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Day 3: HIIT Cardio & Abs Fitness Blender’s 5 Day Workout Challenge to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle

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2 Mile Walk | At Home Workouts

Video taken from the channel: Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

Welcome back to The New Healthier You Fitness Plan. On day 3 of each week, we’ll focus on conditioning the core. All you need is a mat or a towel to follow along with these waistline-cinching, spine-supporting exercises. Beginners, try the following circuit once through. Once you feel ready to try more, work your way.

The New Healthier You Fitness Plan, Day 1: At-Home Cardio For the first day of each new week of the month, plan to complete a cardio workout. The intensity and duration of the exercise you pick should align with your current fitness level—if you’re brand new to working out, try 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio. Do this full-body workout 3 times a week, resting at least 1 day between sessions.

If you’re new to the gym, this is all the fitness you’ll need for the entire month. This month’s plan is designed over a 30-day period — we’re giving you today off to recover from last night’s festivities. The workouts are. Your core is the same thing. Strengthening your core supports your body so you can do dynamic movements without injuring yourself.

This 30-day core challenge will strengthen your front, back and side muscles to help you firm up your whole body, especially your midsection. Repeat the five exercises followed by a static plank for 30 days. Aim to incorporate aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and flexibility and stretching into your exercise plan.

It isn’t necessary to fit each of these elements into every fitness session, but factoring them into your regular routine can help you promote fitness for life. Dec. 14, 2018. This full plan will help you organise your 3 day a week full body workout!

Each of the 3 workouts should take approx 45-60 minutes. Do it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you can take the weekend off and you’ll need it because full body workouts are tough! But you walk away from the gym feeling like you really achieved something tough!If you’re looking to transform your body in one month, take this 30-day fitness challenge.

This 30-day workout challenge will help you lose weight, burn fat, and whip you into better shape. No gym or exercise equipment needed to take this 30-day fitness challenge. This workout plan only consists of 6 bodyweight exercises which you can do in.

Tell someone (husband, boyfriend, sister, friend, etc.) about your health or fitness goals today. If the people you surround yourself with know what you’re doing and your plan for accomplishing it, they’ll be more likely to support you and not ask you to. So start by setting aside that time, and then follow this two-week training plan that gives you 10-minute workouts to do each day.

And once you’ve made fitness a.

List of related literature:

Focusing specifically on the first week helps you create a great foundation, and we’ve tried to ensure that this first week has a straightforward focus on the most important change—diet—without worrying too much about other factors, such as meal spacing and exercise (although these are also important, of course).

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
from Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity
by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

For example, make a measurable goal be to perform the Life Plan Basic Health Workout at least three times per week, with the goal of adding another day in two weeks before moving on to the Fitness Workout.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

Strengthen the core, train functionally, “fast twitch” muscle training, and more cryptic descriptions of variations on silly themes are the recycled, “new” ideas in fitness.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
from 15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
SelectBooks, Incorporated, 2017

The 6 exercises would be the same each day for 4 weeks to help ritualize the plan and reduce cognitive load.

“The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion” by Simon Marshall, PhD, Lesley Paterson
from The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion
by Simon Marshall, PhD, Lesley Paterson
VeloPress, 2017

Phase II:Weeks 3–4 Goals • ROM exercises.

“Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation E-Book: An Evidence-Based Approach Expert Consult” by S. Brent Brotzman, Robert C. Manske
from Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation E-Book: An Evidence-Based Approach Expert Consult
by S. Brent Brotzman, Robert C. Manske
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

The 4-week program is intended for as an introduction to resistance training that can then progress to the 6, 8, and 12 week programs for beginners, intermediates, and advanced exercisers respectively.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
Springer New York, 2014

Once the FITT elements are all in play you will see improvement as your body adapts to your exercise plan, and this is our goal.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

Day 4 Walk duration: 30 minutes Pace: Brisk None Day 5 Walk duration: 25 minutes Pace: Brisk Oblique Planks: Hold for 45 seconds on each side.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
from Belly Fat Diet For Dummies
by Erin Palinski-Wade
Wiley, 2012

Days 4, 5, and 6 are characterized by lower-intensity and higher-volume training.

“Long-Term Athlete Development” by Istvan Balyi, Richard Way, Colin Higgs
from Long-Term Athlete Development
by Istvan Balyi, Richard Way, Colin Higgs
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2013

4.2–Refines 1-day cardiorespiratory endurance and body composition plan.

“Teaching Middle School Physical Education: A Standards-based Approach for Grades 5-8” by Bonnie S. Mohnsen
from Teaching Middle School Physical Education: A Standards-based Approach for Grades 5-8
by Bonnie S. Mohnsen
Human Kinetics, 2008

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  • Good morning ��from Greece ����… I hope to find and the other days from 14 days of fat belly loose because I see only the 5 days.. Great job������

  • I’m going to start this tomorrow. I started a 25,000 step challenge for myself and I need some focus. Thank you so much for helping!

  • I am 8 months preggo and I love your workouts Leslie! It’s too hot to walk outside here in Texas, so I enjoy doing this at home. Thanks!

  • I really appreciate what you said about working out even if you feel a little depressed. Having hit our ultrabusy, stressful, midforties, depression is very real for my husband and me. Making a choice to workout rather than being led by a “feeling”, has had a huge impact on our mental health. Sometimes leaving the house to go for a run seems like a huge mountain to climb. But I CAN get up and put on a Fitnessblender workout even in my pajamas if that’s what it takes. Thank you for what you do guys. None of us can really thank you enough.

  • Love ❤️ you Leslie, it’s raining ☔️ out and the babies are asleep so this was my chance to do my daily 2 mile walk ����‍♀️. Will come back again…


  • Leslie
    This is the second workout Zi have done with you. I am 71 years old and I think in good shape. I love your motivation and inspire me to push harder. I did the 2 mile walk and boy was I sweating. Definitely will do more of these workouts

  • I just started and being as though Im a asthmatic and have past sports injuries I able to do it of course with some breaks in between but I get thru it

  • I love these walks… They’ve helped hugely during the lockdown! I am fitter than I’ve been in many years, and I’ve noticed that waistbands aren’t so tight anymore. I’ve worn out two pairs of socks though…

  • I love you mam and thanku for helping lots of people like me in reducing their weight and making their lives happier and healthifr

  • I will be 92 in October and I have been walking with Leslie 2 mile walk for a month or more. I love it and wouldn’t miss it. Feel fit and peppy the rest of the day. Love her enthusiasm. It is contagious.

  • I bought Walk At Home 3 mega miles during the strict lockdown in Italy. I love it!! I’m hitting 70 yrs old in a few months, but have been an avid exerciser for 50 years. This workout kept me physically and mentally fit. Now that our lockdown is over, I’m still getting up early to do the workout before heading out the door. These workouts are great for young and old alike.

  • I started this March 15, 2020. 3 to 4 times a week. Feel so much. Since I’m at high risk it give me something to look forward to. Thanks so much Leslie.

  • Hi. Does anyone know the name of the type of weights she is using? I am trying find a set to purchase. The ones you can roll up onto your wrist and put your hand through.

  • Thanks, Leslie for this wonderful fast walking exercise. I am 67 yrs old and doing this 2 mile walk 2-3 times a week. All the best from Singapore.

  • Morning, Dr Arron. This Dr.McGill big 3 exercise realyy working for my spine. Thank u do much. In a lot of pain still but still doing thm. I wud like to get some money most effective butt workout exercise too, please thank you.

  • Thank you so much for this workouts, Leslie! ♥️ I started in April doing the 1 mile walk (I do 2 miles now), I read your book (and followed the advice), and I’m happy to share that I have lost 20 pounds so far ����

  • This will definitely be my next workout challenge for me. I have been on Joanna’s Low Impact Overweight workout and I am on my second week and I actually enjoy doing it. I want to challenge myself on my next workout regimen and I hope I can do this next. Thank you for these workouts Ms Joanna. I have loss weight already but more than the weight loss I actually am more active in my daily life and I just have more energy and I feel a lot better than when I have a very sedentary lifestyle. I have also been trying to eat a lot more healthier. Again thank you for this YouTube channel.

  • amazing well articulated video,youre right on the money with the mcgill exercises about not arching the back,my physio made me do back extension and still when i slept i got pain,i told him about the bird dog,he didnt even know what it was!

  • 1 haftadır yapıyorum tabi bunun yanında yememe de dikkat ediyorum 58 kilodan 56 kiloya düştüm hedefim ise 52 1 ay a kalmaz vereceğime inanıyorum

  • leslie, I am not sure if we indeed do a 2 mile session in this exercise. Please clarify and also specify the calorie burned while doing this session

  • I love how all these exercises are easy but work!!!! I always leave sweating when doing my exercises with you.
    But yho!!!!! There was tooo many excercises requiring wrist balance on this vid and by the time we got to the last round my wrist was tapping out��. Thank you for everything❤��

  • What kills me is she doesn’t lose weight. Her hips and thighs have always been the same size since i can remember lol this routine doesn’t make you sweat, so do yourself a favor and actually go out and walk. This is bull!!!

  • Leslie its just over a month and Iam fighting to keep my trousers up…looks like Ill need to replace them…ha ha…..thanks Leslie.

  • So Basically every excersise for 6 reps of 10 sec. What if it gets to easy? Can i hold it for 6 reps of 20s? Or do you recommend something else?

  • I love this. I am 74 and this was just fantastic I love it I could keep up with it to unbelievably I had belong to a gym for years and years before the pandemic and this is just the perfect solution. I just discovered you yesterday so I am thrilled. Thank you

  • I just did this workout 5 days this week (Monday thru Friday) and I lost 2.3 lbs!!! I started exercising with Leslie Sansone about 5 years ago and have drifted to other online fitness trainers but I always come back to her! The results are real and I’m closer to my goal to lose 20 lbs! Thank you, Leslie!

  • Thanks Leslie for this awesome workout. It really helped me to motivate myself during this terrible time of lockdown. Ur power walk helped me reach my cardio goals in my fitness Journey! Keep posting ur newest videos!!

  • I just started doing this along with a friend: we make a zoom meeting on one device, and turn on the video at our own homes on a different device. We turn off our Zoom audio and video and do Leslie’s walk simultaneously in our own homes… then turn on the zoom audio/video for a visit after exercising! IT’s fantastic!!!!

  • Ok done have you thought of showing us a a day meals for both of you to give an Idea of nutritional I know told us but seeing is the difference. TY

  • it’s so nice to hear you laughing together, always ligthens up my mood!:)
    however since i can’t hear you talking because of my panting, i like to imagine that you’re jokingly laughing at yourselves about how cruel and dumb these exercise choices were.
    this routine was great, keep it up!
    love fitnessblenderfamily <3

  • Today is day 3-round two. I was able to get through more of the upper body movements than the first time around! I still need to focus on my upper more but the push ups are easier to get through now.

  • I used to feel so bad that I couldn’t do the workouts without any extra breaks but now I did this workout in like 63 minutes and I am like woah girl, you completed it. This shift in the perspective is just because of you guys. You always make me feel that it is okay to pause between sets and take an extra break if my body demands it and that’s what I do now. Love you for that, and ofc for all these free workouts. I usually don’t comment under YT videos, but you guys are really worth it. <3

  • I love this fitness blender…
    But I feel they are in their kitchen. Really annoying hearing them constantly.
    I am there for sweating and relaxing!!!!

  • HA!
    Kelli: “Where you going?..”
    Daniel: “Oh!…got one more….”
    I just dropped dead. Come on Daniel, there’s a reason we’re both doing the easy version.

  • Well balanced routine. Sorry to state, I hate when any routine comprises equipment. Skipped the second day for this one. Thanks once again.

  • This is such a fun workout because of your laughter! �� Love your mini conversations! ♥️ I didn’t wanna workout because my arms freakin hurt from yesterday’s routine!

  • Today’s my birthday, and I decided to give myself the gift of completing day 3. Thank you! That was definitely tough! See you tomorrow.

  • I love the way I feel after this workout! But does anyone else get terrible tailbone pain after it? I can’t even follow along with the toe touch stretches because I get this sharp pain in my tailbone when I bend over!:(

  • I am wondering does anyone loss good amount of weight following this routine, because it’s not high impact I am
    Just thinking would it be a good one to try

  • I’ve been doing Fitness Blender workouts for over 7 years now, so have done many of them multiple times this one included! I have started to develop nicknames for some of the workouts I do most frequently…this is the ‘Sassy workout’ because of the amazing Kelli and Daniel banter haha!

  • Oh guys I’m dying �� but happy after this workout, i feel my endorphins are high ������… You are so cute couple I hope Allah full your life with happiness… Best workout program ever. I mix mine between the hardest and the middle version…

  • Thank you for this video. I had right QL pain for 2y and spent so much money on massages and creams. This together with neck bridges fixed my lower back pain in only one session.

  • Though this day sucked the MOST due to how sore I was their speech at the end, reminding you how you feel when you end a workout and how this should be your motivation made it worth it. I’m so glad I found this page.

  • Love your videosall the elements you include are perfect. And your banter (makes me actually smile), tips and your sincerity are terrific. You guys have the BEST wko videos on YouTube. Don’t change.

    Burned 283c. Good day.

  • I’ve been working out to your videos for a few years now (I started with the ones where kelly was the only one in the videos-sorry about the favoritism ��) but I love y’all now! It’s so funny how you bicker a little and make jokes together. Thank y’all for motivating me everyday!

  • I’m obese guy and all my life I’ve always ignored my health because I felt like I had no support and I didn’t want to see how bad I was. I avoided mirrors and recently I genuinely looked in the mirror and realized just how bad I let myself get. I was horrified when I was brought into reality. Being such a heavy guy, most exercises I try to do aren’t efficient because my body literally cannot do them properly. But this video is a great help at starting out, even though I’m very big, you showed simplified versions and they aren’t too bad for me. It’s hard finding things I can do. Thank you for showing me that exercise isn’t always so intense, and is actually very friendly to people starting out!

  • Love fitness blender!!! I never thought I was going to be able to do HIIT because of my knee pain. Thank you for the modifications! Every workout is a challenge.

  • this is amazing workout since soo many years im following her exercise and get the best result fo it….this is the best workout which really works

  • Today was good, I like how it wasn’t as intense as yesterday’s. It’s like she knew yesterday would burn, and decided to go easy today. Check out tomorrow’s workout for more. Thanks for the workout.

  • What is Episoketren System and how does it work? I hear many people improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training course.

  • I m from Brasil! ���� I do the 30 minute classes from Tuesday to Friday! It is excellent for my health mainly. Sleep apnea is gone! Gratitude always

  • Another one complete! Again surprised that I can finish all rounds. When I first started working out I could only do 10 mins ���� looking forward to tomorrow’s

  • I love Leslie’s videos, but this one is a mash-up of previous videos. When it switches to a clip from another workout I lose the sense continuity… the gradual speeding up and slowing down. Plus there’s three minutes left on the clock when it ends. I appreciate the videos Leslie has posted, and that they vary by length to fit your schedule. This one just isn’t for me.

  • 25 yaşındayım tam 66.6 kiloyum bugün başladım her gün yazacağım. Kadına Bayıldımm enerjisi mükemmel ve acayip terledim. �� daha önce ip atlayarak 21 kg vermiş biri olarak bu kadını da tavsiye ederim ip kadar terletiyor süper

  • DAY 3 -Complete ������still here
    It was sure a good burn for sure low walkouts was a little difficult but I got the hand of it and As it goes on it will get better as you go on

  • Thank you for this 14 Day Exercise Challenge. I was trying to find something that I could do with being overweight and having several other physical problems. This is great for anyone to do and still be challenged and sweat.

  • Dr Aaron, in the bird dog exercise, do you have to do scapular downward rotation before you bring up your opposite side leg and arm?

  • walking or hiking is about the only cardio most average people can stick with in the long run. I have done Hiit cardio style workouts before and while they work, I hated them and couldn’t keep the motivation to keep doing them. I also have never liked running or jogging. Going for a brisk walk daily for 4-5 miles a day is all a person needs in terms of cardio to get to a healthy lean body fat level.

  • I’m so surprise: so much viewers and people who leave comments to tell us how much they appreciated the workout. People, why don’t you put them a thumbs up? I mean they’re doing a great job! You even leave a comment for this. Why don’t you start by the first thing: put a like like I did. Show them love! They deserve it.

  • Hi I completed day 3 but i’m not seeing day 4, it runs straight to day 5. I would really like to do day 4 as I plan on sticking to this routine to the end.

  • Thank youu soo much for this! Tomorrow’s my day 4. Ive never sweat so much in a routine at home. I really feel these exercises are effective. There just perfect for me right now, ive been 11 days now on a very strict diet and detox and this is just what I needed!!

  • Day 3: DONE!������
    Going to bed exhausted and waking up exhausted! The workouts always “look simple” until you’re on round 3 and you’re dripping and you’re shaking like a leaf! It’s only day 3 and I already had to dig deep to push to round 4! Lol, Dear God of belly fat loss, let me pull through the 14 days victorious!
    Cheers to you all hotness killing this workout!

  • Love that you don’t do a lot of talking in the workouts. Just upbeat music & you give time to transition to the next workout!
    This is an easy add to my daily route. Great job ��������

  • Good workout to do indoors. I sweated more than expected for walking. Lol. I like the mix of exercises. Only thing I didn’t like is the lack of upbeat music the music is bland) But I just played some of my own music on my phone which helped.

  • Now my shoulders and legs are sore after day 1 and 2. I recommend try her warm up for 5 minutes then do the workout. Day 3 is more about strength training. I didn’t sweat a lot but I feel it targets the core area more!

  • I love the 5 day workouts because it takes the guess work out of which exercises to put together and when to do them. But why…WHY…does YouTube have to play food commercials during the water breaks? #killingme ��

  • I’ve done ✅ day 3. Today it was hard for me, bc all of my body had aches �� But i motivated myself like, if everyone can do it, why I can’t? sooo, yes, I’ll continue this workouts��

  • Leslie thank you for getting me through the rough the dark days of COVID. After I lost my job in March in the hotel industry I was a little depressed and worried. You kept my spirits up AND I lost 8 pounds! You are the best and a super positive roll model!

  • I couldn’t do it at first but now I cannot do a day without it! Leslie is such an educator. I love how she teaches about why we do a step. Keep it up.

  • diyetisyen destekli 16 günde sporsuz 3 kilo gitti
    şuan güncel kilom 60.0
    boy 1.56
    ve bugün leslie yapmaya başladım 3mil
    ayın 21 ine randevum var bakalım kaç kilo gidecek umarım yine 3 gider ortalama hedefim ilk olark 50 kilo olmak ��


  • Thank you sir for the advice! Just a few days ago I tweaked my left lower back from squatting and going through YouTube I came across your channel/video. I haven’t really put any emphasis on core training but I rather have stability for the bigger compound lifts. Again thanks alot and will be giving this a go!!!

  • NOTES:
    6-4-2 reps on each set & hold for 10 secs on each rep
    Dr. Stewart Mc Gill’s 3 Core Stability Exercises
    1) The Curl Up
    2) Side Plank (Full Plank is advanced version)
    3) Bird Dog (hold for 10 secs) then bring your arm forward w/ clenched fist then bring back arm towards the knee

  • Love this workout, I was so frustrated with myself and then I found this video. Been doing it for 3 days and now added a walk to get in some additional steps. You explain things really well and don’t set up unrealistic goals for beginners. Keep up the good work! the world needs more content creators like you.

  • It is the first workout I have been doing continuously… feeling good….
    And loved the part where she says, sweat is your fat crying����!

  • I am from India and luckily while browsing through various workouts I found Leslie’s video. And since that there’s no turning back.
    Doing walk each day is like my daily ritual.
    It’s beautiful form of workout and guess what with these walks and little conscious eating, I have lost 5 kgs in 3-4 weeks.
    Thank you from my heart. Love ♥️

  • Found your videos two months ago, first people who keep me motivated for that long! And after 2 months and after THIS workout, my Fitbit finally got almost as close as the calories burned by the harder version of your videos! 34 calories difference! I”m very proud I feel how i get stronger day by day! Thanks guys <3

  • Yeay.! Finally found joanna walking exercise, im too lazy to search all the workout post because i already did atleast 3 times per week for 30 mins kickboxingworkout by joanna that i find it is the most efficient way to make my fat crying like crazy. And i feel the most satisfied with that. But sometimes i don’t feel like to overly jumping some other day, so i need to find another walking exercise, too bad others walking exercise doesn’t make my fat crying as badly as following this walking workout by joanna. After doing this, i felt the same accomplishment like i did for kickboxing workout but with low intensity. And i neeed to confess here. I love it when joanna chitchating(i mean motivating��) and doing the exercise together, so she know when to slow down as she feel the pain too. Thanks again!

    Haha long post again, you hope joanna read this or what?

  • Thanku so much..I lost 4 kg in month by doing this excercise and intake 800 calories �� I m sure I’ll reduce 4 kg more till end of this month.

  • Biliyonuz ki okullar büyük ihtimalle açılıp hemen bir daha kapınıck ona okey tamam da benim doğum günü niye ertelenmiyo millete o kadar dedim doğum günümde başkası olacam diye 6 kilo vermem lazım daha (sayılı günüm var) çaktırmayın 7 kilo verdim 6 kilo kaldı vermem gereken eğer başarırsam yazıcam ����

  • First day doing this and I feel SO GOOD. Time to lose that 10 lbs of sourdough bread from this spring/summer am I right? Can I just say that your videos kicked off my journey last year and I went on to lose 55lbs. I managed to maintain my weight for months and just started to lose again when the pandemic happened and then I sunk into depression. I’m still feeling low but I’m trying to fight back, and i am so happy i did this today. Thank you! ❤

  • Wow wow wow Joanna you are the BEST. Just found your channel and as I’m trying to walk 10,000 steps a day this is fabulous, keep us on track. Hi from Scotland x

  • Thank you! I have tried hitting 10k steps for the past 30 days. I do this once a day and hit 3.5k steps. I have lost 8 lbs so far! Moving on to the low impact cardio workout for three days a week.

  • Hi jo its sharmin frm Bangladesh. Im following this workout last one month but my smart watch( mi) never show me 10000 steps in one set. Can u pls tell me 10000 is fr how many sets??

  • Oh man these workouts are a blessing/curse for my legs! I do find myself getting tired later in the workout as opposed to so early on so consistency is definitely key! Please more workout challenges!!! Maybe a meal challenge in the future too??

  • I found this lady by accident and I’m so glad I did! Engaging and fun and I cant wait to start tomorrow! Well done to everyone who has posted on here, your success stories have impressed me and I hope you are all doing well.

  • During the birddog, would there ever be a time to lift the knees off the ground similar to a table top yoga pose or would that change the exercise too much?

  • I’ve been watching your youtube channel and find you very energetic and creative in your exercise workouts. Kudos and keep up the good workfor the community. Recommended my daughter to your channel too. I’m 61 and was surprised that i could not keep up to your 45-min Strength Training Workout even though I jump rope quite often (4-5 X/week of 30 mins interval training). Make me realize that when you get older you lose muscle mass. Goal: Body strength training to incorporate in my exercise routine NOW.

  • MrandMrsMuscles I m writing to you from Turkey. should say that you are a wonderful sportment couple. I am following your youtube channel and I am doing your exercises which are perfect. Thank you very very much.

  • As a Kickboxing, Boxing, and Muay Thai practitioner I can confirm that doing the McGill big 3 regularly will improve both punching and kicking power.

    At first I thought it was just a placebo effect but even my training partners have noticed a difference.

    It’s not a huge difference but it is definitely noticeable.

  • The #SquatUclub is now on YouTube! As soon as I upload a new video, “like” it and comment with the hashtag #SquatUclub ASAP. I’ll pick amongst those who do so within 1 hour of the video going live and pick one winner to start working on whatever you need help with (squat technique, an achy hip, help with back pain during deadlifts, etc). You must be SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel for a chance to win. Turning on notifications by clicking the little bell next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my channel will make sure you can be first in line to win every time!

    I’ll reply under the winners comment so make sure you keep up on your notifications!

  • is it bad that im hoping that my country goes back into lockdown so that i can learn from my mistakes and use it as a chance to glow up?

  • I had back problems for years. Bird Dog from a Plank pose eliminated all chiropractic visits. 10:30 minutes two to three times a week. Strengthened the erector spinae.

  • In his book, McGill explain the curl up with one more thing, which is to also lift your elbows off the floor as you do with the head, did you skip that intentionally?

  • Excellent video! He talks about strengthening your core so you can do heavy weight body building workouts.I say this video would work wonders for people in their 50’s,60’s,70’s+!!!! As you get older your core (especially your Back) gets weaker. Tailoring the no impact exercises in this video to a particular workout regimen for the more “advanced in life experiences” people (like me) may be a great way to get started.

  • I 100% didn’t feel like doing this today but I forced myself to do it and I’m glad I did. I didn’t do as well as I did on the first two days but that’s okay! I’m going to finish this challenge this week and then repeat it next week as well! To anyone scrolling through the comments feeling doubtful: Trust me you can do this and you’ll feel so much better when you do. Even if you don’t feel like you pushed yourself enough or that you didn’t do as well as you wanted to, (me right now hahaha) at least you completed the workout! You did it! It’s all the more motivation to push yourself harder next time.

    Random little rant there but I was feeling motivational so whatever ��

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  • Been trying to add this to my routine but have a question about the rep scheme….I understand squat u sites says “An example program would be to perform five reps, then three, and finally one to end (each with an 8-10 second hold). Rest between each set for 20-30 seconds.” My question is how much rest in between each rep. so like hold 8-10 seconds, release, then go back to hold right away again? Any insight would be helpful!

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    Me out of it. Thank you.

  • @ 5:34 Recently, YouTuber Redefining Strength showcased a Bird-Dog where instead of doing what you’re suggesting here, that you essentially ‘bring it all in’ in a crunch-ish finish. I understand what you’re stressing here, in your triad, but do you have any comment on this modified movement. (Not trying to pit one channel against the other, just curious.)

  • Ok everyone. I see where she says you need to do this twice. It’s a decent workout but I still stand by what I said about no warm up or cool down. I do my own 5 minute cool down because it’s not healthy for your heart to abruptly stop.

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  • Aaron, would it be ok to substitute the front plank for the curl up? The front plank, where you contract the abs hard for 10-15 sec, then take a breath in whilst still maintaining tension and repeating this over and over for about 2 min has reduced my low back pain a lot.

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