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45-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Boot Camp With The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

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45-Minute Full-Body Sculpting Workout With Love Sweat Fitness

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30-Minute Cardio Dance Workout Celebrities Love

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James Charles Someone You Loved with Vocal Coach

Video taken from the channel: Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach


Peloton trainer Ally Love shares tips for working out at home

Video taken from the channel: Good Morning America

For a lot of trainers, yoga is the answer for its ability to help with flexibility and managing stress. “I absolutely love attending Bikram yoga,” says certified personal trainer and group instructor Anowa Adjah. “I’m a huge fan of HIIT and WOD-style workout. Fitness Trainers. Our trainers are here for your success! They are skilled and passionate about health, wellness, and helping you achieve your goals.

Ready to take your health and wellness to the next level! Email or call to schedule a time to meet with the trainer of your choice and discuss your goals and create a fitness. Fitness boot camps encourage camaraderie, and the group momentum helps participants get through fast-paced intervals of cardio, isometric training, strength training and endurance drills. Classes may range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and usually meet multiple days per week. We offer a unique hands-on (in gym) approach to personal training certification.

Unlike other other personal trainer certification programs that provide only online certification, FTA recognizes the importance of in-class work and its vital role in educating the best, most job-ready personal trainers. Why trainers love it: Not only will this bike get your heart pumping—especially with all those energizing classes!—but it will also give your quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings a winning. EVERYONE! Whether you are just getting started or wanting to take your fitness to the next level, personal training is the quickest and most efficient way to reach your goals.

Trophy Fitness employs some of the most talented, educated, and high-energy trainers in Dallas who love to come to the gym and train their clients every day. Prioritize yourself, achieve your fitness goals and feel great! Online and in person personal training and group fitness classes for moms. The Edge Fitness Clubs Personal Trainers create personalized workouts and meal plans to help you reach your fitness goals.

Book a Personal Training Session Today! The Edge Fitness Clubs Personal Trainers create personalized workouts and meal plans to help you reach your fitness goals. Sewell, NJ. I love to stay positive and I always look. Personal Trainer Cost.

The national average cost of personal training is $40 to $70 per hour session with most paying $55.For gyms like LA Fitness or Gold’s Gym, rates are $60 per hour, and group training runs $35 per class.Discounts are available when purchasing training sessions in. We provide a safe haven for people to experience new things like training for their first triathlon or taking their first yoga class, grow and flourish. We love what we.

List of related literature:

Over the past few years, fitness professionals—the catchall term for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and small-group training coaches—have become instrumental in helping people learn how to do the right exercises for their needs.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
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All fitness instructors should follow the organisational policies and procedures of the organisation in which they work.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
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Fitness programs offer students a wide variety of fitness-related activities, classes, and programs such as group fitness classes, personal training, small-group training, fitness assessments, and strength and conditioning competitions and events.

“Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, 3E” by Tapps, Tyler, Wells, Mary Sara
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Some schools have made cooperative arrangements with fitness clubs that allow their students to work out at special rates or allow school classes to use club facilities.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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For example, the frontdesk staff can promote a program to every person who comes in, group exercise instructors can promote programs in their classes, and personal trainers can promote programs to their clients.

“Health Fitness Management” by Mike Bates, Mike Spezzano, Guy Danhoff
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The PennShape program was conducted as an eleven-week fitness initiative in partnership with the Graduate Student Association at the University of Pennsylvania.

“How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions” by Damon Centola
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Our opinion of these programs is that they can be effective if the organizations hire a trained, certified group exercise program director to create the routines and certified instructors or personal trainers to deliver the programs so that modifications can be given to prevent injuries.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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Two of my students, Shana Cole and Matt Riccio, started by asking people working out in a community gym if they wanted to test their exercise ability.

“Clearer, Closer, Better: How Successful People See the World” by Emily Balcetis
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I love a circuit-training class at my local gym called Bootcamp.

“The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse: Reset Your Metabolism with 160 Tasty Whole-Food Recipes & Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich
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After reading through the course catalog, Sue was surprised to learn that kinesiology students at the university study in a variety of areas, including dance, applied fitness, adapted physical activity, exercise science, athletic training, sport studies, and physical education.

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  • I remember seeing this and ended up buying one, I did it so much I ended up beating Hugh Jackman

  • Wow, it’s superb work out. I workout home or do jogging regularly. However, this is something like touching all muscles and joints. Excellent!!

  • This may not be “high intensity” but this is strength building. Having good form like this is important and will shape your body after you do cardio. If all you is cardio, you won’t have those sculpted muscles. I think doing both cardio + this routine will maximize your results:)

  • Peloton is the best brand in the fitness industry saved my life. Ally Love, Robin Arzon, Cody Rigsby and Alex Toussaint are just a few of the great instructors at Peloton. Check it out!

  • Oooh…..this lady is a burn out queeen! Anna said it best “I just had to up my mind game” (or words to those effects) Great workout, I did find the talking and lack of time structure frustrating but over all I’m sweaty and shaky so all good. Thanks for sharing ��

  • Michael Strahan looks so dam sexy he has a sexy body does all ladies agree with me and his legs are so sexy ������������������������������������������������������������������������������I just blush when I see Michael

  • I found this to be much much better on the instruction side than a lot of these videos…

    however she was off time (going faster than the music in this case) for like most of minute six and it was driving me fucking nuts…

    Edit: I stand corrected, she was off time from minute 6 ONWARDS��

  • I must have missed the fun part of this, haha. It was tough and not really enjoyable, but at least I got to the end with a few modifications.

  • Cheryl laughs at James being funny he can’t hit a note he most definitely can and she knows it lol James “Cheryl!.” love this video super amazing!!!!

  • A lot of pop sugar workouts consist of the second half of the session repeating the first half and I wish there wasn’t this kind of repetition. For my body type, age and injury history this promotes muscle spasms and further harm to my body. So I avoid these types of workout. Just some constructive criticism for you.

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  • Saw a trainer had a 90lb kid catch and toss a med ball while jogging on the treadmill. Was in shock to say the least. Tell me your thoughts.

  • You kinda touched on the worst one with bizarre methods. But the absolute worst one is “know it all” who gives out incorrect lifting advice, lifting form, muscles being used, diets, pills, improper stretches, myofacial release, and just seems to know the answer to everything. I’ve trained 30K sessions (yes, I keep records) over 12 years and I still view it as a practice… kind of like medicine.

  • Just another glorified exervid game. If you really want to get/be healthier you have to make a permanent lifestyle change, which is impossible with expensive fads. Get a real bike. Stop being an introvert, get out in the real world, with real ppl. Will be so much better for you. Seen “Wall-E”?

  • I like the routines but it needs music! I know there’s a little in the background but when all the routines are together it would be good to do them to some upbeat music.

  • uau uau uau le voi arata elevilor mei de la clasa a saptea asta sa invete la informatica uauauauauauauauauauaauauauauauauauauaauauauauauau uasaiajfjkdjfdksfdsfdsfjldsvcsdmfpkdjmfjm cred ca mi a luat foc tastatura uauauauauauauauau NU N O SA CAD ZICE MAMA LUI STAMA ADEVARAT UAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUSIAISPALWDSLS IA DA BA

  • Man when everyone started counting down those jump squats toward the end… idk if it was Jeanette’s encouragement, the fact that I knew we were almost done, or pride from finishing a kickass workout (or a combination of all those things), but I swear it brought a tear in my eye ��

    Thank you for another awesome workout!!

  • The Combo was okay, but it was difficult to keep the beat with all of the host’s sound effects. I also don’t prefer the screeching of “yayyyyyy” after each run through of the combo. I love Popsugar, but this one was a fail in my opinion.

  • Super fun! I wish the choreo was synced to the music a bit more! It was kind of hard to follow since their counts were a bit faster than the tracks. Oh well!

  • I am hands down a complete rubbish dancer. I tried the moves thinking I was doing okay then I tried it in front of my mirror �� I was hideous. It was very fun to do though.

  • If this is anyone’s first time watching this trainer please don’t let this video be indicative of what to expect from her, I’ve been doing her other videos for a while and there amazing (45 min/ 1 hour/ 30 min calorie burners) I found this video to be somewhat chaotic, I feel like she got too caught up in making combos and in the process you sacrifice good form. If you didn’t like this one I highly recommend checking out her other ones, I don’t feel like this video really highlights how good of a trainer she really is

  • Good workout but the music is awful it keeps fading out when you are dancing to the beat and it just gets really irritating as the music does not go with the workout

  • Oh my!! I would never lose the chance of having Cheryl as my coach. Hehe Sge is so amazing. Ahh. Lucky students! I wish I could sing. Haa

  • If you’ve been doing intense workouts for several days straight I do recommend the video as it is a well balenced workout between toning and cardio. If you are looking to burn calories or do a very intense muscle toning I recommend you do this one another day

  • I am not hating on Peloton. However, I think it’s more of the experience than the bike… I just purchased a spin cycle for my home. I use the Peloton app. I cast the classes onto my 55” OLED. It’s a perfect fit!!! Ride on people!!!

  • I love this workout..kad se oznojim, kad se celo telo otkoči, kaf počne da mi radi srce na 300,kad se telo zagreje i kad energija teče kroz celo telo.. Mršavim uz popsugar

  • Unfortunately after finishing the workout I felt like I didn’t exercise at all and also too much talking in between. For beginners I think it’s a great workout to start with tho.

  • I did meet a PT, who kept saying “You know” and hustling his fees. His body was banging though so I considered hiring him, but my guts were telling me something was iffy. Turns out most of his fellow P.T. were suspicious That he was using products.

  • I met with a trainer just a couple of hours ago. I told them that I recently injured my knee doing sprints… so he tries to put me on the leg extension machine ��.

    Advice on squats was to be more upright and tuck my tailbone in ��

    Previous attempt with a different trainer: pushing supplements over and over; also advising risky exercises (behind the head lat pulldowns for example).


    Check it out here ➡

  • I really wish some personal trainers would get a kettle ball dropped onto their heads. When I mean dropped, I really mean smashed.

  • I love Simone Delarue’s routines. It looks like she used to be a dancer but she has such a bad rythm I’m super confused haha. Love her anyway.

  • Loved this workout! A great stabilisation and strength workout that really burns for days when I need to give my joints a break from High Impact, High Intensity work! ��

  • Haha love this channel I like how cool laid back and funny it is weather its a comedy sketch or workout and general advice keep up the great work

  • I just love how she’s so supportive, even if it’s not me who she is supporting, it still makes my day. Even the way she sings puts a smile on my face.



    Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

  • I love these workouts, they have helped me all the way through lockdown!!! I think there could be some more exiting music like pumping workout tunes in the background though, but I lerveeee her workouts I always drip with sweat afterwards!!!! I think im gonna try her diet 21 day plan! I just googled her and found her website!!! Jeanette is so inspiring, I love her commentary/ instruction and jokes to.
    From the UK,!!!

  • Hey everyone, I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of fitness trainers as yours a lot
    easier 😉
    Which is why I have two very simple questions:
    1. ​As a personal trainer do you sometimes struggele with getting high paying clients Online? If so, what are the 2 biggest issues you’re dealing with?
    2. Regarding getting online clients, what would you wish for more than anything else? Thanks so much in advance looking forward to reading your answers!

  • ‘hard sell’ trainers plague my gym. A new one pops up every month each more blood thirsty than the last. I found the best way to get rid of them for good is to be a straight shooter. Tell them to their face the jig is up and i know what you are doing so find another sap to harass. They fumble over their words the rest of the way and never return

  • pros:
    i loved the instructor. very pleasant and explained movements and target muscles well. did a decent warm-up and cool down. the exercises were good and targeted different muscle groups and she had good modifications.

    she talked too much for my liking and the transitions were too slow for me personally. i would have liked faster transitions to keep heart rate up (more cardio i guess). i would do this workout again but on my “lazier” workout days.

    i think this workout was good overall but personally, better for beginners and people that do not want much cardio but more stabilization (which is i think the focus of these workouts)

  • I’m back.. yesterday I did this workout but literally my glutes are SO sore!! What a great workout, so good for focusing on specific muscles while getting a full body workout!!

  • I love my Peloton! If you would like $100 off your Peloton purchase please use my referral code KRE4YU. I’d really appreciate it!! Thanks!!

  • God has something good for you in the future just have faith and pray and love God and others and read the Bible ✝️❤️❤️ and pray for me my family is doing bad things and having bad friends God is good all the time just have faith Thank u lord

  • workout is definilty strength baseddidnt break a sweat till the very end. there are not any rounds but doing one exercise for a long timegood for isolation. Wish the workout was a little more dynamic.

  • Great routine, but a bit too much rest time between exercises for me. I added some free weights and resistance bands to up the intensity a bit.

  • I love the dance workout but the music doesn’t always match the pace of the dancers and I get off beat. Please make sure if you are dubbing the music it matches their pace

  • I did this workout like two months ago, and i gave it a thumbs down. I felt like it isn’t doable. I felt so weak. Today, I almost did every single move (the advanced ones) and I’m feeling stronger than ever. Thanks pop sugar fitness for the huge amount of happiness u bring to me after each and every workout! So grateful for you ��

  • God! Had to stop the class just to say it’s so difficult cause once she starts the moves she totally forgets about the beat and goes on speeding it up. And I can’t really ignore the music and just go with her voice so it’s super confusing cause then you have two “beats” at the same time.

  • Great energy from Jeanette and love her attitude, but this was not my favourite kickboxing routine. I stopped at 23 mins because I felt that it simply wasn’t interesting.

  • I LOVE LOVE when Katie guest stars on PopSugar Fitness as that’s when we can get a full body workout like this killer video! Please have her back again very soon.

  • It’s pretty frustrating when an instructor can’t keep time to a dance workout. She keeps adding counts during the same section! I had to turn it off. Plus she rushes constantly. No thanks.

  • Physical therapist says YAAAAASSSSSS! Loved this workout! Love the emphasis on stabilizers and the variety of challenging low-impact exercises! Love the positivity and the talk education -> cortical mapping -> improved performance and function:)

  • This is the most fun I have ever had for a hard workout. I love the chat during the workout, makes it easier to go through the exercises. Thanks!

  • This is really full body intense workout. They burn was really worth it. Thank you. Too much booty concentration though… just saying

    Hi folks just a small effort I’m taking to improving my fitness and sharing it. Do check it out and subscribe if you like. Thanks!

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  • Thank you for this workout. Even at the age of 46, I feel better, and this helps my body to get into shape that I’ve been lacking! You are a wonderful instructor!

  • honestly, love katies workouts, their fun-filled, interesting, non-repetitive and they actually work the parts I want to exercise as well as making it feel like I’m actually exercising. Some of the other workouts on this channel are either super boring, unnecessarily lengthy, not effective or repetitive.

  • If he sounds bad, how i sound? LMAOOO ��
    he’s beginning (i guess) and he has a good voice, it’s better give to him constructive critics cuz u don’t help in anything saying “oh u sing very bad” (in my opinion, he’s doing well his job cuz he’s beginning) so plz stop

  • I have done this workout a few times now. Simone does a great job breaking the steps down, and the dance is really fun. Sometimes, however, the moves are out of sync with the music, which is a little frustrating at times. Overall, a good workout, and really fun!

  • I can’t with that girl in the blue striped leggings. You’re not the star of the show! She breathes too loud and talks too much! Distracting and annoying…

  • Cool workout, but if I can add a little suggestion to maybe not chat so much? Had to fast forward a good 25% of the video to get to the actual exercises. Maybe it’s just me, but just in case it’s not! ��

  • Not as high intensity as the other popsugar workouts but still a good workout for sculpting the body. Ended up doing another more cardio-centric workout after this.

  • I usually dont like to excirsise.But my PE treacher sens me this and i startet,and this was the funniest exercises that i ever made! I realy liked this kind of movements.I had a lot of fun doing this.I was tired but i didnt quit couse this was very nice!

  • I found the first 15-20 minutes the hardest and I almost gave up, but I got through the entire workout in the end. Will definitely be doing this one again!

  • I love all the trainers but i miss Anna R doing the workout in the background. She’s so honest with her expressions that i almost feel like I’m doing it at the same time as her

  • This woman is just incredible! they way she really cares about every single note her apprentices are going through and at the same time she also helps to feel confident that is almost one of the most important aspects while you’re singing…it’s just wonderful, I can’t even find right words to express how I admire you, Cheryl! I would like to come to your classes one day! Cheers from Moscow!

  • I normally don’t comment on videos but I will for this one. If you are looking for an easier day to just tone arms or quads/hamstrings this is for you. This isn’t high intensity at all. So if you are just a beginner I reccomend this for you but itfyou are advanced like me I reccomend other videos. Still super fun and I love Kate’s personality and attitude!

  • I found your classes on youtube Jeanette Jenkins and I love not only your classes but your personality. By the way I am grandmother to my partners children and I do your classes. I am a 51 years old lady from England. UK.

  • Her off-beat das make it a little harder to keep tempo, as does the fact that the dance isn’t the same tempo as the music at all. Love the moves though!

  • It’s funny how the timer is set for 45 minutes but when it’s done the video has lasted only 43 minutes… they do this in so many videos as well

  • this was amazing I just had so much fun. I can not even believe I said had fun from a workout! Thank you for such an amazing workout

  • i’m 25 mins in to this exercise and I’ve only burned 170 colors. sorry but those jabs are not getting my heart rate up. have to switch video now