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Take your core training to the next level and sculpt a six-pack by adding these eight dumbbell exercises to your abs routine. 21 Day Shred Med Ball Ab Circuit >>> Dumbbell Bear Crawl. Plus, the extra effort required to move that additional weight means you’ll burn more calories and flatten your stomach faster. (Also try these 6 Standing Moves for a Six-Pack to burn extra calories while working your abs.) So grab a set of dumbbells and give this weighted abs workout a go!

Core exercises usually happen in one of two positions: lying flat on your back or in a plank. While there’s no doubt that these stances set you up. 6. Dumbbell Swing.

The Best Dumbbell Workout for Weight Loss James Mithelfender 1. Dumbbell Turkish Getup. How to do it: Lie on your back on the floor with a medium-weight dumbbell by your. With your knees bent and feet flat on the ground, lean back slightly, engaging your core. Keeping your lower body stable, twist your torso to the right and bring the dumbbell to the right side. Then, twist to the left and move the dumbbell at the same time.

Alternate twisting and moving the dumbbell to your right and left. Getting a six pack requires frequent abs workouts and the below core exercises indeed work the abs, but also the obliques and the lower back, bulking up your torso in the best way possible. After you’ve completed all five or six exercises, rest for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat for three to four rounds total.

Pro tip: Focus on using core to. 10 Dumbbell Exercises For Abs You Have to Try for Next-Level Abs. Sometimes, the best way to take your core workout to the next level is by simply pick Although there are plenty of bodyweight exercises that can strengthen your center, the following Dumbbell Exercises For Abs are a great way to make things more challenging and more rewarding.

Even though six packs are predominantly made in the kitchen, there’s also many exercises to help get those shredded abs and to work your core. 1 day ago · When it comes to ab workouts, throwing some weight into the mix can help you build and strengthen the key muscles of your core, which helps with.

List of related literature:

First Set: Lie on a stability ball, face down, with both arms hanging to the floor, dumbbells in each hand, and elbows straight.

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Keeping the dumbbell in a neutral grip, the athlete flexes the elbows until the dumbbells clear the thighs on each side; she then supinates the forearms and wrists by turning the hands outward until they are near the anterior deltoids (photo b).

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pectorals, triceps, deltoids, core (1) Start in the beginning position of a Classic Push Up, your body in a perfect line, your arms straight and your hands directly beneath your shoulders upon the floor.

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In some patients, better activation of the upper trapezius may be achieved by performing the shrug exercise with the arms abducted to at least 30 degrees (Fig. 15.9).53 Dosage: Upper trapezius is trained, as an example, by performing three sets of 10 repetitions of scapular Fig. 15.8 ■ Facilitation of upper trapezius.

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To maximize the core workout, try to bend the bar over your shoulders throughout the lift—this action will maximally recruit your outer core including the latissimus dorsi, pecs, rotator cuff, and trapezius.

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I recently did a program in which I did sets that started with a single chin­up, held at the top position for twenty seconds, followed by however many normal chin­ups I could do.

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Use just one dumbbell for this version of the exercise.

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One-arm Triceps Push-up-Body Resistance, Gravity Movement—Lie on side, place lower arm around waist and top arm in front at a 90° angle to shoulders with hand flat on floor, fingers pointing toward head.

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Then, I’ll do three or four supersets of either (a) 15 to 20 reps of pull-ups and dips, (b) ten reps of bicep curls and tricep extensions, or (c) ten reps of shoulder presses, lateral raises, and front raises.

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Holding a single dumbbell with both hands, lie on the bench with your feet flat on the floor and your arms directly over your shoulders.

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  • Great video. Ive been looking for an ab workout with dumbells and your video came right on time. I will definitely incorporate this to my dumbell workouts now. I have to get this kangaroo pouch back in Great video and thanks!!!

  • Video rundown:

    0.57 Cherry Pickers
    1.51 Rotational Punch High and Low
    2.47 Wind Mill
    4.35 Low and High Chops
    6.11 V-Sit Single Arm Hold
    7.48 Helicopter
    9.00 SuiteCase Carry

  • Yooooo this helped sooo much and I have never known that a skinny man like me can get this much of blocky abs. It has effected me soo much thank you man.

  • As I mature and older female with some back issues, regular sit ups can be challenging. Are these sets okay for a person like me with physical limitations and age??? I need help getting strength and back into shape. Please advise! God bless! ������

  • Thanks for the great video. I never miss one of yours. I don’t know know why all of the trainers aren’t shirtless like you. We can see which muscles you’re working better when you’re bare chested. Thanks again.

  • 9:48: thank you for showing me the correct way to carry my cat’s 40 pound box of kitty litter from the car up the stairs to my apartment. I almost outsourced this biweekly purchase to a vendor.

  • Thanks! I think I can do some of these from my wheelchair ��/ chair. I use a prosthetic leg as well. Would love to see exercises for people with limited mobility like me; AK amputation.

  • I have subscribed because, I like this ABS exercise and I will be doing it few few times per week until I get the technical rights. I have been looking for something like this for while now.
    Thank you very much brother.

  • This looks like a great work out �� for a beginner or someone who is just getting back into the swing of working out. Looks like it would be a great work to start with just body weight.

  • I think, having a sense of humour makes anything look easy and worth the time. Coach Brian’s “back fart” was one of those! Even if I can’t do these exercises, I enjoyed watching him and Alex

  • hey coach brian, I had a good Gasparilla half your advice to reduce weight training the week prior was very helpful improved my time by about 5 mins, good for me 8:34 min mile pace.

  • As always great video, clear information, really like this channel, ceep up the good work, couch Brian and other as well of course, greetings from the Netherlands!!

  • Bit cruel making Alex laugh, that can really make the ABS sore. I take it no coaches were harmed during the filming of this training session. Good demonstration. Can you do a resistance band session again please? I know you have some pull up bands as I can see them on the back wall of the 7 best Under Butt Exercises. Thanks.

  • Me: Phew, that’s round 1, I will reward myself with a 5 minutes break before the next round
    Chris: Keep a short rest time
    Me: I’m dead

  • The lifting weighs with your feet one, you might adjust it to bending and straightening the knees version, so it hurts less of your back

  • I am a beginner but am having a huge problem. Instead of feeling the burn in my core, I feel an ache in my lower back. Its making these exercises hell. Any help?

  • i just started workout out using dumbbells and came across this video. Today is my first day. Aiming to do this 2x/week. wish me luck guys!

  • How I keep myself / trying to keep myself shredded:

    a)10 minute jump rope workout from @jumpropedudes
    b) do this every morning to keep yourself shredded @chrisheria
    c) and this above workout �� ��

    Of course i do weight training in the evening
    Do the morning routine in a fasted state as far as possible. You may take that coffee for caffeine.
    Keep yourself hydrated at all times.
    If you are overweight have an ideal weight in your mind and trust me you will achieve it if you are consistent and with clean eating.
    Six packs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym.
    If you want to push yourself more take BCAA s. Will def help you out during workouts.
    Tc folks.

  • Great exercice. This is the first time since I have been working abs that I really feel that my abs working. Did it once because started the intermittent fasting. Drinking a lot of water. In one day, lost 1 pound. Have to lose 9 more. Thanks Chris for your great video and advice. By the way, I will be 70 in a couple of days and feel in top shape. You have to keep exercising and eating well!

  • Hey so I have a question for you. I been really good doing that abs work out and I’m getting good results but my question is. Do I just do that abs work out or I combine with other? Like one day I do that one the ne t time an other and mix up like that?

  • Una pregunta ¿ como evito dolor en la zona de la cervical al hacer los ejercicios? ¿Será que estoy haciendo el ejercicio con mucha presión?

  • Cherry Pickers
    Rotational Punch
    Punch at Chest Waist Height
    Low to High Chop/ Wood Chopper
    V Sit Arm Hold
    Suit Case Carry/Farmer’s Walk

  • Can anyone please let me know. How frequently this has to be done. And do I have to do this consecutively or combine it within my other workouts. Also if I do this daily how fast will I see the results

  • I feel like my form is off because I don’t seem to be getting a burn after like the 3rd round, is that normal? It’s either my abs get used to it or I get so fatigued that my body simply isn’t pushing as hard.

  • Que bien se mueve, da gusto verla. Es como si no le costase nada hacerlo, aunque luego se nota su sufrimiento cuando ves que tiene la cara roja entera.

  • HE’S A MONSTER! Not human. He lives in a space ship, and beams down to help us poor humans:) ha ha! He could probably even sing while doing this. Thanks Chris AMAZING!

  • Did this every other day for 2 months and the results are insane! First month you could see a six pack if i flexed, 2 months in its fairly visble without flexing. This really works!

  • I could only do round one, and the last two exercises were immensely tough, but yes, like our coach said, being humble with my body workouts and hopefully in time it takes me somewhere in the following year. goal for 2021

  • I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. NextLevelDeit proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  • I Challange anyone here reading to do this workout with me, Starting August/10/2020 to June/21/2021. This is only if you have the willpower to do this and ill be uploading a video on the end date of my transformation, Challenge Soon To Start!

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  • I’ve been doing these exercises for at least 6 months now having switched from Brian’s other regime for “over 40 upper body strength”. I love it and see results. I use a wheel with axel instead of two dumbbells for the last one. I think males in my family are prone to tennis elbow and the twist with a punch exercise in the last group caused it to flare up. (I think) Then on second time around I didn’t twist the arm but pain still came on hours later in the evening. Might skip that one till it’s totally gone. But I think they’re great in spite of my wife worrying about me doing them. Finally seeing that cottage cheese around my pecs dissolving. I just turned 61. (I just learned the unicycle during this lockdown, too!)

  • Great info. Have been looking for a variety of core dumbbell moves to add to my routine. Found all I’ll ever need here. My routine now feels complete. Thanks!

  • Can I do this workout when I still have 27 percent body fat and still some fat around my tummy and waist. Or should I first burn fat through cardio and weights to bring body fat down to 20 percent and do these to get more definition

  • Loved your video. It was just to the point and visually helpful! I can’t wait to use this at the gym. What was the background music? It was pretty catchy. <3

  • Hey Vince, thanks so much for this video, love it!

    I just feel like I really need to tell you something. You are absolutely loved beyond any human capacity. Jesus Christ loves YOU and wants to know you. I care about your eternity and He wants you to repent. For almost 18 years of my life i was deceived into thinking “good people go to heaven, bad people go to hell” but this is not true. No matter how good we are, if we still live a life of sin, we will go to hell. A lot of people have been deceived by the devil that sin is no longer serious and that all we need is to believe in God but even the demons believe that there’s a God but yet they’re not saved… Jesus Christ is coming back and all that is happening right now is written in the Bible and Jesus told us about events to expect preceding the day of His return. He says that He will return as a THIEF IN THE NIGHT and nobody will know the day or the hour and that is why we need to keep watch always walking in the spirit and not being led by Satan.
    Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart and is waiting on you to open to Him and trust in our Saviour. God is not willing that any should perish but all come to repentance. God is a loving God but He is also just meaning that He will send all habitual sinners to hell. May God bless you and may you seek Him and truly repent and sin no more to become true children of God. Have a beautiful day ☺️

  • I do my own ab workouts I do Leg raises Rows Russian twist Hill climbing v ups standing reverse crutches and spider planks and I still seems abs

  • Another 15 MUST-DO core exercise video just for YOU! I hope you enjoy this one and hopefully you’ll try out some of these exercises in your next workout. Have a comment or question? Post it now below. Thanks for watching. Coach Brian

  • ” Lets get after it and lets have fun doing it” Loving these videos ��✊

    I get weird looks when I do farmers walk and suitcase carry in my gym. ��

  • Hey Coach Brian!! Another great video, yes core is so important to strengthen not just build abs, I already do some of these exercises will incorporate some of the others now, thanks!! ������������

  • Again, so stoked you work CORE not abs! Get the entire mid section tight and back looks bigger, chest will pop more and DELTS will stand out like crazy������

  • 1. Straight Arm Crunches
    2. Reverse Crunches
    3.Russian Twists
    4. Heel Taps
    3 sets of 10 for each exercise
    15 second break after each set

  • I am late replying but your ab workout plan work little by little I am seeing a change on my abs and plus I like extreme intensity workout.

  • Nice video, but calling yourself “Coach Brian” is pretentious. You may be a coach to some people, but not to me or to the vast majority of the people watching this video. Just call yourself by your damn name.

  • Easy to watch if u demo about six pack if u already got it spend five years at the gym to get that.its hard work but show us that u haven’t got that just from abegginer.i like to see and 51i have been gym chunky for least point to u pls do and develop fromm begining.

  • It’s not very often we come across like a man as amazing as he is. Hands down he is a genius in his game. Each n everyday I happen to learn something new.

  • Last time i Said to someone: “Hey why don’t you exercise (cuz he was just saying all the time he wants to be more healthy and stronger)then he Said:: “I don’t have that hour to train on a day “
    Then i Said something that everyone needs to do if he Says he doesnt have time i Said: “why don’t you wake up 1 hour earlier? ” and he Said nothing

  • This exercise routine is actually really fire my guy. Indeed totally could feel it in my abs mate. Indeed Chris keep it up ��������

  • To Vince: By chance can Russian twist work outs be as effective or better on the incline bench as well? (you have great videos)

  • Great video thanks! tried another 10 minute dumbbell work out but couldn’t feel it in my stomach. Definitely can with this one so I’m going to combine both thanks again ��

  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD GIVEAWAY Alright guys, I’m giving away a complete 30 Day Workout program to 100 lucky clickers within the first hour this video is published!  Remember, this is NOT THE FIRST 100, but those randomly selected within the first hour the video is published.  Click the link to see if you’ve won.  No strings attached!

    If you don’t win, no worries.  Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again.  Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Im in lockdown in a in a small medical shared room during extreme covid distance measures. I happen to have a pair of small dumbbells. I have a bed. I have a space about 2ft by 5ft to walk in. I’m not getting NEAR the dirty floor. (‘FLOOR IS LAVA!” COVID Lava! LOL) SO I need standing (or bed) exercises. The only one of these I can use is the raised dumbbell walk. That looks like a great one!

  • I’m not sure I’ll get a response but when doing a push,pull,leg regimen where should I incorporate my abdominal workout? I’m fairly new to the proper fitness game so I’ll take any help I can get lol, I’ve been watching your dumbbell series as I have a lot of free weights at home and theyve been working great but I need to start incorporating some abdominal work

  • thank you jeff for some good ideas. but jeff, you cant wear nikes and adidas at the same time! cant wear a bigge shirt and a tupac hat without looking silly!

  • sir jeff can i get the6 pack promise pro for free cause I’m just 14 year-old and I dont have any bank acc and I dont have any money and my parents dont wanna support me from my goal

  • I have that lower belly fat and love handles…I was told to do russian twists but I can’t balance myself on my butt like that and my form is going to be wrong. I have a six pack but the lower belly fat is hiding the last two muscles so it looks like I have a four Any other workout to suggest to take the place of russian twists?

  • I’m ANGRY!! the Categories in the other videos of this subjekt are in yellow and this one is white!:O you need to make it look the same!!:'(

    Rant aside i love your content man, its interesting and nerdy, i like it!!:P <3

  • Thank you for all your ideas, I really appreciate that.
    Do you have a shoulder injury in your left arm?
    If you can do an episode with a doctor to discuss how to know if there problem in shoulder or traps because many time I feel cracks and pain,but I do not know when it is major and when to stop to see a doctor.

  • One Arm Otis-Up: 2:16
    Dumbbell Dragon Thrust: 3:06
    Dumbbell Twisting Toe Taps: 3:55
    Dumbbell Ab Roll-Out: 7:05
    Dumbbell Overhead Walk: 7:49

  • Just turned this video into my “rest day” work out with my minor tweaks due to having minimal options at home..thank you so much I love ur videos ��

  • I know sit ups aren’t supposed to be great for the spine (and Russian twists even worse), but can someone explain why the dumbbell ab roll-up doesn’t have the same damaging effect?

  • The only one exercise I am gonna pick is the one, walking with a pair of dumbells overhead lifted. That’s luckily he said work for whole body and that’s the one that I am capable doing or at least trying.

  • 7:04 everytime I do this particular one somewhere between my upper and lower back gets as tired as the abs
    Is this normal or am I doing something wrong

  • Its very good but you re going waaay too fast, I barely have time to change position and get the dumbbell and switch! xD so a little slower between the excercises so can keep up other wise very good

  • I want 11 abs not 6 packs abs! But doing ab workout started giving me upper abs which I simply dont wanted! Pls give it for 11 abs

  • Doing this every morning 1 or 2 times is it enough to get in shape or should I add more exercise? (cause I already do some flexibility workout.. So I don’t know.)

  • Hi, this is really too good one to work out on abs..and it’ been already a week doing this. can you also please share some more workouts using weights only to work on abs. Thanks.

  • I just found this video so thankful! I was looking for an advanced ab exercise and this was hard! I did three reps and worn out. I like how she got straight to the exercise and not a lot of talking.

  • yo this is sooooooo much harder than all the other ab workouts ive tried from dudes. if you wanna six pack do what girls are doing theyre crazy.

  • This is so great! I don’t know if this is just because I’m quite weak or I have the wrong technique lmao but I can’t seem to keep my back flat on the floor during the leg raises (while holding up the dumbbell). Is there a way to remedy this?

  • Hey!! Just got done with the routine…was looking for intense abs workout..n I feel the search is over with this…did 3 reps of the entire work out…feels great!!! Hoping to share the good results soon✌️ Thanks a ton for sharing this amazing work out girl♥️��

  • i know this is a year old but thankqqqq, finally a workout routine that gets me all sore! been doing chloe tings ab workouts and they don’t get me sore anymore:( one of the ways i know i’m progressing is if i’m sore and this one finally did it! feels good ��

  • Wow. My old ass did this once just now and I am feeling it hard. Going to hit it once more then I need someone to call me an ambulance.

  • Hola me gusto mucho tu rutina! Tienes alguna idea de más o menos en cuanto tiempo se ven resultados haciéndolo 4-5 veces a la semana y comiendo sano?