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The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo. Written by Emily Faherty on April 2, 2014. Boston is the ultimate goal. Hardware: Wear these race. The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo. by Greatist.

July 27, 2014. No Comments. Share it: Want to walk the walk—or in this case, run the run? Then it’s time to learn how to talk the talk! Everyone knows runners are all a liiittle bit crazy, so it’s no surprise they have a.

The Ultimate Guide To Running Lingo. Penelope Cairns | 3 December 2015. SHARE THIS ON. The beginners guide to common running terminology. – By Jennifer Van Allen. A. Achilles Tendon: The tendon along the back of your foot that attaches your calf muscles to. The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo Fartleks: (noun) – Easy runs broken up by quick sprinting bursts. Woah..what were you thinking?

The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo 150+ Definitions of Common Terms & Acronyms — Runner’s Blueprint. Today I have compiled an extensive list of more than 150 words you might encounter in the running world and tried to explain each and one of them in the simplest and clearest ways I could. And please, if you think I’m missing out a couple of terms or more, feel. Hill Sprints – Running fast up and down hills to build strength. Interval Training – When you alternate fast and slow elements in the same running workout.

Junk Miles – Running for the sake of running even with out a purpose to the activity. Kick – To run harder at the finish line. The Ultimate Guide for Running Lingo. All the important terms that YOU should know!

Ultimate Guide To Cape Town’s Trail Running Lingo Look, I’m very much a newbie when it comes to trail running. In the last year, I’ve learned a huge amount of new things, like: how to pick my knees up to not fall on every trail run, that Nike trail shoes are not amazing, that you have to train to run a marathon distance trail race, and many. Body marking – Specific to triathlon lingo, this means that your arms and legs will be marked with your race number using a marker. Gun time – The time the clock says when you run across the finish line..

Chip time – Your actual time based on when you crossed the starting line and when you finished. In big road races or triathlons, you’ll almost always have a timing. A Guide to Common Running Terms. A dictionary of running terms for beginners.

Now with music and color maps, the 945 is the ultimate running watch. Stamina-Estimating. Apex.

Coros. $299.99.

List of related literature:

In numerous revisions and reprintings, his books A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (1984) and A Dictionary of the Underworld, British and American (1968) represent the best-known collections of English slang of the twentieth century.

“Language in the USA: Themes for the Twenty-first Century” by Charles Albert Ferguson, Edward Finegan, Shirley Brice Heath, John R. Rickford
from Language in the USA: Themes for the Twenty-first Century
by Charles Albert Ferguson, Edward Finegan, et. al.
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Comprehensive online dictionary of abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms.

“The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications” by Amy Einsohn, Marilyn Schwartz
from The Copyeditor’s Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications
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A list of acronyms and a glossary are provided on pages xxi and 349 respectively.

“Open Source Geospatial Tools: Applications in Earth Observation” by Daniel McInerney, Pieter Kempeneers
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• Dictionaries act as invaluable pronunciation and syllabication guides as well.

“Reference and Information Services: An Introduction, Fourth Edition” by Kay Ann Cassell, Uma Hiremath
from Reference and Information Services: An Introduction, Fourth Edition
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This list collects the acronyms used in this book.

“High Efficiency Video Coding: Coding Tools and Specification” by Mathias Wien
from High Efficiency Video Coding: Coding Tools and Specification
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A particularly good guide to commonly misused words and phrases.

“Going to the Sources: A Guide to Historical Research and Writing” by Anthony Brundage
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Slangs (very informal language that is usually spoken by particular groups of people) and colloquial expressions render this dictionary a useful book for the progressive reader.

Prentice Hall India Pvt., Limited, 2015

Jargon can also be fresh and funny, but more often it’s lost on the outsider.

“How to Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins
from How to Master the Art of Selling
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The acronyms SNAFU and FUBAR, which originated there, have become so common that my word processor’s spellchecker automatically recognizes them.

“Why Software Sucksand what You Can Do about it” by David S. Platt
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  • I used to be a pokemon Red/Blue any% runner but I stopped about 5 years ago and am looking to get back into a new game this helped so much thanks!

  • Thank you so much for doing this series, I’ve been running 2 games for about a year but when it comes to technology like setting up a timer with splits and even just recording, I have no clue what to do, hopefully with learning from you I can start recording and submitting some runs eventually. I do Resident Evil Revelations New Game Casual Console and Castlevania Circle of The Moon Fighter Mode All Bosses. the first one my PB is barely under 2 hours the second one my PB is a little over 40 minutes by a few seconds.

  • Watched it through. Looking forward to everything else you put out. Very detailed, and specific, and not making any assumptions. It’s like a speed-runner took the time to help guide you to actually do the right steps in the decision making process. I was kind of surprised how much I knew just from watching you speedrun. Great Work.

  • my friend does baiting every single game he will just let me push up or peak first and whenever i die they go in and get the kills, this is most of the reason why i was almost always bottom fragging was because i kept peaking first, now whenever im with them i almost never peak because i know they 100% wont peak with me, this friend also complains when none of the team peaks with him when he never peaks with me or any of us

  • Someone told to go heaven after planting a bomb and I had no idea what it meant so I came searched for comms in valorant, this helps a lot thx.

  • I really hate how I’m worst on team yet last alive and then I hear the rest of the team screaming just letters at me like I know what the fuck is going on
    Like why just say ct like now I get it means attackers but some people just say ct and that’s it and I don’t get what they think people are supposed to get from that

  • I’ve dabbled in speedrunning twice in the past that I can remember. My main issue is that I just can never have the patience to keep at it.
    both times were individual level runs, one was a contest in Ms Splosion Man, and one was Chemical Plant Act 1 in Sonic Generations.
    For Ms Splosion Man, I felt like I had more motivation to do my best. It was a timed event, only a week or so, a special level made exclusively for the event, and the top 5 players got a free copy of Twisted Pixel’s next game, and me being a huge fan of them I HAD to have it. So I spent hours every day going through the stage over and over, contacting other players on the leaderboard and collaborating, even learning new speed tricks on accident along the way that we didn’t know about just from playing the main game. In the end, I managed to hang on to the 5th place spot, and got the free game and a plushy that I still keep by tv to this day. But as proud and accomplished as I felt, I was absolutely burned out, and I don’t think I ever touched the game again.
    For Sonic Generations, it just happened that while playing on launch day, I noticed I was at the top of the leaderboard for Chemical Plant Act 1. Didn’t last super long but it got me excited to try to take it back. Plus, my roommate also played so it even became a personal competition between us. After about a week though, neither of us could figure out any ways to improve, and our placement continually dropped every day, and eventually we just gave up. Again, I’ve never had the motivation to ever try again, and haven’t touched the game in years.
    Games come by here and there when during my first playthrough I think that it might be fun to speedrun later, but by the time I beat the game, that urge is gone. The few rare games that I do end up replaying are usually because of the atmosphere than the challenge. Like Breath of the Wild, I’ve seen the crazy speedruns for that, but when I play I do it to explore every nook and cranny I see, not rush through.
    I WOULD like to speedrun something, but finding something that interests me to feels impossible, and even then how do I ensure that I stay motivated long enough to actually get good?

  • Pls make episode like that but with compositions like dive or goats. I started playing overwatch in Nov ’18 and I am really interested in meta changes since premiere!

  • We need a call for players like sova that say incoming scan get ready to wall hax. The opportunity is so short and barely utilised.

  • very helpful since valorant is the first fps game that i have invested time in but the thing is that I am playing on EUNE and if you play there too, you know that the turkish and EUNE servers are somewhat connected or something like that and so most people i encounter are turkish and don’t know a single english word i say… they can understand the bare minimum and it is hard to utilise the comms.

  • Dont be a pleb and say “I’m blind” or “He flashed me”. Be a real gamer and call it as it is: “I’m Helen Keller” is the only acceptable answer for when your blinded.

  • Wallbanging can also be called “scanning”. Especially if you spray the wall ‘seemingly random’ with something like an Ares or Odin.
    Also I thought “Plant for X” is just called “common sense” but ok.

  • The reason of everyone calling the upper area as haven as its simillar to the mirage mid-window called as” haven”. Plus the game is new it will have its new callouts soon

  • “Raidboss” or like “tank” like the best player on your team if your like in a group would buy someone a weapon like a ghost or sheriff and they buy armor.

  • Hmm as a cs player I knew all of these except the glass cannon one but I can see how players from other games wouldn’t know some calls like t/ct spawn. U covered everything imo so great list. Maybe u could’ve added the backstab call which is essentially telling ur teammates that a enemy is coming from where we came from/ he is flanking us or is behind us.

  • Js, idk why but new players dont know this… “on site, pushed in, on a on b etc” typical comms when the enemy team is in the bomb site or getting in

  • This video is awesome. The volume on the trendline break is something I never even thought of (i’m only 5-6 months in). Very eye opening!

  • 2 banana and apple before run during run i can survive on water after run heavy carbs and protein and nuts. And can go for 20 miles. and i am vegan i don’t know the hype behind these product like they make you think that they are good for you and make your body survive on those you just need consistency,hardwork and good balanced diet.and last just run.

  • Does that rehab/Max allowable offer calculator work just for your market or does it work for any market? If so, is that something that you and your team are sharing?

  • “Hooka” is that B window building of Bind. Been calling that in games with my friends and they’ve been like “??? the fuck is dat bruh?” so i guess its not as widely known as I thought

  • A term i use is “Play for Rebuy/ Exit Frag” in the condition that you have 1 to 2 team mate left and they cant win the round. The plan is to kill them near the end of the round/ running away from the bomb explosion and force them to rebuy their equipment, ruining their eco.

  • Question, my vertical lines will not transfer over to any other stock, which is the correct thing. however, my vertical lines i place will be applied to every stock. Is this a setting? CMEG>Sterling.

  • For me gels are horrible. When running a marathon what works for me are salted peanuts and water only water. Sport drinks make me burp all the time.

  • Hey Quentin awesome video bro I just started using PropStream and now I’m going to use Propelio for sure to compare numbers. But bro how can I get that offer calculator 3.0? That is a game changer tool too

  • What if you can’t find a comparable sold comp for a property do you use homes in the area with similar bedrooms bath and square footage?

  • The terms about support classifications got a bit jumbled in the video.
    The main/off healer distinction refers to the amount of heals a support character can provide
    Ex: Ana and Moira are main healers, Lucio and Zen are off healers
    The main/flex support distinction refers to your place within the comms and leadership structure in more organized play
    Ex: Mercy and Brig are main supports since they demand less mechanically and allow more time to think, Baptiste and Zen are flex supports because you have to be hitting shots

  • I’m getting Propstream today. But there is a calculator you used on the Deal Machine video that I have to have!!! You were smooth as butter on that call, and you seemed to have all of the analysis tools at your fingertips. Please let me k ow how I can obtain it.

  • A very important term you missed is a choke (chokepoint). A choke is a difficult/narrow spot the attackers have to get through to reach their objective. A good example of a choke is in the 1st point of Blizzard World, where the attackers need to pass through the gate to reach their objective.

  • Mike i have a question. I have your layout and it works nice except for One thing. When i mark out macrolines and pivots on my daily those lines don’t show on my 5 min or 24s charts. How Do i fix this?

  • Hey Mike, this is a great video explaining how trendlines indicate when to enter and when to exit a trade. What is not clear to me… since you mention we need the price and the trendline to meet three or more times, by the time we wait to have 3 swing highs, we miss 50% of the movement. Just like in the GRUB example, we start the trendline at the first swing high which is roughly $39, and then we wait for a second swing high, which doesn’t happen until around $37.5 and the third around $37.30 and the price keeps going lower until roughly $35. For a $4 move from $39 to $35, by entering at the third swing high at around 37.30 we missed almost 50% of the move.

  • I like your channel but I just wish you’d incorporate some more humor in it, especially since you’re heavily promoting your guide webiste (which is not a bad thing). It just feels a lot more impersonal than other overwatch channels if you just present the facts as they are and don’t add any jokes or personality. That said I love the informational content you provide and your energetic/enthusiastic delivery is on point, but I’d like to hear a couple jokes thrown here and there or some other manifestation of your personality as a youtuber.

  • Super dope video Mike! Been looking at different trendline videos and this was amazing in terms of where to place them and what they actually mean:D

  • another would be raid boss, its when you buy full armor on pistol round and someone buys you a good pistol like the sheriff or maybe the ghost and the team plays off of you, high risk very high reward.

  • Great teaching, excellent rules, I’m going to try this on my trades from this morning and see what is shows. I just have marked horizontal lines. Thanks so much!!

  • Soft reset
    Counter engage (haven’t heard it in a while)
    Hard reset
    Counter (not specific to ow but you included a lot of those so)
    Hard counter
    There is a bug on you (I see this vid as an introduction to new players so I think jay3’s story is now part of the overwatch player’s, general knowledge).
    Giga Chad
    All the twitch emotes now part of the ow culture.
    Poke (orisa junk comps)
    Bunker (a kind of poke)
    J silly

    Only these ones for now

    English is not my first language so maybe some of those are just a natural consequence of the English language.

  • Great video, giving a new perspective and understanding to add to the toolbox. Is it possible to do a live recording and how you apply the trend lines?

  • Mike, please make more of these videos. And PLEASE put your videos in a separate playlists so we can find them easily as they are currently buried. Thanks.

  • thank you Mike for this simple but effective indicator explanation and demonstration of proper placement,as usual, great lessons from The Warrior Trading Group.

  • Thanks Mike…the last vid on Vol Profiles helped me stay green. I’m looking forward to using “speedlines” on shorter time frames nest week!

  • On a very serious note: where are the likes of Eluid Kipchoge, Bekele, Mo Farah, etc. I wonder how they are coping, especially as they were peaking for the Olympics!

  • this works with the other one you posted the other day volume. as soon as it breaks the line you see a spike in volume.on almost all of the charts you showed us

  • hey mike. this was an awesome in-depth video, same with the volume profile analysis one.
    i really enjoy your trading and your knowledge about the market. do you still do the watchlist vid and trade recaps?

  • If you have a small account and do not like PDT sign this!

  • The best educator for trading on YouTube. The example has several trend lines that have breen broken but your videos showed me how to identify them. I salute you Sir

  • Coconut water is the best thing for me during and after a run, I find the electrolyte drinks way too sugary and sickly. Hate the gels, haribo star mix does the trick without making me feel sick!

  • You are out of your mind to say Brigitte has a low skill ceiling. Her skill ceiling is high. To make an impact with her, you need to extend into enemy lines, which isn’t true of any other healer except maybe Moria (who is significantly easier and safer to play). If you are not very careful with Brig as you play harder teams, you will quickly get yourself killed.

  • Cluster

    When the opposite team is stacking or in turtle formation

    Cluster is often called when a group is together and your ult is ready primarily used for bastions or dva bombs

  • I kinda disagree with brig, I mean I am a Genji main so I should agree with you about her skill ceiling, but I do think she is mostly off-meta and she requires some skill to be high ranked with her you know? I mean i hate her but I think she does require a lot of gamesense

    You gave a good example with hog having a high skill floor but also a high skill ceiling if you hit all your hooks, same with brigs with whip shots you know?

    Good video man! A lot of work!

  • Question: for the propstream example is there a reason why the date range and square footage was not adjusted to the 6-9 month rule and 500 plus or minus rule as was shown in the propelio example? Let me know if should I go ahead and apply the same rules to propstream as propelio. Thanks.

  • Throwing
    Intentionally losing the fight by using ultimates
    Pretending there is a glitch on ur teammate and ulting them to get rid of it

  • Is there a way I can convience players in comp to stop swap off widow or Hanzo or genji cuz it seems like there is no way I can win a game if I have a useless widow in team that is not willing to swap of that trash pick. This game is really fun but when it comes to being in game with brain dead players it’s makes me wanna rage quit

  • Hey gameleap, would you ever consider adding console guides on your website? Maybe getting a top 500 console player to do a guide, not for heroes, but for console tips for aiming or game sense? Because console and pc are definitely played differently, so as a console player, I would love to see something like this

  • Thank you, Mike! Very informative video. I am wondering if these lines are also applicable for different charts? such as 1 and/or 5 minutes specially for someone who is very slow/novice like me ��. Again outstanding job!����

  • moth Mercy
    main tank the tank that makes space
    off tank the tank that contests space
    potato a player with bad hardware
    lag a player with bad internet
    choke a narrow path you are forced to walk through
    pug pick-up game. games where a group of people come together as a ”one-time team” to play the game competitively.
    scrim a practice round between 2 teams. (OWL, Contenders and amature)
    trashcan bad teammate

  • I have very few hours in overwatch compared to other games I play but I must point out that Kiting means something very different in most communities I’m in. Kiting refers to retreating in a way that drags your attacker along with you, like a kite following a string, so your team can kill him. It’s basically what you said for Baiting. I’m curious to see if anyone else uses it this way, is this just an Overwatch difference?

  • Best call out of all time, ‘RUSH B! Blyattt’, which means that you and your teammate on the attacker side just go rushing into B bombsite

  • “CDs” (Cooldowns aka abilities) i.e.: “Ana no CDs” means, that your team has an advantage due to the enemies Ana not having her sleep and nade

  • the thing about “ct/t” is its a lot faster to call than “defender spawn” or “attacker spawn” and usually “ct/t” is a very specific entrance to site and if the “spawn” is mentioned its precisely the spawn where people afk or wait for exit frags.

  • Wow this is absolutely FASCINATING. I am blown away. It’s so simple yet the consequences are huge. I really loved this video. So well explained and so so useful. I really look forward to incorporating lessons learnt into my trading.

    Two quick questions:
    1. What role does liquidity play, and by that I mean I noticed from your examples that the stocks were mostly higher cap. From a long term point of view, how does that impact a stock that is maybe low float but only in play for the day?
    2. In terms of exiting the trade, are there instances where the price might be so far above (or below for a short) the speed line that rather than waiting for a break to the trend, it’s probably worthwhile taking profits then for example at 25:17, when the stock hit $143, taking profits then instead of having waited for the break?

  • You had a good amount of wrong definition like flex how you properly use flex is saying “I’m a flex tank meaning you play basically all the tanks well or a bunch of characters in say the dps slot

  • The “build run” is essentially the same as negative splits. The difference being that a build run is usually a specific type of workout with your pace starting below tempo, building up to tempo, and then finishing above tempo, while you can do negative splits in almost any type of workout.

    km/hour vs miles/hour really mostly depends on your local distance standard.

    One of my favorite memes is the photo of a runner doing stretches while saying “I just did a fartlek”.:-D

  • They should make treadmills in pace per minute not miles per hour! It would save a lot of math calculations while your exercising.

    7.5 mph 8:00 pace, 10 mph 6:00 pace, 12 mph 5:00 pace, but in between you get lost! Mine only goes up to 12 mph at least.

  • Hello Mike, thanks for sharing this, don’t know if you have ever explained it before, but can you let us kknow why a 24s chart (and not a 10s or 30s)? thanks in advance for your reply, best regards

  • Tempo is not the same as threshold!! Tempo is zone 3, threshold is zone 4. Tempo is just an uncomfortable pace above endurance/zone 2 but definitely not race pace