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Start the movement by sitting backward and spreading your knees apart. Descend below parallel while keeping your lower back flat. At the bottom, pause for 3 seconds. Then, drive through your heels and keep your knees apart. Keep your arms straight in front of you as you return to standing.

28-Day Squat Challenge The most important thing in a squat challenge is your body position. Maintain your back in a straight line during the entire exercise if you want to get a round butt by the end of the challenge. Breathing is another thing to consider, so try to use your stomach muscles to inhale and exhale during the squat exercise. The 28-Day Squat Plan You’ll Want to Start Now | MyFitnessPal.

In the next 28 days, you’ll perfect a few variations of this essential bodyweight move — the squat. My Fitness Pal Fitness Diet Fitness Motivation Health Fitness Squat Challenge For Beginners Workout Challenge 28 Day. I’m a huge fan of bodyweight exercises for the reason that you can use them for a great workout anywhere. And perhaps the king of all bodyweight exercises, is the squat.

Squats are awesome because they provide a great workout for multiple muscle groups, including the butt, thighs, and core. It’s for that reason that 30. This 28-day squat challenge is a great way to strengthen and prepare your muscles for new challenges.

So get your ass to the grass! he most important thing in a squat challenge is your body position. Maintain your back in a straight line during the entire exercise if you want to get a round butt by the end of the challenge. I’m a huge fan of bodyweight exercises for the reason that you can use them for a great workout anywhere.

And perhaps the king of all bodyweight exercises, is the squat. Squats are awesome because they provide a great workout for multiple muscle groups, including the butt, thighs, and core. It’s for that reason that 30. The 28 day squat plan you ll want to start now myfitnesspal 30 day fat burning workout routines for beginners exercises for beginners gym workout beginner runners 4 kettlebell exercises for beginners active. Whats people lookup in this blog: Share.

Tweet. Email. Prev Article. Next Article. The 28 Day Squat Plan You Ll Want To Start Now Myfitnesspal The History Of Squat Every Day You Squat Everyday With Cory Gregory From Musclepharm Cory gregory s squat every day program squats bodybuilding squat everyday with cory gregory from musclepharm squat every day total body program tiger fitness squat every day jacked strong. Hello all!

I just joined MFP yesterday. I was browsing thru the blog section and saw last years 28 day Squat Challenge. I thought since February is not far away, and there are 28 days in the month.. why not plan to take that challenge? It would be fun to have a few people to jump on board, and check in to share our progress. Just a thought.

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List of related literature:

For the first month, I might implement a well-rounded plan where you train three days a week: the first day you prioritize squats, the second day you prioritize hip thrusts, and the third day you prioritize deadlifts.

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Squats—I’ve already talked about the squat with the basic exercises.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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I share with you some technical aspects that make the squatting movement from and to the Neutral Deep Squat position not just effective but efficient.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
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By that time, a regular One-Legged Squat will be easy as pie.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
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Squat Progression 20.

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Isolate the first 6 inches of the squat.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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Today, I can sing the praises of the squat as earnestly as anyone.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
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Table 2.6 outlines the plan we put together for our cycle of 10 sets of squats.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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The basis of the routine I used in March to the first of May, 1972, was based on the squat article by John McCallum.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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  • Cassey, these workouts have really help me feel stronger and a lot more flexible. I can see and feel the changes in my body with every passing day. I am able to do a lot more with proper form and sustain throughout a calendar 40 minutes workout

  • Good day to you friend my sincere support from me please stay connected tq. Wow great exercise thanks for sharing friend I really appreciate.
    All the best to you stay safe God bless ❤️

  • I have started this workout plan today and I am so disappointed of myself, because I managed only round one. I was exhausted, so I quit and now, few hours after, I really feel like a shit. Hope that tomorrow will be better.
    *Anybody who feel exactly like me?

  • trying to get a bigger butt over quarantine, ill be doing this for a month.

    day 1: was okay in the beginning, towards the middle it got harder and i COULD NOT do the squat jumps because my legs felt like jelly. instead, i would squat when she’d go down and come up when she jumps, and repeat that. ill be updating daily.

    day 2
    super good day!! i only ate some veggies w a small portion of rice and had a little sweet snack later at night. the workout was really good today despite being super sore from yesterday. i actually completed the jump squats today, i wasnt going to but i decided to push through it because no challenge is supposed to be easy. i felt super confident today and havent seen a noticeable change as its only the second day but i did notice as i was squatting that my thighs would get really hard, not sure if this is new but ive never noticed it before. overall good day, 10/10.

    day 3
    did it again today, going strong. the three dip squats were extremely hard today. i completed it with a friend so that helped. once again did not do the jump squats. this time i didnt even try to modify them. i was still sore from day 1 haha. today i noticed a small change in my butt shape. my hip dips are not as noticeable and my butt has a little more jiggle haha. ive noticed a small change in my thighs. overall

  • The very first day I fainted after doing 100 squats and I was not able to sit on toilet seat and walk properly but I did it today also. I will do it for 1 month.

  • You know it’s hard when the burpees are easy ���� I can not do that lunge jumping and the lunge jumping to a squat for the life of me. I’d be going so hard and be like wow maybe I can do it and then realize it’s only been 10 seconds

  • If you ever feel like you’re still not at the right weight while you’re doing exercise for a month!
    maybe this one can help you!

  • I’ve ruined my parents carpet, I must have planked to hard. Shittttttt. Idk what to do there’s loads of fluff that has been pulled up and the but my feet were at has like no red colouring. FUCK!!!

  • Just a list ( + weights)
    50-100/day + stretching exercises

    -Basic Squats
    -Narrow Squats
    -Goblet Squats
    -Jump Squats
    -Plié Squats
    -Bulgarian Squats
    -Chair Squats
    -Split Squats
    -In n out Squats
    One leg Squats

  • YOU CAN DO THIS CHALLENGE TOGETHER WITH THE FLAT BELLY PROGRAM, OR WITH WHATEVER WORKOUTS YOUR CURRENTLY DOING. A new program will be out in about a month’s time, so this is the perfect time to re-do the flat belly program ( and do this in addition to that. You do this workout 4-6 times a week, adjust as necessary. Enjoy!

  • We people use traditional toilet instead of sitting toilet,
    So squat is not counted as exercise in asian countries like nepal,india.

  • I was bored midnight so i thought let me do some exercises.. till the jump squat i skipped it bc my mom would wake up and beat my damn ass

  • I started yesterday may 12/2020. I do every repetition twice. total of 200 squats. I will do this every day for 30 days.i will give feedback on 12 June. I need to see if my dimples on my thighs will be removed. Thanks for the video.

  • Hi I’m a 53yr old female weighing in at 154 lbs. I’ve been doing these squats for approx 3 months now and let me tell you my bootee is actually starting to look upwards instead of the looking at the floor. Thank you for such an easy and practicable workout. This is actually my 4th workout from you guys. Thanks Kelly

  • How I am doing? Day 10 (summer shred yes, I am very late to the party): my wrists hurt, my ankles hurt, my right knee hurts, my left elbow hurts. Took a day off, left out any wrist involving exercises for two more days, bought some stabilisers for the wrists, but this can’t be it, can it:/ Maybe I am doing something wrong or Chloe Ting is simply not for me �� and no, I am not overweight, so my wrists shouldn’t have that much of a
    problem with my weight?:/

  • am i the only one who actually feels horrible about myself when I do these because I’m so weak that I can’t even do them right so I don’t even feel it:(

  • I’ll keep updating my 100 squat challenge
    (So far my waist is 39.50 inches)
    I weigh 160

    Day 1: IM DEAD AND MY HEAD HURTS. (But I’m sensitive to pressure) but DID 100 SQUATS✅
    Day 2: MY LEGS ARE SORE. ARE YALL TRYING TO KILL ME���� (i can’t walk) but guess who did another ��✅
    Day 3: my legs hurt so bad that I can’t sit down…so today I’m taking a break and working on my chin and flab on my arms
    (Please take a day off)
    Day 4: I’ve gotten less sore so I think that tmrw I’ll continue working hard
    Day 5: I haven’t done it
    Day 6: u know what I’ll do it…….I didn’t do it
    Day 7: I have found an alternative and I’m gonna do little by little…I couldn’t do it and I failed…BUT I am still working out on other body parts and I will update in May and we’ll see what happens

  • I’m doin’ this since locked down. And I’m seeing changes! Thankyouuuu.

    Im on my 3 weeks now. ��

    Edit: I just finished the one month challenge!

    Its not a shocking result but It works for me! Make your booty firmer. I’m still doing it. Its all about consistency.:) and i lose weight too! Good luck! ��

  • First I watched the video without doing it and I thought “woow this looks waaay easier than chloe thing’s workout”…………..
    God I was so wrong….

  • I’ve been doing the summer shred challenge for 16 days now and haven’t seen any results but I’m not a skinny person to start with so it sucks but I have hope! Also I absolutely love this workout, hate how long it is but I love how there is a lot of left and right side exercises. If any of you have any tips to help me loose the weight that isn’t going away please please reply to this and let me know! Also thank you Chloe Ting for your free programs and how caring and uplifting you are, you are changing the world every video you upload!

  • For those with already naturally big butts like me, don’t worry I’ve been doing it for months now alongside weight loss and my butt has shrunk but become perkier. Perfect! This routine kills the first time but gets so much easier after that! I do it about 3 times a week.

  • Please do cool-down exercise after these Squat challenge otherwise you would not be able to use stairs for the next couple of days.

  • Thank you so much. I just pick randomly one video and you got me sweating so bad but feel so happy I finish the routine. Vietnam with love <3

  • Omg i did the 1st circuit then i reach the half of the second one then i stopped cause i felt my blood will blow out of my face and it was red and so hot ��
    But i will try again tomorrow, hope to feel better in the next
    Thank you kay

  • Yes,THANK YOU for telling us the 100 squats a day didn’t do much. You said you need to add weights, than it will make a difference. Got it! Makes sense to me.

  • Thank you for these shorter videos! I have chronic fatigue and had to take a break in my fitness as I accidentally went past my limit and it knocked me flat for a couple weeks. I was doing your full length strength/superset videos as I was able. Today I’m testing the waters with this, the most active thing I’ve done besides gentle yoga. It was a great way to ease back in because it’s so short, not too taxing (didn’t do the jumps, just calf raises), but I still feel like I accomplished something. And now I just wait to see if I’m okay, or if this was also too much. Fingers crossed!

  • Starting this series today, on a Thursday. Nothing seemed to make me move during this quarantine. Let’s see how this goes. If u can do it, you can too ��

  • This is my favourite squats challenge. VERY difficult to finish through without pausing (wouldn’t recommend it) but very endurance heavy. Don’t feel like you have to finish the whole video in one session. 10/10 Variations are fun.

  • First of all, your videos are beautiful. I’m making a videos too, I would be very happy if you support me…
    About Healthy life, great, life, natural life, Weight loss, diet and beauty…

  • Ok…so you put this after two hard videos and I stopped half way through this one, about to quit. Then I read the comments, sucked it up and did the second half of this one. I am so weak now, in a good way! haha thanks.

  • I was just so tired in my legs today that I didn’t want to do the whole thing, so for some reason I decided to do only the last earthquake on repeat 10 times instead before stretching XD

  • DAy1 Lez G0 the pilate kick is a killer tho
    DaY2 I actually felt stronger doing the whole routine today wow I feel kinda happy about it?

    (Will update every monday ��)

  • If you like to an squat challenge, you can do that in There is a leaderboard for who can do more squats in 5 minutes:-)

  • I’m doing the June calandras now and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of my pouchy stomach some times I feel like giving up.:(.

  • This keeps me motivated during the lockdown in Spain. This is the 5th day in a row I do this exercise. We are not allowed to go outside, so I started something I wanted to do a long time ago: work on my body. I follow a fitness class every morning via FB and do these squats in the evening. Maybe I will put a before and after on my Insta. I have no idea when we are allowed to go outside again, but I can’t wait!

    Stay safe and healthy everyone ♡

  • Beginning workout: YAAAAAS FEELING THE BURN BABY! ��During workout: PLEASE KILL MEEEE! ��After workout: LAYING IN A POOL OF YOUR SWEAT AND TEARS ��☠

  • On my week 2 now; I tried doing the routine mid morning (no breaky, IF) and repeat another set (5 hours after lunch and 2 hours before dinner). Coz I got time and it’s raining outside ��

  • Me getting through the first cycle ” thank god its over!”
    “Ok lets rest for a minute and do this again!”
    Me: crap! Why is a minute so freaking long!!!!!
    Love her positivity its like having a mom workout with you. Just try it its ok if you have to rest but keep going

  • I’m a health care worker, I’m beaten up after dealing with so much stress caring for patients with covid-19 in the last couple of months, had to isolate myself from my family just in case I brought the virus home. Thank God I’m healthy and so is my family, but along with stress came a wave of different emotions and food was comforting me. Ugh I gained so much weight, but here I am trying to focus on me! To stay healthy. Thanks so much for these videos. July 2020

  • Cassey when you said “not a lot of people would do this, get up off the couch and do something uncomfortable so well done” i legit started crying… I’ve been doing blogilates for years and took a break recently so to come back and hear that it just made me so emotional!!! Great workout AND cathartic this is my self care. Thank you so much. <3

  • I swear i will do this!
    DAY 1: that was sooo hard though it looks easy to do it. I couldnt do the last one but i think it is okay for the lesson 1. KEEP GOOING. SEE YA TOMORROW

  • i’ve been following cassey for two years and really enjoyed the workout. Recently these videos started inserting ads in the middle of a work out up to 4 ads in a 30 min workout. This is absolutely annoying and not acceptable. Are these ads going to continue? People hate having their workout interrupted, especially by ADs.

  • I love this workout and your positive energy!!! It’s been so nice for my quarantine mental health. My dog thinks oil riggers are a great time to give me kisses ��

  • I live in a building that’s 150 years old, even a fart wakes my neighbours up. This is my second day doing this work.. no noise complaints at all!! No banging on the ceiling either!!! Thank you Chloe!

  • for anyone wondering whether to do this summer sculpt challenge or the normal monthly calendar: i did the monthly calendars for 3 months straight and didn’t see big changes and then i did this challenge in june and i visibly started to see the toning in my body ofcourse consistency and patience is key but i think it’s also because this challenge contains more ‘slow’ (read: no jumping) cardio moves which makes you sweat a lot more than the toning exercises in the monthly calendar and therefore lose fat + the muscles show more, in conclusion: highly recommend this challenge:-)

  • Okay so I’ve been trying to fix my workout schedule and I decided to add this as my cardio workout. So I’m going to try this for like 3-4 weeks and let’s see if I get any results. i do belly fat and leg workout in the morning and arms and planks before going to bed just so you know:)

    Day 1-✅I maybe, shouldn’t be saying this, but it was kinda easy��. Idk, maybe it’s just me. I’m weird I know��but I liked it.

    Day 2-✅ I CAN’T BREATHE!!! It’s hard asf��. And yesterday I did the 1st week time and it was too easy. So I started doing the 2nd week time. I can feel the burn in my arms and my core����. Did it 2 times tdy.

    Day 3-✅it was harder than yesterday. I skipped the bird dog bc it was too hard for me��. Not seeing any changes thoo.
    ( maybe bc it’s just day 3 but anyways.. )

    Hope I’ll make it to the end bc I only got 3 weeks to get my life together before school starts♡☻

  • it’s July 6,2020 and I’m on my Day 1. I’m dead. I thought this was going to be easy, boy, did I get that wrong. I’m 70kg and hoping to reach my goal weight, which is 50-55kg. Hope this helps. looking forward for Day 2.

  • Cassey saying “i’m not that flexible” a year ago,,, and doing splits lately�� IM ONE PROUD SUBSCRIBER!❤️ YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION! I love how you motivate me through words. Exercising is my way of releasing all the stress and negative vibes. You helped me to be physically and mentally healthy!❤️ thank you!��

  • I did the 28 day summer sculpt last year, but I’m so excited to say that coming back a year later feels totally different for my body! I’ve been a blogilates fan for a looooonnngggg time, but this is honestly the first time I’ve felt better and not worse revisiting a video. I haven’t lost any weight, but I feel stronger and more comfortable in my body which is the transformation that really matters. Thank you Cassey for your constant encouragement and to fellow popsters you got this! <3

  • I love how she praises and motivates you by saying things like she’s proud of you for getting up off that couch and making yourself uncomfortable to see progress; it really warms my heart. Cassey and Blogilates has changed my life. Thank you for doing this.����

  • I think i have a problem or is it normal-?
    first of all:i loved the video,could actually feel it in my side glutes.
    seriously my knees are paining as if they want to disconnect themselves plus my legs from my body����

  • Every time I do this, I just get happy that my dog is not the only annoying one. You see me moving in THAT direction, dog. WHY must you get in my way!?!

  • Just finished the whole month of summer sculpt and couldn’t be more proud of myself for doing so! Although I was over a year late, it was never too late to complete this challenge! I feel a lot stronger now compared to before, so thank you Cassey for putting all of your time and effort into making these challenges and videos, because you have inspired me to become a better and more fulfilled version of myself! Those of you who have completed this summer sculpt, congrats!! Those of you who are still doing it or are just starting, good luck to all of you! I believe in you all!

  • I cannot believe it! I just finished the 28 day challenge today, and honestly feel great about myself. I was DYING the first week but its gotten easier and easier. Plus I’m more flexible now too. This was fantastic!!

  • I just tried this today because it said low impact and I’m 27 almost 28 weeks pregnant, I got half way lol my goal is that by the time my daughter comes I can do most of the workout so that I can do her other ones once I’m no longer pregnant.

  • I stopped doing summer shred after day 21 for 3 days because I was being lazy and now I have to do 2 days worth of workout in 1 day because after 3-4 days I’m going to get my periods. Why am I so lazy?!!!

  • I started this workout thinking I wasn`t going to be able to finish it but I got through the pain and somehow managed to do it all without stopping!!

  • I have been doing this for 2 months since quarantine. I must say that this is THE most effective squats. You can see result in a month or 2. This is my go to squats.

  • Its my 1st day and you’re soooo sweet!! And I’ve never sweated so much in my whole life… my body feels good and I cant believe I completed the whole workout!!

  • i don’t know if its because of my super fast heart rate but during the candle stick dippers, does anybody else feel like they’re going to throw up?:( something about dipping to the side like that makes me feel sick. i had to pause a couple times to catch my breath but i made it through! excited to get better and better at this in the future

  • I disagree,
    You can get hurt if you done that much suddenly after never being an athlete before, this is dangerous I repeat, I got seriously injured only for playing soccer without warm up well, even when I’m doing gym workout for 12 years now

  • I did it! I have a young child at home and with covid I was tired and busy taking care of others. I was trying to workout at home but couldn’t stay motivated. I needed to take care of myself as well as others. I found blogilates and this challenge. I stuck with it and I found Cassey to be a great teacher who is very relatable. I feel so much stronger, I am eating better and have way more energy.

  • Wow, week 4 done!! This went by so fast and was so fun (except this one:D)! Proud of myself for pushing through! Now on to the next program!

  • Whoa, this is my third day and I am sweating. Thank you for the great workout Cassie. I may be sore tomorrow ha ha. Btw; are you a dancer/cheerleader?

  • Guys I just finished the program!!! I’ve never managed to stick to a at-home routine and now I feel so proud of myself. This is only possible thanks to Cassie, not only for providing these amazing routines for free, but also cause without her kind words motivating me week by week I would’ve probably given up a while ago. With the covid19 and a bunch of issues I have to take care of in my personal life I felt like everything was hopeless but with this milestone I feel like my energy has gone up to 1000% and I’m ready to deal with whatever life hands me. Thank you so much Cassie, and to whoever is reading this and looking for the motivation to keep going, just know that you’re stronger than you think.:)

  • Let’s do this together y’all because we can all do this! I believe in all of you!!! ❤️ are minds are gonna quit multiple times before are body ever will ❤️!

  • Day one: I was just going to stop after the first round but after a couple of minutes decided to just finish it all off, I made the right decision ������
    Day 6 technically (i didn’t do the weekend workouts), but it’s my second week doing this: I think this workout is the hardest mentally for me, I always wanna quit after the first round, but I basically write these out and post them so I’m then forced to do round two, but in the end, I always feel like I made the right decision

  • I am literally sweating!!!! First time ever starting a month’s calendar work out (July 20202) and this was day one and i loved it!! Thank you!

  • This was great! Usually, I don’t sweat really when I work out or do cardio but after this I wiped my face and I had sweat beads on it! Great work out! Just pull through and you’ll feel great after it!! Keep up the great work everyone!!

  • I’m the biggest couch potato and I’ve done it a few times and yes I did do it correctly if a couch potato as big as me can do it then so can u

  • I started with 2 squats a day… Gradually I increased my number.. in the beginning it was v difficult and I was around 65 kgs.. now I’m doing 70 squats a day doesn’t hurt at all.. n will soon go for 100 a day.. all this in a span of 27 days..

  • My problem is not doing t he squats; but staying consistent as I often forget unless I am reminded all the time. I just been using different machines at the gym.

  • Pls tell me I’m not the only one struggling so much with the oil riggers with butt lift as I can’t push myself up whenever I try to reach my chin on the mat? ��

  • Me: I’m gunna get thick, and love my body!:)

    Me after 3 days: maybe.. I’ll skip a few days..

    Also me: knows I’ll never stay committed

  • I’ve been doing 100 squats, 100 bridges, 50 elevated bridges, and 100 side leg lifts on each side, I cant wait to see my results!!

  • this is a big lie. only houndred squats a day is nothing for the result wich is on the picture. 😉 I say with my own experience:) I was doing 200 squats a day for a 6 months and I still have not that result.

  • I said I was gonna do it but then I changed my mind because at school we are running a lot and it will hurt so when it’s summer I will do it

  • today was a bad day for me. 37 degrees outside and I did the 3 todays workout from august plan. i really struggled with this one, I sweat like crazy.. i was thinking about giving up & I was fighting so hard. I finished it until the end. I´m so proud of myself. thank you cassey for your motivation

  • Chessus, this is a long workout for July 13th, I don’t know if I have all the time to do it today. I like to check it before in order to get things organized. But 30 to 40 minutes, all, for sure!

  • Does anyone else find that they can’t do up and down planks because of arm strength? I know my core is strong enough at day 20 of 2 challenges at the same time, but my arms just wobble and I fall over if I don’t modify to do this on my knees. I’m hoping soon enough my arms will be strong enough to do this on my feet….

  • Субтитры очень сильно мешают и ещё девочки которые на первой неделе не успевают полностью сделать свой раунд так как видео появляется позже

  • Did this exercise about 4 times a week from August to November last year and I got a lot of compliments on how slim my legs have gotten. I should have measured how many inches I lost, but then if other people notice it then I must have lost a lot. Started doing them again this week.

  • August 10! I just couldn’t handle this one after that new thigh video, I started getting dizzy and nauseous after 1 round. But instead of being discouraged, I’m choosing to be proud that I listened to my body and managed to do 1 round! If anyone else is feeling discouraged, you got this! Respect your body and be proud of what you can do!

  • Hello! So grateful for this channel. I made my first fitness video where I talk about Running Tips for Beginners, My Fitness Journey, and the Science of Energy Production if anyone is interested in that:) I am a junior in college studying pre-veterinary science. Have a good day and happy quarantine!

  • Not gonna lie cassey I really struggled today to motivate myself. I’m here for July 2020 calendar. I made it, but I feel cranky at how hard everything was compared to what I know i can usually manage. Just one of them days I think! I love your positivity even if I didn’t feel it today haha. Love to all <3

  • Милая Хлоя, твои тренировки хоть и тяжелые, но твоя поддержка очень хорошо мотивирует и не дают сдаться, спасибо тебе, но у меня есть вопрос который касаться не только меня, но и других девушек. Я прохожу чележ в 30 дней, и хотела спросить. Если у меня пойдут месячные, тренировки продолжать или можно будет пропустить первые несколько дней, когда менструации болезненные?

  • I just finished my fourth week!! �� ������ Thank you so much for these, Cassey I feel so much stronger. I loved the format and length of these!!! �� I think they really helped my mental strength too they gave me practice in stretching what I thought I could do, and in endurance. �� I’m so excited to reach the finish line and start something new!!

  • You are the happiest cheerful demon woman!!! You need to warn a girl about those lunges. Burpies fine not a problem but those lunges I apologize for calling you those names. Ps. I am dying and everything hurts!!

  • Nice workout (apart from the side planks with leg lift too tricky to balance!), I liked seeing the overall progress indicator as well as the countdown for each exercise. Shame about the forced ad break in the middle though; would rather have it at the beginning so it doesn’t interrupt the workout.

  • This challenge is literally the best! It has a warm up, the PERFECTTT HARD WORKOUT and a really good cool down….like could this be more perfect!!!???

  • DAMN GIRL!.. THAT WAS FUCKING INTENSE AS SHIT!.. I really thought I was in good shape already, but this was WAY more challenging to actually do than I ever thought when I first watched it without working out to it!..

    My God!.. And you’re seriously supposed to do this every single day? In addition to your “normal workout routine”? Really??!.. You’ve gotta be kidding me!.. I’ll be lucky if I can do this once a week!.. I guess I need to SERIOUSLY step up my game!!..

    It’s no wonder that you have such beautifully fit and sexy abs!.. If I keep up with you and these kinds of workouts as suggested, I will look pretty fucking RIPPED after a month, as I’m already in decent shape, not really any fat to lose, I’m just trying to gain more muscle and definition, especially in my abs… And I can really feel my abs burning and shaking after this INTENSE workout, even after only 10 minutes! WOW!.. Great job! Now I’m gonna have to check out all of your other videos too! Instant subscription added!:)

  • So you mean that challenge just made you stronger and tougher for the workout u want. But it doesnt change anything about ur weight at all?




  • I really don’t know why, but I just really dislike this routine. I normally love almost all blogilates routines and love exercising in general.
    Everytime I see this on the workout calendar I am already like ” ugh…” but I always give it a shot again and I always end up switching for another routine after the first round…
    It’s not like it’s too hard for me, I don’t know what exactly is wrong?
    Has anyone suggestions how to befriend a disliked routine?

  • This is my last day with this challenge
    Mis brazos son mas fuertes
    Mas delgados
    Mi cintura esta apretada
    Vayan a mi perfil
    Erick Gutierrez en facebook y veran los resultados

  • I have to say this is my least favorite workout. It seems like she does the lunges way to fast I can keep up and get frustrated. The lung jump is a lot

  • Day 1 done. It was hard but doable. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

    Day 2: my legs are killing me, I tried and did it the best I could but I was literally dying and didn’t do them as well as yesterday