The 30-Trip To-Home Challenge – Week 1


30 Minute At Home HIIT Workout ��Burn 390 Calories! ��30 Day At-Home Workout Challenge | Day 1

Video taken from the channel: Sydney Cummings


30 Day Fat Blaster Week 1

Video taken from the channel: Body By Tati


BullyJuice 30 Day At Home Workout Challenge! (With Meal Plan) EP 1

Video taken from the channel: Vladd Wavy


Week 1: Get On The Floor | 30-Day Butt Challenge w/Jeanette Jenkins | Fitness

Video taken from the channel: FITNESS Magazine


WEEK 1 UPDATE! BullyJuice 30 Day At Home Workout Challenge! EP 2

Video taken from the channel: Vladd Wavy


Day 1 | FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge | HIIT Total Body

Video taken from the channel: Lilly Sabri


Intense Abs Workout �� WEEK 1, 30 Day Tiny Waist Challenge!

Video taken from the channel: Vicky Justiz

Run 1 mile (or run in place, or jump rope, or do short sprints or something to get your blood pumping) and do 10 push-ups every 1 minute. 10 20 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups (5 rounds). The 30-Day At-Home Challenge – Week 1. by MyFitnessPal.

January 4, 2015. 30 Comments. Share it: Ready to challenge yourself this year?

We’ve teamed up with Season 1 Broken Skull Challenge winner Tommy Hackenbruck for a month-long fitness challenge!#gymoclock #workout #fitness ——————————————— Week one 1: 5 min chest workout ( optional 5 minute bed) 2: 10 min Leg workout 3: 5 min back 4: 10 min hitt work. I completed the Cardio workout from the 30 Day Challenge DVD a little while ago. Different from my other WALK DVD workouts.

Love the music. I wanted to start a day early so I could be on track for the M,W,F Cardio workouts. So glad I have the new DVD.

Excited about losing 25-30 pounds by Thanksgiving. 30 Day Fitness Challenge (Week #1) I’m so pumped about today! We’re launching a 30-day fitness challenge designed to help us lose weight and get toned up for the summer!

Below is a sample 20-minute workout that you can do at home without any special equipment. The 30-Day Gym-Free Fitness Challenge. By Laura Williams, and Thrillist Health. Week 1: Turning Dough Into Slightly Less-Soft Dough. You’re a weak sack of flesh and bones, but soon enough.

“A 30-day challenge is great because it takes the guesswork out of what to do to create healthy habits,” says Catherine Basu, MEd, owner of Fit Armadillo, a personal training program in Houston. That’s why I designed this 30-day fitness challenge, which you can access here or via the streaming fitness app All/Out Studio (bonus: the first week of programming on the app is free!). I decided I would share my 30 Day At-Home Crossfit Challenge with you in case anyone wants to join me..and this way I don’t have to bore you with posting my WODS everyday with you! I wanted to share my at-home workouts with you because I. You’re on Week 1 of the 30-Day Gym-Free Fitness Challenge.

To return to the main challenge page, click here. Your week one plan is designed to ease you into your new routine.

List of related literature:

We hadn’t had this challenge for twenty-four hours and some of the moms had already posted updates.

“Confessions of a Domestic Failure: A Humorous Book About a not so Perfect Mom” by Bunmi Laditan
from Confessions of a Domestic Failure: A Humorous Book About a not so Perfect Mom
by Bunmi Laditan
MIRA Books, 2017

I am the person who loves two-week and thirty-day challenges.

“Come Matter Here: Your Invitation to Be Here in a Getting There World” by Hannah Brencher, Jess Connolly
from Come Matter Here: Your Invitation to Be Here in a Getting There World
by Hannah Brencher, Jess Connolly
Zondervan, 2018

How did your week 4 challenge go?

“Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Bible Study for Tween Girls & Their Moms” by Catherine Bird
from Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Bible Study for Tween Girls & Their Moms
by Catherine Bird
Leafwood Publishers, 2017

If you’ve stayed on track with the program and completely decluttered each area of your home during each week, congratulations!

“Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: The Six-Week Total-Life Slim Down” by Peter Walsh
from Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: The Six-Week Total-Life Slim Down
by Peter Walsh
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2015

Week 4: My Family Myself • Structured exercise: How does my family see me?

“The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy” by Jeffrey L. Kleinberg
from The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy
by Jeffrey L. Kleinberg
Wiley, 2015

Currently I’m on week 6 of your 12-week challenge and love it.

“The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide” by Kayla Itsines
from The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide
by Kayla Itsines
Pan Macmillan Australia, 2017

This challenge took place every morning and every evening for forty days.

“The Answer Key for the Chronological Bible Workbook” by Linda J. Roberts
from The Answer Key for the Chronological Bible Workbook
by Linda J. Roberts
WestBow Press, 2016

I had twenty-two random guests join the first five-week challenge that I ever delivered.

“Eat Real to Heal: Using Food As Medicine to Reverse Chronic Diseases from Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer and More” by Nicolette Richer
from Eat Real to Heal: Using Food As Medicine to Reverse Chronic Diseases from Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer and More
by Nicolette Richer
Mango Media, 2018

This was something of an exciting challenge but there was also a heart-sink feeling as I knew there would be many months of 5 am starts and many papers and books to read!

“Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression” by Paul Gilbert
from Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression
by Paul Gilbert
SAGE Publications, 2007

So we decided to take all the best bits from our 90and 365-day challenges and condense them into a 28-day champion challenge, just for you.

“The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge: Sleep Better, Lose Weight, Boost Energy, Beat Anxiety” by Andy Ramage, Ruari Fairbairns
from The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge: Sleep Better, Lose Weight, Boost Energy, Beat Anxiety
by Andy Ramage, Ruari Fairbairns
Pan Macmillan, 2017

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  • Just did day 1and am dying!! Though it was a great workout. I’ve been doing lower abs & muffintop for last 2 weeks and can already see some definition around my abs, my daughter calls it my 2 pack, just gotta work on the rest to get a full 6 pack

  • Just completed day one and lord this work out seemed so easy but boy was I wrong����‍♀️. After a couple a rounds I had to talk myself through completing it. Can’t wait to see my results tho

  • My gym finally opened but their hours don’t work for me:( got there and they locked the door so i walked home and this was the first 30 day workout I could find. I want to try day 1 until I get it right lol I only made it halfway through!

  • I like her but i prefer my trainer to do the entore worjout with me and not stop I get confused when to stop or continue when she does lol killer sweat tho

  • Just completed day one. I feel absolutely incredible after this! I was sweating out so so much as if I’d just had a session at the gym! Looking forward to day 2!

  • Thanks for the great workout Sydney! Starting day 1 today but thats ok! trying the 30 day program!! Loved this one. Got a great sweat on! Very motivating!

  • After the 2nd exercise, my abdominal muscles felt like they were twisting and I literally could not move. I almost started crying. Why??! What is that?!

  • I started today August 21st in the morning, this was a killer one, short but dangerous hahaha
    My measurements are
    Chest 42 in 107 cm
    Waist 33 in 84 cm
    Tummy 38 in 97 cm
    Hips 40 in 102 cm
    Both thighs 24 in 63 cm
    Both arms 11 in 29 cm
    I am 25 years old and my height is 5’5” 1.68 cm
    I don’t weigh myself so I don’t know how much it is.
    I’ll be back whenever I finish this.
    I’m also combining this one video with exercises to lift and reduce the breasts and armpits fat.

  • I love her workouts.. i tried chloe’s workout for few weeks but they are just too tiring and do not have much break in between exercises so I cant catch the breath. Vicky’s workouts are so realistic ����

  • I’m glad I rewatched this video because the very first time I did this work out which was last month I ended up taking a 30 second break after the four exercises. I was wondering why I was struggling so much and I ended up only completing day 1. I’m so glad I decided to start up again and follow everything STEP BY STEP, cant wait to see results!! Thank you Tati������

  • I haven’t worked out in months!!!! I made a lot of excuses for myself,, but then I came upon your channel and saw how encouraging you where with your workout videos, so I decided to give it a shot this morning,, and it was truly a killer workout! But once I finished I was so glad that I woke up and decided to do it!

  • Hey lilly imma kinda fat 74kg and 5’6 please tell weather will I get leaner or build muscle?? I am ready to cut on junk and eating healthy, but only this factor is stopping me. Please tell. Also ily

  • Just discovered your channel and I’m so happy I did! I love your energy! Finished day one, can’t wait for the kickboxing tomorrow!

  • Okay okay so I finished my week 1 but instead of the 4 days I did the full 7 and all I can say is…WHAT A WORKOUT! I have tbh tho…I didn’t have a set time on when I did the workout. One day it’d be during the day and the next would be at night (college schedule lol) but this time I’m serious about losing weight before summer 2020! I want to love and appreciate myself because I know I deserve it. Wish everyone else luck on their journey:)

  • I’ve been doing this from six days(after failing once) so I thought I’d start updating weekly.
    Starting waist size: 27.5 inches
    After week one: There’s no difference in my waist size. But I feel a lot more toned and I can see that the curves of my waist look more defined than they did before. It becomes easy towards the end of the week but still takes away your breath.I’m excited to continue.
    Week 2: okay so this week was a MESS because I pulled a muscle and got my period so I was rather inconsistent in working out. Pulled through somehow. I feel more toned not a lot of change from last week but yes I’m feeling fitter than before. I’m not gonna measure because I don’t feel as productive for this week and I know there won’t be any change in the size. I’m gonna be more consistent for the next two weeks and update my size again:)

  • I’ve tried this challenge last year and even though it was really hard for me to finish 3 sets, this time, after 1 year and a half with no exercise this hit me so hard i couldn’t finish the russian twists at the last set. I literally tried but kept falling. So important to keep excercise part of our routine.

  • I echoed Julia below. I love these no repeat workouts. They’re amazing and I feel my body is challenged to guess what happens next. Thank you for showing up and motivating us everyday! Appreciate YOU!!!

  • heyy i am going to try this and update you guys i am also in the Facebook group anddd alll girls there recommend me this sooo wish me luck andd you can join me �� also i will be doing her 10 day hourglass challange Day 1: love ittt, i am so tired but glad that i did it

  • I’m starting this challenge today, kinda scared that I’ll drop it out of tiredness… I hope I have the strength and determination to complete this challenge….
    Day 1: almost died halfway through the workout, but they say day 1 is the most difficult so yeah����

  • have you not seen how other trainers do it on YouTube to get million views? You’re doing it wrong: no timer on the screen, you stop doing exercises, you talk too much (and without a microphone with a background music). This was frustrating and a waste of my time. Gotta note to myself to not watch any of your other exercise videos.

  • The first day I was so out of breath starting with just 20 seconds of the sprinting in place but now I just completed Day 3 and found out that I had so much more energy than I did on the first day! A big difference in just three days! I’m so happy! and I also rested for a shorter amount of time! (I had to rest more than 30 secs because I was dangerously out of breath; like my throat and chest were burning so bad) But now I can also feel my blood pressure going down! My heart isn’t beating so hard as the first day:) Progress!!!

  • I’m on 8th day on your workout plan, but I feel my tummy is becoming big and tight too, is this really normal and can I see the result after completing the whole plan? I do this plan whatever happens because I believe you and you are amazing…��

  • Referred by “thewads” YouTube channel. 3 day in a row with Sydney’s workouts. They are fantastic! I feel amazing! Where have you been my whole life? These are by far the best workouts! Thank you Sydney!

  • does anyone else record their workout on an apple/fitness watch? I tracked it as ‘strength training’ and only got to 250 calories…

  • Just started this workout plan today! I was shaking by the end of round three, hopefully I’ll last till the end of the 30 days, I’ll update with results

  • Starting today! Just finished day 1, it was so hard but I made it. Commenting everyday so I can keep myself accountable, thank you Lilly!

  • Just starting this workout today. I just have to say, you sound so warm and affectionate, I can’t not show up for day two after hearing that pep talk at the end. Thankyou so much <3

  • it’s here y’all!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! Here is the link to sign up with your email to recieve the calendar and participate in this challenge for FREEEE WHAAAATTT! Also don’t forget to use my code vicky10 to shop on womens best ❤️ let me know how you liked the workout below!!!

  • Kid #2 is now 4months old so back to the grind.
    Start date 6/19/20, Height 5″3,
    Weight 142lb. Just finished day 1 and I am now laying on the floor crying. See ya in 29days.

  • This workout was definitely challenging. I got inspired by one of the comments from @ soccer Cal. I also want to lose 20 kg. Not sure if I will be able to lose this much. I’m now 59 kg.

    Day1: Feeling exhausted but also satisfied that I did complete this video. I also tried out some other videos like how to get the summer legs and how to lose body fat in 7 days.

  • Congrats! Good for you wish you the best! If you’re looking for more insight on losing weight my friend she a fitness trainer and you can check website and click under community and check out the forums for any tips n tricks that will help you out along the way. Peace man ✌️

  • Okay I just want to make sure so u do this whole 15 minutes exercise once a day for the week the same one and every week the exercise is different right, I just wanna make sure cause I’m about to buy the plan u have

  • Hello! Amazing workout for Day 1. I loved the work out. My legs are killing me. They actually do feel like jelly. You are so motivating. Thank you so much:)

  • Hi Vicky. Love your work out and really inspiring others. One question: for the 30 days challenge, is it ok to do 1 day abs and 1 day booty? Or is better to do 30 days abs and another 30 days booty? Thank you

  • Hi! i’m 15 and i’m going to be doing this workout for the full 30 days so if you have any questions please DM me on instagram @mckennashelton i will answer every/any question you have!

  • Ladies, still debating?? I am on day 4 and it only took two days for everything to start feeling nice and tight. You can really feel it working your butt and your thighs too. BONUS!

  • Hi Lilly! Ive been following you intermittently throughout isolation and decided to add your 30 day program to my routine as of today! 15 burpees day 1. Thanks a million. Im sweating!!

  • Day: My body was on fire but the workouts are manageable, very easy exercises even if after finishing the second round I was already tired.
    Day 2: I had a lot of soreness mainly my calves even after stretching, I think it’s totally normal considering my level of fitness ( really difficult to walk with low heels for work tho)
    Day 3: Just finished my day 3 routine, today was hard to find the motivation but when I started the workout routine it became easier, I was not that much out of breath, I was more aware of my movements and was able to easily finished the whole routine.

  • Just wanted to say that even if you can’t some of these “properly” that doesn’t mean that you bad. You are doing better than you did before

  • Starting my 30 days today. I thought I was fit… this made me realize otherwise. Thank you for the amazing workout. Not sure why but I’m sweating and crying!!!

  • Day 1: I became extremely sore midway throughout the workout but i finished. My legs are in pain and my thighs hurt a lot. This is all part of the process. The music really helps me stay motivated.

  • I’m doing it! I’m deciding to commit to not only doing it, but recording everyday of it as a vlog for my channel (Elev8te Your Energy Productions). Whether I fall apart doing it, or struggle, whatever it is, it’s authentic and it’s ME! I struggled to it twice, although I didn’t record the second round because I didn’t notice until after I stopped recording that we’re supposed to do it 2 more times, I’m just proud I even started it, recorded it, and did it twice vs. not at all. �������� #beyourownbiggestsupporter #cheerleadforyourself #VICKYJUSTIZCHALLENGE

  • First of all I love how you motivate us through the workout, thank you so much for this incredible challenge:) I actually want to ask you and the whole community for help about the problem I face during most workouts. Even though my body is not really that weak as a whole, I get out of breath so easily and I end up resting way before I should. For instance, recovering my breath back after 15 seconds of workout takes me at least another 15 seconds. I actually have a problem with my sinuses so do you think I can get used to it and improve my breath or should I seek medical treatment as working out wont help with that? I am so sorry if that is too long but I really need your help here:) <3 Thank you so much to anyone who might help me with that

  • For me, the hardest is the towel toss with the plank. I manage to do the rest without resting. But I don’t know if I can keep up for 2 more reps ������

  • 1st day down thankyou lily for the sweats omg i love it n you really encouraged me so much,lots of love from nepal❤❤❤ really gonna see gorgeous body at the end of this challenge ����

  • This is my new favorite! I am so excited to continue this journey. Thank you so much for posting these amazing videos! You are an amazing trainer and I’m so thankful you are helping me reach my goals!!

  • I have been doing your workouts since a long time. I can see results but I am still not satisfied. So I am doing this 30 day fitness program starting from today. I will write a comment each day.


  • I’m on my last day of this workout this week was great I ate the right things all week & stayed in a calorie deficit. I love how these workouts are simple but have your legs burning like crazy can’t wait for next week workouts��

  • Hi, I used to do Chloe Tings flat tummy workout and it kinda made me a bit boxy (no disrespect to Chloe though) so this may seem stupid to ask but is this for sure not going to make go boxy? Trying to become ).( not |.|

  • A month behind in the challenge and just did this workout yesterday. It’s safe to say I’ve never felt better doing a workout. I completed day 2 today and love how different the 2 workouts were. Thanks Sydney!

  • She said 2-3 times but with my schedule, I could only do it once per day �� I also do another 2 min exercise of a Japanese girl I saw on YT plus this. Really can’t do it twice, I’m so physically unfit �� I downloaded the calendar, but I can’t really stick to it because I only exercise on my off days �� hopefully this still works somewhat even with my lax attitude

  • Currently on day 25 in lockdown and just needed to come back and say this is still my favourite workout, I was sore for 3 days afterwards, unreal DOMS! You queen!

  • I used to spend an hour & a half at the gym & didn’t sweat as much as I did in this 30 min workout! This new reality of working out at home has forced me to try new ways to stay fit & challenge myself! Love your energy too Sydney! Great videos! ������

  • Thanks a lot for the video. I have one criticism though. It’s very hard to follow you sometimes. You keep talking and don’t do the exercises yourself for the full time. So I’m not sure whether you’re trying to encourage me or congratulating me for finishing the set. Also, there is no indicator on the screen.

  • How do I straighten my back when I’m doing the workouts that require you to be on your back? it raises up when I try and i look like one of those caterpillars moving their body up and down kdkd

  • it was not clear when an exercise started.
    It was also not encouraging and more demotivating that she did not participate and was talking more than doing the workout with us.
    When she stopped I automatically stopped.
    So hopfully tis is something she can change cause this was personally more a disepointment than motivational for me.

  • catch me grunting this whole workout LOL my quads were on fire and sweating like a pig for a dancer and athlete you kicked my butt but I still had fun including laying on the floor after the workout for like 10 mins but got 20 burpees!!

  • Hi Vicky!!! Thank you so much for these amazing workouts! I remember doing your workouts 4 years ago! and then I got super depressed, and now I’m back! I gained some weight:( but I can’t wait to do your workouts and achieve my dream body! Again thank you so much for being such an inspiration!!!
    ALSO, do you have any chest and arm/back workouts you’d recommend? I would greatly appreciate that! I will keep you updated on my journey if you’d like:)

  • Woot! I’m 59 and got a friend to commit to 30 days. Who knows where we’ll be at by 60 next year! You are so motivating, Lilly. And your enthusiasm and non-judgment makes me feel like I can do this. Thank you for offering free lessons. I will share!

  • Hey guys i’m going to keep everyone updated on this workout i’m 5,1 and i’m 92 pounds and i’m only 11 (don’t come at me for being to young i’m insecure about my body) i’m going to keep everyone updated on every single day throughout this workout routine. Also can i get some food recommendations from people that helped you guys?

    Day:1 So..i didn’t do the full workout because i’m just a beginner but throughout i will try to do the full workout but my thoughts on day 1 are: My legs were shaking sooo bad about the first 3 minutes into the workout and kept shaking throughout how much i did i only did about 25 minutes so i didn’t do about 10 minutes of it i would recommend if you are a beginner i would recommend not to do the whole thing also if you are young like me. I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow ��

  • It’s a shame that when you go on the women’s best site you’re unable to use Vicky10 promo on already discounted apparel which is ALL the apparel modeled in THIS video. No way to show support or receive an extra discount because we are supporters of the brand and representatives like Vicky. Thank you for this workout, now let’s work on snatching that waist and price!
    Like if you agree.

  • I freaking adore Sydney! She makes me feel like I’ve got my own personal trainer & the positivity from her videos continue to inspire me. Day 1 was great! Can’t wait to push through the rest.

  • I am starting this today! I am 5’2 currently at 133lbs.. my starting weight was 06/13 @ 140lbs. I have been exercising on my own and eating healthy. My goal is too try and loose some stubborn fat, and tone up a bit.
    I am going to try my best to stick with this! I will update with my results:)

    EDIT** I thought I was pretty fit, but this workout said nope.. lol.

  • Okay I would first like you to know that this one was intense ����.I workout 6 days a week for 1 hour everyday still this one was sooo hard to complete.I am sweating like crazy and I have burnt 260 calories while doing this.feeling proud to complete this but I would suggest everyone to just take it slow and nice at your pace.
    Thank you so much Lilly.this workout challenged me a lot and I am going to complete this 30 days program for sure.
    I have hit a weight loss plateu for last 2 months and I am doing all that I can do to overcome it but still not able to change the plateu.I really do hope that This intense program will help me to overcome this.
    I am 5’3″ and I am at 122.7 pounds since last two months. My current waist size is 31 inches and belly is 33 inches.
    My goal weight is 116.8 pounds.Goal waist 28 inches.
    I am eating clean and exercising 6 days a week.I will complete this 30 days challenge and will update here after day 30.Thank you everyone and do join in.All the best to everyone ����❤️.
    Day 1:done (15 burpees).
    Day 2:done (16 burpees).
    Day 3:done (16.5 burpees).
    Day 4:done (17 burpees).
    Day 5:done (17 burpees).
    Day 6:done (active recovery).
    Day 7:done (18 burpees).
    Day 8:done.
    Day 9:done.
    Day 10:done (26.5 squat jumps).
    Day 11:done.
    Day 12:done (18.5 burpees).
    I’m so out of breath now,I feel like my heart is gonna come out of my chest.the burpees at the end was just too much today.But I am proud that I went through this.
    Day 13:done (active recovery).
    Day 14:done (30 squat jumps).
    I am so proud of myself ��❤️��.

  • Thank you so much Sydney for these effective workouts. Got me sweating and out of breath for sure! ���� Really appreciate your dedication to improve the life of others ♥️

  • Jeez… I normally do yoga and HIIT.. this was tough! Hopefully getting married in less than 60 days so looking for some final “feel my best” workouts:)

  • this is so hard for me… I put on some weight during this quarantine.. my body weight is 138.8pound & my height is 165.1cm.. I start from today to pamper myself through this work out.. I’ll definitely finish it.. I want to change myself for good.. wish me luck:)

  • So I started this workout challenge 2 days into the challenge n I left it in the middle but this time I’m gonna crush it fr real its 30 th July today n its day 1 of the exercise hopefully I’m dedicated at crashing the workout routine this time

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  • Talks way too much, does 1/3rd of the exercises. No preparation for the next exercises ahead of time. No timer, there are way better videos elsewhere, what a waste of time.

  • I’m trying to lose weight because I’m going on an end of the year trip and I don’t want to be embarrassed. Day 1, TuesdayVery worn out! I’m 186 pounds and I started getting tired around 3:51.. I sucked it up and imagined my body if I did this consistently and kept going. With my ambition I made it through for the first time. Nothing is sore yet but I’m sweating a lot. I really need the fat in my thighs gone. I can do this!

  • I’m just starting April and May’s at-home-challenge and I just loved this one soooooo much. Thank you Sydney. I’m nearly 5 months pregnant and I did it. Sydney, you always put me in the beat mindset! Love you and Dustin! Forever grateful!��❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m so thankful to find your channel! Someone had mentioned you in another video’s comment. I can’t believe you upload DAILY and you have such a sweet, nurturing and genuine spirit.

    Been rocking it with you ever since xx

  • Just did my first day!! I’m so proud of myself, I pushed myself hard. Before I would start and stop whenever I broke my first sweat. PLEASE EVERYONE PUSH YOURSELF, you don’t know what you can do until you actually DO IT!! ��

  • Just finished week one! I’m so sore but kept pushing. I’m so looking forward to these rest days so my body can prepare for week 2! I’m so excited to see these results ☺️☺️

  • Hi Sydney, this was definitely a great workout. I left you for a month to do a 30 day quarantine with another fitness you tuber I follow, but just know that I will always come back to you! As always thank for your dedication and all you do! Glad to be back! ����‍♀️����

  • Hi Sydney, I am a 16 year old that is so grateful and thankful that I found you.
    I can’t follow any fitness instructor in youtube, it is very hard for me
    but you are just out of the world, you make me feel happy and weirdly relaxed in those workouts, you make me feel like you are with me in the room
    I am so happy that I found your channel, I love you and I wish you a life full of happiness.
    ( those speeches at the end of the video makes me very happy, and today it made me tear up! I have suffered from eating disorder and binge eating problems, these workout makes me control my food and makes me eat better! it really relaxes me, so for the hundredth time. THANK YOU )

  • Amazing amazing workout. I pushed all my best on this workout and I feel incredible. Your dedication push all the time to work out with you. I crushed it ����. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one to this virus. May God deliver us����

  • So Im 5’8 about 200 pounds most of my weight is in my thighs! I just developed a little pudge in my stomach. I’ll keep y’all updated everyday
    Day 1: I was doing good until I got to the sprint in cycle 3 ( 4 cycles) I was out of breath but I really pushed myself (using breathing techniques to help with me feeling out of breath) my legs are really shaky I figured my body knows what its doing so I let them shake after the workout I feel better, finna walk my dog so I can get 30 mins of exercise per day. (I’ll work up to 60 soon) and I can say I feel good. Im not ready for day 2 but Imma do it

    Day 2: Damn is my legs sore. My whole legs. The third exercise had to stop did 25 seconds in. But I worked extra hard on the last cycle. Cya tomorrow ♥

    Day 3: so im still sore but i can tell its going away:) I also did the workout to its entirety!!! Its still challenging, i move slower in the end! But I dont stop early before 30 secs is up for the exercises. If you’re reading this, you can most definitely do it! Keep going

  • I love you! You are so cute:) I am wondering if you have pelvic floor exercises? I am post partum and crushed this! Also, how can I fix hip cracking when I lift legs up to the side…?

  • I’ve watched you for years. And I’ve always loved your videos.. I had a baby 8 weeks ago. Been following strict diet and excersise, adding weights to my legs. I’ve lost 38 of the 40 I wanted to loose but just about a week ago in 1 day I gained 12 pounds and only lost 2 out of the 12 since… wtf??? I havent been taking rest days. The past 2 weeks is that why???

  • It was my day 1 today.. found you when someone from my insta linked this video in their story. I am so tired but motivated too ����

  • I’m doing this workout and it’s great, I’m really feeling the burn.. But I’m having a problem with pain in my lower back… Can somebody give me an advice what can I do to prevent that from happenig? The pain starts when I’m lying down and lifting arms while my legs are already in the air

  • I love you syndy! Your so encouraging & I’m all in! No more excuses! I want the best version of myself for my family & I Thank you for your workouts! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  • I’m repeating this challenge for the second time and after 10 weeks with lilly, I’ve done about 60 of her workouts and this one is still THE WORST hahaha

  • Hi Vicky! Hope you are doing well and you’re in great health.

    I am curious to know if I can still get the calendar for this challenge? I subscribed to your site yesterday but have not received anything by email.

    Any and all help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Much Love ��

  • Just starting my first week today and I just finished my my three reps for day one will continue to update. Day:1 complete… was pretty hard honestly and definitely feel it in my abs (starting waist measure is 27.5 inches). Day:2

  • I just start the challenge today and you really make me sweat �� but I’m so glad I finally did it this is the first step to a better version of myself, I love it ��

  • this was amazing, I’m new and just through this workout and your motivational speech, I will be here everyday!! I already feel as if I have always been apart of the family.

  • Hi, I feel like I do this once and it’s like good abs on fire, we’re great. I go to do it a second time and I just don’t feel it in my abs anymore. My legs start to ache more. Is it because I’m just doing it wrong the second time?

  • I’m not gonna lie I was overwhelmed with emotion after this workout. Since March I’ve been at home alone most of the time working away, really struggling to maintain a workout routine throughout this time as I was an avid gym goer. It was especially hard these past few weeks so I came across this in the hope that it would get me through until the gym opens and FUCK I feel waves of happiness through my body. I had so much fun moving it properly. You are one of the few videos I’ve come across that truly speaks like a trainer, is motivational and supportive and all about the workout. See you tomorrow!

  • I highly recommend showing modifications at the beginning of your set… its too hard on my knees to be jumping and i cannot always come up with a good modification on my own

  • I love all of your workouts but your messages at the end of your videos is my absolute favorite part. Just what I needed to hear today!! Thank you Sydney, you truly are the best!!!!

    Even though I’m on Day 13 of the self-isolation fitness guide this absolutely wrecked me and had to go through so many of the modifications/adding my own.

  • That’s what’s up bro you are on your way. Bully juice is a beast and so inspirational. Invest in a Air Fryer it will change your life brother. #Blacklivesmatter

  • I love to do your exercises and i am doing it regularly…and i am losing my weight too but Can we do hiit regularly..does it loose my muscles too…please give me suggestion..

  • I’m on day 1 and I just now finished the workout and I’m worn out�� but I’m going to keep it going ���� I want to be healthy and actually love my body, so no more excuses anymore!!!

  • My comment would be Lillie or whatever your name is stop saying we’re doing this together when I see you sitting not doing half of each workout.

  • I have not seen a super recent comment here, so I decided to write about my experience. I started the program on July 1st and finished it on Aug 10th, 2020. So, clearly I had a few extra break days in between.
    I’m over 30 years old, and I have never exercised in my life. I do not like exercise and I usually get no enjoyment from it. The last time I ever did something close to a physical exercise would be the phys-ed classes in high school but even then, I tried to get a parents/doctors note half the time. I was overweight when I started Lilly’s 30 day fitness challenge and here is my general opinion after completion:
    1The first week was HARD. Day 4 was a make-it-or-break-it type of day. I hated every single second of that particular workout. I ALWAYS had to take a 5-10 minutes break around minute 14 into the video, for all of the first week. Also, I just couldn’t make it until the end no matter how much I tried. So I called it a success and stopped exercising after I reached the 27th minute. But one way or another I persevered and made through the first week. The first day of active recovery was bliss. I absolutely LOVED the stretches!
    2 The second week I realized that the exercises were becoming more manageable. I was still out of breath mind you, but I needed to take the break around minute 17-18 (versus 13-14 for the first week). Also, I realized that some days I could go all the way to the end. However, most days I still stopped at around minute 27-28 and called it a day.
    3 The third week, I felt physically much stronger. I was looking forward to the exercises. (like whaaat? that never happened to me before) The exercises were much easier to complete, and I slowly phased out of that middle of the video break that I needed. For most of the days in week three I was able to go all the way to the end with no additional breaks (just the ones that Lilly suggests). Also one important note, Lilly usually will show easier versions of each exercise and will let you decide how to complete them. Except for a few really difficult ones, I was doing Lilly’s hard versions.
    4 During the last week, unfortunately I had a biking accident and I had to take a few days off, but eventually I started exercising again and finished all 30 days. The exercises are much easier, for a few days I even repeated the video twice and got an hour of exercise instead of 30 minutes. I feel so much stronger and proud of myself.

    I got a pair of weights that were 5 lb (not kg) but for such a beginner like myself, they feel perfect. I saw Lilly using a foam roller during the second active recovery day and I purchased one too. Best. investment. ever. It really helps with the pain. The only regret is why didn’t I get it earlier? I got a resistance band as well and that made the exercising so much better and easier (than having to find a household item that could replace a resistance band).
    Did I lose weight? I realized that exercising helped curb my appetite. So in the beginning I was exercising in the morning, but then I switched to late afternoon. This helped me immensely because I only had a light meal for dinner after exercising and did not crave any late hour snacks. I lost about 8 10 lb after the whole thing but apart from trying not to eat late into the day, I didn’t change my diet drastically! I lost most of the weight on my back, butt, and top of the belly pouch (which is not fully gone, but I can see it melting away the more I keep doing these exercises) I got lots of compliments from friends who had not seen me due to quarantine. This is a beautiful feeling!
    I feel so much better physically and mentally! The exercise routines picked me up emotionally too during difficult quarantine days. When I was resting after the bike accident I actually really missed getting up and exercising! This is such a new feeling for me and I think I may have finally gained a habit for life. I believe I’ll either restart the program again or follow another one of Lilly’s fitness challenges. I want to take this opportunity to thank her from the bottom of my heart for taking the time, energy and effort to create these videos and put them up for free. I feel like she is a friend that I get to see everyday and who helps me be the best version of myself. Thank you to all of you who read this until the end, too! I hope if you’re just starting out now that you’ll stick to it until the very end. If I did it (with no exercise-loving bone in my body) you can absolutely do it too!

  • I started today, April 11, 2020. I’m currently 66kgs (145.5lbs) and I’m 5’3″ so I’m overweight. I will be commenting on Day 2 tomorrow if I finish the workout. Thank you Sydney, you’re changing my life. Love from the PH ����

  • How I did the challenge:
    (I’m on day 3 rn so I’m going to keep editing this as I go)

    Start: I’m very untrained rn. I had health issues that I only got under control up to now to the point that I can finally work out again! So excited, but I haven’t work out since August 2019. I usually had to do Vicky’s waist work out videos at least 3x to feel like it was a work out back then. Let’s see how I do now!

    Day 1: I was only able to do the circuit 2x. I’m sort of bummed out cause I had sort of convinced myself all the coughing was working out my abs, but I guess notI was expecting to be weaker. On the third plank excercise I couldn’t keep my balance doing the towel through so I just stayed in a plank for that minute.
    Upper body before the waist work out: I did 4 sets of pull downs starting at 20lbs 15 rep, then 30lb 15 rep, 40lbs 15 rep, 50lbs 12 rep, back to two sets of 40lbs 15 reps. I also did 20 set of true push ups (elbows at my sides not 90 degrees from my side).
    Day 2: I rested. I did vacuums but felt so sorry that a rest was a good idea to me.
    Day 3: did the waist workout first since dinner was soon and if I did it after eating it would probably make me nauseous. Did 2x again, still only planking on the third work out. Still slightly sore from the first day, so I rested a little more this time.
    Lower boday work out: did this after dinner.

  • in your calendar, when you say “2-3 sets” do you mean to do the workout 2 or three times or to do it 6 or 9? I don’t understand:(

  • This was a great intro workout! Ive been letting myself slack off during this time so thank you for making it hard enough but allowong options for those of us who are starting out!

  • I know in your videos you say use minimal equiipoment but do you ever use anything real heavy as far as a barbell loaded anything above 100 pounds or is it possible to build muscle with only limited equipment light to medium weights no more then 100 pounds???? i am trying to build my booty and my back and tighten my thighs and i always hear to lift real heavy and no cardio or very minimal. any advice>?