The Brand New Healthier You Fitness Program, Day 2 Total-Strength



Video taken from the channel: Kit Rich


DAY 2 LOSE WEIGHT LOSE BELLY FAT (14 Day Exercise Challenge)

Video taken from the channel: MrandMrsMuscle


Week 1 Day 2 // HIIT Cardio Workout + Abs (No Equipment)

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


Day 2 Home Workout Challenge // Leg Workout (No Equipment)

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


Week 1 Day 1 // Full Body Workout No Equipment

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


Week 2 Day 5 // Full Body Workout Strength + Cardio

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


Week 4 Day 3 // Full Body Strength + Cardio Workout

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson

Welcome back to The New Healthier You Fitness Plan. On day 2 of each week, we’ll focus on developing total-body strength. Workout 2 incorporates the use of a sturdy chair (you may also want a mat or a towel for the floor work), and utilizes some basic, but extremely effective, bodyweight strength. Welcome back to The New Healthier You Fitness Plan. On day 2 of each week, we’ll focus on developing total-body strength.

Workout 2 incorporates the use of a sturdy chair (you may also want a mat or a towel for the floor work), and utilizes some basic, but extremely effective, bodyweight strength moves. Beginners, foll. The ‘Household Items’ Total-Body Workout If you have limited grip strength and run the risk of dropping wine bottles or potato sacks, choose a weight that has handles, like the detergent. Welcome back to The New Healthier You Fitness Plan. On day 4 of each week, we’ll focus on increased mobility.

Let’s take some time out to stretch tight, sore muscles, and just relax for at least 10 minutes today. You won’t need any equipment for this gentle session, but you may want to grab a. A 60-Day Fitness Plan.

A common mistake we make when exercising and dieting is to push ourselves toward the end of the limits of our body for days and weeks at a time, and then slow down or completely stop the routine once we feel burned out or if the injuries we got from the extensive workout are hampering our productivity. 7 week fitness program. Welcome to a 7-week journey towards improved fitness and better health. Our 7-week fitness program is a research-based and time-efficient way to boost your health, and it fits both those who hate and those who love exercise.

Through this, you will challenge your body to do what it is not used to do. Your body will work harder in order to adjust to the new activity and in return, it will help you burn more calories. This also applies to your diet.

You can incorporate new healthy meals along with your new workout routine to ensure higher positive results. 2. If you’re like many of us, you make well-intentioned health and fitness resolutions — perhaps on Jan. 1 — only to break them days or weeks later. We asked Betsy Mendel, a Los Angeles.

Exercising _ days per week is optimal for strength gains, and _ high-intensity session(s) is/are sufficient to maintain new strength levels. 2-3; 1 As you progress through a strength training program, the sets _ the reps _, and the weight _ From eating more carrots to watching puppy videos (that’s right, puppy videos), these quick-and-easy tweaks to your daily health regimen can make a huge difference in the way you feel.

1 of 21.

List of related literature:

Days 4, 5, and 6 are characterized by lower-intensity and higher-volume training.

“Long-Term Athlete Development” by Istvan Balyi, Richard Way, Colin Higgs
from Long-Term Athlete Development
by Istvan Balyi, Richard Way, Colin Higgs
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(In the study, the strength gains of the three-day-per-week total-body group were equal to those of the body-part-specific group.)

“Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets To Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever” by Strauss Zelnick
from Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets To Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever
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The new guidelines recommend that, with the specific inclusion of resistance training 2 (or more) nonconsecutive days/week, using 8 to 10 major muscle groups and 1 set of 10 to 15 repetitions at a moderate intensity as based on the RPE scale (5–6 out of 10).

“Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing” by Mariah Snyder, PhD, RN, FAAN, Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN, FAAN
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Day four is where you will perform all of the core exercises in your program.

“Complete Calisthenics, Second Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercise” by Ashley Kalym
from Complete Calisthenics, Second Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercise
by Ashley Kalym
North Atlantic Books, 2019

The 4-week program is intended for as an introduction to resistance training that can then progress to the 6, 8, and 12 week programs for beginners, intermediates, and advanced exercisers respectively.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
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The easiest way to do this is to have a 3:1 approach (i.e., intensity increases for the first three weeks, then week four is a recovery week).

“Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance: Third Edition” by T. Jeff Chandler, Lee E. Brown
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“The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Fourth Edition” by James Villepigue, Hugo Rivera
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Day 1 also should be the heaviest running day of the week.

“Football For Dummies®” by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
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Day two might then consist of weight training and calisthenics (using body weight as resistance).

“Thrive, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Plant-Based Whole Foods Way to Staying Healthy for Life” by Brendan Brazier
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Day 2:Shoulders, arms, and abs in this same fashion.

“Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want” by James Arthur Ray
from Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want
by James Arthur Ray
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  • Just found this channel.. I had seen it on Pinterest.. But doing day 2 of this today… But does anyone add an extra workout do this just curious..

  • Kit thank you so much for all your wonderful workouts! I have been working as a touring actor for two years and they have kept me sane and motivated to move even in tiny hotel rooms! Thank you thank you!

  • Always love a no equipment workout but stepped it up and used some light weights for this one to challenge myself and got it Done!!

  • I only got 10 minutes in before I needed a breather. I’m 117kg so it was definitely very hard for me but I’m still going to carry on and keep it up.


  • I’ve started working out with Chloe Ting’s videos on 28th March and then slowly progressing to Pamela Reif’s and now to Heather Robertson’s. I’ve lost around 8 pounds in 3 months time. I know it’s kind of slow because I still crave dessert and sweet stuff LOL. But honestly these women’s videos are amazing because although it was only 8 pounds, I can already see my waist and also my tummy has reduced A LOT!

  • Today I felt like I was strong and pushed through. I dreaded the stability ball but was the best exercise for me as my back was hurting on one side when doing weights the first session. I found hamstrings curls really hard the ball had different directions �� I have never used it before just bought it lol. Thanks heather ur program is really good.

  • Been loving all your workouts! On week 7 currently of the 12 week workout. This is random but I loved your plant stands in this video. Could you tell me where they are from? ��

  • Just finished day one week one!! i’ve been doing a bunch of your videos and have come to love them! super excited for the next couple months. yay!!

  • Wooooww!!! I started your workout yesterday and I’m still alive!! ���� Sweaty and exhausted… but very happy!! Thank you so much from Spain!! ���������������� You’re great!! ❤️

  • I loved the workouts this week. I am really enjoying the 12 week program. I feel great! It is such a great way to start my day! Thank you so much Heather!

  • Just started my weight loss journey I am overweight and some of these exercises are too much for me. Can you post something for obese people to do? Thank you

  • Thank you so much MrsMuscle, you are a G! I enjoy your exercises so much, my abs got soft during the confinement and then boom I discovered you on youtube, I just completed day 2 of this challenge today n I’m sweating. I’m sticking with this one. Thanks a million!

  • I may or may not have yelled at you a few times during this workout but MAN, does it feel good to sweat! Thank you for creating this programI can’t wait to see the changes my body goes through in these next 12 weeks!

  • Just discovered you this week and have loved all the workouts. Started your 12 week today. Thank you so much for your time, effort going into this, your knowledge and easy to follow instruction. Killer kick butt workout!

  • Week 2 Day 5 DONE! (Take 2) Oh wow! That one was so tough! I was so sore from yesterday, so that really didn’t help me today. OUCH.

  • WOW that was a killer! If I were to quit it would be after this one. I just needed a few more rests, those were long circuits. They were hard but I loved all the moves except the burpees 😉 of course

  • Thank you so much for your videos…I really enjoy these recovering injury friendly workouts that fit into busy schedule and trying to get back into shape.. I have been trying to get an estimate about how many calories are burned to track for fitness app..can anyone help with an avg?

  • I’m a little behind but here I am in August and just completed week two! Only 10 more weeks to go. I don’t have a stability ball so I used an ottoman for the first two, and just did weighted bridges instead of hamstring one.

  • It is the end of week two and I enjoy being immersed in the Heather’s workouts and her program in general ��������It is made perfectly in all areas healthy lifestyle: workouts, meal, music, the trainer herself directly.��
    This morning I did one exercise “1-Arm Chest Fly” with great effort because I have still weak arms��✍️
    My favourite exercises of this workout “Plank Leg lift” and ” Mountain Climber”.����. I feel I am enjoyable lifestyle of Heather!

  • I slept horribly last night and missed my 6 am workout. Figured I would just take a day off and then this popped into my feed. Thank you! I feel a million x better!!!

  • Day 2……DONE!
    TOOK A break after Round 2, drank some water. Before Round 3 was done I was ready to quit but made it to the end…..YAYYYY Me��

  • started the 12 week program for a second time! I forgot how hard the first episode was! You’ve never let us off easy 😉 THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  • Just got done with this day 2 workout. OMG it takes a lot out of me as a beginner but feeling real good at the end of it because I’m all sweaty and it’s worth it. Looking forward to day 3 and a lot of sleep as suggested. Thank you mrandmrsmuscle.

  • Omg! I haven’t finished yet but I feel stronger than I ever have. I can do stretches I normally can’t do. Ok, I’m a kid but I feel strong. I’m gonna finish it after I go get my socks that I left outside.

  • week two in the books….. the countdown from 10 starts NOW! Loving every moment so far….. have to go get my stability ball today!

  • Here again for day 2, it burns. Maybe it’s just me but my whole lower body was it pain after this, but it was worth it. Keep pushing yourself and you’ll get the results you want

  • Thank you for your generous program! I have just discovered your workouts and I find them challenging yet still enjoyable. I do sometimes struggle keeping up without any verbal cues, especially in the cool down when I tend to zone out and miss the cues. Have you thought about doing voice overs for your cool down? I think people would find it helpful. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your gift of fitness with the world.

  • With this one I dont know if I was crying or just sweating. Dripping all over the place!! Feeling so proud for sticking now for 4 weeks. This is the only thing keeping me sane on this quarantine. thank you so much

  • My 2nd Week compleated!! Yeah!!!, Today was W2D5 + HIIT CARDIO + CORE, great program, great wokouts, great lady!!! Thank you Heather!!!!

  • I love these workouts! But my gosh did I feel this one! This is my second attempt at week four (had to revert to week 3 for days 4 and 5 last week), please tell me I’m not the only one who sometimes does that?

  • Done! love your workouts! Also, today was the first workout I can honestly say I did 100%!! usually Im only doing 90% and then ‘forgive’ myself.. but not today! and hopefully not anymore:) Thank you Heather.

  • Hey today is my first day annnd this Is no joke I modified where I needed to but got it done and I feel great HEATHER YOU ARE GONNA GET ME TIGHT AND RIGHT ����������������

  • I am just so grateful for all your efforts that you’ve put in to create this beautiful 12 week program! Thank you so much Heather!:) 2nd November 2020 is the target date and I would surely be following you throughout. Love from India ❤️ #gratitude

  • Dear Heather, I was so surprised finding your workouts here for free. You inspire me, you motivate me and I feel like I have to start your Programm. So I started today… I did another 30 minutes workout from you for about 3 weeks (5 days per week) before I started this one here…. today i needed 3 breaks but i feel good… tomorror i will continue…. ������

  • Oh my god I have been doing leg focused HIIT workouts for the last month with more pauses, I just couldn’t finish this workout. Is it only me or the pauses should be longer? I barely made it to the minute 26 and I’m 170 meters tall 60.7 KGs. It was just too much for me

  • You’re one of my favourite trainers and I’ve loved all your workouts since I first saw you on Pop Sugar years ago! I wanted to order your kichgo bag but it only ships within the US. Do you have any plans to ship internationally? Also which hand weights did you use in this video? Thank you so much for these amazing workouts! Your enthusiasm is really infectious and I find myself laughing at your jokes during the workout:D <3 <3 <3

  • I don’t know how I’ll ever make it through this workout. 15 minutes in i can hardly stand my legs are shaking so much. Good grief. Last time I did this I was sore for a week. But by god I will get there one day.

  • Every workout is so challenging. When I feel like I’m dying, I tell myself that I’ll be beautiful and strong, it helps me to keep going ��️

  • Hi Heather, I consider myself pretty fit ( fitness and yoga instructor)and was looking for something challenging and different for my workouts.
    The first week I was struggling in a good way and I am happy to say that after 2 weeks of doing your program I can’t wait to see what is next!!! Thank you so much!

  • Felt a little soreness and weakness from Day 1, but the different focus meant it didn’t hold me back (except just a little at the bottom of the squats). I ran out of steam quite quickly in the abs set, so I must be particularly weak there. Think I still preferred it to another round of cardio, though!

  • I liked the combination of moves in this workout; however, I found it to be a bit on the easy side. Next time I do it, I think I’ll add some weights to make it more challenging. Thank you!

  • Holy mama, Heather, your workouts are always the most sweaty and challenging. I love it! Thank you so much for always challenging those who think they are fit.

  • I’ve decided not to go back to the gym for the unforeseeable future. Ironically not because of COVID but because there are so many awesome YouTubers who do this where if you invest in about $50-100 with some weights/ exercise equipment and even a running app you can do it at home and early and not have to wait for the bros to finish deadlifting/texting. Eventually, I will go back but I don’t need people to see me cry when realizing I can’t hold a plank for 30 seconds… no one needs that type of negativity right now in their life. Thank you again for this!!! super excited for it

  • on day 2!! got through round one like dang not to bad definitely easier than yesterday… then round 4 came around and those mountain climbers had we shaky hahahah. SO GOOD thank you for helping me

  • Love your workouts Heather. Came across a few kettle bell hiits and loved them. Then I saw this challenge and I’m going to give it a go. Did the first one and I got through it!! Hardest one for me was the chair pose ended up doing a wall seat instead because it was difficult to hold but my alt worked. Was dripping by the end!! �� At 55 I’m very proud to be able to do this stuff…wish me luck.

  • I appreciate that she does not talk at all. I put the music up loud and get that workout done! Thank you. I am determined to get through 12 weeks. This is giving me life during this pandemic.

  • Hey heather….hv subscribed u…lv ur videos n has strtd this 12 week plan..but cn u pls tell hw much calories r burned during these wrkouts (evry day )frm low impact to high one…..

  • Today is my first day, that was awesome!! I love it, will continue the whole course, thank you so much!!
    My friend tried to do it with her mom and she advised me))

  • Gosh I’m so tired ��i can’t continue with this workout withowt stoping the video for a while ��but I will continue your programme to the end ��

  • been exercising for 4 years thru utube and very much thankful for this program and its my day one, huraaaaay… luv the sweetness of the sweat. looking forward to finish the 12-week program

  • I have been working out for two months now but only for two days working with heather’s. My abs are buuurrninggg, this is the best abs workout so far and feels great. Thank you Heather. I wish i knew you two months ago.

  • idea for tabata ball slams, without the jumps, I used a heavier weight between both hands, overhead, down to the mat love everything you’re doing for me (us)

  • Well I finished the 12 week program and thought, gee there can’t be any more surprises. I was wrong. Wall sits..,,, lol great workout though!

  • Just completed Day 2 for the 3rd time! I am thinking it would be easier since I have been doing HIIT since June. Nope! Feels like day 1 all over again!:-)

  • I did it day 2 but when I say I am pass sore I can’t even bend down to pick up anything smh didn’t realize I was that out of shape but can’t wait for tomorrow

  • Not gonna lie, I was dreading leg day, due to preconceived ideas… I guess the actual workout isn’t that hard part it’s the days that follow lol. Great work out, sweating and feeling good ��������������

  • This second workout for me ( week 4,day 3) from Heather’s Program 12 week, which is hardest in the whole.It is similar to workout day 2 week 4. Both are incredible tough.������❤️
    I can’t select from this workouts very heavy exercises. I seemed I came through trials of this workout but I was sweating again absolutely ��
    Although I remembered 2 exercises: ” Rear Delf Flys” with weights (arms will be strong ����) and “High knees”(legs will be fit��)

  • With each passing day I am getting stronger and more flexible. When I see the exercises in advance I get scared, but then when I see that I manage to do them I become so proud of myself.

    Honestly, I would not have been able to do these sets of exercises.

  • Just finished Day 2 of the 7-day challenge. I was nervous at first to start the workout because my body was pretty sore from the first day’s workout but it went very well and I loved the sequences. Great sweat session. Can’t wait for arms tomorrow.

  • Thank you Heather!! I love HIIT workouts and I came across your page a few weeks back and haven’t stressed about a workout since! I just come to your page and click on the next workout! All have been amazing, easy to follow, and really clear my mind with what’s going on in the world right now. So Heather, thank you for these workouts! This working from home, mom of 2, is VERY thankful!!!

  • Thank you for creating this program and with only about half hour sessions. Many are uploading hour workouts. That is too much!! I was writing my own workouts but this takes the decision making away. Thanks. And thanks for not talking constantly throughout the workout. I find that distracting. Thank you!!!!

  • Very happy I found this program, just did Day 1, not easy for me but I completed it. will continue…
    Great to has this guide in the lockdown period, thanks.

  • Finished week 2 today and getting stronger little by little. Already looking forward to starting week 3. Thank you, Heather! ��������

  • Heather, I just found your page & I am in love with your approach!! Thank You so much for your simplistic, very effective, and major sweet inducing workouts!!

  • Heather your workouts have helped me get through the pandemic and continue to workout. I look forward to your workouts and I appreciate all that you do. Thank you so much!

  • Does anyone know how many calories approximately does this burn? I know it’s dependant on weight and fitness etc but on average for an average build woman? xxx

  • Great workout today!! ��Thank you!❤️��week 2 completed!��I can’t believe it I am actually sticking to it. Hoping to go all the way and achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. ����

  • First, I was grateful for this awesome workout
    Then when it was the cool down part, and you did those stretches that ease IT band syndrome, I was speechless ❤️❤️

    Thank you Heather, you are The BEST ❤️

  • Second day completed!! Thank you so much for this challenge though I have a question:
    For a weightloss workout is this videos alone do the work or I have to add an additional cardio after it?

  • day one let’s goooooo! i did it with weights where i could to challenge myself a bit more. thanks for these! would love some booty ones too!

  • I’m in my 60’s and my daughter sent me a link to your program. After going to the gym for many years I went to an online Pilates program that just wasn’t doing it in terms of the cardio and strenght. I modify to low impact but loving the blend of cardio and especially enjoyed this sequence with the weights. I’m feeling stronger even after finishing week 2 and am excited to move on to weeks 3 to 12!

  • This was brilliant, great choreography, so professional! I stand by my old school gym boss as a timer! That way I can feel it buzz and don’t even have to look at or try and understand my timer app! Keep them coming! Thank you!

  • Kit! Thank you so much for creating this during this time! My roommate and I do your workouts everyday we’re done wfh and we just LOVE how in tune you are with body movement and how good we feel after! Thanks for putting this out there it’s perfect!

  • Still keep repeating these videos. This one was so challenging, but never boring! Thank you, Kit. Hope you keep the vids coming, one of the best things that happened to us during this time.

  • What a sweat sesh! But worth every drop! Also glad to see I wasn’t alone losing balance in some places �� Thank you Heather!! Love your workouts! ❤️

  • Loving these workout! Thank you so much for your servant heart to post these for FREE!! Many blessings to you, Heather! You make every move look so smooth and easy! The ball and I have a long way to go to make it to BFF status! ����

  • Soooooooooooooooo! Just finished my Sweat Sesh and Mannnn OOOHHH Mannnn!!! I read some of you guys’ comments before I began and #AGREED! Is All! I’m so proud of all my fellow Sweat Sesh Buddies. I wish you all the Best on your Quest and I’ll see you at the Beach next to Angela Bassett:):). Almost forgot…My Sweet Sweet Sweet Girl, My Daughter, Ms. Grace gave me so much support and Love during my session. She was bust’n the moves OUT ya heard!! Love you and Thank you Ms. Grace

  • omg you’re the best! It’s so nice that you have the “up next” images that pop up, that is so so handy! I’m usually listening to my own music so it’s nice to just watch the countdown and prep for the next excercise, and that you actually do a cooldown/stretch bit at the end. Definitely my favorite work out youtuber:D:D:D

  • Week 4 day 3 completed! I have noticed that over time I am better at high knees. Although I have been working out for years, I always avoided high knees and now I feel more agile and I am not avoiding them!

  • Great workout!!! I have subscribed when all this quarantine started, but I had not given the chance to do it, because I started to do another workout! Im so glad to start doing it today! Thanks a lot!!!

  • I just finished this and I thought I was going to die. ���� but it was easy to modify and very doable, just intense! I loved it! Thank you!!

  • Found your channel last week and decided to do the challenge. Today was was first work out and boy oh boy you made me sweat. I love it!

  • Can any one help me out I use a calorie counter and I can’t seem to figure out how many calories this workout would burn. Or the other ones.

  • Our cat loved watching yours in the beginning, he kept looking for it to come back. My husband and I did this together and couldn’t stop cracking up with those bridge pulses, lol.

  • So grateful for these workouts! They’ve kept me sane and fit during these crazy times…..meditative and gives me the boost I need to stay present for the rest of the day!

  • I’m liking these so far. I love that you have warm up and cool down included. I did your 12 week program and this is great cause its short and sweet. Keep these coming though. Your the �� ��.������������������

  • Dear god I came here after finishing the course to see how far I’d come…..I still found this really hard, had to keep stopping. Whaaaaat. I’m making the excuse that it’s very warm here today but REALLY? I thought I’d be like Heather now! I’m drenched. If at first you don’t succeed. Try again. ����

  • Just did day 1! I decided to skip the last round of leg exercises, as it’s my first day back to exercising after a month, and I want to be able to walk the rest of the week. Fantastic day 1 though! And thank you for including a cool down! So many fitness gurus don’t include this, and it always leaves me feeling unfinished at the end of the workout. Brava!

  • So glad I found this program. I love the video and workout format. Got in a good sweat after day 1! Looking forward to the coming weeks!! ����

  • Does anyone alternate days of her workout and just do cardio? Also, does anyone do this 5 days in a row or have rest days in between? I don’t want to burn myself out, I just want to lose weight and not hurt myself.

  • Heather! Thanks for another awesome workout. You helped me get back in shape after having my son ( 2yrs ago!) I love these quick workouts that I can sneak in before everyone wakes up. You start my day off so I can feel refreshed and energized throughout. So nice to pour some coffee, grab my water, turn on the tube and boom workout in my sweats! Thanks again! You rock! *Piper

  • уже на разминке пульс поднимается не слабо так, утром не смогла доделать всю тренировку. попробую еще раз, но уже в другое время суток ))))

  • Awesome. So far this challenge seems a little easier than the 12 week challenge, which I finished last week. Again we’re just starting. Let’s see what the future holds. Great workout ��.

  • After going full force for months doing your HIIT workouts and feeling awesome I tested positive for COVID and have had to stop for the last few weeks. I went back to the gym when it opened and I will be taking a step back from that during this time when my county is at a super high positivity rate. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I started Week 1 Day 1 today and looking forward to the next 12 weeks and feeling strong again

  • I was doing workout at home for long time but this is first time I watched yours and seriously I feel so tired with it you killing me and surely I will keep doing your workouts not one else ���� thx


  • Week 1 Day 2 DONE! (Take 2) I could easily adjust all of the HIIT movements to cater to my recovering ankle which is AWESOME!! And I still got a killer sweaty workout! I love these workouts:)

  • Hi!!!!!!!!!!! i am from india and i have been following all your workouts…….12 week challenge was super just loved working out with you……can you please upload a similar challenge again plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s a blessing that I stumbled upon your videos, there’s no need to keep looking for workouts after following you. I am camping here! Your videos are doable and yet I can feel the burn after. Time passes fast when you are enjoying the workout. Thank you so much!

  • Today was not as bad as i thought.. I’m way late to the HR wave but extremely grateful for the work out.. I kept getting up to 6 sec before i body stopped.. Hopefully tomorrow will better.. Pray for me Ya’ll��

  • Heather Thank you! These workouts get my heart pumping and I feel great, I have to modify a few workouts but it doesn’t take away from the end result. Again THANK YOU!

  • These have become the highlight of my lockdown days, always looking forward to them and fetching my body while at it. thank Heather

  • It’s my 1st day, I felt like the warmup was my full body workout. My gosh. She is def going to work me. I only was able to complete 15 mins. But I will be back tomorrow to start day 1 over until I get through the whole workout. If I’m not hard on myself who is going to be right. Thank you for this free opportunity to get into shape. You are truly appreciated.

  • I made it through week two! This workout had some tricky transitions between exercises for my small workout space. Had to roll that ball into position quickly! ��

  • Well Started the 12 week traing today so excited to lose more fat
    Thank u for giving it free it helps more in this lockdown
    I will be a life long subscriber to u

  • Feeling good, thank you. These workouts are really great. Just the right length and intensity to be challenging but not so daunting as to demotivate or discourage from doing them again and again.

  • ❤️ Love her workouts!!!!! They are so good. They are challenging enough to push your body to the next level but gentle enough to keep you coming back for more on a regular basis. I have been trying to get back in shape for sometime now after I had my baby. I tried a variety of different workout programs. I am so happy I discover Heather’s Channel. Now I truly feel I will reach my fitness goals by following her workouts. ❤️

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