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Summer Guide to Workout Gear Etiquette 1. The uptown and the downtown (or the crosstown) Public transit doesn’t have a style code. In many ways, it’s the most 2. The farmers and the flea (markets, that is) Don’t slow down your gait through the al fresco aisles. No longer for the 3. The brunch. The Gentleman’s Guide to Gym Etiquette. 5. and somehow stumbled upon this site filled with all things fitness and manly, perhaps this guide will help you rectify your atrocious habits.

Psst: Looking for great workout shorts? See reader favorites and more in our recent roundup of the best women’s shorts for summer Under Armour / Gap / CALIA / Nike Dry Tempo. Further Reading: The Etiquette Minefield at the Company Gym ; Etiquette for the Office Gym — Changing, Showering, Attire, and Other Terrifying Questions [Ask a Manager]. Drink more water.

Eat smaller portions, more often. “A simple day could look like this: scrambled eggs first thing, midmorning protein shake, baked salmon and sweet potato salad for lunch. The Best Summer Workout Gear Of 2020. Look, stay cool. By Kristin Canning, Kristine Thomason and Jasmine Gomez. Jul 21, 2020 Christine Giordano.

This winter felt. Females should not wear revealing clothes to work. Avoid wearing outfits which expose much of your body parts. Wear clothes which fit you best. Don’t wear too tight or loose clothes.

Understand the basic difference between a party wear and office attire. Never wear low neck blouses to work. Plus, stink-causing bacteria grow better on synthetic fabrics. (If your gear still reeks after a wash, follow this guide to cleaning your clothes.) But don’t head to spin class in a cotton tee just yet. Cotton absorbs moisture, potentially making you feel like a dishrag during a high-intensity workout. From brands like Alo Yoga to Sweaty Betty, these are the best workout clothes for women.

These women’s workout clothes will help you sweat it out in yoga, running, barre, and more. Swimming Tips For Beginners: Basic Gear, Pool Etiquette, and Overcoming Inertia by Kiefer Swim Products in Beginner’s Tips 11 Comments I learned how to swim when I was five years old, but for most of my life, swimming was just a recreational activity that happened when I went to the beach or community pool with my friends during Summer. The Gentleman’s Guide to Blow Job Etiquette. Welcome to finishing school.

By Sophie Saint Thoma s. June 14, 2017 if it’s the summer and you’ve just.

List of related literature:

The main sections of Men’s Journal are Gear, Health and Fitness, Adventure, and Food and Drink; secondary sections include Beer, Grooming, Gift Ideas, Whiskey, Watches, Cars, Workouts, Entertainment, Sports, and Fatherhood.

“The Handbook of Magazine Studies” by Miglena Sternadori, Tim Holmes
from The Handbook of Magazine Studies
by Miglena Sternadori, Tim Holmes
Wiley, 2020

You can design a workout based on your needs and goals using the exercises in this book that do not require any equipment, or just resistance tubing that can be easily packed in your suitcase (and left in there between trips so you never forget to pack it).

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
VeloPress, 2014

As for the gear, aside from the standard weights, elastic bands, bars, ropes, and pads, apparently the newest thing in exercise technology is something called the Kettlebell.

“The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones” by Sandra Tsing Loh
from The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones
by Sandra Tsing Loh
W. W. Norton, 2014

Appropriate clothing for training in the heat is lightweight, single layer, and absorbent.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
SAGE Publications, 2010

The resources you may need are (a) money to join the gym, (b) your gym gear (sneakers, shorts, T-shirt, towel and a bag to carry it in).

“The Happiness Trap: Stop Struggling, Start Living” by Russ Harris
from The Happiness Trap: Stop Struggling, Start Living
by Russ Harris
Exisle Publishing Limited, 2013

Recommendations and instruction for proper use of gym equipment should also be provided at this time.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
from Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult
by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Each piece of gear should be essential and as light as possible, because it all adds up.

“Rock Climbing, 2nd Edition: Mastering Basic Skills” by Topher Donahoe, Craig Luebben
from Rock Climbing, 2nd Edition: Mastering Basic Skills
by Topher Donahoe, Craig Luebben
Mountaineers Books, 2014

The best idea is not to do really heavy movements until your body gets into gear by doing the less stressful bodybuilding sets first.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

Additionally, having a portable exercise device like ERT that can follow people while traveling and when away from their favorite gym is critically important.

“Strength Band Training” by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
from Strength Band Training
by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
Human Kinetics, 2019

For gym goers, you receive guidance on weight training etiquette: Just because you’re wearing tight shorts, dripping with sweat, and stinking up the joint doesn’t mean that you can’t show some courtesy.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

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  • This doesn’t get addressed as much but I hate people who hog lockers with just a bag. My gym has a whole bunch of half-length lockers along with a smaller section of full length lockers. Obviously everyone wants to get a big locker. It pisses me off when I go to what I think is a free locker only to open it up and see a small backpack in it that could easily fit in the half-lockers. I should really just toss their shit out and use it with my lock on it but I’m afraid they’ll just try to break into it out of retribution.

  • This is great for what I do. I help adults with developmental delays obtain employment, and this video is direct and concise, and while my clients may not have office jobs, most of this video is applicable to all sorts of fields. Great video!

  • How to become the coolest person at the climbing gym? Climb outside or build your own bouldering gym and then when your one buddy asks you to go to the gym agree, flash all the gym’s hardest routes and then steal the girlfriend of the coolest dude at the climbing gym. Trust me. It works

  • Don’t tell a climber the beta unless they ask for it. You can ask them if they are struggling and would like a beta. But don’t tell them without warning. Some take pride in solving a problem themselves.

  • The point on timeliness can not be underestimated. My mother was a shop steward and had the difficult task of sitting in on write ups and terminations. She said that, by far, the most common cause of job loss was tardiness. It wasn’t being late by an hour or so once in a while but by continually clocking a minute or two late. She would advise the workers facing termination to allow extra time, come in fifteen minutes early and relax with a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. All too often, they would push the clock and lose their jobs.

  • A lot of people get into climbing for the attention. You can tell when they fall 100 times in one try. The belayer is the one actually getting the person to the top….not the climbing

  • I work at a gym and I close each night..99% of those members have no etiquette or respect and leave their weights EVERYWHERE, except for where they belong, really aggravating cleaning up after all those people.

  • The most uncool thing to do at a boulder gym is to get a group of your friends and rotate the same problem and not letting anyone outside your friend group do that problem. This happens so many times at my local gym

  • Oh my gosh yes! I love working out, and I want to look cute, but I don’t want to wear a sports bra and leggings to do it
    THANK YOU!!!

  • LA fitness is the worst that’s why I cancelled the weights are scattered through the gym can’t find the handles they don’t clean anything

  • Question: I dont do heavy lifting until recently I started doing some “heavy weight” to test myself. While doing flat dumbbell press…as I finish a set and I’m releasing the dumbbells I feel like I’m going to strain my shoulder while trying to release them slowly so they dont bounce or make loud noise. What is the technique to release them without hurting myself and without making too much noise? Because when I guide them down until I feel the floor I feel my front part of my shoulder over stretching In an uncomfortable manner. Any tips are welcome thank you

  • 10:32 I’d like to see that gentleman on the right do some vids on how to dress professionally, grooming hair & beard, and correct posture.

  • Dunno about the slack one for lead belay, you want some slack as long as the belayer is above third clip depending on what theyre doing.

  • UNLOADING WEIGHTS IS PART OF THE WORKOUT. Think about all the calories you could be burning grabbing those 45s off the barbell. Just finished my garage gym. I will go to the local gym maybe 1 day per week now for heavy legs and a change of scenery. Finally free of gym lunkheads.

  • What to answer when someone ask where are you from, originally? Or, what is your religion? ��I find those questions totally rude, specially when you have a mixed background and don’t want to get into the details or if you have a different religion, or not religion at all. Another rude question is, where did you get those shoes from? No manners at all��

  • I like the guy that your cameraman he seemed really down to earth very genuine great great job W cam work Great at knowing when to talk in knowing when not to talk great job takes a special talent

  • I go to planet fitness its the closes gym to me when people on their phones and I need that machine I tell them if they are going to b on their phones they need to get off the.machine because I need to use that I am always pressed for time my workouts are usually 1 -1 1/2 hrs I don’t have time to play I guess when you get my age you start telling slackers how it is I’m 51 and I don’t have much patience for slackers in the gym

  • I get so much advise from your style, thanks for the great content…I love that red coat! Red is a color I like but never incorporate. I’m going to give it a go sometime.

  • Hey Mark, So what do you do when someone runs afoul of all of the said (etiquette) rules? Are hockey fights permitted? Just kidding… Two more questions? i) Where would you say is safe to keep your (tri) gear at or near the pool side (or the also somewhat frowned upon)? ii) Can I wear my Roka Maverick X in a pool (to test it out) without looking like a……? Thanks in advance! JSP

  • So tbh, I’ve actually been avoiding working out recently because of being unsure of how to keep my workout wear modest. Thankfully your video came up first on my search feed. Really awesome tips that I’m keeping in mind when I shop for workout wear. Thanks Akeela!

  • Im a Muslim and I find it so difficult to dress modestly for the gym without sweating this video really helped me thank you �� I’m gonna subscribe

  • You haven’t done a try on haul for a long while please do one on winter fashion, jumpers and coats styles that kinda thing please…x

  • Problem with ‘drowners’ in the fast lanes is that they don’t swim train and would never watch a video like this that tells them swim etiquette. In a way, this video is preaching to the converted a bit. Pools should have the rules openly displayed at both ends of the pools so they can be on display to the public. The life guards should also do their job and direct people to the right lanes (and stop kids having ball games in the lap swimming lanes). At my local pool they seem to be a bit more concerned with their suntan and face book updates!

  • I think forcing workplace social events is just asking for trouble and a lot of offices are phasing out mandatory parties because it’s like begging to be sued.

  • No offense to you, Raphael, but Preston’s voice is a bit easier to listen to. However, I love the slight movement of the camera while focused on Preston.

  • If you don’t have designated lanes for speed, or a dedicated swim direction, then a check in with those using the lane before joining them.

  • Really great video, Gemma. Lots of good outfit ideas. I enjoyed this video and learned a lot. I always hesitate putting navy and black together but you seem to do it with ease. Thanks for giving me the courage to try it and not feel like I am breaking a fashion rule.

  • I want to start rock climbing, but the closest thing to something like this with classes if LifeTime Fitness(the wall is just flat and won’t help if I want to go outside), all the other place “have a rock wall to climb” mainly for birthday parties of course….

  • White t shirts are not something I wear much anymore, I suppose I got out of the habit after having children and it’s stayed that way.
    I really enjoy this style of video when you try the clothing on rather than just the pictures x

  • “There are several nuances which only a small number of people seem to know.” Translation: There are several nuances which a small number of people prescribed and which the rest of us will be better off mostly ignoring.

  • Why is Harry Potter telling me how to behave in a corporation.
    Are those Oliver Peoples glasses, man I’m jealous of your dressing although I have a slightly better haircut than you.

  • Waaaay too many people on their phones while working out, shouldn’t have phones or bags. Only thing you need to focus on is your damn workout ����

  • Whenever I see someone spending 15 minutes on a machine texting on their fucking phone, I wanna smack that phone out of their hands and shove it up thier ass!

  • I’m not over 40 but find your videos so inspiring! Got so many ideas for workwear. Could you do video on more casual looks as well? Sporty or outdoor wear? I would like to know how would you style a more sportier outfit for the fall and how would you layer it from walking a dog to going out on yoga class or spending a day in the park. Keep up the good work!:)

  • Always lots of copy and paste ideas for inspiration. Thanks for all the hard work (and changing!) that it takes, but it certainly is appreciated. Your classic, unfussy style is always elegant.

  • Lovely ideas. Adding layers for winter using blazers then t-shirt and a lovely scarf on chillier days. Excellent really appreciated this video as in between summer but not quite autumn is a tricky between season to style. Thanks Gemma great video as ever

  • OMG! I’ve been looking for a LBD that works for us “over 40”. Love the versatility of this LilySilk. I need it for Florida so ordered the Navy Blue (black can seem a little heavy for our heat). Thanks so much for the tip!!

  • I really love that you have a few models with curves. It’s so frustrating to me to always see fashions that will not actually look good on me. You have great taste so when your advice can style me attractively it’s definitely even more valuable. Thank you

  • This is everything that happens at first ascent. Daycare for kids playing tag and Instagram. People laying down under someone climbing. Crossing top rope lines. Crowding routes.

  • something that i follow pretty much everywhere is to stay quiet and have your eyes on the person talking. do not take your eyes off of them unless you’re writing something down they may have said. you tend to be a better listener and it shows the person speaking that you are interested in what they are saying and it’s just very respectful in general

    i mostly follow this in school, and it’s crazy how many people don’t have simple respect for the speaker

  • I should really be heading home but I got two good ones. (Im gonna sound like the old dude in the neighborhood. “Hey kids got off my lawn!!!” But dude….1st the singer. There was actually a girl singing between sets. Loudly! Like she was Beyonce or some shit. 2nd the leerer. Dude leering. “Hey, wanna work in?” “Naw, I’ll wait. And continues to leer. What the shit????

  • If someone is telling a joke you have already heard you should never bluntly tell them “I have heard that before”. Just patiently listen to them and maybe when they are done you can tell a joke you have heard too. Only tell them that you have heard it if they ask

  • Ask for permission to enter a room which I own? Not in my house. I made sure that my children knew that everything in the house belong to me, including the stuff that they purchased with their own money. They also knew to knock before they entered my room, but I never knocked when I entered theirs. Why would I? The room BELONGED TO ME.

  • There was this problem even before cell phones too, y’all ever see those chatterboxes who talk to everyone or their partner the whole time they workout? That’s probably even worse! CUT THE SMALL TALK RANDY, DO SOME REPS.

  • Hello Gemma! It was so awesome to see you modeling outfits in this video. More please!! On a side note, my husband was just watching TV here in the states and told me I had to come see these earrings Jill Biden had on (Joe Biden’s wife). Well, I have seen them many times ON YOU (the ones you wear in every video)!! So I had to show him yours. Two women with great taste. ��

  • Unfortunately most people in the office go straight to the supervisor or manager rather than work out the conflict with the other party first, at least that has been my experience.

  • If you meet someone you know walking with someone you do not know, do not greet only the person you know. It is really rude to not recognize the presence of a human being just because you don’t know them.

  • For me it always seems like most belayers give way to much slacks in most videos where the climber is only 2m above the last quickdraw and still falls like 10m:/

  • DON’T push off as someone else comes in to turn.

    DON’T split the lane in a busy pool, it doesn’t matter if there are only two people in the lane now, it’s a pain in the ass for anyone else who wants to get in the lane.

    DO check the direction of the lane before getting in.
    DO be conscious of where everyone else is in your lane (something I’ve been guilty of failing to do)

  • Also…Someone trying to ask you how many sets you have left when you have earphones in and your in the middle of your set/rep. LOL

  • I love that you understand that different cultures and religions define modesty differently.

    I think that’s soo important!

    Much love ��

  • If I’m doing a move where I think I might fall (bouldering) I always look below for people and yell fall, when I do fall. I’ve had people inches from me fall on a swing out and not say anything and it pisses me off.

  • If the relationship between anyone (let’s not be sexist here) is unsure if one of the people wants to pay, it doesn’t mean they just want to be friends, it just means they want to pay

  • NEVER ask someone, ‘Are you okay?” if you see someone doing something you don’t understand. You may think you are ‘being nice’ but you are, in fact, being REALLY insulting! Al it serves to do is satisfy YOU and embarrass THEM!

  • Kind of a shame (and ironic) that this vid has <17k views and all the technique ones have 200k+ because it's SO important.

    This vid should be pinned.

    Thanks for doing your bit to spread the good word!

  • I rerack my weights and wish we could vote members off the island. LOL
    My gf is under 5’0 under 100lbs and can’t take a 45lb plate off safely so I have to strip them off if others have left them on.
    Also usually keep the weights together. Somebody has been putting 10’s on the outside of everything and my passive aggressive side makes me want to bury all the 10’s under the 45’s LOL

    My cell is in my car unless I’m expecting a call to have to leave and pick someone up.
    I’m a sweaty pig but I wipe the bench afterwards because nobody needs to clean up after me.

  • How about this new bread of nesters. They set up camp like they are spending the night. Backpack, water jug, towel, using multiple stations at one time.

  • I never brought my phone in until the day I broke my mp3 player. I use my phone now but only for music. I’m there to lift not watch youtube.

  • What is the rule if you are using swim aids like a kick board etc do you swap into a different lane or if you can maintain the pace do you stay in the current lane you are in?

  • I’ve had people get offended when I’ve asked how many sets they have left as they’re texting. Sometimes it gets them to put their phone down but sometimes they’ll go right back to texting.

  • This fucking girl was standing under me while I was bouldering, I fell from the top and didn’t see her until I was already falling, I was able to contort myself in midair and avoid landing on her, but as a consequence I landed on my foot wrong and suffered a high ankle sprain. Ankle wasn’t right for 6 months aftet that.

  • I hadn’t really noticed that you hadn’t shown any denim jackets, until now! For me, retired, living in a small town where there is never a need to dress up, they are my go to, and I have three (in different colors). They are also readily available in petite sizing, unlike many blazers. Love the trench coat looks, but they are not appropriate where I live (it’s either too hot or too cold), and sadly, winter coats tend to be puffers! Love the white jeans too hard to find a pair that looks good, but you wear them well.

  • These vids are awesome. I live in SoCal and go to these places he’s filming at. True story, I was at a gym in Cbad and me and this other dude got to the squat rack at the same time. I’m big but he was bigger and figured I’d just let him have it. Instead I said “hey, Roa sham boa” I’ll never forget how he looked at me. I beat him 2/3 but said just work in. We trained for like 3 months and squat went up. We were good buddies til he moved. Almost every training partner I’ve met at the gym has been because they let me work in or vice versa. Let people work in. You never know whose hitting the same muscle group you are on any given day. You never know who you’ll meet at the gym. Peace

  • Repeated taps in open water deserve kicks to the face…as they tend not to be taps but jerks trying to swim over you…haven’t successfully kicked back yet though because I’m usually trying not to drown…

  • my favorite: when chicks have various pieces of equipment scattered around them 2 feet from the dumbell rack. Guys are carrying 100 lb + bells back and forth to the rack, we don’t want to trip all over your crap or worse drop one on YOUR foot!! Use some common sense. If your going to do that set up well away from the rack!!
    and gyms wont kick people out or even say anything to people that don’t have good etiquette they don’t want to lose membership.

  • Ok so I have a question?
    I hope someone reads this and can answer for me.

    Since when is it OK in business whether we are talking over the phone or in person at a doctors office, since when is it OK to just refer to a person that you have never met before, by their first name????

    As I remember one is always addressed by title, Mr./Mrs./ Ms. and ones last name especially in business matters.

    We’re not friends we’re conducting business.

  • Bad: getting your long hair caught in a belay device.
    Good: wear your long hair tied back if your climbing involves belay devices, crabs or other mechanical devices.

  • Please control your personal odor. Soap and water and a neutral deodorant work for most people. Wear clean underwear and clothes. Don’t douse yourself in scented products (hair products, lotion, cologne, aftershave, fragrant detergent or fabric freshener on clothing).

    Wear clothing appropriate to a standard office environment. Revealing or very body conscious styles don’t belong in the office. If you want to wear a bustier with leggings button your blazer over it.

    Wear clothes that fit you NOW, not the size you wore 2-3-4 years or months ago. I’ve shared tiny offices with females wearing “skinny pants” 2-3 sizes too small. Every time they sat down they mooned the room, belly flesh “oozed” out over their waistbands, etc. and they smelled horrible. No one wants to see or smell inappropriate body exposure in the workplace (or anywhere, really.)

    FINALLY…if you insist on NOT following these suggestions DON’T get hurt or angry when I regularly spray down the office with disinfectant and avoid unnecessary contact with you.

  • Lovely collection you have share with us, plain simple and elegant as you always do. I have get many ideas from your videos, thank you very very much. I really like your pink blazer, would you include on your next video?? That’ll be awesome ��. Blessings

  • 6:55 that’s pretty stupid: not everyone is working with a bodybuilding style program with high reps and high intensity. What about powerlifters for example? If you are going heavy on squat, deadlift or even bench it would be stupid to rest only 1min. I totally get Jays point tho.

  • The worst is when a manager brings their dog to the office. Completely inappropriate. Then they cordon off two cubicles to make it into a dog pen. Unreal!

  • How do I etiquettely greet coworkers and all the coworkers you don’t really interact with at work. Am I supposed to say “good morning” to everyone, or can i smile and nod my head and do i have to make eye contact with everyone? I work in a small company but theres about less than a hundred people working there which alot.

  • Here you look really age-appropriately dressed Preston!

    Leave away those old „Sven“Suits!
    They dont fit you!
    Go for something more modern. Pretty sure, that the girls will fight for you then.

    Btw, you look a bit like a blond Clark Kent

  • I still don’t know how well Clark Kent fits into this channel. He seems perfect, yet there’s something I don’t trust about him. I’m guessing it’s his youth which makes me assume a lack of experience on his part.

  • Actually the thing about seats you got wrong. Best seat is the right one in the back. That’s where you can easily get out of the car without stepping into the road. It’s also the best seat in expensive cars with the most gear to enjoy:-)

  • The guy at the begging (which looked like a doll from the goosebumps series) which explains visiting graphic to people when they are into something like a Charlies chocolate fabric but in a horror way of story:D

  • 17:50 host needs to MASTER the turnstile move bc he looks-I don’t know how to say POLITELY, although he’s sexy-Ichabod Crane, limpy turn.

  • I love the Gentleman’s Gazette…but the guy on this video is straight out of a Revenge of the Nerds film, and not in a good way. lol

  • Great video guy’s, all the above well covered, I carry a notepad to track my workouts been doing it for a long time phone stays in my bag and it’s my time to be away from the world.

  • Its no good having “style” if you have no sense of cool. Cool is what makes the style look good. You can be told what stylish item to wear but the 6th sense of cool is what makes it. Style is easy to learn its just a set of rules to follow but cool is not so easy. Some people maybe uncomfortable with the word “cool” but its just a word for a curtain something that can’t be put on a list.

  • Excuse me good sir, may I ask where Sven is? I was rather perturbed by this arrangement, not meaning to offend. I just need to get used to you

  • Heard a broad statistic lately which states those who work 10% longer earn 40% more, so it’s worth being the person who shows up to work 15 minutes early and leaves 30 minutes after closing-time.

  • I started going to the gym around 3:15 AM Monday to Friday on average because I was eventually going to get into a fight. Yes it’s Planet Fitness but I’m not competing and I’m a little guy so what they have is more than enough for me to build a good amount of muscle. Ignorant M effers sitting on their ass playing with themselves on the phone 5 minutes in between waste of time sets. leave the leg press loaded with 8 plates each side walk away. Ask if I can jump in while you sit there for 2 or 3 minutes and tell me you’ll take as long as you need or I can get on when you’re done. If I see someone standing behind me on a machine I’m using I’ll ask if they would like to jump in. A lot of people don’t. I’ve seen some people park their ass on the smith machine and sit for as long as 5 minutes between sets then leave 15 to 20 minutes later don’t wipe it down or re rack the plates. Absolutely infuriating at how much some people just don’t give a flying F about anyone but themselves in the gym.

  • Jay I know what your talking about. Some people do the same thing at my gym. They have a sign hanging that reads. Everytime you don’t rerack your weights a Justin Bieber song gets made��������

  • your walls are covered in an ugly mish mesh of colored tape, please stop using tape except for start and finish holds, use uni-colored hold sets for an entire route, this makes for esthetic fun climbing that will entice beginners aswell as seasoned climbers. Your welcome.

  • This is very true.. atleast 98% of people that just leave their shit everywhere at my gym are fuckn females!! Not to mention they hold up the squat cage when they arent even fuckn using it..they are literally doin their workout outside away from it…like wtf!!!!!!!

  • Couldn’t agree more. Been lifting for almost 50 years and I was taught early on, put your weights up after using them and police those laying around up, keep the workout area clean and orderly. Have most of the weights I need to stay in shape at home and like working at home more than at the gyms these days.

  • I’ve got another one:
    If you must eat at your desk, please do it quietly. Don’t consume the loudest snack known to man, because people don’t really want to hear it.

  • I just spent $180 on work out clothes and it kinda hurts… it’s a total of 5 pants and 5 tops… I always feel like I’m running out.. and I’m cleaning out my closet…since most of my workout clothes are 7 years ago which was from hs…do you think its okay? I feel horrible.. for spending $$$

  • You want to Fame and money you got it now you have to deal with the fact that people is going to stalk you that’s part of the deal of being famous �� �� �� �� �� �� ��

  • My congrats for the background music! Oh, God, what a rare surprise to hear a pleasant and of good sense music in a public video…
    Can’t waste occasion to stress the complete difference to the idiotic, static and tormenting beating noise in vogue nowadays. This one also has a continuous beat, but it is discreet and under the melody, exactly opposite to the trend where spastic beats switch places with melodic line, if any. That’s why is called “Trance” for instance ’cause is the end of mind and start of a state where personal will is taken over or manipulated. Or conditions such as aggressiveness or lust induced. And everybody’s talking about a world of slavery!.. Ha-ha

  • And here’s another one. How about the screamer that’s lifting usually a moderate weight but wants the entire gym to hear him moaning and groaning his masculinity. Don’t get me wrong. I have grunted out a few last reps at times. But the dude that’s yelling like a beheaded chicken on the first rep is a tad over the top… No pun intended

  • I do drop heavy DB’s when I train a set to failure but like Jay said drop it flat and at the lowest point. For me, I drop it because I don’t want to tear a bicep easing the weight down to the ground. I never understood guys that can do a set of DB inclines and then carry the weight to the rack. I could never do that when my last rep is literally my last gas

  • “Avoid discussing politics, religion, & money” yeah, this is the exact reason people can’t have reasonable discussions about politics & religion because we never learned how.

  • Was on vacation last year and the only gym around was a planet fitness i walked in with a tank top on with a mario brothers mushroom on it that said power up i was asked to change my shirt or leave cause someone felt intimated so i left lol.

  • I’m glad that there doesn’t seem to be too much of this stuff actually happening in gyms. But for the times it does, it’s good to make sure people are aware. Nice looking video, and well done.

  • The worst are the cretins who play music on their cell phones without head phones so everyone can hear it as it competes with the regular gym speakers. The 2nd worst are the morons who sing along with the music. STFU!

  • I almost got my head taken off by a 12 years old taking as selfie at the top of the wall yesterday. Fortunately the mom wasn’t mad because the phone didn’t break…

  • I was taught since the first time i set foot into a gym my 9th grade year re rack your weights and be nice but now i see in gyms guys n girls on the damn phone but god forbid i try to get in one set they freak out btw the longest i spend in a gym is no more then 45 mins thats just me

  • No peeing in the pool, should be the first rule. 😉

    “Apart from being gross, that’s also a potential health hazard. Chlorine reacts with urine to form a host of potentially toxic compounds called disinfection byproducts. These can include anything from the chloramines that give well-used pools the aforementioned odor, to cyanogen chloride, which is classified as a chemical warfare agent. There are also nitrosamines, which can cause cancer. There’s not enough evidence to say whether the nitrosamine levels in pools increase cancer risk, Blatchley says, but one study in Spain did find more bladder cancers in some long-term swimmers.”

  • First thing I do when I walk into a gym is throw any plate in the trash that is less than 45lbs, cause they’re as useless as anyone under 40!

  • I agree with Jay 100% when it comes with ppl sitting on a machine texting or looking at social media. Let us work in with you. I mean really! I wanna train vs some idiot that doesn’t. You wann text or be on social media go home!!

  • Are there any weird etiquette rules in your country?

    Here’re really unexpected etiquette rules from different countries

  • This is why I workout late at night. Only time I use my phone is when I do cardio (i.e. stairs, elliptical, etc.) to measure and log heart rate and heart rate recovery, calories, duration and type of cardio done, etc. When it’s time to hit the weights (machines really, lol), the phone goes back in the locker.

    And don’t get me started on the locker rooms and showers…..

  • yes you are so right,cell phones should be banned from the gym floor. i get motivated by other people around me training hard. but now they all sit between sets, hog the bench, looking down at their phone in a zombie trance, and actually do maybe 5 sets in a whole hour!

  • I agree thats the way I came up in the gym. The staff in the gym doesnt even make sure that the place is in good order in the old days if your didnt put away the weights somebody would be in your face if you were acting like the the equipment was the bus stop you got pressure to move or get off the equipment it

  • The “unusual” style collar of the white blouse is listed on under dramatic gamine ingenue. periodically carries blouses with this style of collar.

  • I agree wholeheartedly. I especially like that he explained the “right and wrong way to drop dumbells”, since certain specific gyms now seem to think you should act like the weights are made of crystal (*cough* Planet Fitness “no deadlifting!” *cough*). But honestly outside of the Y and Planet Fitness most places I’ve been to seem to be ok with people actually lifting the weights as long as they don’t act like complete douchebags. That said on the other end I’ve seen people literally pick up equipment and throw it just because they wanted to use that general area. And the super mega tri-quad-quint-etc sets WTF. I always offer to let people work in but lately some will actually say “uh, no, I’m doing a quad set and I’m gonna need it all to myself”. SMH.

  • Not getting in peoples mirror is serious business. I never speak up on it but I hate when I’m doing say, seated overhead press. That’s a movement where I want to make sure I’m not bringing the bar down too low or too high, keeping my arms straight up and down, elbows in the right spot etc. Then you have some group of high schoolers standing right in front of you taking pics of their 12 inch arms for instagram.

  • Great clip. “If you make a mess clean it up.” A rather simple thought but yet it seems to be so difficult to people… “Someone else will do it.”

  • You pull some of those stunts at the gyms I’m climbing at and you will be asked to leave immediately. Good informative video for beginners though.

  • Happened jsut the other day.

    Guys like
    “No I’m not done”.

    Immediately on his phone. Look again he’s still there ten mins later…. on his phone.

    30 mins later he’s still on the machine…

    Fuck that guy.

  • I absolutely adore you and your style! So classy, timeless and polished. I am 14 but still, I enjoy dressing up with outfits like the ones you put images of, it makes me feel confident and I’m lucky enough to have many dressy occasions to actually wear those items (not right now tho, because of corona). So thankful I have found this channel��

  • For 2 years straight during my sophomore and junior years of high school I woke up at 4 am to cool myself some breakfast and go workout. It was nice because there were less people, and the people in there at that hour were serious lifters and wouldn’t mind giving a proper spot, or letting you work in and they’d always put their stuff away. But every morning there was a group of about 5-7 people and they’d all do the same workout every day. And my favorite thing was thinking to myself “they’re like animals in the safari at a waterhole, they use this machine until it dries up and move to the next” and it’d literally be exactly like that. They all migrated at the same time. But they didn’t talk to each other much so they weren’t irritating and got their work done

  • I like to use my phone as a timer to time my rest, and my entire workout length. I also like to use it for my workout planning such as exercises, reps etc… but I try not to get on my phone at all because I don’t want someone to think “he’s not even using the machine he’s just on his phone” while I’m actually looking at my rest period, or what I’m doing next…

  • It just comes with experience. 99% of lifters are totally cool.
    My 1st “Etiquette” story:
    I remember when I 1st started lifting at age 14. I was in the gym and needed a bench. I see this free bench with nobody around, but theres a set of car keys under it. I stand there looking at it, and then look up and dont see anybody near by. So I assume they fell out of somebodies pocket when they were benching. So I pick them up and am about to take them up to the desk (lost and found) when these 2 guys come up to me, pretty angry. “Hey! Whatre you doing?”. And Im terrified. “Oh im sorry, I didnt think anybody was on this”. And they were like “Didnt you see those keys?” I was like “Yeah, but I didnt know you were still on it, sorry sorry” and I walked away.
    So thats just a newbie not knowing. Now I do. Be nice to newbies, they dont know any better and someday they will be gym veterans too.

  • well he has some good points, it’s very frustrating. Are you there at the gym to workout or stare at your effing phone? I normally go my gym early in the AM, soooo many times dumbells are scattered, machines have plates on them, disposable wipes on the floor. Lazy people, but the staff should be going through the place making sure all of this stuff is where it’s supposed to be but what is the staff doing? Staring at their effing phones

  • So glad you showed a more casual look with a denim jacket. I don’t tend to dress as smart as many of your looks and don’t own any blazers! �� my go to is a denim jacket or a longline cardigan with white tees or Breton tops. Love that you gave lots of inspo with these! Thanks! I’m 42 with a 4yr old and 8mth old �� please please please do keep giving us the options for a slightly more casual lookas well. ��

  • Never thought this needed to be said (but today’s experience proved me wrong). When someone is doing laps of the pools and clearly started their watch before, do not pull on their arm when they are doing their turn at the wall because you need to talk to them! �� P.S This was a stranger but never stopped when he was swimming and I was resting at the wall!!!

  • Oh Preston… You remind me SO MUCH of a kid I went to primary school with that it’s hard to believe you aren’t just him with an accent.
    Are you SURE your name isn’t Darryl Binion? I assure you, there’s no shame in being Australian! Not these days, anyway…

  • It’s just a no no to wear shoes inside a home shoes have been walked on all kinds of things I never do it.
    If anyone shows up to my flat uninvited they will most definitely be left outside knocking the door.

  • Racking your weights is part of the workout, but if you’re too weak to re-rack them, please contact the front desk staff and one of the girls will be happy to assist you:D

  • If you do get tapped on the foot with someone indicating they would like to pass, would is the right thing to do? Slow down? Stop to let them pass?

  • I am not a modest dresser either, however, I still loved the looks!! Modest, but modern, cute and also functional! �� awesome color combinations

  • You look like a young model in that black dress! Fabulous looks throughout this. That green jacket with black trousers is so sophisticated. My wardrobe is coming together now with some help from the sales! Black blazer, dark jeans, white shirt, some cool belts and a killer LBD. I wear my denim jacket over smarter pieces such as the LBD it looks good over a camel polo neck as well.

  • Amen. I workout at a Lifetime Fitness and the gym etiquette is the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a joke. Irritates the hell out of me.

  • I just had to say, because I saw this recently, It makes me quite sad when I see and hear those extreme feminists geting upset and yelling at men who are simply trying to be gentlemen. Dear ladys, they’re not looking down on you, they’re just trying to be nice. I’m sure of it.

  • If someone asks how are you, ALWAYS say what about you? It tells them that you care enough about them, as they did you. By the way, how are you all? I hope you’re having an amazing day/night! ❤❤❤

  • A minute max between each set? Lmao. Every heard of strength training? Like heavy weight where you need more than a 1 minute break?:D But otherwise good video. Fuck those people.

  • What’s your view on heart transplants to steroid users? Cause I’ll bet the farm you have a massive heart attack within ten years.

  • When a co-worker arrives late to work because of a bus delay or whatever the reason, whether it is 5 minutes or 30 minutes late, it is very rude to yell out to that person “Why are you late?” especially in front of customers and other associates. Also considered rude to say to a latecomer is “Oh you slept in eh?” That person might have woken up early but other issues may have caused a delay. A more polite thing to say to someone arriving late is “We’re so glad you made it! “Or for a very late arrival, “Oh you made it! Is everything alright?
    Another thing to consider is please do not carry on with loud, obnoxious, foulmouthed conversations on your cellphone on the bus, at the gym or anywhere else for that matter.

  • How do you feel about people that wipe down everything they used after using it? I personally have never been a “big sweater”…I never lay down to bench and then get up and the whole bench is soaking with sweat…or sit on a leg press machine and cover the cushion in sweat. I would imagine if I was a big sweater in the gym then I would wipe down the benches after using…but I don’t. The way I view the gym is a very dirty place. Sweat is everywhere, dirty shoes tracking mud, piss all over the toilets and bathroom floors, guys tearing their hands open and bleeding from doing heavy shrugs…getting blood on the barbell….Some dudes smell like they don’t wipe their asses good enough and the bench smells like human shit..greasy hair products sweated out onto the equipment…

  • Common sense is lacking nowadays, especially at those “planet” gyms. Show some common courtesy and clean up after yourself, how hard is that? I guess that’s another reason why people are building home gyms.

  • Jay’s spot on. I’ve been lifting for 54yrs 6 x a week and put every weight I’ve used away. I competed in the 1976 Olympics and Soviet super heros, Rigert, Alexeev and the rest put their weights back.