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Slow-twitch muscles contract more slowly (hence the name) and can work for long periods of time without running out of energy. Fast-twitch muscles are stronger, but they tire out faster. HOW TO TRAIN SLOW-TWITCH FIBERS One of the best ways to increase your slow-twitch muscle fibers is with a method called “tempo lifting.” Instead of focusing on how many reps you do, focus on using a slower tempo with your strength exercises for time — for example: 3 seconds to lift and 3 seconds to lower. You can get jacked or be diesel even if you have slow-twitch or fast-twitch muscle fibers right now. For the uninitiated, your muscles are made up of thousands of individual muscle fibers. “Think of it as a ponytail,” says Dr.

Andy Galpin, an exercise physiologist who has spent more than 20 years studying human performance. Here are some tips to training your slow-twitch muscle fibers when weight lifting. When you’re lifting, focus on a higher number of reps (eight or more) Focus on a slower tempo. Use shorter rest periods (30 seconds and under) With resistance training, increase your time under tension. Long-distance endurance training (running and cycling) and lifting lighter weights for high reps will develop slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Unless you want to. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are one of two types of skeletal muscle fibers, in addition to slow-twitch muscle fibers. Fast-twitch muscles are responsible for high-intensity work like heavy lifting.

Use higher reps — eight or more — and focus on a slower tempo (i.e. two seconds up and two seconds down) with your strength exercises. Also, use shorter rest periods (like 30 seconds) and. Through training, sprinters, pole vaulters, and weight lifters might become powered by 80% fast twitch muscles. Marathoners and cyclists might become 80% slow twitch.

Some suggest there isn’t any difference in power but this can’t be true. Moves that trigger those fast twitch fibers will help create a sculpted, muscular physique, while moves that trigger the slow twitch fibers help you get that fit, muscle-lengthening look. Box jumps are a great way to work on explosive, fast-twitch ability and shift those hybrid fibers into fast-twitch territory.

You’re forcing your leg muscles to contract quickly, and then explode.

List of related literature:

Although “training fast to be fast” is a key principle for improving acceleration and speed, it is the intensity (load), not speed, that activates fast-twitch muscle fibers.

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Fast-twitch muscle fibers will receive a similar training effect during the fast portion of fartlek training.

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Working out at high intensity, as when doing intervals, involves more fast-twitch muscles than riding long and slow, which favors slow-twitch muscles.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
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The only way to train those fast-twitch fibers is to run long enough to tire the slow-twitch fibers first.

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Strength training builds up the ability of the fast-twitch muscle fibers to activate and provide that burst of speed.

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Fast-twitch muscles are just the opposite.

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Even slow springing, as already mentioned, invokes a plyometric stretch that recruits the very powerful IIB fast twitch fibers, and hence their massive nerve structures.

“Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingstone
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Accordingly, it is important to train slow twitch muscle fibers to increase mLOC.

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According to this approach all muscles are classified as either fast-twitch or slow-twitch.

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Most muscles will have a combination of both fastand slow-twitch fibers.

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  • This all depends on what your training for. Personally, I’m trying to increase my vertical from 37 to 45+. I need more strength and therefore need to also train my fast twitch muscle fibers as it better correlates to jumping and athletic movements. Slow twitch is still important though to include just so I don’t burn out and fatigue myself every workout haha.

  • This is great man. i body build with HIT in the 6-10 rep range to failure throughout concentric then eccentric. recently had alot of compounding injuries i have a very significant amount of muscle mass and now im wondering if its all fast twitch and i need to recruit the other fibers…. im probably like 95% fast 5 slow. idk but im really struggling to find the answer to my injuries

  • I’m garbage when it comes down to 200m repeats! I can not sprint, i hate it…
    When i run a 30 second 200m, feels like imma trip over my own legs.
    I want to chance this but don’t know how

  • So many distance runners look like they are on deaths door. I can handle a half marathon and I do enjoy running but I don’t know why anyone would want to look like that

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  • Could I increase the sets to about 4 for all the excercisez you showed so I can increase my vertical faster? I wanna dunk I can grab it but I need like 3 to 5 inches to get up there and throw it down

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  • This was really helpful. Thanks for helping me start to train more efficiently, engaging those fast twitch muscle fibers from the beginning! So then any idea why they say that sprinters typically have more fast twitch muscle fibers? Is it the explosive nature of those fibers that are grown and developed?

  • Since I want to train for explosive power for my vertical jump I wanted to know how do I approach weight lifting? For example when I’m squatting, am I focusing on my fast twitch muscles fibers when I go down slowly for 3 secs in the eccentric phase and come back up explosively in concentric phase? Or should I be doing my squats explosively with speed in both phases to target my fast twitch muscle fibers?

  • I gas out in shorter amount of time does this means i have more type 2 muscle fibres than type 1 like the ufc commentators say about conor McGregor because he also gases out fast..or simply i have to work more on endurance..but i want both strength like a sprinter and endurance like a marathon runner…

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  • The picture is misleading. Guys with a lot of fast twitch fibers do well at sprinting. Sprinting doesn’t turn you into a fast twitch buff guy. If it did everybody who did plyometrics or speed work would be jacked beyond belief and calithlenics guys would look like anorexic tweenagers.

  • Actually u can not increase the amount of fast twitch muscle you got. Till a special age u can try to recruit some more, but its genetically limited. U can only transform your fast ones to slow ones, but only for some time and through hard endurance Training, and its reversible. But still nice excercise for some small hip muscles!

  • Love to see James on here. Hope he gets his recognition. If you’re studying any health or exercise science courses or even just want to get your knowledge in check he’s one of the best in the business ����

  • What % of muscle fibers are typically transitional or hybrid fibers? If your looking to be strong and muscular as a natural trainer I would focus on Type 2 and converting the transitional/hybrid fibers to Type 2. Muscle endurance will suffer but if that is not what you need or are looking for who cares.

  • I don’t really have a lot of muscle but I am fast and can jump decently high because of volleyball but I’m really trying to dunk but do you recommend any other exercises to go along this one? Thanks.

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  • Thank you for this video. 2 questions:
    1) How much rest do you recommend between sets?
    2) Since most of the exercises suggest 2 sets, do you suggest doing both sets before moving on to the next exercise or do a cycle of 1 set of each exercise and then cycle back through to do the second set of each?
    Thanks for the help!

  • Can you do a scientific video or explanation as to why you don’t have that little check mark beside your name. Seems that facts aren’t facts until you have a little check mark beside your name.

  • Was the relationship between FAST-TWITCH and SLOW-TWITCH muscle fibers new to anybody??? Let me know!

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  • The views and subs sadly don’t reflect the quality of information and editing
    I missed the whole video while thinking of a way to say that this is good stuff. Well, it’s rewind time!

  • My six-year daughter that just started running track this year. She’s pretty fast but I want her to start working more on stride length (her stride frequency is great!). What hip opening exercises can you suggest that would help her with maximizing stride length. Her YouTube videos are up with her running track (Jhalia Peoples) and she currently ranks 3rd nationally in 60m, 200m and 400m for 8 & under girls. Thanks.

  • Dr James so what your telling me I have to work harder in the gym? JK. This is a great video and you explained this topic very well. Alot of people don’t understand how rep range will affect what kind of muscle fiber you are working. Awesome job!��

  • Jim, do you think men and women have the same ratio of the muscle fibers? I know it’s scientifically proven that women’s muscles do better at endurance and men’s are better at power. Curious if our ratios are the same?

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