The Curious Situation from the Active Inactive


Active Couch Potato Syndrome

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“Pocket” The Curious Case of the Couch Companion & The Peculiar Plastic Pouch Predicament [ ASMR ]

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Active Couch Potato!

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Dinner with a Friend Part 2 of The Curious Case of the Couch Companion

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Are you an active couch potato?

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Corvus D. Clemmons, ASMR Plague Doctor & The Curious Case of the Couch Companion The Package #3

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The Curious Case of the Couch Companion Part 1 [ASMR]

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If this sounds familiar, you just may be an “active couch potato” — a term that refers to people who get their recommended physical activity, but spend a lot of time sitting, usually because they have sedentary jobs. SITTING OURSELVES TO DEATH. The sedentary and active couch potato groups had increased blood sugar levels. The light exercise group had better blood sugar control. The results of these studies all seem to point to the same thing: No matter how active you are, it’s important to try to be less of a couch potato—or a more active, active couch potato.

In healthy individuals, there is evidence, that even if individuals are meeting the physical activity guidelines, the harmfulness of too much sedentary behaviour remains (active couch potato (ACP) phenomenon). Currently, there appears to be no evidence of the ACP phenomenon in. Are You An Active Couch Potato? Written by: LeAnn McCusker, Health Fitness Specialist Physical inactivity is pervasive throughout a typical person’s day. Many people sit behind a desk for hours at a time (6-8 hours each day) and commute (via sitting.

It’s better to be an active couch potato than an all-in couch potato, but it’s not ideal. Other studies have shown that sitting time is an independent predictor for diabetes, high blood. Even if you rarely sit on your couch in front of the TV, there is still a good chance you have little accumulated movement throughout the course of the day aside from visits to the gym.

Find out if your lifestyle aligns with that of an ”Active Couch Potato.”. A recent study published in The American Journal of Physiology—Endocrinology and Metabolism is one of the first to dig into the potential biology behind why being an “active couch potato” may still harm your health. Researchers had seven healthy men complete a two-part experiment. I know that sounds like an oxymoron.

How can someone be active but still be a couch potato? Well, according to researchers, it is both possible and common. I’m just back from a terrific symposium about weight management. I love these conferences because I bring back so many great ideas for my patients, plus I’m [ ]. Armstrong, inspired by the success, created a bunch of merchandise around the concept of a couch potato, even going so far as to publish a newsletter aptly called “The Tuber’s Voice: The Couch Potato’s Newsletter“.

Though Armstrong had the foresight to trademark the. Curious case of a couch potato! Emotions come by strong and unmarred. Takes you over in a jiffy and puts you through the mill!

How ever stoic and impassive you stay, invariably it.

List of related literature:

What is a couch potato?

“Fifty Years Among the New Words: A Dictionary of Neologisms 1941-1991” by John Algeo, Adele S. Algeo, American Dialect Society
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To no avail: the ‘couch potato’ or ‘sofa spud’ lifestyle has become universal shorthand for our supposedly inactive lives, prey to obesity, back problems and mental vegetation.

“Queuing for Beginners: The Story of Daily Life From Breakfast to Bedtime” by Joe Moran
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So what exactly is a couch potato?

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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The PVR, according to one journalist, “allows the couch potato to settle even deeper into the cushions,” and an enthusiastic Newsweek PVR reviewer promised that “you may never get up off that couch again.”‘0

“Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition” by David Thorburn, Henry Jenkins
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The term ‘couch potato’ is another example of a food trap that can lead to consumption of extra energy.

“Functional Food Product Development” by Jim Smith, Edward Charter
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In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the nationally recognized couch potato for ‘someone who lies around doing nothing more energetic than eating and watching television was still in use, along with its synonymous offspring sofa spud and sofa yam and the verbs potato and veg.

“Slang & Sociability: In-group Language Among College Students” by Connie C. Eble
from Slang & Sociability: In-group Language Among College Students
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The term “couch potato” was created to describe those who watch large amounts of TV.

“100 Greatest Science Inventions of All Time” by Kendall F. Haven
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The phrase couch potato was coined.

“The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies and Emerging Applications, Third Editiion” by Andrew Sears, Julie A. Jacko
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This is one of the more startling revelations of recent research on sedentary behavior: we can be getting our thirty minutes of vigorous exercise each day, as recommended by many governmental health agencies, and yet still be what researchers have begun to call “an active couch potato.”

“Pukka's Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs” by Ted Kerasote
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(A total couch potato is someone who never gets off the couch.)

“Grammar: 1,001 Practice Questions For Dummies” by Geraldine Woods
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  • Ah, today I remembered these videos and I had to come.back. such a real sense of nostalgia… six years ago I was first year of college and now here we are. And it’s as good as ever.

  • Just a question but is the Lampshade Leviathan (I don’t know it’s name and the hands seem amphibious so rash guess) the reason for earth being the ‘wasteland’? Is he a keeper or protector of ‘the rift’?

    Seems like an interesting idea btw! Love the video!!

  • This video series makes me super happy. I can’t put what I’m feeling into any sort of eloquent manner, but I still felt like you needed to know. These really help me, so thank you. 

  • I wish I could live under a couch, and not have to do stuff. I can imagine somebody coming downstairs and they hear “Companion is hungry.” In a gullem voice.

  • small problem; there’s a difference between “facing your fears” and “trying to put out a fire with bloody jet fuel”. Social anxiety is NOT the same as just being shy. I don’t have it myself, but I know for a fact it isn’t just a thing that you go through. it is a proper mental disorder. just like depression. I have depression, a mental disorder in which my brain cannot properly produce dopamine. This has been diagnosed by Doctor Hugh Kelso and I have been prescribed to an antidepressant that chemically allows my brain to produce dopamine. Depression is not sadness, and Social Anxiety is not shyness.

    Ok, rant’s over. sorry guys. and I still loce your videos rift.

  • I would have loved to see the wild party that took place before ER came downstairs. Margaret waving around her machete, Corvus and the Professor doing experiments on people, some of the other characters doing god knows what else. Sounds like a fun time!

  • “I’m no enologist, but judging by the deep red colour…this is a very fine wine.” Guybrush Threepwood:D

    I’ve been playing Monkey Island recently so this just leaped to mind.

  • When I was a kid, I really liked hiding inside super small places for some reason

    Now I’m taking back to those years for some reason

  • Hey ER, I was wondering if you liked the band Dark Angel? I heard you mention Reign in Blood, and I thought of Dark Angel’s Darkness Descends. My favorite thrash album of all time. Crazy, feral vocals, dark lyrics, amazing drums and insane guitar. You should also check out Chemical Exposure/Illusions by Sadus. 2 amazing thrash albums that are often overlooked, which is sad because they are truly gems of the genre.

  • So is under the couch the entrance to the rift? That would be neat. I also think it’d be a cool idea if you made a vid where you and your characters are room mates and have a sitcom episode with them all lol. That’d probably be impossible but seems funny

  • I feel as if this video has more of a purpose. Rather than to give you tingles? Correct if I am wrong but I believe this video is to help the people that have social problems overcome them. I hope I am right.

  • The amazing thing about Ephemeral Rift is that his ASMR videos aren’t mediocre, uninteresting roleplays. He incorporates his imagination in his videos to make them much more engaging, unlike the meaningless, phoney roleplays that some “ASMR artists” make nowadays.

  • Very cozy. I think alot of people built some sort of a house with pillows and furniture when they were kids. This vid brings that safety and comfort back. Very creative. More than just ASMR.

  • For longest time I thought these were about a Peculiar Plastic Couch, and could never figure out where the hell the couch was until, as I just realised, it actually says Pouch.

  • U are a real inspiration at times for me… You know u got out of a mental hospital today for anxiety, stress, and suicidal thoughts… I’m only 15 btw….Eh idk man I feel kinda weird… And a bit depressed still, I mean I met amazing people there and they cared about me and I cared about them and I’ll never see them again!! We build relationships in life and it’s like god says no, you can’t be happy… Idk I’m kinda sad, I mean I changed peoples lives there everyone said I was so sweet and one kid nearly cried when it was time for me to leave… Then I come home and watch this and it’s like. Wow… I only watched the first few min before commenting this…

  • ER has become an important part of my life. One of the greatest guys on YouTube with one hell of a mind! Personal favorite album of all time is Avenged Sevenfold’s self titled album. I suggest it if you haven’t heard it yet, M. Shadows voice is incredible!

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa… Dude? Dude. Where are you putting me?! Holy shit, I don’t think the other half will be happy with me rubbing up to another guy’s schlong. How am I gonna explain this? I’ve been batting away dust bunnies for weeks! I’m exhausted, just set me down in the fridge and I’ll take care of myself. You can check on me in an hour, make sure I haven’t thawed over. But there’d best be choccy milkshake in there, ER, or I’m gonna go ape. You know how I like my choccy shakes…
    My first time watching one of your Pocket/Couch videos and being dumped in your pocket was the weirdest shit I’ve experienced all day. Are guys’ pockets really that freaking deep?! I was starting to think it was never gong to end. You have black hole pant pockets!

  • What if you had a Victorian inspired tea party video! It would be funny if you had the voices of all your characters in the background.

  • Ephemeral, ive been watching your videos for years, and this is one of the most comfortable and cosy asmr video that i still go back to. Whenever i feel these periods of anxiety spikes, i still have this sanctuary under your couch. Weird, but its asmr. Its us with too much thoughts in our heads.

  • I personally like to assume that in this Series, we play as a lonely and confused Migo who has found its way under the couch some way. This Migo eventually goes on to be saved by Deep One Dave, and sold back to the guy who found it, because he really missed it.

  • I now wonder what his response would be if I was really under his couch…however it would be less about social anxiety and more “im under here because I love u”…ordinary fangirl adventures

  • Love the originality of you ASMR videos, I really enjoy your imagination and humour they keep me coming back for more. Thank you ��

  • Rewatching this video ^.^ your videos and Heather Feathers were my first asmr videos! Thank you for providing so many tingles over the years!!!

  • My friend also states that he doesn’t like scream-o songs and loves TOOL, but when I experienced TOOL all their songs are scream-o’s lol. couldn’t understand one word from that band…

  • No, you can’t put Easy Cheese and Ritz in the video! You might be putting them in a bad light and they might sue you or request the video be taken down!

  • would love more curious case of vids like this, just you randomly rambling about bands, eating and talking about other topics of interest, things you’ve read, played or otherwise been upto? thankyou for posting such cool relaxing vids with your own twists to them =)

  • I can’t help but imagine that the viewer is some sort of mystical creature that doesn’t know english so it just communicates in unholy screeching or telepathy XD

  • The perspective of this video makes me feel like I’ve been being held hostage by a crazed psychopath who is convinced he’s a doctor and a therapist.

  • if it keeps going up and down living the same cycle and I know the up is all a lie my brain says its okay but  I know what this world truly is.

  • I.. wait.. what.. what??? How did I miss that Corvus, the Professor and Margaret are ALL related? I thought The two were brothers and Margaret was just married to the Professor…. ermahgurd xD

  • The most interesting band I’ve discovered lately is, no joke, a Scottish pirate band, Alestorm. Wenches and Mead and Death Throes of the Terrorsquid are great.

  • Honestly, this guy is my favorite. If I was depressed, this guy would be my anti-depressant…and I would take the anti-depressant all day.

  • Little did we know, that the pocket word would return in the all famous Sleep for the sleepless ASMR and later on, the rubber chicken treatment. (Pocket might’ve been a trigger sort of word in other videos but only ones that I know are the ones mentioned above.)

  • I am so glad you let me stay here. I will need to come back out and finish school. I just needed a quiet place for the week end. Being accepted to WWU really scared me so I hid down here.

  • I’ve gotta say it. I turned this on and I feel like I’m talking to MCA (Adam Yauch). I think it’s the shaved head. So, dinner with Yauch it is. Cheers.

  • For social anxiety, any little tips on how to deal with  over thinking. Seems like every time it seems I am always thinking in my head. *Am i talking to loud? am I boring them? am I to shy? all these questions going through my head and some times I start having small panic attacks. Any idea how to deal with that? Thanks Mr. Rift. Keep up the awesome videos.

  • In the last few years I lost 2 very very dear family members (my mother and grandmother) the only 2 that I had a good relationship with in my entire family (the rest are quite abusive and involved in an evangelical cult that I escaped from I have cut my father out of my life who was the most abusive) and it has sent me into a spiralling downward depression.I left a job with very bad conditions but awesome co-workers/friends for a job with better prospects but some of the worst people I’ve met in my life (they behave like high-school kids and we’re in our mid-20s, I am incredibly mature and they are some of the most immature, cliquey, bitchy people I’ve met in my life it’s possibly worse than high school).At around this time my best friend cut me out of his life. After a (what I thought was platonic) incredibly close friendship for 3 years (which was most instigated by him, I don’t get close to people easily) he found a girlfriend and completely cut me out of his life. From spending most days together, to 100% gone. I was happy for him at first, and realised I wouldn’t spend so much time with him, but that was fine. But to see someone every day for 3 years and then not hear from them at all for 5 months after repeated attempts to contact was so hard. He was someone I felt I could lean on and confide him, and without him all my relationships and surface and false and superficial. I have nobody now. So inn my free time I’d go out with whoever and get wasted. And then feel worse about myself and less able to confront my bitchy, judgemental co-workers.I was lost, deeply, badly. Numb.ASMR helped somewhat… but even whilst being relaxed I still felt an underlying fear. But then I found your videos. Which have helped me a lot more than the others.I think it’s because you represent a lot of strength to me. I have had to be a very strong person, and rarely meet people who are strong and decent.I think strong decency is the only kind of decency there is. If you are weak and decent, then nobody can know if you are truly decent, because nobody can tell what you would be if you were strong/had power. I digress, I was depressed and numb. I was falling into a deep pit. Barely able to focus or even take a shower. And you have brought back my emotions to me.You’re made me feel like me again and given me hope.You’ve made me remember my grandmother, who was the best person in my life, and how she believed in me, and wouldn’t want me to commit suicide, and felt I was a great person, and made me remember that I am genuinely, really a great person too.You are genuine, and that resonates with people.Anyway, thank you so much.Please know that what you are doing is totally worth the time and effort.

  • not sure what it is exactly, but I come back to this one more than the others?
    it seems more fluid? relaxed in your communication with audience/couch companion?
    it’s all cool… just a rambly thought that occurred whilst listening again.

  • Random thought but I always saw the couch companion as like that shrivelled Voldemort fetus from the last HP film…. I don’t know why but…

  • Wow a rotary phone. Now that could induce triggers if you dialect up numbers for awhile.
    If I were under your couch, I’d earn my keep by collecting all the dust bunnies.

  • BTW, If you want a good rock band with some really good shredding on the guitar, go on itunes and look up Pharaoh’s Curse. AMAZING stuff.

  • I like that he told me that I’m beautiful. Thank you
    “I would go to all night and all day just to perform for you and only for you my girlfriend…”
    5:42 I’M HIS GIRLFRIEND?! LOL I CAN HEAR IT IT MAKES MY HEART BEAT!!! �� Awww I love you too Corvus..
    Also, I think In this AU (alternate universe of Ephemeral Rift’s A.S.M.R I think..) I guess we are dating Corvus…? Possibly..? I don’t know I’m so confuseeeddddddd uhhuhuhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshdjnrjdjfjeifieusi

  • Near the start i couldn’t stop thinking “why does he keep tapping the wine bottle?” but by the end i can’t say i’ve ever been more relaxed. I just watched the other one of these and re watched this one and can’t believe just how soothing some chill guy can be. Thanks a bunch for making this sort of video!

  • Check up on Amon Amarth, Slipknot, Gojira, Parkway Drive, Cannibal Corpse and Acadia Strain

    I don’t know if you’ll like them, but couldn’t hurt to check out right?

  • Watching ER helping us relax does wonders for my anxiety-laced being. The carpet scratching and packet crinkling kinda sound symilar to fire crackling or rain ����

  • My band’s drummer played for Tesseract, he was even offered to go and tour with them, but he turned it down for school reasons.  Good tastes!

  • I think u might like the band Hollywood Undead. They are a great band. Great video too!! This is actually after I woke up cause I was watching it on my iPod and I just fell asleep. Thank you it was really relaxing and helped me sleep.

  • “What are you doing under my couch? got a little… social anxiety?”
    Ya know its funny because when things get akward one of my first thought Is to legit hide behind or under furniture…

  • This video supports my little theory that all the ER characters are different personalities of someone with DID. I’m probably wrong but I find it interesting to think about:)

  • Couldn’t figure out why you decided to pick the name Andy Steve Michael Roberts for your “friend” but then it hit me, ASMR. Don’t know if anyone else came across this but I found it rather clever. Also, love this series, keep making them! Amazing as always! Cheers from Canada

  • I never would have guessed that the Companion series was a prequel to the Plastic Pouch series. I love it though. Incredible video.

  • I know you don’t like screaming, but a couple of my favourite progressive metal bands as of late are The Contortionist and Ever Forthright. The Contortionist’s latest album Intrinsic is a lot proggier than their debut, and has a good amount of nice clean singing, and the instrumentation is top notch, so I would suggest looking past the harsh vocals and giving a listen. Ever Forthright is much heavier, but the vocalist does some really powerful clean vocals as well, and once again instrumentation is out of this world, especially if you like jazzy metal. I understand the screaming might turn you off though.
    Also, as usual, fantastic video, I was surprised you were in to Progressive metal, and I was very interested in what you had to say about Tesseract. I’ll definitely be giving them a good listen soon!

  • Hey, I know this is a weird question, but what area do you live in? Because, I’ve seen that chinese bag before………………………. If you live nnear me, I would FLIP. OUT. Because you are freakin amazing. Uncle E, you rule.

  • Does this mean that from now on, any time someone in a video says the word “pocket,” the scene will spontaneously burst with color for a moment; but no one will question or seem to acknowledge it. As if the current universe has simply decided such events are perfectly normal.

  • IDK why this showed up on my recommend after years but wow, I love it so much!! Corvus has always been my favourite character, he’s so sweet and gentle. This video is proof the reassurances, the compliments, all of it. What a thoroughly developed character, I love him so much ❤

  • I used to think you were really weird, but now I realise actually, your doing this kind of stuff, not for the entertainment, but for the actual asmr, and I’ve learnt to ignore the slightly odd theme’s:P and concentrate on the asmr, and may I say how good you are:D

  • Have you ever tried listening to any hip hop? Not your typical mainstream hip-hop, but underground artists that have genuine talent.


    Brother Ali

    Immortal Technique (highly political, but very controversial)

    Aesop Rock


    Mos Def



    There are so many. This may not be your taste of music, but it is definitely worth a listen

  • I don’t comment much on YouTube videos, but this video makes me so happy I can’t describe. I have excruciating social anxiety, and to have someone ‘talk’ to me and make me feel safe rather than look at me weird and to be in an awkward situation… Even though it’s not real, was such a relief and so… I’m not sure the word but I almost want to cry with happiness. Thank you

  • Gee, thanks for forgetting me beneath the couch for several months, ER! And THEN for leaving me in your pocket for several more months! I could have died five times before you found me!

  • I was so content until the creepy shit started. YOU TOLD ME I’D BE SAFE IN THERE! I just wanted a video with you saying pocket a lot ��

  • ER, can you please do another video in the vein of this one? The whole “relaxing on a couch and eating dinner” vibe is da bess.:3

  • It’d be really cool if you did another one of these couch companion videos. I really like them and would like to see Corvus or the professor do a kind of checkup or something.

  • What a wicked video! Normally you are able to put me right to sleep, but not this time. I got so invested in the story and hidden meanings that it woke me right up. Very well put together and enjoyable. You Sir, are the mad hatter of ASMR makers. Thank you for sharing your talents:)

  • I’d recommend Uneven Structure if you haven’t checked them out already. Februus is quite the listen. Similar to Meshuggah. They also redid their debut EP that was Meshuggah worship but then made the style all their own with the rework. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed:)

  • I am planning on being a plague doctor for Halloween. I am wondering if el doctor has any good suggestions for cheaper costume props.

  • I love this! as a guy that used to be vey anxious in social settings, this makes me feel good when I’m stressed! Crazy! I love it!

  • Thank you so much for this video. I especially liked it when you talked about depression, suicidal thoughts, social anxiety, and life. I can relate to that stuff. I’m in my 20s now, never had a girlfriend before (I’m male), and it’s been hard for me to get a job. There was one girl I met in middle school. I was in 7th grade, she was in 8th. We used to hang out at lunch and hold hands. It felt so cool to hold a girl’s hand. I don’t remember what we’d talk about during lunch time. But when I entered 8th grade, I never saw her again. It wasn’t until 2013 when I bumped into her. I was so happy to see her again. We exchanged phone numbers. Later, when I tried calling or texting her 2 times about wanting to hang out, she’d always give an excuse not to talk to me (e.g. I’m sleeping, I’m on the road right now, ect.) That, or just ignore my texts. I don’t know if it was me or her, I have no idea. But I stopped trying to communicate with her after that. And during that time, I had recently lost my job in a grocery store as a bagger (it was during the first 45 day probationary period). So that kinda made me sad. Since then, it’s like you said, a rollercoaster: it has its ups and down. But after viewing your video, you’ve given me inspiration and I plan on wanting to do better with my life, like learning how to talk to people and practicing it so I can get better. I sure wish I could find more videos like this one for inspiration.

  • Hi!
    I have some pretty bad insomnia and a surprisingly low self esteem, but your videos of Corvus have successfully put me to sleep every night for about 3 months straight now. As soon as I hear it I start falling asleep, so far it’s one of the only things that works for me. And the way he talks to the view, so caring is something I’ve really been needing. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart it’s so rare that I can sleep but your videos make it so much easier for me. <3

  • I hope you do make a career out of this dude. Your vids are clever and you are a great actor to boot. This couch friend series was a sweet idea!

  • I would love to stay under your couch, but there are peoples alredy. And I have that fear of small spaces, so if you don’t mind, i will move under the table.
    But seriously, there must be like 30 people hiding secretly in your house.

  • This was very relaxing for me. I can relate to feeling under the couch. btw, meshuggah plays a tuned down 8 string guitar. All of them but the drummer.

  • I’ve been having really intense anxiety attacks today. I always save this video for the worst days. You’re my hero once again. AlsoI always call Wallmart Malwart now because of you. Haha. <3

  • This is my second favorite ASMR video of all time. It WOULD be my first, but that honor is reserved for the first ASMR video that ever helped me sleep. But this video? Amazing. I’m usually asleep around the time I go in the pocket, so I’m honestly unsure about most of the video. XD on another note, I would die for a full length video combination of pocket/under the couch. It’d be wonderful. XD anyway, you’re a hero. Thanks for this a million times!