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This is because, in addition to getting your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons warm, a great warmup also improves the efficiency of your neural drive, or the signal sent from your brain that tells a specific muscle or group of muscles to contract. “The muscles have to be told to fire in order to contract,” Dircksen explains. This is because, in addition to getting your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons warm, a great warmup also improves the efficiency of your neural drive, or the signal sent from your brain that tells a specific muscle or group of muscles to contract. “The muscles have to be told to fire in order to contract,” Dircksen explains. WARM-UP BASICS 1. START WITH FOAM ROLLING Foam rolling pre-workout has been shown to increase blood flow, enhance joint flexibility and make the fascia (a web of connective tissue that coats the muscles) more gel-like, according to a review published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. For example, large muscle groups like the hamstrings or lats have influence on the knee, hip and shoulder so prepping these joints (and the muscles) by exploring joint range of motion is an essential part of the warm-up.

The Anatomy of a Great Choral Warm-Up Tori Cook Jan 22, 2019 Learn more: choir management, artistic development A lot of people say that vocal warm-ups are for “warming up the voice” stretching the vocal muscles, removing excess phlegm, reducing risk of injury, etc., etc. Anatomy of a Warm Up No matter what your workout is, it should always start with a warm-up. The right warm-up gently prepares the body for exercise by gradually increasing your heart rate, circulation, flexibility, and joint mobility.

Phase 1 Light Aerobic Warm-Up A good warm-up always starts with several minutes of light aerobic activity such as jogging. The purpose of this component is to get the blood flowing and raise your body’s core temperature. The light aerobic warm-up should last 5-10 minutes and include a variety of movement patterns, not just running.

A solid warm-up must increase the extensibility of tendons, muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissues. This can be done through dynamic stretches, as well as foam rolling, that we will cover later on. When is a warm-up not necessary? The shorter a race is, the more important a warm-up is.

Any criterium or time-trial will need a proper warm-up. But, very long road race events may not necessitate a good warm-up and may even be detrimental. In long events, a quick and efficient start is not nearly as important. An effective warm up is an opportunity to awaken the body/mind towards inner kinesthetic listening, towards dynamic alignment, and a progression to warm core body temperature without fatiguing the system.

Each body often needs a unique series of preparatory movements to prepare for exertion and action.

List of related literature:

In tennis, it is suggested that any dynamic warmup program targets the shoulder, hips, and spine to prepare the athlete for the demands of the sport.

“Tennis Medicine: A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation” by Giovanni Di Giacomo, Todd S. Ellenbecker, W. Ben Kibler
from Tennis Medicine: A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation
by Giovanni Di Giacomo, Todd S. Ellenbecker, W. Ben Kibler
Springer International Publishing, 2019

This book is an absolute must-have resource for coaches and athletes who are serious about taking performance to the next level.

“Developing Agility and Quickness” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Dawes
from Developing Agility and Quickness
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Dawes
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

After the warmup session, the athlete should perform a number of upper and lower limb stretches, especially those specific to the competitive activity.

“Spinal Cord Injuries E-Book: Management and Rehabilitation” by Sue Ann Sisto, Erica Druin, Martha Macht Sliwinski
from Spinal Cord Injuries E-Book: Management and Rehabilitation
by Sue Ann Sisto, Erica Druin, Martha Macht Sliwinski
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

Ideally,a warm­up should be a slowerversion of the main event soit worksthe same muscles andgets blood flowing to all the right places.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

The expansions of the clavicular and costal parts of the pectoralis major muscle, of the biceps muscle (called also lacertus fibrosus), of the palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis muscles are highlighted.

“Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body E-Book: The science and clinical applications in manual and movement therapy” by Robert Schleip, Thomas W. Findley, Leon Chaitow, Peter Huijing
from Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body E-Book: The science and clinical applications in manual and movement therapy
by Robert Schleip, Thomas W. Findley, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

The bellies of the supinator–extensor musculature are palpable distal to the radial head on the lateral–posterior forearm.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, E-Book” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio, Sheri Felder, Eon K Shin
from Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, E-Book
by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

Preexercise dynamic warmup specifically prepares the athlete for optimal performance in competition.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
from Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book
by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Justus tries to do all of the stretches you’ll find in this book (see page 242) every day.

“Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia: Strategies to Take Back Your Life” by Andy Abril, Barbara K. Bruce
from Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia: Strategies to Take Back Your Life
by Andy Abril, Barbara K. Bruce
Mayo Clinic Press, 2019

■ Stretch/maintain muscle length, particularly calf, hamstrings, iliopsoas, pectorals ■ Maintain range of movement of shoulders and chest wall, with a focus on facilitating normal posture ■ Include functional exercises (e.g. step ups, squats).

“Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy: Adults and Paediatrics E-Book: formerly Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems” by Eleanor Main, Linda Denehy
from Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy: Adults and Paediatrics E-Book: formerly Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems
by Eleanor Main, Linda Denehy
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

An electromyographic (EMG) study (Basmajian 1979) showed that the standing posture can be maintained by muscle activities in the solius, iliopsoas, sacrospinalis, and neck extensor.

“The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook” by Waldemar Karwowski, William S. Marras
from The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook
by Waldemar Karwowski, William S. Marras
Taylor & Francis, 1998

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  • How can I fix shoulder malalignment, that if u were looking at someone from behind it looks as if that person has scoliosis.. but it’s but the spine is clear

  • Hello Rowan, I was looking for this type of warming routine for years. Please can you do something similar for the cool down or the end of the training session, for stretching and relaxing the muscles. Thank you very much and greetings from Colombia. ��

  • New to your channel please help me with this question? If you have a lot of weight to lose what would be a really good starter routine calisthenics workout?? Thank you!!

  • For a few days I’ve been feeling pretty hopeless about not being good enough when it comes to art and if I’d ever be able to make it into a career. This video really helped me to get out of that mindset and to think about my own goals and what I want instead of thinking “will this be good enough?”, so thank you for that. I really like these type of videos where you share your own thoughts!

  • I,m doing your beginner calithenics routine for year and a half and for worm up, i do jumping jack for 2 minutes. Do you recommend this new warm up routine (blood flow + mobility) or do i stick to jumping jacks untill i get more stronger? Tnx:)

  • Hello:) could you please tell me the name of the Stock Photo provider? I had her on Deviantart, but I don’t find her on Instagram, sadly:(

  • “Having concrete goals like ‘I want to be able to communicate action and emotion’ is what you need because then you’ll learn the necessary skills to do that in service of the goal, rather than just forcing yourself to learn misc. fundamentals with no clear endgame”

  • I like how you do not try to perfect what you see; you have your own style and make adjustments. I think doing a pen sketch helps a bit as well.

  • I’ve never really created tangible goals (like I’ve never written them on paper) but I’ve felt them. For example, I’ve always liked good character design and intricate/ aesthetically pleasing designs because they appeal to me.

  • Hi don’t know if you reply to comments but was wondering what your thoughts are on how to lift safely with a spinal fracture like spondylolisthesis

  • Day 1 9th Aug
    Day 2 10th Aug
    Day 3 11th Aug
    Day 4 12th Aug
    Day 5 13th Aug
    Day 6 14th Aug
    Day 7 15th Aug
    Day 8 16th Aug
    Day 9 17th Aug
    Day 10 18th Aug
    Day 11 19th Aug
    Day 12 20th Aug
    Day 13 21st Aug

  • muchas gracias por el video, excelente explicación, muy aclarativa, me sirvió demasiado, disfrute mucho tu video.

    Saludos desde Chile!!:D

  • Nice and effective warm up routine!!! ��You have a perfect physique❤❤ and you are doing a great job by setting yourself as an example for others… keep it up….�� Please make a video for biceps,triceps growth using bodyweight, how to get wider shoulders….and one for the fore arms….

  • Ok so with the external rotations I feel pain through the right shoulder, in or under the anterior deltoid. This is a fairly long term ‘niggle’ dating back to competing in triathlon and unilateral breathing. Doesn’t affect my bench, but it does OHP. Feel it with the banded ‘w’ I’ve seen you recommended too! #squatUclub

  • Guarda bien todos tus sketch books como el tesoro más preciado. Porque con tanto dibujo digital… El verdadero arte está en el arte tradicional. Dentro de unos años nadie sabrá hacer lo que tú haces ahora mismo con un bolígrafo o un lápiz.El uso de tabletas digitales está haciendo menos artistas. Pasó con la caligrafía,como todo el mundo escribe con teclado,la caligrafía ha caído en picado.
    El dibujo y el conocimiento de las mezclas de color está en peligro de desaparecer. Por eso, te doy las gracias por hacer estos vídeos de arte y dibujo tradicional.

  • I really enjoyed this video. Fun to see your mannequin and how you start with the body. I start with the head when I can because it is what I was taught and it makes it easier to get a solid connection to the torso. However I also think starting with the torso makes the most sense as it is what is saying the most.. Guess I’ll have to experiment some more ^^

  • It’s funny how my warm up is actually very similar to yours, although I tend to warm up my shoulders with an elastic band. Also, I like this vlogging style! Keep up the good work

  • Hi. Love your sketches. Could you do a tutorial on how you draw arms and legs? I see that each time you draw a pose, there’s a specific way you plot and draw your arms and legs. I would love to hear your method.

  • You’re such an inspiration. I hope I can draw like you someday! Greetings from Brazil. Please keep up the good work and help me get through quarentine

  • Ive had problems last few months with my right shoulder Bench Press & Tricep OH extensions. It tends to get sore and cramping at times, it makes the movements feel awkward.

  • Great video man! I think you accidentally put the word art as ADDuction when you said and meant ABDuction to show up from editing. Always great content to incorporate into my own practice!

  • One thing that I really took from this was is to look for the depth behind WHY you want to create what you are creating. I want to express emotions and tell stories. I want to connect with other people on an emotional level with art. I am just…no where near there. I get caught up on making the right technical moves, I am so stiff and I lose the emotional fluidity I am looking to channel. I really want to revisit figure drawing on a larger scale.

    Thank you for such an informative video. I love how you speak so passionately about what you do, it’s really inspiring. I will be coming back to rewatch this again as I am sure I have missed a few points.

    Also, hello from the Golden Horseshoe area! Stay safe (and sane, I feel you on the restless thing, haha)

  • Thank you for making this, it was actually really helpful and interesting. Please consider making more of these:>
    Also you gained a new subscriber ��

  • The #SquatUclub is now on YouTube! As soon as I upload a new video, “like” it and comment with the hashtag #SquatUclub ASAP. I’ll pick amongst those who do so within 1 hour of the video going live and pick one winner to start working on whatever you need help with (squat technique, an achy hip, help with back pain during deadlifts, etc). You must be SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel for a chance to win. Turning on notifications by clicking the little bell next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my channel will make sure you can be first in line to win every time!

    I’ll reply under the winners comment so make sure you keep up on your notifications!

  • Sir please do make a vid of telling
    Which exercise should we do on the basis of our current posture
    Like i am having a moderate belly
    So which Video of YOURs should I begin with to burn belly fat and for proper abs

  • It’s a reassuring feeling to hear another artist put into words things you were already beginning to explore. Everything you said about appeal and shapes is exactly how I approach things. Great content to draw to!

  • Can you make app for android users:( The app is only for ios only sad. But I always watch your videos on youtube. Hope you make app on adroid. Thanks!

  • Perfect timing Doc. OHP training session today so I am about to give this a shot. Thanks for continuing to put out amazing content! #squatuclub

  • I’ve seen some pretty impressive sketch book art by many younger artists who are definitely worthy of actually being mentored by famous artists such as Boris Velligio,Alex Ross,Wally Wood,Jim Lee,and others for actual reviews and apprenticeship here on YouTube, and I myself hope that this will actually come about for many of you with your own great individual art styles and creative innovative work’s of fantastic sketches and other inspiration’s-“Definitely would like to see all them displayed in a gallery and put up for actual perchase’s as well,to help artists with future projects. “

  • I cant wait to try this! I have been doing mostly kettlebell work lately, however, pull-ups are what kill my right shoulder. I have switched to neutral grip pull-ups to ease the strain. I think I have a ton of potential by adding this to my warm-up. Great video!

  • Thanks for the video. Keeps my brain working… as for the reasons and goals you are talking, for me I want to improve personally, share and connect with people in this world full of noise and be heard, not be alone and solo. Sometimes it feels to send messages into abyss or open cosmos. Recently I realized, every like from my close people means they know I am there and I am heard. Now I understand,that I also have to keep being myself more open, say things and not be silent. And also care for my skills as if it were a flower or tree, always work on my skills. I love to study masters, for photo studies, do more intuitive works. Take notes and make checklists to keep all ideas not forgotten. Wish everything good!

  • This was very enlightening…I definitely want to communicate with emotions as well and what blocked me was that I was Adamant to improve my skill before moving to the next step. This video really helped me out of that mind set and l will work towards my goals with a better view as you put it with a pleasing appeal and atmosphere.

  • Thank you very much for this video! Sketching the poses as you were made the experience feel more entertaining, and thank you for making it long! It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to see more videos like this!

  • I definitely loved this video and the topic at hand especially about setting goals, and how to get to them and how being to vague with your artist goals doesnt really help in the long run along with everything else you’ve said.

    My artist goals are working as you said on creating peices, body languages, telling a story with a clear view. And developing those goals with creating cohesive peice that tells a narrative and story. Creating 1 shot pages to focus on layout and then building more to tell an effective short story and hone my skills in effective storytelling in comics. I have so many more artist goals. ❤

  • Excellent. I, like many, have a dominant subscap, so I limit the internal rotation and focus on external for the 3 external rotators (but am sure to stretch subscap☺). Other than that, I will be putting this all together for my next push day for sure!

  • This is perfect exactly what I was hoping for thank you Ryan!!:)
    Quick and easy and great to avoid strain or injuries. Really appreciate you making this tutorial!
    Oh, and happy fathers day.:)
    Ps it’s pronounced ‘Leila’, like the Eric Clapton song.

  • So how long your average warmup lasts? Half an hour? More? Just wrist prep seems to last an eternity if done properly and from all angles…

  • I have a issue getting the bar to my chest due to a sore and very tight left delt, i believe your warmup method may help me get full range of motion. thank u

  • Good stuff. Fix your flags in the background.  Union is always at the top left!

  • My goal is to start a Patreon. Artistically, my goal is to tell stories clearly, effectively, and poignantly. I fear I don’t have the time, and I’m unclear on how to set the right specifics projects for myself to get there.

  • When you started rotating those hips, i got distracted. �� why so sexy? �� but thanks, will def try this. But if i may suggest, can we not have ads in the middle of the workout? Pls. ������

  • I really enjoyed this type of video! It was so relaxing to watch and I do hope you do more like it! I also hope that you’re doing well during this difficult time. I know that it’s tough, but I hope that you can remain positive and strong throughout it!

    I really loved learning how you pick your reference and what you try to get out of it. I always loved how your figure drawing was visually pleasing to look at. It was clear that you had a grasp on anatomy but you never cling to making it exactly like the photo. That’s something that I’m trying to get into my life drawings now lol. I’m certainly going to use this advice when it comes to picking my reference for life drawing now. <3

    I also loved the topic of goals in art. My goal had always been to tell stories with my art in a coherent and visibly obvious manner. Rather that’s in comics or single illustrations, it’s what I’ve been striving for, and continue to strive for. I also have a tough time just sitting down and drawing random pretty pictures because I feel like there’s nothing to drive me through it, so maybe I should stop trying to force myself to do that lol. This video was rife with information and I’ll certainly be looking at it again in the future! Thank you for another upload!<3333

  • If I had spent half as much time practicing as I am watching practice videos I think I wouldn’t need practice videos any more ��
    Thanks for the great content!

  • You’re very inspiring! I get so much motivation from your videos and artwork! Keep sharing your experiences and opinions, please never stop ✨

  • My warm up is already pretty similar to this actually. Adding in jumping jacks really helped my energy levels. Especially after a day of sitting at a desk.

  • Great Post. Ques: When you mean be ‘active’ in doing these warm ups does that mean I should ‘engage’ my body as though I am about take a ‘punch’ or ‘body shot’?

  • Perfect timing! Going to do jerk training tomorrow and am always trying to get the best-possible mobility before working! #SquatUclub

  • This is awesome. I searched your videos for an upper body warmup because I knew if you had one it would be one that included active mobility… and you totally delivered. Thank you!

  • what are the best post workout stretches for legs?? rn i use static stretches with a band because i like to run any other stretches? maybe foam rolling?

  • I LOVED this video. Please make more, if/when you have time. Honestly, I would happily watch you warm up every single day. I’m just starting on my art journey, and I find there’s so much to learn from loose rough “warm ups” (though they’re works of art IMHO). I love EVERYTHING you do but if you could do more videos like this (or the full process how you rough out your foundation sketches) that would be AMAZING! You’re amazing, please keep it up!

  • i loooove your art so much! it’s so pretty and i really like the way you sketch and your style in general. i discovered your account recently and i’m bingewatching all your videos right now!

  • I would buy a book full only of your sketches and warmups in a heartbeat. Your commentary was incredibly insightful and invaluable. Thank you so much for posting this! Please consider making more. I really enjoyed watching your process and listening to your thoughts. So many gold pieces to pick apart in this treasure trove of a video.

  • The #SquatUclub is now on YouTube! As soon as I upload a new video, “like” it and comment with the hashtag #SquatUclub ASAP. I’ll pick amongst those who do so within 1 hour of the video going live and pick one winner to start working on whatever you need help with (squat technique, an achy hip, help with back pain during deadlifts, etc). You must be SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel for a chance to win. Turning on notifications by clicking the little bell next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my channel will make sure you can be first in line to win every time!

    I’ll reply under the winners comment so make sure you keep up on your notifications!

  • Yes you are right, first we have to set a specific goal, not just be good at drawing. And it not only applies to artwork it applies to everything we learn. ❤️

  • Heyyy I am doing callisthenics for last 1.5 months. At first I cannot do even one push up… Now I can do 10 at a row with a little difficulty. I am also doing push up plank, core exercises and squats (60 times) thrice a week. What else can I do to take it to other level?

  • There is no such thing as best warm up. The kind of warm up best for you or the most beneficial for your training that you are about to start with greatly depends on what kind of training that is. Such statements are just rather neglecting a lot of factors that are a must to be taken into account for professionals( certified coaches) to minimize any possibilities for room to injuries. That is why no amateurs should give out such generalized advice especially with huge audience, it is just plain dangerous and irresponsible.

  • I watch your video whenever I get confused with the anatomy ❤️❤️❤️ they’ve helped me so much learning the curves of some parts. Much Love ��❣️

  • Nice warmup. Some feedback is change the timer sound to countdown sound helps the flow. Also you have a wonderful voice so use it ex. Arm circles one way…then switch other way. These will help with the flow of the warmup and workout. Also final feedback is change your youtube ads to show up in the beginning and end…not during your workout. Everything else is great

  • This is str8t up… the best YouTube fitness channel in terms of warming up. I have been looking for the past 3 years a quick warm up. This is perfect!

  • Awesome information as usual. I also followed a previous video to roll and stretch my lats to avoid impingement. Is the order important in warmup? Should soft tissue mobilisation precede this exercise to activate the back muscles. Many thanks for your answer. #SquatUClub

  • Full routine outline is in the video description! And sorry for the late upload. Had some technical issues uploading this to YouTube ��
    What has your warm up routine been like lately? Anything like the warm up I share in this video? Let me know! ��

  • Thanks, Aaron. I believe this shoulder warmup routine is also suitable for the bench press, as it gets the back warmed up. But do the pecs need any sort of priming before performing the lift? I really wonder.

  • This was SO informative. I sincerely hope that lot of what you said starts to deep-root itself in how I work. A lot of your technique is not how I guessed it would have been from looking at the final product. It’s interesting.

    Also, I love the background music you chose. It made the video a lot more relaxing—I could have honestly watched for an hour

  • I am big fan of your channel…I follow warm up with watching your video…�������� thanks a lot for useful and interesting wonderful video

  • It really helps a lot THANKYOU Rowan sir,
    you are the best and inspiration for many people

    It takes lot of efforts just to make one video hats off to you sir,

  • Me: watching vid in my recliner, tries to ext rotate shldr w/hand overhead

    Lats: nah dog, not today bruh

    Time to add this warmup!!

  • Oh damn you went to animation at Sheridan?! As much as I heard that is the top tier school, I find Seneca more conveniently closer to my home. As an aspiring animator myself, I found this video very interesting and useful. Just watching you draw those figures pumps me up to become better. Thankssss

  • Great video, great inspiration. This guy is a legend and has inspired me to work out more and even create my own YouTube channel. Please subscribe to show your support guys, Im new and would really appreciate it

  • Just a reminder for gym, dont mind me:p

    1:16 (15 20 rep)
    1:58 (12 20 rep)
    2:50 (6 8 rep inside AND outside)
    3:35 (5 6 rep. Squeeze elbows)

    Thanks for the video btw:)

  • This video is sooooo helpfull. Thank you so much for taking your time to record the sketch prosses and doing the voice over, the video is wonderfull and so is your art

  • I’d like to create my own webcomic, but I think I keep getting stuck in the details of improving my art before I even start. I just keep hammering away at stiff drawings to improve my skills that have no real emotion, instead of working on drawing pictures with personality and letting my skills improve from that. That’s also probably why I haven’t been as motivated to sketch lately; I’m not drawing anything I care about. Time to reevaluate my process I guess. Listening to you talk helped me come to this conclusion so, thanks for that.

  • how long should be rest between sets? i am a beginner i normally do bte 60-90 seconds is that okay?

    really helpful video i was looking for something like that so thankyou

  • Amazing video! Ryan, you have inspired me all these months. I am back to training, thanks to your kind words and advise. Best Regards ��

  • I love love your art and you’re also just so helpful like you explain things in your own way but I learn a lot from you thank you �� you’re one of my favorite artists keep it up ��❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi! I’m trying to follow your actual Pinterest account but for some reason the link won’t show me your account just that one board. I want to use my Pinterest app as well and the link is forcing me to use my web browser ���� obviously there’s a way to do it but i can’t figure it out. I tried searching “cosmic spectrum” but that just brings me to a bunch of your art that’s been reposted by other people. Can you let me know your Pinterest account name? Thanks �� ��

  • Thank you, I really enjoyed this video and wanted to share this related topic that was interesting to me.

  • The banded dislocation is one of my favorites right now. I’ve actually been doing it as a finisher as well with a heavier band on my shoulder days!

  • I feel like getting into position for the back squat is gonna feel smooth as a hot knife slicing through some butter. Honestly I’ve done just the prone press itself without the external rotation component and that alone is very challenging. So I have no doubt this combination would be even more challenging and effective. Thank you for the advice!

  • Thanks, Doc! Excellent content as always. I’ve always wanted to incorporate this in my mobility routine (but I didn’t know where and how to start). Thank you! ����

  • Thats a great warm up routine for your shoulders. I also do them regularly and I have the mobility to do behind the neck presses but why do them at all? Its a bad exercise regardless of your mobility.

  • I don’t know if i am crazy but the first thing he speak sounds more like a british but as it goes it changes to spanish/Portuguese accent. Lmao

  • Great video! Just discovered this channel and love it! got any tips on how to incorporate training holds (on rings /parallettes) with regular weight training. At the moment I’m doing holds before weight training and my arms get so wrecked it’s killing my workouts. How can I incorporate this stuff into my regular workouts? Any tips for how to split?

  • thank you for the video, it really helped me, because recently i’ve been thinking about the same stuff and hearing your perspective was calming in a way, because it showed me that i’m not the only one thinking about this things ��

  • I’ve been really struggling to really study anatomy, I feel kinda scared to practice it, and I try to stick to a schedule, like trying to study anatomy in certain days of the week and studying other important parts of learning body shape, figures and just about whatever I like. I want to stop avoiding the art books I have, being scared to read them and not wanting to read them sometimes, Like you sed, photo reference is good, and I’m also thinking of starting that more than I usually do, I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, but I stopped, then I got to 6th grade and I started to come back to it, my father was an amazing artist, he had a tattoo shop, but he now stopped doing art, he was my main inspiration for art since I could remember, I’ve been serious with drawing for around 4 to 3 years and I’ve improved a lot, but well, I get stuck sometimes. Really really sorry for rambling, I just really wanted to talk to another artist, thanks for reading

  • Hi, I found your videos really amazing and helping for working out at home.
    I really want if could make a video on limbering down and body stretching for post workout.

  • I have been experiencing pain in my left adductor high on my inner thigh. It has gotten to the point where I cannot sit crossleg on the floor. What can I do to treat a tight or strained adductor and prevent future injury? #SquatUclub

  • That’s pretty much the same as what I do. But I do a few punching drills (one-two’s, uppercuts etc) and I do a few footwork drills like sidesteps, pivots and feet to bum things really fast.

  • Great.. now we have Warmup. How about cool down exercises? Thank you.. great content.. most reliable and keep simple content available in YouTube as far as I know.. I am waiting to see cool down.. Thanks again..

  • in the twenty years I have played golf Simon is the only one I can understand I am starting to play good golf again Thanks Simon cheers.