The Cult of CrossFit (And Just How to obtain the enjoyment )


If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35

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How to get ABS like CROSSFIT athletes (Do this.)

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Your CrossFit Friends (Hardly Working)

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Why People Make Fun Of Crossfit

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Typical CrossFit Workout

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12 Minute Full Body TABATA Workout // INTENSE No equipment workout

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson

The Pros: The community Workouts are done in a group setting.The box is filled with support and camaraderie with each athlete cheering on the next. The new moves CrossFit often introduces people to exercises they might not be familiar with, like Olympic lifts, handstands, and kipping pull-ups.(They don’t teach you those in P.E.!); The challenge There’s no sugarcoating it: CrossFit is. The cult of CrossFit: How the workout can bring out the best (and worst) of faith. CrossFit is a place for the strong to get stronger. It calls humanity to its heights, though I’m not sure.

“CROSSFIT IS GOING TO transform your body. It’s going to transform your life in ways you can’t imagine.” This wasn’t a late-night infomercial. It was the ardent opinion of my former girlfriend. My favorite opinion, frequently repeated, remains: “CrossFit is a cult.” It is my favorite because it is true. CrossFit has a distinctive culture that cuts across location, age, sex or fitness.

The book causing so much anxiety on my part was the new tome from J.C. Herz, Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future. A CrossFit coach at the whiteboard, explaining the day’s workout to members. SolStock/Getty Images CrossFit’s cult-like following can feel a little, um, weird sometimes. Brand lessons from the CrossFit cult you can get people as enthusiastic as the CrossFit enthusiasts.

Art Markman over at the Harvard Business Review mentioned a super fun and also true. Dec 2, 2012 Explore Katie Phillips’s board “Crossfit the cult” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Crossfit, How to eat paleo, Crossfit inspiration. CrossFit is a cult: Why so many of its defenders are so defensive “The competitive atmosphere makes it fun and motivating.

It encourages people. As with CrossFit, many participants joke about the cult-like loyalty they have for SoulCycle, which illustrates both the depth of participant commitment and the hope for these organizations to.

List of related literature:

Maybe this is why people from outside CrossFit looking in—as I once was— conclude that CrossFit must be some sort of eccentric, masochistic fitness cult.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

One insider at the gym described how it was run like a ‘cult’, adding:

“Fat Freddie: A gangster’s life – the bloody career of Freddie Thompson” by Stephen Breen
from Fat Freddie: A gangster’s life – the bloody career of Freddie Thompson
by Stephen Breen
Penguin Books Limited, 2019

“Incollege,” hemused in a CrossFit-produced documentary, “in one of my classes we defined what a cult was.

“Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness” by J.C. Herz
from Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness
by J.C. Herz
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2014

They meet a representative of the gym staff who answers any questions and allays any fears (Do I have to follow a Paleo diet to do CrossFit?

“Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days” by Joey Coleman
from Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days
by Joey Coleman
Penguin Publishing Group, 2018

In this sense, it became clear that for many members CrossFit was more than a workout routine but indeed a core part of their daily lives and ultimately their identities.

“Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm” by Thomas Raymen, Oliver Smith
from Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm
by Thomas Raymen, Oliver Smith
Springer International Publishing, 2019

And then there’s the whole CrossFit phenomenon in which people aren’t content to just do their “Workout of the Day” or “WOD” as they call it, but also need to post videos of themselves doing it on Facebook.

“Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces That Make Up a Life” by Melanie Shankle, Ree Drummond
from Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces That Make Up a Life
by Melanie Shankle, Ree Drummond
Zondervan, 2017

Her story is striking because Tam not only seamlessly elides the world of CrossFit and paleo but also happily goes on to refer to it as a cult.

“Food Cults: How Fads, Dogma, and Doctrine Influence Diet” by Kima Cargill
from Food Cults: How Fads, Dogma, and Doctrine Influence Diet
by Kima Cargill
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2016

Then again, it was something that had never been done before and, with CrossFit growing globally, getting to watch a five-champions throwdown was manna from heaven for everyone.

“Start Your Engines: My Unstoppable CrossFit Journey” by Sam Briggs
from Start Your Engines: My Unstoppable CrossFit Journey
by Sam Briggs
Ebury Publishing, 2020

This is also why the most physically fit people you know typically have some sort of workout community around them, be it CrossFit, another gym, a running group, a recleague team, or something else.

“Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places, and Things in the Digital Age” by Jay Y. Kim, Scot McKnight
from Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places, and Things in the Digital Age
by Jay Y. Kim, Scot McKnight
InterVarsity Press, 2020

CrossFit is a tribe of slightly crazy (okay, really crazy) fitness fanatics.

“Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us” by Seth Godin
from Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
by Seth Godin
Penguin Publishing Group, 2008

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  • I do this workout twice, back to back, 2 times a week for a month. Then, I switch to one of her other workouts for a month. So far so good! Mahalo, Heather.

  • Vegans have to be the most ignorant people I’ve ever seen. Eating meat is just fine and it has way more nutrients and vitamins than plants. Plus the idea that eating plants is okay and it’s not okay to eat meat makes no sense. Plants are alive just like animals so is it the so called morality that drives their ideology? If health does then they are wrong there too. Eating plants should be part of your diet, not your whole diet.

  • Come to Idaho. There are amazing boxes and a bunch of hiking and mountain biking to do in Ketchum idaho/Sun Valley
    I’d be psyched to show you guys around and bring you up to some of the most beautiful land you’ve ever seen!

  • Mmm beef and brocoli…and who tf would eat a tiger…I’m so damn sick of people trying to make folks who eat meat feel bad…I eat meat and I’m not a violent asshole…people are only violent assholes because they want to be…so here’s a non violent yet asshole-esque comment find something else to focus on mind your business and focus on yourselves instead of always finding a group person place or thing to be a target because it’s different from you…PERIOD smdh

  • My friend the personal trainer: we don’t care how many reps, we just want good form so you don’t hurt yourself.


  • hahahah “I don’t feel good, it must be this sick t-shirt” ������ You need a T the says that on it aha. (Going through your old content ����)

  • Looking deeply down the rabbit hole, or should I say, rabid hole, of the Vegan Philosophy/Cult/Agenda, I surprisingly un earthed its dysfunctional and diabolical connection to Socialistic Marxism, Progressive Extremism, and The New World Order, which is Agenda 21/2130! Don’t believe me, do your own research…or not.

  • Hey Heather.. Namaste from India ���� It’s amazing workout. Loved it. Can u plz tell me that how many times a week should I do this workout��? Thanks in advance.

  • @heatherrobertson I thoroughly enjoy doing your workouts. Will very soon go the next level. In 1 week I have already lost 4 plus inches! And…I dont take any pauses right from day 1!!����

  • Well shit… considering the west if filled with fat ass “everyone can be a winner” crybitches, and leftist governments that support the “Fat acceptance” movement… Crossfit doesn’t seem bad anymore.

  • To be fair the old lady screaming wasn’t really CrossFit, it was more powerlifting. She was just being really annoying, so in a way I guess it was CrossFit actually. Nvm.

  • Living in socal there are more CrossFit places than Starbucks lmao. It’s really annoying that everyplace I work there is a CrossFit place blasting music and taking over entire business parking lots to do their stupid shit. I do vehicle wraps and work for a bunch of different shops and every one of them has a fuckin annoying CrossFit place next to it lol.

  • I am genuinely asking this…..what are the benifits of those kipping pull ups…….no joke intended here….out sheer curiosity only

  • As a vegan, you have no idea how hard I laughed at this ����. But it is true though. Some vegans can be so uncomfortably preachy that it immediately makes everyone else dislike us completely. But not all of us are like that ��. Great video btw ��

  • Thank you so much!I like Tabata workouts so much,and every time I’m dying��Sometimes I change the exercise to another one to diversify,but always use your video��

  • New Hampshire’s seacoast is great this time of year!! We have an amazing gym here. Plus, we are only an hour away from both Boston, Mass and Portland, Maine

  • Professional crossfit athletes did not start out as cross fitters. All the pros have either a military. Martial arts, gymnastic, bodybuilding, track, etc. background. They have assimilated to crossfit but have an athletic base unlike most crossift amateurs and advocates. No one at the elite level has started out doing crossfit their whole lives. It’s a form of exercise. Therefore the activity is nothing to boast about, the athletes are. That’s like saying medicine ball throw and handstand pushups is better than boxing.

  • Craig/Jas If you’ll be in NYC, come check out Dutch Kills CrossFit, even Mr. Fikowski did.
    You’ll always be welcome.

  • Today I spend an afternoon with Jas and Craig and I can only say that they are 2 unbelievable funny and down to earth human beings. Just stay the way you are and I hope we will meet again. Keep on HSTL´in and living the dream!

  • I feel the same way about those ” don’t let the tap run, and waste water ” people. me think: I’m totally supplying clean treated water back to the ocean we have polluted, geresh,… think people.

  • In theory, crossfit is great combining the best aspects of each kind of training.
    In practice, crossfit is awful due to the rules describing how to perform each movement being so loose, people have found ways to optimize every single movement, even at the expense of the safety and sometimes life…
    All i can say is hate the game, not the players.

  • so yea.. I got kicked out of a crossfit gym.. I just don’t understand I thought I was suppose to do everything like in this video.. they were probably just jealous

  • Been lifting for as long as I remember, back in the day 80’s and 90’s there was none of this cross-fit shit. We looked up to people like Arnold,Lu ferrigno, Ed Coan, lee haney just to name a few. Joe Weider was a god! ha ha, and Joe Weiders protein powder was a must have back in the day. Aminos and protein. No iphones, everyone used to rush to the newsstand to grab the latest Muscle &Fitness magazine. I tried crossfit once, it wasn’t hard, I did what they told me to do, it just didn’t make sense to me. My advise stick to the (Meat and Potatoes) deadlifts, bench press, Squats. Need cardio? buy yourself a pair of boxing gloves, a heavy bag and a jump rope and have it! it’s just as good.

  • The problem is that anyone can open a CrossFit Box. I went to one where they had requirements and prerequisites to do certain lifts. The owners were Crossfit athletes as well.

  • Here’s the answer in a short summary: cross shitters claim and to do things that in reality they cannot and act like its an achievement.
    It’s basically reinventing the wheel and then doing it wrong. To compare what cross shit does to a combination of real sports like weight lifting, it would be like taking down the net and removing the lines on a tennis court then just start smacking the ball back and forth to one another and calling it cross-tennis. It takes certain aspects of real sports and turns them to shit while calling it a new name all together.

  • Crossfit is basically zombie gymnastics.

    Its when you dont have core strength and bad form.

    No muscle control, no muscle memory, the neuro connections suck because people jump into crossfit like s justin bieber concert like pre teens

  • You cannot look at abs in isolation.Abs on a thick core is the same as large breasts on an obese girl.Means nothing as total aesthetic matters.

  • Not to the sense of your humor, but they actually did before I got through to them by a 10 year bet being a vegetarian. The best was if I eating just dairy and everything they ate without meat in it for 10 years and lived, that they would lay off telling vegetarians how to eat. Sadly after the change, vegans started picking off where they last left off, the assholes! ��

  • I think really depends on the gym you go to, I’ve been to gyms that have really great programming that involve proper stretching, warmup, and cooldown. I’ve also been to gyms were they flat out have no idea what they’re talking about and just profit off the brand crossfit.

  • I Don t Like workouts that Don t fit the muaic you uses.. specially the First Song and your exersises didn t Work the same… In the Most tiabata Videos it seems to bei different…

  • I love all of Heather’s body and abb workouts. Very well explained with what exercise is coming next so you are prepared and the 10 second rest periods are awesome. Much better than the other tabata workouts.

  • Of course the form is bad but crossfit helps with everyday life amd not just in the gym. They are the most elite athletes because they can do all. I want to see big ramy run 2km and pull himself up on a rope. Bodybuilders are just strength exercises but who cares if you can bench press 200kg if you never need the movement in real life

  • no kidding. everyone i know who went into these fitness cults act like that. i know one girl who actually stopped at the gym on her way to a funeral

  • From a guy who is from the West Coast of the USA and has been to New York and to Texas you need to go to the South. New York is awesome don’t get me wrong, it has one of the most beautiful monuments in the States. (The Twin Towers Monument) But it is a busy place like you wouldn’t believe. Now the south is so humble and laid back! It also has some amazing places full of history! I say you go South!!

  • But what is the basis of the moral ascendency for the meat eater’s position. All that’s provided are baseless claims as to why we should eat meat with no attempt at addressing the vegan motivations such as methane as a climate change gas or treatment of animals. Would have been better to just not adopt one’s opponents attributes without adequately attaching a defensible ethic such as I don’t care about vegan issues. The way presented with the ridiculous justifications, completely unlike a vegan’s argument backed by science and grounded morality, is just stupid.

  • This is an interesting look into the most extreme form of crossfit, but it is also extremely and intentionally misleading. Painting the entire practice based on those who take it to an extreme is just poor research

  • Stop in Chicago for a couple days at least… it’s super close to Madison and you can probably find cheaper/better flight options out of it. With all the people traveling to the games, you can probably hitch a free ride to Chicago too.

  • I remember a former friend got super rigid vegan and then told me I couldn’t understand love. I did want to remind her that just six months earlier she’d been saying how much she loved and cheese toasties. Instead I told her she was a pompous and ignorant cow and left her to it.

  • Redditor here,

    Do you guys even know what Crossfit™ is about? Of course not. It’s about releasing the true human potential of your muscles. The movements provide maximal power which ensure the weight is lifted. You just can’t get that with regular ‘workouts’ if you even call it that.

    Stock Loc
    Part-Time Master Athlete, Part-Time Aesthetics Master

  • Been invited many times by my friend to join his Crossfit community, NOPE. While CrossFit offers you a better sense of community, satisfaction and happiness since you can pull out many kind of exercises with your fellow Crossfitters, I just don’t want to risk my long term health by doing exercises which I think is done on unproper form. Slow progress with better understanding and proper execution is much better than fast progress with little understanding. The only way I can see Crossfit is a good thing is on how it motivates people to work out, just that.

  • Some clips were not even crossfit apart from that good on the founder. It’s always hard to find the next big thing that gets widespread among people who have no idea

  • crossfit is so gay why would anyone want to train in a group. id rather just go to the gym be a loner and stare at myself in the mirror

  • Excellent. C’est ce que j’ai toujours pensé. Quand ils mangent des graines. Ils mangent de centaines voire des milliers de fétus végétal. C’est abominable ils sont coupables de génocide envers de nouveau-nés. Vegans=coupable de génocide

  • I joined a CrossFit reluctantly.. it’s the only gym in my area that’s open thanks to Covid. Coming from a powerlifting/body building routine… I kinda hate it lol but it’s all I have

  • I would blame the referees in the actual competitions. No one has respect for you if your judges don’t even govern fairly. Every year at the “Cross shit” games there’s at least a dozen articles released the next week about cheating, scandals, incorrect form, blood doping, competitors not even getting past the first round, and so on.
    You can’t gain credibility when the standard is junior high school level.

  • Wha…watching this, im like ya, no problem LOL! and then I just tried it and holy mother! i missed 1 round, near the end, but otherwise great workout for sure!! Thank you Heather.

  • The next episode should involve Phineas and Ferb running a moonshine brewery. Perry would attempt to steal a fermentation device from Dr Doofenschmirtz. At the end Ferb would tell Candice to “Go f*** yourself” as she enviously reaches for his moonshine bottle.

  • You’re an idiot. You can sever your spine and destroy your kidneys by just weightlifting and bodybuilding as well. In a combat situation or a situation where you need pure athletic ability, CrossFit is the way to get you there. Look at CrossFit athletes and then look at bodybuilders, who do you think can perform athletically, running, jumping, lifting and everything combined. Bodybuilders are just muscular for looks, CrossFit athletes are muscular and fit for every condition.

  • Now i feel bad for a friend of mine that goes to this gym with his classmates and does this kind of… Workout? And always post their workout on facebook.

  • Wait a sec, so the guy who created this thing doesn’t even participate in it? Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to anyone? It’s weird enough to watch someone having an epileptic seizure while dangling from a pull up bar; but then to learn it’s founder doesn’t even do it?!?

  • Jarrett, you are absolutely one of the sexiest men I have ever seen; and you are a knockout in lycra! Just looking at you is an intense pleasure.

  • When you come to NYC, come to my box. Best box in the world. Hudson River Crossfit, across the river in Hoboken. Also, I can get you into the best observatory in the city. Hit me up Craig!

  • Ive been training Crossfit for about two years now and i literaly have no idea what people are talking about…The myths about injury, inproper reps,vommiting the crossfit mentality which means if you didn’t get injured your not doing it right…In two years ive seen one person hit their knee on a box jump never seen anyone vomit.As for proper reps in training we almost never do kipping or butterfly mostly strict pull ups unless its specified for cordination or cardio…And as for the mentality my crossfit coach literaly won’t let me do an workout if im not doing it right (preventing injury)….So idk about other boxes but the one im in is literaly oposite of what people are talking about crossfit.

  • Preforming compound movements and other complex exercises is great if you know what you’re doing and you shouldn’t do them quickly which is why I have a problem with crossfit

  • Come to NYC, CF212! I live down the street. If you bring Geoff, we’ll find room!! My friend has a sick backyard set up in the Hamptons! That would be fun too. We do beach workouts… Ordered shirt. Glad the new stuff is finally in!

  • New joke
    I herd today at work really tickled me
    ‘ my mate has just joined a new band, they call them selves Duvet,
    They are such a great Cover band

  • Working out till you throw up is ok you may need too at first but when you are late into your body goals it should not be a common thing or a thing at all. The only time I think it’s ok is if you are starting doing cardio because idk about you guys but if you run hard you will puke

  • If vegans acted like meat eaters:
    You can’t compare eating carrots to eating potatoes, they’re two entirely different things! Carrots are mans best friend, potatoes are just livestock. They’re meant to be eaten.

    And when I’m eating a salad, don’t say that it has “carrots” in it. It’s beef. Come on, if you call it a carrot I’d feel bad about eating it. I love carrots! And yeah, you can love someone and ask someone else to kill them.

    No, I don’t want to see a video of veggies being killed thanks, I’d be scarred for life! There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just psychologically damaging! Yeah, I am paying people to see this in person, 8 hours a day five days a week. What do slaughterhouse workers have to do with it?

  • Power cleans and snatches are good to put into workouts but it isn’t exactly a high rep, touch n go kind of exercise 5-8 reps for a set is plenty and take your time between each rep, to get setup properly. Power cleans especially are a great leg workout

  • Quite a good video, but each exercise should’ve been kept for 3 sets each! Doing it for 4 times gets a bit boring naturally! Otherwise, perfect!

  • …sometimes I play idle games and actually remember to do bicep curls with dumbell I have near my desk during the waiting parts.
    I wish stubbing my toes on dumbells counted as exercise.

  • There’s only like two hanglean forms that don’t look like they’re breaking your shoulders and that one dude in the intro definitely did not do that.

  • I thought this was a video of how to get abs like a crossfit athlete. I watched 3 minutes of stupid shit and then turned the video off.

  • Go to New York City!!!! Nothing wrong with Texas…..but Manhattan has more to offer. Brick Crossfit, Crossfit 5th Ave, Crossfit SPOT (Kari Pearce), Crossfit 212, are just a few places to hit up. Not to mention the World Trade Center and Times Square. New York is where you should go..

  • “You see, Perry the Platypus, when I was a young boy, I never was allowed to eat sugary pastries. I tried to make some myself, but I had no sugar. All I had was disgusting SALT that made the pastries taste terrible! The Danville Bake-Off is today and I will ruin it by turning all of their sugar into NASTY VOMIT-INDUCING SALT!”

  • imagine risking your health the same amount as rugby players to be fit and “healthy”. Turning lifting into competition is just unnecessary and dangerous. I’ll stick to my gymnastics rings and rowing and cycling and mountain climbing and basketball and etc. Much better reward/risk ratio

  • Vegans are so annoying. I raise dogs for meat in my backyard and they keep coming to my house and calling me an “animal abuser”. The dogs wouldn’t even be alive without me, so I can do whatever I want with them

  • all of you do realize that they are in a crossfit gym right? 
    these guys are crossfitters, making fun of the idiots that have shitty form. 
    not every crossfitter has bad form. but this is hilarious to me.

  • I second NYC. Btw, I’ll be at the games, working it, setting up as part of the Signage & Ceremonies and Scoring. See you in Madison, Team!

  • This was so amazing!! Heather you are helping this military spouse stay sane and in shape while hubby is deployed. I appreciate you!! Namaste ������

  • Awesome.. Do one about if people were actually honest around Ginger people, oh man that would be hilarious and include bit’s about their sun allergic skin, non existing eyebrows and ridiculous public hair ��

  • Crossfit theoretically sounds amazing, functional strength and cardio training revolving around Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and calisthenics. In theory good in practice however it fails, I’ve met crossfitters who have proper technique and dont go full failure and are amazing athletes. If they fix crossfit I believe it can be a very good style of exercise but until then I do not recommend it ever.

  • And here we see the crossfitters outside of their natural habitat, which is usually a Planet Fitness, and instinctiually they try to assert their dominance over the more powerful males with shouts and stares. This behavior is commonplace among crossfitters, as it’s the only way to assert themselves in the flock at the gym. 

    The behavior is also an effective way to call out for the female crossfitter. And if the female crossfitter answers the males call, a mating ritual begins complete with various sloppy maneuvers and arrogant grunts.

    Excerpt from David Attenboroughs ‘Earth’

  • You guys should come to Texas. We would love to have you guys. I would love for you guys to try a fire and ice session. It will change your life. SERIOUSLY!!!

  • I would love to know how you filmed this with the timer and music. I’d like to make videos myself for my community but have no idea how to execute a professional video like this.

  • You are my new favorite fitness channel. I teach dance and group fitness and I have to say, you are EVERYTHING for me. I often find workouts that don’t assess accurately for recovery time, or present workouts that are too easy/too hard. You look and ARE so strong, and to me that is so heroic. Your arms give me confidence in my own “manly” arms. I’m a fairly fit 25 year old, and these workouts, are challenging and fun. I feel that you are honest, humble and credible which means a lot to me. I never comment on YouTube videos, and I genuinely feel that I have to right now. I went into this one expecting to not break a sweat, but I am definitely sweaty. Thank you so much for your content and flexibility in programming. Looking forward to more.:)

  • If a man wants to start CrossFit on his own but there’s a glut of info…..where would he start after Corona quarantine ends? And has 4 days to work out. Asking for a friend

  • Yup, pretty much a injurious cult disguised as an excercise program. Stay away people. You become brainwashed and mysteriously injured all the time. All the while not shutting up about crossfit as to recruit members.

  • Stop hating on those complete athletes. Stop bitching about form and lift heavy ass shit instead of running your mouth. You want get swole and ripped as fuck? Then train hard and eat right. David & Kevin

  • Hey fool, we generally don’t eat tigers or animals that can eat us. I’ve watched a couple of your videos and you are what is known as an “IDIOT”! I hope children are not watching your crap and being grossly misinformed. I certainly would not allow mine to watch your shit.

  • Can someone explain to me how CrossFit athletes can do so much cardio and maintain muscular size and maintain strength and have such a low body fat percentage on top of all that?

    Why is every athlete in the world not training like this? Most Olympic athletes train for one (cardio capacity) or the other (muscular size/strength) as one usually harms the other…..this doesn’t seem to be the case for CrossFit athletes…..why?

  • NY is not as cool as everybody thinks haha. Go to Austin in Texas!!! Or Orlando is pretty cool too!!! =) btw you guys are awesome!!

  • I literally look forward to every video y’all put out. I work twice as hard, and push myself even harder since watching your channel. Love it. Keep it up! I hit a KB DL PR two days ago, one rep max at 200 pounds (I’ve been doing crossfit for 11 weeks and 3 days lol)

  • Any advice on how to scale that ab exercise down? I tried it today at the gym and couldn’t do the flutter kicks for the life of me.. ^^;
    Love the video! Thank you!

  • lol, at 10:07 thats a 8 pack Mr. Richey. Ill forgive you for the conversion error..hahaha. Keep up the energy, please add some more movement breakdowns and related training. As ive gotten back into CF going for the 45 Masters, the tutorials have helped with mobility and strength. Idea: you could gain some awesomeness if you did a breakdown of eccentric, concentric and the other one in relation to what they do and how they help. If you ever come to Hawaii we have boxes for days. CF Kailua

  • why is the old lady at 1:34 in this, she might be in a powerlifting meet and trying to pump herself up. Bit insulting to throw her in this video

  • I feel really good after this which is my first Tabata workout, and breaking all the myths that says like “you have to workout for 1hr or 2hrs” which I failed in not working arms. I feel really good after this workout, and am greatefull for that!!! ❤️♥️❤️

  • hey all, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever tried.

  • I’m confused what is wrong with doing push press and power clean? The other stuff is ridiculous but I don’t understand why those 2 are considered bad

  • J.P Sears you and I gotta have a word.No disrespect �� whatsoever,its unlikely im gonna catch you out on a 4 year old upload so I’m gonna troll you professionally until we talk.Have a nice day.

  • WHATS UP TEAM!:) Just a reminder the HSTL. made launch 3 is live at // Its live until MONDAY at 12pm BST // It is a Pre-Order but it should be turned around quicker then the last 2 launches due to changes in shipment and fulfilment // The tie Dye will be limited to this launch only as they are all HAND MADE (so not one will look the same #Unique) Thank you for all the epic support:) #HSTLmadeARMY

  • Can you imahine pherb voice actor getting in the studio and asking: uuh, so, what should i say?
    Director: oh just say go fuck yourself

  • as an avid crossfitter, ill say one of the biggest issues with crossfit is that anyone can be a coach. $1,000 and passing a two day class is all you need to get certified. whenever you join a crossfit gym its a roll of the dice as to how good your trainer is. ive been lucky and have always had great trainers but i see some videos where the trainers really shouldnt have their licence.

  • I know the best workouts are the ones you start to hate while you’re doing it!! Loved it a lot, hated it a little but LOVED it enough to save to a playlist and do often!! Thanks!

  • According to the definition of crossfit it looks pretty good, but in practice it turns into a great way to get minimal gains and injury

  • Is there anyone else or just me…! Who stops at the Round 4 and starts commenting… With lots of sweat… Without Ac or fan… I think I’ve lost 1 pound of weight ����

  • i know lets use our whole body for the exercise so we get a complete workout….when you only need one muscle group. lol. Like in the pull ups swinging like that is not helping strengthen shit. just a great way to hurt your back.

  • “Thats my Food’s food, and I don’t appreciate you eating it.”

    That cracked me up pretty good. also

    “That coconut was gonna grow into a coconut tree”


  • It’s not just the high injury rate; we also make fun of people for having horrible form and generally not being all that strong. The best CrossFitters are just decent weightlifters. A lot of the CrossFit coaches only get a weekend or two of training before being certified which leads to improper training as well. Additionally, the CrossFit games include very arbitrary and seemingly useless events like cycle cross. All in all, if you want to have a good balance of muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardio, just train regular HIIT, do the correct form, and maintain a good diet regiment. That will get you where you want to be without a high chance of injury.

  • Thank you for this workout����! I love it cus it keeps my heart pumping so fast until the end, unlike my previous routine that comprises 10 exercises and done in 2 rounds. Although it starts intense, it diminishes the intensity as the list go down. But this, to me, is perfect for a generally busy person who wants to make sure he/she does a hiit workout/a good workout even for just 10 minutes or so everyday. ����

  • You’ve convinced me to ONLY be a meat eater from now on I’m gonna throw all my vegetables back into the wild, in the field behind my house, so they can be free and feed my future foods. Thank you for the elightenment namaste