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So, between running, cycling and swimming, which one burns the most calories? On paper, running appears to be the winner. According to Harvard Health, cycling outdoors at 12–13.9 miles per hour (mph), running 5 mph and swimming the backstroke all burn roughly 298 calories in 30 minutes (for a person weighing 155 pounds). Both swimming and cycling require a significant amount of energy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 154-pound person burns about 295 calories cycling for 30 minutes at 10 miles per hour or faster.

Meanwhile, the same exerciser torches 255 calories swimming slow, freestyle laps. Swimming is an excellent calorie-burning workout because unlike cycling, there is no way to coast through the pool when swimming. Consequently, how fast you are swimming plays a relatively small difference in how many calories swimming burns as a general.

While it’s true that you cover more distance in 20 minutes of running, you don’t get a better cardio benefit “per mile” than you do from swimming the same amount of time. What matters is the fact that you’re spending 20 minutes in an intense cardio workout, regardless of which exercise you choose. When it comes to working out, both swimming and running are great choices for burning calories.

If you want a full-body workout with consistent conditions, swimming is the best option. If you like a change in terrain and want to improve your bones, running is the better choice. Research backs up the idea of running toward better bone health. Though small, one study found that stress-bearing physical activity (aka running) protects your skeleton.

“Cycling’s low impact, so you keep going longer,” says Matt Parker, coach at British Cycling. “It’s sustained stamina training.” Running: It won’t max stamina as fast for one reason: it hurts. Just like with running, swimming is a great way to reduce your stress levels. Many people feel that jumping into the water always assists in making them feel good about themselves, including being mentally refreshing.

Swimming is a low intensity workout. According to statistics from the Mayo Clinic, an hour of light to moderate lap swimming will burn 423 calories, while an hour of running at 5 mph will. The low-impact nature of the sport is one reason many athletes actually turn to swimming — or aqua jogging — when recovering from a running or cycling injury.

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List of related literature:

Between Cycling, Running, and Swimming.”

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Swimming and biking are just as good, so long as the level of exertion is the same.

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Best for: swimming; walking.

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After running (or biking) on the beach, I could pump iron, then use the pool to both swim and run laps.

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I don’t usually recommend group workouts for cycling or running, but with swimming I’ve found that they can be beneficial.

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I love the transitional elements, going from swimming to biking and then running.

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Swimming and combined.

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As adaptation to the transition between swimming and cycling continues, the triathlete can increase the intensity of both the swim and the ride.

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I prefer races with relatively short swim/bike/run portions.

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Between the arduous swimming and running events is the cycling event.

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  • No my case. After run I feel eating a cow, after swam I just feel like drink water with electrolytes, then after one hour I feel like eating well: vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. I love both, but run hurt my body sometimes.

  • When it comes to squats, should i do regular squats or barbell lunges as well? Doing only regular squats will it help me as a runner or doing all kind of variations is necessary?

  • Nice video, but definitely not accurate 100%. This doesn’t take into consideration the energy the body expends to keep itself warm since water is below our core temperature, it also doesn’t take into consideration that swimming is better for body recomp since it works the upper body as well. This is why you are SOOO hungry after a swim and not as much after a run

  • Thanks so much for the video. Great tips! Do you recommend light weights when doing strength training? I have been doing heavy weights and find that it tires me out for my runs. I’m training for Boston and although I want to continue strength training 2-3 days a week, I don’t want it to tire me out and thus affect my runs. Appreciate any advice!

  • I do a bootcamp at Reebok Fithub on weekends and there’s a video ad they play on a loop in the store that features a very familiar runner: NATE!!!!

  • Maybe you guys could look at including info from your other video about the feeling of hunger after swimming? Otherwise, loving your content! Keep it up.

  • I competed in a bodybuilding show and my form of cardio was fasted mountain biking 45 min each morning. Fun, built my quads like crazy, shot my testosterone levels up, more energy throughout the day, mentally clear, much better than running could offer. However, either exercise would require you to know how many calories you need each day and also how many calories you’re burning with that exercise, and most importantly how aggressive your day to day life is with activities. Knowing that will base your calorie goal for each day to lose weight

  • Swimming is harder to get the technique right but once you do its easy.
    Running is easier to get the technique right but most cant run for as long as they can swim, that includes sprints. So I’d say Running is harder due to the effort.

  • Running burns more calorie and helps develop better health and fitness because most of your body muscles are taking part in the activity at the same time.

    Cycling is good for commuting, instead of burning fuel and polluting the earth.

  • swimming is one of the hardest sport and I play volleyball, basketball, softball, and run track. Swimming is the hardest out of them

  • I think you have to take into consideration the body’s thermal production both in swimming and running. I’m not saying that swimming has more of it, since you may run under cold conditions or even sweating or running with windy weather can really increase the coefficient.
    I was a swimmer for 12 years and did not lose any significant weight in the process, so I am very open to the idea that running may burn more calories.
    Thanks for the video though, the end result was very useful to know, the burn pretty much the same!

  • I enjoying cycle more because it gives less pressure. And I use cycle instead of bike for shorter distance journey. And I daily do the cycle so that I can get more stamina.

  • Why do they want you to wear helmet while cycling? not running? walking? Because it is more physically dangerous. I ride a bike but how is something healthier if they advise you to protect yourself from injury from the basic movement. Also how does a helmet protect you from accident. From Injury after the accident I see but it does not stop you from hitting your head in the first place.

  • Keep in mind there are paces in practice that are much faster. Also different strokes and there are leg workouts as well like kicking

  • Unfortunately, calorie estimates from heart rate such as are used by fitness trackers are notoriously unreliable. Proper calorie testing requires expensive medical equipment and tests. I think all we can get out of this experiment is that there isn’t a significant difference in calorie burn at similar effort levels for both sports.

  • Though all of your videos are very informative.and the way you narrate everything is perfect…. still so much less subscriber seems people don’t respect/ like good content…

  • As a competitive swimmer who runs for additional training, I still say that swimming is harder. But running is definitely another good factor to add in to improve stamina

  • Would love some advice on how to stretch out right hamstrings and hip flexors to improve swimming. I’m not a triathlete but would love to improve my swimming technique and feel like my running and cycling is hindering me a bit. Love the videos and how will edited they are!

  • True but with cycling:
    a) one could get a flat or hit a pothole, nail, etc. going at a fast speed
    b) carbon parts can crack and/or overheat when braking
    c) have to at times share roads with vehicles thus increasing the risk of being run over or hitting a car door being opened
    d) wind and/or braking hard can cause lost of control
    e) a fall at significant speeds causes bruises at best, death at worst
    f) can be stranded with a flat tire or broken chain, wheel, etc.
    g) sitting on uncomfortable seats for long times can interfere with sex
    h) equipment costs are significantly more
    i) limited places to bike, harder to transport a bike to get to them
    j) can get stuck on mud and snow
    k) traction and braking are severely reduced when it is raining
    l) lack of protective suit materials…riders tend to only want thin breathable clothing thus skin and muscle mass experience road rash.
    m) have to carry tools, tire pumps, spare parts
    n) have to leave bike outside when going into restaurants, doing errands, etc. and either deal with locks or risk getting equipment stolen.
    o) more stuff to clean, maintain, align, replace, buy

  • Bike sometimes hurt ur hips so I wouldn’t do that running makes ur knees hurt if ur older swimming is best it lose most weight and it feels nice

  • Running burns more calories than cycling.If your obese bicycle first to avoid knee problems.When you lose enough weight from cycling try running to lose even more weight

  • What about OW swim? You burns more calories. Because of the water temp! I swim all year arounds and in 3 degrees water temp if I m in 12/20minutes I burns hundreds of calories lol

  • this was maybe the dumbest video ive watched about swimming…. you all only made it to try and get sponsored by your terrible running shoe brand, and didnt even try to calculate for the other ways to swim, just “front crawl”

  • Swimming is ‘none’ impact and every city in US has a YMCA with a heated pool and lifeguard at reasonable price (non profit). Nuff said!