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So, between running, cycling and swimming, which one burns the most calories? On paper, running appears to be the winner. According to Harvard Health, cycling outdoors at 12–13.9 miles per hour (mph), running 5 mph and swimming the backstroke all burn roughly 298 calories in 30 minutes (for a person weighing 155 pounds). Both swimming and cycling require a significant amount of energy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 154-pound person burns about 295 calories cycling for 30 minutes at 10 miles per hour or faster.

Meanwhile, the same exerciser torches 255 calories swimming slow, freestyle laps. Swimming is an excellent calorie-burning workout because unlike cycling, there is no way to coast through the pool when swimming. Consequently, how fast you are swimming plays a relatively small difference in how many calories swimming burns as a general.

While it’s true that you cover more distance in 20 minutes of running, you don’t get a better cardio benefit “per mile” than you do from swimming the same amount of time. What matters is the fact that you’re spending 20 minutes in an intense cardio workout, regardless of which exercise you choose. When it comes to working out, both swimming and running are great choices for burning calories.

If you want a full-body workout with consistent conditions, swimming is the best option. If you like a change in terrain and want to improve your bones, running is the better choice. Research backs up the idea of running toward better bone health. Though small, one study found that stress-bearing physical activity (aka running) protects your skeleton.

“Cycling’s low impact, so you keep going longer,” says Matt Parker, coach at British Cycling. “It’s sustained stamina training.” Running: It won’t max stamina as fast for one reason: it hurts. Just like with running, swimming is a great way to reduce your stress levels. Many people feel that jumping into the water always assists in making them feel good about themselves, including being mentally refreshing.

Swimming is a low intensity workout. According to statistics from the Mayo Clinic, an hour of light to moderate lap swimming will burn 423 calories, while an hour of running at 5 mph will. The low-impact nature of the sport is one reason many athletes actually turn to swimming — or aqua jogging — when recovering from a running or cycling injury.

Because of.

List of related literature:

Between Cycling, Running, and Swimming.”

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Swimming and biking are just as good, so long as the level of exertion is the same.

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Best for: swimming; walking.

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After running (or biking) on the beach, I could pump iron, then use the pool to both swim and run laps.

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I don’t usually recommend group workouts for cycling or running, but with swimming I’ve found that they can be beneficial.

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I love the transitional elements, going from swimming to biking and then running.

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Swimming and combined.

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As adaptation to the transition between swimming and cycling continues, the triathlete can increase the intensity of both the swim and the ride.

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I prefer races with relatively short swim/bike/run portions.

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Between the arduous swimming and running events is the cycling event.

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  • No my case. After run I feel eating a cow, after swam I just feel like drink water with electrolytes, then after one hour I feel like eating well: vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. I love both, but run hurt my body sometimes.

  • When it comes to squats, should i do regular squats or barbell lunges as well? Doing only regular squats will it help me as a runner or doing all kind of variations is necessary?

  • Nice video, but definitely not accurate 100%. This doesn’t take into consideration the energy the body expends to keep itself warm since water is below our core temperature, it also doesn’t take into consideration that swimming is better for body recomp since it works the upper body as well. This is why you are SOOO hungry after a swim and not as much after a run

  • Thanks so much for the video. Great tips! Do you recommend light weights when doing strength training? I have been doing heavy weights and find that it tires me out for my runs. I’m training for Boston and although I want to continue strength training 2-3 days a week, I don’t want it to tire me out and thus affect my runs. Appreciate any advice!

  • I do a bootcamp at Reebok Fithub on weekends and there’s a video ad they play on a loop in the store that features a very familiar runner: NATE!!!!

  • Maybe you guys could look at including info from your other video about the feeling of hunger after swimming? Otherwise, loving your content! Keep it up.

  • I competed in a bodybuilding show and my form of cardio was fasted mountain biking 45 min each morning. Fun, built my quads like crazy, shot my testosterone levels up, more energy throughout the day, mentally clear, much better than running could offer. However, either exercise would require you to know how many calories you need each day and also how many calories you’re burning with that exercise, and most importantly how aggressive your day to day life is with activities. Knowing that will base your calorie goal for each day to lose weight

  • Swimming is harder to get the technique right but once you do its easy.
    Running is easier to get the technique right but most cant run for as long as they can swim, that includes sprints. So I’d say Running is harder due to the effort.

  • Running burns more calorie and helps develop better health and fitness because most of your body muscles are taking part in the activity at the same time.

    Cycling is good for commuting, instead of burning fuel and polluting the earth.

  • swimming is one of the hardest sport and I play volleyball, basketball, softball, and run track. Swimming is the hardest out of them

  • I think you have to take into consideration the body’s thermal production both in swimming and running. I’m not saying that swimming has more of it, since you may run under cold conditions or even sweating or running with windy weather can really increase the coefficient.
    I was a swimmer for 12 years and did not lose any significant weight in the process, so I am very open to the idea that running may burn more calories.
    Thanks for the video though, the end result was very useful to know, the burn pretty much the same!

  • I enjoying cycle more because it gives less pressure. And I use cycle instead of bike for shorter distance journey. And I daily do the cycle so that I can get more stamina.

  • Why do they want you to wear helmet while cycling? not running? walking? Because it is more physically dangerous. I ride a bike but how is something healthier if they advise you to protect yourself from injury from the basic movement. Also how does a helmet protect you from accident. From Injury after the accident I see but it does not stop you from hitting your head in the first place.

  • Keep in mind there are paces in practice that are much faster. Also different strokes and there are leg workouts as well like kicking

  • Unfortunately, calorie estimates from heart rate such as are used by fitness trackers are notoriously unreliable. Proper calorie testing requires expensive medical equipment and tests. I think all we can get out of this experiment is that there isn’t a significant difference in calorie burn at similar effort levels for both sports.

  • Though all of your videos are very informative.and the way you narrate everything is perfect…. still so much less subscriber seems people don’t respect/ like good content…

  • As a competitive swimmer who runs for additional training, I still say that swimming is harder. But running is definitely another good factor to add in to improve stamina

  • Would love some advice on how to stretch out right hamstrings and hip flexors to improve swimming. I’m not a triathlete but would love to improve my swimming technique and feel like my running and cycling is hindering me a bit. Love the videos and how will edited they are!

  • True but with cycling:
    a) one could get a flat or hit a pothole, nail, etc. going at a fast speed
    b) carbon parts can crack and/or overheat when braking
    c) have to at times share roads with vehicles thus increasing the risk of being run over or hitting a car door being opened
    d) wind and/or braking hard can cause lost of control
    e) a fall at significant speeds causes bruises at best, death at worst
    f) can be stranded with a flat tire or broken chain, wheel, etc.
    g) sitting on uncomfortable seats for long times can interfere with sex
    h) equipment costs are significantly more
    i) limited places to bike, harder to transport a bike to get to them
    j) can get stuck on mud and snow
    k) traction and braking are severely reduced when it is raining
    l) lack of protective suit materials…riders tend to only want thin breathable clothing thus skin and muscle mass experience road rash.
    m) have to carry tools, tire pumps, spare parts
    n) have to leave bike outside when going into restaurants, doing errands, etc. and either deal with locks or risk getting equipment stolen.
    o) more stuff to clean, maintain, align, replace, buy

  • Bike sometimes hurt ur hips so I wouldn’t do that running makes ur knees hurt if ur older swimming is best it lose most weight and it feels nice

  • Running burns more calories than cycling.If your obese bicycle first to avoid knee problems.When you lose enough weight from cycling try running to lose even more weight

  • What about OW swim? You burns more calories. Because of the water temp! I swim all year arounds and in 3 degrees water temp if I m in 12/20minutes I burns hundreds of calories lol

  • this was maybe the dumbest video ive watched about swimming…. you all only made it to try and get sponsored by your terrible running shoe brand, and didnt even try to calculate for the other ways to swim, just “front crawl”

  • Swimming is ‘none’ impact and every city in US has a YMCA with a heated pool and lifeguard at reasonable price (non profit). Nuff said!

  • Ossuum explanation now a days i am into cycling ride I have invested only 5000 for basic model road bike Hero hawk 27t nuage and I don’t wear helmets r masks weekly I cycle around 130 kms

  • Great video again, Awesome tips,really helpful, Coach Nate and Holly, I am going through both knees injury, please suggest cross training

  • You guys are just really bad at swimming. You swim like you are training to survive the swimming part of a triathlon not to be good at it. Lap swimming is EXTREMELY EASY! Try doing a real set with a coach and teammates who are shoving a stick up your ass the whole time

  • I was expecting that swimming burns more but I’m happy with the results because we have to cram our swimming classes on Saturdays 8am to 1pm. I can barely control myself to happily swim and I am aiming to gain some muscle mass.

  • I´m 39 and I started to swimm more intensive 7 months ago and I love it more and more (3 or 4 time a week for 1 hour). At the moment I combine it with running (2 or 3 times a week) and I feel very vell. I see that my muscles grows up and my belly looses more and more fat.

  • Biking is just more FUN! Running sucks, especially for women with larger breasts. Women, just ride a bike. Anyone could get injured or killed either running or biking.Also, not mentioned, if you are on a bike and you see a creepy person on foot, you can bike like hell away. lol

  • Surely respiration rates are higher in running?
    I went one better walking if you do the same distance, it takes longer in time so you burn even more. As a result, I used to go for 4 mile walks. Far more enjoyable than running too as you can see the sights, talk to the animals in the fields, spot the International Space Station and stuff like that.
    I can’t swim and get no fun out of running. There’s a complete lack of naked women to chase after around here.

  • Running just kills my knees, tried for years. Now that I have started swimming, my joints feel amazing, posture is much better, I feel so good now. Could never run for more than 15-20 mins before my legs would hurt but with swimming, can easily do 90 mins and feel great after.

  • Best is doing all three, even if you totally focus on one and just do an hour total of the other two a week or switch each week. Best way to cross check if you are having any physiological issues and to avoid the risks involved with only cycling for example (low bone density)

  • Literally sir you’re making such a good content
    Secondly you’re speaking skills bakiyo ki tarah na fast na slow bilkul accurate
    Thirdly your video arrow ke through apne smjhaya
    Thank you so much

  • Do another test in 10 years when you are waiting for your new knee operation from all of that running and then tell me what exercise is better

  • I love to do both however swimming is greater than running one because its low impact so you dont have to worry about joint pain like in running, two when swimming you are actually expending more energy because you have to move your body through the water and water is 800x denser than air. In addition swimming tones your body overall building lean muscle rather than running which is mainly exercises the legs

  • Both are good. However, after the activity, swimming feels more therapeutic/relaxed and running feels a bit strenuous. I guess running is preferred for a quicker outburst of calories.

  • the problem here is, I can do 500m without getting winded, but my mile time dipped to 7:30. My mile time went back to normal at 6:00, but now I get winded after a 200m.
    It’s a conundrum

  • I dont mean to shit on running as i run as well, but swimming is like entering another world. Takes away all the stress and is so serene

  • I will say this:
    It all depends on how much you do and how long you do it and the temp of the water (for swimming)
    In this case I think it depends. With swimming it’s quite possible to burn more depending on stroke and even time intervals. I think swimming burns more than running but it also could depend on what level you are on in each sport.

    Either way I’ve done both sports and can say that I am always hungry after a swim and thirsty only after a run. I did cross country and swimming through grade school and high school level but it depends on you and what level you are on.

  • Swimming is the hardest for me. Started recently with Triathlon like training to loose weight and geht fitter again. Im a pretty strong guy because i lift weights for years but i want to bring my kgs down and build up my stamina. Running falls in second place for me its still tuff but im able to do my 10km under 55 min. And Biking is just easy tbh but the most fun�� love your videos keep up the great information!

  • It depends upon the swimming stroke.
    In general, probably running burns more, but you’ll pay for it later in life after the ground pounding takes its toll.

  • I got on the calculator they used and put in what a normal workout would be which I’m assuming my coaches were making us do leisurely swimming for 120 minutes and that supposedly burns over 1,000 calories

  • am a cycling commuter without spending extra time and dedication, my exercise weightloss, fun and packet saved by no fuel no service,

  • Swimming is better for most high risk joint individuals (fat people, injury wise,high volume training)

    Runing dont have that benefit,i think if you are at a high risk you should avoid it, you cant burn calories in the hospital.

  • Thank you so much for addressing this topic. I just turned 47 and starting to feel the arthritis and stiffness kicking in. I used to run 5ks and just signed up for my last one. I probably walk it. Cycling here in Chicago is kind of dangerous. Your either watching out for traffic or watching out for the other cyclists who think they’re in the Tour de France. I’m leaning towards swimming as my main sport and incorporating weight training for dryland exercises. I love being in the water. Now I have to work on my endurance. Thanks so much for everything. I really learn a lot from you.

  • Running is a lot better when you do alternate intensity intervals: jog, sprint, cool-down walk to catch your breath, repeat. That’s also true with swimming and biking. Ideally you’ll bike to a pool with a track, run 20-30 minutes, swim an hour then bike back home. Also, swimming uses a lot of upper-body strength which you don’t use at all in running. Also swimmers look sexier and have better sex.

  • Nicely explained brother
    Just watched your videos on cycling, feeling motivated for weight loss and will surely put in my action.

  • As a former overweight person I would say swimming because it will be way less hard on your knees and when your bigger running is sometimes just to hard on your knees

  • I can’t run for an hour but i can definitely cycle for as much as 3 hours! Cycling will burn more calorie than running no arguments needed!

  • Very well explained sir
    But it is my own experience that instead of running u can walk 45 min an cycling for 30 min bcoz when u want to lose ur fat u must focus on the injuries happened during running
    Unfortunately if u get injured like joint injury or muscle injury it takes long period to get normal
    Plz i request to u make a vedio on walking an cycling also on a daiet program

  • Swimming is something you can do for hours without getting tired. Running you get tired after just 30 minutes or so as an average guy. I do have a pool in my yard, when it’s summer I like to swim about 3-4 hours each night before I shower and go to bed.

  • Dude this video was very unfair to the people that take swimming seriously which i feel isnt ok like me i do about a 2hour 30m swim when i get back from school swimmming is and its a fact way harder than running nd if really if you would put the same amount of effort into. Swimmming as you do running ti would be about 4 times harder and yes you do burn more calories doing other strokes which is also unfair they should’ve did one that uses for muscles then the front crawl and in breaststroke which is made more as a not streamlined swim where as front crawl is the easiest and most efficient way of swimming for example butterfly uses more energy force and muscles which you could easily burn over 2000 calories in a 2 hour time frame even with a 2 minute interval (if you need to take that much rest or barely make the interval it means yo should probs switch to a different stroke but still) and in the 2 minute interval do a 50 yard and or meter fly swim. They also did not include all the other strokes and things that could have put the calories burn to the absolute max and we could see and know how running and swimming are different an like a said they should do another video on this showing the other strokes.

  • I used to run until the impact resulted in dislocated lower vertebrae (no I am not overweight). Surgeon’s recommendation is to cycle or swim!!

  • I go for a run early every morning (about 5am). Then go for a swim at 7am. I get every thing I need to do done for that day. Then finish the day with 200 sit ups, 100 push ups and as many pull ups as i can handle (normally around 50).
    I also take dance classes most days as well as being on my schools netball team.
    I’m 15.

  • So many triggered swimmers around here ��

    Of course swimming has good sides. Of course swimming is difficult. Of course there are different ways of swimming. However, I would think most amateur swimmers do front crawl. The video is for people who want to lose weight and these people are most likely amateurs. If you are a regular and trained swimmer, chances are you don’t need to lose weight and your swimming caloric expense is already sufficient to maintain a healthy weight. The important thing is enjoying the exercise anyway ��‍♂️

  • I had watched how carbohydrates were connected to weight gain and generally to steer clear of carbohydrates, on the contrary had under no circumstances thought of using them to lose weight. The number one idea behind the 4 cycle fat loss solution is to train your body to get rid of fat for energy instead of just carbs. It’s built around the latest scientific principles into the very high carb diet habits of the Japanese not to mention their astounding long lifespan expectancy. The research suggest that it’s their elevated carb-cycling dieting strategy which helps to go on remaining healthier into old age with a lower than average body mass index (lower incidence of overweight).Read way more here

  • Rope jumping will be consider as to much stress for the legs? I normally do some rope jumping and pull ups, push ups and leg raisers as a cross-training routing.

  • This! Just started swimming and today i experienced this. A hard run in the morning and 1h of swimming with the board and my legs feel a lot better. Glad it wasn’t just my brain making that up.

  • I used to be purely a runner. I have low back issues from an torn disc I suffered years ago. After starting triathlon, I found the swimming really helped my core and has helped reduce the back fatigue I get while doing long endurance running.

  • Obviously running is harder since overweight people can actually tread water using very little effort, but people with <8% bodyfat have to use up a lot of energy simply keeping afloat and to keep warm by burning calories. In running there is no hiding place from the effects of gravity if you are overweight.

  • awesome tips! will strenght training make me a faster runner? or mostly add to endurance, keeping strong posture after really long time? I am realy looking for something that will propel me into that sub6min/mile,sub4min/k zone without dying 1 mile in? I do alot of intervals but don’t see much progress. thx.

  • Great video buddy. Runners are much fitter than cyclists. I am 56 and do both running & cycling. Still compete in half and full marathons. Also do weights 5 days a week.

  • Cycling easier on the joints and body, lower impact. More fun, less physically taxing. You can cover more ground and ride 15 to 20 miles in an hour.
    Running much more physically challenging and takes longer to get into decent fitness to be able to enjoy vs suffering through it. Once you get to proper fitness running, you burn more calories quicker and can get weight loss the fastest. Downside to running can be shin splints, foot pain, harder on the joints, and other injuries that can take time to overcome.

  • typically my cross training is 1hr of 10min exercise bike followed 10min of walking up 12% incline at a speed that works calfs hard (but not strains them) plus I’ll do 33 squats (tot = 100) between each set (10min bike + 10min walk = 1 set for me) which I don’t include in the hour. Not sure if its best training… but works for me!:) Never really been able to incorporate lots of easy runs into my daily training… if i do that then I cannot do the hard days…. too sore and eventually I’d get injury. I do this for 2 days… then its back to grind-stone… either intervals of 5mins (5 min rest between) running at a speed i can only maintain for 15 mins… then speed I can run my quickest mile for 2mins with 5 min rest (that’s next session) for 1hr…. then max speed I can run 1hr for 1hr (that’s hardest day)…. then repeat with these easy cross training days in the mid of these sessions as rest days. It may sound slow because most of these are set so you can do more… but these are repeats and have to be maintained at that speed for 6 or so reps… so no good running quickest mile pace for a mile or bumping up the speed to try take adv of the shorter time, then expecting to do it again 5 mins later etc. But I guess I’m really training myself to be mid distance runner.

    Maybe I will do some alternate weeks of pure daily slow running v high mileage.

  • Cycling has its nose ahead in terms of other banefits than the running.

    1. Benifits of Transportation. You can approach office on cycle easily but you can’t run to go office really.

    2. You can not run more than 1Hour daily but you can do cycling more than the same.

    3. Cycling allows you to explore more and more destinations which running doesn’t.

    4. Running seems boring many times which cycling is hardly.

    5. For the adventure lovers, cycling has many open doors of opportunities.

  • WRONG swimming does burning more calories. BECAUSE THERE is many strokes where you burn alot more calories like butterfly. You also build alot more muscle and it is the best sport for your heart rate. And there is a reason why Michael Phelps ate 10.000-12.000 calories when he was during training, and he was/is still very fit!

  • Very nice analysis and comparison. I also watched the run vs. bike. It would be helpful to include distances so people of differing skill levels can have a better idea of how much territory was covered in comparison to themselves. Well Done!

  • I don’t think that swimming was accurate enough because you only swam for 10 minutes and multiplied that by 6. And when you are swimming, especially at a fast speed your speed would be decreasing over the minutes because of how tired you would get. But in the end running would still be burning more calories.

  • Cycling is better than running because riding is more enjoyable since you can go farther places like the country side wherein usually with beautiful scenery.

  • Main benefit of swimming is the longevity of your joints! Also the anaerobic aspect of swimming. Running is definitely a more convenient exercise.

  • True, because the main muscles engaged during running is the hamstring WHICH is the largest muscle in the body SO it burns the most calories….If you want to lose weight through swimming and you are not a regular swimmer already, be prepared to GAIN weight in the short term. This is due to the fact that the swimming muscles in the upper body (latisimus dorsi, pectorals and deltoids) tend to be more “out of shape” SO, as you swim, these muscles WILL get larger & heavier BUT, in the long term, they will burn more calories…Any swimmer will agree that swimming will make you hungrier than running. My theory is because swimming puts less stress on your digestive system so it can rebound faster than running.

  • Swimming is harder than running because u can’t just get in the pool and swim. You’re gonna drown. You have to learn how to swim first. The difference here is everyone can run but not everyone can swim.

  • If i compare with other Youtubers, Your Video is realy awesome and English Language also good for Beginners who is preparing for IELTS. I will follow you because i am also a Youtuber

  • I respect yr content.. So i subscribed.. I want to know how many hrs it takes to burn 500 calories by cycling as well as by running.. Please reply bhai.. I want to know

  • How is this even a question…just ask you’re self what hardest? Running then swimming, then cycling… Just take note how exhausted you are when you’re done…

  • I was an avid runner for about 6 years. Ran a couple of marathons and dozens of shorter races. I HATED running. It wasn’t fun…I don’t care what anyone says. �� I did it for the personal challenge. Started cycling more seriously a couple of years ago and cycling is just more fun. Plus, it’s so much easier on your joints. And I don’t mind having to ride a bit longer to match the faster weight loss and cardio benefits from running, as the video pointed out. Also, if you’re a speed junky, you can’t compare running fast to cycling fast. Nice video!

  • Is this good to ride bicycle and running on treadmill and doing more leg workouts 6 days a week?? i live in germany and i ride bicycle in very high incline sometimes its like i am riding bicycle on high mountains.. so could you please suggest me something that is this ok to do everyday or not??

  • Of course the best exercise is the one you can sustain. But lets be real cycling lets you cover more ground, is low impact, causes far fewer injuries, burns more calories and is more fun. The problem I see is people getting on a bike and then just letting the momentum keep them going. You should always, always be pushing on a bike.

  • The title should be: “Lazy, no leg freestyle swimming vs running”. Besides the fact that no science was used here, just some apps designed by who knows who, they just answered it at the end: your body craves more food after swimming, BECAUSE YOU BURNED A LOT OF CALORIES, and you need not practically any cooling, so you’re less thirsty. After running you drink a lot of water (and fool yourself that you’re not hungry), because your body has had hard time cooling off during workout and so you perspired profusely. It’s hard to exchange heat with air. Water “takes away” heat over 24 times faster than air. But after you cool off after a run, your body will ask for calories eventually. How many? The only way is to actually compare the muscle volume and calories used by them. One can argue that the biggest muscles glutes and quads fight gravity and therefore work out more than anything in swimming. But I see those guys swimming and they are not using legs. Swim properly use your legs and you will see your back and quads and glutes work a lot more and no app you use can honestly account for that. Do all strokes add some butterfly and you will see that your lats and shoulders hurt a lot more than your legs after running. Add a breastroke kick set and your legs will burn like hell. Also, in swimming alternate kicking sets, arms only, underwaters. That way you rest to the other muscles and you can indeed work out for longer. In running, unless you run on your arms, you’re limited to the same group of muscles pounded over and over. Unless you’re floating in the water and move a little bit forward, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that swimming burns a lot more than running and gives an opportunity to stay longer in workout due to variety of exercises and swimming strokes. Just look at the amount (volume) of muscles you need to engage in swimming vs running. All the muscles burn calories and more muscles engaged means more calories burned. All the science aside, it comes down to how much food you need to replenish the calories. Your body knows how much it burned. More food means you burned more calories.

  • Great video…

    excuse me @The Listerati, I’m cyclist from Indonesia.
    Iis it allowed if I download your video and adapt it to Indonesian language by subtitle?

    I plan to share it through WAG to encourage people here do more cycling… thank you!

  • It also depends on how good of a swimmer you are compared to how good of a runner you are. Based on the footage you guys are real good runners and ( I’m sorry), really bad swimmer.
    From the perspective of a national swimmer.

  • After watching all three videos I was surprised to see that running topped cycling and swimming in calorie count (especially swimming). I would like to understand further the hunger sensation after swimming since it does give a false perception of what has been spent. Thanks!

  • Pros of cycling over running:
    Increased volume of training leads to bigger fitness gains
    Develops more strength and muscle
    It’s more fun
    Less likely to get injured
    More sociable
    Can travel further to see more
    More versatile due to carrying food/supplies

    Pros of running over cycling:
    Cycling is very expensive and running is very cheap
    Cycling is very dangerous and running is not
    Running is more likely to get you abs as your core is more active.
    Workouts can be much shorter.
    You can run anywhere even abroad without having to pay to travel your bike.

    All runners should cycle and all cyclists should run to maximise their fitness.

  • These test are aren’t accurate because: 1-you only did freestyle for swimming.
    2-the amount of effort that you put into each sport could vary

  • Cycling vs jogging jogging is better than cycling because jogging more safe and saver.if cycling need to buy bicycle some problem in your bicycle you need to repair with money cycling need to buy tight clothes and bicycle shoes.jogging no need to buy tight clothes and no need to buy bicycles shoe and bicycle.WHICH Is MORE SAVER