any video on how to strengthen the muscles responsible for this movement? If not could you please make one

  • is there a way to train leg strength and not get bigger?? im weird and dont want my legs/butt to get bigger when i squat. or should i just accept my fate:(

  • I think those pull overs are pretty difficult, particularly in getting the lats specifically to do the work.

    I just suck shit at back exercises in general though. Fml ��

  • Could you maybe make a motivational speech video?Cuz rn there are prob others like me who ain’t making that much progress in calisthenics (or just fitness in general) and then that slow or non progress sometimes is paired with seeing other people progress way faster.Like it literally feels demoralising despite trying to think positive,like e.g. think of a friend,u helped him get into calisthenics or fitness etc and after 3 months or so he’s making a shit ton of progress and is better than u,both in strength and looks,literally depressing.And the thing is you’ve been working out way longer than him(like 6+ months)but like ye uk now he is stronger,better than you in a shorter period of time in comparison to what you have been doing,that happened to me and I just keep wanting to quit.

  • I agree with the reverse grip bench press emphasising more on the upper chest but I don’t like how my wrists look. Doing the exercise with a spotter would be a better idea.

  • Good morning Austin. Yes like ���� & underrated adding to routine ���� you for reminding us basics proper form Respect N.Z���� peace

  • your arms sem to be more out at the sides rahter than the girls hands seem to go straight back over her head? like she is holding her arms in the air….which is right

  • Scott I love your workouts!
    I’ve been getting a lot of stretch marks near the upper chest portion near my armpit lately due to heavy chest workouts. Any remedies for that?
    Love you man♥️

  • I know why guys don’t like the barbell glute bridge…. because you don’t look cool doing it….lol. Honestly, I have never seen this exercise. I’ll try it.

  • While I agree with the message of this video and love hypers, I usually prefer to perform them rather differently. I agree the lumbar spine should remain fixed in a neutral position, but where I disagree is that I allow my thoracic spine to flex/extend as the primary movement of the exercise. I do these to get a pump in my spinal erectors and lats before deadlifts or as a finisher. I’ve performed hundreds if not thousands of reps of hypers both ways with significant amounts of weight without any discomfort in my back.
    tl;dr the movement can be used to isolate your erector spinae as a variation of the way you described the movement. The spine does not have to remain neutral as long as you are conscious of your lumbar spine.

    I’m no where near as advanced as you in lifting, so please correct me if I am wildly wrong.

    I’m curious of your thoughts.

    BTW I love your content Alec, keep it up!!!

  • The reverse grip bench is not substantially more externally rotated then incline, plus there is risk of dropping the bar on your throat.

  • I can’t help but notice how Scott and Andrew Price the blender guru have a similar accent if you don’t believe me listen to Andrew Price

  • Do you realise your shoes are Nikes when you put them on and Reeboks seconds later? Mayweather but my money’s on McGregor just in case it happens.

  • Amazing video Scott. Your videos always include the traditional exercises but also new ones like these. Brilliant explanation of movement, form and the reasons why they will benefit us. I am going to start incorporating these in my workouts. Keep up the great work.

  • I have fat on just hips
    I don’t want to increase size because. i am pretty strong

    Give exercise to reduce hip area
    It is very important sir

  • Thank you for your videos. It is always helpful when you give tips for those of us who are still ‘beginners’. Don’t forget about us! Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Alex. You are awesome. I love the shoes you are wearing so much. What are the name of you blue minimalist shoes worn in this video? Thank you so much!

  • Austin I love your channel and all,
    But thanks to you (and especially me) I crushed my balls and penis against the Pullup bar while trying a Pullover.

  • Bro I hate unracking it and holding the bar in that position I feel like my wrist are gonna snap but my wrist are small I think I just got pussy wrists lmao

  • Honestly, i study like i never do before:) taking notes, downloading vids. watching over and over and learning new stuff… gaining more muscle… i’ve learnt a lot from u bro… thanks for that! Also, even though i’ve been training more than 10 years… youtube made great difference and u are one of that heros for me… As an 31 years old guy i’d like to thank you! Loves from Turkish Republic…

  • Hey Scott, I really enjoy your videos. In another video you mentioned that inclined bench and chest dips are the only 2 chest exercises needed. My question is, are these reverse grip bench presses better?

  • Tip for everyone regarding turkish get ups. Look at the weight (dumbbell,kettlebell etc.) whilst you’re doing them. Makes it hell of a lot easier to control the weight.

  • Hi, for how many seconds should someone hold the full back bridge and how many sets should be done? Also I feel my entire back which is great but how do i get more glute and hamstring activation?

  • I was telling myself I don’t need to learn pullover cos its too ez but I realized Im just scared of it cos Im still not comftroble upside down

  • Hey thanks for this video as someone who broke their back, my back was broken, spinal at 18 (now 43) in a car accident I have had back pain on and off for years training it and keeping it moving has helped a lot but heavy deadlifting and squats have always been an issue particularly at the point the hips are under the most flexion.

    I have found some exercises that have helped and I feel this new one or should I say the way of doing it is going to really help.. Also, I’m new to the channel and have just subbed, what’s with the bobble hat and no top seems like a bit of a juxtaposition:)?

  • Hi Richey hope you see this. When you were doing the Turkish get ups you were in between two rowers. Is there much difference between the old one on your right and the new concept 2? Because here in Aus they are selling the old one for a lot cheaper and I was thinking of buying a beginner one as the new ones are $1000 plus. Cheers and stay massive.

  • Start doing the turkish get ups unweighted until you can do them perfectly without thinking. You can mess up your back if you jump into them with weight. No point doing an exercise if you can’t do it right:P

  • TGU’s are hard as hell. After working on them for over 6 months, I can successfully do 10 reps in less than 9 minutes with a 50lb/22kg dumbbell. I thought I was pretty cool until I started doing them the right way with a kettlebell let’s just say getting 6 with a 45lb bell is a lifetime PR. So I’m looking forward to seeing you do more of them and we can progress together

  • Craig, is there something similar for ELBOWS like Turkish-get-ups for Shoulders? I have trouble with elbow inflammation and wonder if there is preventive exercises against this?

  • Starting callisthenics, I do stuff like this right before by breakfast at around 5:30. I’m gonna hate myself for the next couple months.

  • oh gosh…. those TGU are rough. Ive been doing a ton of them in my current programming and while they arnt the “sexy” movements or enjoyable I can tell you they have made me an overall better athlete. Also really work on that hip pop and the starting knee, they help stabilize a lot, as well as eyes on the weight. Nice work though man!!

  • schön weit reinarbeiten. bis die schulter springt. tolle idee. mal im ernst! is eventuell etwas fpr welche deren gelenke, sehnen und bänder das mitmachen. das sind jedoch eher die wenigeren. der masse würde ich so eine übung keines falls empfehlen. als physio sollte dass allerdings bekannt sein. allein was die schulter-knochen formation angeht ist diese überstreckung und dass mit belastung!!! reichlich gefährlich.

  • I like to do an isolateral leg press instead of a small stance squat to train the “sweep” because it builds less fatigue and it’s a bit easier on the joints in my experience.

  • I’ve been doing more (recently) and have noticed that my lower back feels better and that recovery time is improved.
    I’m going to slowly increase the weight as there’s a strength difference between the dominant/non-dominant legs.

  • Mcgreggor coz maywether only does defence and then picks of slowly but that works for mcgreggor coz he can move in and out slowly and eventually break through and then he will smash him to peices.

  • @TeamRICHEY My personal bias allows me to support Conor over Mayweather. I have grown up watching boxing, particularly Tyson, but Mayweather as well. And statistically, and logically, Conor is the losing bet for many. No matter who you are though, lightning can strike, sometimes for the good or for the bad. Floyd may be too cocky, believing that Conor is just an MMA guy so he does not need to worry. Truth is, Conor has the power to knockout floyd. It is just a matter of getting to him. Conor has the reach to do just that. Poor is also not intimidated or flustered by Mayweather’s reputation and status in the boxing world. Conor does talk, but he backs it up. Floyd bringing up Conor’s submission losses are frankly irrelevant. This isn’t a UFC bout. And Floyd wearing the Irish flag is just disrespectful. Floyd is gonna say all he wants the “fighters don’t quit”, well someone should have told him that fighters still have to pay their taxes and that they also don’t beat their wives.

  • Mayweather is an Awesome defensive fighter no question About it however my money is in Mcgregor cause of hes strength, speed, fighter mentality, and movement and ofc hes cocky as hell wich means Mayweather litteraly would have to fucking kill Mcgregor to keep him down ������ its gonna be Epic

  • yo fuck sloper holds! I’ve also been trying to juggle rock climbing and lifting and find myself overworking my upper body often. Have you found a good training balance?

  • Where did you buy your hyperextension machine and how much did it cost you? Do you have any you recomand or any that you would absolutely not recommand to buy?

  • Can I improve my posture with this exercise? Apart from the 3 ones you included in your posture video…
    (english is not my first lenguage)

  • i want mcgregor to win, because it will anger mayweather because he thinks his the man due to him never losing a fight. but in all honesty mayweather will win because its boxing and its what his done his entire life, and his done well at it, but if its a full out fight mma style mcgregor will win hands down.

    BUT…. age also has a part to play and if mcgregor does land a shot he will knock mayweather out, but i think mayweather will make mcgregor bring the fight to him and just out box him and make him tired with his speed.

  • SHOULDER INTERNAL’EXTERNAL ROTATION. How would you recomand to place in space your elbows before bridging, considering the shoulders mechanic? I see Alex with the elbow point out diagolally, laterally and medially, this means and internal rotation of the shoulder in flexion, what do you think about?

  • Mayweather all the way, this is the same as a table tennis champ try to beat federrier at wimbuldon no chance, I used to like mcgreger but he is disrespectful to all boxers past and presant

  • Any final notes on this one or a follow up video?

    Ive overloaded the fuck out of this and havent seen any progress in squat or dl from it (im guessing bad form still cuz i feel my low back every time).

  • I can work on my squats while lying down?? Now I don’t even have to get out of bed to get a workout! Scott you’re the best fitness trainer ever.

  • Awesome video like always!!! Ur doing the Turkish get ups completely wrong go on YouTube and look it up ur making it a lot harder than it really is….. glad to see u doing them though ����

  • You can also work your serratus fully with Dips if at the top you purposely push down and separate you scapulas which contracts the serratus. I call them dips plus and I love hem

  • Awesome exercise.. feel like the programming for this one is setting one up for a bit of failure. Once your core region is fried from all the previous exercises, I feel you have a higher potential of putting your spine under load. Great video, though ��

  • Quite possibly the greatest defensive boxer of all time, definitely his generation, against an MMA fighter with little boxing experience. I’m not buying that Floyd will K.O Connor, but he’ll grind it out over the 12 rounds for a win on points.

    Horrible WOD btw, but props to you for grinding it out.

  • zurcher holding 100kg bar doesn’t sound like much with elbow sleeves. went away from this machine since my nuts would be smashed hinging at the hips and forcing me to lumbar flex/extend. went back to rdl and loaded hip thrusts but looking for a place to try these again and not smash my nuts again

  • Do you have any recommendations for what most would consider a tall lifter. I’m 18 years old and 6 ft 6 inches and 250 lbs. I have heard people saying I should be careful when lifting because of my joints but I just want to know if there is anyway I can find out the “ideal workout plan” for my body type

  • That got a like just for the Turkish GU, so funny but a great effort under fatigue so well done! You could work them in your home gym with a KB. Have a look at Strongfirst kettlebells for a great instruction for the TGU and try their simple and sinister programme that includes the TGU well worth a try!! Keep up the great content and you will be through 50k subs and beyond in no time!

  • It would be stellar if you could do a top 3-5 moves to improve snatches! Power snatches are somewhat okay for me as a beginner, but I have serious trouble landing properly and not just collapsing in a full snatch! I’ve been trying to do snatch balances but can barely even do those with the bar!

  • 16:24 There’s something strangely cute when a crazy jacked guy curls wrists like cat paws
    Feels good to know I’m with the spoto press squad. It never sat right with me to rest the bar on my chest and relax, the strength just magically disappeared every time I did this and I couldn’t press it at all.

  • Thank you for this year’s new Everest! I am tall so this is a great challenge and goal. I sit too much as well. By the way fuck you for being able to do these so easily! Ha! You should be ashamed for having such drive to achieve such great movement. We’re forever in your shadow. This truly is the exercise to end depression and escape the rigors of sedentary western life.

  • When Igor says when you got the shark teeth you’re no amateur, even though at my leanest I had those I didn’t have the sixpack…. abdominal fat is a pain in the arse.

  • I’ve been doing bridges for years thanks to the Convict Conditioning books. Last year I started doing the one-arm version (not mentioned in this video) and I like it more, though. The video showing it is Ido Portal’s “One Arm Bridge Push Ups”. The thing that I like about it the most is that it feels like throwing a real slow, triceps-dominant direct knifehand/hammerfist/knife from upper to upper section, moreso than any other exercise I know, so I think it’s a real good practice for improving striking power.

  • Never discount hard work! Logan had put in 5 years plus into social media before Youtube! You are doing great and are continuing to make good quality videos, which is what matters! You will keep seeing growth, my friend! GREAT JOB!!

  • LOVE turkish getups but i like doing it with kettlebells instead of dumbbells. I’ll give McGregor up until round 5 if he can’t knock Mayweather down by then he isn’t going to win.

  • I really find doing it like this is best:
    I just put the bar lower on my back than in the video.

  • I am pretty sure last week I could not yet lift my both legs while sitting on the ground. Now I stretched my leg biceps 2 times each 30 secs. and it worked:-P The only limiting factor for me seems the quadrizps muscle which gets very hot after five seconds.

  • Either McGregor catches Mayweather cold and knocks him out in the first round, or Mayweather plays with McGregor for 12 rounds and wins on points. Probably the latter, but you never know…

  • Thanks, great tutorial for attention to my least favorite area to stretch. I really like the safe progressions for accessing and improving mobility up to also liked that you had a female demo to show the proper form.

  • Excellent breakdown of  hypers!  This has become one of my favorite exercises.  I hold 3 25 pound plates but that gets awkward.  I’ll try using a dumbbell this week.

  • Bridges were so easy back in grade school PE class, lol. Now, with years of habitual laziness behind me, I can’t do one properly for the life of me. On the other hand, I guess I can’t complain about the extra challenge, heheh.

  • What would you recommend to get the flexibility in the upper back and arms?
    If I tried to force myself into a bridge, my body would automatically try to get all the flexibility out of my lower back, which would be pretty bad…

  • Hey Craig, I sent you a message through the TeamRichey site I’d appreciate hearing back from you if you have the time to reply ��

  • I can actually do a front lever but I have never tried a pull over since I can do muscle ups lmfao I should actually try the pull over it could help to transition to planche

  • I can not even do the easy version seated leg lift, my torso gets pushed back which you say one not should do.. Is there any other excercise that I can build up to this? Like just straight leg raise?

  • i have right shoulder dislocation 5x when i was younger…so i m very careful on doing the full bridge….huge strength needed to hold the full bridge from my shoulder… is this normal or just me?

  • The chest bounce doesn’t bother me, so long as you’re bouncing it off your chest. However for some reason seeing people use bounce blocks or folded up towels to bounce the weight with erks me…lol

  • I can actually do a back bridge. I could barely get by head off the ground but now i can actually hold my body suspended. Funny thing is i never practised the back bridge to get to that point. I just did it one day and realised i could go further. Maybe it’s the other mobility exercises i’ve been doing. Either way i will be practising this until i can fall into it.

    Thank you guys for the tutorial.

  • As far as quad development how would the outer sweep be influenced by stance if they and the other muscles insert and act on the same tendon across the knee joint?

  • I don’t care who wins the fight as long as it’s not Mayweather. Lol. Did you see the suit McGreggor was wearing at the promo? 007 frame of mind.

  • I LOVE Turkish get ups. We learned them about a month ago and do them at home when watching tv and feel that itch to move. #WELOVEGEOFF #LIKE4JAS #LIVINGTHEDREAM

  • Everyone is always trying to come up with “secret exercises” we’ve never heard of. Well, you HAVE heard of these.. but just probably didn’t know why they are so kick ass! �� CLICK THAT NOTIFICATION BELL SO YOU NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD!
    ( 1:31)Incline Barbell Bench Press VS. Reverse-Grip Bench Press | WHICH BUILDS A BIGGER UPPER CHEST?
    ( 9:01)How To: Dumbbell Pull-Over (Target Chest Or Lats)

  • Hey Igor, nice video quality (compared with a few years ago). I recommend you to try disabling auto exposure when you talk to the camera. I think it will be better

  • Would you have like a workout for starters in calisthenics and how to master some things bc I can’t seem to make a workout, Nice vids keep it as well��

  • Mayweather by a mile. You’re taking an AMATEUR boxer (Conor) VS arguably the GOAT. Mayweather has taken hits from and never once hit the canvas by boxers such as: Oscar de la Hoya, Canelo Alvarez, Shane Mosley, and Pacman. True heavy hand hitters, Conor doesn’t have 80% of their power or 50% of their skills. FYI, I hate Mayweather but those are facts.

  • Huh. That super secret muscle… That is what you get from martial arts. Is is very useful for punching people. It is why Jackie Chen looks so cool, even though he is no bodybuilder.

    EDIT: I continued watching the video and he said it. Now I look stupid…

  • What a great video. You explain things so well. It’s interesting to learn about the difference between flexibility and mobility… I appreciate all the information!

  • Do you think variability between body fat percentages has a lot of discrepancy due to muscle mass i.e. I am 62kg with 6kg of fat. If i gained muscle mass and maintained fat mass my body fat percentage will automatically be lower. Surely for body fat percentage and leaness FFMI should be included in the equation?

  • what are your thoughts on doing the barbell glute bridge with your upper back up on a bench? ass down to the floor, thrust up to extension, back down

  • Hello Igor, I have been watching a lot of your videos and they are extremely helpful! I was wondering if you had any tips for healthy snacks? I live in military base dorms, so I don’t have many options to cook, and I hate to eat chips and cookies and other crap, I was wondering what you would suggest as some good tasting, healthy snacks that you recommend? Thanks

  • I love trap bar deadlifts. I always found it better than regular deadlifts. It works a lot of my lower body, including my gluteus ����

  • Might wanna skip the TVOs if you have any shoulder impingement issues. Or maybe try the semi-prone grip and see if it works better.

  • I’ve had a very prominent serratus anterior since I’ve started lifting. Before I even got a 6-pack it was very definedgenetics I guess?:P

  • My trainer watched this and said that you are wrong about the deadlift. He said if you feel the load in front of you when u deadlift, you are doing it wrong. He says no matter what kind of deadlift you do, sumo/conventional/trap bar, you should always feel the load working in your stance, It should all feel the same. So, what?

  • Bruhh Turkish get ups suck!! We do them over here in Miami! Awesome video man loved it! Much love from driving force crossfit in Miami!

  • This video is sponsored by skillshare because I like money

    Wait? What?


  • I’m honestly confused with dumbbell pullover. I don’t know the back or the chest that is targeted. I heard both answers from both sides.:/

  • Man your right about the trap bar deadlift. You can also block up the bar and and your squatting pretty nice without neck strain.
    But I feel like the trap bar is neglected alot. I once left it in the middle of the floor. Had a rest day, came back the third morning and it was still there. People were just stepping over it!

  • For the narrow stance why not just do farmer squats? Or hex bar squats on a platform? Seems like the same exercise but you’ll have better balance and be able to load more weight because the center of gravity is lower, and it’s safer?

  • damn i remember watching a video about this exercise, ended up doing it and got rid of my sciatica as it strengthened my back… didn’t know it was on your channel lol thanks man

  • This style of video was cool. I like that in typical Igor fashion, you didn’t sell any of them as like “complete game changers that will revolutionize your life!”, just different helpful additions or alternatives

  • So it turns out that I have always done Spoto press… I never touch my chest when I bench. Also I train forearms at least once per week

  • Reverse grip bench uses an unnatural weight distribution and has a much higher propensity to injury, especially with weight above 45 lbs.Not smart Scott!

  • Hollow body hold really works out my core. Is that how much tension the core is supposed to have during a hand stands? I can hold them against the wall for about a minute and don’t feel that same tension.

  • I never got around to getting a bench at home for my weight training. I use the floor press with my heavy dumbbells. The pull-over exercise really appeals to me. I wonder if it’s possible to do this exercise with proper form by lying on the floor instead of a bench. It doesn’t appear to be so.

  • Congrats on 500k subs man, well deserved prior to the amount of work you’ve been putting in, content and training wise. Been here for the longest time, love seeing the grind before my eyes. Keep up the grind brother.

  • i swear austin your arm grew like a inche since i last saw a video of you a year ago you have by far the biggest arms ive seen on somebody that weights 175-180 pounds your triceps is gigantic

  • Mayweather may win the boxing match but like Cono said’If it was a real fight he’d be dead already!” I liked, I commented and I am OUT;-)

  • “Can i come in now?” hahha the way she said it is like you are doing her an obstacle course for life. Dad is consistent at the box btw…nice!!!

  • Craig to do a succesfull Turkish getup you need to hold your dumbell as still as you can. With the Turkish getup you have to try to push the dumbell in one straight line up.

  • They are very bad, not underestimated, I made a video about how to get better at calisthenics and these exercises are very bad for the everyday Joe

  • Hey Virturvian! I would replace the scapular pushups with plymetric pushups. This puts a lot of stress on this muscle for me and the exercise carryovers to other movements to make you more explosive like on the bench press.

  • Wow this is amazing. I’m 42 year man never exercised in my life is it possible to get to your fitness and flexibility level if so which exercises do you recommend I start with?

  • Nice seems I can do the back bridge fairly easily. I’m pretty weak at calisthenics (impinged left shoulder doesnt help), but I can build on this at least…

  • Whats wrong with doing it both ways?
    say i warm up set, then 2 sets where you hinge at hips with as many reps and heavy weight as you can followed by 2 finisher sets where you just hinge at the lower back and only bodyweight for amrap?
    thats what i do every other workout and on the off days i do a couple sets of just bodyweght but am using light dumbells as rotator cuff strengtheners al la Jeff cavaliere

  • Klokov recommends doing them with a barbell, like a back squat. You can check it out on that video where Bradley Martyn casually interviews him.

  • This may be a stupid question but what is the difference and which is better: the 45 degree hyperextension or the one here in your video?

  • if Mayweather so good why have I never seen Mayweather go up in weight class to dominated another class no he stayed were it was safe, McGregor is a martial arts fighter there for he is ready for anything that comes his way, ohh and he is Irish we don’t go down easy, unless it’s for our misses lol

  • What if I have a big gut that blocks me from going down far enough? What would be my next best option? I’m already working with my fat loss.

  • Considering you’re extremely responsive and articulate, I must ask: how much weight can you actually load up on before the GHR machine tips over and you face plant. To my regret, I never found out because when I had excess to the machine, I never loaded it.

  • Hi Alec, A question:
    What is the difference between this and a reverse hyper in terms of programming, recovery, training stimuli? I don’t have access to a reverse hyper machine, and wondered what I am missing out on.


  • Ha, I did 50 as a WOD the other day. 26.44sec with a 20kg kettle bell. I used to be able to do 50 with a 24kg kb in 30min but not as strong right about now (or fit lol).

    ps Mayweather. Will dance around for 12 rounds like he usually does.

  • I was having back issues, I have been putting off buying one of these benches because of the cost ans space usage for such limited selection of application hoping I could find one at a yard sale or something. Finally bit the bullet and got one. Been watching various videos to make sure I am doing it right; my back is starting to feel great already, wish I got one years ago.

  • Great info, I’ve not been doing it totally correct. I’ve not been doing it as wrong as many, but not aware of all these aspects. This is a great exercise, esp with the weight as you pointed out.

  • Great video Alec! I just started doing the exercise. It’s something as a reverse Hip Thrust it really hits your glutes and hamstrings, as well as your back and spinal erectors. You can do it with dumbbells for high reps as well as with a barbell dead stop for lower strength reps.

  • great video, agreed these are super underrated. IDK if I’m built different than you, or the machine I use is different, but I load it by just holding dumbbells or a curl bar or a barbell in my hands

  • Underrated? Maybe it’s just my personal experience and a small sample size, but I thought these were super common. Most people I know do these in their core routines.

  • you are looking every time i see you better and better… really dream body!:) i am not looking much on youtube.. but subscribed you the first time I saw you.. and when i see some video its super to look…! so just wanted to say that even when i am not looking on everything… you are amazing:) Pavel from czech republic!

  • Great vid. I’m trying to get the body positioning right, are your private parts resting on the bench or just over so not touching the bench? Sorry for what appears to be a dumb question but i find it very awkward on the private parts as not sure where to put them lol. Hope you can help.

  • Yes, this is a fantastic exercise! I have used it for years as a prime building tool, not as an auxiliary exercise or warm-up. I prefer a dumbbell like you so that I can get the full range of motion, and holding a forced flex of the glutes at the top really annihilates them (great for getting a perky hind section). I have never tried the barbell lift like that top lifter is shown doing, for the same reason you stated (range of motion). Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve been doing these wrong. I definitely was flexing my glutes in the top portion but I see where my problem is in the lower portion with a neutral back. I incorporated these in my training, including sets of good mornings. Thank you again!

  • I usually do a Superman/hip thrust 15 minute circuit a couple times a week as I work out at home and don’t have a hyperextender. I do find they’ve helped me with other lifts and I have much less pain and more stability with plyometrics and agility work. Are Supermans a good enough replacement?