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GCU │4-13 │WARM-UP & COOL-DOWN (Importance)

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What is the importance of proper warm up and cool down?

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Why You Should Warm Up and Cool Down

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The Benefits of a Warm Up and Cool Down

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10 min Full Body Cool Down Stretches for Recovery & Flexibility

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Do This Warm Up Before Your Workouts | Quick Warm Up Routine

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While the warmup gets your body ready for action, the cooldown returns it to a resting state. This is important because exercise puts stress on your body and you need to give your nervous system the opportunity to calm down. “It’s that homeostasis perspective of putting a body back to where it was,” Piercy says. Understanding each element of the run is intrinsic to 360-degree performance. Each element of running from the warmup to the workout portion to the cooldown. Although warm-ups are more important, that’s not to say cool-downs are useless.

They help return your heart rate to normal and can aid in preventing postworkout dizziness. The added bonus: After a challenging workout, cooling down can help you mentally prepare to head back to the real world and face the rest of your day. Here’s the caveat: If you must skip either the warm-up or cool-down for the sake of time, choose the cool down. “It depends on the individual, but in general, it’s better to skip the cool down,” Ross says. “It’s less risky in terms of injury to stop exercising than it is to abruptly start exercising,” he explains. A cool down will usually include gentler cardiovascular exercises and stretching movements, which will help the body dispose of any harmful toxins that can cause muscle aches and stiffness. In contrast to a warm up, the main goal of a cool down is to slowly decrease the body temperature, lower an athlete’s heart rate, and reduce against injury.

Cooling down is just as important as the warm-up, and should be a gradual return to baseline activity. Adams notes it can take anywhere between five to 30 minutes for the heart rate and sweating to decrease. “Static stretching should be part of the cool down, but it’s not enough. A short warm-up stokes your blood flow and preps your body for exercise. Your muscles respond better to challenges if they’re loose and warm. Warm-ups should take 5.

Warming up increases your heart rate and therefore your blood flow which enables more oxygen to reach your muscles. A warm-up also activates and primes the connections between your nerve and muscles, which improves the efficiency of movement. Additionally, your range of motion (flexibility) should be increased by dynamic stretching. A warmup gradually revs up your cardiovascular system by raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Warming up may also help reduce muscle soreness and lessen your risk of injury. Cooling down after your workout allows for a gradual recovery of. The warm-up portion of a workout program is more important than the cool down portion.

List of related literature:

The purpose of the cool­down is the reverse of the warm­up.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
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• Warm­up and cool­down for at least five minutes.

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• Adequate warmup and cooldown periods.

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Each of these includes a warm-up followed by a few intervals before a short cooldown.

“Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life” by Joe Friel
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The best warmup is a slowed-down version of the activity you are about to perform.

“Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health” by Andrew Weil
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The intensity and duration of the warm­up and cooldown vary with each athlete.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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Active Warm­up: It can be divided into general and sports­specific warm­ups.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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Warm-up and cooldown.

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2 It is helpful to have a warm­up session prior to the main session.

“Creative Problem Solving for Managers: Developing Skills for Decision Making and Innovation” by Tony Proctor
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The warmup time depends on To and on Q’.

“Heating and Cooling of Buildings: Principles and Practice of Energy Efficient Design, Third Edition” by T. Agami Reddy, Jan F. Kreider, Peter S. Curtiss, Ari Rabl
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  • Just tried this! If you’re gonna try I recommend going at your own pace. Make sure your position is correct and really feel the stretch before you start counting. Your cool down will be more effective this way (I am a physical therapist) Enjoy! ❤️

  • Chloe: “This is a warm up routine” Me: Welp I did my working out today as I’m covered in sweat laying on my living room floor contemplating if I just should fall asleep here. Then “Do this and get fit” comes on����‍♀️��

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  • I always want to skip cooling down after a work out but since this cool down vid is only 5 minutes I’ll def follow this one after every workout!

  • This was so fun! ^.^ I sit all day for work AND THEN get a workout in right after. My body is so achy and stiff T_T But I started thinking it’d be a great idea to move around at lunchtime and this is it! I love how fun, quick, and simple this is! Definitely going to be moving around more!

  • I love your workouts keep up the great work I’ve been doing them every day for a while now! And the only thing that i have advice for you personally is when i am done with your workouts sometimes i have really tight calves so i have to make sure i stretch mine on my own bc i notice that you don’t always stretch the calves! But i love everything you do:) you’re great! ����

  • Thank you for the workout. Very useful stretches. Just some feedback tho: it would be helpful to explain the exact body positioning especially for people who have never done these stretches before

  • Honestly you don’t inspire me because you look like lazy when doing the exercises, but I have to recognize that all your exercises are really good if done correctly and with attitude!

  • Omg slow down will ya! By the time you change poses you lose half the time. Too many people on Youtube just want to show off their pretty bodies and their (usually lack of) film making. Terrible video!

  • I am trying the summer shred challenge program, let’s try it together and see the results ����

    Day 1(19/8) ✅ 64cm(waist) 33cm(calves) 52cm(thigh) 92cm(butt) 163cm(height)
    Day 2 (20/8) ✅
    Day 3 (21/8) ✅

  • Hi, Chloe I’m 52 years and today is my second day I feel good and motivity thanks Chloe my daughter recommend me, your Chanel. I’m from Mexico and don’t speak English really good but I intent, have a nice day.

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  • This was so needed after a few of ur brutal workouts haha! If anyone is interested in checking out workout video reviews, I do them on my blog: under fitness reviews! I did one of Maddie’s already, and will be doing more soon:)

  • That Is a very good stretch especially the shaking of the head backwards, forwards and side to side, can feel it in the middle of the upper back. Thanks Chloe for this quick stretch I will be doing many times

  • Idk much about stretching but im pretty sure you do dynamic stretchs before to warm up before a workout and static stretching after to help relieve muscle pain for the next day but dont take my word for it im not 100% sure but its worth a look into it its helped me alot

  • Hi! �� Your videos are so motivating and fun. I do your workouts everyday!
    I really want to know how to do a splitCan you do a split stretches video?

  • To anyone that’s working out secretly in their room:
    I feel you. I was like that too as I was embarrassed to exercise in front of my family as I was afraid of them judging me, but when they finally discovered what I was doing, they didn’t judge me at all, in fact they encouraged me, my dad especially, he told me how proud he was of me. Now I do Chloe’s workouts in the living room in front of everyone and I don’t even care, they’re not even watching me, they have better things to do! It’s much less stressful if you don’t try to hide, and there’s so much more space so I can actually complete the exercises properly.
    So basically the point is, don’t be scared or ashamed to exercise in front of your family, they shouldn’t judge you for trying to better yourself!! <3

  • Did this after a 40 minute workout session and it felt sooo good because I often forget to stretch. Also, Maddie, could you consider doing a One Direction workout? For many of us would be a dream come true! Thank you!<3

  • I’m about to start day 1, I started a few weeks ago but didn’t follow through, but its a new week, a new day. I’m going to track my progress on here so I don’t give up again.
    Day 1 ✔ Yay I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks!!! but i had a hard time convincing myself to keep going for the 500 reps challenge
    Day 2 ✔ DONE!!! This really did a number on my core

  • I decided to put my progress here since this is the only video I come to every day that I work out. My goal is to lose 15kg if I can. The insecurity of my body gets in the way of too much shit tbh & I’m really tired of it. I don’t want to put my measurements cause that makes me really uncomfortable. I’m doing the summer shred challenge so 4 weeks/28 days. This is at least a start for me and I may do another challenge after to keep going or something.

    DAY O1. 12 AUG 2020: only managed to do the warm-up, full-body, and shredded abs workouts. I don’t think I’m really keen on the concept of having to do the extra optional ones so I think that until I feel comfortable, I’ll keep them out so I don’t overwork myself. This was so painful I think I nearly cried. I know the pinned comment says that I shouldn’t be embarrassed to exercise in front of my family but I just really can’t see myself doing exercise in the living room just yet.

    DAY O2. 13 AUG 2020: Did the warmup, shredded ab workout, tiny waist round butt workout, and half the cooldown. I got too excited to have a shower after exercising lmao I think it might be my favourite part that comes with exercising.

    DAY O3. 14 AUG 2020: I slept in really late and procrastinated doing the workout today but I know that the only person that it affects is myself if I don’t do it so I did it and wow I really love the toned arms workout video I think its the easiest so far so I wasn’t really that much in pain:]

    DAY O4. 15 AUG 2020: rest day, much needed on my sore self.

    DAY O5. 16 AUG 2020: I had to hand in an assignment today so I didn’t get around to doing it until like 6pm I think + I got my period as well so I just felt sort of really sick the whole time and a tad uncomfortable. The cramps went away after I had a banana and a nap so I was able to exercise without worrying about those but still it wasn’t really my best day, I think I took too many breaks. I think hiding from my dad that I am exercising makes my breathing a lot messier too so I get out of breath a lot faster which meant I needed more breaks ): bad day but!! I can do the side plank thingies:D sort of anywaysometimes I still fall over backward.

    (NULL). 17 AUG 2020: I was busy today so didn’t get the time to do it ): I shall instead do it tomorrow <3

    DAY O6. 18 AUG 2020: some of these workouts are not very glasses-wearing friendly lmaooo and I really took my time today, but I can feel myself getting stronger:D the only thing I really struggle with is my breathing? like especially when I do workouts in plank, I can feel and almost hear? the air being pushed out of my lungs which does worry me a bit:/ but other than that, I think everything else is normal:))

    (NULL). 19 AUG 2020: was busy )): so so busy but I walked over 10,000 steps today so that was good!

    (NULL). 20 AUG 2020: also busy ): sobs I feel really bad for missing days but it’s ok I know I’ll get there eventually ): I didn’t eat very clean-wise the past two days tho so that sets me back a bit ):

    DAY O8. 21 AUG 2020: technically, I could look at either one of the last two days as my rest day that was meant for day 7 so today was day 8s workout and idk, I felt really weak in my wrists sometimes so I had to take a few breaks but otherwise I’m really glad that I’ve done 1 week of the schedule so far:))!!

  • Hi Maddie, could you do a 5 min stretching video that can be done at the office (i.e. standing and mainly for the back and shoulders)?

  • hi can you please make a 5 min stretches to grow taller pls. Thank you so much, your channel is my go-to whenever I need to workout!!! <3

  • Can you do more Stretch video please?? I’ve been doing your 3 stretching videos (the +30mins one and they are so good) every week now ahaha

  • When u just wanted to end your workout session with a lil stretch but an other abs workout video starts to play a the end of the stretch

  • I swear this works like MAGIC! I had soreness from working out for the first time yesterday and i like know nothing about working out so i googled “how to deal with the muscle pain after working out?��” and i found this and gave it a try i swear my paiinn is liike gonnne �� i just wish i knew about cooldown stretches earlier..

  • A lot of you were requesting a shorter cool down video…. so here you have it! This video along with my warm up, apartment friendly warm up, and 15 min cool down will be linked under EVERY workout video moving forward so you have easy access (and no excuses not to warm up/cool down)! Sending you all so much love! Xx Maddie

  • In your opinion, we should do cool down and stretching immediately after finishing workouts or we should let pass some 5-10 mins so muscles can have some rest after the workout?

  • Im gonna start the get fit 21 day challenge
    Day 1����done! It was kinda rough
    Day 2����done! I felt so soreee!!!!but it was cool!
    Day 3��rest day so i did some cardio,yoga and junp rope.
    Day 4��done it was sooo tiring but tomorrow’s a rest day so yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Day 5-rest dayyy so some light cardio
    Day 6-����it was pretty good
    Day-7����done…but wait…did u steal my arms i cant feel them �� lol
    Day 8-done����it burnntt����
    Day9 rest dayyy
    Day 10done����so today i worked out in the morning since i was buzy in the evening.

  • for first timers the transition time between stretches is way too short, by the time I’ve gotten into position it’s already counting 3 seconds left on the hold. I have to keep pausing it to allow me time to hold the stretch before you change it:(

  • idk who needs to hear this but Jesus loves you and always will! He loves us all unconditionally and eternally! God is reaching out to you and wants to have a relationship with you! No one is too far gone for God to reach and help! God is so good and He loves us so much! God bless and i hope everyone who reads this will repent and give their life to Jesus Christ! ��✝️��

  • For people wondering whether or not they should bother with the cool down, I would HIGHLY recommend doing it.
    I have been doing Chloe Ting challenges for a little over a week now. At the beginning I would just do the workouts, and move on with my day. I was so sore whenever I woke up the next day and it hurt to even walk (keep in mind I am someone who has never seriously worked out before.) I started doing the warm-up and cool down before and after every day’s required workouts and I noticed a HUGE difference in how I felt. I am less sore and I feel much better when I’m working out. They might seem like a waste of time, but you will feel so much better if you do the cool down ��

  • I love every single one of your workouts Maddie!! You are the BEST and THANK YOU SO MUCH for being you! I also think your sports bras are so cute, where is this one from??

  • Thank you so much for this Maddie! Love your channel so much! If you could reply to this comment, I would really appreciate it and it would make my day!

  • Okay guys/girls well im a guy and idk if my thighs like the bottom part ( if that makes sense) it hurts like when I stretch LMAOAOAO, is that normal???

  • Hey girl! Do you have a Patreon or something else where I can subscribe? Your videos are almost all I use to work out and I feel guilty that I’m not giving you anything back for it lmao

  • Why do we warm up to prepare the body for strenuous exercise
    And it lubricates the joints the Hart pumps blood around the body good demo always safetyy first

  • i just had 30mins full body HIIT & this stretching is definitely relaxing and slowed down my heart rate & breathing. The backgrd music and the voice is calming too

  • At 3:53 when she twists her leg around so her foot is back by her butt… yeah, don’t do that. That position is bad for your knees. Instead just keep your foot tucked into your thigh on your other leg, or just do a full straddle position for that stretch.

  • Nope. You’re going wrong about it and I’m not going to share with anyone my secrets on how to work them glutes without them going flabby a year or two later haha (:

  • 2 months ago I was a type of person that literally never works out + desk job so you can imagine. Started doing Madfit workouts every single day 20 min and wow, not only that I lost some weight but I feel like I have more strength and mobility during the workout session. I tried other youtubers workout but it’s just doesn’t feel right for me and I only prefer your workouts. I am still stuck in the beginner friendly ones as you can imagine but hopefully I will get better. Looking forward in seeing more beginner workouts ��❤

  • This is so good for to do first thing in the morning,after workout… litterally anytime! I really really really like that is so short,but also includes all the basic moves. i like it soooo much!!!

  • I’ve been doing these stretches for about a month now after my workouts and I’m honestly shook by how much my flexibility has improved. Thanks Chloe!

  • Thank you for this short cool down vid! Got me motivated to do a cool down even though every single cell of my body screamed no ��

  • Omg this is so relaxing, normally when I do head down exercises and after getting up I felt head pain but this exercises made me feel relax, thanks Chloe ting

  • Day 15 of 28 summer shred programme. Did 31 min intense hiit ( 400 calorie burn) after 500 rep abs and lower ab workout.

    Im dying i feel im gping to throw up but i kept thinking i am closer to my goal sp i didt stop.

  • Completed: Slim Thigh Challenge
    I have a firmer body, They say ” wow you got too weak ”
    Thank you so much and I have to say you’re really sweet♥
    Lets go to the ”2 Weeks Shred Challenge”
    from TURKEY
    Note: my english is not very good ehe

  • I love this cool down because I feel like it targets all the spots in such a short time, but I was wondering if you would be willing to make a slightly longer, like a ten minute one for those days where we have a little extra time and could use a little more cooling down (but aren’t able to do one of the longer, more involved stretching videos) or even just another short one for some more variety. ^.^ Thank you so much for all your content ��

  • Thank you so much! Recently my mom started working out with me but since she’s just starting after years of not exercising and due her age, even the yoga stretches were too difficult and she ended up feeling bad for not going thru the entire video, but now she can do it and we will keep improving, thank you so much!

  • This cool down routine has been a game changer for my hamstrings (always so tight!!!!!!) and lower body. I absolutely love how scientific she is and how she explains which muscle groups are being stretched for each move. ����������

  • Chloe: If you’re not warm enough, you can do one more round
    Me: Looking at the other 3 MAIN videos I still have to do, yeah no I think I’ll pass

  • Looks great, but I think tow rounds of that will be my work out, not warm up!! Do you have any alternatives for the plank position moves, I have an injured shoulder and cannot apply pressure. tks

  • For some unknown reason I just pictured Melissa Benoist working out with Maddie and I feel like they could get along so well. Now I want it to be real:'(

  • me:does child pose
    me:smells*ooo we are having onion soup
    my MUM:nope its ur armpits sweaty
    does the next pose
    my pants:ripppppp
    my dad:what was that scary sound

  • I just started doing your beginner workouts a week ago and i never thought i could find enough motivation to pull through seeing that i never did any sport and PE made me hate working out. But you’re doing such a great job at explaining and motivating, I really love it. Thanks for inspiring me and other people to overcome our laziness and do something��❤️

  • please please PLEASE do an intermediate/advanced stretching video, i love your stretches and it would mean the world to me if you saw this comment:)) ❤️

  • I’ve been feeling very insecure about my body lately so I started the flat tummy workout challenge. All these days I’ve been feeling very good even though it’s been tough. I wasn’t depressed for the longest time in a while. Today was my 9th day and I suddenly bursted out crying because I’ve been through a lot of stress today.
    After the cooldown I felt relieved and I just want to say thank you❤️.
    My body improved a lot and I hope I’ll keep pushing through.

  • This comment section is very diverse. A lot of humor and a lot of “you got this” messages. I come here to relax in between exercises and also just find comfort in the fact that I’m not the only that’s finding some exercises hard or that I’m not the only one that’s being anxious working out in front of the people in my house. All of this probably wouldn’t be the same if I had been exercising alone or even, if I had gotten a personal trainer. Happy that it’s a free program on a social app. It’s like a community.

  • I did the Chloe ting two week shred which was good but a bit boring bc it was repetitive and hurt my knees, back and wrists and now I think I’m going to start doing MadFit workouts! Can someone pls reply… MadFit or Chloe Ting… who do you prefer? ��

  • is there any yoga involved in this video?? it’s against my beliefs to take part in yoga so i just wanted to be able to avoid doing any yoga positions since this stretching video is required in quite a lot of the workout programs ❤️

  • You nailed it again Maddie. Your quad stretch technique cues are extremely effective in getting both the quad and the hip flexor involved in the stretch.:)

  • Can you do a 10 min cool down? I love the balance of a 10 min warm up, 20-30 min exercise and 10 min cool down. Love your videos, helped me enjoy working out from home!!

  • I just did this warm up twice in a row and it feels like a work out lol. It’s mostly because i’ve never really worked out at all and I wanted to test the waters first. But i’m planning to do her actual work outs tomorrow and onwards, wish me luck!

  • Thank you! Too many people think a warm up cool down is not important… Or at least, that’s what they may tell their rivals to trick them into increasing their chance of injury! Science is fun ��!

  • This is my first time doing 2020 summer shred challenge, i know it’s late but wish me luck guys

    And my brother caught me while I’m exercising and he laughed at me but whatever, i’ll continue
    He’s gonna envy, when he look at the result and wish he’s doing the exercise too

  • The “not stretching” part in the Warm up is not accurate or actually precise. You need to stretch in the beginning for your Warm up before you start training/working out, or whatever it is you will be doing because you will keep your body flexed…For More Precise evidence go to @YO ELLIOT here on youtube!

  • Warming up is often overlooked especially in younger athlete because they can get away with it. But as the athletes ages it becomes crucial. It’s best to get into his healthy habit so it just becomes first instinct.