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The Benefits of Juicing: Fruit and Vegetable Juicing Recipes Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet, but they can be even more beneficial to wellbeing when their vitamins, phytochemicals, sterols, enzymes, and minerals are in liquid form. Here are some healthy juice recipes: 2 green apples. 1 stick of celery. 3-4 leaves kale or 1 small bunch of “kai-lan”.

1/2 cup broccoli with stem. 1/4 lemon with peel or 1 small sour lime with peel. A thumb-sized piece of ginger. The 12 Best Vegetables to Juice.

1. Kale. Kale is a versatile leafy green with a mild flavor that pairs well with other fruits and veggies in juices. This power-packed ingredient 2. Carrots. 3. Beets.

4. Cabbage. 5. Spinach. Now that you are juicing so many fruits and vegetables, you may want to know the best way to clean them.

Organically grown produce is always the best, but organic or not (as your budget allows) this is a fruit and vegetable wash to take away all the nasties from your juice. Michelle’s Fruit and Vegetable Wash. Ingredients: ½ cup vinegar; 1. Juicing is one of the best ways to get an abundance of nutrients into your body quickly.

Whole fruits and vegetables are great, but to get the same nutrition from eating them whole you would need to consume a huge quantity of them. And as a bonus, with every glass of juice you are nutritiously hydrating your body. 10 Benefits of Juicing.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice also decreases your risk of cancer. While this benefit also applies to solid fruits and vegetables, with fresh juice, you have the ability to consume a large amount of cancer-fighting nutrients very quickly. One of the profound benefits of juicing is that of liver cleansing. In short juicing allows you to consume more vegetables efficiently.

Remember that majority of the ingredients in a recipe should be vegetables and minimize high fructose fruit like apples and strawberries. A good ratio to follow would be 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. Here are the best healthy vegetable Juice Recipes. They are a great way to accelerate your weight loss and deal with those crazy hunger pangs.

Fruit and veggie juices can help you pack in a punch of nutrients in your diet. They also help in. This juice recipe brings out the sweet taste of beets along with the addition of ginger and lemon for a zesty kick. Ginger is high in anti-inflammatory properties and also can help to aid digestion.Enjoy the benefits of ginger in both juices, smoothies, and in a ginger shot.Loaded with essential minerals and high in vitamin C, this a great morning juice.

To avoid juicing too much sugar, try to aim for an 80/20 ratio of vegetables to fruit and watch your intake of these high-sugar fruits like pineapple, mango, papaya and bananas and stick to low-sugar fruit to sweeten your recipes.

List of related literature:

Because juicing assists us in getting an abundance of raw, fresh produce into our diet, it can boost the immune system, aid digestion, alleviate allergies, help reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, slow aging, and enhance energy levels.

“The Juice Lover's Big Book of Juices: 425 Recipes for Super Nutritious and Crazy Delicious Juices” by Vanessa Simkins
from The Juice Lover’s Big Book of Juices: 425 Recipes for Super Nutritious and Crazy Delicious Juices
by Vanessa Simkins
Harvard Common Press, 2016

Cancer patients will often have difficulty in obtaining adequate nutrition from cooked meals and/or large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables.Raw juicing isof paramount importance to cancerpatients, as itcan provide concentrated amounts of antioxidants and phyto­nutrients to strengthen the immune system.

“Raw Juices Can Save Your Life: An A-Z Guide” by Sandra Cabot MD
from Raw Juices Can Save Your Life: An A-Z Guide
by Sandra Cabot MD
SCB International,

On top of that juicing removes the fibre, which impairs absorption of many nutrients in fruit and vegetables and aggravates the condition in the already sensitive digestive system of a GAPS patient.

“Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia, 2nd Edition” by Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.
from Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia, 2nd Edition
by Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.
Medinform Publishing, 2018

basic recipes of fruits and vegetables that you are familiar with and still get great benefits from juicing.

“The Healthy Juicer's Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long” by Farnoosh Brock
from The Healthy Juicer’s Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long
by Farnoosh Brock
Skyhorse, 2013

As many people who have tried juicing know, it takes a countertop of vegetables to make one 10-ounce glass of juice.

“Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients” by Russell L. Blaylock
from Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients
by Russell L. Blaylock
Citadel Press, 2019

One of the main benefits of juicing is that it makes the nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables easier for your body to absorb.

“Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegan Cookbook To Get Started” by Rockridge Press
from Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegan Cookbook To Get Started
by Rockridge Press
Callisto Media Incorporated, 2013

We still experienced the same benefits from juicing, and our lives became easier in that we no longer had to spend all that time making juices and cleaning the juicer (which, let me tell you, is not nothing).

“Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir” by Jasmin Singer
from Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir
by Jasmin Singer
Penguin Publishing Group, 2016

In addition to your juicing needs, it can be used to create raw food recipes.

“Beautiful on Raw: Uncooked Creations” by Tonya Zavasta
from Beautiful on Raw: Uncooked Creations
by Tonya Zavasta
Br Pub, 2005

Get Jack Lalane’s books and his juicer, if you like, for more information about juicing.

“The Only Answer to Cancer” by Dr. Leonard Coldwell
from The Only Answer to Cancer
by Dr. Leonard Coldwell
21st Century Press, 2009

The other incredible benefit from juicing is the sheer quantity of plant-based goodness you’re able to consume in one sitting!

“Radiant Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin” by Hanna Sillitoe
from Radiant Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin
by Hanna Sillitoe
Octopus Books, 2018

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Thanks for the recipes. I love them. I am your new subscriber. I hope to have your support when I will start my own channel because I am passionate about making healthy juices and can not wait to start.

  • Awesome video if a five year old made one. Not informative at all. Doesn’t Recipe mean how much of each ingredient should be used. This video should be called, “How to use a Juicing machine for beginners”. How did you ever get 682k subscribers? Wow

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  • Thank you for adding subtitles. I’m so grateful that as a deaf person subtitles are added and are working properly.

    All videos on YouTube should have functional subtitles, so that we can understand the video, it really means a lot to us.

    Thank you for supporting the deaf and hard of hearing community ��‍♀️��✨��

    We are grateful ✌��

    The deaf and hard of hearing community thanks you.

    This is our only way of understanding what is being said.

    God bless ��

  • @fullyrawKristina how much is a serving of this juice? is it the full 64oz? Is it something that can be made ahead and refrigerated for a day or two or does it have to be made fresh every single day?

  • I have been consistently “in and out” of this, and even bought a book, but I always have to stop because of the ‘constipations’ when I drink these juices!

  • Me and my bestfriend try these juices after that we bought this green juice so jummy:

  • Ok, everything seems happy happy joy joy, the question beside the qty’ but how many times a day or week? Or this is one day detox for a month? I never done this so I’m interested. I have fatty liver so I’m willing to swallow the greens.

  • DETOX JUICES 80 veggies/20 fruit:

    HERBAL GREEN wash and cut and into the juicer
    Green apple

    BERRY BEET wash and cut and into the juicer, blend the berries
    Red Cabbage
    Purple Kale
    Red Beets
    Mixed berries boysen, blue, rasp

    MORNING GLOW wash and cut and into the juicer
    Turmeric, fresh or powder
    Golden beets

  • It is really amazing to know this recipe. Thanks a lot. It is helpful.
    You have inspired me for sharing something similar on my channel.
    Please go through it.
    Happy to hear the feedback.

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  • amazing video thanks for sharing this. I agree that we all have to go back to organic way of life. In this case I like to share my organic natural coffee made from purple corn that fights diseases like lower down your creatine level and other degenerative diseases;

  • Thank for sharing great recipe here! I think ARMR also use same because its taste just like can try it once:

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  • Thanks for using a Jack Lalane juicer, thats one that most of your avarage everyday people would have lying around. Most other juicers on Youtube have expensive or specialized ones which make it harder for your everyday consumer to try out. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for something they might only try once.

  • Can You just mix any veg and fruit together that you like to live healthy? I mean is there non acceptable combinations for health?

  • Juicing your fruits and veg is the real medicine for your entire body! Cancer can be cured by mother nature’s foods like Kale Spinach apples oranges strawberries etc etc. Mother nature provides the very foods that can be juiced. Eating carrots is good but carrot juice is even better. Macular degeneration wet or dry can be cured by juicing and eating all your dark leafy greens that rich in lutein that eventually gets rid of the eye disease. Fruits has natural sugar that the body needs in moderation as unnatural sugars leads to bad health. Juice your fruits and vegetables and say goodbye to human disease!

  • Don’t listen to her. Yes juicing is good for you. There are many vegetables that are tremendously healthy like turnips, beets, burdok root, celeriac, cabbage etc. The issue is that it can be an issue to have to cook and prepare all these veggies in a meal each time. When juicing these you have access to the nutrients without having to prepare and digest the hard fiber of hearty veggies.
    Remember, still eat well. People seem to dismiss juicing because they think it will minimize the importance of eating actual food. Not at all. Juicing should be done to compliment healthy eating. Juicing allows easy access the abundant nutrients with those tough root veggies. I hope this helps

  • I see a lot of negative comments regarding her points but no scientific/medical/nutritional evidence or arguments to counter her points??? I’m just sayin….

  • Y’all need to relax, she’s not saying there’s anything wrong with fruits. When you make orange juice you use like 4 or so oranges to make one cup of juice, which is a whole heap of sugar. This compared to just eating one orange which gives you just enough sugar.
    I completely agree with this lady.
    Juice or soda is just too much sugar, especially if your drinking everyday.

  • I mad that I typed in juicing in the search bar and this was the first video that popped up. this was intentionally put there to deter people from juicing and becoming healthy! I bet if she started juicing her skin would look Soo much better.

  • As expert, I’m sure Custokebon Secrets is actually great way to lost tons of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  • I think people who are saying she is wrong didn’t listen to the entire video. The message was “juicing makes it easier to over consume”. So your takeaway should be that if you’re looking to have a caloric deficit or lose weight, be mindful of how many calories you’re actually consuming versus what it feels like you’re consuming. Sort of how you can end up drinking a lot more alcohol if you’re doing a mixed drink versus straight. Same sort of high level concept.

  • A lot of people commenting/disliking didn’t watch the video.
    Consider how many whole oranges you can eat in one sitting compared to how many oranges worth of juice you can drink in one sitting.
    Whole oranges are naturally filling so that you consume significantly less. Drinking orange juice leads to over-consumption of sugar and nutrients which is actually unhealthy.
    One glass of orange juice can contain the same amount of nutrients and sugar as 8 whole oranges which is an extremely large quantity of sugar and nutrients for your body to take in at one time.

  • Lol if you juice or eat fruits and vegetables ONLY!!!! Then you will live a wonderful life!!! Don’t eat meat and bread and processed food!!!!! It keeps your vibration low

  • She sells seashells on the seashore,
    The shells she sells are seashells, I’m sure,
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  • While I drink mostly vegetable juices with some fruit for sweetness and flavor, according to a meta analysis of 18 randomized controlled trials, 100% fruit juice does NOT have a negative health effect. “Overall, findings from this meta-analysis of RCT suggest a neutral effect of 100 % fruit juice on glycaemic control. These findings are consistent with findings from some observational studies suggesting that consumption of 100 % fruit juice is not associated with increased risk of diabetes.”

  • This is the type of doctors that i really get worry to go..have you ever know those doctor that dont really want to see you doing good well in order for them to still have a job to do….

  • I’ve started juicing and have tried various combinations but have yet to find anything that doesn’t taste like codswallop. I’m also dfiabetic so I have to be careful about juicing anything that has a lot of sugar. My question is this: are there any combinations of veggies that actually taste good as a juice? Thanks.

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  • Her only concern is that if you start juicing you’ll realize you’ll be healthy and you won’t be sick anymore and that’s a lot of money they’ll be loosing.
    Do you own research Then you find out to hundreds of thousands of people that get healthier for juicing.

  • Don’t listen to her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Juicing Veggies is actually a good way to get nutrients in your body for those of us who don’t eat a lot of veggies

  • …..The point of juicing for health, is to juice mainly vegetables (and maybe adding a small amount of fruit to sweeten if need be). Juicing veggies is extremely healthy and good for so many issues. I would be very very wary of anyone saying otherwise

  • Very good video! Well I use a tsp of the pulp in my freshly squeezed juice. Flavor alone is unmatched by anything. Extremely refreshing. Seems to me fresh fruit and vege juice (yes in small quantities) is very, very satisfying.

  • Hi! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried using Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several awesome things about it and my work buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • Benes, you bone head. Not a word on juicing veggies in this vid??! You did all the obese people of the world a disfavor. Pull this video down and listen to some Jay Kordich videos before you post again.

  • What do you think of lost tons of weight using Custokebon Secrets? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets.

  • Three good fruit juices, with some celery juice and coconut water for a fast day is not going to hurt anyone. And the calories burned from digestion is usually more than the fruit itself.

  • Well I juice and Never just do fruit I mix it with fruit and vegetables and it’s always more vegetables and fruits but the only fruit that I use is everything Berries all the other ones are high in carbs and I’m also doing keto so I learned about the cards with fruit i’m confuse why she didn’t mention that ����‍♀️

  • This is why you add a lot of greens and other veggies to lower the calories and add more nutrition. I rarely juice pure fruits, unless it’s for a special occasion or occasional treat.

  • have best detox formula with acai berry, psyllium husk, chlorella. I use them periodically (3 times every year). I love it!

  • My favorite green juice is the ultimate lemon ginger blast every morning1 full stalk of celery 12 grams of turmeric 12 grams of ginger 1 lemon 1 bundle of cilantro 1 bundle of parsley 3 Fuji apples 2 cucumbers and mint!!!

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? We’ve heard several amazing things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • Ok so when you make any juice can you add, apple juice, pear juice or something to make it sweet and easier to drink or does it have to be pure no additives?

  • Well
    I finally have a Nutribullet back in my life, yeah! Lol…
    So I think i will give this a try…
    I guess if i put a dab of honey in there it would defeat the purpose? Lol
    Your drinks are pretty cool
    Thank you for sharing

  • Is Custokebon Secrets helpful to lost a ton of weight? We’ve read numerous good stuff about Custokebon Secrets (search on google).

  • LoL I love the way you make it seem cool to JUICE, cause I’m loosing more wieght than ever ever since I started juicing and I am now always Juicing ����

  • Hi Kristina!
    You are my experation! Good blees you, girl! I am raw vegan too. And my son Joey is 9 years old and just about to be a raw vegan.Never sick now, but was sick 4 years ago all the time.
    Love you and Joey sent to you kiss!

  • I would keep the muck in there too. Instead of a juicer use a blender with water. Getting rid of the sediments doesn’t make sense. I think this juice is too leafy. Needs some type of low GI fruit and probably avocado or unripe banana to smoothen it if a blender is used..

  • Hey Everybody, I bought my first juicer today and would love to hear about the literature you’d recommend. I am happy to find this recipe on youtube, however I once learned about the importance to change your greens when juicing and blending, in order to avoid health issues. I wouldn’t dare to drink this every day, like she recommends. Is there a standard book or person who is associated with juicing (like the Boutenko-family for blending). Any thoghts are very appreachiated. Greetings:)

  • I’ve heard that you shouldn’t use kale and spinach everyday because of some of the compounds in them. What do you think about this?

  • Thanks for the recipe! I drink a green juice almost every day as part of my whole food plant based lifestyle (with lots of raw food!) So it’s nice to mix it up and try new blends.

  • ok fam i’m sry i really tried lol. i was so excited to finally eat healthy but oh no honey. that was like drinking tar from the depths of hell. have a good life healthy active people ��

  • I did a raw green drink before and it does bring out the beauty in everything on you. Whites of your eyes are brighter, hair shiny and thicker, nails stronger, skin radiant and glowing, your mind is sharp as ever, skin tightens if losing weight, weight loss is dramatic and the energy is like you are 18 again. I am a firm believer in super green drinks because I experienced this myself. I wish I kept it up over the past 15 years…I’m starting it over again now. Take a chance and give it a try…she is right…that juice is life in a glass. Note: I personally drank super greens powder mix by Inner Light, but the taste is not desirable…I am gonna give her recipe a try since she explains the tastes by each item you add to the drink. I lost 50 lbs in 3.5 months, walked 2 mile 3-4 x’s per week, did a stretch band home video a couple times per week, salad for lunch and whatever I wanted for dinner…It works! I was 33 yrs old at the time. Another noteworthy thing to mention is I stopped experiencing headaches, allergy flare ups nor did I get ill not even a typical cold during the time I was drinking this.

  • Wow..subs just now coz I think I really need this juice to heal my body properly. Made me wanna start a youtube channel myself.. you inspired me. Thank you.

  • Thank you! This REALLY IS A GREAT Juice recipe for healing!
    I started drinking this recipe in the spring of 2018. I’m not fully raw and I’ve just been using a Ninja but do blend everything to a liquid. Almost every single day!
    I’m not losing weight yet but am loosing inflammation and blockages in my legs that were causing a lot of pain. My gut health has improved greatly too and my skin is firmer and is getting a healthy glow back!
    I don’t always use Celantro but have a big fresh origano plant……I have SIBO but everyday I do have more energy and feel better! Going to keep doing this!

  • Believe meh, my glycemic index went down to 7.5 from 9.3, and since I stopped drinking it, it went up, to 8.5, again! It is really a wonder!

  • Guys. lost crazy amounts of fat does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’m going to give you some advice right now. Get a popular fat burn secrets called Custokebon Secrets (do a google search). Thanks to it I have lost a ton of fat. I should not even be speaking about it cause I don’t want a bunch of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I’m just simply in a excellent mood today and so I will share the wealth haha.

  • Fully raw krastina should make a t.v show on weight loss. Imagen having a doctor there making him go nutts because Fully raw improved peoples health.

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  • Hi Kristina. I’m new to juicing but I have to do it for my health and family. I dove into a breville fountain plus juicer. But I wanted a slow juicer and around here it’s expensive. But I’m working on it. Thanks for the videos. Wish I had your machine lol

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  • I am brand new to juicing, Kristina has demonstrated how to make juice and after watching several videos I finally made my own, and drinking it was life-changing. one thing I noticed after drinking the first glass: was I was reaching for a top shelf in my home and I over reached! this week I have been juicing rhubarb stalks and dandelion greens, with celery, cucumber, lime, parsley, and green apple. Kristina thank you for showing so many people this life style

  • Other juicer videos show juicing the whole beet with tops (leaves) and all, does it give it a bad taste if you use them? I tried using broccoli in one recipe and radishes. The broccoli gave it a bitter taste and smell, I don’t know if the radishes contributed much, the carrots tend to mellow the other ingredients.

  • Great video, excellent job except that I was watching it at 2 am while everyone was sleeping and had the perfect volume to hear you but then all of a sudden the music blasts on really loud so as I was trying to write down the recipes unfortunately I needed one hand on the volume knob throughout the video, would have be great to keep the volume of the music the same as the volume of your voice otherwise good work.

  • Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup, Brushed Nickel
    Click here if to want buy this cool blender

  • Great set of recepies but that is a lot of chopping. Is that the difference a $400 machine makes versus a $50 machine? That much chopping time is a deal breaker for me.

  • Im very excited to start juicing!!! I need to cut soda out of my life!!! I want to be more healthy which I am some days!! But not always!!! Im going to do this!!! Thank you for the video!!! Keep it up!!!:):):)

  • So much time wasted in cutting the fruits and veggies to small pieces to feed that narrow chute.
    It is time to upgrade the juicer to use the new and very popular “wide-mouth” cold press slow juicer with 3 inches wide chute that can feed a whole apple uncut easily. Check the brand like Kuvings etc that were made in Korea. The chute diameter is between 77 cm to 83 cm wide that can feed medium size apple, pear, oranges, tomatoes, or full size cucumber. That will easily save 30% to 50% preparation time before juicing.

  • Beets take a long time to get your body used to it! Please people, don’t do this if you are new to beets! You will have red diarrhea for 2 days

  • remove the seeds from the apple, they contain cyanide, and running them through the juicer you are just basically drinking a cyanide juice.

  • yes i drink Veg and Fruit juice daily morning
    It contribute to to my overall health… I Highly Recommend.

    my daily ingredients
    2 fresh organic tomatoes
    Handful of Celery
    2 carrots
    1 beetroot
    Handful of fresh organic Spinach ( make sure there its pesticides free)
    small size peaces of bottle gourd
    I lemon
    1 apple
    1 pear
    1 avacado

    just drink daily and for 2 months and see the magic

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of naturekindness .com Many of my friends use them for regular detoxification. Also, they do yoga every day and follow a good diet.


  • I accidentally found your you tube channel and now I’m addicted! My new year resolution was to take a better care of myself, start eating healthy and keep myself fairly fit. Your food recipes are so yummy that I finally stop thinking that eating healthy is some kind of punishment:) Now I’m exiting eating a new salad, vegan dinner and more veggie food. I’ve just ordered a juicer and I’m looking forward to start my journey with juicing!!! All recipes printed out and my little one keeps asking me when we gonna “drink all this colours”. So yeah, I think I should thank you!

  • You can lose fibre when juicing however the point of juicing is to introduce more fresh fruit and veg in to your diet (not to mention water) and not make it a replacement for food.

  • I like fresh juices…but between juicing, eating fresh salads and fruits, I don’t have enough space in my fridge to store all the fruits and veggies I need. I wonder how others are managing.

  • Im on day 4 and when I started I weigh 234.4lbs and now I weigh 220.8lbs and I have way more energy, Im pushing for 60 days wish me luck.

  • but your body burns more caloies by digesting the fruits and veggies and the fiber fills you up. i guess their are good and bads on both.

  • How can I make myself to go back to juicing? I tried it for 3 months, and I was loved it. But unfortunately I end up going back to meat, due to my family. How can I learn to control myself a again and focus in eating healthy, without feeling guilty from family?
    I’ve watched your movie and I love it. I hope I can go back to juicing again this year. I miss it.

  • Joe!!! Y donde Carajo mantengo la masa muscular que tengo!!!!?? Es cierto, tu dieta es muy buena, pero las proteínas donde te las metes hombre????? Ayuda con eso Man!!!!! Saludos!!!!!! Y Congratulations por tu segunda Película!!! La compré a través de iTunes!!!!!

  • I got my first juicer today (Kuvings b6100s) and I am highly impressed by the results. I went nuts and put a random bunch of greens and fruits into it and it still came out tasting great! 
    This will become a regular part of my life from now on!

  • how many onz of fruit juice in the morning and how many onz of base vegetables for the rest of the day thx im gonna do it for 1 month i need to loose 75 pounds

  • interesting points,if anyone else trying to find out juicer recipes for health and weight loss try Enlarbo Juice Results Wizard (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got cool success with it. 

  • Lovely video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried Chireetler Breathtaking Exercises Rule (do a google search)? It is an awesome one off product for uncovering a unique workout for seniors to look good and feel younger without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin at last got cool success with it.

  • Blending is much better than juicing. If you blend, you also get all the fiber that’s in the pulp. This balances the fructose in the juice.

  • After being diagnosed with kidney cancer three months ago (and having my right kidney removed one month ago today) I have switched to juicing a couple of times a day, and eating an organic raw food diet.  I feel SO much better, and have had a lot of compliments on how healthy my skin and hair look.  Going to stick with this from here on out. 

  • This video is a complete lie.  By juicing the fruits and vegetables, what you get is more like a soft drink.  You’re missing all of the fiber, and most of the nutrients which are caught in the pulp.  Juicing is not eating more fruits and vegetables, it’s drinking more juice.

  • I just started juicing a week ago and let me tell u I feel 100% better. I am doing it once a day right now then I will increase to twice a day my second week and three times a day my third week. I exercise 3 days a week and will amp it up to 6 days a week very soon.
    Fat Sick and Nearly Dead changed my life…I want to be healthy and LIVE. Not just walking around half dead with not enough energy to even walk my kids to bus stop down the street. I want to look at myself in the mirror and see me and not the shadow of unhealthy living.
    Thanks for these videos. And be blessed.


  • I posted this early as something very interesting to watch. After watching the whole movie I think it is something everyone should see not only about weight (but mostly) if you ever wanted to or needed to lose weight -Watch this…it is not an infomericial, it is about life…Thank you Joe, Phil, and everyone. It was very moving…and the cartoon features with the different musical background…I would give this an academy all its own. Gina xo

  • I’ve watched the documentary more then once. I went out and replaced my ancient juicer, and I know it makes a difference in how you feel. I’m in pain most of the time so I figure anything that can help me feel normal again is not bad

  • I forgot he was Australian for a second and I was like “oh my god I can’t understand him.” But on a serious note, I’ve been super into health and my parents got the Breville juicer not too long ago and it’s been collecting dust. It has a purpose now. I’m hoping to get my dad into juicing because he’s in the same situation as Joe.

  • It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when other normal people are able to get rid of fat easily with Ultra Slimming Formula (search for it on google).

  • I totally agree with you Joe I have a masticating juicer and I am convinced that it is good for my family. I know that juicing for health works because my wife drank it all through her pregnancy and the hospital told us that her blood was the richest they had ever seen!! And that was enough evidence for us! Keep juicing for health everyone!

  • just had my first ‘juice’ five minutes ago. Just a basic celery drink. I feel like I just had an energy drink. Woah! I’m looking forward to hitting up the grocery store tonight and loading up my cart with some more creative juicing ingredients. Thanks, Joe, for being a great teacher and an inspirational practitioner of healthy eating. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds with the newfound knowledge I’ve soaked up from your film. God bless, mate!

  • Juicing really works! It’s a great way to lose weight too. I used to eat a lot of processed food and it made me sick. I tried eating a lot of fruit and vegetables but found it really hard. Then i discovered juicing and haven’t looked back since. It’s super easy to achieve optimal nutrition within juicing and improve the way you look and feel!

  • Juicing is great for people with digestive issues. Yes fiber is good but most people have problems with their stomach and intestines so removing fiber is great because your body works less to digest the food. For example i have gastroparesis. Trust me i can’t handle fiber so juicing is great for me. Also i gained healthy weight with juicing because i was underweight. I couldn’t eat anything

  • I love juicing! Thanks to this guy and his movie fat sick and nearly dead.
    I dont need coffee in the mornings. my head is clear and NOT cloudy. I have tons of energy. I’ve lost weight and im maintaining…. Juicing is so wonderful!

  • Hope you guys enjoy the video! Don’t forget, I’m giving away one of my Green Juice powders if you guys follow the instructions in the video ��

  • A very slick presentation which is great. However, I am amazed that all the videos that I see on YouTube about green drinks insist on recommending using lemons in the recipes. At a young age when people have teeth in good condition, they may not be aware of the corrosive effects of the acid in the lemons on their teeth. The health properties to the green drinks are self-evident in the name. If the objective is to improve our health why unnecessarily damage it using acidic citrus fruits, especially lemons, as there is no fruit more corrosive than that. It is not rocket science, surely most other people should be aware of this?

  • Thanks for sharing the benefits of daily juicing! (CANNOT believe you juiced a habanero!) I love Dr. Walker’s book too, some very good remedies in there. I own a Tribest Slowstar and a Greenstar Pro. I use the Greenstar Pro when I want to make juice that will last 3 days, but I recommend the Slowstar to clients since it’s so easy use and will allow them to make juice that will last 24-48 hours, stored properly. Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  • Adam Sandler, I just wanted to say that this video was very entertaining!!! Usually I have a difficult time watching long videos but you are full of energy and pretty funny!!! Thanks for the laugh and recipes!!��

  • Best to chew your food than juice. Smoothie is better than juice because the fiber isn’t taking out like juicing does. Your body needs fiber.

  • Why not just start with a jalapeno..not the worst?! ��
    Anyway Dr. Walker helped guys who were rejected for jet flight school due to eyesight not being 20/20.. for 2 weeks using carrot, kale and parsley juice their eyesight came back. Just be careful with parsley..too intense! Dr. Walker recommended 2 ozs of the parsley juiced with 6-8 ozs carrot juice. Seeing the way you throw in different things.. a small amount of parsley mixed in you should be good. None of you in your family probably even have eyesight problems with all you take.����

  • Hey Bryan how bout if you take the pulp and throw it back in to the machine to try and get more juice from it? Do you think more juice will come out from the pulp?

  • Hi I’m a new subscriber like yesterday new and I am going to follow you like Sam did Frodo, my favorite movie btw, I went online to get more information on the book and there are 2. Can you tell me the name or the link for the one you got? 1 seems to be for recipes and the other sounds like it’s FYI regarding juicing. Thanks Frodo! Also that give away do you have a website where you sell items?

  • Dude you are hilarious!! I stumbled on to your videos when looking up celery juicing. I dont juice but you almost convinced me to start lol

  • Its not that bad if u find the right recipes. I drink everyday and i liked it. Oranges,carrots and apples are my favourite when we mixed them together.

  • Greetings from south miami! I’m not sure how I found your channel, but you are hilarious ��! I started juicing around 2012. I was living in Texas and they had this program called “bountiful baskets” where for $25 every week on Saturday, you could receive a basket full of organic foods! This is the only thing I miss about Texas! I had an omega 350 and it was great! Since I started juicing, I haven’t had a cold or the flu.. I’ve been pretty healthy! I moved back to Florida in 2013.. and kept up my juicing until last year. I just now started back to juicing again this week with a new juicer Omega vs843 and love it ��. This one is much easier to clean. I use nearly the same veggies but I add an jalapeño for kick! Love it! My Whole Foods is always too busy, so I just stick to Trader Joe’s. Keep up the good work! Perhaps you can find a part in the next “bad boys!” You’re very entertaining with a healthy bonus!

  • It was great to learn how to make juices in the funny way with you����������BUT, no way! I’m not going to drink the avanero juice, I can die ���������� Thank you Bryan make me laugh so hard ������

  • Your videos always make me laugh! Going to do some juicing again… The Juiceman, Hallelujah Acres and Hippocrates Institute all said that we are not supposed to gulp it though, your supposed to actually hold it in your mouth, like a sublingual medicinal treatment, and slowly drink it.

  • I make a green drink(vitamix) every morning for my husband, once I accidentally put a dried Carolina reaper in it instead of dried rose hips, lucky for him I tested it before sending him off to work. I got instantly sick when I think about it I swear it makes my stomach turn. I don’t believe the parasite thing I think it will just clean you out one way or another.

  • Hi BRYAN, ��excellent �� video, the quote is from “Forrest Gump” and the editing is marvelous���� I love how you clean the Camera lens with the Scott tissue��. I have the green star elite, I could not afford the pro at that time I bought the ��elite model. I’m going to start following you in Instagram,��say hi to Ronald for me����

  • Great video and keep on that juicing! Wait though, don’t you need to remove the apple seeds because they contain a small dose of poison like cyanide or something? At the end that was crazy with the jalapeño! ��. Stay young! ��

  • Hola Bryan! Todos los ingredientes súper pero el habnero no para mí no puedo hahaha.que valiente OMG!!! Si lucen de miran de menos edad!! Gracias Bryan por compartir ���� bendiciones desde Texas��❤️��❤️��❤️

  • Siempre presente Bryant saludos desde Nicaragua a todos los Moscoso dichosa por todo el éxito personal y familiar gracias por todo lo que nos regalan ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️������������

  • Mr.Moscoso should be using the juicer that Norman Walker is talking about in the book����It’s a bit on the heavy side, but man, that thing is amazing, you get so much more juice with it! *edit*Ok, should watch to the end before commenting, lol! The Green Star is pretty close to the Champion����