Some-Week Fitness Program to improve Strength Day 12


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Welcome to Day 12 of the four-week fitness plan to increase strength — the final day of the plan! Congrats on making it this far. Day 12 follows the same pattern as Day 3, which focuses on the core. In just four short weeks, you’re on your way to a stronger, fitter you.

This 4-week workout plan is a great way to get your fitness back on track during self-isolation. Improve your fitness and sculpt lean muscle from home. A 4-Week Plan to Get You Running 30 Mins Nonstop. running is a great way to improve your aerobic fitness. This will help to increase your stamina and it will even help to make daily tasks such.

“The four-day split allows the lifter to ease back into using perfect form on his lifts, which will carry over to more efficient form for when things get heavy.” Start by performing 12 reps. For each subsequent set, lighten the load and increase the reps. The Wolverine program is broken into 4-week training blocks that can be repeated with a 5 to 10 percent increase in weight each time you repeat the cycle.

Strength. 4 Week Powerlifting & Strength Program Spreadsheets. (GVT) is a hypertrophy program designed by Charles Poliquin to shock the muscles with a significant increase in volume through 10×10 sets. It is designed to be run for a relatively short period of time, about 4 weeks, and is comprised of three different workouts run five days per week. For a beginner’s workout to be effective, the full-body program should incorporate high-volume training, increased intensity, and workout splits to achieve significant muscular gains, also known as hypertrophy.

This will help you build muscle size and strength. Filed Under: 4 Week Programs, Programs, Strength Training Program Tagged With: 4 Day Workout Plan, 4 Week Workout Plan Squat frequency: 1 Bench press frequency: 1 Deadlift frequency: 1 Overhead press frequency: 1. Omnidroid 12 Week Strength Program (5 Day) Last updated April 18, 2020 Experience level: Advanced, Intermediate Weeks: 12. Welcome to Day 8 of the four-week fitness plan to increase strength!

In just four short weeks, you’ll be on your way to a stronger, fitter you. This strength and mobility program shows you where to begin as well as how to make progressions. Best of.

Fitness; Workouts; 4-Week Workout Plan For Women devote your strength training days to specific muscle groups (like your legs and core), and round out your routine with one day of interval.

List of related literature:

The program has been organized into 3 x 4-week macro-cycle blocks that alter the repetition scheme to promote hypertrophy and increases in strength.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
from Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
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The new guidelines recommend that, with the specific inclusion of resistance training 2 (or more) nonconsecutive days/week, using 8 to 10 major muscle groups and 1 set of 10 to 15 repetitions at a moderate intensity as based on the RPE scale (5–6 out of 10).

“Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing” by Mariah Snyder, PhD, RN, FAAN, Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN, FAAN
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It is usually recommended that the strength training program end 5 to 7 days prior to the main competition.

“Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training” by Tudor Bompa, G. Gregory Haff
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The 4-week program is intended for as an introduction to resistance training that can then progress to the 6, 8, and 12 week programs for beginners, intermediates, and advanced exercisers respectively.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
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(b) A program that called for eight exercises using 10RM and 1-minute rest periods between sets and exercises.

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
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However, this program involves using a heavy day and a light day so that Tuesday is the heaviest resistance training day of each microcycle.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
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To retain strength gains, at least two training sessions per week should be scheduled.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
from Science and Practice of Strength Training
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For each exercise, 8–12 repetitions improve strength and power; 10–15 repetitions improve strength in middle-aged and older persons starting to exercise; and 15–20 repetitions improve muscular endurance.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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For strength gains, one set of 8–12 repetitions was recommended, with 8–10 exercises for the major muscles groups, for 2 days per week.

“Managing Sports Injuries e-book: a guide for students and clinicians” by Christopher M Norris
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However, individuals who are already accustomed to resistance training can only maintain their strength gains and cannot increase strength levels with one or two days per week (4, 35).

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
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  • Hi Heather! ����‍♀️ I have been loving your workouts so far! The variety of exercises and shorter length of each day keep me going, and I love how I feel afterward! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to start Phase 2 next week! ����

  • I just loved this workout. I felt my arms tired, but it was easy. I am proud that I did not pause the video and that proves me I am geting stronger. My abs look very nice while I do the exercises. Thanks. You are great! ��❤

  • Going to start phase 2 and I excited. Thank you so much for these videos Heather they are Brilliant. I do have to modify some exercises but I am getting stronger.

  • Scott god damn it, stop saying you play video games, because you make my life seem more and not pathetic. You have everything and do everything lol… I am just a high schooler in sports, plays video games, but not a beast like u lol…

  • The workouts are great. I have found that some of the days are repetitive and at times the stretches do not correspond to the muscles worked.

  • i really like this thank you I’m skinny & just started I went into the gym with no knowledge just started lol but the hardest part is that I have to eat so much more & it’s really hard for me to do that bc I’m so used to hardly eating

  • Gym workout routine for teen athletes/ Strength training for sports performance.
    If you are an athlete who wants to improve your sports performance, get stronger and start lifting weights then this beginners gym workout guide would be perfect fit for you.
    This video will teach what are some main full body exercises every teen should be doing and step by step guide how to perform them with perfect technique. You will learn how to properly activate your full body, what is the goal of strength training.

  • I need to get me some dumbbells, so so fed up of my water bottle “weights” leaking everywhere! Thank you, I loved it today! Nice change of pace ✅

  • Bro I mean I don’t wanna copy people but I rly like the idea of 1 like one push up to motivate me so yea…..

    Btw imma post the pushups on my YouTube so u know I’ve done it. Happy quarantine workout. I am 14 now and 43kg I know I’m too light so let’s see.

  • That was killer, alley body shakes. Wow!!!! You are super amazing. one day i will be able to do all of your workouts with calm and easy face like you. love you!!!! Thank you for inspiration and this beautiful 12 weeks program.

  • Hey Scott. I’m a guy from Sweden who started watching your videos somewhat two years ago. Your videos really motivated me to pursue my ideal physical fitness. Since then I’ve lost somewhat 16 kg and I’m stronger, faster and more motivated than I could’ve ever hoped for. Not only have my old sport injuries disappeared but yesterday I found out I had passed the bar for a very physically demanding officers career. I owe you one, and if you’re ever in Sweden I’ll buy you a bee… protein shake!

  • Im 20 years old and fuckin fat but man now im trying to grasp consistent motivation and only thing that constantly reminds me is when im watching anime weird as hell but hopefully it works for me

  • Scott, i have injury in my elbow, i consulted many doctors, nth happened, iam in this situation since 1 year, when i workout harder or heavier weight on my exercises i start to have pain in my elbow, please advise.

    ur videos are great, regards from Jordan

  • Hey will, correct me if im wrong but it seems as though you’re doing 3 chest focused exercises, 1 back focused and 1 bicep focused. Although most of those are compound movements, shouldn’t we do more that 1 for back and biceps? Right now i try to do 3-4 exercises/body part it does take me 1:30-2h to finish tho:/ great vids btw and all the best!

  • Thank you heather for this. Can’t wait to start tmrw. You Are the only youtube trainer who gave me hiit videos which have shown me some progress!

  • My arms hurt sooooooo bad right now! But this workout, this powering-through strenght exercises was EXACTLY what I needed after 12 hours behind the desk, hourly deadlines and stress… ugh! Heather THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for keeping me sane(ish) in all this home-officing and THANK YOU for make me choose half of the pizza + workout after instead of the whole pizza box lol (yes, hello, stress-eater here ��). Hugs from Poland ❤❤

  • The 13-14 yo part is actually rlly true. It was during that time when I actually gained the most muscle and had the most among my friends until they started working out way more intensely than me in later years as I foolishly regressed in my routine.

  • I was so happy I found a good video that shows what workouts to do and everything I needed but in the end when u said u need to change it eventually cuz it’s not good I was like ����������

  • This is kinda like a Lyle McDonald generic bulking, mixed with linear periodisation. My question is the rep count… Surely you must use ranges? 4×10…x8, is quite hard to hit set on set, would you not do 9-11, 7-9, 4-6? Respective to your micro-weeks

  • I’m so happy I found your channel! I want to start this program but can you, or anyone who has done it let me know if it’s good for beginners? I’ve worked out but haven’t been consistent so I definitely consider myself a beginner. I hope someone can help me out because I’d love to start today! ����

  • Hi Heather you are amazing..
    I am following your 12 weeks program..
    On week 2 right now. Please guide as to how much weight should I use if I am 70kg and 161cm height.

  • I really loved that work out, not sure if my ball and I are friends yet, but we seem to be friendlier that 2 weeks ago. Could be hope for at least being colleagues. lol. Feeling a bit guilty as had to miss out on my Friday work out last week.

  • I discovered recently Heather Robertson and I love it. The music, the workout, she is such and inspiration. With the lockdown I couldn’t go to the gym and usually I would go about 5 times a week, and with this program I am not sure if I will go back. I live a very healthy lifestyle and working out is completely part of my life. Thanks for this wonderful program! I have check a lot of YouTube workout but I am completely hooked on Heather Robertson program.

  • Is there a calendar I can print out to follow this.. I know it automatically comes up the next one.. but nothing more satisfying than crossing off that date after a workout! Thanks!:)

  • Hi Heather!! I’m enjoying very much your program. It’s really good!!! I have a question, what can i use at home to replace the fit ball???

  • I think I will definitely incorporate the slow movement to fast movement progression.
    This, to me, gives your mind, and body time to warm up, or prepare for more resistance.

  • Bro you are doing the Skull Crusher wrong stop doing them like this, because when you do them like that you are going hurt your elbow. The rod should hit behinde the head not on the forehead

  • By far the best workouts I’ve ever done. Nothing compares! These workouts are better than any BeachBody program I’ve ever done. They are even better than the workout classes at the gym. Canceled my membership bc of these amazing workouts! This one is killer for sure! It kicked my butt!!! Thank you Heather! Please keep programs like this one coming!! You’re the best! ������

  • Hi! This workout is amazing, but even though ive started working out with core exercises for 2 months or so, my upper body is sooo sore after this! Even with the minimum reps! Its very intense, and i was wondering if i should make it easier sothat i can become stronger (better muscle rest)?

  • Heather, a few girls and I have been committed to your 12-week program for many weeks now during shelter-in-place and it has been a tremendous Godsend to us all! We feel stronger and more tone. Fast and efficient. And kick-assery moves! Thank you for this amazing WO plan. A true gift!

  • The first day of week 5 and it was not that hard for me to do it.. so I’m happy and thankful with my body (I was not sure it was strong enough) and with you heather for this amazing job. Love the way every week it’s getting harder, but with a body getting in shape to face it. A deeply thank you!

  • That was super super super chalenging, long set it is a bomb. thank you so so much for inspiring me every day. i absolutely love your workouts, you are the best

  • Can’t Believe I’m already at week 4! Thanks Heather. This challenge has been great for me and a motivation to wake up every day ❤️

  • Wohoooo Week 4 Day 1, completed!!!
    I don´t know you, reader of this post, but I am super pumped… I managed to do 10 triceps push ups (my knees in the floor) but the first day I would only do one… barely… and with terrible form and very shaky everything.
    I am ready to get through this week!
    Best of luck to you, your path is amazing and is definitely worth it!
    BTW: I still do a lot of modifications, but I will get to it!

  • I loved it. I am super motivated to go through week 4. The exercises are strong but at the same time, the intervals allow me to recover and focus on technique. Thank you Heather.

  • Hey guys! Just wanted to clarify because I was getting a lot of questions on this.. The weight increases each week. It doesn’t stay the same! For example:

    Bench Press
    Week 1 4×[email protected]
    Week 2 4×[email protected]
    Week 3 5×[email protected]

    *Then once you restart the 3 week cycle your goal is to add 2.5-5lbs to each respected rep range! Sorry for not mentioning this in the video.

  • watch the video I recommended please ( I was meant to type vics natural ) maybe you will understand what I mean with the shrug form. im not complaining on his form, im stating I am unsure, as I have done what scott does ( it works ) but I tried what vics natural offered and I felt it 100% more. as to scott ‘always’ making gains, he looks the same as he did 4 years ago.. ( not to sound nasty maybe hes maxxed his limit.? )

  • Hi Heather!! Just want to say I’m a HUGE fan and have followed almost all of your workout videos I really love your approach to working out! I gained a bunch of weight during quarantine so I started following your videos. I am on week 8 of your 12 week workout plan and I FINALLY got back to pre quarantine weight! (Took a while!) ��
    I just had a question: my problem area is the area of bulge in my lower back, below the bra strap. I’ve been doing lots of back workouts and feel like my upper back looks ok but that lower back still has some rolls!
    I’m just wondering if you could recommend some exercises that specifically target those lats…or if you can do a video even better!!!
    Thanks for your time and thanks again for all that you do!!

  • I am just sooo happy about your 12 weeks program I can not put it into words how perfect the exercises fit to my prefered level of workout! Its always a perfect length and not too long so you are always looking forward to the next one:) I tried so many different programs (even paid for some) but I never felt so good and connected to a “trainer” like I do with you <3 Keep going and make us all even fitter and happier:)

  • Thank you so much, finally im in week 5!
    There are so many visible changes on my body so far.
    Besides body improvement, i feel better and more positive.
    Love you��

  • The gym near me doesn’t have a smith machine and I don’t like doing presses with free weights on a normal bench. Infact they mostly have pulley machines, dumbells and treadmills, so should I just buy adjustable dumbells and do push workouts at home or renew the 50$/mo gym membership? Rn judging by the pros in the gym vs home workouts they don’t seem significant enough for it to be worth it.

  • Guys
    imo Instrument exercises are Extremely forbidden for 13 14
    Start From 15 lifting the lightest dumbles then after slowly level it up:D

  • It would be a shame for you not to get rid of body fat while other normal people are able to shed weight easily by using Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • So if I finish 1 set of bench press, next set is a back exercise and then back to bench press? Or do all 4 sets of bench press AND THEN move on to back exercise..?

  • You have saved my health! My anxiety has decreased, I’m stronger and my eating habits have changed for the better since I started working out 4 weeks ago!

  • Who else thought of jeff cavalier athlean x dot com when they saw facepulls?
    And no athlean x dot com isnt his last name.
    Athlean x is the middle and dot com is the last name. Yes, jeff has a letter and two names for his middle name, or is it middle names?

  • I’ve been watching you for over a year and you’ve been a huge inspiration for me, I love how you make others keep pushing through. I’m exactly using your workout plan and it’s ��

  • Can you Produce a Video where you Show Every Single exercise and explain How to performe it? That would help alot, i Want to try the workout but many exercises are unknown To me!

  • With only one isolation work for bicep and tricep how do you grow them? Obviously yours are developed but are you just banking on the fact that you will get residual pump and from the shoulder press?

  • Shoulders are burning! Be sure to grab a stability ball for the second half of the workout. Didn’t know we would use one but adapted to the floor for the chest exercises and a wall squat for the around the world exercise. Another great workout heather! Thanks!

  • Hi Heather, tomorrow I will start your #HR12Week and I’m ready to improve myself. Thank you so much for having shared this fantastic program! Top music, top coach, top schedule <3

  • Hi Will,
    Do you track your progress on a notepad/notebook or a phone App?
    If you use an App, which app is it? Or which App do you recommend?

  • Heather, I just want to first of all say thank you for this labor of love. Your videos are some of the best quality I’ve seen. No fluff. no nonsense. Just straight up quality workouts. Oh and your form with the exercises gives me joy!! There was one where I swore you were sitting on an invisible stability ball and I was like no way. Anyway, I digress! In the past I haven’t been one to stay consistent with workouts, but I’ve found myself looking forward to each day and each new challenge. I see my body changing. I’m so much stronger. I just completed Week 5 Day 1 and I’m looking forward to the remaining weeks. I’ll probably do this whole thing over again when I’m done. Again, thank you for making this free and available to all. As you continued to build your empire, may all your endeavors be met with open doors. May you always find favor where you need it and may your days always be joyful.

  • Loving the straight forward plan and detail! I would always get comments saying I shouldn’t lift, but I’ve developed an appreciation for it. I also get told I shouldn’t do cardio if I am lifting or I should only do low-intensity cardio to “stay small and lean”. You seem to be living your best life doing both so thanks for showing that:D

  • i am sure many of us would love to be educated on why the rep speeds work well together relative to the way they are introduced sequentially! if at all possible I hope you guys could shed a light on this. IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH! also great work as always guys! cheers

  • So I wanted to write this because you have been such a tremendous blessing throughout my fitness journey. I have been battling anxiety for quite sometime now, and I finally said f this and started to take back my health. I started your 7 day challenge and it has changed my life. Let me tell you during these uncertain times you are a blessing. To find such great content without spending a dime is unbelievable, especially during a time when everyone is trying to sell you some kind of fitness program. Thank you so much for being kind, generous, and thoughtful. Without your channel I wouldn’t be able to get this baddy body. ������

  • I never cease to be excited Heather’s workouts, it is fantastic. Today day 1 week 5 was filled exercises, which really good devised according to orderly plan to increase power and strength of participants of Program 12 weeks. I feel it. I become healthier ☺️ day by day. It is surprising but today exercise “Weighted Jacks” was easier than “Around the world”. I had to change dumbbells to a lighter poundage.�� Also exercise ” Rear Delf Flys” continues to stay tough for me��. I continue to raise my back during raising arms.

  • Hoolllyyy molly my kidney hurtso much i could not continue i skipped half of the last set to the stretch. I eat healthy and i drank water before starting is this normal?

  • It was remarkable workout. This exercises are already familiar over three previous weeks but its combination of this workout is really arduous��������
    I have weak arms and I did incredibly tough exercise ” T Raise Combo”.
    However I feel that I getting stronger, more enduring and my muscles increase ��I appreciate your perfect work, Heather like the Trainer ������

  • I totally agree with your philosophy on cardio. If you research it you’ll find that a lot of big professional wrestlers have died from or had heart attacks. Arnold Schwarzenegger has had major heart surgery. He’s since been advised to lift lower weights at higher reps. It’s vital to build a strong cardio system to support the extra weight you put on. Don’t just concentrate on the superficial everyone.

  • Damn!!! Tried this workout after some months off and I am BEAT!!
    Thanks for another great workout and awesome content!! I’m gonna stick with this the next couple of months!!��

  • Wow! This was a good one. Anytime I felt like quitting, I just told myself ‘Heather is doing these with 10lb weights, surely you can do it w/5 and 8!

  • I can’t do deadlifts or standing shoulder press because of my previous issues with Sciatica in my back can anyone suggest a good alternative to these two?

    I currently do alot of seated dumbbell shoulder press to substitute the standing press, and then just try and do more squats to substitute the fact I can’t do deadlifts…

  • Hi Heather, I have been following the 12 week program. Quick question, my objective is to loose weight. I see this phase is about toning and strength. Should I redo Phase 1 or continue with Phase 2 to loose weight? Thanks!

  • I was having plateau and decide to change my routine to Heather. This is the best decision i ever made and now on the 5th weeks i loose about 6kg.

  • I keep watching this thinking “She’s so rad.” I did it once through and gonna start it again! Thank you so much Heather, sure appreciate you!! ❤

  • I started doing your workouts during the quarentine of 2020, March. Your workouts have helped me to lose a few pounds, 5 which has been so hard to take off. My arms, legs, abs and body are getting in shape. Thank you for helping me, motivating me and sharing your gifts! So happy I found your videos!!! Ohio

  • I also uploaded a video on basic chest workout brother.. Visit my channel �� support me by subscribing my video that’ll give me motivation for making more videos.

  • Heather, I just have to say I love how the program progresses, every workout every time and every week becomes challenging but still very doable! This session wasn’t an exception, by only the second round of the circuit, s**t just got real! Thank you and more power to you!!!

  • I always watch those videos because I want to go to the gym as well but even though it’s kinda motivating it also isn’t because this all seems so damn complicated.
    Like how much weight do I use for every exercise? How do you remember every weight? How do you get started and what routine should you do?

  • I had to take a few days to mentally prepare before starting week 5. I thought it would be too hard and I wouldn’t make it through. But lo and behold, I finished it. Years of unhealthy thinking patterns make me second guess what I’m capable of but today I realized that I don’t have to listen to those thoughts. They are untrue. Thanks Heather Robertson for your videos and inspiration.

  • How did Heather know I was getting lazy with my reps. ��Now I find myself switching out my weights more. Gotta get through those 12 reps!

  • I’ve never stuck at any workout programme for so long!! Week 5 and I’m still loving it, not a bit bored, I really enjoy the style and function of your workouts Heather. Thank you so much, I can’t believe this is free! Can’t wait for the next 8 weeks and to see the changes ������

  • Thank you Heather so much for these workouts! I’ve surprised myself at how focused and on track I have been with these workouts! I haven’t really noticed much of a change in the scale but I definitely feel stronger and see definition in my arms. You are so awesome & have inspired me so much! I’m excited to start week 5 tomorrow!!!! ��

  • Heather! My family and I totally love and appreciate your workouts. You’ve helped us stay on track and active during the quarantine. Your workouts have become part of our daily routine during these difficult, questionable times. Thank you for doing what you do and for allowing us to stay active with you!

  • this guy not just his body is perfect. and is that is obviously his natural. this is what me and other guys out there need for motivation. All the best Scott.

  • I followed this for about a month-and-a-half before quarantine, then was restricted to my house where I did primarily bench and curls. Full bro work haha I’ve been back in the gym for 2 weeks now, and I’m finding that this routine is far harder than it was before all this started

  • Put on a shirt so you can wear a mic. Seriously. You have a youtube channel this popular you should have decent sound. It’s kinda annoying on the ears. It’s not that expensive.

  • Your workouts are awesome. Best workouts from home that I enjoy doing, love the way they are organized and set up! Thank you for doing this and the fact that they are free is even more amazing! Thank you!

  • Will tennyson Do you feel like your triceps get enough work through the shoulder and chest movements? Is that why you really don’t isolate them until the 4th day with the overhead triceps extensions?

  • Great workout! Your videos are so very well balanced and the exercises varied, keeping things interesting. Thank you for your commitment to helping people get fit and healthy.

  • Unless you do it 4 times/week the number of working sets/week is a lot below what’s needed for noticeable hypertrophy if it’s your only upper body workout. At least if you’re at an intermediate level.
    Decreasing the rest time by a lot could help by introducing metabolic stress though so don’t be afraid to do it or include additional lifts for maximum effect!

  • I’m loving this program so far. I share it with everyone I know that is looking for a way to workout at home and get that fat burn/muscle build. Today was tough. My shoulders are burned out! It was hard to get chest in there with so much shoulder work. I was still able to follow it up with the rest of my chest day exercises, but struggled with my normal weights! Love how sculpted my shoulders have gotten over these last few weeks.

  • Tell me that wasn’t actually your back in the screenshot cover of the video…’cause that just wasn’t human. Holy insane muscles Batman!

    Great vid!

  • Week 4 Day 1 DONE! Missed two days because I was sick, so decided to just skip and FINALLY move on to Week 4! So out of breath but I’ve found my flexibility has improved which is cool. Awesome workout Heather!

  • I’m 16 and still growing so just tryna get some gains I’m semi fit because of all the push ups I do but great vid I’ll be trying it out for a month or two and maybe show the results

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritionary intake. While they may induce quick weight loss, these diets are never a long-term solution for your waistline. It is best to check out Custokebon Secrets on google as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • I’m not being funny and maybe it’s because I train everyday doing body weight exercises but I don’t think this is very intense at all all the rest times are really long unless it’s designed for beginners

  • Done… with a ton of modifiers… but done. Im super out of shape so it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes to not have to modify anymore.

  • Sorry about that, was trying to add a cool effect. In the future, I will keep the first set normal speed and if I need to, speed up the others.

  • If you want to get a six pack, i suggest you make a search on Google for “Aston Muscle Ripper”. You are guaranteed to end up getting the body you should have.

  • Because I have them on a separate day. This routine is focusing more on lats and rhomboids. But you can for sure incorporate Deadlifts if you would like. I have them on a separate day in my schedule.

    Great question

  • I have my entire workout schedule on my facebok page in the info section brotha!

    Thanks for subscribing!:) Looking forward to helping you make some gains!

  • Brett: get 7 hours of sleep
    My school: how about homeworks

    But seriously i go up to school at 06:30
    And comes home at 8 o clock at night
    Im just 13
    And also dony forget homeworks every single day
    Which also took 3-4 hours of finishing

  • My family haves little home gym with bench press and couple of handweights like 3kg,5kg, 7kg so… I think I know what I’m going to do in mornings before school and when school starts, before or after…

  • Hey You all, this Monday, June 22 I’m starting the #HR12Week, wish me luck!!! I’m ready with my 10 pounds weights, I’m SO exacited!!!

  • I’ve been doing these workouts with my nephew and he’s like “She makes this looks easy”, and then I look over and he’s red as a tomato and dripping in sweat. �� I’ve never stuck to a workout for this long. Sad but true.

  • A reminder to myself

    Day 1: 2:55 Chest, shoulders and triceps.
    Start with your chest. Bench and inclined bench. Also do flies and crossovers. Now do shoulders. Do overhead press, lateral raises, and reverse flies. Finally, triceps. Do skull crushers, tricep extensions, and kickbacks.
    Every exercise should be three sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

    Day 2: 4:42 Back and Biceps. Start with the back. Do lat pull downs and pull overs. Your bicep should be warmed up, simply do curl ups with supination.
    Again, 3 sets of eight to to twelve reps should do the trick.

    Day 3: 5:51 Legs.
    Do squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

    Remember to sleep at least 7 hours every night.

    Day 4: Free active day, simply do cardio and abs.

  • im unsure on your shrugs, watch vinces natural video on shrugs, bring shoulders back to engage them and lift the weight with the muscle.. but good video. you still making gains? or you at your limit

  • Wow. Excellent film.

    My brother used to be an overweight dude. He remodeled his body from 283lbs of fat to 216lbs of purely natural muscle mass. I realized I was floored. I just registered myself coz I’m trying to get bigger muscles. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  • Will I’m pretty sure you won’t read this, but I been following your program for a while now and I have gotten some great gains from it. I love the time I get to be off from the gym and not sacrifice hitting the muscles twice a week. Alternating between back and chest and legs and shoulders is great. Thank you will

  • Yes I agree cant even believe it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. And My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. worth watch here now

  • This has been a lifesaver during lockdown and I’ve shared it with all my friends with such enthusiasm❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    It’s amazing i’m on week 7 and it makes my day -every day❤️THANK YOU! My fitness hero hehe

  • Down 10.5kg (I know health is a lot more than weight loss but it’s a massive sign that I’m on the right track!) with just watching my diet, looking after myself as best as I can emotionally, and Heather’s workouts! I love the workouts, they’re produced well, clear, love the music, easy to follow at home and target my whole body muscles and cardio. It’s helped me tremendously and I’m so glad I came across you. Thank you!!

  • Great film clip. Youtube is wonderful for this sort of info.My homeboy had been bullied. He explained he was planning to grow muscle mass. I didn’t believe him. Til shortly after that he gained 40lbs of natural muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He does not get bullied these days. I personally subscribed last week. See what will happen. Not to mention the mans emails are fucking interesting!

  • How can you do heavy barbell shrugs at home please?
    Can deadlift the weight up, but don’t see me lifting up
    the weight that I would do with shrugs if I had a place to put it on.

  • I discovered you a couple days ago and I LOVE your vids! I’ll be starting this tomorrow!! So excited! Helping with Quarantine right now!

  • @broadcastmyself07 no muscle gain is usually between 12-15 reps, muscle endurance is very high reps, 15+ and strength is low reps 3-5, for a mixture of all is about between 8-12, hope this helps you and everyone else!

  • Hey Scott first thing thx for the motivation to go to training every day bro big thx for that but one question i am 15 should i do heavy deadlifts? answer would help me much thx:)(sry for bad english)

  • Thank me later (when you get those GAINS)
    Rest & recovery days: Tues, Fri & sat

    1. Workout days: Sun/Mon/Wed/Thu

    Sunday & Wednesday

    Monday & Thursday

    2. Mostly compound movements

    3. (C1)
    Week 1: 4 sets x 10 reps
    Week 2 4 x 8
    Week 3 5 X 5

    Week 1 4 X 10 (+5lb/2kg)
    Week 2 4 X 8 “
    Week 3 5 X 5 “

    To continue: keep the added weight for C3 onward

    4. Autoregulation (work more if you feel good):
    ISOLATION MOVEMENTS (pick a rep rage you like for the individual exercise)

    Day 1 (Sunday) chest, back, biceps

    1. Standard Bench Press (4×10/week)
    2. Neutral grip chin-up (4×10/w)
    3. Incline dumbbell press (4×10-12)
    4. Deadlift Row (on floor) (4×10/w)
    5. Reverse DB preacher curl (3-5 x 1012)

    Day 2 (Monday) Shoulders, legs & triceps

    1. Barbell back squat (4×10/w)
    2. Standing BB overhead press (4×10/w)
    3. BB Romanian Deadlift (4×10/w)
    4. Lateral raise (3-5×12/15)
    5. Face pulls (3-5 x 12-15)

    Tuesday (cardio/HIIT day)

    Day 3 (Wednesday) chest,back,biceps

    1. Incline bench press (4×10/w)
    2. Lateral pull down (3-5×10-12)
    3. Barbell floor press (4×10/w)
    4. T bar pendalay row (4×10/w)
    5. Wide grip cable row (3-5×10-12)
    6. Hammer curls (3-5×10-12)

    Day 4 (Thursday) legs, shoulders, triceps

    1. Standing BB push press (4×10/w)
    2. Trap bar deadlift
    3. Standing one arm DB press (3-5×10-12)
    4. DB walking lunge (3-5×10-12) PER LEG
    5. Leaning DB lateral raises (4×8-10/w)
    6. Standing overhead tricep extension (3-5×10-12)

  • Did a bit modified version with one more regular ser on top of that. Great workout, great pump. I’ve ben going back and forth with weighted calisthenics and lifting weights in my home gym, and I didn’t know how to change up my routines any more. This was a nice change and challenging workout. I also used this scheme for other workouts like bodyweight skull crushers, bodyweight chest fly with TRX bands, etc… Thanks!

  • We have other pull routines with deads. We wanted to switch it up. Deads also aren’t for everyone. This routine will still build good power and mass. You could add deads on a seperate day or work it in on this day if desired.

  • Why would he have to watch anyones form his is fine here? His shoulders are as far back as they are going to be with a barbell. Scott is always making gains. He varies his routine quite a bit, but makes steady gains when he sticks with lifts.

  • Hey girl, I am trying to lose belly/arm/lovehandle fats but I want to maintain ng weight. Is it okay to do this? Please reply! ������������ it’s so frustrating I can’t get those go away!

  • another great video scott, you’ve really helped make gains, especially in the DB chest press, i use to strugle doing 65lb but i can do 90lb, thanks to your technique. Nice to see you still putting out useful videos, thanks scott

  • Sorry but This is kinda bad. Anyone new to the gym or into the gym for that matter should focus on compound exercises, learning technique. and talk to someone who knows the technique that Can teach you how to do these exercises with proper form. This video doesnt cover technique Which is important, because weights Can really get you hurt if you dont know a 100% what your doing.

  • Getting my mind right for starting this afternoon. Just finished their 4 week program, and have that nervous energy that you get when starting something new.

  • Spent some time searching for home workouts and found this! I am excited to start the 12-week program and positive that this will really help me towards my fitness goal ����
    Thank you soooo much, Heather! �� more power to you! ������

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear a lot of people lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google).

  • Starting PHASE 2! I’ve done tone it up programs, fitness blender programs…but I’ve never sweated so much and changed my body in 4 weeks like this before! Jogging everyday before my workout, building stamina and strength. Feel amazing

  • I’m loving the no pressure workout routines. The best part is that I can either skip around or do them in order or repeat one workout until I can do it without sweating and just continue on. Super excited to try

  • Hi Heather Robertson

    Can I do HIIT after strength training in morning?

    Or want to split only morning hitt & evening weight training?

    As my goal is to weight loss & fat loss

    Looking forward to hear from you…

  • Yeah I am more than certain that this is the only workouts u do ur a fucking dumbass ur videos are ass who the fuck does only three excersizes u fucking dumb fuck

  • I was really worried about the first day of week 5 but then i saw it was upper body strength something I love more than cardio:), still a challenge and I loved it!

  • Absolutely fantastic, week 10 is half way done, and i will restart all over again once i complete this. whats not to lovegreat music, awesome exercise programmes, clear ” explanation”. Thank you, Heather, so much, 13 lb gone in 2.5 months, and few more to go( i put weight on due foot op and lockdown) and you have been my inspiration and life saver!

  • 12 week program round 2! Love seeing the progress I’ve made as I go through it again. Thanks for putting together such an amazing and generous workout program! Much love to you!

  • You guys!! I am so excited to finally announce this! Comment below with “ #HR12Week” If you are ready to crush your 2020 fitness goals. Let’s do this!!

  • im just doing workouts for my core, im 13 is this okay, i drink alot of water and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep if i keep going will i get a stronger core?

  • Just completed the 12 week programme, it has been brilliant through lockdown to have a workout each morning without me having to think what to do. Love the fact that there is no chat, just the music and exercises and its free too! Thanks so much

  • I’m loving your workouts so far but do need to say that maybe you should do chest before shoulders?.. shoulders were too burned out to follow through with the chest workout. Just my opinion ��

  • Before I watch this video my dad: you are too young, if a tree grows up and if you stretch that tree it will break
    Me: no ans
    After watching this video me: if you dont put medicine in a tree when its growing That tree wont get great results:D

  • From the routines to the music to the formatting, your videos are superb! Thank you so much for offering this for free! I’m doing the 12-week plan and want to be sure I’m not missing something. Do you need to have a rest day in between each workout? I’m not sure how that would work with the 5-day weeks so I wanted to be sure. Thank you again! Your channel is awesome.

  • These workout videos have brought my fitness goals back to life, and my confidence! I have been sharing this with all my family and friends. I wanted to take the time and say thank you!

  • It was so fun to start Phase 2 this morning. Thank you Heather!! I am so proud of myself. I am looking better and feeling great! Still have a long way to go (in terms of not making modifications), but it’s my first time through the 12-week plan, so I’m just “showing up” this time around. Already 5.6 lbs down (plus down 1-inch around my chest, 3/4-inch around my hips, and 1/2-inch smaller around my waist). I am noticing little things that make me so happy like how easy it is to dry off after my shower (I can hold this leg in the air and dry it off without losing my balance awesome!!!)

  • Thanks i thought that i am too young for it but damn i have a high testosterone level and even i have got beards since i was 11 so i wana know that that can i do work out

  • Heather! Thank you so much. You’ve helped me keep my sanity during the Shelter in Place! I’ve done every workout so far and heading into week 5 with you. Thank you so much providing this!!!

  • yep i agree. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. And The surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. get to know here

  • This 12 week program has virtually changed my whole outlook on fitness and working out! I’ve been active for over ten years and now, while on week 7, I am in the best shape of my life. Thank you Heather for your contributions to the fitness community! I love your program and your content!!

  • I came her to stay fit and I hate this shit the world has putted a stereotype on men to make them look lile a weird science experiment we should be ok with just being fit we dont need to turn into a weirdo lookimg like a squirell with underarm wings

  • Awesome! This 12 week program is absolutely amazing! I have 1 week left, and I’m starting to worry about what I’m going to do after I’m done with your plan. Please come out with another one. I would definitely pay for a program like this. Thank you so much!

  • Seriously mate, out of all the YouTubers promoting diet and fitness, you seem the most honest and decent, I follow your vids trusting what your doing and saying is not just for monetary purposes, thanks heaps man

  • Completed Week 4 day 1!!!! Today felt good. I appreciate when workouts include weights and no weight exercises. This was the right combination for me!

  • Week 5 Day 1 done! Heather, thank you so much for providing such professional & challenging workouts! Can’t wait to see the changes in my body during this second phase!

  • So you showed just the compound movements you do? About how many isolation exercises do you do on top of it? Do you plan out the isolation exercises on the day of?

  • I tried this workout and it’s made me completely Change my workout plan. Thank you so much I know exactly what I’m doing in the weight room now

  • Finished it. Awesome program. I am 50 years old, intermediate to advanced. It challenged me but had so much fun too! I will definitely return to it again!

  • THANK YOU!!! This looks amazing and it’s FREEsuch a blessing! I am 45 and for the first time in my life my metabolism has completely left meI have tried SO MANY THINGS with no resultsmy college daughters introduced me to this and I can’t wait to give it a try!!!

  • I’m still loving the intensity & difficulty of each day’s workout. Thank you. I have a good night’s sleep each time I do a workout!!

  • I will start doing it today and some 15 min dance workout (by Madfit). My goal is to release a happy hormones. Being fit is an added bonus only. I just want to escape from my anxiety and depression by doing something new. Thanks! ��

  • Hello, thank you for the plan just started to follow it, got quite a sweaty session yesterday:) I have been reading your program plan, and cannot agree to one phrase «Alcohol is high in sugar», it is actually not, unless you drink cocktails with added beverages..

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  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets (search on google)? I have noticed several amazing things about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • Am I the only one picturing the fish from “American Dad” as the narrator of this video? I hope that’s not really the case because the thought of a fish being able to kick my ass in a pull up contest is demoralizing.

  • I’m so excited I found this program, it’s exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you Heather for putting this plan together and it’s free!!

  • I agree with the other followers. When my gym closed I did not know what to do for a few weeks. I gained some weight back that I worked so hard to loose. This has saved me and even after gyms open I know this will still be my go to workout.
    I love it and I have been sending it to friends and family. What a great Trainer!

  • Great series. Echo other comments a life saver for me during lockdown and covid. I have inattentive ADHD and so the variety keeps me coming back. I also like the music, simplicity and no narrative during the exercises. Talking can be helpful initially but I don’t want to hear the same conversation every time I repeat a session. Well done Heather great channel ���� and you are inspirational. I am 46 and it feels good to be getting through some killer workouts ��

  • Has anyone actually done this? I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks and it has easily become my favorite routine. Strength, hypertrophy all in one. Legit.

  • I loved this work out just a little but if jumping, my knees are hopefully getting stronger but I have alit of trouble with the scissor lung jump move where you switch legs mid jump and land in a lung my knees wanted to give out last Sunday ��, but I’m hanging in there this is the first time I’ve committed to any program so thank you i love this 12 week program ❤

  • That is so amazing!!! congratulations! and yes, when I am in Sweden, you owe me a shake for sure!

    keep training hard and good luck with your new career!

  • This was EPIC! Just finished and I’m so proud for myself! It was substantial harder than the past 3 weeks but for whatever reason my body didn’t need as many breaks as before. I feel 10x stronger and I owe it to you! Can’t wait to keep this journey going. Much love from Miami❤️

  • Starting week 3 tomorrow! Your at home workouts are by far the best I’ve ever come across! Thanks Heather for all that you do!! I enjoy them all and if you’re not interested in the weekly program, there’s such a variety for whatever mood you’re in that day.