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As far as cults go, at least it’s a healthy one. And while Soul Cycle isn’t my favorite of the bunch, other studios offering similar rhythm-based spin classes have been firmly planted in my exercise rotation for years. The only thing crazier than paying $32 (plus water and shoes) to ride an exercise bike in the dark is the way SoulCycle is describing itself to potential investors, now that it’s going public. It is correct to say that SoulCycle is a little bit like a cult.

Talk to devotees and they’ll speak of their instructors and classes with a reverence that borders on creepy. They use “soul” as a. The brand — which promises a full-body workout via “indoor cycling reinvented” — has been labeled a cult, an obsession, even therapy.

The riders who. So, yeah, for sure, SoulCycle is a cult. If that’s the definition, I would proudly say that you could call SoulCycle a cult.

If you’re saying that the object is a healthier lifestyle and a positive. As always, the health of our SoulCycle community is our absolute top priority. In light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, we’re committed to closely following updates and keeping everyone’s health top of mind. We’ll be updating this blog regularly to share the latest information on how we’re keeping our community healthy.

Your favorite spinning studio-slash-cult is going public. SoulCycle filed for an IPO on Thursday with an $100 million fundraising target. The spinning. Unlike Twitter, which is still losing money by most widely accepted measures, SoulCycle found its revenue model before going to market.

On one level, it’s obvious why SoulCycle. SoulCycle is a hit in some U.S. cities, where it has a devoted (some say almost cult) following and the usual endorsements from toned celebrities. It features crowded, steamy, atmospherically lit rooms, pounding dance music, and high-energy leaders (combination fitness trainer, inspirational guru, disk jockey, and cheerleader). According to SoulCycle, you have to be a human that is at least 4 feet 11 inches tall and at least 12 years old to partake in the company’s services.


List of related literature:

I believe that Soul Initiation does not occur, even weakly, until you understand enough about your destiny — on the deepstructure level of soul mysteries, as opposed to the surface level of cultural delivery systems — to make a conscious commitment to it with full recognition of what this commitment demands of you.

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* The exact nature of the relation between the Supreme Being and the in! dividual soul is the central problem in these systems.

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Soul Power will transform every aspect of organizations and societies.

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This cycle of recorded soul activity is followed by what might be called the process of exhalation.

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Everything is in continual and cyclic change, and the soul takes its part quite naturally in the mutual conversions of the elements.

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The soul energy that continues is refined and transformed into the afterlife for a new beginning.

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It must be remembered that the souls which do not advance during a Cycle reincarnate in the next Cycle among the lower races.

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The uniqueness of the soul shows itself most whenever someone seriously elects a path of psychospiritual growth for the remainder of his or her lifetime.

“The Road Less Traveled and Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety” by M. Scott Peck
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The soul should not consider this purgative state as something evil but see in it a means of fortifying itself and of making progress in the spiritual life.

“Spiritual Theology” by Jordan Aumann
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It is not, however, possible that the functions of nutrition, growth, and generation, through which the nutritive soul operates, can be exercised by the heavenly bodies, for such operations are incompatible with a body naturally incorruptible.

“Summa Theologica: First Part” by St. Thomas Aquinas
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  • Within the 1st 10 minutes of the video I feel so relieved. Thank you for posting this. I am very overweight and I just tried a spin class & I felt really down bc I couldn’t stand the whole time either.

  • As someone who is a fitness instructor, I find SoulCycle to be not so great. They promote a lot of moves that are dangerous to do on a bike and reducing resistance and having people peddle as fast as possible is a good way to cause injuries. With corporate studios, I prefer CycleBar over SoulCycle, but in general I think it’s better to go to local studios.

  • $100 gym membership gets me cycling, yoga, barre, Pilates, TRX, an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, hot tub, salon, spa, restaurant, daycare center, along with the weights and cardio equipment.

    I’ll take all of that variety over SoulCycle.

  • thank you. enjoyed the video. how i wish as a musician but especially song writer, would press on with more eagerness. words have been my handicap. my mind gets flooded. how to apply those emotions back into words. and trust me this covid has but made ma mad lol…. i always feel like we are well me, running out of time but yet feeling fresh??? both mind and hand are willing.. applying to directly..

  • They don’t get it. It’s not expensive, compared to other classes. The classes are not filled with thin people (trust me). The front row is not “the” place to be. Soul Cycle has changed lives and helps so many people with exactly the fitness experience they are seeking or never thought was possible. To me, this video gets it all wrong.

  • It’s 20 dollars for me lol and also where I go there’s people of all different sizes. I recently went with my friend who happens to be a bigger girl and she had so much fun lmfao so this is fake

  • You definitely seem like you would make a great spin instructor! You clearly love it so much, and you are very knowledgeable about it.:-)

  • I’ve been a fan of Tool since the first time I saw the Sober video. I didn’t love all the experimental music back then. It’s nice to go back and listen to those songs as an adult and “get” what I didn’t initially understand as a 20 something metal head.

  • Qing yes girl this is amazing I’m so happy you made this ��☀️!! I also just uploaded my first travel vlog from my italian summer adventure if anyone wants to check it out ��

  • Get $100 dollars off your purchase by using my promo code.
    Get yourself some free shoes!! You’re going to love it, I promise! Welcome to
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  • HA! I never knew the video for Modest Mouse’s Whale Song video was taken from Green Jelly. I guess Heath Ledger either wanted to pay them homage or just ripped off their shit.

  • Tool are one of those bands that defy genre….and that’s probably their greatest strength. Their discography is flawless in my opinion.

  • Soul Cycle pays the instructors well and they deserve it. If you have a good instructor then it is worth it. You won’t find people like them at the gym. Also, you can’t just go for a walk for free and expect the same results as you would get from Soul Cycle. As far as the front row, get in the front row if you think you are good enough otherwise it might be weird to have all eyes on you. Also Soul Cycle studios have stadium seating too sometimes. And the music is great. No comparison.

  • Wait. I just watched the yoga series and you said you liked the hot yoga the best. Then in this video you say you hated the hot yoga when you tried it. Huh?

  • I’ve cried twice during SoulCycle class�� I also push myself hard. For me and my health it’s worth it. Buy series to save money. If you plan to stick with it then buy shoes.

  • This video is ridiculously misleading and contradictory and therefore a bit of a hack piece. I used it regularly in NY and was happy to pay for an extremely effective workout. They charge what they do due to demand! The front row rubbish was nonsense also.

  • Here’s why Business Insider might be in big trouble: they hire opinionated talking heads to discuss something they have no first hand experience with.

  • I love these videos of you testing different exercises like Peloton and Soul Cycle for a month! They are so fun to watch and make exercising feel very approachable and fun!

  • I’ve never done soulcycle, but I’m a huge fan of that type of spinning class. I’ve done Velocity classes in Brazil, and their workouts and vibe are pretty similar to Soulcycle.
    So I get it… I know it’s pricy but I definitely get what you say about the vibe and the emotional effect of it. Actually, I’m a active person, but I fell in love with spinning classes when I started doing Velocity. I used to do morning classes and they are everything to me (I usually go to a 7am class lol).

    Well, I’m in quarantine right now and missing my bike classes lol

  • I just started soul cycle here in the Netherlands, its called Rocyle (but really looks the same, down to the app) but here its between 9 to 12 euro MAX no rental for the shoes, I am so shocked its so expensive in America!! my class pass (unlimited lesson per month its 55 euro!!!!)

  • Loved this! Can you please do more content on getting healthy and strong without being “weighed down” by constant emphasis on weight? I have struggled so much to find help learning how to feel better without worrying about looking better. The closest I’ve come is going to a certain physical therapist, but my insurance coverage ran out just as I was getting into a groove, and I have since moved away. ☹️

  • I tried soul cycle and really liked it but yeah I really think they need a membership program to encourage more people to go. Its the biggest barrier especially those who are trying to be within budget and need cost efficient options.

  • please please please stay home from the gym/workout class if you are feeling unwell! just another way to get the people around you sick, and not very considerate!! (pandemic aside)

  • Interesting to hear her say she hated hot yoga in this video and it was her favorite in her trying different types of yoga video…

  • Can I just say all the way from the UK that I have LOVED every studio sweat session on here and you have got me through some dark days on my spin bike and Cat you seriously are THE best! Thank you

  • fatamusmatamusdatamus sez: I really like this, it is from “Team of Rivals” about the beginning of the Republican Party. This is from the Lincoln/Douglas debates for the I’ll. Senate seat:
    “When the authors of the Declaration spoke of equality, Lincoln insisted ‘ they did not mean to assert the obvious untruth, that all were then enjoying that equality… They meant to set up a standard maxim for free society, which should be familiar to all, revered by all; constantly looked to, constantly labored for, and even though never perfectly attained, constantly approximated, and thereby constantly spreading and deepening its influence, and augmenting the happiness and value of life to all people of all colors everywhere.’ “
    I just thought it still is speaking to us today. We seem to of taken our eye off the ball in every way we could even to the destruction of our Republic.
    1. Joe Biden isn’t winning.
    2. People do not know how to do research.
    3. Donald Trump is an asshole(so what!) He is wise & gets things done & is helping people & companies Win
    4. Bubba Wallace wasn’t a victim.
    5. Black lives do matter.
    6. What happened to Floyd should never happen again.
    7. All cops aren’t bad, nor are they all racist.
    8. Brown lives matter.
    9. Rioters and looters have nothing to do with George Floyd. (And should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law).
    10. Unborn black lives matter.
    11. Unborn ALL lives matter.
    12. Colin Kaepernick isn’t a hero.
    13. CNN isn’t news (nor is MSNBC).
    14. Elizabeth Warren isn’t Indian.
    15. Facebook only censors conservatives.
    16. ALL lives do matter (red, yellow, black, and white, they are precious in HIS sight).
    17. COVID-19 is being used to gauge just how much of our freedom they can take away.
    19. God is STILL in control.
    20. Epstein did not kill himself.
    12. Nascar did though.
    22. There is NO White Privilege.(No one is in control of what color they are born!)
    23. LIFE IS what YOU make of it!
    No one OWES You!
    Copy, paste, & SHARE
    Opinions for Minions:
    “Behavioural Sciences Applied, Tried and Tested,
    Cradle to Grave, Our Minds Thoroughly Infested,
    Professional Manipulators, New Nudge Saviours,
    Prompting Herd to Accept Designer Behaviours.
    Social Approval/Disapproval Seems to Work Best,
    Then Use The Conditioned To Shame All the Rest.”

  • I feel like soul would be fun but I’m scared that I would like fall off or tip the bike over like in the movie ” I feel pretty ” ��

  • There’s jazz.. rock.. metal.. thrash.. glam.. opera.. country.. blue grass.. grunge.. soul.. blues.. rap.. but.. but then there’s “TOOL”.. and there’s nothing else like it. It stands all by Its self!

  • OK. Who did the research for this documentary? Less than thirty seconds in and the first bio inaccuracy hits me flat in the mouth. Maynard James Keenan moved from Ohio to Scottville Michigan when he was 11 years old and lived in west Lower michigan (besides a short time attending West Point Prep.) until moving to LA in the late 80s. The quickest way to piss off a Michigander is to call him an Ohioan.

  • 23:40 What Maynard says here is how I always thought about music, it’s why I don’t like pop, it’s superficial phony happiness which angers me, whereas angry music is a release.
    He also expresses the idea of “the shadow” first expressed by the psychiatrist Carl Jung. I don’t know if Maynard had read Jung before or had the ideas and then read him but his influence is heard throughout many of their songs.

  • I did my first SoulCycle class yesterday and I’m obsessed!!! Thanks for showing us this really inspired me to do it had so much fun but I am so sore today lol

  • It’s lame run by people who are liberal elitists. Wise up pee-on’s. People who think this is good also think Starbuck’s makes good coffee. Buy a real MTB and hit the trials. More calories burned, outdoors with fresh air to breath, always new skills to learn, and meet good friends.

  • As someone who just did a 90 minute class and would do it again, there are some corrections here… it’s expensive but you’re getting a total gym workout all on a bike… cycling, weights and some yoga. It’s like BowFlex for women. Plus, the positive vibes make you want to come back. It’s $$ but right now, it’s going to be my monthly/seasonal treat.

    I never tried Flywheel but if you are more concerned with measuring progress than just a killer workout, you might like Flywheel better

  • I’m so glad you didn’t go into details about weight or clothes sizing changes. ��. Some people will do fitness challenges like this and include that info even if they claim that it doesn’t matter, but including that info just adds to diet culture.

  • Just epic and awesome.
    Maybe there’ll be a part two chronicling the time between
    10,000 Days and Fear Inoculum with most or all of the interviews from the band during the release of F.I. (that we’ve already seen the most of) included within it!!!

  • Weird a class in Tampa is around 23$ just a lil bit cheaper. But I love it!! It’s my favorite thing to do. My bf did the same thing you did he had to leave the class early to take a shit lol because he didn’t eat. People get discouraged by how sore you are after your first class but you will never be that sore again!! I LOVE SOUL ��

  • This channel hasn’t let any of us down with any content to date. I’m looking forward to this but the humerus bone in me can’t help but think of Hellboy’s brilliant April Fool’s joke a few years back on🙂


  • I’ve been doing cyclebar (very similar to soulcycle on the east coast) and I’m obsessed with it. It’s very motivating and it’s $23 a class. I’ll admit it’s expensive, but to me it’s so worth it because I look forward to going and pushing myself harder each time. I love the atmosphere and the vibe. I’ve been dying to try soulcycle to see if it’s any different but I don’t think it’s anywhere near North Carolina:(

  • For all the people who are criticising Sierra for not liking the personal trainers approach to wanting to weigh her etc I have to step in and defend her. I workout a lot but I never weigh myself because I’m not in it to measure anything. I like working out and I want it to be about that/ how I perform during my workout and don’t want to involve weight and body fat percentage and other metrics. I think for some people (myself included) these metrics have a negative affect on our mental health and it is completely unnecessary

  • I tried Burn Cycle once. I literally could not stop laughing throughout the class due to how over the top the motivation was. It was TOOOO much for me.

  • Gretchen, I had no intention of ever taking a spin class but watched this anyway. I wound up going to spin class with my sister in law earlier this week and this video was SO helpful and I was so glad I had watched the whole thing. It really helped to ease my nerves with setup and taking class. Thank you so so much!!!

  • How r we still having the Nirvana conversation without at least a nod to Jane’s Addiction? (esp. when discussing Tool, a band whose albums doubtless share far more parallels with Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual than Nevermind).

  • I overweight and pretty unfit and I’m going today with my mom and sister but like I’m so nervous and I’m worried I’ll feel embarrassed

  • I’ve been spinning for about a month and have absolutely fallen in love with it. At my studio, it’s $125 per month for unlimited rides! Last week I invested in TIEM spin shoes ($130 + $20 cleats) so I don’t have to pay to rent shoes every time.

  • Every workout class if the instructor is conneted with the pubblic can be an emotional trip. What you described seems only a really well done spinning class (weight and push up exclued… sorry for my english) also spinning is absolutly not the best work out in the world…not worth all that money

  • I also heard it took a long time for your butt to get used to the seat but luckily I got used to it by my 6th or 7th time!! Love your videos so much new subscriber here ��

  • jajaja thats why I love it! Because i’ts the best! jaja LOL!
    All those reasons makes me love more this kind of workouts…
    I don’t see any wrong.

  • Omg the back corner is my favorite spot. I have done about 52 classes now and I am still not comfortable with sitting anywhere but the back. But I am obsessed with spin and I love the pack and how supportive everyone is! Gretchen is right spin is for anyone!! I was almost 400 lbs when I started and now I am down to 365 ish. It is great physically and mentally. I definitely have more confidence:) the more you go the better you get. And don’t take time off because it is rough getting back into it hahaha �� love you Gretchen!!!! I love how positive and amazing you are!!! Keep up the great work! ����‍♀️������‍♀️������‍♀️��

  • But it’s a “church on a bike” haha. Actually I need to exercise in the privacy of my own home. I’ve got my old stair stepper, my treadmill, yoga tapes, block and weights so I’m good. If I go to a gym I’m worried about competition which does me no good at all. I exercise for myself. Plus it’s cheaper.

  • I would love to see you try other workout classes like yoga, HIIT workouts, kick boxing, Pilates, barre and maybe even beginners pole dancing (which is a very good workout). ��

  • having been to soul a few times, can confirm this is super helpful for ur first time! and honestly she’s so right, soul always brightens up my day and it just makes me feel so good and happy every time I go like even beyond being proud of myself for making a healthy choice and taking care of myself, it just makes me think so positively and reflect in the best way in such a supportive and great environment. especially for your first time, the staff is so helpful and they make sure that you feel comfortable and know what’s going on and you’re totally welcome to figure out your own thing during the classyou will never feel ashamed if you aren’t able to do everything or go all out for all 45 minutes. also even when it’s not your first time and you’re like me and cannot figure out the bike adjustments to save your life they’re so patient and helpful and even help you after class so you can do it next time. it’s super expensive but I think the experience is invaluable and totally worth it, especially on really difficult days. if u ever are feeling super down and bad about yourself, a soulcycle class will literally turn your feelings and thoughts around. I cannot recommend it enough!

  • i think its over priced
    my gym costs £35 a month (i think £55 for adults) and theres 2 spin studios and you can go to as many classes as you please and its the same instructor at that one time slot…especially if you go to morning classes you build a real relationship with the instructor due to small class size…

    the gym obviously has other classes and a pool

    i just dont get the hype…it doesnt seem any different to my spin class (except the branding)

  • I love your videos! I just found myself watching one and now I’m sucked into them. Wow you just have an awesome aura about you! Great content, and your voice is such a great balance of energy and down-to-earth I feel like I’m talking to a friend. Also your style is super cute!

  • @ 31:36… The difference between Tool fans and music consumers of other bands/genres explained perfectly. By Maynard himself. Thanks for the upload ��

  • Save your money get a bicycle ride and get a real total body workout. You will lose weight get toned and be beach body fresh in no time. Follow a simple nutrition plan and have fun.

  • 57:49 who is this guy? 10000 days was imo a great fucking album. I could listen to this over and over again. Rosetta Stoned my hell. Wings for Marie and 10000 days. This guy is a dipshit.

  • Really enjoyed this deeper look into the band, and their ongoing collaboration with Alex Gray, the artist, which has produced such fantastic visuals, Tool stands the test of time and they continue to put out innovative and transformative music and art while keeping a certain mystery that draws you in, rather than a oversaturating media presence that so many bands have today, the periods between albums is long but always worth the wait….

  • My bike cost me $2000.00 but $34 dollars a class adds up pretty quick. I rode 250 miles last week over 3000 miles for the season including 3 months off from injury.

  • I saw these guys in Ft. Myers, FL for the Lateralus album. It was a life-changing, transcendental journey into spiritual reality. Maybe it was just the bag of chronic I gobbled down when we got stopped by FHP going 90 m.p.h. on the way there. In all seriousness, out of the (nearly 100) bands I’ve seen live, that show was in the top 5. Maybe top 3.

  • Hey you guys could just pay me $150 a month and I could tell you to eat less food and exercise more….you’ll get literally the exact same results…just sayin

  • First thing to know before booking a class SoulCycle donates part of your fees to the Donald Trump campaign, so decide wether this is a plus or minus for you..

  • It took me,every bit of 3 months to understand pneuma….nobody in the world has ever created music like this… its like a feeling…idk how to describe it….i have to hear tool everyday. And i do…

  • Yay it’s uploaded again! Sorry for the hassle you guys, nonetheless hope this video is helpful, and be sure to comment any questions you have and I’ll answer <3 xoxo

  • Think this is over priced and over hyped.

    My private gym is £60 a month for unlimited classes and gym. Classes include, spin, live mic spin so, a band plays the music live, themed spin sessionseg, ABBA, 80’s sessions etc. They include a weights session in each session too, so it’s an all over work out. Other classes includemany types of yoga, hot yoga, yin in a sling, aeriel yoga, barre classes, HIT barre, box fit, circuits, TRX and kettle bells, dance classes etc. All this for -£60! The spin classes are an all over workout, drop in session are £6-7, depending if you purchase a 10 class pass or you just drop in. Still, way cheaper than this over priced place!

    I don’t believe people should have to pay such obscene amounts of money to do what really is just a basic spin class. Yes, it’s a nice environment, but as mentioned my gym provide away more than this and its smaller and more friendly!

  • First SoulCycle class tomorrow morning and I’m so nervous and excited. This video was really helpful I helping to navigate the new process.

  • So where I am from, we have cyclebar and it is way less expensive. Shoes are free and they offer memberships. Personally, I pay $169 a month for unlimited classes. I am in love with it and from what I have heard, it’s very similar to soul cycle. Only con I have found is with the cancellation policy. You have to cancel 12 hours+ before your class to not be charged the late cancellation fee of $10. I didn’t know this when I first did unlimited last december and uhhhh yeah I got a lot of charges. I just figured since I had unlimited classes that I could cancel one time and go a different time during the day etc….so check out cyclebar!!! I am currently on my journey to becoming an instructor!

  • IMHO so called documentarys about artists or bands, that doesn’t involve the artists in question……they suck.
    There are excellent documentaries about artists, where the artist is allowed to be the one talking about themselves or about things concerning them, rather than other people talking/speculating about them. For example: Spike Jonze documentary about M.I.A. You don’t even have to like the music to be able to like a documentary like that, because you actually is watching the artist. When that type of approach comes about Tool, then I will watch and enjoy. IMHO

  • The whole band is and has always been one of a kind. There is no mistaking TOOL. They have always been my favorite band and always will be!

  • This is not true. I love soul cycle! You don’t have to use Soul Cycle shoes. You can use your own. There is no intimidation and I always get an amazing workout. I don’t know who produced this but it sounds like they are trying to project their insecurities into the world.

  • sorry you had to go through uploading again ☹️ this is such a helpful video. Thank you so much for making it! You are amazing and I love you so much! Thank you for doing everything you do! I appreciate you!

  • Awesome documentary. But would wish more effort was put in to leveling out the sound. But i guess ill just sound like a whine bitch.

  • SoulCycle is a scam. Recently their CEO had to step down. Regarding you throwing up. Even the greatest athletes in the world eat something before they work out. So you always have to eat something before you workout

  • Stop wasting your money on soul cycle, just get a regular gym membership or get a bike, lol. I only pay 49 bucks a year for 24 hour fitness, for LIFE!

  • 38:40
    Well spoken Mr. Schletter: “The psychedelic Experience has a dark side, its not just flowers. When the truth of the world reveals to you, it has some ugliness, too.”

  • Can’t wait for all the whining. Let me guess… ‘Wtf no Maynard in the shower? UNSUB’ or ‘I didn’t read the description or I’m SUPER angry!’

  • I really wanna take a soul class but I’m so nervous to because I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it and I don’t know my measurements or anything plus I’m just like so nervous

  • My hubby bought me a spinning bike for my birthday tomorrow, and I’ve just used it. My soul has departed from my body, brilliant workout utterly enjoyed it once It was finished. Thanks Cat

  • SO DISSAPOINTING. SHe doesnt even do it everyday. lol… its not a challenge as much as it is what she’d do if soul cycle was normal part of her life. a class here a class there “for a month”

  • Can you do a video like this about Pure Barre? I’m not sure if you have one in your area, but I’d love to see your experience with it:)

  • RENT SHOES?!?!?!? Girl what about all those germs?!? People are sweating their soulssssss outtttttttt, I’d think people drown their shoes with sweat at the end �� nooo I was so triggered

  • Gretchen you should try a SpinCo class the next time you’re in Canada!! It’s basically the exact same as SoulCycle but just slightly different. Only $20 for a single class! You should check it out sometime:)

  • Always fun in spin classes spotting those not using gear and cruising. When my gym was open there were some women who leave a 45 minute class not even sweating whilst I’m pouring

  • Go you Sierra for trying Soul Cycle for this many weeks. I went to one trial class for this new cycling gym and it was outdoors (summertime). I almost died the first ten minutes. then my brain was just out of it for the rest of the class. I already mentally signed out. I’m a yoga girl and not cardio. My legs were sore for a week after. It was majorly clicky. I did not vibe with the instructor and felt like it was not genuine. Anyways, kudos do you for trying this and even more so for loving it. I’m sure if I gave it another try, or with another instructor it would’ve been better. Just not for me at this time. Not a fan of dimly lit rooms or loud pop music lol

  • Gretchen; UPDATE: I conquered the Soul Double I did last week. You are right; the second class is easier! This week, I’m participating in Warrior Week, trying to hit four classes!

  • I really love soul cycle, its changed my life in a lot of ways. Ik the classes are super expensive ( especially for me I’m from nyc) so if that is what’s holding you back, I found out last year that there is a student discount. I’m in college so I just show my ID when I go to the studio and buy classes for a discounted rate there which saves me a lot of money.

  • Anyone who says this is expensive is missing the point. Spending $34 per class every time you go is alot less expensive than spending $50-100 per month on a gym membership even when you’re not going. You pay for exactly what you use, no more, no less. Which means Soulcycle has an incentive to make the class awesome and motivational enough for you to WANT to go. Wheras gyms have an incentive to make it good enough you keep paying, but not good enough for every member to go a few times a week.

  • For anyone who can’t afford a cycle membership, a lot of cycle studios offer free classes when there’s a new instructor and those are typically unlimited. For example, I am going to three spin classes this week for free because it’s a new instructor and all I have to pay for are the shoes which are $3.00.

  • The whole point of PT is to go from one place to another… therefore you have to measure your weight and body fat percentage. Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, wouldn’t you want to know if you gained muscle, leaned out, or lost any weight throughout the process?

  • Omg I’m in NY I think I’m gonna go tomorrow.. I’m scared AF because I have awful gym gear with me na I haven’t cycled in ages BUT I’m kinda mad to go

  • Anyone want to take a guess as to how much material Tool has piling up? With as anal as they are with writing music (that’s a compliment BTW) can you fathom what has not made the final cut?

  • It takes 2 weeks of riding 3 days or more a week to get your butt adjusted. The gel pad will add to chaffing. You should be using riding shorts.

  • All of my friends like swear by soul cycle and I definitely really wanna try it! A lot of my friends do it. Do you know how’s many guys go? My friend told me that it’s mainly females but that it depends on what hours you go. The weekends I heard are the best for like more guys to go. like at 11am but it’s always hard to find a class on the weekends. My friends would go at 6:30 am before school. I tore my acl my sophomore year playing soccer. Are they different classes if u double? So like insurance/sprints or like strengthen focused? Ik there’s different classes you can sign up for.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for putting up this video. Your review got me to go to Soulcycle in Seattle when I was traveling. I didn’t have the experience you did but I was super proud of myself for going at 6AM twice! Those classes lead me to buy a Peloton and now I love spinning. Thanks again!

  • It’s a new age brainwashing scam. They even have hindu mandala as their logo. Yoga is a dangerous spiritual practice. The CEO is from the Tribe

  • I love your music in beginning of your pride class
    What is the tittle of song
    I think you exhausted after your pride class and lot of sweaty
    Are you doing pride class in future time again

  • Hi there, love your videos! Quick tiptry having carbs instead of fats before exercising fats take a bit longer to digest so whilst they might fill you up, carbs give you energy a bit faster and don’t make you feel sluggish before/during training! Idk, just thought that might come in handy I usually have porridge and honey before head off, and a bananna halfway through if doing squats or deadlifts and seems to work pretty good ����‍♀️��

  • I love your energy and positivity about soul cycle! I’ve been wanting to try for a little over a month but tbh I’m kind of nervous! Do you go in LA or NYC? I’ve heard both are very different.

  • Unwatchable music clips are way too loud and talking and speaking is way too quiet when I turn it up to hear them talk then I got a blast of music unreal fuck this video pure shit!

  • I’ve never been to SoulCycle before but I did go to my first spin class last night (video up now) the place I went to was called SpinHouse, it was a 50 minute workout and they’ve got 2 introductory deals for new members, first ride is $5 and shoes are always free, after the first ride they’ve got an unlimited classes pass for 2 weeks that costs $65, then there’s unlimited class passes that are for 1, 3, and 6 months that get cheaper the longer you go for, 1 month is $180, 3 months is $480 ($160 per month), and 6 months is $900 ($150 a month), as for my experience you’ll need to watch my review on my first spin class:)

  • Thank you so much for making this video, it was so helpful. Finally one is opening near me in Tampa so I’m excited to start going. Do you think if I printed the under age form (because im 17) and my guardian signed it, I could bring it in instead of my parent having to come into the studio with me? Or would my parent have to sign it in the building? Again thank you this video got me so motivated to start going to Soul!��

  • If you’re going to upload a video about riding at “soul cycle” at least make sure it’s the right studio, this is CYCLE BARstill a boutique studio but they are both very different in how they instruct their class. Do your research before putting the title and logos on your video of soul cycle makes you look uneducated about what you’re trying to feed your viewers.