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“I Don’t Want To Get Too Big!” (Lean Muscle Vs. Bulky Muscle)

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5 Tips For Building LEAN Muscle Mass (DIET AND WORKOUT “MUST-DO’S”)

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How to Lean Bulk Without Getting Fat | Beginner’s Guide

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Protein is every muscle-seeker’s best friend. “You can’t build muscle without the building blocks,” Tamir says, and those building blocks are amino acids, the units that link together to create protein. Aim for 1.2–1.6 grams of protein. Do’s and Don’ts: Building Lean Muscle. Here’s a new word of the day: Hypertrophy. Hypertrophy, more popularly known as muscle growth, is a specific technique to grow muscles rather than shed or reduce fat. Besides your fitness routine and healthy diet, your metabolic rate, age, weight, and gender play an important role in the way you build muscle.

You already own one of the best pieces of equipment for building muscle: your beautiful body. And you don’t have to follow a rigid routine to glean the lean-inducing returns. So without further ado, let’s dive into the dos and don’t of building lean muscle. 1. Do Have a Plan of Action If you’re aiming to get a more muscular physique, it’s not as simple as hitting the weights and eating more food. The Do’s and Don’ts of Building Lean Muscle | Arena District Athletic Club The Do’s and Don’ts of Building Lean Muscle Muscle growth (also known as “hypertrophy”) is a unique training goal that requires a different approach than increasing strength or shedding fat.

Protein is always your friend; you can’t build muscle without it. Aim for 1.2–1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Just keep in mind that if you’re also trying to lose fat, you may want to increase your protein intake so you don’t lose any hard-earned muscle as well.

Don’t: Work the same muscle groups too often. Allowing muscles to rest and regenerate between challenging workouts will keep your muscle-building goals on track and help prevent overuse injuries due to overtraining. Bodybuilders have figured out how to work around this important principle by performing split routines. Views: 209,777. Article Summary X. To build lean muscle, try compound exercises like pushups, burpees, or weightlifting on tip toes to work multiple muscles at the same time.

Then, switch to a less intense workout, such as walking or swimming, every other day in order to give your muscles a break. There is a wealth of research on the most effective way to build muscle mass. While NASM says that low to medium rep ranges are best for building muscle, a 2015 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that it doesn’t matter how many reps you do. If you work to failure, you will gain muscle whether you use high reps (25 to 35) and low load.

Start Simple. Start with beginner level exercises and then slowly but surely move up to challenging level exercises. Don’t start with advanced moves as it will cause injuries.

Try and incorporate a full range of motion and train till you fail, that is, do a move till you simply cannot perform another move.

List of related literature:

Their muscles consume body fat and create a lean, more defined body.

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Statements like “I want my arms to be bigger,” “I want more size,” “I want to be more sculpted,” or “I want to change my body shape” suggest that the client wants to follow a program that will result in muscular hypertrophy or increased tone.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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themselves promote muscle growth is unknown.

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For the next 4 weeks, en route to building muscle, torching body fat, and looking as diesel as an 18-wheeler, it’s time for a traditional bodybuilding-style muscle-growth program.

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WP intake can increase satiety and, in conjunction with resistance exercise, can increase lean muscle mass (thus increase resting energy expenditure) and reduce fat mass, and therefore aid in weight loss and weight management.

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There are two major reasons for engaging in muscle “building” or growth.

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These compounds not only promote muscle growth, they also help reduce the

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The second task is sheer necessity, since no one exercise is enough to fully develop even the simplest muscle.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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The muscles adapt and build only the proteins they need to cope with the work performed.25 Muscles engaged in activities that require strength develop more of the proteins needed for greater muscle mass; body builders have large, well­developed muscles.

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As previously stated, a muscle does not always succeed in shortening when it contracts.

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  • Lockdown has given fitness fricks a new perception, u don’t need gym. Yes they are good and also best but not essential, its will power. That’s all u need. We find our way around.

  • I dont know if orthopedists & neurologists are just dumb, or lazy or what, but you can pay thousands of dollars to try to get help from them and they never even mention this stuff

  • I think it’s still a lot to be said about using those findings not only to justify higher volume, lower intensity accessory work, but also periodically implementing high-rep, low intensity blocks of basic movements like squats, press etc. Anecdotally, I’ve had a lot of success lately with programs, where I focused solely on basic movements (back squat, front squat, press, rows), all with loads around 60%. I’ve seen a lot of powerlifters, and even few weightlifters doing similar stuff in the off season.

  • the buff guys are wise about many things but they are like rocks when it comes to momentum lifting. they are wasting a complete workout by including all of the swinging and dropping the weight back to its starting position. they are complete rocks because they have no idea what I am talking about.

  • Do you have any studies that show that 3 sets of going to failure is less fatiguing to your CNS than 3 sets in the typical hypertrophy range? Also any other studies that back up or refute this finding? I’m sure there are at least some studies that initially provided this typical hypertrophy range.

  • The more I learn about my body during this quarantine, the more I realize I have not been taking care of my self… at all. And learning about the QL muscle has helped me immensely

  • A few things. 1) focus on the negative phase, since only the negative phase micro-damages muscle fiber. 2) use weights that are 65-80 percent of your 1RM. 3) In the 10-15 rep range, go at an average speed for the first 6 or 10 reps, respectively, then go increasingly slow on negative for the remaining reps to optimize negative phase micro-damage. 4)GTFO the gym asap. Cortisol skyrockets after 45 mins, and it burns muscle tissue like a forest fire. 5)Take 3x a day 1-2 grams of HMB, it diminishes muscle cannibalization during exercise and when hypo-caloric 6)take 1 gram of VitC IMMEDIATELY after workouts to diminish cortisol even more. (it’ll make you sleepy without caffeine, so remember it)

  • Thanks for the challenge! I can get up from floor exercises to my feet without hands or help. It’s funny how some of us older folks depend on some things we don’t need.

  • Thanks man this is just what I needed. Started this week trying to build up some and like you said I did to much of a surplus last time and I’ve had to work to get my fat back down. December.

  • PLEASE HELP….I’m 18, 6 foot 5/6, 93kg looking to put on 3kg over 3 months 0.25kg a month. Can anyone recommend a good macro split for me? I do cardio 3 or 4 times a week and weight train 5 or 6 days a week…

  • Just to be clear: This is just ONE study that validates possible benefits for 30-90% sets to gain lean muscle mass. Neither (high rep or low rep) is better than the other ALL THE TIME. This video is just to share that both options work and are scientifically proven to be effective.

  • Hey Zack, could you do a video on lifting with poor posture (thight hips, anterior pelvic tilt, rounded shoulders, computer desk pose,….)?

  • hi tao thank you for the great videos, you have talked before about an app to track your weight progression can you tell me its name again please

  • I’ll give this another try! Left lower side is already pissing me off lol. Doing my best to not aggregate it but wow it’s been months and months and still cant fully get rid of this tightness

  • I am just curious about how to build like Scott Adkins in that Boyka movie. His muscle size is not very large compare to other body builders in videos, but the shape of his muscle is amazing.

  • I GOT SIX PACK IN ONE MONTH!!! I took diet plan from *Next Level Diet*. With their diet plan and tips, transformation is guaranteed, trust me. They also provide you with training plan and healthy recipes.

  • Hey, thanks for being such a good sherif and taking care of that little psychic girl with the nose-bleeds. You’re the man.

    Seriously though, thank you for this excellent video. I’m just getting back into fitness and I’m trying to do it intelligently this time.

    Edit: shoulda read comments first.. apparently I’m not the only one who thinks you bare a resemblance to another person lol..

  • Low key yo u guys should just do calisthenics if you’re so worried about massive muscle gain, cause calisthenics is pure body weight workout

  • December. Love your vids man! Recently bought a bench and some dumbbells for home after having a few years off due to injury and subsequently falling out of the gym routine. Finding your channel has completely motivated me with your no bullshit approach and advice. Love the follow along workouts as well!

  • How much sugar are you allowed to have. I use an app that says I am allowed 120 grams max on my bulk which seems alot. And you mentioned cautious about sugar. Makes me wonder since I also am physical at work everyday.

  • I’ll teach you spanish man! For free of course, because you are already a great inspiration and have given me the best information to have a healthy life and body!

  • Next Level Diet really took my diet to the next level. Not only diet, but life. I can see improvements in many aspects of my life. Guys, you rock! #*Next Level Diet*

  • As a vegetarian, it’s so hard to take in 1gm of protein per pound of weight. Would be helpful if you could make a video to cover the nutrition aspect for vegetarians

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? We have noticed many awesome things about this popular lose weight method.

  • This is actually something I’ve worried about. Since I’m skinny but have a bit of a gut (in comparison to the rest of my body) I’m constantly afraid that if I start working out and eating more I’m just gonna get fat rather than muscular.

  • Hey there. I’m a registered nurse. Recent back surgery 4 months ago. Endoscopic microdisc surgery L5-S1. Wondering how I can safely stretch my QL muscle without doing further damage to my back. Are these okay for me to do?

  • I just found your channel last week and I love it!

    Have you seen benefits from adding the information gained from this study into your athletes programming? I know everybody can talk theoretically about why the study sounds like garbage but have you seen benefits from adding this rep scheme into your coaching repertoire?

  • i hit the gym when i was 15. no knowledge no coach. did everything to failure usually 20, sometimes 30 reps of everything. My muscle gain was more pronounced than when I switched to a conventional 8, 10, 12. these days I do 3-4 sets of everything between 10-20 sets, no increase in weight between sets. very happy with the results.

  • Laying on a lacrosse ball is the only method that releases QL that I swear by. Other methods/stretches hurt to much when QLs are tight.

  • How many of us out there have gone to physio with back pain and they show us the “ pull your knee to your chest stretch “ and it does nothing, the pain doesn’t go away. they bill your insurance company for $90 or whatever until you realize they don’t know what they’re doing and stop going. These videos make the whole profession seem like a joke. They’re just out to give you the cookie cutter routine and collect their pay check

  • I don’t think that failure Is the best way to improve, they Should do a study where they follow a good training plan whit a good destribucion of fatigue.

  • I do only compound movements with a barbell and no isolation work. I’ve found I look pretty much the same as far as my physique, when compared to gym bro, split routine, garbage I’ve done in the past. I feel like I actually look better in regards to upper back, traps, and neck. 12-15 or 5 reps may not make a difference because the lifters genetics have decided what you will look like anyway.

  • February Great video, top tips, the only person Ive found that has helped me progress so much so quickly, keep em’ coming tanner��

  • One question is very important. Who were those people? A totaly new person will grow from any rep range so in that case the study showed nothing. Its just a way to waste public money.

  • Great video and tips as usual. Loved that he mentioned clean diet, reasonable weights, and time under tension. Sometimes you’ll come across instructional videos on YT that showcase more “economy size” bodybuilders swinging weights around, which gives off the wrong message to newbies. Keep up the good work!

  • Huge thanks to PERFECT KETO for making this episode possible. Go to for 20% off everything in the video + FREE shipping

  • Turkey bacon is not actually food.

    Actually skin fold test can be quite accurate. And, one of the best methods a person can use.

    The more sights used in your measurment, the more accurate the test will be. To learn more about the different ways of testing for body fat and its accuracy, look up ( Sports and Exercise Science or also Exercise Physiologist) Kinesiology book for a Test and Measurments course.

    The next and most accurate being Hydrostatic Weighing.

    The only thing more accurate then that, you would have to be a cadaver to get the best reading. Safe to say, we dont want that test

    Important note. Ladies take the time to find out where exactly,each measurment is supose to be. Meaning dont just stop at reading waist, but take the time to read, where exactly they consider the waist to be. Which is not what women use as a waist, the smallest circumference between you shoulders and hips. No no no. For some people that could mean their waist goes up to their arm pits. Clearly that is not the waist. The actual point of measurment will be 1″ inch below you belly button.

    The least accurate body fat method will be BMI, Body Mass Index. I also know it as Height & Weight method. This methods the accuracy of the reading is five or take 13 %. This also translates into, if you want to think of it this way, 26 % range with in accuracy, or you can think simular to a diameter of a circle would be 26%. And, the radius being in either direction 13 %.

    The main reason this last method is so popular and widely used is not because of its accuracy, but for its ease and how quick it can be calculated.

    Keep in mind thos last method is,also most prone to false negatives. This is because if a person exercises, plays sports, or weight trains, they will have more muscle mass. Keep in mind,it is,thwxmuscel master that makes all us guys and girls tone, lean and looking sexy for each other. So, more muscle mass is a good thing. It also helps improve our body ability to metabolize food. So, increases our exercising and resting, also includes sleeping, ability to be able to burn body at at a much greater level.

    The problem is that muscle weights more than fat. Muscle is full of water. Water isxheavier than fat. Hence why fat and oil floats on top of water. So,,simply the more fit you are, the more inaccurate this test becomes. So, keep in mind when you hear on the news which town is the fastest on America, that the opposit may also be true. It could actually,be the fittest city in America.

    I hope that helps in some small way.

  • Crossfitter over here: love your content guys! Fun to watch and after all those years, I still keep learning. Personally I do powerlifts (so, compound movements) twice a week at the “open gym” hours and 2 times a week I just join the Crossfit “class”. Fitness became quite boring after all those years, especially if the “best” gym around here has only 1 or 2 squat racks, which became more of a frustration as well. There is less consistency because during crossfit I am more dependent on the workout schedule the box makes (and not available before class), but I figured I make better progress than just performing Crossfit 4x a week. Question: Do you have any advice in terms of percentages of your 1RM and amounts of sets you would take for the compound movements including warm-up?

  • Help! This is defo my problem but I couldn’t get the second technique (flossing!) using a tennis ball..too small? Or something else I’m doing wrong??

  • This was so incredibly helpful! Your comment about weekend eating habits, and how one day of overeating could impact a weeks worth of clean eating when you average out the total daily calories, made so much sense. I’ve never thought about it that way but it’s so true. Thank you for these tips. I’m definitely going to utilize them all in my upcoming lean bulk.

  • Thanks for this video Jeff. I’ve been watching ya for a long time. Being an ex roofing guy my body has went through hell on earth. This stretch fixed my problem I’ve had the last 24 hours. Thank you thank you!

  • You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat. By following stupid diet plans, I was primarily losing muscle mass. Oh god, how dumb I was? You only need correct diet and some kind of training, and the best thing is that you can find both (and much more) on website called NextLevelDiet.

  • I’m a 46 year old male with a little bit of body fat around the waist I’m going to start HGH is it better to lean or bulk I’m not too sure which one to do

  • Watch out that almond milk can be lighter on the protein, check the label before you buy. Soy is better on protein in my experience.

  • Helpful, helpful… I was doing a lat stretch hoping it would get the ql too, but nooo. I see my legs have to be bent back. Same upper body tilt but instead of a seated position i have to get my legs lifted, bent behind me and lean forward instead of a backwards tilt. The seated is great for in front of the hip though, also lats i think and hope. Jeff has the cures for the injuries you get when you don’t listen to his advice. “keep Trucken, partner.” (70’s quote)

  • Thank you so much for sharing this incredible information!! They call the quadratus lumborum the “joker” of low back pain because it refers pain, tightness and discomfort into so many other areas, so addressing this area is vital!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!

  • Date a chick at the restaurant only after you found another backup restaurant in case a bitch catch feelings & start spittin in your food.

  • I earnestly feel you really are dedicated to this work and not for the money,unlike many others.,:) Unfortunately where I come from, gyms don’t accept 13 year olds,nor do I think I would be able to do many of your workouts,haha. If your offer is still here after like 3 years,I certainly will attempt it. x) Stay strong!

  • @ 1:30. I dont need to leave the house except for grocery shopping, i workout everyday, my clothes fits tighter and i dont look at myself in the mirror naked. I have zero idea what i look like. People in public seem a bit frightened. I wonder if im the exception.

  • Had a girlfriend that worked at KFC was awesome she would bring me home chicken after her shifts, some 14 years later we are married with two children…
    while you can always go to another KFC it was the best in the state at the time.

  • What people are you talking to because that everybody’s the same I’m 18 years old and I have friends on the football team that can eat anything Pizza hamburgers hot dogs and these guys are putting on muscle disease video for beginners for older people or what

  • Bought a foam roller that has 3 pieces: a hard, a soft and a rolling batton. I use the soft one against a wall and roll it by doing some squats, applying just a little pressure on each side. It works pretty well and I don’t end up busting my lower back in the process. As always, thanks a lot Jeff!

  • That’s a lot packed in 10 mins but over the years, as you progress, they all begin to make absolute sense. Great video as always. Thank you @Buff Dudes. Yeah!

  • It’s a lot easier to stick to your diet plan when you know that you can have cheat meal twice a week without ruining your progress. Guys from Next Level Diet are doing a great job. Visit their website and see for yourself

  • So far, what i’ve found indicates that (at least) 3 sets to failure using 60-70%RM are ideal for hypertrophy gainz.
    However, i’ve also found that (at least) 3 sets to failure using 30-60%RM will grant similar hypertrophy gainz.
    This is all very similar to what you’re saying in that vid.
    So ye, Papa Bompa might very well be wrong in saying 40-60% is subpar.

    Burd, N.A. et al, Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Matabolism 2012. 37(3): p. 551-4
    Vinod Kumar, et al. J Physiol. 2009 January 1;587(Pt 1):211-217
    Burd, N.A., et al., Eur J Appl Physiol., 2013. 113(1): p. 267-8

    PS: Keep up the upload frequency and quality my dude, i’m enjoying your stuff
    PPS: What were you talking about towards the end of the vid? (Internal and external rotation antagonists thingy)
    PPPS: plz share neck routine, i swear, given the roids, you could neck compete against Pete Rubish
    PPPPS: i’ll say it again, inb4 100k subs

  • I’m trying to gain weight and I told myself I would eat 2600 calories a day. Safe to say I haven’t been able to get there my appetite really is so tiny. I had like 1600 calories yesterday and wasn’t even hungry and had to force myself just to eat 400 more calories.

  • Hi Jef, it was clip and clear, I am a PGA Professional golfer and the muscle only feels painful on one side.
    I hope this gonna help. Gr from Amsterdam

  • I went to a restaurant when i was abroad and the waitress there turned out to be my ex gf, that was really awkward, i was worried that she will serve me some poison there:P

  • Godamn I love your channel! Especially the intense fat melting routines, they kill me each time but feel so great afterward lol. And your motivation is seriously contagious man! Amazing channel with tons of simple & straight to the point no-bullshit info. That’s rare. So keep up the great work!!

  • May be 20 rep group did have similar gains to 8 rep group. But I think the gains would be much better if they stopped at at an RPE of 7 or 8 and did more sets in both cases. At least that’s what hypertrophy experts advice. Less fatigue and injury prevention is another plus.

  • Hi, you do a video for sciatic impingement and herniated disc. I have numbness going down to my 3 and 4 digits on left foot. Causing a lot of discomfort and feels numbness and weakness.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Could you please tell me or make a video on how to fix bow legs?

    I am 29 and have been working out for over 6 years now but can’t help improve my bow legs.

  • 5:22 says that foam rolling is effective on the T/S but def stay away from the L/S?? So inducing lordosis in the lumbars like McKenzie exercises is non beneficial?? �� pay for a few more online courses my man

  • I’ve had a bad back for years, after putting into practice what I’ve learned from the videos over the last few months I’m now pain free and feel like a new man, Amazing

  • I just found your channel today, and I really appreciate you putting out such great content, keep up the great work. Your channel will be huge in no time!

  • 6:08 it’s pasteurized and indigestible. To digest it, it would have to be raw. 0 info on digestion or the actual ratio of micronutrients and macronutrients in food. Wtf is this video ��

  • Glad found your videos as used to watch Mike Chang and for a good while thought he was good until he started doing all these link in about buying books, free trial on books and just other plain selling techniques from his sponsors rather than exercise advice!
    I can honestly say your advice and videos are consistent, have no hidden agenda and most importantly have no B.S in them.
    Definitely genuine advice and thank you Sean.

  • CNS fatigue doesn’t really exist.
    Even after an all out set of heavy squats/cleans you’re CNS is ok after 5-15min of rest (dependent of your level).
    Resting 30min is plenty even for elite athletes.
    What you probably mean is lack of motivation to continue or to start a training session. Dopamine play a key role but i/we don’t know how it exactly works.

  • In my situation I feel pops happening like rice crispys when I bend or stretch it just standing. Is this the same issue you think?

  • Sup zack, the Starting Strength Fellows made an elaborate video on this particular study which is very respectable, giving credit where it belongs and debating other “weird” points, highly recommend watching it quickly, i remember it being called something like: does the easy way work?

  • 10:04 i get your thinking but imo you should go for her haha. maybe you would be missing out on a great opportunity, the love of your life haha:D

  • I was trying to explain weightlifting to my friend at work and she got all creeped out when i said i spent last night jerking and then pulling snatch

  • I can’t trust a study that calls 8-12 reps low reps. Nope that’s moderate rep range 1-5 reps are low hell some may argue that 5 is near moderate

  • So then the only thing that really matters in this context is relative intensity and proximity to volitional fatigue, be it in a set of 20 or a set of 8. I guess in a set of 20 with a light load the first reps will do little for hypertrophy, acting like a pre-exhaust set, and only the last reps will actually induce hypertrophy, while in a set of 8 with heavy loads most reps will yield that kind of adaptation while also training your CNS to lift heavy, although I don’t think the results would be identical. The mystery of programming is knowing exactly when each is most beneficial to specific goals. For me higher volume with lighter loads leaves me destroyed (going up the stairs is miserable after leg day), but lower volume with heavy loads is easy to recover (heavy deadlifts with a PR and run 15km two days after). My assumption is that I’m causing more tissue damage with the former, so I guess my CNS recovers faster than my muscle tissue. I’d love to hear if any of this makes sense to anyone else.

  • My pain i believe is a little higher than this muscle. Where the ribs connect.. Not below. Does anyone have a good stretch for that location?

  • Thank you interesting. I am not quite shure, whether it depends on the training status of the proband. IT is possible that a beginner gains muscle mass with both methods. But will this also be relevant to an experient Athlet? So it could bei a big differnce whether the athleten in this case where beginners or advanced or even mixed groups, could’nt IT?! Greetings

  • cool video, but i find gihh reps exrtemely more mentally taxing that low reps and high intesnity (anything above 8 repsis absolute hell for me), and after a heavy session i’d much rather do a 3×6 heavy weighted pullups, dips, etc.
    so, seeing that it varies from person to person, are you willing to adapt to your athletes, or would you have your athletes adapt to your program (seeing that there is no difference according to those studies)?

  • When i train I always focus on skills, the muscle will follow.
    Lately I’ve been adding 1-2 days of sport specific hypertrophy work, for example dumbbell press, military press, lat pulls and bro arm work.
    It has enhanced my movements too!��

  • I find going to volitional failure very mentally and physically fatiguing. it would be interesting to find out the explanation to participants in the study.
    Was it “go until you can’t”, or
    “go until you can’t be bothered”?

  • I’m a little late to post. I watched the video when it first came out. Always great content from Mr. Telander. This time I read the articles linked. Only top link provides a detailed report of a study. The report claims that they only included people who had 2-6 years of consistent training with at least 1 day per week of lower body specific training, and yet both test groups had increases in the leg press of 35% and increase in the knee extension of 40% in 12 weeks? Something about that seems off to me. My assumption would be that if you increase in weight that fast you either did not perform the lift often enough or did not perform the lift correctly, basically giving you ‘beginner gains’ through body shock and technique improvement.

    Also, If you looks a the numbers, the low rep group did get stronger than the high rep group in every tested lift based on the median and mean increase, and gained more lean body mass than the high rep group based on mean and median data. I bet if they recalculated the data excluding samples outside the standard deviation it would show with statistical significance that lower reps were better.

    Finally, since when is 8-12 reps considered low reps?

  • Next time my friends talk to me like “I’d like to train with you, but I don’t want to get too big like you”. This is the video I’m gonna let them watch. Thank you Sean!

  • Hey, new follower here. Thanks for all the tips. I would like to leave one with you too, out of love. I used to test water and sell the best whole house water filtration systems in the world. Rainsoft. I just wanted to let you know that Crystal G is one of the worst I tested. Has so much extra garbage in it you can’t see unless a certain compound is added to separate it.They bottle Crystal G not far from me, and it’s downstream from some nasty swampy water. ArrowHead, Fiji, not great either. The best I came across in my time there. Was Kirkland Brand, Dasani (As Pepsi) uses our systems and surprisingly some of the Great Value water bottles. I had to sign a waiver that I wouldn’t talk about how bad the water was and our program for like a year(Because Commiefornia, doesnt want people knowing our tap water is garbage here). But I’m past that now. So, I’m sharing the love. I bet you could feel even better with better gains by swapping your water. Water is life. Stay healthy and keep up the good work, brother.

  • I remember 10 years ago, or a bit more, there was the widespread idea that it doesn’t matter where you get your calories from. As long as your hitting your calorie goals, that’s all that matters. Everyone believed that, and popular workout websites touted that as well. I always thought it made no sense, the ratio of macro nutrients must have varying effects. 3000 calories from all fat will affect your body differently than 3000 calories from all protein. I remember when this was dismissed as quackery. But over time, people started to realize the truth behind it. I think that the original assumption that all that matters is the calorie input came from bodybuilding culture, which was influenced by steroid use. So a lot of the early fitness advice was premised on the underlying use of steroids, and people didn’t take into account how that would affect body function, metabolism, and so on.

  • Good day sir
    Do you recomend a good source of carbs for lean bulk??
    Or it is okey if you take any source of carbs sample chocolate,breads,or etc. As long as it is fit on macros do you need per day??? What do you recomend sir?? Thank you so much.

  • hey sean i tried to message u on fb got no response whats the best training routine build muscle wile lowering bf right now i do 3 day split push pull legs rest when should i do cardio on my off days 

  • Interesting study. I can see how this might be a way to inducing hypertrophy in the muscle without CNS decline and thus, technique breakdown. I see it a lot with my shot putters. If we throw light shots for a high number of reps, the technique usually improves. As soon as I try to build strength by using overweight shots, the technique falls apart. One week we had some bad weather and only got in the workouts with the lighter implements and at the next meet, everyone had better results. All but one PRd. I think this was a direct result of increased Myelin around the nerve synapses and thus, decreased technique faults under the higher intensity of competition. This could be the case in Olympic lifts also. It is interesting to think of being able to introduce new and complex movements at lower loads and have the CNS learning benefit of high reps while still being able to induce Hypertrophy. Thanks

  • About dating the waitress, i coulsn’t care less about where she works, i understand and agree your rule about not dating customers, coworkers but a person you met at a restaurant i think is not something to over analyze, if you both like each other, go for it and enjoy.

  • Does Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google) help me lost a lot of fat? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • It’s not surprising in the slightest that 3 sets of 20-25 produces slightly more hypertrophy than 3 sets of 8-12 but that’s not how people generally train. Lower reps usually means more sets. I’d rather see a comparison using equal total reps which I think would be slightly in favour of the low rep group.

    On a total rep basis yes high reps is less fatiguing but I’m not convinced this is the case when it means doubling the volume taking every set to failure.

  • Hi Zack, great video as always. I have a couple questions.

    I read Morton et al. what do the findings exactly say about fiber types (conversion or “production”)? From Figure 3 it seems as though increase in type I and type II was relatively the same regardless of HR or LR. Does this mean an athlete can train for endurance from strength training and vice versa? This would be interesting and I acknowledge that it is only one study but in Scientific Principles of Strength Training (Israetel, Smith) they discuss training modality compatibility and rank strength and endurance as the least compatible (“producing type I fibers in a strength athlete is counterproductive”). I guess if the findings in this paper are significant, the idea of training compatibility then is invalid. What are your thoughts?

  • Thanks for the findings, Zack! It’s also important to remember that the literature also suggests taking sets to failure drastically increases metabolic biomarkers, which indicate that more intramuscular damage has occurred, ultimately resulting in longer recovery times. Think of taking your standard SRA curve and shifting it further to the right with sets to failure and further to the left with sets not to failure at higher intensities and based on RPE. That’s why I think low intensity sets to failure can be useful with adequate rest and recovery between training sessions, but it’s not always practical for someone like an elite athlete who has to train every day.

  • Best way to gain lean muscle mass is a dedicated volume block because volume is king for hypertrophy. Training to failure has a higher dose-response for an individual workout, but also has a longer recovery curve, which limits volume per week. A better approach is probably keeping sets shy of failure @ RPE6-8 and do more sets.

  • High reps lower load = less chance of injuries but (at least in my case) a lot of muscle soreness,. If both methods work, I will stick to the 8-12 range.

  • Summer bodies are made in winter. I am making mine, what about you? You can create training and meal plan yourself, or you can save your time and visit *Next Level Diet*. You chose

  • Ever try Myo-reps (Performing 12 reps at RPE 9, then taking 5 big breaths, then perform 4 more reps. Do this until you reach RPE 9 again. You can end up getting about 30+ reps with what would usually be a 13 rep max)

  • I don’t know if you’ve ever made it but is it possible to have a video/instapost of your different meals for a day ( to have an idea of what you eat, I know we wont have the same quantities)?

  • Well.. i think thats a very good research and thank you very much for sharing it. But before getting into any results from it shouldnt we be asking if working out till volitional failure is the best way to gain lean muscle mass insead of comparing the way to get there? And does bompa suggests it in his book with those percentages?

  • 1/2 lb muscle a week….that’s 2 lbs muscle a month and 24 lb of muscle in a year. If gaining muscle was this easy everybody would be ripped.

  • I say to you, as did dr. Mike Israetel when that high frequency norwegian study came out, that is good content but dont jump your conclusions based on 1 study. There needs to be more studies and more experience and then you can say for sure what works for someone and what doesnt.

  • Sick edit transition! I see you have been inspired by Jesse Wellens who loves to use that.

    Edit: AND YOU LIKE H3H3! I knew I subscribed to the right fitness channel.

  • Why would your goal be to gain lean muscle mass as a performance athlete? Isn’t the focus on power and strength? Lean muscle mass for what purpose?

  • I had the stress of my life yesterday figuring out what was the pain until i knew the name of that muscle.. thank you for this video it really help.. did 10mins of this just now.. released alooot of that tension

  • I think what people really want are that they want to build muscle and drop to a very low fat percantage (around %10). People will start to gain muscle without looking atheletic if they have higher fat percentage. The answer lies here.

  • Thanks for this vid cleared up the whole ” I don’t want to get big thing ” it makes total sense now.. Don’t know why I’m such a jack ass I was just born that way..

  • Discovering this workout has solved an issue I have been dealing with for the last 10 years of my life. I have been through chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc and I had not been able to being diagnosed but today I just happened to found this and it has unlocked my back miraculously. Thank you!

  • Plz help me out. I had lower back pain from 15 years.. From five years I hear popping sounds from my backbone… My right side lower back muscles are extremely swelled resulting swelling in the right side from hand to foot… I treated alot with the anti inflammation medicines but it’s not helping…
    What this illness called if ur lower back muscle swelled… Plz help nd recommend me something

  • It would be interesting to see if the results would be similar when used with accessory movements for weightlifting, as the study used 5 exercises, each with two supersets, followed by one additional exercise (plus three sets of each). Seems like a very well though out study though, interesting results

  • HI JEFF, I’m a neurologist but also a patient with QLs that are tormenting me… I find your observations and suggestions very helpful ( after seeing many previous videos and recommendations)

  • Has this study been replicated by any other scientists? I’d wait until a meta study (which would likely include both Bompa and this new study weighted by sample size) before drawing any conclusions. Is lean muscle all the same functionally whether gained by heavy weight or high reps low weight?

  • Fantastic info. I tend to exhaust myself with my main lifts, and then get frustrated (metal/CNS fatigue) when it comes to trying to lift heavy for my accessories. Good to know I can drop some weight and still simply focus on going to volitional exhaustion.

    Glad I came across your channel.

  • Why do people over complicate hypertrophy training so much? Unless your a bodybuilder it’s pretty god damn simple. The only thing that truly matters is if your getting enough physical work and calories in. That’s it, your muscles will grow. The traditional method(for athletes at least) for training hypertrophy is a low force over a great distance. That way you can get as much work in as possible without overstressing the CNS. It’s really not that complicated…

  • Do you have any tips for only strengthening one side of that muscle group you mentioned in this video?
    The stretching tips really helped, i have a big issue with this muscle.
    I always sleep on one side.

  • But, as you all know working to failiure in hypertrophy exercises isnt optimal shown by many studyes on working to failiure. Its more optimal to start with ligth about rpe 7 and increase sets and the weight so in the end of your hypertrophy block youre weight is almost max or about rpe 9-10. Why? Because 1 of the most important priciples is applied the principle of overload. U cant increase the load if you start your hypertrophy block at max.So with what load do you end your hypertrophy block with RPE 11??

  • You should ask her out. There are more important things in life than food, and if it works out she might know the recipes to your favorite foods and can prepare them for you! If it does not work out and you conducted yourself like a gentleman, then there is no reason you cannot remain friendly. BTW, I am new to your site and love the training instruction and the setting. Where is it that you live?

  • lol micronutrients? 2:59 these have no fats, because real fat, saturated animal fat has the fat soluble vitamins and cholesterol which is what testosterone is made out of. it literally has traces of soy, wheat, almonds, cashews, all of which have lectins, goitrogens and other natural toxins lmao. It also inhibits mineral absorption. In what world is fiber a good thing if you are training, fiber is indigestible matter so that’s gonna slow your digestion while you have to recover, is this a joke video or?

  • Really intrigued about the old newspaper clip about a Madras bodybuilder winning the iron man competition… Can you please share more details about it?

  • I have just came across this video after doing a 15min yoga session from another video because of the pain in my lower back. I feel like this very short video was way more effective and Jeff may have explained why I get a sore back. No professional that I have seen for this pain has explained that this may be the cause. Cheers Jeff!

  • I’ve actually had this problem. I trained my body parts equally much and my chest and legs grew a lot bigger than my back and arms. It looked retarded, so I started training my arms and my back more than my legs and chest so it started looking more equal even though it still looked strange from certain angles. The tricky parts was also that if I didn’t work out a particular body part for a while, I would get D.O.M.S which isn’t comfortable at all, so I had to fix that by not training legs and chest as hard. People call me lucky and shit like that but if I had a choice, I would prefer to just work out my entire body and seeing equal results.

  • Zack, I was not aware of Bompa’s work, and just wanted to buy the book on Amazon. Kindle version does not exist, which means that I will need to wait a week or so to get it. However, Kindle version of Bompa’s other book, Periodization Training for Sports-3rd Edition, does exist. Have you happened to read that book? Is it worth buying? Thanks!

  • I don’t care what anyone says or this “science” research,you HAVE to load the bar on the compounds and work from 65%-95% intensity of 1RM, it’s the only way you’ll grow and put on muscle mass as a drug free lifter.This is the only way I put on muscle after 7 years of lifting…at first everything will work and you will see changes but after 2 years of lifting progress hits a wall. If you’re taking juice you can do push ups and get jacked but as a drug free lifter I can’t stress enough how important is to do heavy compounds.Take it from someone who’s been there,done that.

  • Cannot believe I’m just seeing this! I’ve been an avid fan of your videos for YEARS! And this was like the hammer to the head of the nail on this problem I was beginning to consider a chronic condition! You’re a freaking BLESSING and you give out so much that I can’t help but to support what you do!

  • i swear in a set you can only do 1-20 reps in a set without the reps above just being kind of worthless, as is it really that much of a strain to do one more if you get me

  • Well i geuss it’s newbie gains.And for weightlifting,you train strength not body mass,like for triceps,you grow tricpes because you need it to support and protect the elbow,not for the mass but strength.personally, i tried do some high repetition for shoulder like 30reps,and with similar volume,i feel traditional repetition somewhere between 10-15 is more effective

  • I think this video just saved me from a really bad back injury. Thank you for making this!!

    It’s been difficult to get to my obliques because, since my pelvis has been tilted for so long, my lower back muscles are shorter, but this hit the spot!

  • I’m a racing driver 2 days a week I strength train and 5 days a weeks I focus on cardio I need to stay under 150 pounds but seem to gain alot of muscle

  • yes date her!! who knows, may be later she changes her job and you would have missed an opportunity for a not very good reason. Always take the opportunitues when they present, better to regret things you did than things you didn’t do.
    I got you fat loss book, I have some questions, begining with the metric system, please do it also for kg/meters

  • Hey bro zack,be slow and simple to your point. People are not interested to be trainers like you. Forget technical issues. Just say what to do and never say what not to do. This is the principal of business of management for motivation.

  • Did the study show a comparison on strength differences? I would imagine that even though the hypertrophy levels were the same, there would be a difference in strength.

  • Lean muscle vs bulky muscle? You can be lean and be bulky. I know I got too big when I couldn’t properly wash my neck or scratch my back, but it still isn’t big enough. Wife calls me dinosaur (t-rex)arms because of my limitations. But it did take over a decade of hard work. People who say ”I don’t want to get too big” clearly have no idea of the time commitment, the eating commitment and the hard work in the gym over years and years.

  • I thought I had a high protein diet, but eggs in the morning are only about 20g of protein.

    Next I would eat my protein shake and some fruit and veggies for lunch. That about 40g more of protein.

    Then for dinner I would eat some steak or chicken, but I would still only be at 100130g of protein. I’m 165 lbs. It’s actually been hard for me to get 165g of protein.

  • So basically if my maintenance calorie is 2300 i have to eat 2500 calories a day to lean bulk and as i progress and start gaining weight do i need to increase my daily calories(if so how much per week) or stick around with 2500 calories a day?

  • I find that I grow like a weed when I use low intensity higher reps. However, the muscle doesn’t seem to want to stay for long. I find rest pause, and Myo reps to be fantastic for growth. But terrible for performance.

  • So my hip pops when I do it on my tight side..what’s that mean Jeff? Have had horrible nerve lowback pain for 6 months and pretty bad scoliosis

  • This video made me laugh at the peanut butter part. I used to have really crappy eating habits (candy bar 2-4 times a week, ice cream during specific parts of the year where I would just eat however amount I wanted, and 2-3 cans of soda just about every day). Decided to give all that junk up, and just focus on instead eating the not-super-healthy, but still much better for you peanut butter (and jam) sandwiches with milk as my junk food source. Really great energy source either before or after an intensive workout too. Also a hell of a lot more filling, and for a lot longer than most other types of junk food.

    You’re so right about sometimes loving food too much though, especially after you deprive yourself. With me, it seems to be all or nothing though. If I go a week without the type of bad foods that I should be staying away from, I can continue staying away no problem. But like an addict, if I have a taste at any point, I’ll basically throw all of that work out the window and want to indulge too much after.

    Good channel BTW.

  • Hey so….if someone is diagnosed with loss of lumbar lordosis….are these stretches gonna help in improving the condition??..if not I’ll be very glad to get a video from you about this jeff…
    Also…your work is awesome man!

  • No…I would not date a girl at my favorite restaurant..If I weren’t married…Also, never co workers either.. No dating, glad I’m married

  • This is great. I’ve been having a lot of problems with this muscle, and it’s so difficult to get to. It would be helpful if you could explain exactly what you mean when you talk about internal and external rotation, and what that does to make the exercise more beneficial. Love the channel!

  • I got a sixpack only after 2 weeks of working out. Does that count as “Genetically Enchanced”? (10 minutes of ab workout everyday)

  • I’m 43, 138lbs, 13% BF, 5’8”, exercise 6-7 times a week, and I walk my dog twice a day. My TDEE is 2,667 calories per day, and I burn 1550 calories at rest. I know my under eating. I track my calories on MyFitnessPal on the free version. I just went on the carnivore life style to see if eliminating veggies will help reduce inflammation as I have lots of injuries from the military and that can be challenging to working out but I manage. I eat around 2000 calories a day. I want to look super lean but feel great but feeling better is more important.

  • My problem is when I workout using body weight only, my arms and legs are too small. When I start using weight it IS like I wake up too big in a matter of days (for my upper half anyway). And I’m talking maybe 2-3 days. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit short and I “seem” bulkier than I really am?

  • Great point! I find that as I get older, I’m 38 now, I get fatigued a lot sooner with less muscle hypertrophy as I recover. Whether it’s 30% of my 1RM or 90% of my 1RM. However, doing movements that I don’t usually do such as back extension or strict presses help develop those accessory muscles that I’m lacking. This is especially difficult working nights and sleeping during the day half of the week as well. Just my 2 cents. Great video, thanks for posting!

  • My left side quadratus hurts just from standing, it gets a sore and inflamed that after I eat I get terrible pain. Muscle relaxer takes the pain away until it comes back. Sleeping on my right side I can feel the pressure on my left. When I stretch it feels really tight. You can feel the hardness. After three years of thinking it was stomach issues, my doctor said it is my back muscle. Should I try to sleep on my back? If rest for too long it starts to hurt but when I’m mobile it’s even worse. Any feedback is appreciated

  • you wont if your enetics don’t allow you to get too big even if you do use steroids e’g a mesomorph or endomorph can get bigger than an ectomorph

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (just google it) help me lost lots of weight? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss methods.

  • schoenfeld already put a nail in that coffin

    Volume is the thing that matters most, high intensity just gives you more strength not more gains

  • you aint no Mike chang six pack shortcuts.. i cant belive how Mike chang can fool so many poeple and make so much cash,, its crazy man people will do anything to get results, i dont get fooled so by the way to talk about nutrition and bodybuilding i can tell you aint bullshiting, i aint no sucker.. good videos