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Stress Sabotaging Your Health Goals? Try This! by Carley Hauck, MA. December 4, 2014. 3 Comments. Share it: Mindfulness is often referred to as a consciousness discipline.

It is a way of training the mind, heart, and body to be fully present with life. Although often associated with meditation, mindfulness is much more than that. In this blog, I’m going to tell you about 3 simple ways to stop sabotaging your health goals – no matter what life throws at you (even a pandemic).

3 Simple Ways To Stop Sabotaging Your Health Goals. In times of stress, it’s very easy to overlook the things that are sabotaging your health goals. Instead: try picking one action that will add to your health and keep your actions in line with your goals. For example, shutting off electronics and going to bed at 9 p.m. might be your goal. When you make this one action your focus it may have a trickle-down effect for your health. Keep track of how you feel and adjust your program accordingly • Practice yoga and meditation (even start with deep diaphragmatic breathing).

This is the quickest and easiest way to relax the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode) • Identify your stress triggers and create proactive strategies to change the way you respond to them. Try lying on your back in a neutral position and do some “ belly breathing.” This is where you breathe deep into the abdomen and engage your diaphragm for breathing. Your oxygen levels will. Perhaps a yoga class melts the stress of the day away for you.

Or maybe yoga and a hike! Whatever it is, do it. And consistently do it. Because if you don’t, you could be sabotaging your efforts in the gym. How Stress Can Sabotage Your Health and Fitness Goals.

Stress not only compromises the immune system, but it also hinders recovery from workouts. How you cope with stress can affect your fitness and nutrition goals. When we are stressed, we want to be comforted. So we look for external things to take away the “pain” of stress food, alcohol, smoking, etc. These things cause a release of neurotransmitters.

Continue to ride your cravings through in this way – taking the opportunity to do something pleasurable and relaxing that doesn’t involve food – and you’ll not only feel more relaxed, you’ll break the habit of comfort eating. Which is good for your health, your wellbeing – and of course your. IT SABOTAGES YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOALS Cortisol, or the stress hormone as it is known is far higher when you’re experiencing stress, and high levels of cortisol encourages insulin production which could result in sugar cravings. It can also slow down your metabolism, which isn’t good news if weight loss is your goal. “Stress produces the hormone cortisol, and cortisol has also been linked to triggering cravings for comfort foods.” In addition, stress increases insulin levels, which impacts your ability to burn off those comfort foods.

Whenever you start to plateau, it’s a good idea to take a.

List of related literature:

Domino 1: Stress tends to deplete nutrients in the body.

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Other ways to reduce physical stress include:

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Stress researcher Bruce McEwen264 observed that many of the things we do to decrease stress—overeating, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, cutting corners with sleep—undermine our physiological resilience to stress.

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In this chapter, we provide a brief overview of these types of stress reduction strategies across major chronic illnesses—cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

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Coping with stress may lead to behaviors, such as eating a higher-fat diet, smoking cigarettes, and reducing exercise, all of which increase the risk for illness (Ng & Jeffrey, 2003).

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However, none of these techniques actually helps to deal with the stressful situation itself, only its symptoms.

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Stress not only can affect the optimal functioning of all of these physiological systems to destroy the picture of health, but also can literally shut down the entire body.

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And on top of that, there are a host of negative habits associated with the stress response—activities people do to find artificial relief, habits that throw the body into further imbalance, including overeating, smoking, and excessive consumption of alcohol.

“Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back Into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life” by Ilchi Lee
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Increased psychological stress 3 Total 3( 7%) Health 8.

“Anthropology and Epidemiology: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Health and Disease” by C. Janes, R. Stall, S.M. Gifford
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  • Christine plzzzzz help, I work out 5 days a week, I’ve lost inches as well as some weight. Problem is it seems my back, especially lower back is getting worse, I look like I have gills. What am I doing or not doing? Plzzzz respond. ��

  • I just downloaded one of your Shreds… it looks great but I have a concern about the calories… I calculated my macros in accordance with the formula you presented in your previous videos. My baseline (BMRxActivityFactor) is 2,556 kcal (I’m quite tall… with a moderately physical job), and I know that you aren’t supposed to go past 800 kcal below that to lose weight healthily, but your plan calls for 1555-1260 kcal… am I supposed to adjust for that?

  • I am so suprised at how in america alcohol is something people drink every day and it seems so normal. And in the comments I saw someone say that for birthdays coworkers would bring cakes in very frequently. That would absolutely never happen in my country, I’m so surprised you guys! I can’t bring regular cookies/cakes to work if they’re not low in calories/fat/sugars because then maybe one person out of 8 will eat them (even when they’re delicious! Sweets always take a decade to disappear)! And if someone drank alcohol on a daily basis (e.g. with friends, when going out/eating) people will think you have an addiction or are unhealthy… Even friends would tell you that you probably shouldn’t drink that night because you did the past evenings. Is america really that bad? Please tell me it isn’t I want to believe ��

  • Christine I friggen love you!! I always tune in to GaugeGirl at least once a week!!
    I am also a client of yours and the custom plans that you gave me helped me even though a lot has happened since then and I have fallen off the wagon and gained all that weight back:( I know I can always turn to you because I believe in your capabilities of what you’re doing and what you’re talking about! I’m still trying to figure out what’s right for me because I know what my problems are and identifying them is the biggest issue when it comes to my weight gain, I think my next step is to get some online coaching because I know I need help!!
    Thank you for all your videos and guidance:D

  • Now, Christine, I have a question for you. For women, like myself who have been very consistent on nutrition and training, I’ve noticed in myself that I’m losing inches around my waste, the muscles in my glutes and arms have been much more toned and defined, definitely growing, however I’m finding that the number of the scale has only gone down like 3-4 lbs over the last 6-8 weeks. I would like your opinion on subcutaneous fat vs visceral fat. Are there different training methods? Nutrition tips? Or what are most likely the cause of the scale not reflecting the visual results?

  • OMG! I have never ever been able to relate to a talk as much as this one, it literary sounds like my story and my reaction to the long time sickness I had!

  • Hi, I recently discovered your channel and I think it is sooo useful and informative! I would like to check which type of diet works for me, so do keto for some time and then HCLF and see differences in how I feel, look etc. What is the minimum time of trying these diets to actually know how it works on my body? Is 2 weeks for each enough?

  • Could you please do a video on intermittent fasting? It’s been popping up everywhere and there are reputed sites like CNN supporting it while other people say not to try it. Thank you for your videos, they are always so knowledgeable and sincere!

  • Thank you Christine. I feel like your last few videos were made just for me. I recently purchased your mesomorph workout. Can’t wait to get started.

  • Again, Kenneth, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m hoping that at 74 I can still fulfill my purpose. I believe that sharing my love through warm hugs and good foodis a part of my purpose and is warmly received. Again and alwaysthank you ��

  • I ve been trying to manifest my ultimate soccer reality and not just getting there i believe i already have it with the correct emotions and belief but its not manifesting??

  • I would love to see a video are you go more in-depth about what alcohol does in your body. I had no idea that it’s like pulling over for a day because your body can’t process fat when it processes alcohol. The science behind that would be really interesting to hear

  • Hey, Tom! I like your vids. Hey, perhaps you’d like to have an expert talk about Th1/Th2/Th17 dominance of the immune system. Just a thought. Thanks!

  • Can you explain he phenomenon where alcoholics lose a ton of weight? I have always found this confusing since the science says you can’t burn fat while drinking.

  • THis shit is sooo basic. LOL! And then at 9:30 when he said something like “I don’t want technology to put you into some kind of mood swing” I remembered the day last week when I ate the WORLD because I was distraught that my scale showed that I gained 9oz. SHEEEESH. fo sho.

  • Wow… when he said “look at your past self and hug them” I started to tear up. Crazy. Love the voice behind the guided meditation and music. Everyone looking at this comment have a great day ����

  • I was always cold and tired. I thought it was my iron being low all the time. I was working 9hr days 6 days a week, with 3 kids Ages 12, 8, and 6. One has autism. Stress was literally killing me. I know this cancer is forcing me to slow down and listen to my body

  • Firstly thank you for the talk gentlemen… Technology is here to stay and young people get phone separation anxiety and maybe some older people have phone separation anxiety I’ve never had anything measured in my life and lm 54 years old and feel fantastic STOP measuring get to bed early get up early drink plenty of water smile tell jokes grow your own vegetables and have fun fun fun

  • THANK you with LOVE ��for an warm and abundant meditation which both CALMED and INSPIRED me in my HEALINGJOURNEY ��,NAMASTE ������

  • I am the same as this man except failing at life. I self medicate all the time.i drink to fall asleep too, eating crappy food, and always on the go… always in a state of stress. I have a hard family life. A lack of lo e and connection, constant judgment, putdown and looked down on by them. I have never learned to feel like I am.good enough to succeed. That I am a smart and good person.

    I am not who i should be..who I am born to be.

    I don’t feel good EVER. I FEEL AWFUL EVERYDAY

  • OMG one of the most reasonable interviews EVER! Finally somebody talking about carb load x index and carb refeeding after training!! Great insights on training as well, will watch again more aware, as ironically I was listening to it while training ��

  • Wow this was the best guided meditation I’ve come across for both manifestation and also a general sense of healing and fullness in embracing who I’ve become where I am and acknowledging all that I have conquered. Truly thankful.

  • Thank you so much i found this video. I am battling with fear, anxiety, anger, and uncertainty. Although i know that it’s just created by my thoughts but sometimes i cannot avoid it. I am now slowly healing and i am always praying which helps me a lot to ease and also thank you for this video. It really helps, i even cry listening while allowing myself to feel those emotions.

  • This meditation is workings wonders on me.
    I used to struggle a LOT with procrastination, discipline and staying focused on studying. I used to while away days together without getting any significant studying done. Ever since I started doing this meditation, things have become better. I wake up with clarity and almost look forward to my study sessions.
    I still need to go a long way but doing this meditation has put me on the right track.

    Thank you @PowerThoughtsMeditationClub. If I pass my exams this year, it’s because of this great meditation you’ve uploaded.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ♥️

  • . I wasn’t aware that i lost awareness,for quiet many years. Self awareness is the basic key to success in anything in life.
    .I change my movement over time, i was a good swimmer and diver, active in the gym like 5-6 times per week, 2 hours per exercise. I quit swimming and working out in gym, but i continue to pay attention to my movement, i do some body movements and various stretching in my home/wherever i live daily. So, i’m still in a good shape.
    .I’m a night owl, still struggling to be able to sleep earlier,wake up earlier.
    .I’m working on improving my thinking, mindset for the better, i believe the quote:Change your mindset, change your energy, change your life.
    .Everyday i eat fruits,kinds of fruits, firstly in the morning,before eating anything. If i wanted to eat something other than fruits,i had to wait for at least 20-30 minutes after eating fruits, but i usually only eat fruits in the mornings, and would eat some foods in the afternoon or evenings,well, that’s my habit i’ve been doing for more than 2 decades, i feel grateful i stay fresh and healthy so far,and look younger than my actual age.
    .Nice interview, Tom, great inputs ������

  • These all have the same glycemic index:

    1. A cup of water with a grain of sugar in it.
    2. A cup of water with a tablespoon in it.
    3. A gallon of water with a tablespoon per cup.
    4. 8 pounds of pure sugar.

    It is not a measure of amount in any way, just rate. Carrots have very little amount of carb.

  • Love the show. Why do you not have a Dietitian about nutrition and medical food for the latest based information? When you talk about blood sugar levels Dietitians study Diabetes and latest research.

  • This was so beautiful, such a lovely journey. Thank you so much for taking the time to produce and post this for all to listen to, such a wonderful gift.

  • Can anyone tell me what frequency heavy metal is and if its negative? Say Disturbed for example, they have a similar sound in their songs slow and heavy.. I like the sound they produce but is it just the dark lyrics that make it negative? Thanks

  • Beautiful soul dearest Kenneth, how much you have helped me, you are such a blessing to me. I once had a vision by surprise with moldavite that is unforgettable. That powerful love presence is what I will magnify so that it stays here around me always. When people knock me down, over and over and I fall weak & broken, I wonder why I’m here so vulnerable when shining my light and love for anyone to enjoy yet it must be frightening others around me so I try to hide it but it’s so powerful in me that I know people detect it and try to vanquish it so I reduce to nothing and they become strong. In all this life, it happens more and more and it’s tiring to continue this battle just to exist in peace, love and joy. I know I need to master learning with the masters like you to magnify the abundant love in me. Co-creation with the masters, now I have awakened when kryptonite tries to destroy me, I have the love in me to overpower anything. Thank you dear Kenneth. I walk my path in my light and continue to let it shine brightly. Lots of abundant love to you.

  • Excellent interview, as usual. I love the thought provoking aspect versus the prescriptive. I’d like to see more guests like him.

  • You are truly amazing Kenneth. I find it difficult to tolerate most peoples voices on guided mediations, i find i am very sensitive to having the right b
    Voice to guide me. You are the only person who i can feel getting to my subconcious mind and soul. It brings tears to my eyes as something unexplainable inside me realises the truth of what is real and who i really am as a person. Thankyou so much, keep up the amazing work. Xx

  • Cheers for the Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried Caamyce Wordless Command (search on google)? It is a good exclusive guide for learnig how to manifest your material goals without the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy at very last got cool success with it.

  • Thank you. People don’t realize that THEY want ALL to be unhealthy. Doctors and Big Pharma make big bucks on sickness and especially CANCER, which is WHY it’s on the rise

  • The part where he said how we as humans are becoming less active cuz of the tech is hella true some ppl nowadays are too lazy to go buy a burger now with apps that get it for you

  • This is what happened to me. Stress brought on my cancer Nasopharyngeal Cancer since driving at night and not getting enough sleep. I was diagnosed 2020 of March.

  • Dear Souls,
    I have notice many comments about an add in the middle of this video. I did not put it there I would never do that. There is a third party who have been claiming the rights to this video, and they were putting ads on it without my concent, and I couldn´t delete the ad. The issue is now solved and ad removed. Thank you for your understanding.
    Much Love to All, Kenneth

  • Thank you for this guided meditation. I’m actually stuck finding the right words to convey my gratitude to you for this. This has come into my life at the right time and I want you to know that you are truly making a difference. May the universe continue to support and bless you in your work��������

  • Thank you Kenneth for all your hard work; all the resplendent images in every video; your voice like heavy silk that motivates as much as it calms; your true words; your adorable accent; you rock! we love you!������✌❤����������

  • Take charge or lose your life.

    Get your healthy fats and fiber! Find what works for you on how much. Get blood work and stool tests for a clearer picture.

  • How many lives are you touching? You may never know, but i am proud and honored to be one of them. Thank you, Kenneth! Keep manifesting ����

  • Thank you, Kenneth! ✨ The perfect complement to your amazingly fun and effective AWESOME “Manifest Your Ultimate Goals & Dreams” course on Insight Timer meditation app!✨ You’re the best!��

  • Seems like he’s afraid to say “God” and “meat free” beacause Mr. (Sad eyes” Tom is a carnivorous atheist.
    Love the show, just saying…

  • Thank you for always being connected….. Thank you for always supporting me…. I always love your wonderful creations….

  • If you lose your self-reliance in nature and the natural processes of existence. You lose your soul. Nature is more than a thing to give us life. It gives us our spiritual connection to the universe. Without it we are nothing. And no science can replace it.

  • Too much protein converts to sugar. Insulin spike then more weight gain. Body doesn’t need all that protein nor ALL those carbs. Sorry your advice totally sucks. Ketogenic eating is way to go along with intermittent fasting.

  • Its not higher power its God God is not a dirty word you know God is love love heals and love restores and love of God has power

  • This guy is not an expert, he’s an amateur. The info on sleep is terrible advice. Same for nutrition. This guy went to a no-name university and now speaks as an expert on all topics. He’s extremely overconfident on topics he knows next to nothing about. I usually love this podcast, but this guy is putting out misinformation and Tom, you’re giving him the platform to do so. Tom, you can do better!

  • Sound is to low, listening at max and still can’t hear well. Also didn’t like how the guy formulate his ideas – everthing is an exception and nothing is certain. First time disliked an episode from this generally great series

  • Restoring health,yes I got cured with liver Junius and hepatitis B,but I got healed saying god you make my body heal itself,my body will heal itself

  • Trying to be cool and using the f-word to excess really gets in the way of hearing the message. You’re in the business of communicating ideas and the language of this episode betrayed this audience.


  • I TOTALLY NEEDED to hear thisspecifically the part about handling stress and response: I respond to big problems in life with the attitude of, “Well I guess this is a thing, my truck’s rear differential gears just chewed themselves to bits. Now how do I handle it?” Because it’s a real problem that needs to be handled.

    But SMALL things to me are AVOIDABLE, thus I consider having to deal with them being forced to “reason with the unreasonable”. So I lose my shit with things like drivers sitting at light change because they’re on their phone
    Or GUYS PISSING ON THE TOILET SEAT!! It takes ZERO effort not to!! But I realize that my response is an overproportionate energy expenditure, and need to analyze that section of the interview again. Thanks as always, Tom!!

  • This was so powerful, lt made me cry cus I felt it so deeply in my heart while releasing my pain. I want to thank you for this with all my heart.

  • Loved that episode!! Totally woke me up about getting back in touch with what is actually going on in my body and mind. Roger that…I’m on it!!!

  • Concerning sleep deprivation, I’m a train engineer and I think it’s safe to say mainline railroaders are some of if not the most sleep deprived workers in the country. We live on call and work night into day, day into night and everything in between. We have no control over our work schedules short of laying off when we get exhausted. The company I work for has taken steps to make that difficult. Safety first, BS. Guess we are frigged!

  • Love your show. Please don’t get offended with this please stop the f word. I want to share your videos, but just can’t because of the foul language.

  • I don’t doubt the Doc is knowledge but I can’t help but get stuck in his “tone” and Eff bombs which I’m all for…but he sounds frustrated as if we should all know this shit & it’s common sense. I feel talked at vs. being enlightened. Am I the only one?

  • According to Dr. Hamer Emotional Stress can cause cancer. The people I ask who had cancer, when I ask them did you have such an event they all say, yes..

  • So many different views, options and opinions. I can flip to another video and someone would have a slight different view. His guest here is believable no doubt though.

  • Mediterranean diet…..variety, healthy, delicious… and look at the healthiest country in the world….diet an health care for all. That is what increases your life spam and quality.

  • Dear Kenneth,
    Thank you for this beautiful meditation. For me it was indeed a present, a timely reminder that I can let go and embrace abundance without guilt or doubt. I’m dealing with significant health problems at the moment, but found this meditation has helped me to wake up with a smile this morning.

  • This is nice video with sound but for the ultimate good meditation the link may help the people which I have practiced and felt tears, cry and scream the way my stress out. Long back
    It may be helpful for all. Please don’t take me negatively

  • I hear lots of education. I hear lots of knowledge as well as convicted opinions… But I’m seeing a guy who has the physique of an 8th grade girl?

  • Some good advice here but I disagree that the biggest influencers of physiology are food and exercise. That trophy surely goes to the mind. Every thought we have generates a physiological response, and that response either supports or sabotages our health. This applies to back pain and other musculoskeletal problems and that’s why, even though my background is physiotherapy, I’m looking beyond that particular lens to understand the real root cause of #backpain beyond muscles, joints etc.

  • That one guy is full of shit. If you want sky high energy levels, you’re better off fasting (after an adaptation phase). Eating carbs will cause a rise in insulin, which triggers the release of dopamine and will make you sleeping. If you do eat carbs, glycemic variability becomes very, very important-especially if you want energy. If you can’t go a few hours without eating, your hormones are probably out of whack.

  • I’m an A+E (ER) nurse. My lifestyle definitely sabotages my health goals. I can’t work out the way that I want to because I simply don’t have the energy to go to the gym after a 07:00 20:30 shift. This limits me to three times a week on my days off but I then have to motivate myself to actually really go for it on those down days as it’s so tempting to just completely veg out while I don’t have patient specific demands on my time. On shift I am often forced to skip lunch (or at least have it ridiculously late) and each time I do so then snack outside of my macros later in some kind of ‘payback’ for my discomfort because I am not fully satiated.
    I’m trying to eliminate alcohol from my lifestyle completely but it’s so tempting to stop by the store on the way home to grab some wine to “take the edge off”. Thank you for this video Christie and acknowledging that these choices are hard. It’s definitely still a big learning curve for me. I find it difficult to stay strict with myself since I have such a difficult job and relationship with food and my body is compounded by this.

  • Hmm, this guy had chemo and massive surgery, and he cured himself?? WTF?? There would be real value of this story if he really cured himself..

  • His final comment to take responsibility is spot on. My hubby can’t get past the fact that he’s now diabetic. He’s stuck in victim mode ��

  • Awesome interview because many people live threw different stressors! Try getting broccoli seeds organic and grow your own sprouts very great for inflammation and aging

  • Such a good episode! Thanks! It’s so alluring thinking there’s a one fits all system but the reality is we’re always changing and growing and being present and aware is key to keeping ourselves moving towards more harmony. Thanks again guys, really appreciate this reminder.

  • This is really a good source of information, but you can stop having him on, I got tired of hearing the ( fucking word) bad habit, nasty mouth, some ppl don’t appreciate hearing that word. Men need to stop acting like they are still a teenager and use a better grown up choice of words

  • This is so unbelievably beautiful. The part with the tree… I truly felt that. Thank you so much. It is so beautiful, it made me cry. Thank you.

  • Basically, don’t let doctors decide everything for you. Pretend you are in a jungle and everyone is more or less clueless like you are. Do your research thoroughly, read research articles on google, make a decision, ask an expert and customize your own plan!

  • One of my favorite health theory interviews, just cutting straight to the basic details and issues us normal peeps going through on the journey of health and fitness.
    Thank you for all the info! It makes me want to dig deeper and get more structure and have an actual game plan, cause honestly I’ve just been winging it and my results been up and down and back to worse! And got demotivated last month but This got me motivated asf! Take responsibility and you have a choice and do something about it! ����

  • I really enjoy this…thank you…suggestion find a way to make your s’s and p’s not pop so much. I’d really like to turn this up but I cant because the s & p sound are severely sharp. ��

  • I think he has some good ideas and I appreciate that some of the ideas are practical for all, but I also feel like this is only possible for people of a certain wealth & social status. Good for him, but what about someone who can’t afford all of the treatment things he’s talking about? he’s saying if your car gets damaged, no big deal—just get it fixed, but what about someone who would have to choose between getting the car fixed or feeding their family? Avocado oil. Gym membership. Mushroom compounds / supplements. Some of this seems a little elitist. I’m not calling this out to be mean or negative — I would truly love to hear a guest who would talk about how to make some of these things applicable to someone who’s not financially comfortable.

  • This channel literally deserves 1B subscribers ❤
    But when u see less than 2M subscribers u begin to understand why most people aren’t successful.

  • Great video. Tons of new information to ponder over now. But I’m definitely glad I can keep eating my carrots haha �� That’s like my only guaranteed vegetable in my day.

  • Tom please please start paying attention to all the people thriving on vegan diets!!!
    at least bring them to your show and hear what they have to say!!!
    Kenneth G Williams. America’s first vegan bodybuilding champ, IDA’s vegan coordinator and vegan body builder Kenneth G Williams has the body that he does without consuming any animal products.
    Jimi Sitko….
    Amanda Riester….
    Billy Simmonds….
    Jim Morris….
    Denise Nicole….
    Robert (Robbie) Hazeley….
    Patrik Baboumian.

  • Hi Tom just a heads up some of us listen at work, like I do, I work at a school. Today’s episode made it difficult to listen to in a public place with the swearing, not sure what’s up with that today you’re normally (on camera) using more intelligent words to communicate… �� sorry don’t mean to be an ol fuddy duddy I love your show and don’t want it to turn into the crap that’s out there already

  • Love this dude! Have been following his channel for the last year since I myself am training to become a training physiologist with a biomedicine background. His vids are superb and his thinking is way beyond most other in the field.

  • Go to Asia like India, China etc…you will be introduced to variety of physical activities and super mushroom and sea based food Dr Gary are interested to study..we asian have consume it since our ancestors and yes it is fucking healthy…and yes indeed technology is now hacking the health system of a human being..more awareness should be preach in this issue..Thank You Tom and Dr for highlighting meaningful slot for this concern ��

  • Yes. Building physiological resilience is more important than constantly controlling your input. I used to get sick from one crumb of flour until I decided to take my life back and build my resistance to it. Our bodies need to be able to handle a variety of physical and physiological challenges, or else all our efforts leave us worse off than people that don’t care for their health at all.

  • Excellent interview, as usual. I love the thought provoking style (versus the prescriptive). I’d like to see more guests like him.

  • could you please do a video on how to lose weight when you struggle with binge-eating? it’s a huge challenge for me and i’d love some advice for it

  • I respect his journey and realizing that he created his own illness but he did not cure himself, he had the tumor removed.
    He understood how to prevent it from happening again.

  • Wow again an amazing I Am affirmation beautiful and powerful I truly love listening to these I vibrate much higher through out the day because of this thank you for taking time to guide us friend many blessings love and light x.

  • In case anyone was wondering, Dr. Zembroski posted a video in response to some FAQ’s from this interview, at this link here:

  • This was one of those meditations thar just left me speechless and I needed to take a minute thank you Kenneth I love doing your guided meditations and stuff they really help a lot

  • BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE everyone download F.Lux for your computer
    Its free, it changes the wavelength of your computer screen towards the night and it has changed my life. I sleep SO MUCH BETTER.
    Here is a link

  • Kenneth I truly enjoy listening to your videos. Your voice is the most relaxing tone. Thank you for vibrational love, peace, & joy. Your videos give me motivation to live my best life

  • Taking 500 to 1000ml of magnesium a day will calm your mind big time guys. Taking Magnesium daily will calm your nerves and relax your blood vessels. This should cut your risk of getting cancer by cutting your stress levels.

  • Tom Bilyea is like the schoolyard nerd who discovers the word ‘fuck.’ Same for the ‘metro’ he’s seated with. The first presentation I’ve been disappointed with. Get some manners and your message will be better received����

  • Testosterone is made from cholesterol, why is he promoting protein? Don’t eat carbs at night? What the fck is he talking about.. with this bullshit.

  • He mentioned that we need 80-100 nanogram mL of vitamin D but what is that in IU? I can’t find any chart that shows that conversion or how to do it.

  • Yes! My daughter is three and still sleeps poorly. Last night she was awake from midnight to three am. Of course I won’t get up at 4:45 to workout after a night like that. Then by nighttime so tired. I’m also a binge/emotional eater. Being home all day does not help. I lost 60 pounds, had 30 more to go, gained 20 and am struggling to get back to it for the past year and a half.

  • I had resolved almost two weeks ago that I would have no alcohol at all in the month of September just to see if I would notice any physical changes or faster progress to my goals. Thank you for this video it is like having some kind of virtual support system in place!

  • I worried myself sick..with Stress..I had a similar 13cm tumor in my chest. Non Hodgkins lymphoma. 6 months chemo almost leaving 1 year old and 5 year old child. Could I have avoided it? OF COURSE. Enjoy life, work hard and dont let yourself succumb to stress

  • Beef is not your food…its another living beings life that you are stealing!! Many of the greatest world athletes are put on vegetarian diet!!! Love u and your wife bit please dont encourage people to eat INNOCIENT ANIMALS when the world..the planet needs people to start…eating vegetarian with very little or NO meat or eat CLEAN MEAT only which is meat that tastes like meat but made from vegtables. IN 30 YRS TIME NOONE ON THE PLANET WILL EAT AN ANIMAL….AND WE WILL BE BETTER OFF FOR IT AS WILL THE ANIMAĹS. I AM SHOCKED AT YOU AND YOUR WIFE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF INNOCIENT GENTLE ANIMALS. THOUGHT YOU WERE MORE EVOLVED. GUESS MONEY IS THE END DEAL FOR YOU AFTER ALL. U JAVE JUST USED THIS GUEST TO SRLL YOUR BEEF PRODUCT….SHAME ON YOU. THATS SERIOUSLY LOW.

  • U ask alot, thats why U are the best interviewer. and u ask very interesting and intelligent.
    Did u considered making a podcast? like 2h long?

  • There is no difference between the “spiritual” concept of Consciousness and his definition, nor the latest scientific definitions. The latecomers of science and social commentators simply prefer to pretend there’s a difference, or else they don’t understand it clearly enough to see it.

  • Just Recovered from a Third ( Incurable Fatal ) Cancer, 3 different Cancer’s, I own Cancer’s Arse YOU HAVE TOO OWN IT..It’s YOU..Careful you don’t Nutritionalize IT..


  • Sponsored by “Butcher Box”.?..REALLY.? EVERYBODY KNOWS MEAT IS NEVER RECOMMENDED FOR CANCER! Tom are you selling out? This is good interview. Please try not to mislead people about meat….. MEAT IS TOXIC it ferments in the body over 4 ( four) hours and during that time IT RELEASES TOXINS. CUT THE MEAT PUSHING…! The Interviewee is telling you PLANT BASED FOOD, BECAUSE IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO REBUILD A POST CANCER BODY and you steer the conversation to MEAT…. DONT. MEAT IS BAD, Bad for the cow, bad for the human and SUPER BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT,,,,( It takes 15,000 liters of water to raise 1 kilo of BEEF…HORRIFIC STATISTIC)

  • Just a note, hunter gatherers were not always moving; they did extreme exercise if hunting but then they rested and ate their food. But as Robert says, it’s different for everyone I like that he doesn’t follow one “diet” persay but rather what works for him.

  • Love your insight on exercise and the importance of progression and overload! I am 55 and train with high intensity with functional strength type training also do some combat training and natural and primal movement training outdoors in nature whenever possible. I have never felt better have completely transformed my physique for the better!

  • Tom, may I recommend to use different words in place of INTERESTING? I noticed that you use this word quite often. Just a friendly suggestion.

  • Thank you Powerthougths meditation Club.Lots of love Kenneth Soares and Alexander. I LOVE you all if you reading this. God continue to bless us all. ��������������������������������������������

  • i had to turn this off when says conventional saves lives.chemo works 3 percent of the time.i said 3 percent.modern medicine doesnt do a damn thing

  • Yes health is out best investment. Organic natural foods…exercise and supplements that digest like food.

  • thoughts like this are a dime a dozen. Real changes in society come not from gurus who have discovered some cosmic truth. No, they come from small changes that people adopt because they either like them or they make life easier. It is far easier buying something using technology then getting dressed, driving to the mall, search a string of stores and finally settling on something close to what you wanted. Technology makes our modern life possible cheap food, cheap transportation, cheap clothes, 24/7 free entertainment, safe water and air, rational transportation, etc.

    Few would argue that spending 6 hours a day watching dumb videos or “chatting” with friends about aimless trivia is life-enriching but it’s possible only because technology has given us the discretionary time and money.

  • TOM Try C60 In Olive Oil!!!! I Noticed Left Brainhemisphere Defragging within Days(taking two ML Per Day In fasting)! I Used Buckey Labs from Amazon.

  • I understand that this does not only apply to alcohol but lifestyle choices with food and other things as well, but why is it that someone who does drink alcohol (or the same can be said for regular pop) stops or cuts back and they lose weight so fast. However, for someone like me who already doesn’t drink, cannot see that quick of results even when making an effort to eat healthier and exercise more?

  • Can you please invite some more of these people.

    Brad Schoenfield
    Alan Aragon
    Brad Dieter
    Eric Helms
    Eric Cressey
    Lyle McDonald
    Mike Isreatel

    You are actuall inviting scientist now, not just alternative health practioniers.

  • one of his advices was “eat vegetables” every day. didn’t specify if raw or cooked. some people say cooked vegetables lose all nutrients…?

  • Im emotional sugar addicted and unfortunately an emotional eater too so i try to eat cookies and cake just on special occasions… Like on my bday or christmas. I have a priority not to eat bday cake on friends or collegues bday cause there are just too many. And i try to avoid eating sweets at work its really hard cause they are spreaded out litteraly everywhere. Its an everyday battle ���� but otherwise ill never reach the body, health and strenght i always wanted ��!

  • The unfortunate part is the traditional health insurance never covers these high end functional blood tests. Digging in with a true functional doctor is priced for the elite more often than not. However the information in this talk was excellent, the stuff that the average person can do

  • This Man is Very Interesting and has a Very Calm, Neutral Delivery, without having an overly “this is bad, this is good, this is wrong, this is right” type of Delivery. Would You consider doing a Part 2 interview with him?

  • Gluten and dairy products are damaging, wtf. Travel around the world to meet people who eat a lot of these and are quite healty in their 90s. Dairy products have a lot of vitamin D. Just don’t believe anything you hear or read on the net.