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A recent study showed that a single bout of exercise is enough to change your body image for the better. And the session doesn’t even need to be all that long. Researchers found 30 minutes was enough to make a lasting positive impact. (OK, it was actually 38 minutes when you add in the 5-minute warmup and 3-minute cooldown participants did. A new study explores the impact of a single 30-minute exercise session on body image.

A Gender and Body Image study from 2013 reports that only 11 percent of adult U.S. women over the age of 45. Grab your sneakers. A small study published this month in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that just 30 minutes of exercise can have a positive affect on a woman’s body image. Women felt both slimmer and stronger immediately after they finished their workout and the feeling lasted for at least 20 minutes post-workout. Researchers gathered 75 college-aged women who.

Study Says Just One Workout Could Improve Your Body Image Study Says Just One Workout Could Improve Your Body Image It only takes one quick 30-minute workout to. The study found no difference in body image improvement between people who met the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines by exercising at least 30 minutes a day five days a week. One study shows that people who start a workout program improve their body image even before they see results.

Remember it’s not all about you. That may sound harsh, but it isn’t. It helped many self-conscious clients. Exercise Improves Body Image For Fit And Unfit Alike “This is an important study because it shows that doing virtually any type of exercise, on a regular basis, can.

But new research suggests that a single bout of physical exercise can make us feel stronger, thinner, and happier overall with our bodies. A Gender and Body Image study from 2013 reports that only 11 percent of adult U.S. women over the age of 45 are satisfied with the appearance of. Body Image One Simple Exercise to Improve Your Body Image Research suggests a brief writing exercise may improve body image. Posted Mar 02, 2018.

One Simple Exercise to Improve Your Body Image Research suggests a brief writing exercise may improve body image. Posted Mar 02, 2018.

List of related literature:

Presumably, body image is more likely to improve when exercisers self-report a meaningful transformation in their physique and their physical capabilities.

“Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance” by Thomas F. Cash
from Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance
by Thomas F. Cash
Elsevier Science, 2012

Thus, the assumption that exercise-induced fitness changes are responsible for improvements in body image is challenged by the evidence.

“Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention” by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
from Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention
by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
Guilford Publications, 2011

body image improves as a result of weight loss or changes in body composition, but that’s not what the data shows.

“Body Kindness: Transform Your Health from the Inside Out-and Never Say Diet Again” by Rebecca Scritchfield
from Body Kindness: Transform Your Health from the Inside Out-and Never Say Diet Again
by Rebecca Scritchfield
Workman Publishing Company, 2016

Of course, the present studies did not actually examine the effect of these body image changes on intention to exercise.

“Body Image: New Research” by Marlene V. Kindes
from Body Image: New Research
by Marlene V. Kindes
Nova Biomedical Books, 2006

Many studies have been carried on the links between body image and exercise and in 2006 Hausenblas and Fallon carried out a meta-analysis of the results.

“Health Psychology: A Textbook: A textbook” by Ogden, Jane
from Health Psychology: A Textbook: A textbook
by Ogden, Jane
Open University Press, 2012

All of these studies showed body image improvements after several weeks.

“The Body Image Workbook: An Eight-step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks” by Thomas F. Cash
from The Body Image Workbook: An Eight-step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks
by Thomas F. Cash
New Harbinger Publications, 2008

Other studies have shown that body image improvements can occur without weight reduction.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment
by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
Guilford Publications, 2004

There has been extensive research exploring the relationship between exercise participation and body image.

“Health Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice” by David F. Marks, Michael Murray, Emee Vida Estacio
from Health Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice
by David F. Marks, Michael Murray, Emee Vida Estacio
SAGE Publications, 2018

Indeed, body image flexibility has been revealed as a potential mechanism of change within this research.

“Handbook of Positive Body Image and Embodiment: Constructs, Protective Factors, and Interventions” by Tracy L. Tylka, Niva Piran
from Handbook of Positive Body Image and Embodiment: Constructs, Protective Factors, and Interventions
by Tracy L. Tylka, Niva Piran
Oxford University Press, 2019

Evidence is also emerging to indicate that exercise may improve body image.

“ACSM's Guide to Exercise and Cancer Survivorship” by American College of Sports Medicine, Melinda L. Irwin
from ACSM’s Guide to Exercise and Cancer Survivorship
by American College of Sports Medicine, Melinda L. Irwin
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

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  • You are awesome! You’re literally the reason I learned that your body type/image/size says NOTHING about what you can ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH physically and achieve in fitness. You talking about these things is SO AMAZING and IMPORTANT. PLEEEAAASSSE keep it up! The world needs women like you! ����������

  • Thanks Bailey for answering all the questions. My favourite outfit was the blue one although it was very hard just to pick one they were all lovely �� xx

  • I had in incisional hernia repair about two weeks ago, and I am still sore and find it difficult to move about. I was in patient for 3 days, and my insurance denied my third day costs, because I wouldn’t get up and walk around the second day. Such nonsense, I could barely move, let alone get up 2nd day.

  • Mike you always and always gives inspiration to stay healthy in much profound manner.. Thanks for superb information, Grateful to you

  • Since going on a ketogenic diet, (initially only to encourage and support my husband), I improved my VO2 max from 42, to 47 (according to Gamin) (Age 57). I lost those extra 5kgs that previously refused to budge no matter how much I exercised and my blood work improved. Also improved is my running speed and athletic consistency. Keto diet involves, very low carb, medium protein and high fat (including saturated fat), as I’m sure you are aware. (I think it is very important to note that with the change of diet, anyone going on it must also be sure to include all the important nutrients and fibre in the diet, although sometimes you have to find different sources.) It has done wonders for myself and also my husband. He was very overweight, with high blood pressure and a 400 + CAC score. I got him onto this as alternate solution to using statins. His doctor’s words, upon a check up, were, “What every you are doing… keep doing it!” We do not do intermittent fasting however. I would be interested to hear your perspective on all this? Hubby is much improved and lost 14kgs, but still suffers from the medical condition SOYATL unfortunately. One of the bonuses of this diet, is that I don’t have to leave the bedroom in the middle of the night any more due to his unbearable SNORING!!!

  • Hey Doc, we need to make some corrections to your form on those pushups before you really screw your shoulders up. It’ll also get you better activation of your pecs. Your shoulders should be retracted and depressed; like your trying to pull them into your back pockets. You also need to externally rotate your humerus, keeping your elbows in close to your side. I also noticed you’re unpacking your shoulders in the bottom of your pull-ups; again this is bad for your shoulders. Keep it tight. Best wishes.

  • Asks me what Doctor Mike is saying or said……… ����……. I was too busy eye-balling him and his beauty. It’s a crime to have such beauty as him, as a doctor not fair‼️ He’s too distracting to pay attention to what he’s teaching us.

  • This is an excellent video-to the point and packed with good information-not the same old same old-plus I LOVE how your videos are all evidence-based. Thanks, super helpful! I will re-watch when I need extra motivation!

  • LOVED this video!!! �� So hard to pick one they are all super cute but my favorite is the blue outfit. High-waisted is always comforting and I’m on a light-blue kick lately.

  • I like that, “focusing on what my body can do for me”:) thanks Bailey and Hunty! I’m so glad I’ve signed back up for BBFit, especially with our “new” normal, really helps my mental space.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I lost 30 lbs and 4 pants sizes in the past year and my boyfriend’s family shamed me for it Thursday I don’t understand why. I felt horrible and your video helped so much! Thank you!

  • You look so beautiful and unique, even your workouts have something special�� I hope you’ll film a slimming calves workout, it’s requested and very rare to find. I’d really appreciate it ��

  • Thanks for the video! Btw, your videos really are pretty nifty for getting a healthy, full-of-life feeling and even for being sanguine when things are not so flawless as wanted! ❤️ Love from Spain!

  • You always make me feel comfortable in my own skin. Your attitude towards healthy eating and exercise as a reward/choice and not as a punishment is what really helped me get into better shape. I always thought of working out as something I had to do to be happy with my body, now I work out when I want to and enjoy it.

  • I had my umbilical hernia operation 2 days ago, 2 days after the op I don’t feel any pain (just uncomfortable getting up from sitting and getting in and out of bed in the morning), everyone’s body reacts differently to procedures and operations, I haven’t taken any pain relief either as I don’t like taking tablets unless I really have to, I’m glad I went for the operation and looking forward to the days when I can get back to normal duties

  • OMG I am ABSOLUTELY in love with your series!! Thank you thank you��Bailey, you have no clue how grateful I am for you cause I would never be able to afford something like this!! I’m here to learn and to hopefully bring some health and light to my community..I’m trying to get ppl to understand that poverty is a state of mind and not a category that we are locked into..thank you for helping me rip down walls and break the cycle!!! ����������now where to start??!??����

  • I love baby blue set i just got mine from bo+tee a few weeks ago and it’s been my go to ever since!!! Thank you for always being such a positive part of my day Bailey, you are so sweet and hunty is too!
    Can’t wait to travel to Australia for a class of yours one day ��

  • Love how wholesome and down to earth you are!!! You looked like an absolute beach goddess surrounded by all those lovely blue hues and ocean motifs in the opening scene.

  • I had laparoscopic surgery on a left inguinal hernia in 2012, the week after I could barely move, it was SO uncomfortable. I’ve now got a tiny hernia on my right side which is causing me pain.

  • loved this!! your positivity and open attitude really inspire me �� and I loveeee the baby blue outfit it looked so good on your skin tone xx

  • I loved this video you and Hunty are so cute! You looked so pretty in the orange it made your blue eyes pop. Can’t wait till we can do another toronto meet up can’t believe it will be a year next month. I’m so happy I found your channel and to have you as a role model. Love you Bails ��

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  • I suspect I have an incisional hernia following abdominal muscle flap surgery to repair a fistula created from radiation treatment for colon cancer.  It’s an absolute round ball that has formed on my left abdomen which swells and gets rigid as if contractioning at times.  It is mildly painful but seems to keep getting larger.  I am certain my doctors will want to do surgery and possibly put mesh in my abdomen, what types of tests are used to determine the extent of the hernia and how long can I expect the recovery process to take?  I am otherwise cancer free and  back to a healthy state, not on any medication.

  • Orange outfit was my favorite! Thank you for all the great videos Bailey! I discovered you a few months ago and you have made me feel so much more body confident! ❤️

  • My fav outfit was the baby blue one!! But you nailed every single outfit�� Btw I really love your 5 min workouts they are sooo efective.

  • I have an incisional hernia from crohn’s surgery in 2013. Started at my navel and just grew. Surgeons will not repair because my crohn’s is not under control (drugs do not work for me). He said he will fix it up when I next obstruct and need another resection. Anyone tried the Shouldice surgery in Toronto?

  • Hi Bailey! I really loved your spirit and honesty. You are sooo motivating. Thank you so much for all you do. I really loved all of the outfits you wore but, my fav is the blue. It really brings out your eyes. See you in the next one!

  • Hi, very interesting video, I think you’re really beautiful in and out�� how did you found balance between your diet and cravings? I love to eat healthy because I feel so much better but when I had a “cheat day” maybe once a week I feel so guilty..

  • im so thankful for you! I just finished your most recent butt/outer thigh workout and I felt my butt! I have a trouble feeling my butt since im quad dominant so I was so excited!!sorry prob sound crazy but im so happy I actually felt it. and you are such a beautiful person inside and outside you are such a light of positivity and you’re so sweet��

  • Yay! Loved this! Nice learning more about the lady I work out with everyday!! Also, you can pull of any look! Loved the tie die outfits and the baby blue one!

  • I loved the last outfit! I’ve never seen a top like that before. Sad to hear your leaving Aus some time but I hope to meet you before you do!

  • The last outfit was definitely my favorite! Love the tie dye with pastels and the top reminds me of a princess! Thank you for your content, it always brightens my day:) ☀️

  • update…. the second week has been more difficult and I did experience some severe pain on the fourth day. the gas they used for the surgery came up into my chest and put pressure on my diaphram making it feel like a heart attack so I took the anti nausea medicine and that pain stopped then pain went into my stomach that felt like having been shot with a shotgun. I’ve been more tired this last week and not able to do nearly as much without getting really tired, have had some pain but it’s subsiding little but little, I’ve had a lot of itching where they stiched or stapled the incisions back. I want to get back to being able to do a lot. hopefully this next week will be better.

  • I’m so thrilled to have found your channel. I had been working out but resisted any kind of guidance until I hit a plateau and then hurt myself. I tried a few channels but yours are fun and inspiring, even the long ones that kick my butt leave me feeling great! I was also thrilled to hear(but not surprised) you’re Canadian! Next time you come to Toronto to do a live class, you can count me in!!
    Stay awesome!
    PS I liked the blue outfit!

    3:19 The Beauty Ideal Myth
    5:48 Adjusting Language
    8:25 Understanding Values + Finding Interests
    12:06 Self Care
    14:10 A Gratitude Practice

    Hope you all enjoy this one or find it helpful! Thank you for being here and WORKING ON YOU! The easiest way to make the world a better place is to search for peace within one’s self. Thanks for making the world a lil bit better for the rest of us!

  • I am so impressed with this vlog. Everything about it was seemless and stunning. What a beautiful couple you and your boyfriend make. I loved it, hope there is more to come ☺️❤️

  • Got that right…..I’m on Day 4 and it’s a killer! I notice as each day passes when I wake up, I feel stronger until the evening and then I’m dosing on Advil until bed time.

  • I’m sorry my beef with body image, is that American women are so obsessed with having big butts all the time and and lack of modesty.

  • Totally “hot” for Dr. Mike. �� Watching him exercise has encouraged me to do so as well. Is there anyway I could feel your ���� if I lose 50lbs? ����

  • Hi! I’m a fan from Japan���� I love your videos and you motivate me so much to work out and be healthy!! I loved all the outfits, but I would say my most favorite one is the baby blue��

  • I think my best bit is my kindness. I do love how much stronger I am getting and the body positivity that have felt throughout this challenge when the negative thoughts about my looks start to seep in.

  • PLEASE come do a live workout in Toronto!!! I love your videos and do your workouts RELIGIOUSLY every single day! Thanks for everything:)

  • Loved your orange outfit for overall fit, but the baby-blue is a fav for colors! Have been using your YouTube videos for the past year. Just started with the BBFIT App as a leveling up choice. Thanks for the video and all of the hard, but doable classes!

  • Hi Beautiful great video!! Your workout outfits were all Gorgeous on you!! Love the pink & blue!! ������ yummy!! �� I’m definitely making that smoothie bowl!

  • our workout routine is almost the same like the timing and what type of workout hahah except I cut out cardio and HIIT temporarily to help get my period back!

  • Thanks for admitting that negativity hits you to but not letting it stay very long. I fight negativity off it seems constantly and wonder how people that inspire me never have to deal with it. It hits you to but your attitude towards it is what keeps it at bay. I’m not alone. Your awesome.

  • my favourite outfit from today’s vlog was the orange set from bo + tee!!! <3 so so so grateful for your workouts, found your channel at the beginning of quarantine and I've been doing the short workouts ever since:) would love the chance to try out your app!

  • Everyone has different bodies and they are all beautiful ❤️ We did not chose the way we are born, so no one deserves body shaming ��I Adore your positive personality ❤️

  • “How you look is a 100% the least interesting thing about you” is such a simple statement but yet, it made such a difference for me to hear that.
    This video was definitely a breakthrough for my self esteem and my relationship with my body. I’ve watched when it came out and I come back to it every now and then.
    I’ve lost 16 Kg, gained a lot of muscle and even if I want to improve, I’m not stuck on that mentality of “I’ll like my body when I get to that weight” anymore. I love my body how it is now, and because I love it, I know that I can still improve it, get stronger, get healthier

  • You are amazing! I feel like I don’t fit in with the fitness industry and you are making room for us to make a change! Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this.

  • Hello Dr my wife has also umbilical hernia, n now she is pragnent, is this possible that c, section n hernia surgery will at the same time

  • I would generally recommend Mayo, for this type of hernia surgery, as I’ve had other types surgery there performed satisfactory.
    But due to a large surgical incision from an emergency exploratory surgery from gunshot wound, I later developed a incisional hernia that had grown larger over years as the muscle tore through physical activities, but also due to the large incision I had other area of concern, both above & below the more noticeable hernia, and I asked the doctor to address these problematical area at the same time.
    He did not!
    And only address a small portion of the much larger hernia area, within a year the other areas became larger & his initial hernia repairs began to fail as well, I lived with this for many years, to finally have it addressed again this year, where the surgeon found several hernias in addition to the larger ones I felt around my navel, he was able to utilize the old scar, and initially I was optimistic, he used a large amount of mesh, but my body began to reject the mesh & ive developed chronic seromas, multiple drains & aspirations to address this, only to have it return, had a 2nd surgery this year to remove a large encapsulated seroma, and it of course returned within a couple weeks, pain, swelling, inability to work fully, very difficult to find another quality surgeon, and I don’t trust Mayo anymore,
    They are not the hospital, that they used to be… I’ve used them many times for other complications in the past, but they are too high on their costs, and providing less than satisfactory results,
    I’ve found another specialist surgeon out of state, but it will be months before he can operate, and I’m concerned if he can truly repair all the internal damage.
    I wonder if the surgeon at Mayo had done a good job, & performed the surgery as I had requested several years ago, I wouldn’t be dealing with these disastrous results today!

  • Three weeks after full surgery, following a failed keyhole surgery 18months ago.
    Rushed into hospital with a strangulated hernia, extremely painful especially when surgeons assistant tried to put it back.
    I’ve tried to get up from bed rest but it feels like the stitches inside are being stretched to there limits and it’s painful, surface wound fine now, I’ve kept it clean so no worries there.
    I’m going to have to listen to doctors orders and bed rest for at least another week and no lifting.

  • This is an amazing topic! I love the way you guys approached this video, and of course the fact that 2 of my favorite youtubers were in the same video!! Steph & Meg, you guys are awesome!

  • Hey, I just wanted to let you know I found you through Instagram as I am interested in a lot of gym inspiration but your videos are also amazing and so glad to subscribe!

  • I love your videos! You’re inspiring me to lift, even though right now I’m just working at home with dumbbells because 1. I’m broke and 2. Honestly I’m intimidated by the gym. I just buy heavier dumbbells whenever I can afford them. But someday I want guns like yours ❤️

  • You really went all out on this one to try to give a well-rounded presentation on a serious topic. Here’s an upvote, and good work.

  • I just had umbilical hernia surgery 5 days ago, I’ve got mesh insterted. Went home the same day, recover has been okay the first 3 days were among the worse, the Tramadol 50 mg did not help that much. As it being the 5th day I feel better I can sit up on my own, bend, and walk without hunching over. My only problem is that I am short of breath and have lots of mucus in my lungs from not coughing, which I refuse because it hurts so much, hopefully I don’t get pneumonia, ive been doing breathing exercises. My advice to those getting the surgery is to rest and to stay hydrated. If anyone has advice for me please feel free

  • I had this surgery in 2017 and had complications and the doctor went in on June 3rd2019 and put blanket mesh across my stomach and told me everything would be taken care of now but a year later I’m in so much pain I can’t do anything I used to walk 13 miles a day and now I can’t make it around the block without being doubled over in pain my stomach is so swollen I can’t wear any of my clothes went from small to large being tight and I can’t find anyone that can fix it

  • Great video a topic I have struggled with all my life. For me exercising from a mindset of self care, to get my body as strong and healthy as possible so I have a good fitness level that will allow me to be as active and independent as possible for as long as possible as I get older has made a massive difference to my motivation level. When I was exercising just to try look a certain way it felt like a chore & I resented it.

  • Meg OMG I have closed captioning turned on and in the beginning when you said freaking fitness influencer, the caption said “fitness molester”!

  • You have celiacs?? I also have celiacs disease. How do you eat out so much? Are there just more gluten free restaurants in Australia?

  • Thanks for the video, it’s great. I’m a 43 year old dad of a five year old girl, I’ve been training in martial arts for a long time and recently started in Muay Thai and BJJ. I’ve realised in my experience how body image plays a huge part in how you’re measured and how knowing that limits my confidence in performance. I have skinny legs but they’re very durable when it comes to kicking, however I’ve been trying to gain size purely for aesthetics and it works against me as it slows me down in sparring. I aim to break past the limitations I put on myself due to body image, if not for anything other than to instil the same level of confidence in my daughter as she grows up. Great video! ���� Ps this might sound strange coming from a man but it’s worth noting that it exists not just in women.

  • Thank you for this video. I love it so much, that I listened to it twice. Very well articulated advice about self-image. Journaling is something that has always interested me, but I have not been consistent. The five-minute journal idea is great, and I am starting that today! I also loved the point about how our speech affects the way we think about ourselves.

  • You’re my absolute fave ❤❤❤ thank you for always being so positive and inclusive. I’m from South Africa btw and fitness influencers here should watch this.

  • I love you! I’m starting to build muscle so it means eating way more than before! It scares the shit out of me but having people like you to watch and help motivate really helps with my mindset.

  • Genetically the “ideal” is health and fertility. In the past, the greatest threat to humans was starvation, that is why fattened rotund women were the most desired. The script has flipped, in modern age the greatest threat to modern civilization is obesity. So we see people with low bodyfat as “healthy”. Smooth unblemished skin, flushed lips, strong shiny hair all indicate a positive health status, on women full hips and breasts indicate positive fertility status. A modern man’s ideal woman has: low bodyfat, full tits, hips and lips, strong shiny hair and unblemished skin.

  • It has been 14 days since I started out enjoying this brain training game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) and I`m amazed how it helped me focus well in other cases! This is really a exciting but challenging game you need to try. I haven`t paid something in order to play it.

  • This kind of videos really helps a lot to make us get along with our insecurities, which is super normal, and to build healthy mindset! Thanks Meg. ❤️

  • I had this surgery done on 12/10 and today, on the 17th day after surgery, I’m still recovering but I haven’t needed any pain medication since the first day. Also got the mesh. I was walking around the same day, and did at least 30 minutes of walking (either collectively or in 10 minute increments) since then. It’s surprising to hear how many people weren’t able to walk! I still can’t go as fast as my normal pace, but it’s not so bad as of now. Had I read these comments before my surgery, I probably would’ve postponed it. 
    I had 5 incisions instead of the 4 they said it would be. I looked like I was at least 8 months pregnant after the first few days.
    I hope those that were taking longer to recover are doing a to better! I’m still not 100% yet either, and I hope to be able to eat more solid foods by mid-January. Did anyone have trouble with eating afterward?
    I’m also surprised that many websites and some doctors say that you can return to work after a few days. In what universe??


  • So ironic that the advertisement before this video was for an app called “body app” in which you can photoshop your body to look NOTHING like your real body. Ughhhh ����

  • please do a follow up video for the specific explanation for why leaving a few hours after studying to exercise is useful is rather interesting and such information would certainly affect my routine and likely the routine of many other students.

  • Meg thank you for speaking on this topic. I have been fighting with those feeling all my life. some advice is the same but very hard to do when you can not think of a nice thing to say about your self you sit and look at empty pages or questions and think it would be nice just to disappear

  • I’m getting my Master’s in a field that deals with mental health and this video is so needed!!!! I also love that you encourage people to ask questions and think critically about images they see. I do feel that critical thinking is something we’ve lost. I love your strong strong friends program!!! (Looking forward to deload week lololol)

  • What really helps me not beat down on myself is looking at how capable my body is and realizing how much stronger I am than a few months ago. I love this vid though <3

  • I loved how other fitness YouTubers participated on the video, sharing also their views on body image. It was a breeze of fresh air seeing a guy sharing his views on this topic about himself. Body image issues are usually only thought to be about women.

    I wish Calissa King had provided some practical examples about what does it mean to make yourself uncomfortable for this topic.

  • My favourite outfit was the blue, it just felt like it was you. Really enjoyed watching that thank you. Thanks for the work outs too, I know I can do anything for 5 minutes. Have a wonder day❤️

  • i am obsessed with every single thing about this video. the actionable tips. your easy confident attitude. the positive undertones throughout. stephanie’s cameo. thank you SO much for this video

  • I actually switched programs from Stephanie’s to Stronger by the Day. Id done hers for a while and was looking to switch it up, but the reason i thought to try SBD ( which has changed my entire life and body) in the first place was because you actually post technique and skill videos and not just these ones… which makes these ones more valuable to me. I’m not going to lie, I love what Steph’s doing but its so personal that its now become 100% of her content when I so badly loved her workout vids. At least we still have Jeff.
    It’s so hard to find smart female ‘influencers’ who lift well enough and have the extensive knowledge to coach AND post consistent vids.
    Video appreciated.. i didnt realize people were still looking at IG and comparing themselves, and hope they find a way to move forward so we can get back to talking about lifting bro.

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  • What is the best way to my IQ score increased over 15 points? I read loads of good reviews on the internet about how Rotogenflux Methods can assist you increase your IQ score over 17 points. Has any one tried using this intelligence boost system?

  • Fitness “experts” suggest group exercise (gym membership $) or personal trainer ($). How about free YouTube videos. Lolol. In my experience most ppl who own gym membership hate going bc it’s crowded and they feel insecure or they regress after their stint with the trainer.

    Great video! Super interesting info.

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  • Thank you so much for making this video, Meg! I feel I’ve recently been stuck in a negative rut after trying to get better within powerlifting and feel like I’m doing my best but getting nowhere. I know this isn’t true as powerlifting on any level takes time and dedication from anyone, of course. Your video here helped me with your tips, especially for self care. Two years ago I kept a gratitude journal/box where I’d write something I was grateful for/loved about myself every single day and I felt so much better when I started or ended my day that way. Your video was a great reminder it’s probably time for me to get back into that and stop being so hard on myself. I got a little teary-eyed at the end. Thank you so much again! xx

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  • I take my ass to the gym and run like hell via HIIT style for about an hour 3x per wk. I think that the most important muscle group in the body is the cardiac muscles and so that is what i focus on. AND i do some elevated pushups in between. Works for me. Especially since my diet is shit.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for the information. My fave part is loving your body for what it can do instead of what it looks like. Although this is something I know I forget quite often and the reminder was timely.

  • Ayyyyyeeee can u guy do an episode on androgen alopecia and what all studies show it differ in hormones die down as u age yet we still lose hair even if it has a low genetic presence

  • Is that why Putin is kicking the western leaders butts (diplomatically), like Obama’s for example that plays golf while Putin does swimming laps every day..

  • How exercise dont improve your memory: 1)You cant study at the same time, that means that you lose time for study. 2)You became tired, that means that you have less energy for brain. 3)You became stressed, and oxidants kills your neurons.

  • I’ve been working out for 5 years and I can barely remember what I did yesterday. People ask me “what did you do last weekend?” Hell if I know!

  • I have gotten into an excellent work out routine and I concur with this video. I’ve lost a lot of weight and gain significant strength and the mental aspects mentioned are also noticeable.

    1. I wake up at 4am each morning, drink two glasses of water in which one glass has 5 grams of creatine mixed in. I also drink 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a half glass of water, sometimes with coconut oil.
    2. Then I do my quiet time (prayer, bible reading, journaling).
    3. Then I drink a small cup of espresso and prep a protein shake to take with me.
    4. I eat a banana on the way to the gym.
    5. Workout for about 50 minutes (plus 10 minutes of stretching/warm up). Exercise is always different and is very much a crossfit style workout with HIIT exercises mixed with body weight, lifting and cardio. 2 Saturdays a month I actually attend a crossfit class to test myself.
    6. Drink my protein shake and head home and great ready for work.
    7. Then, throughout the the day, I JERF (JUST EAT REAL FOOD!). I almost never eat anything with multiple ingredients…

    I do this every mon-friday except I have every other friday off in which my routine is similar but not quite. It’s amazing and while you don’t have to wake up that early unless you have to, I’ll never go back.
    I agree my cognitive and mental abilities have increased as well. It’s just a healthier lifestyle all together. I’ve lost 10lbs so far in 2 months and feel amazing physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Wait. What happened to all that research saying that exercise doesn’t help people lose weight? Yes, it’s super healthy, helps you live longer, lots of great benefits, but it does nothing to help you lose weight unless you’re in a very small minority with special circumstances.

  • Meg, I was admiring your Hawaiian shirt (like, for real) when you made the fashion comment! Lol! “Fashion=Hawaiian shirts”. Hilarious!

  • So if dopamine assists in storing memories, that explains why stuff that I am completely uninterested in fails to “stick” and things that I enjoy don’t, doesn’t it? That’s the real story here for me.:P

  • Hi from the Philippines, 99.9% warm here all the time, lol. You looked great in the blue! And this Q&A was fun, I just had to comment. Thanks for all the effective 5-min workouts!

  • exercising does more for us than we give it credit for. aside from improving memory and the most obvious points of gaining muscle/ losing fat. it also improves our skin and complexion due to tightening, it is a useful tool in combating insomnia, and can even improve hair growth/quality. it’s much like the benefits u get from drinking water only

  • I think I have a good upper body. Ever since I started my fitness journey, I have seen that my upper body is looking good. I just have negative thoughts about my lower body (My lower belly and thighs) and I dont know if I just need to STOP thinking negatively and think to myself “Hey! I have legs! I can use them! They are strong!”, but I can tell you I have received positive comments that I am looking slimmer by just looking at my arms. So I can say my upper body is good, its just I need to shut out the negative thoughts about my lower body.

  • I had laprascopic umbilicle surgery 8 months ago and have an ongoing pain not far From surgery site in stomach muscles… can anything be done foe relief? ty

  • There are two critical things, diet an exercise. They both reduce brain shrinkage. Diet must be mostly vegan whole foods. Starchy staples, vegetables, fruit, no meat, no oil, no dairy.

  • +DNews Is different/high air humidity harmful to us? At home it is usually 57 at work on construction site it is over 70 because of bad ventilation

  • Trace I consider my Daily physical activities as my body excercise as of now’ minority’ but really planning to go to a gym to maintain the health benefits being fit,. and someday if I will have a lover and relationship then that other way alternative you’ve mentioned☺.

  • Please don’t encourage people to cycle to work. Cyclists are the pigeons of the road absolutely no reason a fully grown adult should be on a childs toy or using such primitive, humiliating and suicidal methods to get about

  • so let me get this straight If I studied from say 6pm to 10pm and worked out with weights from 10- 10:30pm would that increase my likely hood of remembering it?

  • How I motivate myself is Self-Discipline
    And how I go upon that is by when I feel like crap I get my ass up anyway even if it a relaxation day and plus I’ve been doing this for a long time approximately 8-10 years and now there is no need for thinking, just doing I exercise like my subconscious mind just knows what to do,you know?

    That’s the way to achieve your goals and dreams is taking action and doing something about it.

    Thumbs up and keep your dreams alive

  • #done I knew there were things that I didn’t like about my body but not to the extent of me not being able to think of 1 thing that I liked…OMG, I can’t believe that I’m at this place. I know it will change but it was a real eye opener…Thanks Lucy!

  • I think that this is a flawed study. They seemed to have structured it so that the participants knew that it was a memory test. By having them do the exercise 4 hours afterward in relation to the study you are causing them to recall what they did previously in the study. They should do it with another group that would do something else in relation to the study that was not exercise 4 hours afterward in a follow up study to test the effectiveness of exercise.

  • to exercise and learn things, damn those two are hard (i know because i tried) you have to give away your social life to achieve that (well… since I’m an introvert that probably won’t matter much but still). also the way i started back to exercise at the gym is to start slowly and lightly but constantly coming for about a week (but rest on weekends) and then the rest was easy.

  • I had my Hernia open surgery on 1st June 2018,and before my hernia surgery,I had 7 surgeries..And the hernia surgery is the 8th Surgery for me!
    Its 2 years,I m feeling a lot of pain…And Having Constipation.!
    I dont know what to do..The doctors had implanted a mesh inside it!And After the 1 month of surgery I had an infection in the operated area which caused a Big hole..and then The doctors repaired it…But after 2 years I had a very Strong critical pain…Please help me..what Can i do?����

  • Another thing boy do US doctors like prescribing oxy. Strong opioids like Percocet are totally unnecessary and just fuel addiction. I had a couple of codeine in the hospital and have been on ibuprofen and paracetamol no worries. Oxy has hooked millions, how they can prescribe it for this is beyond me.

  • Just had laparoscopic surgery on a ventral hernia two days ago. I’m sore, of course, but am walking around and doing fine. I can sit, stand, walk slowly up and down the stairs. I’m sitting at the computer now with almost no pain at all. Of course getting up is sore, or when getting up from a laying position.
    I had an inguinal hernia repair when I was around 17 and that was a full on incision, maybe two inches in length. THAT one had me walking with a cane and feeling like my body was being ripped in half when I laid down. Laparoscopic repair has been so much better!

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  • Hi bailey. I think you are an amazing person. I always look forward to exercising with you. You have so much energy and that’s what make me motivated to work out everyday. Ps. The baby blue outfit was the cutest. Sending love from Italy.

  • I got lucky walked out of hospital the same day and have been walking around my garden since then 8 days ago was when i had my surgery and i’m off painkillers.

  • 2 nd day here after surgery. I feel like I’m dying. This pain is killing me. Not to mention that I need help for everything:(
    Can’t wait to go back to normal

    Update: I went to the ER to find out all this pain it was from needing to use the bathroom, they gave me few things there, I was fine then I went home.
    Four hours after the same day. The pain came back but this time, it was not only the pain by my belly but I couldn’t breath, my heart was beating faster than usual, kidneys and headache were killing me, I couldn’t feel my legs or toes. I couldn’t even speak. I went back to the ER. I had a X-ray, ultrasound and MRI. They were scared I had blood from the surgery. I stayed at the hospital overnight, they gave me few painkillers and today two weeks after, I’m happy and nothing hurts. Thank God! I prefer to have a baby before I have this surgery again.

  • Dear people at DNews,

    Could you please do research on how the names/words in foreign languages are pronounced? I really love this show, but the pronunciations, are really cringy, sorry.

    Much love,


  • I had no mesh hernia surgery 9 weeks ago. For the first 6 weeks I could not keep anything down. In order to eat anything I have to take hemp oil along with a painkiller to get two to three spoonfuls of food down without vomiting. I was hoping that the surgery would make me feel better but I’m feeling worse and I didn’t think that was possible. I lost 20 pounds in the first 3 weeks and I’m down another 20 this is not looking good.

  • I had mine yesterday and im in so much pain and discomfort today it doesnt seem worth it. Went to the emergency room because coukd not urinate and they did not seem to know how to properly use a catheter. Hopefully things improve today because im not sure how much more i can take. ����

  • I had ventral hernia repair w polycarbonite mesh 4 days ago. So much pain! I’ve been walking and moving to prevent stiffness. But no matter what, still pain! I am also mostly active until I had the colon abcess, then colostomy, then hernia fix w the biomesh and reverse colostomy. I took all the advice about not lifting etc… and still developed this ventral thing. This pain is terrible. No oxy meds, tried advil, doesn’t touch it. So I keep trying distractions. I sincerely hope this pain lessons soon.

  • I just had an incisional hernia repair 5 days ago, and the saying you can go back to your normal in a couple days didn’t work for me, here I am 5th day and still in such of pain, still can’t turn to my right side, still can’t walk straight, I still look like a five months pregnant, still hurting like a muscle strain every time I have to get up straight, I’m struggling every night because only way to sleep is back flat and at this point my back started to hurt, I do walk,I do take stool-softener to poop and all I want is to have a good night sleep, that’s all.

  • So I had stitches because my sister had mesh and it got infected and caused her a lot of issues, I also have an auto immune disease so a bit reluctant to put foreign matter in my body. Day +5 of surgery, no pain really but my stomach feels tight, like I have a belt done up too tight. Is this normal?

  • I’ve been struggling so much with this topic lately so, seeing this while doing your programming is just so refreshing and fitting! Thank you so much!

  • i had mine done yesterday (15th july 2019) started walking straight away if you dont you wont help yourself at all,the more you move the quicker the recovery,yeah you get a little pain when you bend down or sit down but wots a little pain deal with it dudes it is easy to have done do not go by wot other people say,iam not saying it does not hurt it does but its a little pain nothing more

  • I had an inguinal hernia repair 15 years ago with open surgery; last year i developed another small one in the same area as original. The pain was progressively getting worse and worse so opted for surgery.. Due to the fact once a mesh is put in, they cant go in with open surgery again. There is a big risk to do so as the blood supply can get severed to the testes which would result in having removal of affected testicle as well as risk to perforation to bladder (although these risks do exist for first timers).. I had to wait 9 months for a laparoscopic TEP procedure in the UK is hard to get hold of as not many surgeons skilled enough to do it; something like 4% of inguinal hernia repairs done laparoscopic method. Three weeks ago today I had a TEP laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, the recovery time has not been so swift as i would expected. I have bloating on the tummy, pain still and got secondary infection to the incision placed to right of belly button. This is a difficult site for infection to recover from as it gets rubbed by sitting, clothing, etc. Its not been a walk in the park, its not so much an extremely painful process, but it is painful and uncomfortable and you will need time off work (longer than 2 weeks). I wish, as a matter of course that after all surgery patients are given antibiotics as every op ive had Ive always picked one up as have the majority of people i know. I do not know if op has been success in terms of my original pain but so far so good as i was having crippling pain about every other day. Be prepared if youre a guy to wear shorts and loose clothes back to work and ask for a sympathetic employer to allow this.

  • I had a hernia in my navel when I was a baby I had to get surgery my daughter now have the same thing.
    I went to the doc for a check up for myself and I also have a hernia in my epigastric gland do I have to get surgery?

  • Loved this video it’s nice to know more about. I love the baby blue outfit make your eyes pop! I’ve not been following you to long but I’m going through menopause and having a hard time finding any energy to workout. You make it fun and uplifting thank you!

  • I’m struggling guys! I had a double hernia operation at age six. I’m am 31 and had another double hernia operation about 6 to 7 weeks ago and I can feel the sutures tighten to an uncomfortable level anytime I twist my midsection and even though the scarring is healing right below where my belly button was, I still feel high discomfort when I cough or when I’m bending to tie my shoes.. anyone have a clue on how long this lasts?

  • After having open hysterectomy
    followed by huge (baseball size), open incisional ventral hernia with mesh repair, which was done Dec 2017, still not feeling myself. Recently been having so much pain went for CT scan to make sure it hasnt reoccurred, which it hasn’t. Yey! But when is this pain gonna end? Been a year.

  • Haha I love hunty’s waves to the camera ��. So thankful you started this channel I wouldn’t be where I am today without you! I love that you’re bringing back the bbfit giveaway it’s going to be close to a year since I won mine! Can’t believe it. I love you ��������

  • OKAY so, I’ve been struggling with my body image since I birthed my son over 17 years ago. I used to eat 900 to a max of 1200 calories, and ran until I felt ILL AF. I stumbled on @megsquats, SBD and now I’m HOOKED. I made an appointment with a Powerlifter trainer to make sure I was doing lifts correctly and I also spoke to a nutritionist to figure out how many calories I SHOULD be consuming and NEWSFLASH I wasn’t eating enough. Today it’s about 4 months on SBD, 4 weeks about increasing my intake and always working on my self esteem and body image. Thank you sooo much Meg for doing what you do and exposing people to your program and a healthier, happier lifestyle. It’s great to see you sharing your knowledge in strength building, nutrition and now emotional/mental aspects of changing your lifestyle for the better! LOVE YOU! <3

  • I had port site hernia operation 8 days ago and I feel so tired and my legs feel so weak. I have to use a stick to walk.pain as eased a bit but it feels warm at the surgery site

  • Great video Meg! I’ve been enjoying seeing more influencers with healthier body images. I wanted to say though in response to Stephanie’s comment that being over positive can be discouraging to others as it can come across as fake and ingenuine. Negative feelings are sometimes more reasonable than positive ones depending on the stimulus. Authenticity is key whether it comes to body or personality or mood.

  • I had inguinal hernia right side mesh done on the 3rd Jan, 2weeks today, back up on my feet but anything over 30mins I feel discomfort. I have numbness below scar and down my groin/inside leg which is causing a very uncomfortable chaffing sensation.. my right testicle feels like someone keeps flicking it, also fatigued but the more I’m up and about I’m hoping that will pass.. still only a third of the way to ‘full recovery’…. has been a struggle and a lot worse than expected…

  • I just had surgery last month however I’m 2 weeks post op from recovering from my hernia repair surgery. My mesh is made from lamb skin so sneezing, coughing, trying to switch positions hurt.

  • I feel that every DNews video can be under 2:30 min.

    For some reason, the information always seems to be redundant/very detailed after 2 min or so.

  • Hi Dr. Mike! How about people with anaemia/low Hb blood, is exercise still good for them? Is it a concern because during exercise, our body need more oxygen, however anaemic people have less oxygen in their blood to begin with? Appreciate your insight.

  • I had a complex incisional hernia repair and a small dissection of bowel just over 2 weeks ago the pain was OK in hospital but since I’ve been home feels like a stabbing pain around my naval and permanent backache the medication doesn’t help when will this pain end its getting me down

  • I kind of wish you were either completely centered or more decisively off center in this video, I find it kind of unpleasant when it’s not clear if the position is intentional! Great vid though

  • Hi I have an hernia I was gone for 3 months then just because I was pulling lifting So any kind of tips I got an hernia belt doesn’t work when I sleep it goes down when I wake up do things I grows like a ball in my groine aria

  • i had inguinal hernia surgery last 20,10.2018
    i feel that something’s going down in the left side of my testicle that’s why i hold with my hand when im trying stand up and walk.
    is this normal or what?
    sorry for my bad english��
    pls answer my question tnk u in advance.����

  • Had umbilical hernia repair stopped pain killers on 5th day but ended up with pneumonia’ 3 weeks later I started coming good…. everyone is different.

  • After having a hernia repair on my lower left side I was left with a 6” incision and unbeknownst to me the surgeon had implanted a mesh. I went back to the surgeon to get answers as to why one year after my surgery I had extremely horrible pain where my hernia was as I cannot stand for a long time in one place and sometimes double over with pain after walking. He explained it was the mesh and get used to it because that is what to expect with a mesh. Not satisfied with that answer I went to my primary Dr. and he told me that he also had the same repair and mesh and the reason he can no longer do surgery is that his implanted mesh causes the same horrid pain. It has been 17 years and yup the pain is still there.

  • I had umbilical hernia repaired plus gallbladder removed on Monday 18/06/2018. No post op painrelief due to other existing medical conditions. Went home Tuesday morning, no problems. Walked to bar for a steak and Guinness on Wednesday. Thursday went for a 120 mile drive in my MX5 convertible. Friday everything back to normal except avoiding lifting more than 25 lbs. And I am 67 year old male!
    Recovery depends on selecting a skilled surgeon and very much on your own mental approach.

  • I’m at 10 months post op ventral surgery for a small hernia due to an incision for bowel resection. I still have burning, pulling, heaviness and it can make me short of breath. It’s a long process to heal. I was told by my Hopkins surgeon it isn’t uncommon to feel this way for a year or more after this type of repair. It’s a blast! I’m paranoid I have a recurrence because I can feel a bulge when I stand and cough or sneeze in the same area, but if I do a sit up laying on my back my stomach feels very firm to the touch so it is most likely just a bulge and not a recurrence. The mesh is supposed to allow less tension and is able to stretch a bit, so a minor bulge can be normal after repair, but nonetheless makes me paranoid and my surgeon is probably tired of my visiting so often. She reassures me it just takes time:(

  • Had surgery at Bryn Mawr Hospital two weeks this Thursday. I had little pain after operation and needed no meds. Operated on at 9:30 walked out to parking lot well over a hundred yards at 2 p.m. with no problem.
    Some discomfort. They gave me a percocet as I walked. Out.

    Had coughing and sneezing that caused little discomfort in the lower abdomen.
    I iced down for two days the first nite with a huge water chest ice pack, Had no swelling.

    Having the best docs has to be part of it. Was in the fifth day back to my normal schedule. Told to rest a lot first 4 days.

    Only problem is with fatigue. Doc said that would continue for 4 weeks and get better every day.
    Saw doc on l0th day. Doc said things looked great. No heavy lifting till after 4th week. At this point can do lite weights, exercise, bike riding and stop if it starts to pain.

    I guess I have been lucky. Ate raisin bran every day that helps with the flow of things. Had no constipation
    and not problem going to bathroom. At lite for 4 days but a couple chicken cutlets.

    Orderly told me to expect some belching and gas from the air trapped inside my stomach. Did not have laproscopic. Wasn’t the largest hernia but by the time of the op it was one inch wide and one inch high
    which had doubled in size in two weeks when the surgery was planned.

    I just want the fatigue to go away, but have been active walking almost 3 miles every day after the fourth day.

    Had no bloating whatsoever so maybe the huge ice pack helped that. In fact, my stomach was immediately smaller after the surgery and lost two pounds right after getting home.

  • I just had this Surgery 6 days ago on my right inguinal area. Its really not to bad. I’ve been able to walk good since waking up from anesthesia minus the fact that I have a retroverted femur. This was my 6th different surgery in less than 3 years. Is it painful yes but not to bad but maybe that’s cause I’m used to pain. For it being someone’s 1st surgery I could see where it may be Excrutiating to them

  • I had herina surgery on December 6th I was wondering how long does it take to get back to normal sleeping I’m more awake at night because I fall asleep during the day

  • I had umbilical hernia surgery at northwestern university medical center and one week later it’s like I never had surgery at all and I feel great

  • If exercise improves your thinking maybe we can think and improve our physique.

    So why are there overweight people who are smart and skinny people who are stupid.

  • I had my surgery done on the 7th of this month and the pain is almost unbearable, I’ve been trying to take ibuprofen and it still doesn’t cut it. I have 4 incisions 3 on the left side and one above my navel and they all hurt, I feel miserable how long have you guys waited until you went back to your doctor I have an appt scheduled the 19th but I don’t know if I can make it… any pointers on relieving the pain without taking narcotics?

  • My general doctor said umbilical hernia surgery is simple, “surgery 101” and going to Mayo Clinic instead makes no difference. I still wonder. Would going to Mayo Clinic for my surgery be better than having a doctor in “general surgery” connected to my local clinic? I’m having a hard time finding an answer to that question after a lot of internet searching. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  • ha I couldn’t even walk 3 weeks after this mesh surgery and now 1 yr later I can barely drive to the gas station and back home without being in such pain I have to lay down the rest of the day, don’t ever get surgery that the doctors use mesh

  • Bailey I need your active wear line already!!! I know you’d make some amazing clothes that would actually be meant for working out so you get that full range of motion while lookin cute

  • WOW. It apparently effects people differently and I think it might have to do with your level of physical activity. I had it done a few days ago and that day I was walking around the Halls in the hospital and it’s only three days after and I’ve been driving and shopping and meeting people and hugged my family and friends and now my stomach is still hurting sometimes but I’m only taking 1 percoset every 6 to 8 hours and I was consisted for almost three days but that’s returning to normal now. I do extreme work lifting 100 pounds or more, climbing ladders etc. so I have to stay away from work for 6 weeks but that’s with 70% pay too so it’s like a paid vacation. I think when you work hard and push your body every day that you recover more quickly than if you have a sales or office job. I won’t be picking up anything heavy so that I don’t injure myself but I’m getting around very well and was on the day of the surgery and. better the next day and so on. I am experiencing a little tiredness and my core temperature is slightly higher because of the healing process and that’s it as far as I know. follow up appointment next week and have to wait until I’m cleared to go back to work. good luck with the surgery everyone. it’s scary as crap when you’re on the table and they tell you they have to put you on life support for the procedure and the anesthesia they give you is the closest to actually being dead I’ve ever been but it went well and only takes about 2 to 4 hours for them to do and it was only a few hours until I could walk and do normal things but I do a lot of physical work which involves, cardio, strength exercises and endurance exercises. all in a day’s work LOL!

  • I had this surgery 6 days ago and while it is very painful, I’m able to manage at about a 3 pain level most of the time and am planing to return to work in three more days. My incision is about an inch above my belly button which is pierced but I had removed and not replaced the piercing. My problem is that the majority of the pain is around the pierced area. I’m concerned that the scar tissue from the piercing is rubbing up against the mesh. It is very hard and sore when I bend or touch the area. And suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I have had major problems since 8.3 cm hernia repair after infection. Surgeon told me I could go home and do anything I want.  To this day, pain is excruciating; life is miserable.

  • I recently had hernia repair surgery with mesh. In fact, a CT Scan revealed multiple abdominal, incisional hernias. In 2012, I had radical abdominal hysterectomy with a 14″ incision. It was in and around this incision that the hernias had formed. They have all been repaired with mesh, and I am still in a bit of pain. Bending, lying on my side, getting out of bed, sneezing, coughing, all if these things are hampered by the pain. My surgeon explained that the pain will diminish as the mesh is absorbed by my body. I’m trying to be patient, but Tramadol with ibuprofen is still necessary even now, almost a month later.

  • yeah, tell me about it. i thought i would be able to work 4 days later, on light duty, but i could not EVEN walk for those first four days, i couldn’t stand up straight. Ten days later i still felt pain. now fourteen days in. i’m still hurting.

  • I love you Lucy!!! Workouts were a bit neglected but I’m getting back on track. The weather in the Netherlands is super bad. Totally not summer weather so i was a bit down but i just did a quick workout (not that intense) and I watched this video and now I feel a bit better. Hope your mom is feeling a bit better. You’re a super strong woman. I adore ya. Much love from Amsterdam

  • Hey Lucy, I am trying to shed all extra pounds gained during pregnancy.. But I am really not able to reduce even after doing your HIIT workout of 10 mins(whole body)
    plus 4 min workout (concentrating on particular part).. Let me know if I am missing some thing that I am not able to loose weight.. I do eat healthy food..

  • Hey Lucy absolutely loved this video.. I’m going to have a think on best bit I like about myself lol.. and lipstick still yet to find my favourite one lol.. as can never seem to find the right shade xx

  • My eyes, hands and booty ������ Eyes because they are dark purple green color, hands because I have nice long fingers and booty because it’s round and pops up ��

  • At 1:15, does that mean the people formed the memories of the images 4 hours after they have seen it? That’s the only way that statement makes sense with the test they took.

  • Without focusing in on a particular area, I love my overall figure! I’m even happier when I feel strong after doing your workouts. Thank you, Lucy ��

  • thank you bailey for honestly answering the questions, I am going to try out your advice! you and hunty are made for each other and I have to agree with him, the orange set is so amazing “i love it!” definitely not your usual, but you are glowing in it!!

  • hi Lucy I have tried some of your videos and they worked on me now I have a request please make a video about how to make burst smaller. please I really need your help on this matter…

  • What about a 4 hours sex-session. The endurance and Pause requirements are equal to those of an intense work-out. If you do it as an exercise it will not only be more satisfaction but also more rewarding. Personally I passed through a lot of Tests better after an extensive all night Marathon but of course your Partners have to be in with the same motivation. It should be worth some studies to doublecheck that.

  • This video had made me think so differently, thanks Lucy! My favourite part of me is my lower legs because it is the only part of me that manages to stay tan throughout the whole year

  • This video totally cheered me up!! I hate my eyebrows, I have brown/ginger hair and my eyebrows are quite dark and thick and it makes me really self conscious.

    However, I love my legs, they are so muscular and I love being strong ������