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A great exercise to kick off your back workout, the resistance band pull apart is simple but effective. Choose a resistance band that allows you to complete 2. 5 Back Exercises to Tone Up Fast Repeat the following circuit three times through, resting for one minute in between rounds.

Or, mix things up by adding these moves into your usual exercise rotation. Lower back pain is common, but doing strengthening exercises can relieve symptoms. Here, learn how to perform a range of exercises and stretches for the lower back. 10 Best Back Exercises For Building Muscle. Want a bigger, stronger back?

You need to add these moves to your workout Make positive steps to become healthier and mentally strong with all the. This is one of the best exercises to target the upper portion of the Trapezius, a strong muscle at the top of your back. Well developed traps help create a prominent posture, with the Trapezius upper muscle peaking between your shoulder and neck. 5 Best Exercises For a Strong Back.

December 4, 2012 | Posted by Barbara Gibson. The comedian Rodney Dangerfield used to joke about not getting any respect. If our backs could talk, they might share his complaint. Most of us never give our backs much thought, unless of course they start to bother us.

Although we give far more attention to abs. A strong back is a healthy back. Period. And these are the perfect exercises that will make it easier and more natural for you to stand and sit with good posture for longer periods, and with far less pain (if any). These moves are especially effective against lower back pain because they work the stabilizing muscles that keep your spine aligned.

Scoliosis exercises target the affected area of your spine. Most commonly, this condition occurs in the mid-to-lower back. Exercises focus on stretching tight muscles in the spine, as recommended by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and strengthening ones that are weak. The best back exercises for women described in this article will allow you to strengthen, tone, tighten and sculpt all of the muscles of your back.

Select any three exercises to combine into your back workout. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise. Do this twice per week, giving yourself at least two days rest between workouts. Strengthens: glutes, hamstrings, lower back Hold dumbbells in both hands and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and arms at your sides.

Lift your right foot off the floor and bend at the hips, maintaining a straight line from the heel of your right foot to your shoulder as you lower your torso until it’s as close to parallel with the floor as.

List of related literature:

You can arch your back, elevate your hips and lower them to the ground while arching back, rotate from side to side, raise your arms overhead, or use a combination of these methods.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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A good back routine often includes both an upper and a lower back twist.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
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To help protect your back, follow these precautions Figure 2-5: ●● Always keep your back in a straight, upright position and lift without twisting.

“Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Nancy L. Caroline
from Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets
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Keep your glutes squeezed and ensure that your back is in a neutral alignment throughout, and that there is no unnecessary rounding or extension in your spine.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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Lie on your back with your knees bent; feet flat on the floor; arms at your sides; and your pelvis, spine, shoulder blades, and neck in neutral.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
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The way I usually like to work my back is to start with exercises that focus on my upper back and then work my way down.

“Triple H Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body” by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
from Triple H Making the Game: Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body
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Researchers had 25 people with no low-back pain perform two types of exercise for their backs: (1) bodyweight exercises like lumbar extensions, forward flexions, single-leg deadlifts, and bridges and (2) two weighted exercises, deadlifts and lunges, using 70 percent of their 1RM weight.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

Keep your low back long, your chest open, and your shoulder blades pulled in toward one another to ensure that your back is in proper alignment and that you’re stretching your hips and hamstrings rather than your back.

“Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits” by Candace Moore
from Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits
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Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Lower-load exercises that involve spinal flexion (rounding), like crunches, hanging leg raises, sit-ups, hollow-body holds, RKC planks, and glute-dominant back extensions, are well tolerated even when exceeding the neutral zone.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Place your hands on your hips, keep your back and spine in a vertical position, and tip your pelvis forward, to the side, to the back, to the opposite side, back to forward.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Atria Books, 2009

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  • Thanks for this perfect video. However, I would add to this workout a good exercise for strength AND back mobility: Bridge push up, and even more: elevated feet bridge push up.
    Peace ✌️

  • I searched for many back home workouts and this is the first one, which I really tgink would work intense. Even the first task look really nice

  • As an experienced, certified, private/facility Trainer/Instructor, I rarely recommend YouTube videos to my clients without an additional discussion with clients regarding modifications, safety, alignment cues, etc., because they usual lack those core elements. Redefining Strength is that rare yet welcomed exception. Every video is on point. In the current environment of social-distancing, stay home mandates, facilities are rushing to create their how-to videos. I am focus on health & family and directed my clients to specific Redefining Strength videos only. I know their experience will be safe and similar to what is related during one-on-one sessions. THANK YOU for sharing your expertise.

  • I hope you write a book one day. I like the way you explain things. I would love to see a book where you take all of these exercises in all your videos and compile them in one resource. I would buy that so quick.

  • Very helpful exercises. As I’m currently in rehabilitation for my shoulder (post-op), these are a great way to help with my shoulder (and back). Thank you!

  • The only improvement I can suggest is regarding the bird dog and a feedback trick for novices, i.e. using an empty water bottle or short foam roller, either across the low back or in line axially. Either provides exquisite feedback to prevent excessive rotation, or loss of lordosis, two things difficult to otherwise recognize as happening.

  • How to modify back extension workout at home without one of those machines while applying the same principals? Any ideas? I’ve been stumped on this one for a while.

  • Hey please can you tell which suppliment (protiens) and necessary materials ( suppliment) to include in diet in order to gain muscle mass. I being a beginner+ in gym

  • Thanks so much ive been dealing with a sort of pain in the lower back and the fisio told me i had dorsal scoliosis. Ill try these exercises and ill suspend some others.

  • I am 58 yrs old. I started work out few weeks back as I am having much time at home during corona epidemic. I wouldn’t like to view video on tummy reduction teqniques

  • Wow… Searched for new options for back workout, just to find two new moves. Ended up doing the whole workout and now exhausted and I actually notice I have muscles on my back. Kills, but I love it.

  • Another video 2 years later
    “If you’ve been doing the exercises mentioned in this video you’ve just been putting your back at risk”…It never ends.

  • I love this channel. Covers all the bases, gets straight to the point…and there’s no flash. Ya got two guys, obviously strong as hell and capable, demonstrating the exercise, without all the ego BS hype. Love this channel. Don’t change a thing! -Signed, A Woman in America.

  • i had back pain and your tips were so good!!!!! just with the single cat/cow pose my back pain vanished. thank you so much for this!!!!

  • I do total body workout(inverted body row) four days in a week. How can I integrate your pullups reps increaser work out to my program. I’m afraid of killing my gains by exercising in rest days and ignoring my body row exercise. Can somebody help me?

  • I do this 4-5 times a week! Been doing it for about couple months now and man this back exercises are awesome!! I’ve gotten so much muscle from this and man I can finally sit back without any back issues including my spine popping back out like it use to! Thank you every much for this!

  • Can you make a video for working out as a teenager? I want to get physically fit as early as possible, but workouts for adults may be too strenuous for me. I definitely need some advice:^)

  • great content, very informative as usual.. your constant AMAZING tips have helped me a lot thank you. I wish to train with you guys!

  • If we don’t have the cable machine what would be thé exercises we can do at home to strengthen the back? Thanks luv your videos & knowledge

  • i have notice that most guys into callisthenics have proportionate,, but ( small legs )…
    are there any variation for people with more massive lower bodies

  • Anyone know what is Clegenatur Methods about? I hear a lot of people increase their breast size naturally with Clegenatur Methods (just google search it).

  • Starting today, August 4th 2020. Will do this workout 2 times a day for 1 mont to see progression: day 1: Done, no change✅

  • Awesome.Thanks. I got your program a while back and I love it. Really detailed/informative and it helped me on my form. Highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in it.

  • I just did this with you guys through the vid, can already feel the muscles being achy but it makes me happy af. I’ll start boot camp next year, so been working out at home for about a month or two but always left out my back, and by now i can feel when my body needs the strenght from there. Thank you for this video, super helpfull and already can tell its really effective as well!
    And to everyone whose whatching this: if a girl can do it yall can too, so get on the floor and get started!

  • Hi jeremy,
    I have flared ribs (it’s a condition where your lower ribs are protruding outwards causing your spine to angle inwards ). This has made my core weak and given a bit of pelvic tilt to decrease lower back strength. Also causes my chest to look so boney�� even withgood enough lifting strength. Help me with core workouts and minimising this rib cage condition.

  • What do you think about the superman where you only lift one arm and the diagonal leg together? I’ve been doing those and found them very good. I believe they are more stable than both arms and legs together.

  • You guys are great but most of the exercises you show are the seven basic Shoalin stretches, maybe do an episode on why they are so important when working out before/why you don’t hurt during, and why they are so important and practical. please it will help a lot of people even if you have know interest in oriental martial arts =)

  • OMG. These are pretty advanced for anyone who is tight and who has ongoing “spondy” or other back issues like me. There HAVE to be some more simple ones. Maybe you both are just so limber and also healthy (except for Brad’s spondy) that they LOOK easy? Sorry, I am sure if one is fairly loose these are great, but not for me.

  • You have the the exact body type any pointer will help especially chest cause i have a lot of fat there just started and will like to like about the same

  • Hi @Jake Alvarez i really like ur videos and i was hoping if you could get more videos of you like abs, biceps, triceps and legs workout.

  • For my workout, in order to go straight to the exercises, but pls watch the whole video first if you didn’t do so yet
    1. 01:08
    2. 02:44
    3. 04:22
    4. 06:10
    5. 07:32

  • I cannot even do the tuck front lever without an active hanging, which I see you are not using in this video. I forcedly need to do the active hanging in order to do the tuck front lever. Am I weak? Should I train aonther thing or am I ok in using the active hanging?

  • If you’re training at home right now with no equipment, these are some great bonus back moves!

  • Fuck the coronavirus. How many of you are here because you hate being stared at at the gym so would rather work out in your home?

  • Holy cow, This is most certainly a fantastical vid… You mind readers you… These are terrific new ones that I will incorporate, and Are exactly the progressive additions I needed to evolve my routine!
    You two have truly changed my world over the course of the last two years… I’ll send pics sometime.����✊������

  • Excellent. One of the best explanations I have seen. Triceps are very difficult for women, I don’t see any difference so I will follow your exercises. Beautiful dog. Many thanks for sharing.

  • Very informative and useful. I’ve always suffered from back pain and very few professionals even focus on it. I’ve had trainers and coaches straight up dismissing it even when I asked.

  • Doing front lever raises with straight arms doesn’t harm the articulation or the elbow? When I do this, it is a bit painful round my elbows, you know why?

  • I’m struggling with my rotator and infraspinatus, with a little impinging shoulder and hips,
    you have any tip or exercises to strengthen it…i miss doing higher intensity exercises and pushups regularly…external rotation is a killer�� I love your videos a nd cues!!

  • Love this channel. No nonsense, real certified training advice and programs. I got 2 new training movements out of this one post alone.

  • I‘m here cause I hurt my back/spine by doing deadlifts and now the number 1 exercise I see is deadlifts �� I will throw that exercise out of my plan and want to start strengthening it step by step without going for those heavy exercises that can cause serious issues when performed wrong

  • Nice video! I’d like to hear more about how to better schedule the whole week or 2 week program where all muscles are activated… And a short comment about this exactly video… the music. I’m sorry, it doesn’t match the video…. thank you… keep up!

  • Hi Eleggs! I have been a fan of your videos for 2 years approx. and I can easily say that this is the best Calisthenics channel on Youtube. I consider that these videos should reach more people! It would be an honor to translate them (with voiceover included) to spanish, and I am willing to do so, if you agree, of course. What do you think?

  • In a limited way I will do.much modification is needed as it seems you have all the gym equipment.
    I don’t even have a bench.however like others I do need those moves.thanks

  • the explanation seems helpful but it will be more helpful for a lot of people if you put the lyrics on the video to be understandable for us.❤️❤️��

  • I have learned so much from your videos and your blog! I reference them each time I incorporate a new exercise, since you give clear, detailed form explanations. All 5 of these were new to me, so they’ll be working their way into future workouts. Thanks for the amazing content!

  • I’m not sure if you have any idea how much you’re impacting people’s lives.. but this video really changed mine.
    I was falsely diagnosed with a minor disk injury a year ago and have been stuck doing all those Mckenzie exercises for almost a year only to relieve the pain for a small while.. it had never occurred to me that the problem could be that I have weak glutes or abs.. and it made so much sense since I practically sit for a living and I never used to target my glutes independently in any of my workout routines.. just days in doing this routine, I began to feel less low back pain for more and more extended periods of time.. all I want to say is THANK YOU and keep doing what you’re doing. Cheer!!

  • In my case deadlift messed my lower back n my L4-L5 got disc bulge 6 years back n I was in bed for few days and after recovering I went back n started working out and I could do deadlifts again n I kept doing it for 4-5 years on n off and my deadlifts reached to 120 kgs but then one day again my lower back pain came back n this time it was so severe that I couldn’t even walk… and 3 weeks back after a gap of 2 years i started lifting again n tried deadlift just 50 kg n next day my bulge started hurting again n I hate when I can’t do deadlifts n squats cuz these are my favorite exercises… now I don’t know what to do how to do cuz lifting is the thing that makes me happy n keeps me motivated n gym is like love of my life.. ������������

  • I love your videos but could you please show the excercise a bit longer and less of you talking. The excercise bit is too short for us to see it properly.

  • 00:00 Introduction

    01:03 Common Mistakes

    02:04 First 2 Exercises (Squats, Deadlifts)

    03:34 Second 2 Exercises (Back Extension, 05:16 Bird Dog)

    07:47 Weekly Routine 08:37 to pause

    08:38 Importance of a scientifically-balanced Program

  • You are amazing, these exercises with explaination is great. It help us to know what muscle we are targeting and also help us learn better. Thanks.
    Pscan you please add some more daily workout routine during quarantine?
    Most of people don’t have weights and dumbbells so its very hard to do certain exercises. I look your channel and always find something new, so please can you provide more such workouts regime?

  • I paused around 3:30. You said people let the hamstrings and glutes take over when returning to an upright position and I’ve been told by multiple physio guys that this is good, that we don’t want the lower back doing all the work and we want the glutes and surrounding muscles to fire to help us complete the movement. Now i’m hearing here that we want the lower back doing a bunch of the work.: \

  • I do this workout before I start my back workout… and I can’t forget how he says.. 5 EXERCISES 1 MIN LONG EACH (HIT HIM IN THE BACK TODAY)… Ok sorry that was a bit immature xD

  • Another good exercise is digging and shovelling. Man my lower back has never felt so strong after several hundreds of shovels of gravel!

  • Higreat videos Ionly watch you now!�� How do you get your dog to look so white? Mine is all red around its mouth because of dry food…

  • I really don’t work my back much. I don’t even think I’ve made one video on targeting that area. Thank you so much for adding this!

  • At this point, Cory’s videos are an automatic thumbs-up. Best teacher/trainer on the net. Thank you for the tons of useful (free!) info. Keep up the great work!

  • Fantastic! I’m really loving your new format. You do a fantastic job of explaining everything. I wanted your opinion on face pulls.

  • Thanks from Spain. Super great channel. Well explained and motivating.
    Love that hairy little creature at the end of your videos ��❤️

  • 2:17 this exercise I have done it since a year WRONG.. ��
    I let my Lawer back directly above my buts to move forward and backward with my upper back…. Now I’m suffering from badly pain as a year ago. And it continues for almost two weeks…

  • Absolutely love your informative videos and sooo agree with you “a strong back is a sexy back”. Will definitely incorporate JT’s song while doing these. How many sets and reps do you recommend? Seeing you pup in the end is also a great sign-off too cute!

  • Great man…
    Lower back health has a significant impact on our breathing cycle..
    Thus it will help to reduce stress and thus improve breathing..

  • From what I have learnt, the knee to chest stretch should be avoided if you suffer from disc issues. Strengthening the abs and glutes in a safe way yes. Controlled cat cow movements won’t hurt either. I would, however replace the stretch with some spinal decompression and add some Mc Kenzie Push Ups.

  • 4.30 is hip extension not back extension. In back extension you round your back and you must put a little back your hips. 90% of people in YouTube make the mistake even professionals

  • Good exercises, good advice, improvement from previous videos. However, I don’t know where to put the band when I want to do hinge lat push down or tricep push down. True, I could install a pullup bar, but the house doesn’t belong to me. Perhaps I could do those exercises outdoors. Then again corona virus conspiracy kicks in.

  • I work my lower back 3 times a week for years now and I have a strong back and lower back but I don’t see people at the gym working this part of the body, even some bodybuilders have this weak part of their body. People think working the back is enough totally wrong to have strong lower back people have to do specific exercises for this.

  • I just found your channel. You’re unreal! I’ve already picked up a few good tips. Thank you �� I look forward to diving into more.

  • Having pain in your back has nothing to do with having a weak back..
    Usually means your abs, and gluteus are weak not your back… Actually your lower back needs stretching not muscles…

  • i thought huhh!! only 5 minute? ok it will save my time. thn i finished this 5 min. workout for 1 hour. damn it!! i cnnt feel my back. ������

  • Awesome content.! I love videos that are only 5 min long but still kick your butt.! Simple and easy to follow workouts that are easy on the joints.!! Please keep posting more.

  • Dude you are using too many words stop with the don’t do this don’t do that… you are wasting time just give us the effective exercises with your soy boy robot voice

  • Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Comment below what you’d like to see next, and don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram for more content ( ). Cheers!

  • You madame, is my first number one gym woman guru!!! There are so many men out there but this! You are like Jeff Cavaliere woman version! Thank you!!!

  • ive asked my BJJ and Phy therapist and cant get a straight answer, but i know you will know…i cannot get into a crab position. i dont know why. i have shoulder flexibility problems yes, but i feel a real weakness in my core. i dont know what exercises to do to get to the point where i can crab. i hope you answer.

  • This is awesome. I’ve tried many back workouts that are usually about 10-15 minutes long (mainly targeted for women), and I feel the burn in my shoulders or arms and never really anything on my back. But this one is absolutely amazing, fixes my back after a long day of work, at home without going to the gym and I can definitely feel the burn. Love it!

  • really gotta get some mooscles since i’m an underweight stick figure, i couldn’t keep up with some exercises that well but i’ve literally just tried it for the first time, i hope i can keep doing this… imma download the app ��
    edit: i don’t know what alot of this means or what i actually need to be healthy ;( nooooo

  • wow, this is a very good video! with regard to the bird dog exercise, one rep is one side or both sides? i don’t think i’ll ever do deadlifts, but i can do body weight squats, is that okay? if yes, how many reps and sets per week? thanks!

  • Why would ytou do a warm up set before all these exercises? No need.. after your first exercise is done (5 sets or so) your back is warm.. no need to waste energy doing warm up sets after that. A waste.

  • Proper stabilitzation of the pelvis is key; you should not let your bigger and stronger muscles such as hamstrings or/and glutes take over during back extension.

  • Whenever I do the first exercise and mostly on the downwards motion, i hear a clicking sound on my lower back / pelvis (not sure where it is coming from) which can cause minor discomfort if not looked after by stopping the exercise. Any clues as to why this happens?

  • At first: thank you very much for this video.
    I suffer from lower back pain (third or fifth lumbar iirc) as the result of years of gymnastics. That’s going on for about 3+ years now (i just recently turned 23) and I had to visit my physiotherapist every 6-8 months. Sometimes i can’t even sit 10 min straight without doing some little exercises.
    Few days ago, the days after I went jogging were just horrible, way worse than what I had ever before. I really hope this will help me but i’m staying positive.:)
    You need to look Satan in the eye.

    I’ll keep this updated. Let’s see what’s coming.

    Ps.: Keep up the videos, you’re amazing. ����

  • Great video. My previous understanding is that deadlifts and squats only increase the problems, but now i’ll get my ass to the gym and get to work on them (with proper form of course!).

  • AthleanX said that laying down on the ground and arching your spine up while maintaining tour hips on the ground is actually good for your spine but you said overextension of the spine is bad so whos right whos wrong?

  • 5 times salah a day is a blessing for the lower backs of the muslims.. prophet (s) even emphasized on keeping the backbone straight during salah.

  • I love your videos! Straight forward; no bullshit. Succeed or…….don’t. Simple. <3 I can't wait til I have a place to work out like you guys do.

  • I starting adding back extensions three times a week several months ago, and my issues with chronic low back pain have almost completely went away. I just do two to three sets of 10-12.

  • Day by day I’m really learn and learn from you, one of the most important thing I have done in my life is to subscribe your channel Jeremy, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us, really you deserve Noble prize for your amazing work, again thank you soooo much������

  • Sorry to say this but he performed a couple of excercise with a wrong form. Contraction and squeeze is very important with every excercise. He performed cable rows wrong. There was the squeeze but no stretch. Also the rope pull over was wrong. Again the stretch was missing. Be it a rope or a bar, the most imp thing is stretch. I always prefer a good form not the heavy weight. I can build muscles even with a light weight if I am doing it correct. This video was all about ego lifting lol.

  • Hi Jeremy! First of all i love your work, keep on going. Now a question, i’m having a little problem, while doing some abs, such as dead bug,when i decend my right leg sometimes my back make a little crack. Can you make a video on that? Am i supposed to worry? Thank you!

  • How you going to start off with squats and dead lifts with a person with back issues dude you are so silly… go ahead and herniate your discs dude you are just dumb

  • Notes:

    1. The back contains some of the biggest muscles in the human body.


    1. Lever-Raises
    2. Pull-ups
    (Bring your chest to the bar)
    3. Arch-ups
    (Slow and controlled / keep your chin tucked / keep your legs off the ground)

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  • Jeremy, with COVID-19 stuff, the gym is not an option. I can do bird dog at home, other ideas to help strengthen lower back during these crazy times with gyms closed all over the world?! Appreciate all your videos man, good stuff, you rock!

  • Hey Cori, I really want to try this, but I would love to get these resistance bands. Where do I get Them? also, I don’t have a cool set up like you do? So what could I hook it on to? Any thoughts?

  • It’s astonishing to see that Sven has very good spinal erectors muscles development. I thought spinal erectors can be developed only through Deadlifts and Good Mornings. Guess I was wrong. I am looking to incorporate Calisthenics into my routine. Any idea on which exercises hit the spinal erectors?

  • I will do that from now and tell u guys the result

    1st day:it wasn’t easy but i give it a try i think that i didn’t do the exercise right iam so tierd to do it again now iwill do it tonight too��

  • i so enjoy watching alex and the superhumans’ show. discovered them about 3 months ago. always very edutaining!


    i’ll continue trying the…doable things; and one day, ONE DAY, i’ll actually purchase a workout plan AFTER i master 1, JUST 1, of their doable videos!!

  • I have inflammation in the bottom two vertebra of my spine which affects my legs and feet. Spondyloarthritis. The more upright I am when walking the more pain I experience. Will these help?

  • I’m not sure if being a over the road driver can make one’s back weak from sitting so much day in and day out but I had to start working out my lower back.

    Had to restack some pallets with ultra light boxes of pre made pre packed salad mix and if it was oranges or something heavier my back would have giving out.

    So I incorporated a six minute hyper extension work out for my lower back. I’m definitely going to mix some of your guys exercises into my routine. Thanks Bob.. Thanks Brad.

    I’ll have to dig around and see what you guys have on a pinched sciatica. Not sure if I spelled that right.

  • I used to be a vegan, then I found bodybuildingnow I’m a cannibal.
    I used to be human, then I found bodybuildingnow I’m an alien.
    I used to be American, then I found bodybuildingnow I’m a Russian
    I used to be a swimmerthen I found bodybuildingnow I’m a Mermaid
    I used to be a golferthen I found bodybuildingnow I’m an athlete
    I used to be a white nationalistthen I found bodybuildingnow I’m human
    I used to be pro-choicethen I found bodybuildingnow I eat babies
    I used to be singlethen I found bodybuildingnow I’m still single

  • Thank you mate. I feel this vid has and will help me a lot in the future.
    I’m nearly 50 and started to add leg raises to my small workout, several week’s back. I’ve never suffered with my back,, even whilst working on a fishing boat, building Cornish hedgeslifting granite all day, building and roofing. -but since I started doing leg raises… oooh me back!!

  • Guys, I love you but can you please explain the front lever raise in more detail. Sometimes you show these great but ultra hard exercises without much explanation.

  • Thank you so so so much for simplifying it.
    I usually get muscle sprain and needed some straightforward applicable excercises to strengthen it.

  • I have lower back pain really bad all of a sudden because I saw a video on tiktok that told me how to pop my back by placing my hand in the middle of my back and twisting, I can’t bend over anymore and I’m 18 ��

  • One of the best home workout he said right it may not look effective but when i try it with this video i found it highly effective and hard so thanks for making this video

  • I have severe arthritis in both knees, they always get swollen or bruised when I sit on them even with a towel or pillow for extra support. How can I safely do this with really bad knees? Or do I just need to keep icing my knees and they will eventually get strong enough to do this? I also have pelvic floor disorder so I need to do this exercise really badly though to correct pelvic tilt and weak low back muscles etc. mostly my weak knees are stopping me from doing a lot of useful exercises.

  • What I liked: clear description, easy to follow.��
    What I did not: name of movement disappeared before I can write it down. It would help leaving it on a while longer. Over all good video during self isolation with lots of extra time on hand.��

  • Hii.
    i wanted to let me know about background music played in this video.could u kindly tell me of this track.
    very glad listento this while watching this wholevido and enjoyed alot.

  • I would say that Arch Ups are helpful too even though I haven’t done it before. Will try that excercise thanks Calisthenicsmovement good content as always.

  • i use to hate gym, waste of energy but when i’ve tried it in 2 weeks my body got addicted and feels like my day is not complete without working out.

  • In working on front levers, which is best for progression? Doing static holds, pulling up from the tucked position or the raises one?

  • I do exercise for posture and backpain now regulary since 6 month but i dont see much results, how long does it normaly take to fix back pain/posture? ��
    Thanks in advance!
    And to everybody with back pain, i hope youre pain will go away soon. ��

  • Dead lifting and doing back extensions can aggravate an already inflamed aching back which may not be due to your back at all. Tight glutes and back pain often go hand in hand. Stiff or weak muscles in the hips and glutes, have a negative effect on your posture, resulting in back pain. The hip flexors and gluteal muscles are attached to the pelvis, it causes a tilted pelvis and low back pain when the muscles are out of balance. Also, a weak core also increases the risk of back pain. Since low back pain can have other causes, some of which are potentially serious, consult a health care professional prior to starting an exercise program and for back pain that is not relieved within a day or two. The short term solution is stretching, massage and resistance training are ways to resolve the problem of glute and hip tightness. Stretching helps to correct muscle imbalances and loosen tight muscles.

  • hey Cory been working the single arm hinge lat pulldown (I want 10 pullups in a row!��) But I’m feeling it more in my triceps like a tricep push down. Any form tips? I’m keeping my chest open and shoulders down but still lat dominate

  • So many people are hating on this dude on the comment section. Why do y’all hate on someone y’all don’t even know personally???? Some of y’all are very racist. I hope you racist people feel good about yourselves because y’all are the real scums on planet earth that don’t deserve to live.

  • can someone please help I can do 15 clean pull-ups but not one single tuck front lever raise I don’t think it’s my core either cause I do an a workout everyday

  • Please tell me if these exercises are ok to do in case of any back problems like cervical or lumber spondylitis, scoliosis, nerve compression due to defused bulging disc in L5-S1 area. I have them all. Kindly help.

  • Hi Cori, I love the video’s you post, but find it difficult to know what excercises I should do. I am a 43 yo triathlete and would like to complement my endurance training with strength workouts. Especially during the covid crisis swim specific exercises would be great as all pools are closed. Can you advise?

  • Hey guys, would you please make available the complete routine with sets-reps and rest times… please. The old links aren’t working.