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30 MIN FULL BODY STRETCHING perfect for rest days / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

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Alzheimer’s Prevention Program: Keep Your Brain Healthy for the Rest of Your Life

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Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet

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Day 6 Home Workout Challenge // Killer NO REPEAT HIIT Workout (No Equipment)

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Welcome back to The New Healthier You Fitness Plan. On day 7 of each week, we’ll focus on recovery. You may think that doing daily workouts might speed up your results, but the truth is rest and recovery are just as important to your body (and spirit). It is possible to do too much exercise, and overtraining can cause symptoms such as.

Day 6 – Restorative yoga postures or core workout. Day 7 – Rest day. The diet plan reassures us that eating a balanced diet and a constant workout regime with sufficient rest days is.

Day 7 (Sunday): rest day. Take a day off completely and rest. You can do a very light workout like walking or easy yoga if you like, but make sure that it’s easy. You want to give your body a break and a chance to recover for your week’s workouts. Get this 7 Day Plan Emailed to You!

Maybe you swap out a sprint day with an interval training group fitness class, or you hit up a restorative yoga class on rest day. Remember that safe, healthy weight loss is. If you’re like many of us, you make well-intentioned health and fitness resolutions — perhaps on Jan.

1 — only to break them days or weeks later. 7 steps to making your health your No. 1. For a healthier diet, limit yourself to one 4-ounce glass per day. You can also use a blender to turn whole fruit into liquid form or whip up a fruit smoothie; that way you’ll be getting the fruit.

In one 2014 study published in the Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management, researchers had participants exercise at three different times of day: 7 a.m., 11 a.m., and 7 p.m. Those who. Thriving after age 50 requires an inspired plan. My new coursebook is designed for the sole purpose of helping you get healthier quickly. It’s a step-by-step guide for getting back into fantastic shape, presented in a strategic sequence.

You’ll learn exactly how to eat after the age of 50. Your clothes will fit you. Her 30-day plan includes specific goals for each day and each week that you can follow as well to live a more centered and empowered life. Follow along with Hoda and get your FREE 30-Day.

From eating more carrots to watching puppy videos (that’s right, puppy videos), these quick-and-easy tweaks to your daily health regimen can make a huge difference in the way you feel. 1 of 21.

List of related literature:

Truth Number 2: Scheduling rest days is the key to staying healthy.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
from Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
by Hal Higdon
Rodale Books, 2005

Day 5 (Same as Day 3 except for Energy Work) For day 5, add back fruit and vegetables in any combination, preparation, and amount using healthy recipes.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
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Day 1 also should be the heaviest running day of the week.

“Football For Dummies®” by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
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Then, after the fourth week, I’ll add strength training [then that].

“The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive” by Brendon Burchard
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Again as mentioned, rest time will increase with increasing intensity, and frequency can increase from 2–3 times/week up to 3–4 times/week.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
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Notice that the last 2 easy days of the second 9-day week are a part of the 5-day rest-andrecovery period.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
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alternate days to allow adequate rest.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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The five-day breakdown is an optimum combination of exercise and rest.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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Perhaps the biggest change between the body-conditioning routine and this routine is an increase in intensity.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
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You can still get improvements if you exercise more than five days per week, but the gains are not as large compared to when you start an exercise program exercising three days per week.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Can anyone tell me…is there anyone who tell me how to get rid of muscle…coz i dont want to gain muscle….i just want my body to a thin body not a muscular body:)

  • This is just an amazing workout!
    Thank you for taking the time to think, put together and share your videos. I’m almost 60 and started working out with your 12-week program 5 months ago, followed by many other “seshs”: haven’t been this fit in a long time. Thank you, you’re an inspiration.

  • This is for everyone who thinks it’s way too easy.

    Anna Mcnulty makes great videos with some Stretching routines for beginners and advanced people!

  • My mother died from Alzheimer’s. My wife just died from Alzheimer’s…Amyloid-Beta is a brain’s protective secretion. Tau protein is a brain’s protective secretion. At the core of the A-B deposits and Tau protein deposits are now found to be both neurotoxic mercury and neurotoxic Aluminum hydroxide molecules. Where do these molecules come from and how did they get to the brain?…Research is now showing that these neurotoxic molecules are actually being injected by doctors and nurses in the vaccine injection that they are selling us every flu-season and every virus scare media story….Why are the vaccines still loaded with these neurotoxic ingredients and being injected every year from cradle to grave, all the while that these vaccines have not ever been tested against placebo’s or ever tested in those over 65 y.o.

  • I wanted to quit at 40 minutes, was really trying to justify how that had been enough but I knew I hadn’t even reached the bottom of my tank. Stuck with it and SO glad I did. Thank you Heather you’ve been such a life saver through this entire shelter in place. <3

  • Greetings from Dubai, Thank you so much, every day I am practicing your workouts, cause I can’t attend your live because of time gap, can you please put how much calories can the person loose each workout, thank you

  • Your on the go workouts are a lifesaver for me when I’m not on set! Thank you Heather! My best, Leanne Johnson, Actor ⭐

  • Hi Heather, these are by far the best workout videos, ones with NO REPEATS and 40-50 minutes long. It would be really amazing if I get to see more of these no repeat long HIIT videos.

  • YOUR VIDEOS ARE TRULY THE BEST!! Can You make longer workouts like 40-45 minutes would love to get just that extra bit in!!! Would love another 7 day challenge keep them coming!!!

  • I did not know how to feel about this workout saw 50 minutes ��but got it done. Thank you so much for these workouts. I have survive the at home workouts and can’t wait for day 7 cause my body needs a good stretching

  • I was naively working through all the rest breaks at the start, then realised how stupid that was when my legs gave out halfway through the routine lol THIS IS A HARD ONE FOLKS

  • I’ve never heard any describe ketones as fuel in your body. Thank you so much. People always say ketones, ketones, ketones, but never say what they actually are, only how to get in ketosis. ��

  • I know too many people who have nearly died because of cholesterol medications.My husband only took 3 pills (not at one time ) and it sent him to the doctor.My bother in law has been to the hospital 3 times by ambulance in 2 weeks.My sister finally got him to stop taking the cholesterol medication.And the list goes on. The problem is! People think the doctor knows best instead of being in tune with their own bodies.But doctors don’t study medicines.The pharmaceutical sells man gives the doctor kick backs when he prescribes their drugs. How many people do you know that doesn’t get a pill thrown at them instead of finding the underlying problem?

  • Our mother was one of the Americans that got Alzheimer’s every 38 seconds….Like everybody that has this affect them or their loved ones, we asked, “WHY?”…Here is her story…1st, I am not an Alzheimer’s specialist, just an eye-witness in the discussion…I have been asked to elaborate… I am an M.D..My wife was an R.N. We were both pro-vaccines…My mother and sister were R.N’s..They were both pro-vaccines….My 2 brothers were M.D.’s…They were both pro-vaccines…Our mother was an R.N. who was the Head Nurse and ran the largest ER in our medical center..She slept well, exercised, active, and ate well..She was young at heart and ran circles around younger nurses…They had her take 8-9 vaccines to ”catch-up” with the newest ”updated” CDC schedule to keep her nursing job after a long career in Real Estate…After her vaccines, she got severe ”brain fog” within days, then lost her ability to dial her phone or push the elevator buttons or start her car…She went into diapers and then hospitalized and died a terrible, tragic death, drooling and unable to walk, talk, eat or recognized any of her family…None of the specialists and consults could tell her or us what ”just happened” but all the specialists told us it was ”NOT” from those vaccines….It was called the ”worst case of acute, aggressive dementia of ”UNKNOWN” cause the doctors had ever seen”….Folks, what killed our mother just weeks after her vaccines were all from her fatal doses of neurotoxic aluminum and mercury ingredients from those vaccines..She left behind her husband, 5 children, 4 grandchildren, and now 7 great grandchildren… I started a FB site called Vaccine Support Group ( ) in their name..

  • At first, I was unsure�� about this product but when I started doing my research all I found was nothing but great reviews�� so it encourages me to order some right away and believe or not that was the last money I had left on my debit card. When I received it I started using it immediately and I started seeing results immediately. The fat is just melting off fast. It’s like someone put it in a pot and it just melted away like magic awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.������.

    Ένα χρόνο από τώρα, θα επιθυμούσατε να ξεκινήσετε σήμερα

    A year from now, you will wish you started today

  • I’m thoroughly grateful for these classes. Thank you so much for giving up your time to exercise with us. You’re amazing. Thank you.

  • I did my 30 mins run @ the park and completed my day 6 of your challenge. This is one of the toughest ones you have. I love all of your workouts! Thank you for your inspiration. ������������������������������������������

  • the western lifestyle has to be the culprit behind so many diseases today….prob is folk don’t seem to care about what they do to their body. they just keep inflicting it with assault after assault, sadly. i see it everyday and watch them complain about this and that and i know it is lifestyle induced mostly….very frustrating to watch.

  • Do you want to lose weight but can’t seem to create a long-lasting change?

    Have you read books and articles and watched videos on how to follow a keto diet, but aren’t sure how to put all the pieces together?

    Or do you know how to follow a keto diet, but struggle with following through due to a lack of structure?

    I get it!

    While it sounds simple to follow and succeed on a keto diet, it’s not easy. It takes effort, it takes grit, and it takes preparation.

  • So i did this the first time and i actually never ever stretch before but demmm this was good. The next day the soreness of my muscles were all gone and i felt taller lol

  • Dr. Bredesen has a protocol that has reversed dementia and Alzheimers that has been effective 100’s of times. The protocol is a life style change that is difficult for older people to perform. Dr Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman have come to similar protocols by different disciplines.
    1 thing to mention is that the plaque (amyloid) is a normal response to protect the affected organs due to inflammation (TBI, food allergies,etc.), insulin resistance (too much carbohydrate intake) and toxicity exposure (molds, heavy metals, alcohol, etc). It is the prolonged exposure of lifestyle that causes the amyloid to build up to damaging concentrations. This is most prevalent in the host that possess the ApoE4 gene that produces the most amyloid if they have life style that causes the amyloid to be produced vs the ApoE3 and 2..

  • Other than listening to the whole spill, just go on LCHF diet. That will cure the whole problem of Alzheimers and many other autoimmune and metabolic diseases.

  • Doing this with my husband, it’s been really fantastic Heather since Day 1THANK YOU! It’s challenging, satisfying and we always feel accomplished after each workout. One thing we found a little distracting was the glutes workoutwe would have preferred to just have 3 seconds break to get us ready/positioned for the next step/set. We ended up missing 2-3 seconds of the next set to do the switch. We’ve subscribed to the 12-week workout,looking forward to getting started! Wishing you all the best Heatherstay well!

  • I can only plan a diet if I live alone. Living with my parents didn’t give me chance to plan my own meal because I eat what they cook. Simple as that. ������

  • The keto diet made me lose 30 pounds in about 1 year it’s amazing, I feel happier more energetic, and I don´t need to eat bread, or candy, I don’t have back pain anymore, The doctor said I had to get a surgery, but guess who doesn’t have to anymore, I love keto!

  • Day 6 done✅ what the fuck was that? I feel like i can rest for four days without guilt. Lol anyway, cant believe i was able to finished the challenge. Give this girl a coupon or something lol

  • Of course back in 2013 we didn’t have Dr. Bredesen’s “the end of Alzheimer’s” or Dr. Perlmutter’s “the grain brain” (which could end the disease.)

    But I’m surprised this doctor did not know that lowering cholesterol actually has an opposite effect and contributes to the formation of Alzheimer’s disease. There is a direct link between people who take Staten drugs and Alzheimer’s. Turns out cholesterol is good for you.

  • I`ve been making use of this weight loss program for some days right now and until now I adore them! I have the vitality I would like without having controlling the urge for food without having making me really feel jittery. I did nothing special on my very own diet program and i also still are able to cut my unwanted weight to 7 pounds. Find a right weight is not easy, you can research on Google. Weight program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your workouts and never thought I would find a substitute to a gym. Thank you for creating a topnotch fitness program that we can do from the comfort of our own home with minimal equipment!

  • as a dancer who has been doing stretches for years while i do think these are great stretches i think some stretches are held for a little too long eg hamstring ones and hip flexor. If held for too long a deep stretch could do damage.

  • When i had discovered this weight loss program, I felt enthusiastic to have a go immediately. I actually was extremely excited. My own friend lost 10 pounds just after this fat loss program. My friend has got rid of 10 pounds by now because of this fat loss weight. Find a right program is not easy, you can discover by Google. Guide’s name is at the bottom.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • I’d love to have more of these stretching routines:) I like your style of instructing and your choice of poses:) So please more of them:) perhaps some “witch certain topic” or focus on particular parts as you do it in your quick workout videos.
    Thanks a lot for your work.

  • I have a sister in law, college educated, masters, educated herself, until recently owned her own business of high income business people…exercised daily…yet she is now showing short term memory loss…why.,,??

  • All this is is just the ATKINS DIET.. ppl don’t remember it, also ppl don’t remember the bad results it have ppl after a while, ohh yeah they both make you lose weight but in the long run, it damages your health that’s why the ATKINS DIET died… And it just resurface at KETO…SMH

  • I had to put my dog down yesterday. This was so relaxing and just what I needed. I normally do 2-4 of your videos most days but today I needed something lighter and more relaxing. Thank you.

  • Second round ��. My upper body is where I see the major change since I started your workouts. I’ve always walked, jogged and hiked a lot, but had never worked out my arms before. I used to have backaches quite often, now I don’t anymore, and it feels soooo good! Thank you!��

  • Its impossible to watch other workout videos after watching your videos.i look for other videos and in the end do one of your are awesome��

  • Thanks for this. Been on a daily regimen of: resveratrol, wheatgrass, tumeric+black pepper, exercise, bentonite, astaxanthin, NOT being overweight, minimal stress, etc. Mother had Alzheimers for 10yrs, died age 90. Her side of the family (my uncles) ALSO had Alzheimers. I’m 57 now and dreading getting older. I’m trying to reduce the ‘slope’!

  • Hi Heather! I am following you since some months ago and I love all your routines!! It has been so good to me, I always sweating and feeling great!!

  • thats was really killer and now i just finish this home workout challenge only the recover stretch and i will be done thank you heather robertson for this no equipment week, just keep going

  • Dr Gary seems like a fine man. The real cause of all this is very fundamental. The brain is being starved over years. The brain uses 20% of your energy. Insulin resistance caused by high sugar and carb diet impairs glucose use by neurons. It also shuts down your ability to burn fat in the form of free fatty acids and ketones. Your brain loves ketones. I am 62 and was having some cognitive impairment. Went on keto diet june 2018. My brain function has doubled. All symptons gone. Please educate yourselves on this.

  • i’ve done so many different workout videos on youtube but yours is the best! it’s well-paced, the music is bomb and i know the workout is effective bc i feel sore the next day. i had to take two quick breaks but i’m so proud that i finished it! the comment section really motivated me to keep going. thank you so much for providing great workouts!��

  • I can only speak for myself. I am NOT a doctor. I have MS. I take pure DHA and Royal Jelly. If bees make you sick then DO NOT take any bee products. All this stuff helps me. DHA fights inflammation. Read about all this and learn about it. This doctor is a fine speaker. I wish he would come to Knoxville T N and speak.

  • I really enjoyed this workout, but it left me with a migraine that lasted 2 days. I suggest a longer deeper stretch of the shoulders and the back

  • Hey There! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just google search it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you thought about Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several incredible things about it and my buddy lost a lot of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • The nursing home people gave my father a drug cocktail including Nameda and Aricept against my wishes. They were approved by the FDA for AD, under pressure from families to do something. They are not only untested and ineffective but made him much worse. But the drug companies got the doctors sold on it. It hastened his death.

  • I’m so happy I tried this! I’ve done the 15 min stretch daily, but due to lack of time I’ve never tried this one. I’m really happy I took the time to do it because I feel so goooood afterwards!

  • Am not interested into future of this planet, nobody normal, kind or good outside, war is injust and this planet will burn in climatechange, war, planned injustice and torture of animals and humanbeings, earthquakes and desasters.

  • when it comes to the forth time, feel the time is getting slow and get tired fast. its not often that Kit repeats a set for four times, hope this could have more variety. by the way, the arms are burning!!

  • Not sure about this video, but this was the plan I used and it worked ->

  • Many people today are working to find out the best way to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that will work for you is hard to find. A crucial thing you want to understand is that a diet is effective for one person might not operate for another. And that means you have to know what your getting into before you begin one of those diets. This may provide you enough information to find out whether this really is something that is appropriate to your needs. Read more here

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google) help me lost a ton of weight? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss methods.

  • tried a lot of home workouts and i can say Heather’s have the most comfortable and amazing set of workouts. Looking forward to more workouts with you ������

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just simply do a google search engine search. On there you will discover that a great guidelines about how you can lost a ton of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • pamela thank you so much for this stretch routine!! i do this a lot on rest days or when my body feels tense. i’m not flexible but currently trying to get better and stronger. each time i see small improvements when i do this routine! ����

  • Hello am here to give my testimony about how I was cured by one herbal doctor name Dr Akhere am from South Africa when I had a sickness called Lyme disease so I told my friend called Anita then she directed me to this doctor so I called him explain my self how I was feeling so he said I should not worry that if I had believe that I will be cure from the disease I said yes then he prepared some herbs for me and send it to South Africa I followed the instructions written by him after the third week a herd of Lyme no more all thanks to God and Dr Akhere you can also contact him via: WhatsApp +2349017082519

  • More and more it’s coming out that the culprit is cholesterol and especially oxidized cholesterol. Animal fat, including salmon. Same thing that causes strokes. Fat gunking up your brain. Go vegan!

  • Bless your efforts!
    You are valuable to God no matter what but it’s a Biblical command to treat our bodies as a temple— You were created to know God in a personal way—to have a relationship with Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ! May the Lord bless you as you seek His Salvation!—

    Yes, we’re all going to die and the only way to get off planet earth is through Jesus alone! ��

  • Lose weight easy. Give up all animal fat and vegetable fat for 3 months. You will lose an average of 12 pounds per months. After 3 months you will look and feel better without breaking a sweat. Explore the world of a healthy plant based diet. Thats 95 % of the problem solved from the start.

  • Looking after person with Alzheimers who did many things mentioned. What we need is clean air, healthy soil with organic fruit and veg, clean water, no mercury teeth filling, good sleep, no toxic people in our lives, some exercise, pasture rised meat and raw milk, d3 vitamin in winter, sunshine in summer, K2 from food and supplements, good sleep and no sugar and very little carbs, healthy fats. No plastic, no veg oils, no non stick pots or aluminium foil in cooking,etc,… Our planet needs saving and we do too.

  • I’m grateful that you gave us this gift during this difficult time. I’m doing the exercises in May and being even more thankful. May all your efforts be blessed��

  • Yes, I agree with the comments here that statins are not the answer to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease and that similar and natural interventions may very well be suitable alternatives. For example, the anti-inflammatory association with statin use in Alzheimer’s can easily be substituted by a host of nutraceuticals that have demonstrated the same benefits. High quality extracts of herbs, spices, and polyphenols derived from fruits and vegetables have shown in studies to be neuroprotective against the neuroinflammatory pathways and they stimulate neurogenesis. Dr. Small did point out some of the natural options that are useful for an Alzheimer’s prevention protocol.

  • I loved this one! I mean, I love them all but this one felt particularly good for me. Maybe it was because my kids only interrupted me 10 times and not 50 like a normal day! Thanks so much for putting your all into creating these workouts for us!

  • supplements or treatments:
    neurosteroids; alloprogesterone and other 5a-reduced steroids.
    Lithium (hint: blue zone drinking water)
    Sulfur (hint: blue zone drinking water)
    Silicates (hint: blue zone drinking water)
    Sunlight (the benefits to the periferal vascular system alone make sunlight essential, but there are myriad beneficial effects of UV.)
    Dietary fiber and resistant starch increasing microbial production of short chain fatty acids.

    methylene blue (low dose)
    5-lipoxygenase inhibitors
    selective androgen receptor modulators

    Thank me later.

  • Try doing 50 second reps. Killer! I didn’t manage the whole thing.
    Thank you Heather for these great workouts and keeping us all sane! You’re just super!

  • Yay!!! Since 12 week workouts are only 5 days per week, I use day 6 & 7 of this challenge for Saturday after my 30 min run @ the park & Sunday of every weekend.

  • My father is a heart patient. Can he do keto diet? I understand the difference between good and bad fat. But still concerned because all on a sudden, eating so much fats when he was told by the doctor to eat less meat, oil, milk and so on! He also has blood sugar so can he do intermediate fasting 2 to 3 days a week? (fasting morning to evening 2 meals in the early morning & evening like how muslims fast during ramadan.)

  • Have you seen the latest videos Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight and Get More Energy in 15 Days?

  • Dear Kit, I truly enjoy your workout sessions and I’m glad that I found you. All your videos are great and I have been working out with you everyday ��

  • Tried this for the first time yesterday, I was so tense that even cried during and after this stretching routine. I’ve been following the weekly workouts since week 3 and doing Pamela’s yoga routine on my rest days and never even got close to the physical and emotional stress release I got with this. Thank you.

  • Omg when I saw it is 50 min workout I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but finally I finished it! ���� thank you so much for all your routines Heather, I discovered your channel during the lockdown and you 12 week program helped me so much to be more consistent with workouts and to enjoy them! You’re the best ��

  • Grief NEEDS MORE ATTENTION due to natural LOSSES. DEFEATED FEELINGS. UNABLE to Accept facts. Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda. Defeated. Shocked. Traumatic EVENTS. SCENARIOS. HEALTH issues, loss of body parts, Life daily Choices/ experiments/ precautions lifestyles defeats how to deal with better methods is a NEED.
    Change habits TURN AWAY from mind SUPPRESSING NUMBING Tranquilizing drugs/Alcohol SUGAR ETC.

  • This no repeat video made me sweat like crazy! like that you don’t go through the moves too quickly because it forces you to use your core. Thanks for all your amazing workouts:)

  • Thank you for this very interesting and important information. I really am curious about the process of Alzheimer’s disease as my Father and his sister were both affected by that, but differently (she was demential, he was not), and I really would like to protect my family from it… What’s the update in this July 2019? How can we go around that? Thank you for the reply, I truly appreciate any light focussing on this subject.

  • Its hard to get into but before my freshman year of college I lost 75lbs in 16 weeks all documented but I couldn’t stop losing weight and im not sure if its a diet for athletes was juco all American though ����‍♂️

  • Dr. Small is very informative and entertaining speaker. If the doctor and research don’t pan out, he could have a bright future on the comic circuit. For such a serious topic I couldn’t get over how often I laughed. Very well done!

  • Thank you for your study and book!! I’m opening a homeopathic group home for Emci, using diet, exercise, supplements, technology, and love to try to help slow or reverse degenerative brain disease. I have reversed my own autoimmune, NAFLD, IPT, and after 18+ years of adrenal tumor, 1 year later it was GONE!
    All with prayer, diet, exercise, and supplements!!! My doctors are amazed.Starting medical school in 2 weeks. Thank you ��

  • I’m following Ketogenic diet for last 5 years, What I learned from it
    *Super easy to follow once you are adapted which takes around 15 to 45 days.
    *Only after you are keto adapted you get all the brain related benefits( more focus, occasional high:p, no brain fogs and super concentration as I can sit at one place and work for about 8 hours without running for food or snacks)
    *8 weeks ON Keto and next 4 weeks OFF keto works for me as by doing that I face less Keto issues like dry skin, hair loss, occasional tingling in finger tips etc.
    * Do not cheat on a regular interval it increases your cravings for carbs, If you don’t cheat there will be no cravings.
    *You can’t judge this diet just by trying it for a week or so cause that’s just the transition period and you don’t see many benefits and because of your system changing to fat friendly from carb you may feel pathetic about it.
    *There are many tips and tricks I can share but this is becoming very long comment, I have a page on facebook with the name ‘Himalayan Keto adaptation’ where i occasionally share my experience and keto recipes.

  • Complete six days it was a wonderful sweat session It was fantastic workout keep motivate like this video more and give us challenge

  • the Italian island of Sardinia.
    Okinawa, Japan.
    Loma Linda, California.
    Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula.
    Ikaria, an isolated Greek island.

  • Since this video the Lancet has produced a study in USA. That a plant and nut base diet will enable you to live longer with also 40% daily of carbohydrates. Gutted because I love meat

  • Hello Heather and congratulations for your amazing work you do! I have a question for this workout since I just finished it. Is it meant to be a cardio one? Hiit definitely but does it work on our cardio system as well? I have been working out for more than 10 years and it did not feel as demanding as other cardio hiits I have been doing.. Is there a possibility I did anything wrong? In terms of pace I was following yours and sometimes a bit quicker..sorry for the long question but I found out about you recently and I really like your work so I am really interested in the job doing it the right way

  • Every health problem always has inflammation. Omega 3’s, stress reduction, MOVING THE LYMPH FLUID I.E. exercise and deep breath, seem to all be very important no matter what your health problem.

  • There is research between the connection of Herpes virus and people with Alzheimers:

  • I never was pleased with my names memory ability. Now that I’m 60, this ability has improved tremendously because of practice on the job requirements. But, each time I forget a name now, I’m become worried and conscious of developing a brain degeneration disease. Motivation seems to be a great part of the memory game. Tiredness is another factor as my memory clearly decreases when I am tired. I tend to worry about brain degeneration more after 14 hours of being awake.

  • The wine theory has been debunked. Why do you keep looking at magic bullets as opposed to the real cause? Animal products and their associated fat and cholesterol cause dementia. Vascular dementia is likely the use for the great majority of dementia. We know the answer and yet you so called scientists are flailing. ” Duh, we’re puzzled why no drug trials have worked” It’s the food, dummies.

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  • Occupational stress is stress related to one’s job. Occupational stress often stems from unexpected responsibilities and pressures that do not align with a person’s knowledge, skills, or expectations, inhibiting one’s ability to cope. Occupational stress can increase when workers do not feel supported by supervisors or colleagues, or feel as if they have little control over work processes.[1] Wikipedia

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  • After ww2 began a love affair with pesticides herbicides insecticides fungicides and whatever other poisons farmers use, and isn’t it strange every year since then heart disease dementia cancers have all steadily grew we are being poisoned but chemical industries are the true powers around the world so you will never hear a word of truth about these poisons which cause so many illnesses but don’t don’t worry because the chemical industry runs the pharmaceutical companies so they can poison you even more maybe you should do a study on this eat organic stay away from meat and dairy filter your water and stop listening to propaganda man made chemicals have no place in the human body

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  • Interesting information. As we await a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, those providing care for someone with dementia can find some helpful resources here:

  • I myself have tried a million ways to loose weight. Whether it is
    cardio, hitting the gym, cycling or even swimming, nothing really helped
    me till my friend told me to try going on a diet. I researched quite a
    lot about it and found that a diet is the main thing that helps. I
    noticed that nothing works unless you have a proper diet with your
    workouts. So I made up my mind and started on a diet. After a few days
    with daily workouts, I could see and feel the change. It did wonders for

    If you want some awesome diet tips or meal plans for weight loss do let me know. I would be more than happy to send them to you for free and help you try to reach your own weight loss goals. I have enough experience in this, so it will save you guys plenty of time looking for diet plans.

    Email me on: [email protected] and I will send them straight over to you.

    Happy Dieting!

  • You can get omega-3 from walnuts and the good part of wine is grapes, not alcohol, so wine is not good, grapes are good, wine not so much

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  • If you exercise then you shouldn’t be attempting keto. At all!! Don’t do it.
    Exercise damages muscles and muscles NEED Glucose to repair themselves.
    They can’t do it without Glucose.
    The body uses Triglycerides (Fat) directly as a fuel source to create ATP energy.
    ATP is not what your body needs to repair muscle.
    It needs Glucose and Insulin to trigger Growth Hormones.
    When your body needs Glucose while you are in Ketosis, it is forced to breakdown amino acids (proteins) to create Glucose.
    But, once again, your stores of fat will provide energy for low-to-moderate activity, but they will NEVER provide Glucose for ANYTHING! PERIOD!
    Fat NEVER EVER EVER EVER becomes Glucose. NEVER!!!
    Did you get that?!
    Your mitochondria will stop burning Glucose and burn Fat for energy.
    One or the other, and never Both at the same time (see “Carnitine Shuttie”).
    But it will NEVER use one molecule of Fat as Glucose to fuel your brain or repair damage, ever.
    Your body NEEDS Glucose and Insulin to repair muscles.
    While your Protein is slooooowly turning into Glucose (and flooding your body with ammonia btw) it is not repairing damaged muscle fibers.
    It can’t do both at the same time.

    KETO AND INTENSE (HR over 135 beats per minute, or any type of resistance training) EXERCISE DO NOT BELONG TOGETHER AT ALL. EVER.
    And any idiot that told you otherwise isn’t a medical doctor.

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  • Read this article!…The herpes simplex type 1 virus (HSV-1) in the development of Alzheimer’s & dementia

    There is a growing body of evidence that implicates the herpes simplex type 1 virus (HSV-1) in the development of Alzheimer’s dementia (AD).

    The The Herpies virus HSV-1 has been found to be present in the cerebrum in the brain of the great majority of older adults, and in many of the same areas of the brain that are affected by AD.

    When active, the virus may contribute to the formation of the neuro-fibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques characteristic of AD. Like AD, HSV-1 encephalitis may cause long term memory loss. HSV-1 replication is suppressed in lysine-rich/arginine –

    Poor environments and population studies suggest that diets high in lysine and low in arginine may be associated with lower rates ofAlzheimer’s. There are no prospective studies of the efficacy of lysine supplementation to prevent or reduce the incidence of AD. Supplementation with adequate doses of lysine could prevent the development of Alzheimers.

    In 1982, Ball proposed ; that the herpes simplex type 1 virus (HSV-1) might be involved in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s and “degenerative” lesions of the normal aged human brain. Ball noted that herpes simplex type 1 virus HSV-1 was well known to establish a lifelong presence in the trigeminal nucleus, and that the trigeminal nucleus has projections into the mesial temporal (limbic) areas of the brain that are affected in AD and in herpes encephalitis.
    A reactivated virus might therefore have access “downstream” to manifest as herpes labialis (“cold sores”), and “upstream” into the limbic regions of the brain.

    “”Natural Cures form Earth clinic

    In answer to your questions, Alzheimer can be treated with lysine, L-threonine, for example to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and to partially reverse it with at least hydergine and piracetam.

    Getting memory back once the virus has eaten is not possible but some memory back from the increased circulation is better.

    Most Alzheimer’s patients get memory lost from new memories, short term memory, and given the right remedies you see this improvement but most problem is actually not the treatment. It’s getting the supplies. Baking soda will help, in getting rid of some zinc accumulation out of the brain and aluminum that’s causing some of the problems.

    The Virus in the brain is the main cause of most Alzheimer patients I seen and at least the lysine and threonine is the basic treatment.

    go to ;

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