Suspend Your Present Method of Training And Gain Levels with TRX Suspension Training


1000 Calories TRX Core Focused Workout with Cardio & Isometric Mashup. 1000 cal Suspension Training

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40 Minute TRX Total Body Workout [Strength + Cardio] Challenging + Advanced Suspension Training

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Suspension Training Set-up and Instruction

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Full Library of Suspension Training Exercises For Building Muscle and Strength

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TRX Suspension Training Course

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TRX Workout With Advanced TRX Suspension Training Moves

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25 Minute TRX Beginner Instructional Workout

Video taken from the channel: BodyFit By Amy

While they might look like they’re fit for a trapeze artist, these straps — called TRX suspension trainers — are actually a great way to stretch, tone, strengthen and tighten your entire body. TRX training uses your own body weight to challenge your strength and balance, and can be used for yoga, pilates, strength training. Try TRX suspension training, which uses gravity and your body weight to make workouts more challenging. Heavy-duty adjustable straps, similar to the SEALs’ parachute webbing, are the basis of TRX. TRX APP.

The TRX APP changes the game, delivering fully customizable workout plans with real-time verbal feedback from world-class coaches while tracking your biometric data and progress to achieve every one of your goals. Oh, and feel free to upload your. One of the astounding benefits of suspension training is that it trains the body’s core muscles in the particular way they prefer to be conditioned – as stabilizers. For example: When you do a sit-up you’re training your abs as flexors (bending forward and using the ribcage like an accordion).; But when you do a plank, you’re training your. To illustrate how TRX Suspension Training can revitalize your workout, let’s take a look at the multi-muscle TRX Chest Press.

To start, hold a TRX handle in each hand facing. By utilizing your own bodyweight, the TRX Suspension Trainer provides greater performance and functionality than large exercise machines costing thousands of dollars. What is Rip Training? Rip Training. TRX® SUSPENSION TRAINING COURSE: LIVE VIRTUAL EDITION.

Now available over Zoom, this 7-hour live virtual course will teach you how to effectively incorporate TRX Suspension Training® into your coaching practice for improved results with your. OUR BEST-SELLING TRAINING SYSTEM! Create full-body workouts Anywhere, Anytime!

Includes Suspension Training Strap, Indoor/Outdoor Anchors, 35-Page Workout Guide & 2 Bonus Workouts,PLUS get your FREE 30 Day Trial on our NEW TRX App to Generate Next-Level. A TRX that you use consistently is way better than a world-class gym that you don’t. Now, if you do decide to get hold of a TRX, the plain vanilla TRX Home is the one I’d go for.

The PRO and TRX. If one side brings about problems, which suspension training does, then including it even just some of the time is a bad compromise. I suggest focusing on a push, a pull, and a squat using barbells and dumbbells for lifting. Sprint with some weight attached for cardio. Use these simple methods to develop complete fitness.

Avoid suspension training.

List of related literature:

TRX Suspension Trainer.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
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If the recovery period is too long, then the training effect will be lost.

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Body leverage training, also known as suspension training, is popular in the group exercise setting; this type of muscular training requires suspension devices such as the TRX to be installed in the room.

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Or you could do TRX suspension training and combine it with a dance class.

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These prevention programs are similar in that they involve plyometrics, balance, and agility training; however, the details, duration, and the training maneuvers vary depending on the program.

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But they will lose speed and may become overtrained if the double training sessions heap on large volumes of endurance training.

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Most gains are achieved from selfmanagement programs when the training is of sufficient duration and when there is overlap between the skills taught during training and the requirements of the classroom or playground.

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Return to unrestricted use of the bat should also follow the same progression guidelines as seen in the training program.

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You need them to recover from the training block and give your body time to adapt so you go into the weekend or week feeling fresh and fitter.

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To avoid burnout and injuries, training is cyclical – it is impossible to train at one’s maximum during every session and all year round.

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  • This was great!!! Thank you for your help and walk through on how to use the TRX trainer. You were better than many of the videos I found on the TRX app and website!!!

  • I paid 100$ for a yoga cloth trapeze…you get the straps with it… More bang for you buck. Yogabody is the site…

    Edit: AND you get two handles on each side, meaning you can use it at any length

  • Great work out! You say “great job everybody” at the end of your work outs, it should be directed at you! Thank you for the motivation and stay safe in these strange times!

  • Awesome instructional video. I just got a TRX and was a bit nervous to use it. Your instructions made it feel like I’ve been doing this forever. I can’t wait to try the newer videos you posted this week.

  • I bought a TRX system for my home gym. I wasn’t sure about how to use it correctly, so this video was absolutely perfect! I really enjoyed this workout. Your directions were clear and concise. The suspended planks were very challenging. I will be back for more!

  • Thank you for the nice video! This is my first time doing TRX, I have a question, after the first time doing TRX, I felt my arms limp, dangling-and sore, I know this a good burning sore, but still. What should I do to help ease my soreness.

  • Wow this was a perfect challenge and I appreciated the modifications. It was cool to see what I was able to immediately progress and what I’ll need to be practicing (hello one leg squat).

  • i am a senior… (68) and i purchased my TRX system a year ago, and was really wanted to use, but much of the videos were difficult… and i really needed to understand the straps… glad i came upon this video, b/c i want to use my TRX system… Thank you for explaining the straps and the exercises in an easy way.

  • You make the best TRX workouts. This advanced workout is on point. Love it! We get an efficient, effective and challenging workouts in 20 minutes. Please them coming. Thank you!

  • Nice! Those one legged pistol squats are a great leg exercise, that most people can’t perform, without the use of the TRX. The suspension trainer makes it accessible to the masses!

  • I’m 63 female lead a basically sedentary life for the past 6 years. Just bought a TRX set and am excited to get started. Thank you for this video. It will be my life saver.

  • A full and comprehensive guides with so much useful. Great coaching through each move with even highlighting progressions and regressions, awesome work matt

  • Thank you for this tutorial, Amy. I recently purchased the TRX pro system and was very confused on how to use it. Your instructional video was very easy to follow. Looking forward to using this tool more confidently now.

  • Hey Amy,

    My wife and I bought the TRX because it seemed like a good alternative to buying an expensive and space consuming weight set.

    We are both in the process of losing weight, I have lost apprx.60 lbs so far, and we were in the market for something to help us get more fit.

    I opened the box, downloaded the app and was immediately intimidated, I am always concerned about proper technique and form.

    Finding your beginners video (I looked through several) was the perfect solution. I did my first workout yesterday following your video and loved it. Got sweatier than expected.

    I plan on doing this video until I com comfortable with the movements then moving onto another one. If you have any recommendations for which of your TRX videos to go to when I am done with the beginners.

    Thanks for this.

  • I mean, you are AWESOME! You don’t aggravate me (haha) you are super motivating & very encouraging! I really appreciate your detailed explanations!! You, my friend, ROCK!!! <3

  • Liked the variation in this one. Will have to do it again. Burpees were amazing. I have some work to do to keep the foot off the ground! Thanks, Amy!

  • Very good and informative TRX workout,I’ve had a TRX for many years and only used a few times as couldn’t really get to grips with it, but this beginners workout was just what i need to start me back onto it again as i need to get in shape for my wedding. Cannot thank you enough Amy this must be one of the best beginners TRX workout videos,if youve got a TRX dont leave it in the loft like i did for years, GET IT OUT AND GET FIT with THE BEST all round suspension training TRX ��

  • Love this! You are pleasant, nice voice, and not annoying like some trainers. I just did my first class and love it. I will take my phone to gym and follow your instructions.

  • Its great that you’re doing the exercises here too… we’re under lockdown in Italy so this is a good way for me to keep in shape indoors. Thank you!

  • Excellent presentation Amy! I was given Suspension Straps as a gift, but I ready didn’t know what to do with them. Your video has opened a world of possibilities for me. Thanks!:-)

  • all I can say is more emphasis on cable length and adjustments, example: Full length, shorted, over shorted, calf length. Maybe there is a updated version on the channel idk

  • Matt presents me with this situation when I do super series with iso push + push ups or iso pull + rows. What happens is that in the iso I push or pull as if my life depended on that force and it feels fantastic, but when doing the dynamic exercise I can’t do more than a few repetitions, my muscles are fried. The question is. Should I make the iso less intense or shorter in duration? or continue like this and over time see if I can do one more repetition? I hope I was clear. Thanks Matt.

  • VERY creative and well rounded routine.. you are incredibly strong and conditioned to these functional movements.. way to utilize all 3 planes of movement

  • I’m a senior (69 years) and just purchased TRX system. Until now all so-called beginner workouts were quite challenging. I understand we all must accept the beginning. Your workout was informative and not intimidating… but still I broke a nice sweat. Thanks. I’ll camp here until I’m comfortable with the basics. Again, thank you.

  • When you are doing the warm up, are you pulling hard with your hands and arms for all those warm up moves? Thanks for this instruction!

  • New to TRX. I have replaced hips and arthritis is my low back. I have a job that is sedentary. I have a very weak core and glutes, hence the reason I bought the straps. I could only get my hips maybe an inch or two off the ground when doing bridge! �� should I be concerned by that or will my range of motion get better with time?

  • Face pulls is also a great exercise that you can do with a suspension trainer.

    Also I saw no excercise to target the lateral delta.

  • As with the other comments, just like to say this a really good video to start TRX. Amy is really clear motivating and helpful, without being at all patronising! I took it to the gym to try the TRX equipment there and following this video gave me a good, enjoyable introduction TRX workout without making a fool of myself in front of the other gym members by tangling myself in the straps ��

  • Thank you for creating this video. I used to be in decent shape but like so many others, family and work demands have become more of a priority than my own well being. I’m determined to make my health a priority and recently joined a gym. I was curious about the TRX straps. I looked for a YouTube video covering the basics, found yours and loved the workout! I will master these basic moves and then move on to your more advanced videos. Thank you Amy!������

  • Thanks for this you have enabled me to regain my fitness and shape. It’s is the best beginner trx video out there and a great way to get going before moving on to your other trx workouts. I’m in my early 50’s and I’m amazed at how strong I’m becoming!

  • I’ve heard that you’ve got some good advice on your channel, but given the fact that all your videos are titled in a way that associates me in a way that you are giving only a tiny bit of knowledge in every of them, i will not watch them. Meaning i got the impression that you give out a lot of techniques, and not enough principles. If you give out techniques it might as well be a worthy one, such as Tom Merrick creating a video on how to do a hanstand. That packs a punch.
    That is just something that i noticed, and wanted to point out because you seem to know what you are saying, but delivery is not what i would like it to be, and it makes me not want to watch your channel.

  • Good Job!
    Gotta love the people that call this basic! I want to see them do the exact movements, (WITHOUT EDITING OUT THE BREAKS THEY TAKE )you did and post it on YouTube!
    I can do them but you go without much for breaks and that is what makes your workout tough! Keep up the great work and of course you look fit as usual!

  • Great work! Two questions: How limiting is having a trainer anchored to a door? Impossible to get completely under or further behind the anchor point. Also, any calf specific movements? Thanks very much.

  • Hi Amy!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this beginner workout to TRX!  I made my own TRX straps back in January and used this workout to introduce myself to the world of TRX-and haven’t looked back since!!  Thank You soooo much for posting your workout videos!!  You are my own personal trainer and I just love you!!  XOXO-Shari

  • Amy, thank you for showing so many variations for each exercise! I just got a set of TRX straps because I am getting to an age where free weights are too hard on my joints. But as other reviewers have stated so many videos entitled “beginner TRX” are just too much for my shoulder after a complete labrum tear and biceps tenodesis repair surgery.

  • Amy, thanks for this advanced progression. Doing your other programs consistently, previously helped to train me for this! I agree with the other comments that it is so impressive that you do the entire workout with us. It inspires me to stick with it. I’m 56 years old but you are keeping me young!

  • joined a gym a month ago saw their TRX area and had not a clue what it was for. so i looked on you tube and found your video.
    Thank you very much for the education. Great video and you are a great teacher. felt really inspired. have used it twice now and found muscles i haven’t used yet. thank you again.

  • Amy, I just got a trx for Christmas. I was super excited, but also overwhelmed. Thank you for postig this instructional video with tons of advice and modifications. You are amazing! I love your instructional style!

  • Awesome video and workout, Amy. As always! I am doing your workouts several times a week it is so inspiring for me to train with you. And I am getting sooo fit. Thank you for sharing and the great work <3

  • Great video! Lots of very useful info. I especially appreciate all of the notes on what height the handles should be set at for each exercise.

  • Hi Amy. Thank you for putting up this trx video for beginners like me.

    This is definitely better than the DVD that comes with the trx (or any other beginners’ video on YT). Lol ��

    I’m gonna master this beginner’s workout and work my way up.

    I’m a fan!

    More power, Amy ��

  • Great video. Far as progression consistency with a suspension trainer, how does one remain consistent in an exercise’s set-up and execution, without becoming ridiculously anal and obsessed with exact strap length, exact footing, etc.? By just an unintentional set-up or stance change of a few inches in either direction, it could make you feel artificially weak or strong compared to your prior effort. Just curious is that’s something you ever think about, or if it’s just unnecessary splitting of hairs? Thanks.

  • Fab intro! It’s so hard not to run before we can walk! Especially when you’ve been fit before but let it ALL go. Looking forward to getting stronger and progressing ��

  • Great work Amy. You really did the whole thing. A lot of instructors just demo then move to the next move. You did it. Awesome. Good to see that you sweated and were puffing. Makes it real. Thanks.

  • I would love to see a woman closer to my size if bigger doing these TRX exercises because I’m thinking I can’t use the TRX due to my size. I might bust my ass ��. Idk but I’m scared.

  • There are TRX trainers in my new gym and every time I go there I want to try them. Thanks to your video I might as well do that next time I hit the gym! Really great instructions!! Sandra

  • Awesome instructional video. I just got a TRX and was a bit nervous to use it. Your instructions made it feel like I’ve been doing this forever. I can’t wait to try the newer videos you posted this week.

  • Awesome video Matt! Great content! How about face pulls? I integrated them in my pull day as a finisher circuiting them with lat pulldowns and bicep curls and I find they are great to work the traps. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

  • This looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow morning. I love the fact that she does the entire workout and not just talk the talk!

  • Sometimes when I do certain movements like rear delt flies or chest flies, or even bicep curls on the gymnastic rings I sometimes lose tension on the straps, and reason why that may be?

  • Hey. I’m finishing my degree in physical therapy right now. This video needs to be shown to every single physical therapy student in their first or second year. Then I would not hear any more “but how do I train it at home”

  • A little advice you should do individual muscle workouts with every equipment like suspension trainer and gymnastics rings. Like other channels do. This will help you to grow your channel. And work on promising and catchy thumbnails. Big fan