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30-Minute Calorie-Torching Cardio Dance and HIIT Drills Workout

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30-Minute Bodyweight Abs Workout HIIT Cardio At Home | SELF

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Very Sweaty Cardio Workout ➡ Anaerobic Exercise // HIIT Workout: 67

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HIIT Workout 30 Min No Equipment at Home with Cirque du Soleil

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Oh Snap! I have Abs… H.I.I.T. Abdominal Workout

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HIIT BEYOND | LES MILLS GRIT x Reebok 30-minute HIIT workout

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Extreme HIIT Workout 30 Min At Home with Cirque du Soleil

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Snap Workout: H.I.I.T. Fitness. 2013-07-31 | By: Snap Fitness The Warm-up: Select your favorite cardio machine and get your body loosened and blood flow moving for 5 minutes.

The warm-up should increase your heart rate, but it should not leave you feeling fatigued. 2017-05-08 | By: Snap Fitness HIIT your workout hard with this intense full-body workout! Perform 15 reps of each move, repeating the circuit three times. Speed Skaters. High Knees.

Froggers. Plank Jacks. Tuck Jumps. Mountain Climbers. Jump Squats.

Burpees. More on this topic. World Cup Workout; How To Perfect the Crunch. 2020-03-18 | By: Snap Fitness You don’t need weights or a lot of room to complete this workout! Repeat Entire Series 2x.

60 jumping jacks; 50 jump squats; 40 sit ups; 30 dips; 20 pushups; 10 burpees; More on this topic. At Home Total Body Workout BODYWEIGHT CRUSHER; 30 Minute Incline Treadmill Workout. You don’t need weights or a lot of room to complete this workout! Repeat Entire Series 2x. 60 jumping jacks; 50 jump squats; 40 sit ups; 30 dips; 20 pushups; 10 burpees.

All you’ll need is your body for this one, so snap a pic of the workout and get to sweating no matter what. Options make the heart grow fonder—and fitter! Hers Workouts The Ultimate Calorie-Blasting HIIT Tabata Circuit.

Get your sweat on with these full-body moves. Read article. Fastest Way To Lose Weight And Burn Fat Abnormal H.I.I.T Workout. There is no shortcut to losing weight but there are steps you can take to speed up the process. HIIT Workouts (High intensity.

Snap Workout: H.I.I.T. The Warm-up: Select your favorite cardio machine and get your body loosened and blood flow moving for. FIRE FULL BODY H.I.I.T. USE DB’s-IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY-USE CANS/RICE BAGS/WATER BOTTLES ROUND 1. 45 Seconds SQUAT INTO RDL 45 Seconds DB ROW-LAT RAISE 45 Seconds BICEP CURL-PRESS.


Make sure to warm up! ROUND 1 30 Seconds SQUAT TAP JUMP 30 Seconds PUSH-UP INTO MOUNTAIN CLIMBER 30 Seconds BURPEE INTO JUMP JACK. 2-3 rounds, 30 seconds of each exercise-no rest between exercises. 30 seconds rest between rounds.

ROUND 2 ( WITH DB’s OR CANS/RICE BAGS/WATER BOTTLES). Daily H.I.I.T If you want variety in your training, but train at your own pace to ultimately increase your level of fitness then this class is for you. 30mins of high intensity workout that caters for both beginners and the advanced.

Spice up your training and push yourself.

List of related literature:

This program requires that the patient passively flex and extend the PIP joint of the affected finger while holding the DIP and MP joints flexed, and then passively moving the DIP joint into extension and flexion with the MP and PIP joints flexed.

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When Snap Enable is on, the IK Handle snaps back to the end joint.

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In a study comparing no tape, rigid tape (Endura Fix), and extrarigid tape (Endura Sport) applied to the lower trapezius of healthy participants, the authors found a reduction of muscle facilitation as opposed to the expected result of muscle facilitation in the taping condition.

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The exercise should be performed with “snap” and

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A snap-fit is generally designed to flex < 10 times, and fatigue is not considered in the design.

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Snapping iliopsoas tendon tests—a fan test (the patient circumducts and rotates the hip in a rotatory fashion)—can help delineate the presence of the snapping iliopsoas tendon over the femoral head or the innominate.

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Snap does not work reliably when combined with attachment.

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Several weighttraining exercises may be used to regain should strength and improve range of motion, including shoulder press, lateral pulldowns, and pulley abduction movements (Fig. 17.51).

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  • o m g… awesome workout, thanks for the videos… need to find a way to be less slippery on the floor at home. thank you for making all these great videos!

  • I was able to do every exercise but I needed to slow down and do small breaks in 3 of these exercises. For me one of the best and most versatile workouts. Would love to see more. I will try it for sure. Keep the great work up, love you guys

  • it been exactly a week and i could…completed 27 mins without stopping the video…but with 5 to 10 secs break in between exercises because by the time they done telling whats the next workout and i gotta rewind those secs… is its already 10 secs

  • I started changing my lifestyle 4 weeks ago. First two I did mostly focus on eating clean and then I started doing a 30 min popsugar workout every other day. The Last couple days I did two workouts a day and its so much easier already. Lost 3kg in these two weeks already and I‘m feeling so good and motivated.

  • I did it yesterday with a thought: I’m pretty sure this is how special forces are trained! ���� Yeah baby! Sweat kept running down me non-stop for 15 min after the workout! I loved this waterfall ’cause I knew that was my fat crying! SO I had to repeat that one today ��. Same effect. Fantastic! THANK YOU BIG TIME! And btw you guys look sweet together ��

  • I’m definitely not an advanced so I did some exercises in a lower version, but you can get through, because every exercise focuses another muscle group.

  • Stop wasting your time on calculating every single calorie. Visit Next Level Diet and check your calorie intake for FREE. You can choose any kinds of fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats and get personalized meal plan which contains only food you like.

  • Amazing. I burned about 276 but I was a little lost and times and had short periods of lagging. Therefore, I think the next time I do this I will burn more because I understand it more.

  • Got demotivated in the middle of the exercise as I looked for something more stimulating when it came closer to the end (like typical dance cardio workout). Usually love POPSUGAR dance cardio but get disappointed this time.

  • This is by far my favorite workout over the last 5 months of Covid! I have done this 4 times and it never gets out and it pushes me!

  • Very enjoyable workout! I’m hearing back into working out and this was the perfect place for me to start. Challenging and left me sweating, but didn’t feel like I over did it. Thank you, and thank you for the tips throughout. Selena always brought my attention to how I could improve the way I was doing the exercise at just the right time!

  • I like the dance videos because it’s better for me than focusing on strength and core. The only major issue is that nearly every video does a 5 minute warm up and cool down when they’ve promised a 30 minute dance workout. I’d rather have an extra few minutes either side because I end up feeling like I’ve not had a proper workout. That workout of dance was only about 12-15 minutes max.

  • Really good workout! Made it all the way through, albeit with some modifications (couldn’t do all those push-ups and had to get on my knees…) I loved the way high intensity and low intensity were alternated, and I didn’t even miss the breaks:)

  • I feel like the instructor is great if you have her in real live but for a video the workout was too fast and unfortunately I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do the steps.

  • When you get used to HIIT and able to focus on the exercise rather than the pain, these workouts are like a walk in the park. UNTIL YOU GET TO THIS F***ing killer. If anyone have found another workout as challenging as this one, please contact Xx Thanks!

  • Having tried and tested many youtube workout videos from Jordan Yeow, Frank Maderano, Sydney C etc, I can say the best by far is Fitness Blender. This workout looks good, dont get me wrong, but most people have average to low endurance and stamina, they will crash and burn in no time with this one. Perhaps this is for more seasoned athletes/individuals. Definitely not beginners.

  • I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks 5 times a week and lost 6 lbs! Sometimes, if I’m feeling super pumped, I’ll do this one and the NINA one.:) Haven’t changed my diet that much, I try to eat clean but I have ice cream every day in this hot weather and still I’m losing weight. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • those hollow holds were mean to me ��. thanks for the workout! i’ll definitely continue it and hopefully see results! Awesome instructors! you earned my respect!!! ❤️

  • why does everyone like this workout so much? I found it so incredibly hard to follow what was going on and by the time I worked out the moves it had moved onto something else. I’ve been doing less intense hit for over a month but this was impossible to do and didn’t make me even slightly tired cus I could never get into it. Am I the only one? im trying the Nina one tomorrow but hearing its harder it stressing me out.

  • thank you! I started quarantine struggling with this workout. A few months of consistency I am now done with this workout and moving on to unicycle abs! thank you guys. I look forward to sharing my gains with my circus coach <3

  • I started last week doing the Likenina and this workout back to back. This isn’t as intense as Likenina but when combined with it you get one hell of a workout. I’m drenched in sweat. Just signed up for the Les Mills on Demand 30 day free trial so it’ll be interesting to see how this works out.

  • Can’t believe I just did the whole thing… hopefully I keep myself motivated, because if I don’t, nobody else will. Thank you for sharing!

  • I LOVE THIS WORKOUT! the H part of the alphabet training with the butt kicks is my fave! With the music It makes me feel like im part of an African tribe, which then makes me feel proud be black and part of such a fun and fit culture!

  • Guys thank you so so much i found my Favorit intensity workout that gives me a Kick and is so fun of course you gotta put in the work but 15 min of this and i’m sweating oh my god thank you so much keep up the good work is so good for the HEART ������❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The beginning of the end… hopefully you won’t post more than what’s up. I have to finish from here to the end and have done two so far…. READY… SET… KILL ME! LOL. LOVE YOU TWO!!!!

  • Grey pants had a calm and soothing voice tonality but green pants had an abrasive know it all vibe and kept interrupting in between. There was no synergy which killed the experience

  • Hi Breann!
    According to my Apple Watch I burned 164 calories! Thank-you I loved your work out I will definitely be doing it again❣️I really appreciated your positive energy and encouragement❣️

  • I have done a lot of the Popsugar videos over the last few years and have loved all but this one. I thought it was kind of boring. 9 minutes in I was finding it hard to finish.

  • You guys have been helping me keep depression at bay since January. Unfortunately my mental health took a turn for the worse during April & May, but now I’m back, stronger than before in both ways. Thank you for saving my brain ✨

  • I did not finish strong today, I didn’t realize how weak my wrists have gotten, gonna hopefully keep this up and use this to improve, merci Cirque!

  • Its been some months on and off doing abs but never been able to consistently keep flat back while doing the first move of the set
    There is always an arch

  • Burned 228cals as a 140lb reasonably fit late 20s woman (who admittedly lacks coordination and therefore was a lil behind on some of these moves). ��

  • thank you for sharing these workouts at no cost. Your videos help keep me motivated to lose weight and keep working out…Awesome!

  • I counted and got to a total of 168 different kinds of pushups in one go. And it represents less than a third of the total exercises. I wished i looked as calm as them while doing it ��

  • Hey guys, thanks for the amazing workouts! You’re absolutely incredible! We’ve been training with your videos since March, lockdown, and we’re waiting for THE NEXT EPISODE! Please continue to impress us! KR Your biggest fans from Zurich! ����❤️��

  • Good morning my Chica…..This workout was bare action �������������� totally enjoyed the sweetttttt….. Thanks always for the amazing workouts…. much love to you guys������������������

  • I wanr to loose extra fat from my thighs and butt. Which exercise shall i combine with this to get defined body.????? Please reply ��

  • Love it. In my mid 30s, around 145ish lbs, Apple Watch says I burned 306 total, 257 active calories. ���� I did have to pause the video a lot to figure out what was going on and put down a mat for floor work

  • This is my first day and I did it all they way..

    I’ll also leave an update

    day 2: I had sweat a lot more than the first day, and I can feel it in my core.

    Day 3: really felt it and tried to keep up with the stretches at the end

    Day: 4 I did it and I was immune to some of the workouts

    Day 5:

  • Full list for quick reference when I practice:
    0:26 Core, Downward Dog to Plank Walks.
    1:26 Legs, Jump Front & Back.
    2:26 Arms, Pushup to Down Dog.
    3:26 Core, Superman Opposite Arm & Leg Raises.
    4:26 Legs, Straight Jump to Lunge Walks.
    5:25 Arms, Shoulder Shrugs in Down Dog.
    6:26 Core, Dead Bug Marches.
    7:27 Legs, High Knees.
    8:25 Arms, Plank Rocks.
    9:26 Core, Crunches Opposite Elbow to Knee.
    10:28 Legs, Squat to Lunge Walk.
    11:26 Arms, Pushup to Superman Forward Reach.
    12:28 Core, Crunch Up Lateral Ankle Taps.
    13:23 Legs, Single Leg Hop.
    14:27 Arms, Swim.
    15:26 Core, Tuck Ups.
    16:25 Legs, Curtsey Lunge.
    17:26 Arms, Down Dog Pushups.
    18:27 Core, Crunches.
    19:22 Legs, High Knee Lateral Runs.
    20:25 Arms, Crab Tricep Dips.
    21:26 Core, Elbow Side Plank Hold.
    22:26 Legs, Squat Walks Front-Back-Side-Side.
    23:23 Arms, Tricep Pushups on Knees.
    24:25 Core, Roll Up Roll Downs.
    25:23 Legs, Calf Raises.
    26:25 Legs, High Knee Run to Pushup.
    27:25 Core, Plank Hold.
    28:25 Legs, Squat Hold.
    29:27 Arms, Dynamic Pushup on Knees.

  • I made this into my routine and able to lose weight in 2 weeks… Moreover, i realised the abs in a month… Really worth… My friends surprised

  • usually i try a popsugar video and know ill be doing it again…not with this one tho too fast i felt like i barely burned anything cause i couldnt keep up

  • I only got through 10 minutes and wanted to die lol Its currently the next day and I feel the burn in my butt and my abs! Lets see how long it takes me to complete workout

  • This was a great workout! Minimal rest times so I was always engaged but just enough to let my muscles relax before going at it again, I didn’t think it was too hard but was surprised when I looked at my watch and I had burned 260 calories! The workout went by really fast but was super effective!

  • DId that beat again today. My fav so far. Thanks a lot, guys! May something to consider: when I exercise, I rarely watch you guys so I miss a beginning of the next exercise quite a lot since there’s no beep or timely announcement. Other than that, you rock, guys! ����

  • I love your great workout, everyday i did. But i did more with dumbells, or elastic. Have shoulder pain. So i feel confortable working with dumbells.
    To shake my hands without nothing mike me more pain.

  • the workout i think it was great, the instructor man… O_O really agressive, shouting too loud… suspiciously HIGH all the time… O_O

  • Great workout and amazing instructors! I like how you guys coach through each workout emphasizing the right form not rushing! Those yoga stretches at the end were the most difficult for me to maintain lol respect!

  • I did everything but a bit slower. Thank you so much! I’m gonna work hard to catch up with you! Do you think this workout can help me lose weight?

  • For future workouts, would one of you turn perpendicular to the other so we can see your form from the side? It was a little hard to see at minutes 24, 18 and 15 in the workout. Otherwise, fabulous job and nearly as hard as your advanced HIIT workout.

  • First time I tried this I thought I was going to faint 18 minutes in! Today I managed it, I’m well chuffed:D tis a bloody killer this one

  • Is it just me or is anyone else really annoyed by the instructor. Why does she stop in the middle of her exercises? I need someone who motivates me from the beginning to the end ��

  • Loved it! Perfect level for me…made it through but I’m sweating. Thanks guys. Hopefully stuff like this will keep me strong until I go back to silks!

  • I did this twice a day for 22 days and let me tell you I did see a difference. I could actually see my abs and I was much more toned. I think I might’ve lost a pound or 2 but I originally weigh like 125 pounds. I loved the results (I could see my abs��)! It takes dedication though and once you start, you just gotta keep going. You all got this!

  • I almost stopped at countless points but I’m so proud of myself for finishing this INTENSE workout damn Les Mills…. Tryna kill me

  • Wow! Definately chalenging and EXTREME!! This is going to be my new workout…. It’s gonna take me several times until I am able to complete the full workout with no breaks…. But IT’S GONNA WORTH IT! Thanks guys, you are amazing!

  • It was a fine workout. I managed to burn 318 calories but only because I chose to do more difficult cardio moves instead of the moves the instructor was doing. I found here dance moves to be awkward and not super cardiovascular. Was I the only one? otherwise the HIIT sections were cool.

  • I am beginner and I am really stuck in the middle of this HIIT I don’t understand how many number of exercises should I do and I am on the 1:2 work rest ratio so I am not getting it and if I have to modify my workout should I increase the sets or the exercises?? Please help

  • Thank you so much for this video! There is 4 of us in quarantine at an apartment in Spain and this was the highlight of our day:) <3

  • Loved this! thought it was easy to keep up with and a GREAT combo of cardio drills/ dance. I’d love more Dance Fit Sugar like these:)

  • I loved this and I love Breann. I felt all the negavitity just ooze out of me, I’m a keyworker during covid 19 and today I have bene working then had to pick my son from school so this burn is just what I needed, I feel rejuvenated, Breanns aura is beautiful and contagious and I can’t wait to do this again (even if I dance like I have 2 left feet ��) this is my 3rd Popsugar dance session and Ive enjoyed them all. I burnt 290 calories from this one. Thankyou and well done to everyone ��

  • I absolutely love Erin’s energy! This one was great! But I still feel the nina one is a lot more challenging due to that brutal burpee+lunge block in between!

  • 263 cal. 41, at weight, but only getting in 3 workouts a week recently. Been sitting more at work and feeling tight and yuck! This was good fun and I’ll do again! Thanks, PS!

  • Not so cardiosh except for the Burpees minute, plus it is hard to follow, I don’t need to stare for a sec awkwardly to follow up with you when you can tell me your next move waaay more earlier

  • As a 110 pound person I burned 112 calories, thank you popsugar for all of the workouts you have put out! They’ve helped me and so many other people find a way to e exercise that is still fun and makes us feel better about ourselves!

  • This is the 3rd pop fitness video I’ve done. I have loved them all so far! I think I burn extra calories trying to keep my dog off of me! Haha!

  • Thank you for this video I do the workout every morning. the video is great, the music is great, the coaches are great, and the exercises are great. I love!!!!

  • This should be a trend!!! ��❤
    *’CAUSE DaaAAAMmn!!*����������������
    This is the BEST and most informative intertaining motivating workout video EVER!!❤❤��

  • LOVE IT!!! Woke up early to do this workout in the park!!!! I wore a mask and latex gloves (lol), but I feel great!!! I can jump as high as I can without worrying about nothing my neighbors downstairs!! THANK YOU!!

  • I burn 202 calories! Absolutely fun workout! Breann is a wonderful instructor! She’s full of positive energy, a lot of sass, and attitude! I love it! Thank you, Popsugar! <3

  • Great workout! I love the instructor’s energy. She makes me want to get better at dancing and loving my body! I so appreciated the time to break down the moves. I’m not good at it, but I enjoyed it and will do it again! Thank you!

  • I’m not a big fan of the dance videos. I feel like I work harder on trying to understand and do the moves than I do on actually working my body. Please do more regular workout videos!

  • Good combo. I half-expected that either the dance or the drills would “suffer”: However, Breann somehow does both with equal naturalness and authority. Thanks!