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Strengthen This Tiny Muscle For Serious Upper-Body Gains. If pushups, pullups or overhead movements are on your list of fitness goals, listen up: To get better at shoulder-heavy exercises, like overhead presses, snatches or even sports like volleyball, you need healthy shoulders. While you’re probably aware of many of the muscles involved in shoulder function, such as your. This little-known (to most people) muscle can be a game-changer when it comes to finally increasing your upper-body strength and mastering shoulder-centric exercises. That’s not because it’s the primary mover in these exercises, but instead because it helps your shoulder joint function properly.

Odd mins: Dumbbell Curl x 10 reps. Stand tall with a pair of dumbbells at your sides, your palms facing towards you ( A ). With minimal momentum, curl both of. When you do a typical upper chest exercise like the incline bench press, you stimulate a larger proportion of muscle fibers placed in the upper part of the pectoralis major compared to when you do a lower chest exercise like the flat bench press. How to Strengthen Small and Weak Muscles Join STACK and gain instant FREE access to resources that have helped millions of people jump higher, 4-Week Upper-Body. Sample Basic Nutrition Plan for Muscle Mass.

The following eating plan is adequate for the average 180-pound lifter wanting to gain lean amounts of muscle mass. This is only an example, and should be adjusted to fit your specific needs. Training Days. Meal 1 (breakfast) 3.

If you were to look at some of the most effective muscle-building and strength-building programs, the total number of reps for the main exercises usually add up to around 25. So to make the most of your workouts and add slabs of muscle to your bi’s and tri’s, shoot for this number of reps—and your gains will add up, too. This workout [ ]. Building muscle after 60 isn’t difficult if you know what to do in the gym. Not all exercises are created equal.

Squats, bench presses, pullups, pushups, dead lifts, lunges and other compound movements yield the best results in terms of hypertrophy. They engage nearly every muscle and joint in your body, leading to faster gains. How to do the exercise From a press-up position, raise one foot off the floor and bring your knee up towards your elbow. Pause then return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

Make sure to crunch your core at the top of the rep to bring your knee even closer to your elbow and get. The three primary muscle groups in the arm are the biceps, the triceps and the forearms. While there are numerous small individual muscles through the upper extremities, exercises that target the major muscle groups will help redevelop a base level of strength in the previously injured arm.

List of related literature:

Developing this central area of the muscle will greatly enhance its overall mass.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Strength gains, however, appear to be fully achieved with just one set per day in previously untrained people.14 People should select a variety of exercises that tax most or all of the major muscle groups of the upper body, trunk, and lower body.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Statements like “I want my arms to be bigger,” “I want more size,” “I want to be more sculpted,” or “I want to change my body shape” suggest that the client wants to follow a program that will result in muscular hypertrophy or increased tone.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Biceps, deltoids, upper trapezius, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor work isometrically with arms in the pyramid position.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
Kendall/Hunt, 2002

Daily administration of ST allows an animal to achieve its genetic potential for muscle growth.

“Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences” by C. Devine, Werner K. Jensen, Carrick Devine, M. Dikeman
from Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences
by C. Devine, Werner K. Jensen, et. al.
Elsevier Science, 2004

So this muscle is engaged in any exercise in which you straighten your arm against resistance: triceps extensions, triceps pressdowns and, of course, chest and shoulder presses.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

Upper-body exercises—to build up the arms, chest, shoulders and back muscles.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
Simon & Schuster, 1977

Rather than focusing on the lower body one day and the upper body the next day, which is indeed effective for bodybuilding, shouldn’t most people simply move their whole body every day?

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

But if your goal is to get bigger arms or gain muscle, you need to push yourself harder in your upper-body workouts and consider adding an extra day or more of upper-body sets to your weekly regimen.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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To build a foundation of muscle, this phase uses a total-body approach to training.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

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  • Dr. Jo I HD rotary cuff tear of 3cms I got surgery done 4th July 2019.As it was big tear they started my physio very mild I took physio till 2020march. Due to covid all centres lockdown. Since March I’m doing same exercises. I can lift my operated hand 120degrees. I’m doing pendulum, hugs biceps core training stretches wallclimbing ect can Pl help with some more excersise

  • As a student of fysiotherapy, I must correct you on the exercise for the brachioradialis: The brachioradialis isn’t involved in radial deviation. Instead it inserts on the processus styloideus of the radius and can therefore only flex the elbow and supinate or pronate a little (depending on the relative position of your hand). The one you were showing only stresses the short and long head of the radial extensor

  • Thank you DoctorJo!
    What’s you opinions about the painless pop/crack sounds from shoulder?
    (I’ve that issue from couple days and I normally work out)

  • i just started doing this because polo asks a lot from my wrist and forearm! they actually ache after 10 min of swinging. i hope i can make progress, thank you!!

  • Hi doctor! Many blessings to you first of all for the video. Iam 24, having poor posture from past 5 years amd have a history of neck pains and headacheas. From past week iam feeling light headed, feeling as if some nerve is pinched and less blood flow to brain, continuous vertigo sort of feeling. Iam depressed as iam preparating for an exam and iam unable to focus and think clearly because of this forward head and leads blood flow problem. Feeling tensed for my condition. Please advice if it can lead to some cognitive or memory issues, as I feel a pinched nerve and less blood flow to my brain. Waiting for the reply

  • Thank you ��
    I want to fix this. I see old people who have their head way forward. Mine has started too. Thank you for exercises to reverse it. ♥️

  • I’d spent years giving up on working out because everything hurts my wrist. Been trying to get back into exercise recently and have been looking for something to help with my wrist, I’m really happy to find this, hope to get my noodle wrists back in shape!

  • Anyone who can guide me that for this exercise routine is dumbbell necessary or recommend me something similar i can use as alternative for equipment such as dumbbell

  • I have left hand shoulder surgery rotor cuff repair 20/03/2020
    Iam trying to do pendalum exercises as told by surgeon but its sore i meant to be using my right hand to help in the exercise but after 5 day of the surgery i fell in the bathroom and injured my right hand shoulder doctors (GP) saying i may be having frozen shoulder. Know specifically in the night both shoulder very painful and struggling with my sleep as well. So i can not use my right hand to help left hand exercises rang my regular physio as advice by GP she also said to do pandalum exercise and go online and see some more exercises and try to do which I can not do this where i got your contact.
    Because of covid-19 and lockdowns i can not visit any physio to get physiotherapy done as well
    So i just don’t know what to do. I need your help please.

  • I did the W exercise everyday for 1 month in my car while going to work (hands on the wheel). Amazing results. If you can manage to focus really hard on it and the repetitions it counts as meditation too.

  • I blame school for bad posture as I was a little taller then most kids growing up. If I sat upright correctly infront of them they would ask me to move/slouch as they couldn’t see….this carried on for yrs now im 30 and have an 80 year olds spine

  • I really enjoy your videos but wish you would use more lay-man terms instead of words like supinate. Or just using them and explaining after would be great:) Thank you for your contentS

  • I have been dealing with my rotator cuff ever since I messed it up bench pressing and it healed but always had a pop sound and less strength then what I had before so me being dumb decided to hit the gym hard again and in the same boat. But can say I woke up in a lot of pain and did everything you just did and I can actually kinda lift my hand over my head from the first session thank you DR JO

  • With these exercises can I continue with my gym training or should I give a break until my rotator cuff get fixed…??? Kindly reply

  • I’m so happy for this video! Quick question though: can the Chin Tuck be done sitting? I mean I know it’s been said it can be done in the car, but when you are sitting (either in a car ur just an armchair), you are a bit leaned back (your torso is not completely parallel to the floor). Is that still okay or can this only be done while sitting up super straight?

  • I’ve got tall genes and I’m pretty tall as it is, aged 17, but I’m worried that my non existent sleep schedule has hindered my growth. I’ve been on this non existent schedule for probably 3 years now? I’ve heard though that genes are the main deciding factor but I’m still unsure. Anyone?

  • Does this help with pull ups?
    Cause I can’t do any pull ups so I am trying to get better at doing pull ups and thank you for making these videos

  • I’m a new sub. At 57 I don’t do all the hardcore weights I did years ago, but I will say I learn something new every time I watch Phil. Especially like all his stuff with Ketttlebells, since the lockdown my gym has been closed so I’ve gotten into these pretty heavy, and working with those bands, and really everything, love the content, and a knowledgeable, likable guy to boot! Thanks for the knowledge Phil!

  • one comment i’d like to make to all the people out there (cuz not all guys wanna get big) is that getting your arms bigger is almost something you have to actively aim for. because if you are in a calorie deficit your body will be hard pressed to put on muscle, unless you’re wildly out of shape/overweight (like i was). when i started losing weight and lifting weights i noticed my arms getting stronger in terms of what weight i could lift, but my arms were getting smaller. it’s because the body fat around my arms was going away and muscle takes up less space than fat.

    similarly when my gf was complaining about a flabby spot on her arms i told her to start lifting weights with me a couple of days a week. she worried she was going to get big arms and i explained to her that at her weight (120 lbs) getting big wasn’t going to happen as long as she maintained weight. sure enough the flab got a little firmer and she started liking her arms a lot more. body re-composition for the win.

  • Me:Thinking why I am so short.
    Also me:Watching this video and he says you need to sleep normally
    Again Also me:Watching this at 3 am

  • its better for the elbow to be resting while not in fixed position because then you dont ruin the tendons that connect shoulder to elbow or weenis and the to the wrist and rotating parts cause then that could damage the string that pull the finger up and mkove them

  • Hello, i m having vibration.. While doing pushups.. Traveling down to elbow.. & pain in arm.. But the most is at.. Joint… What should i do.. Doing shoulder stretch u showed, help but pain is still there.

  • Tbh, for my personal preference, my goals are your before. Your after looks amazing, no doubt! It really suits you and lets your waist taper in.
    I have a pretty large head (its very wide bc my jaw and cheekbones are wide) and I love bulkier arms and shoulders, since then my head won’t look too wide anymore (perspective) and my waist would actually be better pronounced since I have a square shaped body. (I am a literal square, I have no waist definition…) and obviously working on the hips and booty will help create that hourglass shape.

  • I have the worst neck aged 32. Its terrible. It started in my shoulder. Then went into neck. I move and it grinds. Mp gy says exercise. I need surgery i think. I wish i cud be seen be someone willing to help me

  • Was my add setting in or were those all bicep workouts? What about triceps and shoulders? Won’t working your biceps constantly make you bulkier looking? I’m confused lol

  • Age: Just turned 16
    Height: 179-180cm (5,10.5-5’11)
    Mom’s height: 5’2 (Prime)
    Dad’s height: 5’8 (Prime)
    Target height: 6’0
    Turning 16, I feel anxious and worried that I might not reach 6 feet so wish me luck.

  • i just start workout and i still have fat in my body alot
    is it ok for me to workout or this exercise make my fatter and bigger??

  • I think these are helping after onlt 3 days so far. How many reps are recommended? Also, when I do the first exercise Pendulum swinging in a circle, my shoulder pops out. The other one that this happens with is the internal rotation with a weight.

  • I think this is about to solve a problem I’ve had for years that’s caused multiple pains in the chest neck and shoulders and it’s a free video

  • Great video! What is best for weight level and rep ranges to decrease size in the arms light weight lots of reps or heavy weight low reps?

  • So Should I just stick with compound lifts and skip arm day where I am only working out my arms? My arms are too big and I need help to tone them down. I need to tips because also I have my own channel I am trying to grow and need tips on how to lose that bulky.

  • Hello. DR… Thanx for u exercises… But I one more pain in my both legs bones… Some time when I’m awake… Then I need 10 to 15 minutes for properly walk.. Bcz I have too much pain… Plz tell me the exercise or any other idea…w

  • I’m 5’1 And I’m 14 And I’m 76 Pounds. My Sister Is The Same Age And Only About 1 Month Older And She’s 5’4 So She Makes Fun Of Me. I Also Dont Sleep So Maybe Thats Why Too. I’m The Shortest And Skinniest In My Class So Everyone Calls Me A Baby I Actually Play Volleyball But I’m Not The Best But I’m Fast And I Can Jump High So Thats Cool. I Wanna Atleast Be 5’3 Or 5’4

  • I’ve been doing variations of your dumb bell workouts for a year now. I’m freaking jacked and feeling as fit as ever. Started with 20lb dumb bells bench press for 3 sets of 15. Now I do 70lb dumb bells bench press for 3 sets of 15.

  • I’m trying to avoid surgery because I have a rotator cuff tear. Will these exercises help improve and strengthen my tear? Pls help

  • I have a question, sometimes when I’m sleeping at and wake up or rotating on my pillow using my arms to reposition. I feel an insane pain in one of my shoulders. It happens to them both but only one of them will get this pain. Just depends. It feels like I dislocated one of my shoulders and I would need to pop/crack my arm/shoulder in order for the pain to stop and go away. I have to do this on my back as it makes it easier. It hurts like hell and the pain is in my shoulder joint area I guess. There will be minor pain there afterwards and eventually heals on it own. It happens 1-2 times a month at best. I used to thought it was only my right shoulder, but now my left shoulder gets this same issue too. There are also times when I reach for something and this pain triggers. Is what I’m feeling my Rotator Cuff having issues or something?

  • How do I sleep at night? I try not to sleep on my arm that’s messed up and sleep on my other arm but it’s still hurts and aches the next day. Even when I sleep on my back it hurts. If anyone knows a better way to sleep please help.

  • Lose weight and do static exercises with light weights (like holding 2 lbs weights with arms out, palms facing the ceiling for 1 minute) My arms skimmed out and had the tiniest bit of definition which worked for me!

  • Age: 14 almost 15

    Current height: 5’8/5’9
    Goal: 6ft/6’1

    My mom is only 4’11 and my father is 5’8

    I know it’s not that bad but I do want to get taller

  • My shoulder is in intense pain for weeks now, i want to try this but i have no idea how many time i should be doing this or reps? Anyone can help ��

  • For anyone wonder about doing these for golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow look up eccentric exercises. It is basically the exact same exercise he is showing you just don’t do the upward motion. Instead you use your other hand the help it back up then slowly lower it down. Eccentric exercises have been shown to heal tendonitis. Trust me I have spent hour upon hours researching to heal my hands. Check out this guy’s website for anything tendonitis related it is amazing and has so much information on it.

  • Great recommendations here! I workout in a small gym in my office building that is a bit limited. We have dumbbells abd benches but no barbells or cable machines. Do you have recommendations for ways to work in those pulling exercises like lat pull-downs without that equipment? Truly appreciate any ideas you may have!

  • ThankYou! Going to do these exercises until I can put my hand around to my back as you demonstrated just now. If I learn to do that seemingly simple task at age 78, well, we’ve both achieved a positive.

  • Hello, I tore my Rotator Cuff in 2018, did 18 wks of therapy, while I was living in Texas. Then 8 wks in Louisiana and I never got my full range back. Is there anything I could do to get my full range? Thanks for the Video

  • Im 15,5
    wishing to be 6’0

    my parents are
    5’3 mum
    5’7 dad

    sister is 17: 5’4

    I only need 2 more inches then im fine.

    But tbh i would also be fine with 5’11. but 6’0 dream.

  • Hi Zeus, first just like to say thank you for taking the time to do all these videos ��. Been doing your exercises for about 8 month’s now and I’ve personally seen a mass deference in my physical appearance and health. So keep up the good work, and again thank you ����

  • I had posted this question on one of your other videos but I think it is more appropriate here.. Hello doc.. Great Video. Thanks.. I have a quick question. I cannot lift my left hand above head level nor can reach out towards the back to say tuck my shirt in. I however can do all the TRX type exercises that do not involve raising my hand above my head. These involve no pain. Can I continue with the exercises. Thank you in advance for your guidance.

  • Here’s a Motivational truth.
    At age of 19, basketball legend Dennis Rodman was 5’11 then he become 6’7 feet tall just after one year

  • The only exercise I’m having difficulty with is 9 Serratus Punches. Having real difficulty straightening my arm out at the elbow, very, very tight. Was wondering if you have a video that would address this?

  • I lost it at get enough sleep lmaoo-
    I’m 12 and ever since I was little I can’t sleep for a long time. I always end up waking up like 3-5h later and I can’t go back to sleepand in addition to that, I can’t sleep at night-

  • I’m not sure if I posted this question anywhere else but I have a huge problem with working out my shoulders with weights to build muscle and they end up tinier, I do work out the rest of my arm but I feel like theyrr becoming huge in comparison, so my shoulders looks skinny and leading down to the bicep and all it looks fat and everything looks uneven. How do I try and balance things? Do I do less shoulder workouts and more bicep/tricep workouts? It just feels like muscle accumulated and made it look bulky and fat instead

  • Oh thank you so so so much. I am having a torrid time with a rotator cuff injury and muscle tear. The exercises prescribed to me has made my pain unbearable and life has come to a standstill for me. Today when I looked at your video I felt so relived looking at the smooth and scientific excercises demonstrated by you. I will certainly try this out to ease my pain and for my ROM, which is completely restricted. Also my hugs and love ❤ to your dearest doggie baby!

  • So I JUST finished your 20 Minute Full Body Toning Dumbell workout and what do I see? A new video posted 8 minutes ago! I’m looking forward to doing it tomorrow. Looks great ����!!

  • thank you Dr.Harrison. I had a wrist pain while playing guitar. this exercises helped me with this issue a lot. thanks a thousand.

  • i have a wrist injury for 2 years from doing 500 push ups in 40 min. mild pain wont go away and ultra sound shows nothing if you have any advice please let me know im desprate,

  • Dr Jo thank you for this video, my left shoulder slap is fully torn and my shoulder dislocates and my right shoulder hospital said I need bone shave and labrum repair as it affects back of my shoulder and is painful, now after following these 10 exercises for 2 days my left shoulder feels less pain and more range of movement is a lot better and my right shoulder I can’t feel the tear anymore, I’m so happy ��my left shoulder I’ve had 5 operations had bad shoulder over 20years with the slap and hopefully now I can keep it stable and stop it dislocating and in a couple weeks move on to your labrum video, just trying to strengthen up my rotator cuff first, keep up the great videos many thanks ��

  • Educational, Inspirational, Entertaining, Phil’s channel has it all. Thank you for sharing the workout plus the breakdown with us. You got my upmost respect!

  • I think my rotator cuff is pretty weak so when I hit serves in tennis it gets tense and sometimes aches, hopefully these exercises will make it stronger. Thanks for the video!

  • Hi doctor jo, came across your video bc im having shoulder pain and can’t lift my arm away from my body. Hope these exercises help!

  • Doctor could you please answer, would those exercises help on radial tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel and golfers elbow/ tennis elbow or no?

  • Hi Doctor,
    My name is Muhammed Asif
    Am from India.
    Now am working in Bahrain.
    I want to know something about my shoulder.
    1 year ago when i throw a ball while playing cricket i heard a sound in my shoulder. After that incident i cant throw balls. When i try i feel Pain.
    But i can rotate and bowl the ball with straight arm like bowlers bowling in cricket. I can’t throw. Please help me to fix this problem.
    Hope you reply.
    Thank you

  • I hope this helps. I just followed you through the video and my left wrist was hurting a lot. I can’t wait to see if this can help me.

  • I love this video and the fact you get that there are different levels of bulky based on individual perception/preference. I think ppl often think too bulky means every woman thinks she’ll get ridiculously shredded but no lol. This vid was so informative ��

  • So what is new with women trying to look smaller in every way possible be it with weight loss or exercise…it makes me really worried especially when I see an example of someone like this who was already fit and went for leaner. Ok, your preference, good. But generally this is just making me sad. Men have the privilege of gaining mass and being praised of it. We are still stuck on women with hourglass figures and other than breasts and hips, thinness all around. If you’re wondering, I’m probably a size more than the woman in video and actually have hourglass shape but this is making me depressed. Too many women with eating disorders and body image issues for me to be enthusiastic about this.

  • Had a lady in the coffee shop I was studying at (uh. you know. back when we were going places with other people in them) loudly comment to her friend about how hunchbacked The Youths are these days and how it makes us all look prematurely old which. I was right next to them & actively slumped over while studying. Like… I am right here and CAN in fact hear you lol. If my neck wasn’t legit stiff I would never do a back exercise again out of pure spite. Alas this… actually does make my neck & upper back feel better. Mean Cafe Lady wins this one.

  • I love your cute little lisp and voice so much. I’ll start your routine soon and I’ll give you feedback in October. Much love from Ghana.

  • I can never get good amount of sleep I’m always tossing and turning in bed and have periods where I sleep and periods where I’m awake.

  • I’m really glad you touched on this because I’ve been seeing my arms are “bulkier” and I want them to be leaner and I’ve already started doing that lat pulldown machine and some of your other tips etc! cool thanks Abby!!

  • Love you videos just some help I been lift weight and doing more compound movement the past three four weeks and been doing less cardio. My body look a lot bigger. Should I do more hitt to lean down more. I want some definitions. To my body to don’t want to be bulky especially my arms Any suggestions

  • Can we do these exercises for prosthesis shoulder(there is pain near arm due to some problem in spine cervical & prosthesis shoulder)

  • Her arms have muscle and definition but don’t look bulky. I think part of this contributes to the fact that she is lucky enough to be well endowed when it comes to her chest. Her chest balances out her arms and still makes her look feminine but for someone like me who is small breasted, arms like hers could look too masculine and bulky. For small chested girls, the really lean and long arm look looks better, in my opinion

  • Hi, Dr. Jo! I love your videos!
    I have pain when I try to laterally rotate my arm or elevate them. And the arm is very weak. I believe it’s the rotator cuff. I am doing these exercises but it is impossible for me to do the Ts and the Ys. Am I doing the right exercises?

  • Thanks for the help. I’m a 58 year old softball player and have had pain in my throwing shoulder. These excercises are helping
    I have been doing them every day, only 2 so far. And do them before practice. Should I do them on off days?

  • Am I the only one who’s wrist turns in towards there body when doing the dumbbell wrist curl at the top of the motion? And is that normal?

  • Watching this video and the others and so grateful that I understand everything and also do it in my training and with the athletes. Thanks you Coach for the info in the last years!

  • Will be trying this today. I need to get my arm strength in shape to alleviate some gamer pains as well as to protect my wrists and arms when I get into Jiu Jitsu.

  • Hi! Just found this video. I’m very interested in this topic, but as the whole world is under various degrees of lockdown due to COVID-19, is there anything you can suggest without gym equipment? Body weight exercises perhaps?

  • Hi sweety thank you how do I train for my legs because I don’t also want to bulk in legs. I lift and do Hitt. Totally puzzled. Please help��‍♀️

  • Does this posture effect you body or muscles growth…..???

    Because you can’t breathe probably and brain doesn’t getting oxygen ☹️

  • 0:50 30 seconds / 2 sets
    1:04 30 seconds / 2 sets
    1:38 30 seconds / 2 sets
    2:00 30 seconds / 2 sets

    3:00 20 seconds / 3 sets
    3:54 20 seconds / 3 sets
    4:47 3 times a week
    5:44 20 seconds / 3 sets

  • 1:54 i cant bring my hands up even halfway as much as Dr. Harrison does in the video, should i keep doing that exercise or are there better ways?

  • Hey thank you.. I wasn’t able to find any workout for light dumbbell also I am sick of hearing that muscle and fat loss can’t be done without going to gym.. I have only light weight dumbbell and can’t buy heavy one for now.. hoping for the good results and starting it from today.. also will comment after having the results

  • Question: I am new to the youtube audience and when she talks about there being a full upper body “tenplate” below, where is that? I scold down and I only see other recomendations

  • so with this excercises do you get rid of bulky arms I didn’t really get that part cause I’m trying to get rid of my bulky arms I hate them

  • I wonder if by bulky people don’t mean only muscle gains, but when you have a layer of fat and build muscle underneath this layer. So, you’re looking “bulky”. You kinda touched on this.

  • I’ve been hitting the gym for four years and I’m not fat but my arms are bigger than rest of my body like I have extra fat on top of my muscles that I built so it make em looks big and I hate that
    I don’t over eat I have a balanced diet but I can’t get rid of extra fat on my arms and it’s so frustrating

  • My mom thinks I have this from “looking down at screens” but actually in fifth grade I did a flip in the trampoline and landed on my head and my back hurt for a whole weekstill never told her about that

  • Purchase a printable worksheet featuring the rotator cuff exercises in this video here:
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  • Im 16 and just hit puberty when i was like 15 or 14 idk and my mom is 5’4 and my dad is 5’7 and im 5’8 so is it possible for me to grow over 6 ft if i follow all these steps??
    Im commenting before paying attention to the video btw

  • i have surgery on left sholder it was rotator cuff tear already 3 years ego but i stea have pain. on the another sholder i have rotator cuff tear too, but i afreid do surgery. i want ask if this exersize help rith sholder? thank you. this exersize wery good. iz this not dengerous make worse?

  • These are superb, thanks. They are great to do in front of the TV, really. super easy. Just habit can change strength so much over time.

  • I did that posture unknowingly cause back then I was scared at looking on what is infront of me and decided to look down instead and it really gives me a lot of neck pain and I’m glad you guys posted these so that I can regain my normal posture again. Thanks!

  • Growth Hormone has zero effect in making adults grow taller. Once your bone plates close in your late teens, bones no longer grow in length. You can, however, make your fingers thicker and your internal organs grow, which is a condition called acromegaly, which is very painful and if not reverted results in death.

  • honestly i couldn’t care less what height i was it’s just.. i play basketball… and if i wanna get anywhere i’m gonna have to be tall. No, i’m not saying height is all i need but if i wanna play at a high level i have to be at least 5’8. As much as i wanna deny it thats how basketball is. Even if i am good it doesnt matter cuz i wont be accepted because im not big enough. The thing is i’m 12 and im only 4’11 and i dont think imma grow much more. The thing is my parents arent even short there just average. any help?

  • Thanks, my head posture was bothering me for some time and i thought imma look for sone exercise too keep it allright since, ya know looking weird and all that

  • Hi! I do construction and have a partial tear I’m dealing with…I’ve started doing the exercises you often should I do them? Thanks!

  • I don’t even know what’s wrong with my arms other than that they look huge and I’m short and stubby and I hate them ����I don’t know if it’s muscle or fat. If it’s muscle I hate my life because idk how to lose it I was born with it that means because I don’t train arms, if it’s fat, it’s annoing but I can get rid of it. I want to see if there’s somewhere I can measure the percentage of fat vs muscle

  • Let’s be really REAL! if you are after 20, your height is pretty much fix. I’m 25 this year and I stop growing at 20. P.s I’m 183cm, 6ft and an asian guy.

  • I’ve had shoulder pain for about a month or more and after 4 days of these exercises it’s already improving (helping more than Aleve ever did). My dad has the same pain I do only he has Parkinson’s and can only do exercises in the wheelchair….no I’s, Y’s, W’s or T’s. Do you have any advice or alternatives for him? Thanks so much for this YOUTUBE!

  • such an informative always provide with research back up for all the steps which makes ur videos so interesting and stand apart.thanks Abby

  • I love toned arms with some muscle! I do not want to feel or look skinny. Abby’s arm look perfect now, fine before but now lean and toned:)

  • Hi, when I try to do the Ts (worst) or the Ys I get significant pain. Is this due to injury. Will it go away if I try to do the exercise or what should I do?

  • I injured my right arm on a motorcycle crash and my right shoulder hurts when I try to raise it up but now it started to feel better but it still hurts a little

  • what brand of resistance bands are those they’re pretty large and sturdy
    and how can you tell if the chest is contracting like where should you feel it around the sternum on the inside?

  • HEY Y’ALL! Issa late video, but a video I’ve been wanting to do for a while now ��PS I can’t WAIT for the vid I got coming later this week. Been keeping this one under wraps for a lil bit, but I know you’re gonna love it.

  • How many reps do you recommend doing for each exercise Doctor Jo. Thank you so much for this video. I am using this for my injured training client tomorrow.

  • Do you have any tips like this video but for shoulders? I want to slim down my arms because they’re too bulky for my preference and my shoulders are pretty bulky as well. Just wondering if you have any advice to slim the shoulders down?

  • Hello Doc, I’m 15 Y/O & I had dislocated my Shoulder for the second time. & When I did MRI then doctor found some defect so Is this necessary to have surgery? Can’t I heal my Shoulder without surgery?? Please reply Mam �� thank You

  • Found this so confusing, so the ones shown in this vid ugh we do those, or we dont do those? If its all over like i suspect then pls make a vid of what we DO do for less beefy arms, all i have to do is breath and my arms are naturally bulky i am overweight but its not all fat its alot of muscle too:(

  • Hi Dr., my wrists seem to have the most trouble with exercise 6. It’s hard to do more than 2 sets of 15 while the other exercises I can do 3 sets of 20 no problem. Any idea why?

  • It is almost impossible for women to get bulky, women you WANT well defined, muscular arms/shoulders it looks beautiful. You would have to like take steroids and put in ridiculous amounts of work to look bulky like a man.

  • I’m 5’5 and 17 but I want to be 5’6.I think that I’m still growing but I wasn’t eating enough for a year and half so that affected my growth.For how long I can continue getting taller and can I grow 3 cms?

  • I have been doing chin tucks for a month. Now, as i pay attention standing straight and taking my head backward, i have realized that i am doing chin tucks all the time which gives me huge jowls����i can hide it with mask because of the lockdown. This huge jowls will disappear? When my head is forward position i dont have them

  • I have used DoctorJo’s remedial exercise videos over the last few years for two different gym injuries. They are excellent. I have actually found them better than the NHS ones.

  • I clicked on this as I have currently been doing your home workouts as they’re the only non-weifght lifting excercises I actually enjoy. I spoke to my dad about how much I loved lifting weights then he started commenting on how I should instead run or do other forms of cardio so I don’t look bulky.That really got me down. I’ve tried so much to get into fitness but always failed to enjoy and maintain the interest until I started lifting late last year. This video made me feel a whole lot better. Thanks

  • Hi, as of rule I have pretty strong shoulder and arm chest combo. But since lockdown I had to take on a job wherein I have to drive a moped, rather small one for me for at least 6h straight and have been having constant discomfort inside both shoulders (superior front part).
    Which exercise would be best for me?

  • Dear doctor I m 24 yrs.. I had injury on my right shoulder.. nothing affected me till I had gone to job.. my job was of lifting the vegetables bags of about 70 kg s.. to 100 kg s with the help of 3 people… when I started lifting I observed pain and continued job and my pain got worse.. then I considered doctor.. he gave me tablets (diacerein glucosamine & Msm tablets)…. my movements are safe.. lifting heavy weights is trouble.. when I do 2nd nd 3rd ex.. I feel pain… till when I hv to do this Mam.. pls help me mam.. how long can it take to Bcum normal

  • I don’t like my arms at all! They look so fat! My biceps grow bigger and triceps didn’t at all. So my arms look like a 80kg woman:-( Don’t know what to do!

  • I found this very helpful. I’m a computer worker and a yogi and having wrist pain from tendinitis. These simple strength exercises really helped.

  • After suffering a lunar wrist fracture I have never been able to apply pressure on it like before. No longer can i do a push up unless it is with my knuckles. But thankfully I have followed doctor instructions and have recovered since I fractured it. They day i fractured it i will NEVER forget the pain was at a 10 out of 10. Even though I did not move it I could feel the intense pain. I should have at the moment reported it but I thought “nah I will just put some ice on it and it will go away. Boy was i wrong ice did not do anything. After visiting the Er they told me i have a fracture the fracture was very small but damm it hurt. All i can say is people take CARE of your wrists, use protection and use it correctly.

  • I started doing most of these after 1 month of disc golf. I have been doing all exercises almost everyday just lightly. Its been about 2 weeks and I am starting to notice a difference now. I can push the throws a little more and I can physically feel more muscles being used and no soreness. I can just say anything be patient and stick with these exercises, In time they are working.

  • my arms are really muscular, but they just look big and bulky cause they have quite a bit of fat on them. But my tummy is pretty lean so it’s hard cause I dont wanna lose too much fat because then I don’t have enough tummy fat to keep a period:/
    i’m trying to take the fat loss slow.

  • Thanks for this video, these exercises look great. I have mild pain in the right shoulder from doing press ups and overhead exercises like shoulder press. Is it possible to continue to do these exercises (with reduced weight) if I start to do these rotator cuff exercises daily? Or should I do these rotator cuff exercises daily and rest from the other workouts?

  • I love these videos. I’d like to do two of the light dumbbell workouts per day how would you pair the 6 sets to maximise impact/rest? Eg at the moment I do shoulders&triceps THEN back&chest THEN legs/biceps. Is this the best combo?

  • Thank you very much,i recently got clawing happening in my hand.,Ulna palsy as u know,30ms conduction test.I live by myself and had to go to 3 drs before one of them recognized it immediately.If my hands go then so do I,I can’t have anyone look after me.Not only do i not want that to occur but i couldn’t afford it anyway.Your vid is accurate and well explained.thank you very much.I shall practice:-).

  • Hi Abby. How did you change your chest or upper body workout in general after breast augmentation? Doctors, as well as other trainers, discourage any sort of upper pec workout post augmentation. Not only during recovery, but as a general rule to avoid future complications. Especially for submuscular implants. Suggestions?

  • This is what i like to call mission impossible my dad used to smoke i usually sleep at 5 am and i don’t eat healthy or eat alot in general oh boi this is going to be hard

  • 14 years old
    Height: 5’10,5’11
    Moms height: 5’6,5’7
    Dads height: 6’0
    Been averaging 3-4 inches for 2 years now
    Hoping to get to 6’6 if I keep growing like I am

  • Thank you man, I have been following you since you started and I’ve must admit the way how you developed your project as a whole is very respectful.

  • Ever since my physio gave me these band exercises to do, my shoulder has felt a lot more painful. I’ve come to the conclusion that the tension on the band is causing my rotator cuff muscles to constantly change directions while trying to pull something forward that wants to go backwards, thus this causes inflammation of my shoulder. Is this possible?

  • as someone who did fitness and aerobic and hiit training for 2 years and lost 20 KG, i started lifting weights without considering any changes, i was eating healthier doing more workout and exercises and cardio but 2 years after i noticed that i got bulky drastically. my tights my shoulders my back were full of muscles. my booty has grown a lot but i gained 15 kG by far. so at first i was happy that these are muscle but wen i looked back to my previous pictures i realized i liked my body shape more that time. now a days i have problem with anything and also i couldn’t reduce my body fat percentage to 15 percent or lower everybody sees me as someone fat not muscular! because thick layers of fat are surrounding my muscles as someone who gains back weight easily that was not a good option for me. i thing weight training is great for those who are starting with low % of body fat and want to look curvy and.. for those who have a lot of weight to lose or can gain back those weight easily its not a good option. hope this helped you

  • sorry, i’m confused. i’ve been trying to research how to best lean/tone out my arms, and i understand you need to lose fat to be able to see the muscle. i also have learned that you can’t spot reduce fat, so doing all of these excercises, is it not burning fat off of your arms? if i only do these kind of excercises, will it just build the muscle up under the fat but i won’t see it? and i’ll need to do cardio to burn off fat off my entire body to be able to see the work i did on my arms?

  • Too many years of this has caused degenerative disk issues and cervical stenosis, which has lead to nerve damage. Don’t mess around with this, fix it before it causes permanent damage to your body! You don’t want to lose the use of your arms or hands.

  • I have a big muscle in my thigh and it was to big for my liking. Can Abby or anyone please tell me how to reduce the size. But does that mean my strength is going to reduce as well?

  • While the other exercises were easy & pain free the bear hug & serratus punch inflamed my left deltoid, especially anterior & lateral, the weakest/most painful part of my shoulders. Any reason why this might happen? Thanks.

  • Your content is incredible man I grew up in Louisiana idolizing Dustin Poirier and found you through researching him. I’m in school right now to be a personal trainer and if I could be half the coach you are I’d feel like I was successful in my pursuit of excellence in martial arts. You keep me motivated every day brother and I love showing your videos to my friends I workout with. Much love from NOLA and thank you for all the work you’ve done with Dustin. He really is my favorite fighter and his progress since joining the UFC is borderline unreal. One Love.

  • Hi Dr. Joe I have a torn tendon in my shoulder came up on MRI I was going to have surgery but due to covid-19 it’s been put on hold probably for the next few months. Can I do all these 10 exercises with a torn tendon its the supraspinatus tendon. I’m always worried about tearing it more with exercise or stretching.

  • Just found out about this video! I had a fairly bad neck injury and is still healing after 8 months. Would you suggest this is safe to do? With light weights of course. I have not lifted since my injury and lost a bunch of muscle mass. My left side of neck felt like a huge ball was in it and is slowly getting smaller since about 8 months ago. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you to anyone that replies.

  • Bexause of genetics from my fathers family i alwys gain musclr fast, id love to just look lean. The key word for me hit me in this video wich ill apply distributing weight”isolation workout” thank youu

  • I’m definitely going to do this one and the one posted today! Do you recommend doing both bicep and triceps video one after the other? Thanks in advance!!

  • I can lift 80 kg squat and deadlift, 40 in benchpress (for a few years) and my arms still look like baby groot arms, most likely I wont need to worry. But tbh all my body is really lean, I have hard gaining weight of any kind.

  • Tennis player = rsi of RC, I will implement these to daily routine and thanks for the great presentation, wonderful articulation and explanation.

  • dear Doc, i once had a shoulder subluxation doing a “T” and now i’m afraid to do all of the Is, Ts and Ys..the Ws are ok, i can do them. Do you have any suggestion as how one could gradually perform these, beginning from…where…?
    i appreciate your exercises, and i’ve been trying a lot, a few years now

  • Great workout and video thank you! So around 1 min between all sets? Do you recommend a certain rest period between exercises too?

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  • Hai ma’am manoj from India.. I’m a good volleyball player..myright shoulder ligaments can’t hit the ball. Playing cricket can’t throw the ball.. Consult a doctor he said operation is the only solution.. Can I try this workout. Or suggest a alternate workout ma’am

  • Thank you for sharing these exercises! I felt kind of self-conscious and concerned for myself after looking in the mirror. I’ll try my best to keep up a schedule with these exercises. I think it’ll make me feel a bit better. Once again, thanks! ^v^

  • Doctor, I tried the chin tucks and in one day it is helping. I now know the feel of the neck muscles activating to bring the head back. I can practice it at will even during the 4 hours a day I spend at the computer and even noticed how I exaggerate the head forward when as a photographer I look through the viewfinder. Thank you.

  • I’m shaped like an upside down triangle.�� Should I just not train arms so they get smaller. I’m top heavy and small on the bottom. I lose fat in my hips first while my top stays big. Any answer is welcome. Thank you ��

  • I’ll definitely give this a go soon! Went too heavy with pretty poor form a few days ago and my shoulder now has the B I G P A I N.