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The 30-Day Stronger Knees Challenge · Grab a pair of light dumbbells. · Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. · Pull your belly button in toward your spine; this will help protect your back. · Bend your knees slightly and then hinge over at your hips. · Make sure to maintain a straight back. ·. STRONGER KNEES CHALLENGE 30 DAYTHE Goblet Squat = (GS) Dumbbell Deadlifts = (DD) Reverse Lunge = (RL) Hamstring Curls = (HC) DAY 1 Goblet Squat (GS): 3 x 5 reps; use bodyweight only. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

A Few Tips For This Easy Knees 30-Day Challenge. Before I wrap up this post, I want to share a few tips for this challenge. First, try to keep your core/ab muscles engaged throughout every exercise.

This is something my personal trainer taught me (back when I had one for like 0.5 seconds before petering out), and it’s stuck with me. Sore knees are one of the biggest workout woes, and CAN make everyday life a pain. But not for you!

Here’s Help – plus if you are pain free and want your knees to stay that way I’ve got a new 30 Day Fitness Challenge to help you strengthen those muscles even more!– see the end of this Blog to download my challenge! There are a variety of conditions that can impact the knees, with. It is a 30-day leg challenge for arthritic or weak knees. Knee strengthening exercises pdf To help your knees you need to focus on exercises that target the surrounding muscle groups which will strengthen your knees.

A 30-day program that gets progressively harder as the weeks go by. Do you suffer from chronic knee pain? This month, take The 30-Day Stronger Knees Challenge to build joint strength, improve mobility, and prevent injury. Your knees will thank you! #myfitnesspal Find this Pin and more on Workout Inspiration by MyFitnessPal.

As the 30-day ab challenge goes on, the exercises will become harder. Hint: Planks turn into pikes and crunches turn into flutter kicks. Complete 8-12. For the next 30 days, you’ll work your way from knee push-ups to the super challenging push-up hold, scoring major upper body strength, arm definition, and a stronger core. Your knee is one of those areas of the body that can easily be hurt.

And many times, it is an over abused joint that does hurt as you age or if you are in a highly active lifestyle. So, having a knee injury is not something that is unique in fact, most people have had.

List of related literature:

This exercise is repeated on each leg for 30 seconds during weeks 1 to 3 and for 60 seconds during weeks 4 to 6.

“Noyes' Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes E-Book” by Frank R. Noyes
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To add challenge to the already demanding variation, keep the knees straight throughout, including during the lifting and lowering phases (steps 2 and 5).

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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The questions are related to limping, support, walking, stairs, squatting, running, jumping, prolonged sitting with the knees flexed, pain, swelling, abnormal painful kneecap movements (patellar subluxations), and atrophy of thigh, and flexion deficiency.

“The Sports Medicine Physician” by Sérgio Rocha Piedade, Andreas B. Imhoff, Mark Clatworthy, Moises Cohen, João Espregueira-Mendes
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Examination this time revealed weakness and wasting of the right tibialis anterior (3/5), gastrocnemius, tibialis posterior and peronei (4/5).

“Neuromuscular Case Studies E-Book” by Tulio E. Bertorini
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Currently, the only report of results of this technique is that of the technique developers; they reported 16 excellent results, 5 good results, and 1 fair result in 22 patients with severely arthrofibrotic knees observed for an average of 44 months.

“Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics E-Book” by Frederick M Azar, S. Terry Canale, James H. Beaty
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To add an extra challenge, do it again with one leg up for 30 seconds and the other leg up for another 30!

“Natalie Jill's 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!” by Natalie Jill
from Natalie Jill’s 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!
by Natalie Jill
Hachette Books, 2016

When performing exercises for the knees, limit the movement pattern to decrease the stress to the knees.

“Complete Conditioning for Tennis” by Paul Roetert, Todd S. Ellenbecker, United States Tennis Association
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Quadriceps power was within 75 percent of the normal knee in only seven cases.

“Skeletal Trauma E-Book: 2-Volume Set” by Bruce D. Browner, Alan M. Levine, Jesse B. Jupiter, Peter G. Trafton, Christian Krettek, Jerome M. Cotler, Luke Madigan
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Over time, try to increase the number of knee raises you can complete in that same fifteen seconds.

“The First 20 Minutes: The Surprising Science of How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter and Live Longer” by Gretchen Reynolds
from The First 20 Minutes: The Surprising Science of How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter and Live Longer
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Once the knees are fully extended, the subject should repeat this step for a total of 6 repetitions.

“Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology” by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
from Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology
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  • has helped my friend so much with his pain in the knees. He also follows a lean diet. I have never seen him so happy and confident.

  • Its surprising how people have not heard of naturekindness .com Many of my friends have had a good result using them. Also, they used to do cardio 3 times a week + a good diet.

  • is the best joint pain formula I’ve used. Its been 3 months now and I’ve never looked back. My sleep quality has also improved so much. I can’t thank my mom enough for finding a herbal remedy for me.

  • My mom told me to use and its the best thing my mom recommended. She’s always into natural herbs and always reading about it. My pain and sleep too has improved so much. Take care of yourself.

  • has helped my friend so much with his pain in the knees. He also follows a lean diet. I have never seen him so happy and confident.

  • I’m waiting for a scan on my right knee after it gave way painfully three weeks ago. The scan is on 19th. Im not waiting till then to end up with weak knees so I began other gentle exercises a week ago only to find this. I’ve begun tonight and will do this again tomorrow. I’m 50 and had crunchy knees for years…ran since I was 9. I’ll keep subscribing and working out till scan. Thank you so much

  • Hey all, I’m a passionate Physical Therapist who’s interested in finding the root cause of musculoskeletal dysfunction. I’ve created a video discussing why the majority of most knee pain is actually a consequence of something else. Hopefully it helps give you some direction with solving your knee pain. Cheers ��

  • I found this video confusing. The lifting exercise at first uses fingers to engage the muscle. So what exactly is the ‘lifting exercise” when we don’t use the fingers? Just tensing our knees? Very confusing. Then there’s talk about straightening. I thought we were meant to be lifting? I’ll watch it a few more times to see if I understand.

  • Yes, as someone else said below: Can you please put a hamstring stretch exercise out? Thank you.( I guess we can look it up anywhere. Just a suggestion. Appreciate your point about the helpfulness of not-tight hamstrings.)

  • Thanks a lot. At first I tried to get my kneecap to move and it wouldn’t move very much I am truly large bone and so finally I got them to move a little bit and then I as I understand it I did the exercise as you instructed. And I seem to be able to do it without locking my leg or having my leg move. Thank you very much.������

  • My knees qont support my own body weight and I’m only 35 and was doing fine a month ago, it’s both of my knees, they lock up, I can barely walk, my whole life has changed and I feel all alone with the helplessness, I couldn’t run if my life depended on it, and I couldn’t walk up a 5 stair…I dont know what to do, it feels like my knees are coming out of place and nothing I do makes them feel normal again, I am afraid to move them in certain ways because I can feel it strain inside.

  • This information actually helped me. I’ve researched a bunch of videos and most of them are just alternative lifting demonstrations, or using a foam roller. The knee cap dance seems like it helped my mobility and I no longer have pain when I walk the stairs. I do this morning and night.

  • Dear miss
    I got accident in my knee and third degree injury in my knee after few month somebody hit me then soft tissues and muscular injuries now my thie is shrinking please advise what should I do?
    Hope you understand my problem sorry for my English language is weak.

  • I’m now experienceing inner ankle pains along with knee pain at same time.. I have to take extra strength Tylenol double just try to sleep at night… it’s tendonitis… how do I get rid of this achyness?

  • Thank you for this advice. This strengthening worked immediately for me. After years of the knee pain excuse I can finally ride a bike to work.

  • My kneecap didn’t look like it moved when doing the stroke part. I can flex my glads without the leg pushing into my hands, is that correct? The video made it seem like the quads weren’t supposed to flex at all, so I’m making sure I’m not completely wrong here. Thank you for a great video!

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  • I am skeptical like no doubt many but I definitely will give it a try and persist as I can see the logic behind isolated muscle control to condition/ strengthen an important muscle.

  • If my body is too sore after this workout. Should I do the second day or give my body a healing day? I suffer chronic migraines and I’ve not been able to workout at all for the past three years. This is the first time I’m able to finish a workout without getting a migraine immediately but it’s 4 am and now I’m too sore and scared to get a migraine. Should I rest one day?

  • I tried a standing up version of this this morning very counter intuitive. I went father back than I normally feel comfortable with ( ) and felt a “pop” as if something went back into place. My back hasn’t felt this good in 20 years! I am no longer walking hunched over by this time of day, don’t have the feeling that my pelvis and spine are being pulled to one side, and don’t feel the 24 hour a day “rock lodged in my spine” pain, accompanied by faithful companion Sciatica, I usually have. This is glorious!

  • mera mom ko ghatiya tha 10 saal purana sab desi nuska try kiya sab dwa li kuch nhi hua, Last me OUR AYURVEDA company ki ayurvadic dawa Li 2800rs ki 30dino me hee fark padna start 3 month aur khai dwa bus, abhi 6 month se be jaada ho gya Medicine shod kar, vilkul thik hai abhi

  • Great video for cracking, knocking, popping, and snapping patella in knee joint. Thanks a lot for posting this great video and my symptoms reduced to 75%

  • Not good for your knee joints!!! Gently strengthen the muscles around the knee — don’t just strain the joint like this exercise does

  • I have patella chrondomalacia on both of my legs and rellay i cant do more than 10secds 3 sets i took medicine and i did an arthroscopic surgery the doc said that i will be more better but i sont want to do the surgery on the other legs is there’s some solution either than a surgery for the patella chrondomalacia i have 20 years old

  • Being overweight can turn your entire world upside down! No more suffering from knee pain, even if you are overweight. Try out these easy to do exercises for a quick relief.

  • I am a ballet dancer and I have always struggled with my hyperextended legs. I am pretty hypermobile in general and I’ve struggled to keep the strength to support that, which had lead to injury after injury. One of my main issues was that I didn’t understand how to stand up on my leg without “sitting” into my hyperextension.” For me, a truly straight leg feels bent. So I was putting lots of pressure into my patella and constantly injuring it. I knew what the issue was because many teachers tried to correct me but I just couldn’t FEEL a truly straight, engaged and supported leg in my own body. But this little video HELPED ME SO MUCH!!! I just wanted to thank you for basically saving my professional ballet career and my knees ����. I know this may just seem like a small, trivial little thing but it’s only kind of important that I learn how to stand up without grinding away my patellar cartilage and stretching out those ligaments with pressure and torque, right?���� anyways thanks!

  • Kudos for the Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Dinanlinson Rocky Position Approach (google it)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for learning how to fix chronic knee pain without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend after many years got astronomical success with it.

  • Appreciate Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard about Dinanlinson Rocky Position Approach (do a google search)? It is a great one of a kind guide for learning how to fix chronic knee pain minus the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.

  • One of my knees has a chronic strain. And when i tried this exercise, the other one with no issue moved immediately and with ease. While the one with problem barely moves.

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  • Hey guys, i recently started making a lot of progress using this very good method that i found. It really helped me and i thought i should help others too by putting them on to this method, if you’re interested in it, reply to my comment and i will give you the link to their website

  • That was awesome! I’m doing this everyday! �� It’s a great way to slow down and take notice of your body, treat it kindly. I need more of this Miranda. ��

  • To anyone younger watching(or untrained people), DO NOT do split squats like this, especially with heavier weight. You could seriously injure your knees. What he’s doing isn’t even a split squat, its just an extremely exaggerated lunge. If you don’t believe me just look up split squats and you will not find one example of trainers telling you to do them lunging forward(more stress on the knee), rather they will tell you to go down and up in a straight line(emphasising the quad and glute).

  • The easy way to make ur vertical increase if u can’t afford any gym equipment is use ur surrounding like try jumping over 4 step at a time in a stair or try chasing someone while lifting something heavy and after that try jumping 1 hr with ur body straight like a lamp post and after that try doing a squat jump or frog jump

  • This is sick progress dude! I might document my journey to windmill dunk as well. Im 6’0, 180lbs atm (trying to slim down to 170lbs) and currently can dunk normal one-handers and soft two handers. My problem is palming the ball because i can dunk off a bounce lob easily.

  • Does anyone know how tall AJ is? I’m 40 years old and 6’1… I’ve always wanted to dunk, but feel it might be too late or I’m too short. Obviously there’s plenty of people shorter than me that can dunk… I don’t know though. I think I might just be too old. I’m going to take this as inspo though. At least I can get a little more vert. Right now my finger is just barely hitting the rim. So I’m at 10 feet. Got some work to do.

  • Im 14 and Im 5’8 and I wanna dunk I’ve been doing some drill that I watched from youtube for three days but Im not seeing any result can you guys tell me what drill should I do

  • its ez for u to increase becasue youve neer workout your legs prior to this, these are newbie gains, and also youre so tall, just a little vert will be enuf for you to do windmills

  • Hi, I’m 15 and I’m only 5’8 and my highest reach with my hand is 260cm, do you think I can still increase my Vertical if I train a bit harder?

  • I’m 19, 6’11, and have a 41 inch vert. This stuff may look simple but it does the trick. Stick to your program, peace out.

    Oh yeah AJ, been there with the surgeries so I get you man. Had 3 ACL surgeries and a hip surgery and one spine surgery. Soooo I get ya. Now peace

  • I want to increase mine because I’m still only 5 foot but I’m also overweight. I’m overweight but I can dunk on 9 and almost ten. I kinda want to be like Shaq or Zion

  • I’m 5’ 11” and can grab rim, once I do this workout I think I’ll be able to dunk.
    I haven’t started yet but I just gotta stop procrastinating

  • After I do this exercise, I know that you obviously strong woman!! I’m sweating everywhere. Thanks for this cardio joannah. Stay safe and stay healthy ����

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  • Ain’t no way I’m paying $50 for a workout if one day I find one that’s free I’ll let everyone know so no one is wasting their money

  • I was stiff and could barely run a mile. I was obese. I was sad. I barely had an erection.
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  • Humble advice for a better video experience:
    While you’re speaking, instead of your face, vlogger style, show more time of the exercise performance itself
    Keep it up, great evolution ��

  • if you ever had to make a video for school that needed to reach a certain time limit, you would kill it �� you drag stuff out so long

  • Don’t join this program it’s a scam i lost 80 bucks to it. My vert did not increase at all. I have been doing this program for 2 months. And i got more knee pain from it.

  • Thanks for this Adam! I keep coming back to this video to counteract running related ailments.
    I tend to pause at 9:53 to add the set of outward leg circles you missed 😉

  • Funny story: I have a ballet background and my knees were suffering, so I gave this a try and it did wonders. What the hecc? Is is just because the toes are not pointed and there are a couple of un dedan movements, opposed to the un dehor’s of the ballet? I’m really glad I found your channel. New sub.

  • Hello Adam, I just wanted to thank you for sharing this. I had issues with my knee for a long time (lots of pain, couldn’t walk for too long) after a bad accident and no physician I visited managed to set me straight. This very week —after a couple of doing this routine— I managed to get back to running for the first time in two years! There are no words to describe how amazing you are, thank you so much.

  • These exercises are not only fun to do and improve balance and strength but make you feel good afterwards like you have done the perfect things for your body. I’m sharing his video’s with my family and friends as these are really great. SO glad I found these.

  • I feel immediate effects. Thanks. Vid should show whole body position, though. And possibly group them cause there are a lot to do at one time. Like which ones to do daily for 5 mins or vital ones for an hour workout that includes other body movements or ones for therapy.

  • The exercises are good only if you can set the camera to wide shot. Sometimes I have to wait for the camera to move to that part to understand the posture. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, it really works I feel lighter through my spine and back area and that’s after one time. I use to watch her on PBS and always wanted to try this exercise. But didn’t want to invest in another exercise video. Thanks for posting it.

  • Thank you for providing so many beneficial videos, like this one. I am so appreciative! Thank you! Feeling great, thanks to these!!!

  • So not so much about long range of motion. But more about maintaining tension in correct joint angle. I am a believer intraining single leg movements. I like your video

  • Hi Adam, I just had this thought ��…. You have a really good likeable personality the type that, can just seems to lure people with your funniness �� and caring ☺️gestures. That, I believe you could be the male version of @UCag7XoiJLutjBTsM0tAzUzg by
    doing exercises that help tone and heal people (something like that). Lucy, is really delightful ��, lovely and you can tell that, she really cares. I have being doing her workouts for some months now and every single one, I enjoy and feel like she is in the room with me. Lucy, has over one million subscribers, everyone just LOVES Lucy��. Anyway, that was just a thought of mine, I thought I would share with you because, you kind of give the same feel that you get with Lucy but, the male version. Ok, I am off to do my jaw exercises haha ��. Seriously, I do them most nights before my bedtime yoga ��. I do yoga with, ‘Boho beautiful’ another lovely lady and her husband is also really nice. One of their really good videos that provides a good idea of what they do is, ‘yin yoga ‘forgiveness’. Night xx now hopefully I will have my own inspiring ideas YIPPEE!��

  • Thanks Adam, a GREAT little workout, I appreciate it☺️! I just wanted to say, you have the MOST alluring voice, oh my….. it just gets (hypnotises) me every time��! Thanks x

  • every time i attempt to do anything to benefit the muscles near my knees, after a week or so pain develops and eventually fluid builds up and than i have to call out of work for 3-5 days, so i end up skipping anything to do with my legs for months just so i can build up time at work incase i decide to give leg workouts another go in fear of yet another flare up. Also i can’t ever find a doctor that will even just sit down with me and help me explain of any underlying causes to my flare ups that which seem to happen no matter what around fall (usually between September and October)

  • if its a demo of something that shouldn’t be done, you show denote this with an X for the whole duration. this visual representation is really important.

  • Thank you, been struggling with a bad runners knee for past few week, been searching for a decent workout to strengthen my legs and knees. Hope this helps me to get my knee sorted.

  • I´ve been doing metabolic conditioning programs (calisthenics-based with occasional dumbbell-based work) for years and even though I thought I was in extraordinary shape for a 47 yearold man, I developed knee and shoulder (rotator cuff) issues that began to bring me increasing amounts of discomfort and pain.

    Out of desperation, I began to look around YouTube for rotator cuff rehab workouts. That´s how I came across your shoulder workouts and began to do them before I moved on to metcon. The relief was immediate.

    Then, I got curious and started looking around the channel for knee workouts and found this one, which I did today following the shoulder workout. Now, I´m suscribing to the channel. These workouts are great.

  • Day 20 of the beginner’s calendar and 1/3 videos complete. Not a bad video it but my balance took a large hit. I really should work on that someday.

  • I am in! but not for 30 days rather 14 days. So, day 1 measurement left thigh 23 inch, calves 14.5 inch right thigh 23 inch, calves 14 inch
    day 1✔
    day 2✔
    day 3✔
    day 4✔
    Day 5❌
    Day 6 ✔
    Day 7 ✔
    I got no results. Also it is not challenging me at all so I would switch. But Casey u r sweetheart. It was fun.

  • i’ma make a comment rel quick. i have been dooing this workout twice a day for three days and my pants alredy feel looser around the sides. i’m going to try and commit to it for thirty days while i’m in quarenteen. wish me luck

  • Hi Cassey! I love your videos. My friend and I do them together. The one thing we miss is the minute timer. It’s so hard to stay motivated when we don’t know how long to hold it for. Would love that added to some of these videos please.:)

  • Hey guys! I completed this video for 30 days and let me tell you IT WORKS. I have pretty thick thighs and I wanted to tone them and this video made that happen. All I did in addition was some cardio throughout the week and I tried to lower my calorie intake. IF YOURE READING THIS KEEP GOING IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

  • ill try to update everyday (doing the calendar)

    day 1: i did this today and it’s really easy
    day 2: still pretty easy today (did video today)
    day 3: my legs are starting to feel pretty sore when im walking so it kinda hurt when i did it today

  • This is EXCELLENT… I am a 74 year old guy and this is something that really implements staying in shape. This has become an integral part of my morning stretch and daily warm up routine. ENERGIZING……Gets the blood moving and lymphatic flowing…I add Breathing, lots of water, clearing the mind of nonsense…



  • I remember doing this for like 3 days like 4 years ago and seeing I had gained a considerably big thigh gap and I was so suprised and all my friends had noticed too. I stopped working out but ITS STILL HERE TO THIS DAY. incredible lol so I’ve come back to it years later ❤️❤️

    I’ll be doing updates if people want

    Day 1: I’ve been eating healthier lately and im going to continue being healthy. The awkward leg workout almost murdered me but I am determined❤️ I’m sore but hopeful

    Day 2: my legs feel stronger and they feel slimmer but don’t look slimmer yet ❤️. But I had a friends party last night and we ate a lot of junk food so that probably doesn’t help either lol

    Day 3: Im discouraged but that’s because I had a crappy day but I’m still hopeful!

    Day 4: today I tried some second hand clothes on, pants and a very pretty dress. AND IT FIT it was a size that I wouldn’t usually wear, when I looked at my self in the mirror I noticed my body was less chubby and I loved the way my legs looked. I bet no one notices my legs looked different but I saw and felt it ❤️❤️ keep going!!!!

    I’m going to update every week now

    I also think I’m going to be dancing in the morning for an extra enjoyable cardio workout ��

  • I wish there was an easier way to see what workouts were apartment friendly before you watch the videos. It sucks to have to stop in the middle so your downstairs neighbors dont kill you

  • Ur truely an inspiration Cassey. I made an exercise pattern by collecting ur 6 different videos. n just made my routine to follow it with U… wowww… what a transformation I have seen… thank U Cassey. U r the person whom I truely respect n thankful for making ourselve motivated towards fitness.

  • I’m on my 20th day and I can’t believe! I think I will definitely keep doing this but I will just add some exercises for my abs too. Can’t waitt

  • I thought I was doing well but after 20 minutes of trying I can’t do the “awkward foot” leg lift part. I’m so frustrated! I hold the ankle and bring it over but I don’t see how the leg is bent downwards? I asked someone to help and they couldn’t seem to understand either. Any tips??
    Also, when I pick up the leg it seems to really hurt my hip that’s being pushed on the ground. I can’t seem to get it��

  • Day two on this leg challenge! I really enjoy it! Thank you Cassey! I don’t really care about likes but I decided to set myself a challenge. For each like I get I will do one of Cassey’s workouts! This is my challenge to workout more often(: Have a great day everyone!

  • hey so i am going to be tracking my goals and this exercise experience my new years resolution was to workout more so this exercise i am doing this every Monday Wednesday and Friday i am doing this on saturday because i had no internet
    p.s i am doing more exercises im you click my username and scroll down to exercises there is a list of what exercises i am doing
    friday: holy crud my thighs are burning i had to stop in between every one or two exercises see ya on monday
    so i know i know i skipped for like two months but im back i also skipped yesterday so im doing it today
    Thursday; this is not a fun workout to do when your thighs and butt muscles are sore my legs hurt

  • I realized the number of moves she did for left and right legs are different. Is it better if I do equal count for each leg? Or it doesn’t really matter?

  • Okay I’m gonna do this and update
    Day 1-did it one time through without stopping with a little pain
    Day 2-did it I was a bit sore today still struggling on the leg swings a bit but did not stop
    Day 3 I skipped but I’m gonna do it twice tomorrow

  • Cassie, I just wanted to say I hate working out. I watch other videos, and the person just yells, but you are nice and encouraging. Thank you so much! I now love working out!

  • Ive been doing this for 16 days now but I still dont see any changes at least. People have told me that I look more thicker and more toned on my legs but I dont see it….

  • Going to start doing this tomorrow! I will show pictures of before and after, follow me on Snapchat if you’d like to see my journey! angelinaaat7:)

  • Dear cassy, can I get the results following this video or I have to follow your calendar bcz i don’t understand about your calendar

  • Loved this video. I noticed a reduction of pain & stiffness after doing it one time. It would be helpful to explain good foot alignment a bit more. It is mentioned several times, but not really explained he it should look. Not a big thing. I will definitely continue with these routines!

  • Good evening, a friend of mine had told me about your program about eight months ago, but I didn’t even view the video. I had mentioned to her that I was due to have hip replacement surgery in April…then Covid. I haven’t rescheduled the surgery as I’m not really comfortable with the idea of going into a hospital, and I always feel there’s a reason for everything…even a delay in scheduled surgery! I have been told that I’m bone on bone but fortunately don’t have the level of pain that some people are suffering, so I can still wait! I’m contemplating trying your program but was curious whether you’ve had any success stories. Thank you!

  • OH MY, I am SO glad I found you!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! I’ve begun to feel my body clenching, and now your video popped into my stream��❤️
    What a gift you are!! C

  • its awesome.its alot for a first timer so have to take my time to get use to it. I am haveing probs with the tucking of the hips and rounding of the back i felt alot of presssure in lower back prob bc im not dong it in right form, but all in all its fabulous!!

  • You would’ve gotten higher if you ran from a longer distance cause one foot dunks are extremely dependent upon speed and distance.

  • I would really like some exercises that target prolapse. I love your program and have been doing it for years, I love the whole body approach, however I specifically need to strengthen the muscles that support prolapsed organs. Do you have any workouts that address those specifically?

  • I just found your channel so I subscribed. A friend told me to see if you were on YouTube since she followed you on PBS! I have major balance issues so just watched your mini video about doing the ABC’s with your legs. If I can’t do the entire ABC’s without a chair. What do you recommend?

  • After an archilles-tendon operation, I kind of accepted that my fluidity in my ankle was not coming back… until I found your video. This feels so good with the focus on the connective tissue that felt blocked in my ankle. Thank you! So graceful and yet strong!

  • So glad I found you. This is my first video and i feel great! I have terrible heel spurs and circulation issues. I’m excited to see changes ❤️

  • Thank you for this video! I do it everyday and after only 2 weeks I can see I’m toning all over as well as getting a great stretch.

  • sir,can you please send me the link for beginner video?i am diagnosed with chondromalacia patella. im going to physio therapy(attended 6 sessions) but had to stop due to cornovirus.can u suggest what exercises i can do.I am working mom wiht 2 kids,standing in kitchen for longtime sometimes feels knee weakening while im recovering. Pls to protect knees while standing for long time? can you please advise.

  • Every muscle & bone in the body work together. When you start the habit of isolating movement without incorporating the whole body you’re causing more problems overall and you don’t have a realistic view of your physiology. Having said that I hope this video helps.

  • I have two artificial hips. They both are still very painful when I walk or stand for long. Do these exercises help the muscles around the hip in order to help the pain?

  • I love your videos. Miranda, I have connective tissue disorder (Lupus). I did your workout today and it felt really good. What do you know about this disorder? I would love to know…
    Many Thanks

  • I am so grateful for this video that I was actually able to follow all the way to the finish this morning. I believe this is the answer for me, now that I am going into senior hood.

  • Love you Miranda! Many thanks for sharing and teaching so much!:) I only discovered you a couple of years ago. At that time, I got one of your DVDs and in less than a week my pain diminished and felt tall and strong. AND, I recovered from plantar fasciitis in less than a week! You taught me how to strengthen my feet which changed my life!

  • This is awesome. Do you have anything for neck, jaw, and face? I broke my neck and haw 18 years ago, and I have a lot of issues higher than the shoulders. I searched your website and didn’t find any.

  • been doing Miranda’s episodes on PBS for 3 years until the pandemic hit and they put kids programming on instead. Glad I got back to her, oh boy my back needed this!!!

  • I am 65 and also a former ballerina. Thank you for sharing this work out. Been watching you for years but cant get you now on tv unless I buy cable. I have realy missed you. So good to be back with you. This is my favorite type of session. I think having some of your videos will really help me cope with the stress of plandemics.

  • Thank you for posting on YouTube, Miranda!! Ever since I first discovered you several years ago on my local PBS fundraiser, I’ve wanted to start doing your gentle workouts. Due to many back injuries over the past 50 years, as well as a labral hip tear, I haven’t been able to do my old favorite exercises. I’ve resisted surgeries because I know they can ultimately cause more weakness, or harm, than good. I am so glad to discover your video, today! I’m expecting great improvements all over my body!! ��

  • Off & on follower since 2005, and Miranda is better than most at explaining the movements because of her superb use of analogies. Like end of this video imaging a little birdie is on your finger to control speed? I’ve never forgotten & still practice her advice from years ago, saying imagine neck on a meat hook slowly pulling up while shoulders stay down? Gruesome graphic but I still use it driving, walking, etc to check my posture. Love you guys!

  • I liked it but you would cut clip and start different move without saying that you did and left out the other side a couple of times. This video was kinda hard to follow.

  • I do feel the pain an ive learned hip one with foot on chair huts me too much…so im going to just work with this one to pull threw the funk of being inaktive for 9 yrs.ok yard work house cleaning but realy not much an some pool in summer..keep me in prayer i am 120lbs over weight

  • I love her videos. I have been following her for 18 years.. on tv, dvd. Then for some years i lost her on tv.. glad this long video is available now. Thank you, Miranda.

  • loved this stretch workout and I was able to feel where the connective tissue was really tight and need a little bit more love.
    lower back pain has lessened after doing this workout for entire body. Feel so much more relaxed and muscles not as tight and rigid. After running this weekend this seems to be a great workout to use on my recovery days.

  • I would love to know who you are, your credentials and also what is Essentrics. There is no information on the link. I dont want to give my cc info to something that has no information whats so ever about who they are.

  • Great thanks! I’m feeling like ballerina! Thanks. This is my first time. I’m use to do Pilates and today I was tray a new one and you were just there. Thanks