Study Shows Coaching (at school or Having a Trainer) Lessens Depression


Study Shows That Physical Activity May Lessen Childhood Depression

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Study Shows Coaching (in Class or With a Trainer) Lessens Depression. A slew of studies have found exercise has a profound impact on mood and, in cases of mild to moderate depression, a cardiovascular workout might be as effective as prescription anti-depressants. Personal training is good for your health!

Study Shows Coaching (in Class or With a Trainer) Lessens Depression A slew of studies have found exercise has a profound impact on mood and, in cases of mild to moderate depression, a cardiovascular workout might be as effective as prescription anti-depressants. HOW EXERCISE BOOSTS MOOD. Research has shown 20 minutes of exercise helped women with major depression feel less depressed and anxious – but there was one important difference coaching.

Read the article – Study Shows Coaching (In a class or with a trainer) Lessens depression. Source – Myfitnesspal. Through our course and coaching we have spent the better part of the past ten years leveraging our lessons learned to guide amazing human beings through the process of coping with significant bouts of depression and heartbreak (and other forms of adversity). The work has been anything but easy, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding and life.

Depression and athletes are a common pairing that coaches need to be aware of. A study by Georgetown University of current and former college athletes revealed that 17% of those currently in an athletic program suffered from depression symptoms. This is a little below the estimate that 25% of all college students experience depressive symptoms. Study finds physical activity lessens depression in children Researchers have found that moderate to vigorous physical activity can stave off depression in children.

In a study looking at high and low intensities of progressive resistance training in adults >60 years old, a decrease in depression symptoms was more significant in the high intensity exercise group. The high intensity group was lifting 3x8 reps at 80% their one rep max, whereas the low intensity group was doing 20% of their one rep max. Research has shown 20 minutes of exercise helped women with major depression feel less depressed and anxious – but there was one important difference coaching. Read the article – Study Shows Coaching (In a class or with a trainer) Lessens depression. Source – Myfitnesspal.

The Author. Jonathan Goodman is the founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center and author of multiple bestselling books for personal trainers.In addition, Jon founded the first-ever certification for online fitness trainers, the Online Trainer Academy.Originally from Toronto, Jon and his wife Alison spend their winters traveling the world with their baby boy, Calvin. Coaching is all about your relationship to (anything) – you fill in the blank.

Consider working with a coach to identify the beliefs that are leading to your anxiety-riddled thoughts, driving the disempowered actions, and producing feelings of anxiety and depression.

List of related literature:

Until recently, much of the concern with mental health in the coaching community has focused on identifying depression in coaching.

“Designing Positive Psychology: Taking Stock and Moving Forward” by Kennon M. Sheldon, Todd B. Kashdan, Michael F. Steger
from Designing Positive Psychology: Taking Stock and Moving Forward
by Kennon M. Sheldon, Todd B. Kashdan, Michael F. Steger
Oxford University Press, 2010

Although as coaches we have to be careful about overstepping our boundaries, and treating depression is certainly beyond the scope of coaching, the truth is that many of us will face clients who are actually depressed or who are moving towards depression.

“Mindful Coaching: How Mindfulness can Transform Coaching Practice” by Liz Hall
from Mindful Coaching: How Mindfulness can Transform Coaching Practice
by Liz Hall
Kogan Page, 2013

Most coaches and exercise instructors have been exposed to the work of a sport and exercise psychologist in their training, especially at a theoretical level.

“Applied Psychology” by Graham C. Davey
from Applied Psychology
by Graham C. Davey
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Patients with depression should also be informed that exercise training has been shown to reduce depressive symptoms in both healthy and medically ill populations.

“Clinical Exercise Physiology” by Jonathan K. Ehrman, Paul M. Gordon, Paul S. Visich, Steven Keteyian
from Clinical Exercise Physiology
by Jonathan K. Ehrman, Paul M. Gordon, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2009

If we only consider jobs that are supposedly the bread-and-butter of sport psychology practitioners (i.e., performance enhancement through cognitive-behavioral interventions such as imagery, relaxation, concentration, goal-setting, and self talk), then the students are probably correct.

“Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology: A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Practitioners” by Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Mark B. Andersen
from Routledge Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology: A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Practitioners
by Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Mark B. Andersen
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This study demonstrates that suppression training reduces recall of negative information in depressed individuals and that thought substitutes are useful tools for inducing cognitive change.

“An Introduction to Applied Cognitive Psychology” by David Groome, Michael Eysenck
from An Introduction to Applied Cognitive Psychology
by David Groome, Michael Eysenck
Taylor & Francis, 2016

This has been documented to lead to clinical levels of depression, and the only known treatment is to reduce the training load.

“The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice” by Curt L. Lox, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Steven J. Petruzzello
from The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice
by Curt L. Lox, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Steven J. Petruzzello
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As an example, in one 12­week study, Seligman coached 10­ to 13­year­olds who showed signs of depression.

“The Power of SMART Goals: Using Goals to Improve Student Learning” by Anne Conzemius, Jan O'Neill
from The Power of SMART Goals: Using Goals to Improve Student Learning
by Anne Conzemius, Jan O’Neill
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Hundreds of studies have been conducted, for example, to find out the effects of video games and Internet browsing on the behavior of children, if coaching improves SAT scores, and if depression should be treated with medicine, behavioral therapy, or both.

“Conducting Research Literature Reviews: From the Internet to Paper” by Arlene Fink
from Conducting Research Literature Reviews: From the Internet to Paper
by Arlene Fink
SAGE Publications, 2010

According to several studies emotional insight improves after coaching (Greif and Berg, 2011).

“The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Coaching and Mentoring” by Jonathan Passmore, David Peterson, Teresa Freire
from The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Coaching and Mentoring
by Jonathan Passmore, David Peterson, Teresa Freire
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  • From a student perspective, I found the speaker issue to be rooted it moving from childhood into adulthood and still attached to homebound values… (please correct me if you disagree) also, at one point the Listener refers to them writing notes, seemingly to which the speaker responds by biting her lip, listener then continues to reflect meaning followed immediately by a question re ‘more effort than worth’. the responds using words relating to feeling ‘very unworthy’ (would that be an element of transference?) I wonder whether speaker refers to the listener…
    would it be considered normal in CBT to not use silence?
    and is most reflection (in first session) followed up by question/ clarifying?

  • I had no idea you had a ted talk, that’s crazy. I’m here from her channel. thank you for speaking on this! I’ve felt this way before and it sucks, especially when you try to disregard it and when you don’t tell anyone abt it like I did.

  • The whole system is sick in some ways. Student-athletes lose their love for sport while the media celebrates the stars (who may also be depressed). The expression “mental health disorder” has a certain stigmatizing, clinical feel to it even as it exposes the issue, shared by so many. Maybe the “disorder” is society’s.

  • Although before this video my goal was to be a student athlete, now I am a little scared, and although it is still something I want to do, it’s something that needs to change. Please, share this message with anyone who can help future student athletes, such as Victoria Garrick, so student athletes never have to feel this kind of pain ever again.

    And remember, if you need help, don’t stay quiet


  • You already violated the first rule. Never tell someone with Dbp to try harder. We are trying as bad as possible being be joining your therapy bs. Good luck actually helping people violating the core belief inside them you know nothing about us idiot.

  • This was me when I was prepping for comp, juggling university classes and working in the evening. I ended up dropping out from brick and mortar university:/

  • DBT did not work for me, it actually made things worse. Learned lots of skills that I still use as needed but while going to group and private sessions I experienced worsening depression and risky behavior’s that ceased when I stopped going. What I suggest is to grow the fuck up, work your ass off, get some hobbies and do things that get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not saying there’s going to be days where you’re going to be depressed because there is going to be, but for people to have problems 24/7 it’s bs.

  • I’m not an athlete but I can say this, I am extremely stressed from school. I have depression and anxiety if I get a good grade, or completed my assignments. I’m only in 6th grade, but sometimes I just wonder if I die my pain can end. Sometimes I tell myself, “the best thing you can do is hide your pain”. So that’s what I did, I hid it from everyone around me. No one knew that I had anxiety or depression because I didn’t even have anyone to talk to. School gives me projects on top of projects and so many assignments over that. No one is realizing the stress that is caused from school. I find this video relatable.

  • I’m a freshman in high school running cross country and just clicking on this video gave me anxiety because this is how I feel all the time. I always doubt myself and constantly try to push while balancing honor classes, social life, and everything expected out of me from my parents. It is one of the hardest thing ever to be a student athlete. Sometimes I just want a break but then I tell myself that im not working hard of enough or that I dont deserve it and that ill never get anywhere.:(

  • Man I love sports but sometimes it sucks too recently I suffered a meniscus and ACL tear in my left knee while playing badminton.I had a ACL reconstruction and partial meniscectomy done on my knee.I was back to playing badminton after a year and did a lot of trekking also.But now after 6 years arthiritic changes have occurred in both my knees.I am only 26 now.

  • Good luck getting real cbt especially if a male. Your therapist will want to wing it and probably not read your previous session notes

  • Sameee currently have a torn ligament in my ankle going into my senior year this sport all I got, I’m a be out for a while I feel like I lost everything

  • I play Middle school and I go to a choice school that does 1 1/2 of a year into 2 semesters. I stayed up all night doing my homework. Now I am one of best player in 6 th grade

  • I can’t thank you enough for your speech. My niece was a D1 athlete with a full scholarship. Senior year year she had enough and quit. Thank God her parents were understanding and put her through her senior year. It’s now five years later and she suffers from self worth issues.

  • I run cross country and track in college. I’m a freshman and I’ve been mentally good so far this year, thankfully. I see people around me not doing so well and I always reach out and check on them. It’s tough having to get up at 5am 6 days out of the week, run, lift, etc. and then get to class. Not mention the mental toll living away from home can have on people. I’m glad she’s bringing light to this area of athletics that a lot of people, and athletes themselves, don’t even realize is there. Not to mention the nonsense they make athletes do which doesn’t actually help their academic performance. My school forces athletes (freshman no matter what, and anyone else with a gpa less than 2.5) to get 4hrs of study hall every week. I know how to study and I never get anything done there. I do it on my own and the fact that I’m forced to do it irritates me.

  • Hello everyone! It is very pity I don’t understand English especially when native speaker says. This topic is too interesting for me and I want to know what she tells. As I understand there are some problems with mental health in athletes. Am I right? What does she recommend to avoid the problem? Explain me, please. I will thankful for the help.

  • This was my life for many years except i had no friends, didnt attend any parties and my sports career was filled with injuries:(

  • This hit me hard. There are days where i wake up and didnt have the energy to even get up the bed. I just finished my Collegiate Athletic Career and I feel like i’m lost right now. Everything i used to do that included sport, i dont get to do them now. I’m so lost. Help me.

  • I played year round sports from 2 to 17 years old football for 9 years and once i got to high school the fun wasn’t their no more. I started smoking weed and popping pills because i needed an escape from organized sports now i have many injuries from playing for all those years. I stopped the drugs but i would advise any kid trying to play sports to just select at the least two sports not year round.

  • As a swimmer u do 7-9 practices a week each lasting 2-3 hours in high school. A lot of age group swimmers experience the depression in sport while they are in high school before even going to university. It’s sad how sports can be so negative to many individuals.

  • This issue that is being addressed here is pretty simple. I arrived here because of my love for volleyball. However, here is a little tip that all young people should listen to. “It is alright to just be normal” You don’t have to be on the most prestigious sports teams. You don’t have to be the 95% student. You don’t have to do what all your peers or parents expect you to do. This may sound like a cop out but contrary to popular belief the biggest, strongest, and smartest don’t always win. If you are not having any fun in your life then “stop”. Evaluate what you are doing and ask yourself if you need to put this much pressure on yourself. Does it really matter? Life is competitive and to be “great” at something you must sacrifice. However, if you have no hope in being great (and let’s face it most will never achieve this status) then be happy being YOU. Period! More than ever stop steamrolling your life. Anything you do can and will be rewarding if you enjoy it. If you don’t and only feel the pressure of having to win or overachieve then your life is likely to be miserable for a long time. Enough will never be enough. The one talent this young lady has is one that she may not even care about that much in her drive to be an overachiever. She is a “good” public speaker. That is where she should focus her talent instead of chasing dreams. Psychiatrists are quick to put a label on someone who runs themselves into the ground (all self-induced) where exhaustion is the final outcome. Simply, find what you are good at. Not great but good. Then pursue it. In time you will love it because you will experience success which builds confidence and influence naturally. If you have to have the trophy girl/boyfriend. Be at the top of the class. Host the best parties and be the next great thing. You will never be happy. Attitude is everything. Cheers!

  • I have suffered with depression, panic attacks, and anxiety since 8th grade, and I am now going into my Junior year in high school. I played volleyball for my school in all those three years, I also ran track and cross country, and did marathons on the side at home. I was always a “perfect” student, I never struggled with schoolwork it all just came naturally to me, it was like I was so good in everything my sports and school that all the teachers would talk about me on how “perfect” I was. I also volunteered because I knew it was good for college, my teachers started preparing for me for college since 2nd grade they all saw the potential in me and just pushed. Everything was going as planned I had the biggest support team, my family, friends, teachers, even my principal from elementary was supporting me throughout all the years. It was until 8th grade, I got the stomach flu and couldn’t go to school for weeks cause I couldn’t stop throwing up. As soon as I got back to school of course there was so much work to do, I missed MANY assignments, tests, projects, and in general class time, that I was so overwhelmed after the first day back. That night I cried myself to sleep, the next morning I didn’t want to go to school I would cry and fight with my parents, this lasted for weeks it was consistent, for the next month I separated myself from my family, friends, and school I never went back. This is when my counselor contacted my parents and said that they would recommend me seeing a therapist. And so I did, I knew I needed help, I couldn’t leave the house every time I would leave or step out I would have a panic attack. Just driving by the school I would have a major panic attack, I would always worry that a teacher or classmate would see me and ask me what’s wrong. I was finally diagnosed and it was a breath of fresh air for me cause I’m like maybe this can be treated maybe I don’t have to feel this way anymore. But nope my parents are old school there is no such thing as mental illness. Up until now every morning I am in a fight with either/both of my parents TRYING to get them to see what I’m going through is real and that with what they are doing to me is not making it any better. Of course since I didn’t attend school I was kicked off all the teams, my gpa’s went down. To pass 8th and 9th grade I had to go through credit recovery just to barely pass and move on to the next grade. The sad part is I lost everything, sports was everything to me, school was everything to me and I lost it all to mental illness. My life revolved around school and I loved it, I just loved it and it all was taken from me and I couldn’t fight it.I didn’t’t have anything worth fighting for, my dream of becoming a valedictorian was crushed, playing on my schools varsity volleyball team crushed. And my parents had the nerve to tell me I am causing it all, acting like I am doing all of this on purpose. And because they don’t think what I’m going through is real they strongly refuse me going on medications and they think it is funny when they joke about it. There was a post in my life where I would think “if I ran in front of that car all my problems would go away I wouldn’t have to feel all this pain, I wouldn’t have to cry anymore, I would’t have to do anything. Luckily I was able to get out of that stage but its still rough it has gotten quite better from 2 years ago but I’m still working on it. If only they could change the school system, many students would not be suffering, mental illness is at an all time high, and it’s because of social media, but most importantly school. When our parents were in school they went came back home and played there was not a lot of homework that they had to stay up until 2-3 in the morning to finish. They didn’t have to worry about keeping up with their image on social media and in school. They didn’t have to worry about college until they got to junior or senior year. Nowadays they’re stating them in elementary, way too young in my opinion cause when they grow up they will be walking balls of stress and depression. Kids nowadays are stripped from childhood and are matured way too early. I know this is long but it’s like it’s so hard to talk about it with my family that it’s so much easier to express my feelings/story to people who don’t know me.

  • It’s the life you choose to be a student athlete. Sports are to forget school and personal life. Play good. If you feel how bad she described at first it may not be the life for you

  • I’m so happy that someone finally talk about this topic so nicely �� im from Pakistan and I’m also a volleyball player. I have been suffering from this too. This gives a courage and strength to talk about it. Thank you so much!!

  • i’m definitely feeling this rn. i’m in my junior year and currently in club volleyball. thankfully the practices are not as frequent or demanding than school volleyball. but i think my depression if caused by the combination of: playing club volleyball, having a back injury that isn’t going away, coaching middle school volleyball, being in all honors/AP classes, being in multiple clubs, and trying to manage all the colleges i’m emailing and deciding if i want to take an offer from a d2 school. i’ve had several thoughts of just ending it all. just to be surprised at myself saying “what’s wrong with me? why would i think that?” and sobbing for hours. it’s so hard to talk about depression because it seems to always reflect bad on the person with it. like they could have done something to prevent it. when in reality everyone is different and sometimes people get depression from seemingly no reason at all. like she said: we need to end the stigma because the constant judgement of mental illness only worsens the issue.

  • I am a freshman in high school. I am a swimmer, I started varsity this year and am on a USA team where I have three hour practices after my one and 1/2 hour practice for high school. I’m in honors/ap classes with a learning disability, I have model un and band. I’ve also been battling an eating disorder and stress anxiety disorders and no one knows. I don’t get home until 9:30 or 10 at night where I have to start my homework and study to keep myself on the highest honor roll or I will not be able to look myself in the mirror. I’m spiraling and I’m all alone

  • I just watched this video and realized it’s Victoria! Wow she did a great job with this ted talk and I’ve always been inspired by her as a volleyball player now I respect and idolize her even more! ������

  • I am a libero for my club team and we have struggled with mental health. Thank you for bringing attention to this subject. I’m sharing this video with my team.

  • when you are 30 years, you get the liberating feeling that it is impossible to improve at anything, and that the only thing to do is to sit back and just relax for the rest of your life. There is no reason to strive for anything, other than earning money to provide yourself, and family members.

  • I think that 1 in 4 statistic is probably even too low. It’s based on data from people who have been identified as having a mental illness. Many people will never be diagnosed, especially if their symptoms are mild or if they are unwilling to admit that something is wrong (due to stigma, etc)

  • thank you for making this video because this is exactly how I feel. I play golf and it is the best and worst thing in my life. I have had some great memories playing this sport but it has made me break down and have panic attacks too many times. I am afraid of failure and golf is a game of making the least mistakes so that is inevitable. It is hard for me to be positive when I think about an upcoming tournament. I wish I had the confidence to believe in my abilities as a talented athlete but I don’t think that will ever happen. Someday I hope I can overcome this overwhelming anxiety over this sport because I truly love the game.

  • The depression part was so me last year and I went to therapy and hated my therapist but this helped me bc now I’m on top of my school work and have straight As bc I’m trying so hard to get my work done and practice every 5 minutes for a break of passing bc that’s my worst position for right now even though I’m a good passer I constantly want to get better bc I’m going against everyone on my team for a spot on the court and I practice all the time but I still barely play

  • I saw a sign in a locker room at a wrestling tournament that read “Nobody cares; work harder.” And though I saw the good intention in that, I thought it was a dangerous message as well.

  • Im a freshman in highschool and I feel this so much. I never have time to hang out with friends or do my assignments that are due because I practically breathe track and cross country and it’s like there is never room to do anything else

  • I listened to entire session. I have same issueunlovability. I’ve known for ever & nothing has worked. I am 69, parents both dead by time I was 17. Never bonded w/mom; dad worked 6 days I week. He gave me words but could never outway devicet of my relationship w/mom. Relatives abandoned me after their deaths. My career very successful, still no advancement after yrs in therap y which started when I was in 20’s

  • Hi. I’m an occupational therapist. I was watching this and thought, what if the core belief proved to be true? Or is that even possible?

  • Wow! That was amazing to watch! I am completing my MEdSt Guidance, Counselling & Careers, researching and highly interested in CBT. Thank you! I’ve just subscribed! ��

  • This sleep treatment is very effective. At a young age I already have got this sleeping disorder. I have tried out a number of therapies yet none of them is effective not until eventually I figured out concerning this treatment solution. I got a much better rest at this time that I had followed the program persistently without fail. Good luck, you will get the results, get it on Google. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people learn how to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns that have a negative influence on behavior and emotions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on changing the automatic negative thoughts that can contribute to and worsen emotional difficulties, depression, and anxiety. These spontaneous negative thoughts have a detrimental influence on mood. This is the most trustworthy online therapy:

  • “should” Perfectionism, all or nothing thinking, mind reading, personalization, control fallacy, Always being right, labeling….track and organize thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations. track pattern of behavior/thoughts/results…hmmm

  • I got severe insomnia for 2 years and assumed I was hopeless, yet with this sleeping treatment, I`m resting normally once again and REALLY LIKE sleeping. You ought not pass up making use of this sleep procedure or plan. In the beginning, I found this system to be unrealistic however I tested it anyhow. There is no harm trying it anyway. I researched Google and found this tip on a website.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Parents always assume things. They alwasy think they are right and never really care abiut you. Im 12 and suffering from alot of depression. I dont want to tell anyone bevause i know how its going to turn out. My parents will say”bEcAuse yOur AlwAys oN thAt pHone.” No. They tell me to socialise. Its a new generation. We talk to friends online. We are socialising and yet u blame us for everything. I have attempted suicide. All that anger and knowledge. I know that people think they understand me but they dont. No one does. Its so…. no words can describe how i feel every day of my life. They say im not trying hard enough when i get straight A’s

  • I went from watching Two and a Half Men to watching this video. I really feel for people who are depressed. I feel like that often though. I guess that’s why I watch Two and a Half Men lol. My solution to depression is to watch comedy series and keep my mind occupied with computer programming. Tried making friends online and at work but people don’t really want to hear about the cool algorithm you just programmed lol. Tried talking to them about things they are interested in but after a while they just get along with others more than they do with you. Despite forcing a smile on your face. Well such is life for some.

  • Dude! When you said you date someone you think that’s below your league so they don’t catch on to you not being worthy… holy shit! Nail on head! The exercise sounds great but someone that likes you Vs someone willing to love you on a deeper level is a huge difference. You say great things during the mock sessions that I think but can’t verbalize so thank you.

  • I watched the whole thing. Trust me can’t tell you what that is, because its too personal. if you’re looking for data happy to send in a private message. Thx

  • I watched the whole session. Great demonstration. Thanks for the wisdom Dr Judy. I agree that most people have a possible core belief that they are unloveable and that it is at the center of many anxieties, depressions, and emotions. The “What if” game challenges the assumptions and helps to put people on the path to mental health/wellness. (And Mr. Kyle, although you stated this is NOT your issue, your body language was “well-acted”….hmmm.)

  • this “mock” session of (badly implemented) mirroring highlights how ineffective most therapists are at facilitating real growth and change. And why the actual good ones are paid top dollar $250 US / hour +

  • I do want to say that as a student who is in their master’s of counseling program it really helps to see these types of sessions unfold. Thank you.

  • Why would therapist ask their client to answer their own questions Or their posed questions. How many years have gone by without answers have not been given resolutions? viewpoints how to approach subject at hand..

  • This helps a lot. I just figured out that I was in denial that my core belief is feeling unlovable and worthless, I keep attracting people in my life that treats me low and I would always try to keep them above me even though I know I am better than them, I dont want them feeling less than me which results to me feeling less too, I know its not right but I can’t help myself doing it.

  • Battling the fear: I’m a burden to those I care about.

    Question though, how does a therapist know that they hit a core belief? Like mine coming down the ladder, I could have used I’m afraid of failing, a higher step. How would a therapist see the “deepest”?

  • To all the 14 year old girls who listen to Billie eyelash: stop saying you have depression to make up for your lack of personality

  • I watched the whole session. Core Belief: There are very few men that core values align with mine, because the only men that are attracted to me are those who I’m not attracted to or those who are married.

  • Very interesting video, lots of interesting to what CBT involves in a real life scenario. I love Dr Judy’s Contacts by the way:D

  • This is the fist video I’ve seen on this channel and is more than enough for me to subscribe!
    Thank you very much for such great educational and informative videos!

  • How do you know when you’ve gotten to the bottom? Or does it only have to be “deep enough”?
    For example, in this session, you stopped at being worthless as the core belief. But what’s underneath that? Is the logical consequence of being worthless something like “and therefore I am fundamentally flawed, broken, and irredeemable”? I think for a lot of people, the core beliefs go even deeper, and then we abandon logic in favor of metaphysics. Then we (because we seek survival) find a way to redeem the irredeemable. This cannot be accomplished by logic; it invites an existential crisis.
    The alternatives seem to be a) deus ex machina, b) annihilation, whether through self-harm or self-medication, c) reinvention: developing a “new, better” self to present to the world, without actually rejecting the core belief, or d) accepting the unpleasant yet inescapable truth and finding some way to manage the suffering it causes for the rest of your life.
    The first is that brackish zone where science and religion do their utmost not to step on one another’s toes, and unfortunately the result of that particular dance often leads to great collateral harm. It’s very powerful to the have the means of absolution in one’s back pocket, and that kind of power is dangerous in someone with fundamental insecurities, even when it is being used to minimize those insecurities. This is a very sharp knife that will turn in your hand and cut you deeply.
    The next two are not really viable alternatives, in that employing them has likely landed one in a therapist’s office, examining one’s core beliefs.
    So how do you handle the devastation of finding out that your core beliefs (your greatest fears) are actually true? How much can you change yourself before you stop making progress and start spinning an ultimately unsustainable fiction? How can you tell when you’ve reached that slippery border? How do you rely on shifting sand for stability when you live in the desert? Is it OK to fuse the sand together by fire and live in the resultant glass house, as long as you avoid throwing rocks?

  • As I am becoming more mindful about my moods and what I say as well as what other people say, I have noticed that when other people have problems they want to share to decompress, I say empathetic things, I ask questions, etc. But when I start to say something about my life, many of the people in my life stay quiet, no empathetic statements, nothing; my narc father yells that he is not interested. When I was sick a couple years ago for a few months, when a friend came to visit she actually said that she did not want to talk about any problems. Saw this whole video.

  • This hits home for me. I am married to a good guy. Our marriage is good. But outside of this relationship, I really dont have any other good relationships, with people who want to be with me because of me. I am 45. As I look back over the past 25 years, almost everyone whom I became friends with, befriended me, because they wanted something from me in college to borrow my text books, even now a woman colleague calls when she wants to borrow something, other “friends” want other things a babysitter, my professional opinion on something, but no one calls or writes just to catch up, to ask how I am doing, to get together. I have helped so many people with so much, who did not reciprocate and in the end I am alone, with only my good enough husband, which makes for pretty lonely weekends. A friend I have had since I was about 23, never calls or writes, but when I call to catch up with her she usually picks up the phone and we have a short conversation and we might see each other if I suggest a meeting, but she never takes the initiative, never. Over the years, I think that I did my best to foster friendships and take care of them (my therapist agrees with this), but now it seems that I am the only one, who cares. Oh, and it became really really obvious 3 years ago, when I developed an autoimmune disease and was home for some months unable to work, limited capacity for walking no one came to visit, no one called to ask if I better and I actually got attacked by some family members, when I said that I couldnt do somethings. The only person who wants to talk to me is my narccisst father, when he needs narcissistic supply or help with something. The people who do call, usually need or want something materialistic. I see the pattern I have for years; it seems that I am an empath who attracks narcs and people in crises, but nothing that I have done to change has helped, not really except that now I am not torn apart by the demands of all the people who deep in their own self-made crises. I guess that from a certain perspective my life is better now, but lonely I lack a best friend, another person/other people, whom I can be genuine with besides my husband.

  • My core belief? Ok. My core belief is that a core belief is not automatic because a core belief comes out of a person who is in a waking state. Which means that that person is conscious. That is my core belief. Now. If you say that a core belief is something automatic and underneath an iceberg of your mind then you must be telling something other than a core belief and you are therefore confusing us. Ok?

  • Excellent video, thank you!!

    Is there any issues surrounding copyright with regards to posting DBT related videos on YouTube, please?

  • One of my core beliefs is that I always feel like I am a burden to others. I keep my negative thoughts and emotions to myself so it doesn’t bother anyone.

  • I would like to use your Video in a webinar to educate & make awareness about the Eating disorder.

    We will show and discuss your video and redirect students in your youtube channel.

    I hope you will grant us the permission to use your video in our webinar to educate students.

  • The sheer hysterical risibility of the notion that the host of this post could ever, possibly, be in need of any kind of psycho therapy
    But actual Cognitive therapy as opposed to a friendly chat with legal drugs has nothing to do with healing mental sickness: it’s an advanced version of “pull yourself together” where pain-killers like opiates are given to quiet the mind while the patient is habituated to new behaviour patterns and lifestyle beliefs.
    The core reason for the dis-ease remains untreated and active at sub-conscious levels meaning the patient will possibly have an on-off need for pain killers for the rest of its life, if it doesn’t manage to absorb the new patterns and beliefs to a sufficient level

  • Core belief…I come from a highly dysfunctional family. Both my parents are group B cluster, if different within in those brackets. My older sister was and still isthe golden child 95% of the time. I’m was and still am the scapegoat. These rolls have become more rigid over time. I think I have a core belief that I’m a bad person. My fear is that other prople will find me unacceptable if I show my real self. So I hang back, wanting to fit in but scared of being found out. Its extremely debilitating. When uou grow up within an emotionally and physically abuse environment, the damage is horrendous. It took me 52 years to figure it out. 52 years!!! And then only with the help of Youtube.

  • People that are depressed don’t like saying they are because they don’t want people to think they are lying or trying to get attention

  • I’ve probably been dealing with depression most my life. I’m 17 now and have been feeling this way since I was around 9. Before then, I was a happy child living a normal life (as normal as it can be when your mother divorced your abusive father), but after my uncle died I’ve been slowly slipping into depression. After learning how my uncle (now aunt) had tried and almost succeeded in killing himself, I’ve slipped further into it. At first I thought it was just a sad mood that would go away but after gaining 100 lbs, not getting enough sleep at night, noticing my slowness and lack of energy, increase in appetite, lack of concentration, feelings of worthlessness and thoughts of suicide; some of which coming close to attempted suicide (I have held a knife to my wrists a lot of times and was about to actually do it, then I remembered mom would be sad). I might just be a teen saying he has depression to some of you, but I think I genuinely have it, and I can’t get help. I have a boyfriend who loves me and an uncle and mom who care for me but all I feel towards most of them is just apathy and a lack of caring. Thank you for reading this comment…

  • ik im 4 years later but here is a piece of advice

    “Accept the world for what it is and get on with your life”
    Just because something puts you down doesnt mean anything is going to change, the world and your life will go on…. It is up to YOU to struggle through the pain because there WILL be a reward

  • To the people reading this:

    Your Body is not a book don’t judge it
    Your skin isn’t paper don’t cut it
    Your Heart isn’t a door don’t lock it
    Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it��
    Any help with my channel would be much appreciated����

  • And the only thing you can do as a person is just to open your eyes and heart as well because you will never know whose life gonna end up soon.Instead of saying thousand useless things just say to your friend,colleague,student,teacher,
    Siblings “Do you want me to wait and listen to you “.”Don’t worry I am always there for you and feel free to call me”.because you will never know may be this call is that person last call and your call may become that person last hope.

  • When you feel so helpless to have suicidal thoughts,when you always cry alone,when you need just listening ears but you feel nobody is there,when you are in that phase where you feel even your prayers are not being accepted,when you give your �� percent and get up again and again,this is the period where anything does not matter anymore and the only thing that comes in your mind is suicide,this phase is depression.

  • When you want to say something but there is nobody to listen even when you pray namaz you feel emptiness inside,when you always smile and prefers other peope’s need but there is nobody for you,when you love your family over everything and you want their attention in your difficult times but there is nobody in the house to listen to you because everybody is being tortured at their own place,when you see someone you love is going through pain because of you but you are unable to do anything.

  • How could a therapist in 40 minutes sessions be able to fix your life and symptoms… the idea is unpractical and just not affective

  • I just got diagnosed with BPD and I have to do this. This generally seems like people who have this disorder is treated like they are 5 years old. Group therapy? Really? Who’s business is it besides a therapist? Homework? Are we in grade school again? Lol this is stupid. Come up with something better to help people besides belittle them and parade them around like they are psychotic.

  • I am wondering what are some criticisms of DBT?

    Personally, I have not found dbt helpful. I found I was being encouraged to doubt my obeservations and mute emotions. I was encouraged to lie about how i felt to others for example, to feign interest in a person for the sake of being “kind” to them. Likewise, there was an persistent thread of taking life lying down as a means of “acceptance.”

  • The worst thing is friends with positive attitudes. It’s regrettable that most friends try to cheer you up instead of hearing you out when you’re down. What I most want is one friend to whom I can tell anything.

  • Two lovers, forbidden from one another
    A war divides their people
    And a mountain divides them apart
    Built a path to be together

    …Yeah, and I forget the next couple of lines, but then it goes…

    Secret tunnel!
    Secret tunnel!
    Through the mountain!
    Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! Yeah!

  • If it’s ruling your life, you don’t have anything to lose by getting help. In a way, it makes you look more weak by you letting it rule you.

  • Im a special Olympics athlete who deals with mental health problems so I have a dual diagnosis I was 5 when I was diagnosed with a developmental disability but I wasnt diagnosed with any mental health problems until I was already 24 most people would just brush my issues off as just the disability or just ADHD or something no one really thought that trauma or mental health was a possibility no one except myself and at 24 I went and seeked out help because I knew I had alot of trauma and I knew I had alot of mental health problems but even though mental health and trauma is more likely to happen to us people with disabilitys people still don’t look at the possibility of us people who are intellectual disabled they just see us as autistic or disabled or hyperactive or something and sometimes being in special Olympics just makes us have even worse self esteem because we often know that it’s easier than the normal stuff and we often get a lot of sense of insecurity and often feel like we just can’t do normal independent things there’s alot of stigma about mental health problems like that

  • The problem is there people (singers like Lana del rey, lorde, billie ellish and other crazy celebrities) are COOLING DEPRESSION (making it cool), and a lot of teenagers or anyone without real reasons are pretending they’re depressed just look cool like them,, and the REAL DEPRESSED PEOPLE can’t express their feelings because of those samples

  • I’m having paxidep,minil & espram medicines as suggested by my psychiatrist doctor cause I’ve depression and anxiety too in such a young age!! I don’t want anyone go through depression it was a day nightmares for me going through depression so if you’re struggling you shoul get an appointment from psychiatric and meet them!❤️

  • I’m tired.. I Just hate All This I just want to have my mind busy because I don’t wanna think… Well I have depression according to the video…:/ I only want someone to hear me and stay with me,even when I have people around I fell alone. All this stress an anxiety is killing me

  • I wanted to kill myself for a long time. I almost did, but I got better. If anyone cares, here’s how I did it. I started telling myself I am happy, I am loved, I am important, I am worthy of love, I am beautiful, I radiate love and kindness, and I am capable of anything. When I said these things, I didn’t believe any of it. I didn’t feel like I believed it either. Regardless, I wrote these affirmations down everyday and told myself these things everyday. It helped so much and it allowed me to build and emotional foundation that I’ve stood on till this day. Please remember that you are strong, your are worthy of love, and you are capable of absolutely anything… even being happy. I love everyone reading this message. Stay safe!

  • Mental health is very important and one should always focus on improving it. Click to know more about it. BeEmptyCup is a start up which provides counseling services for mental illness.

  • Although I have not been depressed, I have been sad before. But one of the most satisfying thing is finding out that the thing you are sad about was fixed.

  • Not trying to be insensitive or anything, but even after this video i’m not sure how depression is different from just. being more sad and or being sad for longer amounts of time. Seems like pretty vague descriptors for a diagnoses of a medical condition.

  • I asked for help 5 years after struggling. My doctor was very concerned with me and I had to be put on antidepressants on the day. I started to sleep better but the serotonin (chemical of happiness as they say) hasn’t improved. I feel like you need support during those times cause they do help, it’s hard with parents, trust me, but the youth with common sense will be there for you. Give it time and I hope you’ll be better

  • The thing with depression is that nobody understands you but the actual problem is that even if people do… You’d still feel that they don’t. It just puts this seed in your head that nobody understands you. Period. And you’ll then start pushing people away from you, quit social media or all the contacts with them though deep down you’d want that someone would reach out to you and when they do… You’ll actually feel even more restless… So now you will make sure that yes I don’t want to be in touch with people
    But but here starts the main problem… When you are alone you feel peaceful.. but this peace is actually a toxic feeling of not having the feeling of “people don’t understand” and slowly you start going deeper into it. The thoughts of suicide become much more normal. It’s like a ghost that you don’t see or know exists but it keeps pulling you deeper into itself.

  • Is getting mad and having random outbursts and feel like breaking everything that’s by me. For no reason, an symptom that comes with depression? I’m 14 and my therapist described me with Prozac or whatever it’s called idk I’ve been described with so many depression meds these pasts months. Or could I be angry because of the trauma I had from the 2 mental hospitals I’ve went to last year?? I can’t control it.

  • What i admire is that some people have stability and are grounded even in the worst stressful cities in the world such as London or Berlin.

  • what if people are really blaming you for what u did? Isn’t it normal to be ashamed and guilty? And what if every bad things they’re telling u was true?

  • Depression in simple term which affect your Physical and Mental Health like low mood, loss of interest in activities, negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.

  • I am 22 in depression for more than 4-6 years
    So I am currently doing my driving course ( I passed theory part and now doing the practice part)
    I sometimes think of turning the wheel hard enough to go out from the street and crash,I am trying to finish life…
    Do you have these kind of thoughts,I have suicidal thoughts daily

  • It`s for certain. Time has passed just before things work out. At 3pm, I started making use of this ED treatment named. Wife came home around 9pm right from a school event where she been working. Great thing is almost everything works. It has been since years since I attained this strong results. I think it is simply chance.. Take a look at this guidebook on Google, name of this guidebook is Kαylo Bacumlo
    thank you

  • You know that one friend you all go to for advice? Ask them if they’re okay sometimes. It sucks to be the one checking up on everyone only to realize that no one checks up on you.

  • My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and depression disorders. It affects a lot of my life. But I won’t give up I will fight. I will always take my medicine on time and exercise every day, I will sleep early. I will change my living habits. Let’s try together!!!

  • Some people are never made to live on this planet and i am one of them. Well, i cannot grow up once again, so i better kill myself i dont have single reason to live. actualy i have, but now i am on next level..i dont care about any reason. it is going to happen..i feel like i am born to do nothing but suicide.

  • Other people who commented seemed to know for sure this is an actress. I just happened on this video. Are any real sessions ever filmed? I don’t the answer to that.

    I have no knowledge of this YT stream, and until I do, I will assume that this is a real session. With that said, I think this young woman is very brave to have been filmed being so raw.

    If I am out of the loop, and this session is contrived, I certainly wish the producer/s would make that clear. I am not a fool, but since there was no prelude, I assumed that the young lady was a real patient and consented to be filmed. Call me naive, I suppose.

    If my assumption is untrue, then the producers need to do a better job of clarifying (for us uninformed newbies).

    I am making a heart-felt exploration into CBT, and I would appreciate full disclosure.

  • Why do I like this girl so much more than I should? The girl being interviewed for session that is, I know she’s a great actress but damn my heart went right out to this girl and I feel like I just want to lie and cuddle her and support her, not in a sexual way just in a loving supportive way.

  • Hi there I’m a survivor of psycological depression but still under follow-up check up. I wasn’t able to take up my medicine regularly because I have no work due to lockdown. Hope someone could help me buy my maintenance. I’m so afraid to be out of myself again. Here’s my Gcash number 09503611473

    Thank you for your generosity. Stay safe and Godbless us all ��

  • I am a 51 year old man and I have had severe self acceptance issues for 20 years. Every night I wake up in intense shame due to my own personality and self hatred. It keeps me up every night and often sends me into crying fits. Since you introduced CBT to me I have been able to overcome my self loathing and perform actual CBT. Since I took CBT I have stretched my penis by up to 2 inches. Thanks CBT!

  • If this is CBT then I can be a therapist…all i have to do is ask the patient what her problems are and then repeat what she said. This is not CBT

  • We have new teen clients (and their parents) at DBT Center of San Diego watch this video to help them get oriented to what DBT is and how it can help them. Thanks for providing this valuable resource, Esme!

  • I watched it wearing PCT specs seems like there’s quite a difference between CBT, PCT and psychodynamic approach (keeping in mind that this is practice) interesting video.

  • This must be a valid session with a model albeit actress giving her own experiences. She is volunteering herself to the session but it is genuine.

  • I would recommend you tonwatch sadhguru( guru of sanatan dharma who is well versed in upanishad) videos available in youtube.
    He has very logical way of meeting problems and master of inner engineering

  • It is quite unbelievable the extreme range of messages over the years. I think you get better replies if you sort by top comments than more recent. There are also people just wanting to voice comments that do not have any substance or are not very clear. I think it is great that this type of video is available but I don’t know much about CBT and now after reading a lot of these comments I am not clear if this is typical CBT. However, I guess the fact that a great actor was paid to be the patient we need to remember that the interview is for educational purposes and therapists have different styles. I myself was a dynamic therapist doing an intense therapeutic process that would be completely opposite to this approach where you need to be extremely careful with the interventions in a client with clinical depression to make sure that you don’t make the client’s depression worse. This therapist’s approach to me seems more Rogerian than CBT but I do not know much about CBT. I am shocked by the extreme reactions to this video though, as it has been called excellent and basically garbage and what not to do.

  • Totally agree. Sometimes it just feels too much on the body And brain and you just can’t preform but you have to push through because you want playing time. I’ve never REALLY took in what she said into consideration till now. I honestly understand

  • I watched the entire session. I’m interested in pursuing therapy in part because I like how it is presented in television and this video presented a non-cinematic and highly educational therapy session. This gave me a deeper understanding of CBT and also a greater appreciation for the study of therapy.

  • Some people are resistent to therapy and its NOT therapist’s fault. The therapeutic alliance doesn’t work everytime, because the therapist is human being, just like the client. You could be emphatic and listening and trying your hardest and still if the client is resistent, it won’t work and that’s fine. That means you need to work with someone else, but it doesn’t mean the therapist is bad. None of you in the comments know what you are talking about.

  • a bunch of people in the comments, who have no clue what therapy means. This session was good. The therapist is repeating to help her client to connect to her emotions, because, what most people dont know, is that depression also occurs disconnecting from self and gives a distorted view on life. Also, repeating is validating and making the client to hear what she says from other voices, so she would have a better view on her cognitions.

  • Really enjoyed the CBT session, wondering when dealing with young 19yo clients, stress of home life (partner pregnant 18yo and drug use as a coping, and using CBT (as therapy) would you focus on the core belief of the drug use or stress…or exploration using the laddering technique…(not to overload the client!)

  • Me and my friend are currently studying problems faced by professional counsellors/therapists and have decided to carry out a full survey on this topic. As we don’t know any professional personally hence we need your help to
    complete the study. Here is the link to the survey form:

    We will be very glad and will appreciate your kind gesture to help us complete our study by participating in our survey

  • Wow! Such a powerful message. I wish I had role model when I was younger. Love her! What an intelligent young lady. Love the research!

  • Great FIRST session, sure something’s can be improved but as therapists we are not perfect either and will be clunky occasionally and miss opportunities. The main thing is that she was thorough in making the initial assessment and being attentive to her clients story. Thanks for the video!

  • I don’t want to judge the therapist’s work at all, but I think I would have picked up the phrase the girl said at 8:59 about “not deserving to be here” and explore suicidal thoughts and intent.

    Also, personally, I find it very useful to write down a scheme for the other person to visualize a bigger picture of how her/his feelings, thoughts and behaviors are all connected and contribute to the cycle of depression, anxiety or whatever the problem is. And then another regarding the resources she/he has or that can be built to cope with her/his problem.
    Specially for people who don’t have a very high degree of education or abstract thought.

    But then again, easier said than done. Remember that we shouldn’t judge each other’s work, but contribute with tips and suggestions to be all better professionals and help the people we come in contact with.

    As a Psychology student, thank you so much for this video!

  • Great video. I’m going to school for psychology with a concentration in addiction and child and adolescents. I want to help addicts and their family members who don’t have health insurance. Hope to be where you are soon.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that CBT is for people who don’t know themselves very well, I can come up with all the reasons to why I feel a certain way and what makes me tick, and give you counter arguments but it still doesn’t help, I share my feelings with anyone, I dont care in that respect, so telling me what I already know doesn’t help, it seems you have to just keep moving towards what you want (if you have the strength) and then over time hopefully things work out, so you can start to feel good about something.

  • Message SilencedVictims on Instagram he helps people get through depression, anxiety and other feelings like them. He offers therapy for 10 times cheaper than a Therapist that you would have to go to and speak to face to face(£25/$35). He helps you through text because many people may not feel confident going out and seeing a therapist. This also gives you time to think and really express yourself, he is there to listen and assist.

  • All the ones commenting on how therapy isn’t fruitful are the ones who haven’t ever seen a good therapist or probably have lucky stars to never have to go through any form of mental illness.
    Fu haters!

  • This was very good. I have that VERY core belief and led me to years of drinking heavily. This in turn made me feel even worse about myself and the relationships around absolutely began to crumble. In my head, I thought “see I’m worthless, I can’t stop drinking and my life is in shambles”. My therapist recommended CBT and I just wanted to see how it worked. I believe this can be helpful for me.

  • I do not recommend dealing with EF English after following them I discovered that many people complain about the failure of the program, this is my experience with them and I am ready to expose them everywhere.

  • I personally dont think a therapist should ask such questions as: why are you sad, how should I support you? Instead they should show their empathy and become a source of reliability for the patient. Ofcourse you need to know what their reason is but dont do it thro only questions. As I said empathise with them. Slowly get to know them and let them reveal their problems to you themselves.

  • I had a session with a psychologist last year which was pretty much the same as this one, with me telling her my thoughts and her rephrasing them and asking questions that I myself have pondered hundreds of times. found it very unhelpful, guess cbt isn’t for me. it feels like I just get my own thoughts thrown back at me without any constructive dialogue.

    edit: just remembered that her summing my thoughts up felt somehow detached, like she could be talking about anyone. you’re sitting there, baring your soul, and she’s throwing names of emotions you’re experiencing without attaching them to you and your personal circumstances.

  • This is utterly brilliant and invaluable, it is such an overlooked area, I am absolutely going to try and Victoria Garrick on my podcast. Well done Victoria!

  • The joker in Batman saw a psychologist his response was “everytime I come in you say the same thing, how was your day, have you had any negative thoughts…… All my thoughts are negative”
    Wonder how that therapist responded at someone opening up about their fraudulent profession

  • Hi, we are watching this video as a university project and I am just wondering if you had any frameworks in mind when making this video? (Biomedical, recovery or social)?

  • poor girl. she smiles while talking about all these things that trouble her. that just shows how accustomed she is to masking her pain.

  • The Human Brain is retarded. (quite literally)
    Living in huge population societies is not how humans was supposed to be
    we’re evolving faster than our brains can adapt to population increases and technology.

    We’re hunter gatherers that are supposed to live in tribes.

  • i don’t know why no psychiatrist never talks or believes in DESTINY and Environment ; these depressed people are born. They should do counselling in that particular way so things should be solved slowly because narcissist mother or father or siblings never allow you to take control over them hence putting you in depression and making you powerless and if you are strong and wise enough then you can control the circumstances slowly. Remember and read the word carefully “WISDOM”

  • I think this could be a Humanistic, Carl Rogers approach than the CBT model, because I don’t see much of behaviorism in the session. Or maybe this is just a short beginning, I hope there is a realization of the model more.

  • Great session,learnt a great technique to use by myself
    And it is not that we are not lovable but our fear/ core belief is a big hurdle to connect with the right person.because right person will always interact in the right way,not needy and clingy way.because we are not familiar with right patterns

  • I’m not so sure that teaching someone if you do things for others you will get something in return. That’s the issue. It’s called expectation. And it will not get anyone anywhere good. Teaching to do for or give to others and learning to find the joy in that alone, wo expectation of anything in return, is the best reinforcer IMO.

  • C: “Hi my name is lucy”… T: ” so I understood that you said your name is Lucy?” C: “I am sad” T; ” I hear you say you are a sad. is this correct?” I hate when therapists repeat every statement you make. I sounds like a call center employee

  • Depression is nothing..
    1. Feelings are temporary. STAY STRONG nd live proudly.
    2. Always remember if you smile at a person he will respond same.
    3. Mediatate
    4. I suggest every hindu to chant “hanuman chalisa” you will start feeling positivity within 3 or 4 days.
    5. If you are not in condition to make dicisions about life then talk with someone and take advice.
    6. Remeber its all illusion in your mind but you are the owner of your life and you know how to control it and live amazingly.
    7. Its all upto you so be optimistic.

    I am sharing from my personal experience and remember don’t ever be extreme for anything like love, success etc. come on man its life live more.

  • CBT talk therapy does help clear things in the minds of people with depression. What I’m not so sure about is if a person still has to live in the toxic environment that triggered the depression… how can this technique help them to cope?? Please respond and throw some light on this for us. Thanks!!

  • “You skin isn’t paper dont cut, it your face isn’t a mask dont hide it, your size isn’t a book dont judge, it your heart isn’t a door dont close it. Your life isn’t a film dont end it.” -by israt Jahan

  • I don’t think I could ever go back to therapy. He told me I was going to give him a panic attack because I was explaining pulling out my itchy eyelashes.

  • I should be starting dbt next week, I can’t wait, I want my abandonment issues to control me and ruin my friendships/relationships, I’m seen as toxic over how obsessed I get over people and I always think everyone hates me:( I can’t live like this anymore

  • That was great. I wanna have a session lol I don’t know what my core belief would be.. my core fears are:
    Being in conflict, tension, or discord; feeling shut out and overlooked; losing connection with others.
    And my core desires are:
    Having inner stability and peace of mind.

  • I actually worked with Dr. Esme Shaller’s husband, Dr. Gary Shaller. I was a patient of his. He is also a Psychologist, but works at Kaiser. I had a negative experience working with him, and he badmouthed me to his colleagues. I can’t speak about Dr. Esme Shaller, but I can say with certainty her husband Dr. Gary Shaller is not a good therapist. For him to be part of the DBT Team which treats the highly stigmatized disorder BPD, is shocking. He doesn’t have the patience or commitment to help people find a life worth living. Rather, he sabotaged me by badmouthing me.

  • Wow!!! This is not how DBT is done in India, No wonder I’ve not got any benifit from my therapies. Thanks for putting light on why DBT actually is.

  • I have come across this video accidentally what a find thank you and thank God, because i honestly believe it was meant to find☺ okay so i posted my comment before the end of the video im really impressed. I don’t usually compliment anyting this merits a compliments.

  • I did DBT through my local primary mental health trust and it most certainly wasn’t DBT as this has been explained. I only had a monthly session where I got handouts on emotions, which didn’t teach me the skills I needed to “emotionally” regulate due to Complex PTSD. I’m into astrology and have a lot of fire and water in my chart so now it makes me feel like am I just an emotionally expressive person. I do have an issue with swings, with comfort eating, which I’ve addressed with nutrition but as soon as I’m stressed by something I reach for food to soothe and calm me. Just writing this down has helped me a lot. I can see this is a great therapy for complex ptsd. I only had the “individual therapy” and I was desperate for the skills part and being part of a group would have really helped me learn from others. I can really see the value in this therapy and wish it had been taught to me more effectively. I also believe it is about using the “wise mind” so holding both emotion and logic simultaneously in order to engage the wisdom needed for the situation at and, which I’m finding hard right now. I’m also intrigued that it employs the “both and” thinking, so not just accepting where you are but also working on change at the same time the dialectal thinking part instead of the usual black and white thinking bit. Great video thank you and I look to learn more now, even use it as part of a group I want to set up. Thank you.

  • Please do a spanish language version of this it would be most helpful. The subtitles are a bit hard to follow they scroll too fast.

  • It’s been really difficult for me to have the courage to go to a psychologist. I’ve cancelled 2 appointments already, because I don’t feel sure or secure. I know I need help but I don’t know how to look for help o who to ask for help.

  • I work at a juvenile detention center in Texas. They’ve been forcing us to teach DBT to our residents for the last year, and I’m REALLY trying to wrap my head around it. These kids are the worst of the worst. They’re kids that have committed very adult crimes and have absolutely NO interest in learning anything to better themselves. No matter how you approach them about it. Here is my question. To the brilliant psychologists who have come up with this, have you EVER attempted to reach kids who are killers, robbers, gang members, etc., and has it ever actually worked? If so… HOW? I have no doubt that this is very useful information to those who are in need or bettering themselves, IF THEY WANT IT. But, trying to force it on kids who want nothing to do with it, I’d love to know how to get the to even care to listen.

  • This is absolutely pathetic. If you don’t want to be an athlete, don’t take it on. She is obviously psychologically unsuited to being an athlete, and is using this to try to drag everyone down to her level. I was an NCAA swimmer for 4 years, the training was gruelling, and it was the best time of my life.

  • yea but what does one do if your a quiet boarderline type and can’t afford or have time for therapy all these videos contain easier said than done info how about everyone else who doesn’t have mental illness do therapy cuz i didn’t abuse myself others did bout time all the mentally sound put forth the time instead of making shit videos like then maybe our suicide rate will drop food for thought ��

  • I just recently came across the concept of “learned helplessness” which would be a fully external and uncontrollable influence. It’s when someone (usually a child) is unable to get a different/positive response to different actions taken. It also is a bit similar to gaslighting, where someone’s reaction is not correlated with your reality. For me as an adult I’ve realized I’ve become like the target described here in the vid, mostly due currently to the nonsense that occurs at my workplace where input does not align with reward. I realize now I need to find a new job and it’s not just my maladjustment causing this depressed state. Just putting this out here because the concept was a paradigm shift for me. I think we are so apt to run from “victim” status that we forget to consider the real possibility that your daily action/recognition is tied to people that don’t have your best interests in mind. But adults can change that in a lot of cases, fairly quickly.

  • Hi everyone, I’m currently fundraising to fight depression, quit the 9-5 and educate myself to start my own business! Read my story by clicking the link below, thanks!

  • The performance of this psychologist gives me the creeps. I keep wanting to tell her to listen instead of talk. I felt there was a great deal wrong with her performance. A therapist isn’t supposed to be a chatty Cathy.

  • I LOVE this video! I recommend all of my clients watch it! I wrote a blog specifically trying to explain dialectics:

  • I watched the whole interview! And my one core believe is I have to strong of facial features and that leads to more attitude issues on my part &I was wondering is it just certain people that I my clash with or is it everyone I come in contact with her this vibe and feeling about me?

  • I didnt come here because someone told me that I could benefit from DBT, I came here to learn about it, as I study to become a psychotherapist. I would be careful about making claims like “If you’re here, it’s because….”, as I would prefer any specialist to keep an open mind, and not tell me why I’m doing anything. It just rubbed me the wrong way, and instantly made me doubt the quality and science behind this video. I’m really not trying to be mean, but I would be careful about saying things like that in the beginning of a video.

  • If an Individual is a Good Person, they should feel different with in a family that is dysfunctional,, I disagree with your assumption that the word “Family” means perfection, most family’s these days are dysfunctional to a degree. Your over all Analysis is helpful though.

  • I still don’t understand what CBD is supposed to do? I had a therapist just like the one above. Is it just about her repeating what you are saying. BC I knew what I was thinking. I can speak quite plainly and clearly and know what my problem is. What’s the point of just having them repeat what you say?

  • Conversation is a key word in the field of psychology. Anxiety, depression, sense of loneliness, suicidal

    thoughts are common among those, who are left alone or being affected by killing incidents. A

    conversation can help to overcome these negative feelings. So the importance of an empathetic

    approach can not be ignored.

    According to my views, Listening plays a vital role in a conversation. Before that, asking with all the

    compassions can win the trust of the person who lacks from the mental balance. Then only supporting

    can become a healing touch to the concerned person and the process can make a difference.

  • I was in a group that used DBT. The therapists were formed by the team of Dr Linehan. We didn’t have an individual therapy, didn’t have a 24h way to contact them and after all the lessons were given from Dr Linehan book, we were told we had all the knowledge we needed to get out there and deal with real life on our own. The therapists are in a group to help one another but they simply didn’t help any of us on an individual bases.

  • DBT could also be done via Skype, in different languages, and therapists-clients in different localities.
    I’m very long retired now, here in the Australian Capital Territory. DBT also can benefit from smartphone technologies: Wechat, WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc. Journal keeping, diaries, schedules, etc… have many applications on smartphone as well.

  • Thank you for this! the visuals are very helpful as is the voice for narration. I would like if it could be slowed down just a little to give us time to process all the info.

  • I love this video. I send it to people who ask me what DBT is. I like be open about the fact that I am starting DBT, so this video is a easy-to-understand non-judgmental way of explaining it to them.

  • can someone tell me please what the benefits could be, if a court along with my forensic therapist demands by court order that i must follow a DBT? -when im NOT motivated at all.
    And telling that if i must go, i cant refuse, but i dont partisipate in actively join the sessions? And sitting ducks in a corner, not motivated.
    My life is great, i dont need change. I like the thrills and lots of fun.
    plus it can make me far more worse, and dangerous, because im a highly intelligent borderline sociopath.

  • This much better than telling my teacher why I have scars and telling her not to call my mom but she did and she ruined me even more, she tries to see my scars and that’s uncomfortable and more when sometimes she is the one that triggers me.

  • This video is wonderful! I will be sharing this with my clients and families! Thank you sooo much for making this wonderful explanation of DBT and its breakdown!