The Abs Workout You have to Start Doing


I Hate Ab Workouts (5 REASONS NOT TO!)

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“DON’T DO ABS… if you have FAT” | Brendan Meyers

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How Often to Work Out Your Abs? (ULTIMATE AB QUESTION!)

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Do This Every Morning To Get 6 Pack Abs

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5 “Old School” Ab Exercises You Should STILL Be Doing!!

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Get a “6 Pack” in 22 Days! (HOME AB WORKOUT)

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The “22 Day” Ab Workout (NO REST!)

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Your abs, obliques and transverse abdominis are built for stability and bracing — they help your body withstand twisting and bending to keep your midsection safe. But old-school exercises like situps and crunches don’t create stability or bracing. Start in a seated position with your right leg bent, and right foot flat on the floor.

Extend your left leg long at a diagonal and reach your right hand toward the ceiling, shifting weight into. The Best Abs Workout: The Only 6 Exercises You Need to Get a Six-Pack 1. Hardstyle plank. Equipment: None.

Do it: Lying face down on the ground, prop yourself up into a forearm plank 2. Dead bug. Equipment: None. Do it: Lay face up on the floor with arms straight above your shoulders.

To start. Anterior core dynamic: exercises that generate movement through the core, primarily in flexion. Things like crunches, weighted, standing crunches, leg. Evidence shows that you can’t lose belly fat by exercising your abs alone.

For total-body fat loss, use a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training, such as lifting weights. In. If you want a toned midsection, you have to exercise all of the core muscles including your abs, lower back, obliques, hips, glutes and even upper thighs.

This will allow you to develop a full six-pack as well as a balanced waistline. You can’t do this with crunches alone, since crunches only target the front and sides of your stomach. Thousands of crunches alone won’t do it. And while the prevailing pro advice is that “abs are made in the kitchen,” dieting alone isn’t the way to get there, either. When it comes down to i.

But remember, you’ll build up to this. To start, you might only want to do two or three days per week and slowly work your way up to five days. Plan your workouts. 10 Dumbbell Exercises For Abs You Have to Try for Next-Level Abs. Sometimes, the best way to take your core workout to the next level is by simply pick Although there are plenty of bodyweight exercises that can strengthen your center, the following Dumbbell Exercises For Abs are a great way to make things more challenging and more rewarding.

1 day ago · When it comes to ab workouts, throwing some weight into the mix can help you build and strengthen the key muscles of your core, which helps with.

List of related literature:

When it comes to training the abs, there are many different training methods.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

To have great­looking abs — and who doesn’t want that? — you need to develop the abdominal muscles through strength training.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

I make it as easy as possible with just a few simple exercises that target your abs in just minutes per day (see the earlier sections for details).

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
from Belly Fat Diet For Dummies
by Erin Palinski-Wade
Wiley, 2012

Whether you want to change your body to improve your health, your looks, your energy levels, or your sex appeal, the New Abs Diet offers you a simple promise: If you follow this plan, you will transform your body so that you can accomplish each and every one ofthose goals.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

In order to develop amazing abs,I believeyou need to implement threeimportant factors, listed in order of priority: (1)a steadydiet; (2) a regular workout program; and (3) astructured cardio regimen.

“Stronger, Faster, Smarter: A Guide to Your Most Powerful Body” by Ryan Ferguson
from Stronger, Faster, Smarter: A Guide to Your Most Powerful Body
by Ryan Ferguson
Penguin Publishing Group, 2015

The abs are involved in virtually every activity, even while you sleep (unless you sleep like a rock without any tossing and turning).

“Alpha Male Challenge: The 10-Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle & Build True Alpha Attitude” by James Villepigue, Rick Collins
from Alpha Male Challenge: The 10-Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle & Build True Alpha Attitude
by James Villepigue, Rick Collins
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2009

So I recommend training abs right from the beginning, just as you do other body parts.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

Here’s a key concept: The core isn’t just your abs.

“The Urban Monk: Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time and Find Success, Happiness, and Peace” by Pedram Shojai
from The Urban Monk: Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time and Find Success, Happiness, and Peace
by Pedram Shojai
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2016

First condition your body for a week or two by strengthening your back muscles, then work on isolation moves like plank and plank variations, and then begin working on your abs.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

Sorry, but with abs, repetition is the mother of insanity.

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2000

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  • Interesting stuff, been doing beginners ab workout (No equipment) by Chris Heria for about a month now, and still no abs but getting lean, Might try this next month if my abs are still not showing

  • Ok guys so I’m going to he doing this ab workout for 22 days and I need some people to remind me to keep going with this
    Day 1:✅
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:✅
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:

  • Why I feel pain in my hips when im doing first and 5th exercise?
    Its like my bone in hips crackling
    Im working out 2 years and I always wanted to know why that happening when im doing abs.
    Can anyone help me?

  • Guys am I the only one that is not getting sore from these exercises like the first day I was sore from the x man crunches but when I got to day 3 I wouldn’t get sore from anything I’m pretty sure I can do 100+ x man crunches without getting sore is that normal

  • Alright so I like already started this but I’m seeing everyone else is like making reports so I will too

    Day 1: I mean I already see my first 2 abs coming in so I’m trying to engage myself into this. Ok it was hard I’ll admit didn’t have perfect form and couldn’t do the star thing where u make ur arms and legs touch but got it done ✅

    Day 2: My form is increasing and I’m doing good I managed to do 5 of the star things but still need to work on my form and I can’t do the last workout but I’m still going for it everything else is good but I find the second workout boring I mean sure it burns but I find it boring but if it’ll help say no more ✅

    Day 3: I can do 7 of the star things but I can’t do the last workout I can’t get my shoulder blades off the ground Idk how to do it ✅

    Day 4: managed to the star workout and a half of it as well, Doing well but can’t do the last workout ✅

    Day 5: Im doing good so far I’m planning to replace my last workout with something else because I don’t see myself fixing this anytime soon and it’s a waste of me just attempting and giving up on it but trust I’m not giving up✅

    Day 6: Couldn’t do it today but I managed to do what I can

    Day 7: Really hurting today lol the workout has gotten easier for me and I can see major improvement Btw I had some abs showing before I started this I can see 4 but they are beginning to show easier and plus without flexing as much
    I’m hyped!!!! I also skipped the needle workout for today since I find it boringgggg I mean I feel some pain but I’m going to skip it for today and replace it with sum else✅

    Day 8: Got it done ✅

  • Guys I’ve actually done day 10 i forgot to write about my other days i just wanted to let you guys know after 10 days i can literally see my body transformation and my abs are becoming more visible don’t give up guys

  • Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4 ✅
    Day 5 ✅
    Day 6 ✅
    Day 7 ✅
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20
    Day 22

  • Do not understand, why dislike. Motivation is one that keeps one trying, many people stay on their comfort zone, but if you have the will to do it, this is one of the best abdominal exercise yet. You start with your own pacing. Some people just do not appreciate it most probably right on even when they are just beginners, they wish they can do better than the coach. Keep on, sir!!

  • Decided to do this
    Day 1: did it even tho it hurt like hell
    Day 2: done alright not that bad lol
    Day 3: rest day (will add one to the end)
    Day 4: done
    Day 5: donr

  • Welp cheers for me too start gonna, start right now ��(Motivation will be helpful)
    Day 1: Done ��

  • ight boys you know whats good…one like equals one day i do this shit…i always tell myself every morning i will do a nice workout to get going and fail after like 3 days so lets get this bread

  • Alright I’m doing this and by the end of the month I will have somewhat of abs!!
    Day 1: ✔️
    Day 2: ✔️
    Day 3: ✔️
    Day 4: ✔️
    Day 5: ✔️
    Day 6: ✔️
    Day 7: ✔️
    So since I’ve done it for a week I thought I’d share my thoughts. I haven’t been really sore but have progressively gotten more tired each day ��. Hopefully I improve on these exercises but for now I‘m feeling good about being more active!
    Day 8: ✔️
    Day 9: ✔️
    Day 10: ✔️
    Day 11: ✔️ Halfwayyyyy
    Day 12: ✔️
    Day 13: ✔️

  • Day1✅ August 10 2020
    (Somewhat difficult but can try to complete)
    Day 9

  • What I do each day

    30 push ups
    2 min rest
    2 minutes bycicle kicks
    2 min rest
    1 min plank
    2 min rest
    15 push ups
    1 min rest
    Lifting legs 20 times

    3 minutes stretching each muscle in the body

    And take rest until next day

  • That’s a challenge I took myself let’s see how far I’ll get. I workout before I eat.
    [Day 1] Yesterday was awful I did the 5 W-Raises 3 times, went on to the Knee Slides and collapsed after 3 reps per leg, then to the Butterfly Crunch which was 5 reps and I needed way more than 10 seconds to rest, I struggled some seconds with the Corkscrew, maybe 3 reps Levitation Crunch and same for the Situps. I certainly did not expect that as I do my Push/Pull/Legs twice a week, but obviously forgot the abs.
    [Day 2] Today is better W-Raise x3, Knee Slides x10 per side for 3 times, Butterfly Crunch twice x10, Corkscrew twice x10 per side, but the Situps twice x5 per side… one thing is for sure it amplifies your hunger.
    [Day 3] Things are going better W-Raise 4 times, Knee Slides 5×5 per side, Butterfly 3×10, Corkscrew 2×10 per side, Levitation Crunch Hold 4x10s, but fail at the Situps… 3 reps and I was drenched in sweat and done.
    [Day 4] Everything twice, but the Situps the usual, I was too strained to get a full set done.
    [Day 5] It seemed to start well 4 W-Raises, 4 Knee Slides, but then my endurance suddenly vanished. One set of Crunches, 10 corkscrews per side and that’s it.
    [Day 6] Man, still can’t do the Situps correctly after that strain from the previous 4 exercises. 3x W, Knee Slides 3×5 per side, Butterfly 2×10, Corkscrew 2×10 per side, 2 Situps per side and to the last, to switch things a little, 2x 10s Levitation Crunch Hold.
    [Day 7] 3x W-Raises, 4x Knee Slides, 1x Butterfly, Corkscrew 2×10, 2 Situps per side (again… this just seems way too hard after all the previous exercises….) und 2x Levitation Crunch Hold.

    If you want some variation, I can imagine that the 10 reps for the Levitation Crunch can be replaced with the isometric version, 10 seconds of holding it.

  • Thank you for your videos sir, they are helping me re-cover from a fall down stairs which my body became out of line. Feeling better than ever thank you. You explain things easily for everyone.thank you

  • I started this challenge yesterday August 7 and here we gawww six pack!!!
    Day 1✅
    Day 2✅
    Day 3✅
    Day 4✅
    Day 5 ✅
    Day 6✅
    Day 7✅
    Day 8✅
    Day 9✅
    Day 10✅

  • I’m 13 turning fourteen In less then 20 days so I want to get abs by the time I get back to school and thank you this is what I needed I already did the first two workouts and already feeling the burn I will respond In 21 days and see if I have abs and also I will be getting a new diet which will be salad for 21 more days thank you for the info let’s see if it works

  • Really liked ur swag man
    But have a q I have not done much abs ever and I tried this exercise but I could not keep my back grounded what should I do

  • Better start now than never start at all. Here we got and I’l just put a checkmark if there was nothing special, I’ll ellaborate if anything significant happens or if I feel like it. (Im an overweight 140 pound 13 year old if anyone wants to know)

    Day 1: Well, as a first day, it was excruciating. I could barely finish the X man crunch and I had terrible form. Lots of room for improvement.
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:

  • This is the video that got me started bodybuilding 14 months ago. I thought “shoot, I’ll commit to working out for 22 days. I’d love having visible abs”.

    14 months later and I STILL DON’T HAVE ABS. I worked my abs hardcore virtually every single day for the first 6 months, 30 minutes a session. This video is extremely misleading. Abs are only possible if you cut calories sufficiently enough in addition to working out.

    Not only do I not have abs, but for the first time in my life I’m actually fat. I have a big belly, which I thought was impossible being so skinny my entire life.
    The only positive side to all of this is that most of me looks great now, especially my chest. But no….no visible abs. I don’t regret beginning bodybuilding, but I’m sad that I look bloated all the time now.

  • Gonna be September back to school in about a month thought I’d try it out so here we go Start August 4th end August 27th
    Day 1: ✅ Join this journey with me!

  • I started today August 3rd 2020. Day:1 ✅ it was tough couldn’t do every excersise perfect but I liked how it was challenging

  • I’m finna do it. I’m not fat but I about to take some weight gaining pills and I want to get fat so I’m finna start. I’m update everyday. Day 1. ✔️ Day 2. ✔️ Day 3. ✔️ Day 4. ✖️ Day 5. ✔️

  • You can totally drop 10% of your bodyfat in 22 days. If I made you walk 10 miles a day while only giving you saltwater to replenish your electrolytes and no food,, you would have visible abs in 22 days. It all depends on how hard YOU want to work. MMA fighters cut large amounts of weight, but they earn it.

  • lets get it (starting today August 1st)
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: ✅

    Week 2
    Day 8: ✅
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13
    Day 14:

    Week 3
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:

  • This is a good challenging workout. After 5 days in I am feeling stronger with most of the exercises. The nasty one is the alternating jackknifes, I’ve managed to complete thread the needles which was really satisfying. Thank you. Remember people don’t freak out about completing each phase adapt it or move the key is frequency for your progression.

  • I was doing my own ab workout and I came across this video. Now I’m procrastinating from my workout by reading all these comments. Been like 15 mins time to get back to it��

  • Fuck it, Imma do it, and what better than public shunning as punishment in case of failure.
    START DATE: 31/7/2020
    Day 1: ✓ (Thought I’d do better tbh, but was only able to complete 1 of them to exhaustion).
    Day 2: ✓
    Day 3: ✓
    Day 4: ✓
    Day 5: ✓
    Day 6: ✓
    Day 7: ✓
    Day 8: ✓
    Day 9: ✓
    Day 10: ✓ Fuck both the needle and the X man
    Day 11: ✓ Livin’ on a prayer
    Day 12: ✓
    Day 13: ✓
    Day 14: ✓
    Day 15: ✓
    Day 16: ✓
    Day 17: ✓
    Day 18: ✓ I’m also adding one for the obliques of the old abs exercise at the end
    Day 19: ✓
    Day 20: ✓
    Day 21: ✓
    Day 22: ✓✓✓
    Still fuck the needles, the xman and the jacknives, but finally I’m done with this.
    Now I’m gonna go back to the total workout he posted at the start of lockdown, but doing this instead of the abs there.
    I also did this for 7 days, gonna get it down to 6, want a day to rest

  • Your the best athlete X! Thanks for the know how and science behind it all! My gym is closed…drop that science my brother! Love Jesse and your guys sense of humor…!

  • Can somebody give me advice for exercice 4 and 5 i think i’m doing it wrong because i don’t have difficulties to do it and it’s frustrating

  • 1:04
    I don’t know if I lack stamina or I’m doing something wrong, but after doing a squat set I’m absolutely exhausted. And I don’t only mean legs my heart is pumping like crazy, I’m breathing heavily, I need to sit and rest for at least a minute. Sometimes I even feel my heart gets tired before my muscles do. I couldn’t do any additional exercises inbetween.

  • I’m ok for most exercices but way behind on that Alternate Jacknife. Any tips or exercices to build up to the alternate jacknife? Thanks!

  • I started yesterday, 26th July.
    Day 1 ✅ wasn’t easy, but I completed it. The stationery bike is hard.
    Day 2 ✅ stationery bike didn’t get any easier. Neither did any of the rest.
    Day 3 ✅ heels to heaven got much easier. I’m getting better at the xman crunch as well.
    Day 4 ✅
    Day 5 ✅ I got lazy today. Felt like not doing it. But I pulled myself together and did it.
    Day 6 ❌ I missed today… I did go for a long cycle ride in the morning though. Will make up for it
    Day 7 ✅ It’s been one week! The exercises are definitely getting easier. No outline yet, but I’ll keep going!
    Day 8 ✅

  • Starting today 26th of jul
    1 day:✅ it was pretty hard somehow i managed to do it
    2 day:✓ i was sick today but i did the excirciese i lasted for 30 min my stomach was burning the whole time it was hard especially the 5th and 4th i hope i can keep up for 22 days
    3day:✓ the time is increasing a bit
    4 day:✓ 43min done
    5 day: ✓
    6 day: ✓ i think i am getting used to training daily
    7 day:✓
    1 week
    11 ✓
    I noticed that my time is going down maybe my body is exhausted i will take tomorrow as a rest and restart again

  • Guys I will start this tomorrow so please leave some comments to help me out. I will update every day.

    Day 1:Done
    Day 2:Done
    Day 3:Done
    Day 4:Done
    Day 5: I was busy and could not complete it I will add a extra day
    Day 6: Done

  • I’m going to start this today and I really hope it works. The goal is to get abs, and to be able to do the 45 second workouts more than you could before.

  • i started this challenge 11 days ago. and i realized a difference on 8th day. i was already athletic and had low-ish body fat, but i got surprised at how fast the progress came. day 11 and you can see an outline of a six pack, if i flex its pretty much noticeable

  • NEW “FAST ACTION” Q&A Leave your most burning question about this video or any other training, PT or nutrition question within the first 2 hours of this video’s release (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!!) and I will pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!

  • What should be the best diet for this abs workout. Or I can get the abs without being on a diet. Please suggest I have already started my workout. And I don’t want to miss the abs because of just diet. So, pls.

  • Hey Jeff, I have been working out for a while but I still cant do more than 5-7 pull ups at a time..Could you do a video on strengthening for pull ups or how we can train to be able to do them better?

  • My biggest problem is candy at work. I finally was able to stop eating it. I am not sure how it happened so that’s probably why I am 15Lbs over weight.

  • Day 3 I can feel my core is much stronger
    Day 6the outlines of upper abs have appeared.
    (I didn’t even do this workout daily and strictly yet I’m seeing results, if you’re doubtful about starting this workout I suggest just giving it a try like I did, it’s not as hard as it looks )

  • Well done Bartholomew, that was a great video. Don’t know what you need the other geezer for. Get rid of him; he talks too much while you’re doing all the work.

  • I was able to get 6 packs through this exercise but the duration was some what 2 months and the problem is u can’t lose the belly fat completely through this workout

  • Ok so for context I stopped doing max sets for W Raises specifically then went to 20 sets of W Raises a Day now to 30 W Raises. I would like to know honestly if this is killing my gains or effecting me in any bad way, 30 sets is way over what I was maxing and more specifically, I do 3 sets (Practically 1 set of lateral movements 15 in a row) then take a 2 minute rest then do another 3 sets. I still continue to max all the other sets to the best of my ability. I want to know if this is a bad idea and I should stop or if there is any way to improve upon what I am already doing. Honest answers and criticism would be appreciated! My guess might be that I need to lower the rest time or maybe what I’m doing is wrong or a bad idea entirely? Thanks! [Sidenotes: I do not know if this is important or not, but I have not been eating well nutritiously and I have been staying up very late. I have been very consistent with this exercise, but just want to know ways on how I can improve upon it. I felt like focusing on W-Raises in my workout variation because I felt it was the most pain out of all the sets, so I would target that directly then still max the other sets.]

  • I like Jeff’s videos! he strikes me as the kind of guy that tells you there’s always a way for something and you gotta stop saying something is impossible or something like that.

  • What is the best food intake to keep the body fat percentage low but still gain muscles?

    I’m by any means not over weight I’m pretty lean with some belly fat. I just try to find the best way to keep a strict food intake, in order to make (in particular), my Abs visible.

    Atm I eat rice, pasta, chicken, salad, fruits vegetables, light spread cheese, whole grain bread,.. after all healthy, but I think there’s a better way.
    I’m 1,79m tall and have a weight of 75-78 kg. Pretty normal.

    Any tips anyone? ��

  • I’m a trainer and I workout basically 6 times a week. It is exactly 2 months to my Birthday and I’m going to try this out combined with a more intentional eating habits. I’ll come back with results (I’ll try to make videos and take pictures where necessary).

  • Aim: To become a brogrammer from programmer.

    Day 1: Was following as per video as I was not knowing the excercise beforehand so struggled a bit but completed.

  • I did 10 sets of every exercise except the Black Widow Knee Slides which I did 5 sets of. I capped it at 10 sets as I wasn’t getting to the point where I “couldn’t do any more” so I just called it a day there. Just finished the challenge and been doing Jeff’s 22 day push up and pull up challenge at the same time too. At the end of the 22 days I skipped 3 days, 1 Sunday, and then the Sunday and Monday the week after that. The abs was the most tedious part as it took about 45 minutes to complete that section alone. I’m looking forward to dropping the abs section and replacing it with core strengthening exercise as I don’t really care for superficial ‘sharp’ abs but prefer functionality instead. I will continue trying to increase the amount of reps I can do in a row of pull ups and push ups, aiming to reach 100 push ups and 50 pull ups in a row. This seems like it’s gonna be extremely difficult as my push ups only went from 33 to 35 and my pull ups from 13 to 15…

  • Jeff, I started the 22 day and I’m feeling a change, but there are two exercises which are causing me some back pain. The Butterfly & Sit-Up Elbow Thrusts. Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain? Thanks, Dan

  • before when I was 11 i was pretty overweight and kids always bullied like a rag doll cause of my weight. Now I’m 12 with a solid 2 pack almost 4 and now nobody dares to mess with me cause of this video I got a long way to go thank you.

  • Starting today��, Will surely share my experience ��

    Day 1:Did This workout two times, first in morning and another in evening.Good going and feeling that these workouts are worth doing.

    Day 2:-Today also did the workout 2 times. First in the morning and second in the evening. In morning it was easy but in the evening it pained very much. But, I pushed my limits and did more rounds than usual.

    Day 3:Again did the workout two times. One In morning and another in evening. It was easier than 2 day(Core getting stronger). Now, Can see my two upper abs.

    Day 4:Again did this workout two times. One in Morning and another in Evening. In morning enjoyed doing the workout and in evening too. Feeling good, going to complete the 22 days.

    Day 5:-Again did this workout two times.First in morning and another in evening. Feeling good did more rounds than usual. Looking ahead to finish it.

  • Trying this on quarantine, hope i’ll be consistent.. I’m gonna update everyday starting from now. I’m from Indonesia so sorry for my bad english..

    Day 1: Done every exercise with 1 round except for the last 2 exercise. It was a struggle but I will get better in the next day.

    Day 2: Got muscle soreness from the first day especially on the stomach and neck (very confused here) maybe because i’m not doing it right. Well I got almost all exercise done with 1 set and a bit of improvement on the 2nd and 3rd exercise.

    Day 3: Kept getting better and got more sets than yesterday. I think today I got less muscle soreness but while I was doing one of the exercise, my upper hips is starting to lose strength (again, maybe because not doing it right). I will get better tomorrow!

    Day 4: Got headaches so I took a break. I’m worried that if I workout too much I’ll pass out and get sick.

    Day 5: Got so much school work, didn’t have time to do an exercise. I’ll be adding 2 extra days for workout.

    Day 6: I can do all of the exercise with the same amount like day 3 but I feel weak. I regret missing 2 days of workout, I don’t have much progress than Day 3 but it’s preety good i suppose. My hips and back are hurting I don’t know why.. Well I have to progress much more tomorrow.

  • Ok I’m going to document my 22 day journey because it was these comments that motivated me to start and maybe it’ll motivate other people.
    Day 1: pretty much just learning the exercises, can’t do many—especially the situps ✔️
    Day 2: same as day one. I’m going to start trying really hard tomorrow✔️
    Day 3: I sweat a lot today so hopefully I can feel some improvement tomorrow ✔️
    Day 4: I’m starting to do more reps and work out for longer, but I’m not sore yet, so I need to train harder…✔️
    Day 5: All my life I’ve just had a little pod of stomach fat right above my waist line, but now, I can actually see the outline of my core! I don’t have distinct abs yet, but if I can get a pretty clear outline in 5 days, then I can’t wait for 22 ✔️
    Day 6: I’ve memorized the workout now, so I can listen to music while I exercise. It’s hard to tell the difference from one day to the next, but I’d like to say that I am always bigger than the day before. ✔️
    Day 7: A full week! Only two more to go. I can do quite a bit more of each exercise specifically the one where you pull your legs to your chest; I couldn’t even do 1 rep on the first day.✔️
    Day 8: So much sweat today, but I can definetly see the top 2 abs very clearly! My obliques are very pronounced now too! ✔️

  • Update (8/17): So I did this for 3 days but simply stopped doing it. I will attempt this again. I’m a real person (not a bot) lmao. I will attempting this challenge and update my results. I’m 24 5’8 145bs, pretty skinny tbh but I have started to hit the gym since quarantine ended (Around June).

    Day 1 (8/17): This is my 4th time doing this but since I stopped after day 3 Im starting over. Finished all 6 exercises, still struggling to not take breaks in between.

    Day 2 (8/18): Did all 6. Again, still struggling to not take couple second breaks in between. My body just gives up lmao, but at least I finish them.

    Day 3 (8/19): Done & sore af lmao.

    Day 4: (8/20):

  • Hi Jeff, can you make a video on how to get defined biceps like yours? Just maybe an exercise that will help bring them out and shows their separation.
    P.S. Great video!

  • Can you just perform the exercises in a loop until your body gives out? Instead of doing each individual one till you can’t? That way you have a chance to do each one. Can that be done?

  • I personally love to train my abs…bt I just wanna point out that at the beginning of my training days I really hate it…the frst point jeff showed I followed that before bt the problem is u fet tired to do the next exercise that you were planning to do…

  • Should I anchor my feet under a couch? It improves posture but maybe it makes the exercises to easy. My stomach’s soft and I can still do the sit-ups swinging my arms open indefinitely, takes too damn long.

  • Day 1: i think i see a light

    Day 2: i got thru it but it was rough. I did it a second time at night and felt pretty sore after

    Day 3: Same as day 2, i feel my core getting stronger and i see some slight visual differences also.

    Day 4: I got thru it again today, not so sore anymore, again twice today. Ill try to up the reps tmrw so i can get a full workout

  • You´ll only reach developed abs with the right diet in combination with the right workuot plan. You can do this Workout for years but with the wrong diet you´ll never get developed abs.

  • i have been doing it since 12 days…but i have not got even lines of ab…is it alright or it happens with everyone plzz tell

  • Hello Chris I was motivated by how u work ur body with passion and determination. U help me survive my depression and been doing body calisthenics for a year!���� I was bullied for being weak and fragile, thank u for the inspiration!!!

  • W raises reward me with a sharp pain in my left thigh, idk what that’s all about
    I can do the black widow knee slides perfectly fine
    butterfly situps i can do fine
    Seated corkscrew is just so weird I can’t figure out the technique on that one so I gave up
    levitation crunches and situp elbow thrusts i can do

    I’ll replace the W-Raises with simple pushups and the seated corkscrew with a 45 second plank so I can atleast do something

    I’ll try to remember to come back at some point in a month to share the results

  • Just tried day one.. The w raises were not shown very well but I eventually worked out what you were doing
    Everything else was pretty simple however I’m someone who can’t do an unpinned sit up. Which made the butterfly sit ups and the twists undoable.
    Do you have any modifications to these? Or should I pin my feet?

  • I started yesterday and already on second day i feel like this…
    This will work.
    I do these twice a day. It’s hard but if I don’t give up, I’ll be able to get stronger.
    Just hope I don’t run out of determination.

  • I’ve been doing this for over 2 months and now I’m able to do over 350 sit ups. Thank you for this workout it helps a lot. To all you people starting don’t be intimdated by it.

  • 2:27 ( W Raises ) x 5

    3:03 ( Black widow knee slides ) x 45 seconds

    3:39 ( Butterfly sit-ups ) x 10

    4:01 ( Seated corkscrews ) x 45 seconds

    4:49 ( Levitation crunches ) x 10

    5:25 ( Sit-up elbow thrusts ) x 5 each direction

    *Do as many as rounds you can if you can’t do them then you move on to next exercise ( 10 seconds break )

  • First day of trying actually couldnt have been worse… I hardly managed to do 2 reps and i was absolutely tired when i finished. Anyway i will do my Best and try to do all the 22 days without skipping exercises.

  • Day3: I’m doing the workouts but for the sit-ups it’s hard because a lower spine bone right above my butt hurts and is really bruised I think from doing these but I’m trying to get through it.

  • So I’m currently on day 10(I havent skipped a day) and I feel more or less the same
    I can last a little longer from when I started but I don’t see it happening in 22days
    I’m 5’8, 165lbs btw

  • For anyone starting out, I’d recommend that you get into a general workout routine for a week or two before doing these exercises. Because it requires stamina and getting into a routine will help you stay consistent for 22 days (or more) and help avoid fatigue after the first few days.

  • These are good…and if you want them all compiled into one exercise for strength and rehab purposes, you can do this one

  • My dad grew up doing carpentry work for my grandfather, and my grandfather was ripped and fairly skinny although it’s a shame he didn’t keep his sugar in check, he could have lived beyond his early 80s, my dad was ripped until he spent too much time doing his electronic design work. Me… Well I’m still trying to motivate myself

  • One thing that needs to come back from old school training and old school life in general is the fashion. Wearing a black undershirt and leather boots to do bench press, while your trainer is wearing a button-down shirt and bowler hat, after which you both go play video games wearing full suits and fedoras.

  • Absolutely the most funny video of yours! It should be so hard to do this video with Jessie (Bartholomew the 3rd). Funny video but as always full with great tips!

  • I’m sorry, but Jessy or Bartholomule is really distracting. On one hand, he’s useful to show the wrong and right forms, and that isn’t what I am talking about. Please keep that part.
    It’s all the other stuff, like talking extra loud and being a character, it is distracting. It takes up extra time, it usually is not applicable information…ie i don’t care that he’s twisting his beard or repeatedly interrupts or refuses to answer or follow direction unless you call him bartholomule
    I love your content and love the information and tips you give us…i just hate the “show” that jessy the character brings. It’s one thing to make a joke related to the work out or something you’re doin…it’s another thing to design a scene as it’s own joke and add it to the information you’re relaying. One happens in the moment…the other adds time and zero value add…if I wanted to watch comedy clown shows, I’d be on a different YouTube channel…This show isn’t about a guy growing a mustache and talking like a 1920’s caricature.
    Not suggesting you get rid of him, just tone it down…keep him relevant to the info your viewers are here for.
    Again, sorry, I do not mean to be so negative, it’s just very annoying, not particularly funny and breaks up a steady flow of great information throughout your videos

  • Hey Jeff, how do you feel about straight leg situps? I.E. your ankles are locked in place and you can lay day only bending at the hips.

  • For 1 month I trained abs chest shoulders legs back biceps and triceps everyday 3sets of 8-12reps on 5 different machine/workouts each and I went from 75kg to 65kg and shredded like fuck and sore

  • I was told that I should workout and lose weight but not do abs because I won’t see results. Thanks to share. I will begin today. I can see some shapes on my belly but I still have some fat areas.

  • Jesse/Bartholomew saved you again Jeff!
    What about Roman Chair sit-ups?!
    Gravity boots?!
    Decline-bench leg raises?!
    Sauna belts??
    Isometrics “burns” w/ belly pummeling/punches (hanging or laying)?

  • He contradicts himself in virtually every video, this channel is all bullshit and designed to make money ignore it!, my god everything sounds the same on here, it’s like it’s a Chinese factory just pumping this shit out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • will doing only these exercises nd nothing else have a bad affect on my health?. If not will doing only these exercises nd nothing else reduce my belly fat and gimme a a flat belly? my body fat is 20-24% as per ur video “Body Fat for Abs to Show The Truth MEN AND WOMEN”

  • Thanks Jeff for showing some old school ab exercises, some I wasn’t familiar with. Loving the beard on Jesse (sorry Bartholomew) lol, thanks again for showing ����

  • Ha thank you for sharing this.
    Geese I don’t know…
    For me not enough body that isn’t

    Fibers of muscle visible through the skin.

    I mean where’s the end and what in malnutrition where body-fat os concerned.

    O one studies the long term connection between a lifestyle of constant squeezing out even slightly visible body-fat.
    And the epitome of full centered health and full centered fitness.

    The entire animal kingdom has no problems with this.
    The ape or monkey kingdoms are extremely advanced in comparison to humans where muscle size to strength ability is concerned.

    So I can understand say double biceps. Have not seen many of those lately.
    And its admirable the devotion to
    body sculpting and fitness.

    Im saying could you exist say in freezing temperatures or many other extreme enviorments best in contest like peek water and fat squeezed condition.

    Anyway you sure look ripped.
    And I’m thinking ok so what.
    It’s not the one all measure of health and fitness.

    Ill stay with Navy Seal Extreme survival conditioning.

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  • Thanks so much for this video! During quarantine holy shit I’m going mad trying to find new things to do. So. Finding old shit. The best! ��

  • Horrible exercises. Flexing the neck and flexing the spine. Bad Posture. Segmenting the rotation of the spine (twists). This guy needs to follow Dr. Stuart McGill and learn something new. Your going to hurt someone fast

  • Cam you give a exercise for an athlete someone who plays a sports like baseball (cricket) you can search it but i really want advice

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  • Hey I just wanna say I have been doing loads of Abs workouts for girls and that and I have seen good results but I am looking for somthing to stand my abs out so I’m gonna do this so yeah please like this so I won’t forget x

  • Me: Been doing Abs Exercises since 1 month ago finally seeing results. Me: ugh I can see my abs faintly but what will stand them out? Me: scrolling finds this. Me: Wow Me: looks at time and it says 8:03pm Me: LETS DO THIS!!!!!!! If you are curious to getting a six pack or even just a flat stomach for females (girls) do Alex’s arena 10 min AB workout and than Gabriella Whites cardio the cover of Gabriella Whites cardio should her wearing a pink top and black shorts and her turning to the side than do Gabriella whites AB/cardio workout as well the front cover should show her in a black jumper and black leggings looking towards the camera and than DO THIS WORKOUt THANKYOU FOR UR TIME

  • Hey guys, be careful if you’ve not done an stuff much before. You can hurt your back a lot.

    Look up the pelvic tilt progression on YouTube and it’ll teach you how to engage your abs and protect your spine. <3

  • Hey guys I’m new to this fitness stuff. I’ve only swam and Did water polo for years so I have the wide back and arms from the swim but I want more toned abs and arms and chest. I’ve started this ab workout and then adding higher number of push ups. I’m really sore from the pushups too the point where it’s giving me very sloppy form.. do you guys think I should rotate days. Do this ab workout hard for one day. Then the next do the push ups? I tried doing both and it just results in sloppy form and I know that’s no good. So maybe days rotating using different muscles different days will help?

  • Bruh I did 54 sets of the first exercise well I’ve done ab training before but I had to go back like 3 time to make sure I’m using good form