The Commitment of HIIT For Weight Training


10 Minute Workout: HIIT Workout for Fat Loss & Strength Training Dumbbell Full Body Workout at Home

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45 Min HIIT Tabata Workout with Weights Full Body Dumbbell High Intensity Workout at Home Training

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45 Min HIIT Kettlebell Workouts for Fat Loss & Strength Kettlebell Workout Training Exercises

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40 MIN FULL BODY STRENGTH HIIT With WEIGHTS / Build muscle to Lose Fat

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20 Minute // FULL BODY HIIT Workout With Weights

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


HIIT WORKOUT WITH WEIGHTS // 20 Minute Full Body Workout

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


15 Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Loss & Strength: Tabata High Intensity Interval Training Home Routine

Video taken from the channel: HASfit

HIIT strength training allows us to get more [workout] with less time,” he says. “Think of the body like a car. We burn the most gas with stop/go (city driving) than with highway driving. If we drive 10 miles at 60 mph versus 10 miles in the city, we are going to burn a.

HIIT is an acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training. A physical therapist and certified conditioning and strength coach has made a good explanation of HIIT for Resistance Exercises (HIIT-RE). He explained that our bodies continue to burn calories at rest when exercises involving active recovery and High-Intensity are carried out. A Typical HIIT Workout for Strength Trainers.

A typical HIIT workout has 5-8 exercises performed for 30-60 seconds each, interspersed with 20-30 second rest periods. While bodyweight exercises are all you need to get an awesome interval workout, strength athletes may want to use weights in at least half the exercises in their HIIT workout. Strength Training VS HIIT When you engage in a healthy lifestyle, there are certain goals you will find yourself setting. Milestones to celebrate all the hard work you plan to put in.

One key component a program that gets you results is having the proper elements working together. Strictly. Together, both HIIT and strength training can form a reciprocal relationship that will take advantage of several unique fitness benefits. If your overall exercise time is limited, then you may just find that HIIT and strength training together to be an optimal solution to attaining maximum results from your condensed workout sessions.

Goals + Two Killer Strength Training HIIT Workouts! January 7, 2019 Leave a Comment. Hey, hey, hey!

I hope you are all enjoying 2019! So far, I’ve been loving the goals I’m working on and what I’m doing right now. I’m just trying really hard to be mindful, consistent and. “In my opinion, incorporating HIIT training to weightlifting is the fastest way to achieve results,” she tells me. “A HIIT weightlifting workout is great for people with busy lifestyles because.

HIIT strengthens our hearts, builds endurance, and can be done just about anywhere. That being said, for those who favor barbells over sprints, we’ve broken down how to combine the power of both HIIT and strength training in your workouts. Other forms of exercise such as strength training do likewise, but HIIT is more effective. The study also stated that muscle cells, like those in the brain and heart, wear out and aren’t easily replaced, so if exercise prevents deterioration of mitochondria in muscle cells, or even restores them, then it likely does so in other tissues too. Since HIIT uses the same energy pathways as Strength Training, it doesn’t interfere with strength as long as you don’t overdo it.

If you overdo HIIT, it will affect your recovery. Our bodies are not very good at adapting to multiple things at once. Strength training and endurance training rely on 2 separate energy pathways.

Can Be Done Anywhere.

List of related literature:

Even after a HIIT workout is over, the body will continue to use the aerobic energy pathway to replace the ATP consumed during the workout, enhancing the EPOC effect (Borsheim and Bahr 2003).

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
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Resistance training for strength translates to gains in power performance, but probably not immediately.

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
from NSCA’s Guide to Program Design
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
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For instance, resistance training is a form of HIIT.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

In other words, resistance training does not significantly improve

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
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See Chapter 13 for more details on HIIT training.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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Interestingly, in one study, when highintensity interval training was used, the group of women that did not follow a periodized resistance training program with heavy resistance workouts in the cycle saw an incidence of stress fractures with short-term training.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
from Science and Practice of Strength Training
by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
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Although the strength phase and the strength-andpower phase optimize performance gains, less-intense sessions of resistance training should still be incorporated into the long-term plan in order to reinforce proper technique and minimize the risk of overtraining.

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
from Essentials of Youth Fitness
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The big advantage of HIIT training is that it boosts fitness significantly, despite a much lower time commitment than longer, more moderate workouts.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
by Judy Foreman
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However, a growing body of research suggests that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a time-efficient way to induce many adaptations normally associated with traditional endurance training.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
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A 1994 study by the Physical Activities Science Laboratory in Quebec revealed the fat-burning power of interval training, in which high-intensity training periods are alternated with short rest periods.6 In the study, one group of subjects executed a 20-week program of endurance training workouts at medium intensity.

“Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong” by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
from Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong
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  • I really enjoyed this workout thank you just for info tho, I weigh 128lb and was using 3 & 4kg bells my calorie burn was around 235, so quite a lot less than that shown (380 /770)

  • did this workout just now and I am sweating so much right now. I used 5lb weights because last time I did a HIIT with heather I was sore for 3 days. omg, love to see the results and feel my best. Non stop different workouts. Thank you!

  • Definitely got me sweating! Love the talk through in all of their videos! Live working out with your guys! Best workout videos I have come across! Only ones I don’t have trouble keeping up with!

  • I love this workout, short and simple and different variations but at the end of the day, I felt more mobility on my abs and tighs. My cardio increased and I noticed I can think faster at my work:)

  • You truly understand that not everyone can jump around do high impact, your workouts are well put together,short & get results but more importantly sustainable.
    Iam very surprised you haven’t got more subscribers tbh.
    I will recommend you to my friends in need. Thank you ������you are awesome �� #workout #motivation #fitness #music #goodluck

  • Is there an alternative to the dumbbell hack squat? This form doesn’t feel good or make sense to me. My body just goes “can not compute error error”.

  • Heather I look forward to your exercises!!! They really challenge me. Today was really rough because of my time of the month but I pushed through…these 22mins were the roughest 1 hour yet����

  • It’s bank holiday Monday in Ireland and the weather is very bad here but hey guys to start my day of course I did my cardio love this one x

  • Completed this workout in the morning!!! Today is the last day of my 3 month weight management program and I want to thank Coach and Claudia for accompanying me in this journey.
    I’m very happy that I’ve lost 9kg, lost body fats and increased my muscle %.
    Other than diet management and taking supplements, I believe that the hasfit workouts which I did a few times a week has played an important role in what I’ve achieved. I’ve also gradually use heavier weights and doing more of Coach’s variations. The workouts are painful but so satisfying once completed, and your motivating words make me press on and on.
    Love you guys for being my best personal trainers whom I’ll never get to meet. I’ll continue join you in your workouts. Full of gratitude, your fan, Low, from Singapore.

  • I thought you were going for the abbs at the end, so I added a set of v-ups and another of Russian twists. Great workout. Happy New Year!!!

  • Coach, you sir make great and easy workouts to follow. I’ve lost a lot of weight with your workouts and I’ve been getting a ton of compliments. I’m still trying to lose another 10lbs or more but that’s all on nutritional foods. God bless coach.

  • Great Video!! I’ve been doing your workouts for a while since I’ll be starting cross country next month and these are really helping me to get in condition!

  • First HIIT workout… Loved it! I have bad knees and have been struggling to find cardio that I can do without hurting myself. Made it through this workout and really enjoyed it! Can’t wait for more!:)

  • Thank you for this stress relieving workout!! Coronavirus ain’t got nuthin in my fat burning muscle building workout! Thank you Thank you!!

  • Loved this one! Been working out with you guys when I can’t get to the gym and telling my friends to do the same. Awesome, awesome job you guys! Blessings to you; I pray to be able to do exactly what you’re doing one day soon☺️

  • Hi:) I have a question, I do your weight workouts for abs and upper body and one friend saw me and said that if I want to get a slimmer waist I shouldn’t do weights.

  • You guys put together really affective and awesome workouts. I can honestly say they are some of the best I have tried. I can’t wait to do this workout tomorrow. It looks killer! I need a good calorie torching muscle builder this weekend.

  • Thanks HR
    Toughhhie ����������I’ll add to my favs ����feel so good afterwards.. 2����roundsss hellppp����finished 22 week challenge and will finish July calendar, and hiiiit the 2nd Round 12 week challenge @august.
    Thanks Heather for the amazing workouts you’ve been providing us������❤️����thanks

  • I love your videos… but sometimes it looks like you just cut the video and play it again instead of doing the whole 20 min workout. ��

  • So I’m constantly dancing in between sets, and my son shook his head at me when I was filming that last part (I was just playing wasn’t going to include it). Now I feel a moral obligation to include it. ������

  • This is a great workout! I prefer to have my own music playing through my earphones to keep me in the zone, so I love how I can see the timer and what exercise is next, without needing to listen! Thank you:)

  • I’m very excited to do this workout,because its a short version of the 30 minute one that you already have,and it’s one of my favorite.Sometimes I can only do 10 or 20 min of that workout and I feel bad because I feel like I should have finished it.But this is great because I can repeat it.

  • I’m so happy I came across you! This is what I’ve been looking for for years. Your workouts are perfect and powerful and best of all do not have those patronizing “encouraging” comments.

  • How effective is this workout compared to the longer version? Chasing 3 kids and trying to lose weight at the same time is near impossible! Just weighing my options on most effective way going about this! BTW yesterday was my first day working out with you and I did the 40 minute video and yall kicked my butt!!! Thank you!! Do you all have a page somewhere with meal planning by chance?? Sorry for the long post. Thanks you two!

  • I’ve done a lot of youtube workouts lately… #quarantinelife anyone? But this is the ONE, the one that is challenging yet makes you feel like a BOSS at the end. THANK YOU, Heather!!:)

  • Have just come across your workouts and I think they’re fab. Perfect for the home user, something for everyone. Love the options for everything.

  • I just started working out with u guys n I can say u guy’s r the best especially with weights I just love it..thanks for helping me to keep in shape during this pandemic..frm Jamaica

  • Loved this workout. It’s definitely a tough one. I’ve been working out with you all for at least 9 months now and I’ve seen such a great change in my body and spirit. Thank you!!!

  • Hi coach ive been following your monthly workout routine and also the food plan. I just want to know how many times to have a cheat meal.? Tnx coach Godbless

  • I’ve done so many of these sorts of vids and this is the first one I’ve seen that gives you a preview of what’s coming next which I LOVE. Subscribed!

  • Wow. Feeeeeeling it! Oy! lol! 😉 So appreciate you two and all you provide in these super helpful workouts: compound moves, motivation, muscle confusion, and encouragements to push ourselves further! Thank you! Strong body, strong mind; strong mind, strong body!

  • Did a quick 5 minute tabata workout with weights and decided that wasn’t enough, jumped on to this one and you kicked me in my behind! Woo! Thank you!

  • This workout is so awesome!! I literally have been doing this same workout for the past 4 days! I just subscribed and excited to do your other workouts! ����

  • The push up to push press combo definitely got the heart rate up and felt the burn. Substituted bent over flies and triceps kick backs for the last exercise due to a tweaked back. Also did the 6 minute ab workout after this workout. Feeling tired but great! Thanks heather! Keeping creating and we’ll keep working!

  • Every time I do this, it makes me sweat! I like how the workout includes a warm up and cool down for a complete workout. I was too tired to click on another video, so this was super convenient.

  • Iv lost 60lbs so far by changing to a vegan lifestyle and wanted to start my next part pf my journey. I enjoy high intense workouts but I don’t have as much time. I love to be able to feel the burn so I know it’s working and this workout did just that in a short amount of time. This was a great first workout for me and I will continue to do this video and many other of your videos thank you.

  • I love this one! I’m doing the 12 week challenge, but some days I don’t have 30 minutes or more (three kids…). I’ve done this one like 6 times, I love how quick and a great workout! This is my favorite!!!

  • awesome workout! I love hiit workouts but sometimes they can be super repetitive and predictable, but your version is amazing! Love the added weights for some resistance and challenge!

  • Fantastic. Just what I needed, wanted and was looking for. Sweating and the AC is on.. You know that’s a good workout!! Thanks so much, Heather!

  • Heather, you’re the best! Love how hard you make me work whilst not breaking a sweat yourself! Live that you don’t talk through the workout

  • Hi,
    I find it hard to do any of the high plank position moves. It is my wrists and hands letting me down because I can’t hold myself up (shoulders are fine and i am doing it from my knees) any tips to improve my wrist strength so I can do these moves properly? It burns so good so i want to do more!

  • Hi Heather, thank you! I haven’t been to the gym since March and have been trying many home workouts. Yours is the first one that actually has me POURING sweat after only 20 minutes! Love the format. I’ll be back!

  • Thank you for a great workout, and for pushing us who struggle to lift that five last push-ups. One thing though, I would like to continue hearing positive things about us who are listening and working out, but please no negative comments/connotations on those who sit /lie on the couch. We do not know why they are on the couch!:-)

  • Just finished this one in my backyard! Ive been at a weight loss plateau for months and so I decided to give weighted hitts a try. DAMN I’m sweaty, definitely doing this again and again untill it no longer burns! Thanks for the video!

  • I have been doing this for 3 alternate days now, im drenched in sweat all the time but i never stopped and its already getting easier or am i getting stronger? Thankyou guys for this amazing workout. Feeling so accomplished!❤️

  • That’s why I can’t unshackle from Hasfit. I’ve done this a couple of times and I just go strength to strength each time. Thank you.

  • Oh yeah, 10# wts, going strong up till beginning of round 4 when the sweat started coming out…..still continued but a little slower pace I imagine. Great, thanks!

  • I have lost 11 pounds doing your workout couch Kozak and Claudia I’m so freaking happy thank you also for this one I’m a little sick so I have to rest for a couple seconds I have a clogged nose lol but I’m trying my best and will work harder each time God Bless �� I will keep updating ��

  • It’s a great workout! My office building has a small gym with a studio. Classes are expensive so myself and a group of gals put it on the tv there and pump it up during our lunch hour. Lots of fun too!

  • I absolutely love your workouts and have been doing them for weeks. My only issue is that the constant up and down, from floor work to standing position, is hard on my blood pressure. I wonder if you can mention alternate moves for those that can’t do things like burpees or perhaps tips to make sure they’re being done correctly? Thank you!

  • That is my absolute favorite one! I’ve done this one like 12 times. I’m in week 7 of the 12 weeks but didn’t have time for the full 30 minutes so I did this one instead. I will keep going back to this one when I need to!

  • This was amazing Ty thank you so much! After 13 weeks of lockdown in London YOU are the one I have returned to throughout and you are the one keeping me strong and positive �� ⭐ �� �� �� thank you for all of the fab content you give ❤

  • As I am currently learning to be a Personal trainer, I have to say that your workout routines are really effective and well explained Didn’t have dumbbells with me but still worked well without.

  • Perfect amount of rest with the built in 20 seconds plus the variation of movements allowed for various forms of additional “rest” loved the music, too.

  • Ty this was a nice change! Always enjoy your moves! And of course my girls do the same. Always giggling at me doing silly things or cheering me on while I work out ��in between running inside and outside over and over and over again ����

  • Absolutely loved this workout! Tough work, motivating music, lots of variety with weights and moves! Great workout Ty, thank you!!

  • I love your workout videos, they are so inspiring. Thank you for demonstrating the move first before you begin the set. All the best!

  • My husband & I just recently started working out.. I’ have to admit it isn’t easy, but we know it’s gonna be well worth it!! we love you guys, we enjoy these workouts. & have been working out with you guys!! Looking forward to a healthier life style.. Thanks again y’all.

  • Did this workout at 5.20 am here in Malaysia. It was a great workout! I learned some new moves today LOVE IT! Definitely will recommend this to friends and family. Staying tuned for the next weights workout ��

  • That was hard, and Ive done a lot of kettlebells.
    Can I ask for advice the swing, then put down to bear jump. I found that going from the swing to the put down either toppled me or went into my back. I was using 16kg which is my normal and concentrating on a straight back. I weigh 80kg. Should I go lighter and faster or am I just doing it wrong?

  • I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. It’s awesome working out with you guys. The diversity of your exercises is great and you know how to keep us motivated throughout the video. I’m now a sweaty mess �� but I’ll defo keep on doing your workouts for sure ��

  • Thank you this video is perfect for my needs!!
    You may want to consider putting black on the seconds coutdown, I really like to see the time left but white numbers on white background is not easy with a laptop:)

  • Since starting 2 months ago I have lost 21lbs as of last friday. I have a heart condition that went undermanaged for a long time. I just recently got appropriate medication for it, and I’ve been able to work out again. Of course, working out has also helped my condition and my systolic blood pressure is at an all time low. I am only 30 years old and spent most of my 20s bed ridden or in and out of ER’S. I am so incredibly grateful for the variety of workouts you provide here, and they have been a staple in my weight loss/workout routine these last couple months. Thank you coach for reminding us during workouts to focus on why we are here. Your calm voice is soothing during sometimes painful workouts. Your core workouts target my muscles in a way that other videos have not. Thank you for the time and effort you put into these videos…and thank you to Claudia as well.

  • I have been doing your workouts for about a couple of months now and this was by far the most challenging one for me yet! ����‍♀️������

  • Dead. Needed breaks to make it though with 5kh dumbbells and couldn’t do weighted jacks so dropped the weight there. So tough and so good dripping sweat in 20 minutes!

  • so thankful for these workouts since the gym is closed. I have been doing all of your different workouts and they are great! Thank you so much for making them available to us!

  • At first I thought the 20 second rest intervals would be too long, but after the burpees with the jumping jacks, I could’ve rested for like 5 minutes �� Thanks for the workout!

  • Brilliant touch you have added your playlist you have used in your workout I think other trainers should do same my plan is to try & complete this tomorrow thanks Ty

  • He always does more reps on the right side, I counted. Did 27 on right and 16 on left and that’s pretty consistent throughout the workout. Won’t be doing their workouts again

  • Absolute kick ass workout!! Thank you so much guys. That was my first ever kettle bell workout and it won’t be the last! Feeling Super Strong ����

  • This workout was awesome! I was doing your low impacts for a few weeks now! To gradually ease my body into it! But now I made the decision to kick it up a notch! This was great!

  • What size kettleballs are you using in this video? I only have 10kg at home, but it has totally killed me doing this workout with them!

  • Should we follow one video for a day n other for other days? Or same one every day for some time?
    Pls pls pls help on this so that we dont harm our bodies and can take the whole benefit of it

  • Can u pls suggest something for bingo wings? My arms are getting toned and showing muscles on the top of the biceps but bulgy and soft near the underarm area… Also pls suggest something for bra bulge ❤️❤️❤️��

  • This workout kicked my but!!! ����������
    Thank you so much I’m a busy person and sometimes I want to get in a workout but don’t have a lot of time!!!!

  • I love to come back to this routine every week because that way I can get a butt kick of a workout and I can gradually increase the weights. #personalgrowth #hasfitfambam #kettlebellworkout

  • Your workouts are fantastic… the the moves with weights or without..your really dynamic..there should be 1 million likes..keep it up

  • Can you please make a short series of maybe 10 min long videos for office hiit workouts? I ave very limited space at work and don’t want to get on the floor at work (healthcare, lots of nasty germs). Have weights in the office.

  • just finished your workout, it’s EXTREME. A little about me: I’m relatively fit, I have completed P90X multiple times. I am on my 3rd or 4th go around on P90X. I was looking for an extreme workout to fill in for the Yoga days because I don’t do Yoga (I’m Catholic and Yoga is a form of Hindu worship… Look it up.) Anyway, I appreciate this free extreme work out and I will be using it every Thursday.

  • I got after it! Another GREAT one. Perfect for when you’re really short on time but still want to sweat. ALWAYS CHALLENGED, NEVER BORED. Thanks.

  • woohoo! just finished another HasFit workout. This was super fun, just the right amount of challenge and love both of the coaches energy that kept me going! Love the combo moves!

  • Great routines just wish they had the timers.. After a few times I like to lower the sound and play my own music. Please try to add a stop clock

  • Another FABULOUS workout courtesy of the HASfit crew. I love your no ego delivery, fun and totally effective workouts. Thank you so much, team! ����������������������������

  • I am a woman �� 51,and used yo go to the gym,but the results of this work-out are simply amazing.A million thanks and keep inspiring us.Love from Greece!!!!!

  • Hey, I really enjoy your workouts but I only have kettlebells and don’t want to buy dumbells. Would you consider filming low impact, kettlebell training? It would be so awesome!

  • what do you think about the Earth quake move and the arms being so straight at the end of the move???… I feel the weight going down and the arms being so straight with gravity pulling is a good recipe for tendenitous later on…..

  • W-O-W!! I just got my butt kicked and handed to me during this workout! �� What a challenge, I could literally feel every muscle in my body engaging to get me through this video! Even more core/stabilizer muscles were crying. This took some serious determination to get through, and I really had to fight for the finish…while my heart rate was in my cardiovascular range!! �� It hurt so good, and I can’t wait until I’m conditioned enough to OWN this workout. Thanks as usual, Claudia and Coach Kozak! ��

  • You are awesome, I am going to start this workout from today onwards. I would like to drop down 20 kg.hope this workout will help me..guys

  • i’m aware that everyone burns calories differently, based on their built but do you have a general estimate as to how many calories are burned during this workout?

  • While doing the wall sit I found my hands naturally went into the prayer position praying to get through it! Love this whole workout <3 thank you!

  • You guys are awesome, I feel fantastic and people are complimenting me on how great I look �� and I’ve been working out with you guys for just 3 weeks

  • Really enjoyed the challenge here,starting to see a change in my shape and the weight is c down gradually.Thank you both for being so motivational,Troon Scotland.

  • Have to say I love your workouts & philosophy! As a nurse, I also believe everyone should be able to access what they need to be healthy. I’m SURE you will be blessed a hundred times over from just giving of your talents & time on this platform to help others because it’s coming from a heartfelt place. I’m currently losing weight after giving birth to twins (!), still going, but can definitely see a difference so thank you: )

  • Finally YouTube send me an angel!!! I found you!! Love the length of the workout, the exercises, the music, the timer!!! ❤️������������

  • Very nice work out, but cool down part is very poor, doesn’t stretch all muscles that you’ve worked on I would recommend finding extra video for a cool down. There are lots of nice and quick yoga cool downs available on YouTube.

  • Really love the shorter workouts. Effective and great for us who don’t have the stamina for the extended workouts, or much time.����

  • OMG EF YOU GUYS!!!!! Jesus, this one was truly a killer!!! Especially with the fact that I am switching between 5, 10 and 15lbs weights!!! Lord!!!!!!

  • Really enjoyed this one! Low impact, but not low intensity. Perfect level of challenge for me, plus so many moves I’d never done before. Thanks guys!

  • That 3,2,1 break of Claudia is always good to hear ���� Thank you lovely couples for always reminding us ” we are stronger thank what we think ”
    I lost 20lbs with diet since day one i followed this workout. Hands down to both of you ������������

  • First time trying your workout…Won’t be the last!! Was exactly what I needed weights, low impact, and high intensityAWESOME Thanks!!

  • Excellent workouts. No need to go to fitness classes. I do 
    both but really, there is no need if you don’t like going to a gym or don’t want to pay the money.

  • The best workouts ever ❤️ thankyou so much.. its been more than a year and i only do your workouts and its been sooo great.. thankyouu

  • Been away the past three weeks, so went for the shorter work out to ease me back in. Looking forward to fully acquainting myself with your videos again guys

  • I just did this workout yesterday; it was great. Both Coach K and Claudia do the entire workout and don’t stop even when they’re explaining things; you guys are amazing. Love it.

  • I really appreciate these workouts, they make you work hard, but you don’t notice how much and the coaches are so encouraging to keep you motivated:)

  • Thank you for offering a variety of workouts, you guys keep it so real and fun…I got a kick out of Claudia’s messy hair…C’mon coach at least let her fix her hair between routines:)!

  • Just did this workout for the 1st time and I really enjoyed it. The crab position with the dumbbells is much harder work than I thought!:)

  • Coach I love this work out 10 mins is something I can always fit in in the morning. No scope for excuses. If there is ever a chance to do a few more 10 mins with weights workouts that would be amazing and really appreciated. I am a Patreon (so would certainly vote for it if it was ever an option). Thanks as always James

  • Love you guys. I do your strength training workouts 2 to 3 times a week and elliptical on alternate days. I’m 66 but have trouble with my knees on and off. I feel like my form is good but on certain exercises can you mention where our knees should be positioned? Such as facing forward/out? I would truly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for this workout. I love all of your workouts videos. Shout out from Malaysia. Take care and hope everybody is doing well during these trying times.

  • I really like this workout routine. It’s only 20 minutes which is perfect for me but I also get the whole body exercise with weight and cardio. Please do more 20 minutes workout. I exercise every day following your VDO anywhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes ��

  • Your program is by far the most effective one I have come across. I am always skeptical when I see whole body in 10 minutes. You are the real deal! I feel it everywhere.