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The great news is that as little as 6–10 minutes of static stretching a few times a week can be beneficial, so it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task to include more flexibility-focused work into your already busy schedule.. If you aren’t currently doing any stretching, aiming for 1–2, 10-minute sessions a week is a good place to start. Learn How to Lift Weights (and Build Muscle) With This 4-Week Beginner Workout Plan Weightlifting is one of the best ways to build muscle and lower your body fat percentage. A 2006 review in the.

4-Week Workout Plan Tight Abs & Back Bicycle Abs. Begin by lying on your back with hands behind your ears, legs hovering about 10 inches from the floor. Engage the core and begin lifting one knee towards your chest while the other leg straightens outward. Rotate your torso to the right, while your left elbow meets the right knee.

A 4-Week Plan to Get You Running 30 Mins Nonstop Hitting your weekly movement goal. lunges and the world’s greatest stretch are a great way to open up your. With only five minutes of stretching a day, you’ll be doing perfect splits in four weeks―and experiencing the host of health benefits that comes with targeted stretching (like better circulation, reduced joint injuries, toned muscles, and more). The plan begins with just two basic daily stretches.

You’ve decided to try out a stretch flow class at your local Houston yoga studio, and are 100% down to grow and become a better you. To get a taste of what a regular stretch routine can do for your body, Urban Fit Yoga hosts an array of workshops and classes that cover hip openers, balance, strength, and back and shoulder flexibility. Gain core strength, improve body control, and advance flexibility. Reach your goals.

4 WEEK WORKOUT OVERVIEW: Week 1: The Need Workout. Week 2: Advance Flexibility & Rock Confidence. Week 3: Stretch & Flexibility Workout. Week 4: Flexibility for Flyers. GET HALF OFF WHEN YOU JOIN THE CLUB.

4-Week No-Equipment Workout Plan Weeks 1 and 3: Full Body Complete as many laps of the exercises as possible during each seven-minute circui. STEP 2: Below that stretch goal, write your SMART goals related to your long-term stretch goal. Another way to think about this stretch + SMART goal combination is to think of stretch goals as projects and SMART goals as all the actions you need to take in order to complete the project.

Examples of Stretch goals paired with SMART goals. A recent Gallup survey reported only 33% of US employees are engaged, and increasing that number may yield greater results than a stretch goal. If the conditions are right and your team is ready to take on a stretch goal, you need to remember that stretch goals, by.

List of related literature:

As you sit and plan your week, consider an intermediate goal that will help you make progress on your stretch goal, one that can be accomplished in two weeks or less, and determine what you will have to do each day in order to accomplish it.

“Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day” by Todd Henry
from Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day
by Todd Henry
Penguin Publishing Group, 2013

You can also stretch each week into two weeks, or longer.

“You Don't Have To Be a Treehugger To Be a Vegan” by Dan Vishny
from You Don’t Have To Be a Treehugger To Be a Vegan
by Dan Vishny
Dan Vishny, 2005

Err on the side of making easy stretches and then gradually, over a period of days or weeks, go a fraction of an inch farther.

“Qi Gong for Beginners: Eight Easy Movements for Vibrant Health” by Stanley D. Wilson, Barry Kaplan
from Qi Gong for Beginners: Eight Easy Movements for Vibrant Health
by Stanley D. Wilson, Barry Kaplan
Sterling, 2007

The first 6 weeks consisted of the initial stretching period followed by 4 weeks of nonstretching and an additional 6 weeks of stretching.

“Science of Flexibility” by Michael J. Alter
from Science of Flexibility
by Michael J. Alter
Human Kinetics, 2004

This week I want you to do five minutes of stretching every day.

“Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Revised Edition” by Andrew Weil, M.D.
from Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Revised Edition
by Andrew Weil, M.D.
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2006

My goal has been to make it easy for you to establish a stretching routine, and maybe even add in some strengtheners and self-massage techniques as well.

“Better Stretching: 9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way” by Joe Yoon
from Better Stretching: 9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way
by Joe Yoon
St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2020

Finally, chapter 11 includes sport-specific stretching routines.

“Stretching Anatomy” by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen
from Stretching Anatomy
by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen
Human Kinetics, 2020

Changes in muscle length can be expected after 7 days, and the benefits of daily stretching can last to up to 21 days (9,11).

“DeLisa's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice” by Walter R. Frontera, Joel A. DeLisa, Bruce M. Gans, Lawrence R. Robinson
from DeLisa’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice
by Walter R. Frontera, Joel A. DeLisa, et. al.
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2019

■ Weeks 6 to 16 ■ Stretching and flexibility exercises are continued.

“Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery” by Sam W. Wiesel
from Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery
by Sam W. Wiesel
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2015

Stretch yourself, but don’t make it so difficult that you’ll want to abandon your plan after a week.

“Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office: Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers” by Lois P. Frankel
from Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers
by Lois P. Frankel
Grand Central Publishing, 2014

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Today I waa having a very hearty and warm conversation in the living room with whom i thought was my brother.

    Upon directing my view towards my left, it was actually my dog. This ketone shit is real fam.

  • U dont need ketosis though. U can lose weight without it. Its called a CALORIE DEFECIT!

    your body runs on glucose. Ur brain needs glucose. Using fat for energy is not ideal. Its just a substitute for glucose i.e if no glucose is available then ur body can turn to fat

    In this day and age there is no need for ketosis. Most people hav a fridge in their house full of food and there are supermarkets on every corner. Food is readily available to us. Ketosis may have been useful bak in the day when sometimes we had to go hours or even days without food. But we are no longer in the caveman era!

    And by the way fasting also damages the metabolism

  • Hey there! So it’s quarantine and I wanted to learn splits. And I’m here. So today is day 30 haven’t got them yet but I’m kinda I think I’ll get them in 2 more weeks. Thank you so much for this video it has helped me a lot to get flexibility ☺️

  • So from the start of the quarantine I have been doing the 20:4 and I have lost a good amount of weight but my mom acts like I’m developing an ED, I don’t feel like my mindset is that of a person with ED I don’t neglect food I just choose the “right” time but anyway I have heard this many times from my mom and I just keep wondering, do I really have a problem?:(
    My dad is ok with it but my mom acts like if I don’t eat 2-3 meals I have a problem

  • This is one of your best stretches! for sure! I would like to see one that pays special attention to abs/core area. Thank you for a great channel.

  • Hi Caroline I’m Leonise and I’m a diabetic 1 and I’m 15 I wasnt by a docter yet since we can really afford it but I was wondering if it’s ok If I do this exercise maybe everyday or every 2 days my mom has been struggling with my sugar since I was 2½ years old and I don’t want her to get a heart attack but I will try ur exercise tho and see what happens I mean if this helps then it will mean alot to me and my family^^

  • I love the video. My AIC is 6.1 and it was 7.1. I need 10lbs to go and hoping to be off all the meds. Using my time wisely since the gym is closed right now.

  • Omygosh, first day of August and i’m starting NOW. I will update on here, since I don’t have Instagram.

    Day 1Kay, official day one, and I have already made improvement!! I couldn’t touch my toes until today!
    Day 2 I take back what I said. I don’t know what happened, or if I should’ve stretched a second time, but I can’t touch my toes anymore.
    Day 3 I think my problem yesterday was because when I reached for my toes on day one, I ended up bending my knees a little bit without realizing it.
    Day 4I only did the first stretch. I got distracted and forgot the others.
    Day 5I got the stretches done today. I’m starting to get into the habit of stretching whenever, but they’re usually not the first 5 ��
    Day 6now i’m adding on the sixth
    Day 7honestly wasn’t expecting the 7th stretch to do anything, but it did feel good.
    Day 8I can can touch my toes for real!!! That’s so exciting!!!!!!!
    Day 9I’ve sunk an inch closer!!! This is epic!
    Day 10 No apparent change
    Day 11 Almost missed it. had to get out of bed to get it done��
    Day 12 I think i might’ve stretched too long last night. I can’t touch my toes anymore. Okay, I’ve done the stretches. I can again now.
    Day 13 No apparent change
    Day 14 I didn’t mention before that it hurt to touch my toes. Now it doesn’t hurt! With my toes pointed I found I’m a lot more flexible than before. I’ve also started squatting before I stretch. It helps a ton.

  • I used to eat like this until I was told to eat every 2 hours and I ended up gaining craps loads of weight, back to my way of doing things like this. ��

  • Who else is doing this during quartine. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do a spilt for years. I’m kinda flexible but I’m not fit at all and I’m over weight and along with working out I’m gonna be doing this. Today’s my 1st day wish me luck lol

  • With that thumbnail your video title should be related to what HGH and TRT do for your body. Pretty sure a fast won’t get to that result.

  • I was about to drink my lemon juice EXACTLY when you proposed to pause to have a glass of water around 5:35
    (“Is she actually watching me?!?!?”)
    Thank you very much for you video, it is very helpful! Keep going!:)

  • ♥Get All The Motivation Challenge Videos!♥
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5

  • I’m 21 female, my blood sugar level was 168 after half an hour of my lunch,
    Along with clinical depression, sign of pre diabetes made my life a tragedy one.

  • Thank u so much for these simple, non strenous moves that I can make. I just turned 56 and would like to include more exercise into my body and some weights.

  • Thank you— I am type 2 diabetic and when i started doing this 15 mins a day with proper diet my sugar got fantastic.. and i feel better now —

  • i am going to follow the instructions on this video and just started today (4-23-2020). I am going to see what I can do in 8 weeks and beyond.

  • Terrible form (rounded back, bent legs). Static stretching isn’t effective, and results will quickly vanish after stopping your routine. Don’t do this boys and girls.

  • The prophet Mohammad SAW gave us this message already. Muslims fast for 30 days during Ramadan every year. It was a message directly from Allah as a gift to all of mankind.

  • This is very interesting.
    I am 31, F, and extremely inflexible and I have never been able to touch my toes. The furthest I can get is just arrive my knees then it’s starts to hurt!
    I’ve started doing a bit of yoga for beginners but I really can’t stay in the positiona for long enough without my arms or legs shaking as I don’t have alot of balance.

  • Hello guys i know we all ant to make our body silm and fit but,we don’t know how to start and this is my personal experience and i want to share with you all my friends, i have full day keto diet plan for one month for free. On this link (mind one thing in ketogenic diet you are going slow your aging process)

  • One question and it might be dumb to ask but does it help with non-alcoholic fatty liver if i do a water fast for a certain period of time?

  • I’m in day 1! About 5mins! May be a little late, but better late then never! (Haha found this from going off other recent split stretch/yoga exercise������✨������
    Just posted screenshot on Instagram! Excited����✨ thanks for the motivation and inspiration and push to start posting fitness on Instagram, your awesome keep being you!��

  • I am very greatful to you @doctor_saibu for what you just did in my life and that of my family i will forever thank you, after living with herpes virus for 5 years with my family’s you still give reason to be happy i don ‘t know much to say to you can reach him via his Instagram page @doctor_saibu but all i want to say is thank you from my greatest heart your medication is still the best now and in lifetime.
    you can reach me on my email [email protected]

  • You see intermittent everywhere now. Why can’t people stop being pussies and do 3 day fasts, 7 and even 30 day fasts. No in between shit.

  • Omg!!!! I just found you and I already luv u!!! I have been trying to get my splits for years now. I was getting really close but just couldn’t get them. I did stretches 1-5 3 times AND I GOT THEM!!! <3

  • Thanks For Share. very helpfull and Greate contant
    Dear, We have many fitness product…
    Amazing 100% guarantee result (only For USA & UK)
    Total life Changes:

  • I fast for Ramadan, which entails us usually fasting with no water or food for 16 hours and tbh not only do I lean out because I don’t over indulge when I break my fast but also I have a substantial amount of energy when the 14th hour hits and I have some of my best lifts

  • You know what also increases brain derived neurotrophic factor? Exercise. Your brain runs primarily on glucose. How effective do you think it is to deprive the most important organ in your body one of its most valuable sources of fuel?

  • In India, we are practicing it for millennia. It is really NOT new research by any means. It is just what is called an “empirical verification” of already existing knowledge and a widely practiced methodology.

  • I love your all your exercise videos and have started to practice the home exercise part 1. After the 2nd exercise I feel so good. Thank you Caroline this helps me to keep my body in good health and shape in my twilight year ��

  • Thank you so much for your great video. You really help me a lot to be more positive and to keep moving. God bless u. So Happy to see you everyday

  • I proud that I m muslim because in the quran every thing explains already which is beneficial for human being now days ramzan kareem start very spiritual month doing fasting is the best way to narish your body brain ��
    Islam is the only religion of God

  • The absolute best thing about intermittent fasting is how freaking EASY it is. No seriously this makes weight loss borderline childs play. Literally all you have to do is just not eat for 16 hours. Look, human body CAN operate without being constantly fed food for a long periods of time and this has been true for generations. If our ancestors could not only stay alive, but kept their high levels of health without consuming any food but water for even up to an entire week in some cases and survive then you honestly can do 16 hours per dey especially when you also realize that 8 of those 16 hours you’ll spend in bed sleeping.

  • Interesting video. Most hamstring stretching videos are done by people who can already place their palms on the floor and I could never relate to their “struggles”. You on the other hand, I can relate with. I’ve never been able to touch my toes, even in kindergarten throughout high school playing competitive soccer and track through the year with consistent “stretching”. Most people just tell me that my legs are too long and my arms are short with me being 6’3. Who knows. It’s easy to forget to keep stretching and I’m wondering if I am I able to reach my goal if they’ll just revert due to my sedentary work lifestyle? Have you been able to maintain the flexibility or has it gone back to where you started?

  • i wish i had the motivation you guys had i workout but i always fall into a trap by eating little bit of junk here and there i always regret it wish i could stop but the foooddd be soo gooodd ill last a week most without any fast food

  • Fasting never makes you fell irritable. It actually makes you feel calm. The irritation is the result of your body rebelling from those junks they are not getting…

  • Nice, but you should do it while keeping your back straight, the hip needs to move, so you don’t hurt your spine. A rounded back like this is not good at all!

  • Safest, easiest…
    Actual martial artists would have you scream in pain for an hour of their stretching routine.
    You would pray for one of your muscles to snap.

    In 2 months you would do splits like walk.

  • I used to always eat breakfast every morning because I thought it was ‘the most important meal of the day’.
    Now, I never eat before noon (unless I’m on vacation or it’s a special occasion). I wake up feeling light and full of energy. It’s amazing. And on rare occasions when I do eat breakfast, I feel bloated and sluggish all day. Feet feel heavy and everything. Unless you have a medical issue that requires you to eat in the morning, I recommend IF. It completely changed my life. I tried soooo hard to lose weight for so long and just could not do it. Once I got into this Only eating from noon-8 pm routine, I dropped 15-20 pounds so quickly.
    Basically, what I’m trying to say is, Breakfast is extremely overrated.

  • Makes sense. Most people today are obese and are diabetic. This becomes an underlying condition when confronting COVID 19. Just saying.

  • This group is a place to share ways of improving our health while in the current virus lockdown

    Using this time we have to make positive steps for our health as well as building the best possible immunity we can have at a time we may need it.

    It is the perfect time for trying out proven health optimizers such as fasting, cutting out all processed food and sugar.

    It would be good to here other peoples tonics and foods/herbs that are good for immunity at a time when it is important

    Also for trying new things like learning yoga off you tube,,meditation, workout routines if you have bought a weights bench or gym for home

  • I started the splits calendar with my little sister back on December 1st with the goal to get our splits by the new year. Neither of us have ever been able to do the splits. We stretched together every night, a minute per pose. We weren’t successful in the sense that neither of us achieved them by Jan 1st, BUT we were successful in the sense that we stuck with stretching together every single night. We decided to do it for another month and hopefully get it by the end of January. We also added some more moves to it. Our routine now is 2020 challenge, 30 sec of high knees, 30 sec of toe touches, 30 sec of jumping jacks, then a few minutes of wall calf stretch, then a minute of the daily stretch project pose, the 6 moves from journey to splits, 3+ minutes of wall middle split, frog pose, and finally butterfly. The whole thing takes maybe 20-30 minutes.

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  • Basically what she is saying is that your body is basically starting to eat itself. You’re body is basically eating it’s own body for energy. When the fat is gone, you’re dead. Chubby people, I figure, got a few extra days to spare in time of famine. This is a survival mechanism your body is using to live. Yet, we call it a ‘healthy’ diet. It’s called a Paleo diet from the paleolithic times. Man was basically still wild (think Jane & Tarzan) during this time and ate when he/she could. And probably had to go without for days at a time. This is 20,000 years ago and today we deliberately put ourselves back into this state and call it the Paleo diet? Seems strange. You’re body starts producing this ‘ketosis’ (as the narrator calls it) in order to give you a ‘spike’ of energy. It’s not really stable energy it’s more of the body’s flight or fight response telling you you need to find food soon.

  • I know I’m a teen but I started as tight as him. ’ve been stretching for 4 weeks and with the sitting hamstring stretch I can get my whole hand past my foot

  • Intermittent fasting is better than keto diet because you can eat whatever you want. No cravings, no more restrictions, no more fatty/high protein foods only. It’s the good life, and so much easier to maintain long term.

  • I think you going to a physical therapist would have been much better and interesting. Someone with a medical diploma. I really fail to see how the whole cupping thing would help with hamstring flexibility.

  • Is modern medicine lacking? Why in the last 5 years has this started to be a popular way to eat. Dietician’s are poorly trained and behind on the science.

  • Goal: Get splits while in Quarantine.
    Im gonna track my progress.

    Day1: Done 2min of each pose + lean forward stretch while standing + pigeon pose
    Day2: Done 1min of each one of Day 1
    Day 3: Done 1min of each one of the poses of Day 1..Body is sore ugh. <3 but i feel more energized.:)
    Day 4: Sore body,didnt workout today.Cant walk just but gonna do tomorrow:)

  • Allah (saw) has already set this process know as ramzan or Ramadan 1400 years ago and made it compulsory for every Muslim and we r understanding its benefits now… stay home stay safe…

  • Having an 8hr eating window each day is barely fasting. Half of the 16 is probably sleeping. The other 8 esp if in the evening most people are plonked on their arse. A proper fast should be 20hrs minimum imo.

  • I feel like his form is wrong. He should be trying to get his belly to touch his thighs when stretching instead of just trying to touch his toes.

  • The 1-5 stretches are the foundational Stretches so on the first day I will do the 1-5 Foundational stretches and then again the 1 stretch for the first day??
    pls someone answer

  • My name is Red. I am 5’6 and 230 lbs. It’s April 15 2020. I’ll come back in early July to comment how much I loss from intermittent fasting and healthy life habits. Wish me luck ☺��

  • why this video has so many dislikes, for some reason after watching video I immediately knew that this guy has for sure lot of dislikes,dont know why but yea

  • But I did it in 5 minutes

    I holded my head to knee position for 30 sec(it was very difficult for first time��)
    And I did it 3 for times and I got it easily

  • When I first started I could barely reach past my knees. 3 weeks later I can reach my toes again for the first time since like high school lol

  • I love this video carolynn. Thank you so much for doing this. It really help me to bring down my sugar level down. Thanks a lot once again

  • I’m a medical student and need to tell you that you can just forget about “fascia”. It’s nothing different from muscles. Every muscles has its fascia and there is no fascia without any muscles. The blue “fasica” was nothing else then m. erector spinae, hamstrings etc.
    Also: Accupuncture has nothing to do with that.
    Just stretch and you’re fine, people have been doing that for 50 years.

  • I’m diabetic. Just came to know it recently. It’s whooping a lot. Started today. Felt really great. Will update the difference soon. Thank you ��

  • Thanks. Great video. I really recommend this hamstring flow too:

    Simplistic but really effective for me personally.

  • Your voice lacks depth. It’s weird, I’ve to turn my volume up to hear you, but when I do that parts of your voice are too loud, but it’s still hard to hear you because of the lack of low tone depth in your voice.

  • Thank you Caroline. It’s cold
    in Maryland I cannot go out to do my walking..THIS IS GOOD
    Just started today 01.05.2020.
    I even send it to my cousin
    In the Philippines.
    God bless you. Thank you

  • I stretched every morning for 30 minutes timing each stretch (no props that t just wastes time) and it took less than 2 weeks to touch toes. Don’t procrastinate or overthink it like this guy and you will be flexible in no time and push yourself once you plateu:)

  • Tell that to my mom..
    She thinks I’m gonna die if I don’t eat breakfast.. because of the myth “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

  • There is no science that suggests stretching is good for you. Hamstrings that are tight may be a sign of something else. I do not recommend ever stretching your hamstrings.

  • Hamstring stretching is the most uncomfortable of all muscle groups to stretch, but seems the most beneficial. So uncomfortable…..I think I would enjoy a machine for this

  • I have lost over 50 lbs using Intermittent fasting
    You don’t have to go Keto for optimum health.
    IF allows much more flexibility in your diet, and with that you will use fasting longer and see better results.
    Keto is not for everybody. Intermittent Fasting is something anybody can do to dramatically improve health

  • It would’ve been nice if you demonstrate the 30 moves. Is it possible you revive this challenge, but only this time you’d show the moves? Thank you!

  • I got my good leg splits like really fast and it’s really painless now but my left leg is no where near, and it hurts so much to stretch my bad leg

  • I recommend while working on your hamstrings to also work on hip flexers and thoracic spine, you also need to work on the glutes strength and the quader lumpurium muscles. It’s never just hamstrings. Good luck

  • The guy is not “stretching his hamstrings”, he is working on his lower back injury.

    If you want to safely stretch hamstrings / whole leg, stand on one leg and put the other one horizontally on something in front of you. For most people this position is already more than enough. If you are flexible, press the outstretched leg down against support and bend toward it NOT FROM YOUR UPPER BODY but from the hips, keeping the back straight. If you are tight, forget about the bending. And especially forget the seated forward bends until you can do them COMFORTABLY with straight back.

  • Hindus,Ayurveda,Yoga has been talking about this for thousands of years.. Even today most of Yogis follow this diet of eating ONCE in a day.. But today western scientists are giving it Fancy names.. Anyways Good for them!!!

  • I have this same problem. And i often feel like I am the only one. I am now 39 years old, but this video inspires me to improve myself. Thank you:) And thank you for doing this, it gives me hope.

  • Tracking my progress:
    Day 1:Done
    day 2: done
    day 3: done
    day 4: done. not going to lie its becoming a chore. i don’t really have the energy. i can normally do them straight after eachother but today i couldn’t. i don’t understand. i’m going to keep going because i wan’t to make it past day 5.
    day 5: done
    day 6: Done
    day 7: done. i don’t feel anything happening.
    day 8: done.
    day 9: done. im probably not going to update on my progress anymore. i’ll just come back on day 30

    day 15: i can see im way more flexible. ive started doing the stretches for 2 minuits on each leg.

  • Wow, now I am fasting from 4.15am to 5.30 pm everyday for a month (due to my religion, fasting is must in Ramadhan), always losing weight in Ramadhan but when the Ramadhan is over and we not fasting anymore, well the weight came back aaarghh..

  • This was basically my student life. I didn’t drink alcohol or energy drinks either (saved me a bunch of money too). It was pretty much jungle survival training.

  • for stretching there is no fast road, its a very slow process if done right. Your accomplishments are very untypical for guys of your age.

  • I wanted to be able to stretch so I worked on it for couple of minutes a day, and in 5 days I was able to touch my toes. Watching this video makes me realize how lucky I was. I’m still practicing every day and it is getting easier and easier to touch the ground.

    I love how noticeable improvements are in any domain as long as you are persistent. Thank you for posting this video.

  • Question!!!! Does this video actually work I need to know. I don’t want to waste a month trying to get my splits with a video that is useless!!! Please help!!❤️❤️

  • Caroline Jordan I am enjoying your diabetes 1, 2, and 3 workouts. My suggestion (and I realize these vids are older) is that the same way you remind viewers to be mindful of posture and breathing, you should remind and give space in the video to hydrate. This is even more important for diabetics!

    Another observation I have is that older participants or those with additional medical challenges may not be able to keep up the pace of your lean, healthy, lithe body. I would prefer to see a video with more reps and a smidge slower pace. It is disheartening to not be able to build up to YOUR pace. Ever.

    Thank you for what you are doing! I especially enjoy your diabetes foot workout, which I do at the end of all my workouts and sometimes several times a day.

    Hugs! Movement IS medicine…as I tackle my diabetes without meds!!

    If you did a video that discussed the effect of exercise on glucose…before and after, and the best times of day for diabetics to exercise to help with blood glucose control — that would be fantastic! �� My specific need would be in battling the “Dawn Phenomenon” glucose spike.

  • This works!! I wasn’t anywhere near the sports when I started but after doing this challenge for 30 days, I was only 2 inches off the ground. I will continue to do this and I will update when I achieve the splits.

  • I GOT MY SPLIT!!! �� thanks blogilates! Be careful to not overstretch, happened to me and I had to take days off cause of that. But I love this program, so do try it, even if u don’t want ur splits u get so much more flexible and it makes you feel good. ☺️ (happened to get it on day 30:)

  • You are such an inspiration. You are bright and shinny, if that means something? Anyway, so glad I found you as I have type II. I needed this and am excited to keep learning and moving. Rebekah

  • Do you have advice for me, who has a couple family members in my home who are sugarholics? How do I avoid the sugar when it’s in my face every weekend?

  • What a con artist you are. The whole video talking and sel-promoting without showing what you promised. Is it really necessary to talk that long or it was enough to get more money from YouTube

  • Hi guys! For anyone wondering for a result, i’m not complete yet but its been around 40 days and i’m so close… some days i can touch the ground, other days i don’t try so hard.
    Here are some tips and things i learned.
    on day 20 i started incorporating more middle spit stretches even though it wasn’t my objective to reach a middle split… it still helps
    i got slightly injured by over stretching around week four but so i laid off the the part that was hurting, once it was ok, i lightly started stretching again until it was ok to push further….
    when in spin position, press a slightly farther down then u already are for the last 5 seconds

    Good luck everyone!

  • Just found this video again! Really helpful BTW-
    A few years ago I was somewhat flexible, but not near a split. I got down to the floor in about two weeks using this chart and some extra stretching.

  • Thank you welfie I was worse with stress of having to start diabetic exercises along with medication, my weight 110 kg and feeling lazy to do any exercise and failing to accept. I am happy you have stretched me out yester night had less heart palpitations, heavy paining chest and av repeated with you the whole video again and am better thanks a lot God bless you my dear. I feel healing coming all over me.

  • I am a 17yr old and I fast from sunrise till sunset(the way of fasting practiced by Muslims) no food no water. I feel good while fasting. Before the morning prayer eat properly and healthy not overeat and drink water. Break my fast at sunset with dates and water. Eat some fruit then pray and afterwards eat dinner now also not to over eat. It seems pretty hard but it is easy. In the beginning you’ll feel a bit less energetic but afterwards it’s all good. It can backfire if one doesn’t eat properly. I had previously increased my weight after Ramadan because of unhealthy food habits. Like fasting one whole month but still increase weight. So anyone trying to fast be careful and eat properly and enough.

  • I was admitted to the hospital over the weekend due to out of control type 2 diebetees. I was looking for a exercise that would help me manage my diebetees and came across your videos. Needless to say I’m a new subscriber!! I did one of your exercise videos and I’m feeling amazing already ��

  • If that’s all you managed in 8 weeks you were doing it all wrong. Your hands should be flat on the floor palms down by 8 weeks.
    PS Don’t do deep stretching before a workout, allow at least 4 hours of recovery. Stretching for flexibility gains should be kept completely separate from any strength based training (incl. running)

  • so i did this challenge up to day 28 and then stopped. but i now i’m here a few months later and have just been micking around with like some moves and i am so close… on one leg anyway don’t give up guys it does work/

  • I used to be a dancer and i could even do box splits i can still get my leg at my head but im losing it you know n splits r a no go so im using lockdown to get flexible again

  • I’m currently on day 21 and I noticed that I’m becoming A LOT more flexible! I remember the day I started to be able to touch my toes for the first time! It was in early on in this challenge. I was like a little child, SO EXCITED. One thing I’d like to note, it would be nice if you made a video about each move and showed us propper form, cuz sometimes I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do it exactly so I end up hoping I’m doing it right. anyway, MANY THANKS!

  • I just started today. It feels great! I’m 66 and type II and over weight. I want to have exercise in my life daily. Thank you for your upbeat positive attitude. See you tomorrow. Rebekah

  • I had to pause at 3:03 to say “I fell yah”….. 100% relate to that felling in my childhood. You are so cute! Subscribing at this second!

  • Are there instructions/tips on how to do each of the stretches? For example, I can’t really tell what I’m supposed to be doing in #7.

  • Been on 18:6 fasting and today I was surprised by walking almost 21,000 steps, about 10 miles, over 2 hours, and burned 830 calories according to my Zero and Samsung Health Apps. I didn’t know I had all that energy, so I guess all those fats stored in my liver helped me.

  • I need my splits before next fall so I can make my high school dance team. In order to do so I must have my splits and I’m stressed and My muscles are very tightened helppp!

  • 2020 Challenge. Just finished Day 30 and I can only hold the front split for one second but that’s enough to film a video and capture a pic

  • I find this issue I have is balance. When I give up on myself and focus on my daughter she does well. She looks great, there’s more hugs and kisses. But when I take care of myself, she loses. She’s 9, she can tell. I can’t find a balance. 24 hours might as well be 10. Help me!

  • Is 15mins a day enough exercise to get diabetes under control I have not long been told I have it and it got me down so down I gave up my levels are so high but I refuse to go on insulin I want to beat this can it be beaten

  • For a year and a half I had a constant swollen knee. The year before my hip always hurt. The doctors did MRI scans and regular scans and nobody could figure out why my knee was swollen or why my hip hurt. After a while it just randomly disappeared, I no longer had pains or swelling, but because I was so inactive with my knees and hips, I couldn’t even put my legs out straight and have them flat on the floor. I couldn’t even cross my legs without it hurting.
    I really want to regain the control in my body’s flexibility, because after being able to get my leg straight above my head to barely even being to get them straight was difficult to say the least. I wanted to do gymnastics, uneven bars and beam, but I couldn’t even start because “I had to many physical problems and i may have arthritis if I inherited it from my mother” so it kinda crushed me. I hope this video will help me regain control in ALL aspects of my life and I will continue to update everyone.

  • It’s not fasting that makes people lose fat, it’s a calorie deficit (eating less calories than you burn).Having a smaller eating window makes it easier to stay in a calorie deficit but if you fast yet eat more than you burn, you won’t lose fat. If you eat more calories than you burn off you will store that excess energy in your body as either water, glycogen or fat (you’ll gain weight). Don’t be fooled people.

  • This makes me feel bad that I’m flexible… I almost never stretch and I can put both hand flat on the floor… I can also do like jump splits and I never stretch

  • I was so shocked when she skipped a few of the leg stretches on the left leg. Maybe I missed something but I dont think so. Im not surprised, she has a ton to remember but you think someone behind the camera would have told her!

  • the brain is functioning on glycogen, that’s true, but it can also function on ketone bodies. however, the muscles can function on fat so there’s no need for the liver to support the muscles with glycogen and also, they themselves can store glycogen.

  • FREE BAND, really i just got mines from this site. just pay S&H

  • Hey Sydney this was a great stertch.. I was really hope to be able to do the four week challenge but I’ve been having some issues with my knee and lower back.. I might just buy it and take it a little light this week, so I’ll be ready for the 17th…��

  • I supposed to do gymnastics when I was 12 and almost got the splits, but there was ALWAYS a tiny little space left (so frustrating). Now Im 21 and wanna do yoga and pilates. My class start in 6 months ��

  • So i also have very tight hamstrings so im stretching every day, but my problem is that i can’t do a proper squat so im not sure if it is beacuse of tight hamstrings or my flexors are to weak or both.

  • Hi Katie! I’m new to your channel and really relate to a lot of your past struggles (though they are my current struggles). This 5 day series is absolutely reaching me and I’m taking it day by day so I can really practice what you preach. Thank you so much for being so honest and vulnerable. I’ve been spinning my wheels at the gym and struggle with diet but I know it’s because I’ve been talking to myself in the most awful of ways. I’m trying hard to recognize that now and thank you for opening my eyes to it too! ❤️��

  • Subhanallah, and Islam has recommended us to fast two times a week and our prophet forbid us to eat meat out of 2 days of the week.

  • I went from 95kg to 74 kg and when I look in the mirror I see myself just as far as I used to be. I don’t feel any better or prettier, I always feel down and demotivated to continue. Even though u work out every single day and eat healthy, I only see the result on the scales but not on myself. I don’t know if its mindwork or if I really didn’t become any thinner. does anyone have this problem too?

  • This is something I’ve been needing. My anxiety has amped up along with my depression & I’ve been seeing a counselor and taking meds again & working on both the depression & anxiety too; along with four day 10 hour shifts & balancing school, social life, my two year old son, making time for myself & my husband. So I’m really loving this challenge. Thank you for this Katie! You’re amazing! ������