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GET OFF BALANCE. He suggests using a TRX with either your hands or feet in the straps or trying exercises with a weight in only one hand. So do single-arm overhead presses, single-arm unsupported bent-over rows, single-arm kettlebell swings and reverse lunges. In addition to strength training, cardiovascular exercise and a sensible diet, abdominal exercises can help strengthen, tone and flatten your stomach pouch.

Understand that the rectus abdominis at. The regular stomach crunch is a fine exercise, but when it comes to abs and core strength, you’ll want to opt for moves that are a lot more challenging. When you can crank out 50 crunches without a problem, it’s probably time for something new.

You can super set virtually any exercises, from push-ups and bent-over rows to dumbbell press and chin-ups, or squats and stiff-legged deadlifts. Add one to three sets of 10 to 15 ab moves, such as reverse crunches, planks and the bicycle maneuver, at the end of your strength routine to specifically target this region. Probably the most common area of the body that people want to improve is their midsection.

Whether it is a beer belly, spare tyre / love handles, or the little extra bulge or pooch around the lower abdominals, there are a number of ab related issues that cause a lot of frustration. Do legs-up straight arm crunches and air bicycling. Do-legs up arm crunches by lying flat on your back and lifting your legs to a 90-degree angle. Raise your arms and pull them up toward the ceiling while lifting your shoulders and upper back off the floor. Begin with three sets of eight reps.

*** The key to a flat stomach *** As mentioned above – the whole key to flattening your stomach is activating the right muscles in the right way. Stop doing so many sit ups and crunches and start thinking “deeper”. The key to a toned, flat stomach is activating your transverse abdominis muscle. This is the deepest of the four abdominal.

The bird dog helps you to move dynamically within your workout, which is a great way to help you hone that stomach. You don’t just work your core and hip muscles with the move. The plank is a core strengthening exercise that works the abdominal muscles.

It stretches and exercises your stomach muscles, along with increasing the strength of your arms and legs. At the same time, planking actually gives your whole body a workout. Lie. Simple Flat Stomach Secret Bracing your abdominals is a simple way to strengthen your core anywhere, at any time.

While it might seem overly simple at first glance, making it a habit can have a powerful strengthening effect on your core, and even improve your posture.

List of related literature:

To strengthen and work the rectus abdominis, the person needs to flex or curl the spine while lying on the floor until the abdominals are maximally contracted, an exercise known as the abdominal crunch.

“Optimal Muscle Training” by Ken Kinakin
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Plus, as the deep core muscles become stronger, they will act like a weight belt or girdle and actually help to flatten your stomach by holding the contents of your abdominal cavity in behind the walls of muscle.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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The way to keep the abdomen from bulging is to ensure efficient interaction between the diaphragm, abdominals, and iliopsoas and create good organ tone.

“Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery” by Eric N. Franklin
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Conscious breathing, especially the gentle tightening of the front belly on each exhalation, can encourage and then sustain the strength and tone of the abdominals.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
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• Abdominal crunches with side-to-side rotation while lying on the ball.

“What's Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life” by Robin McGraw
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Contract your abdominal muscles by breathing out, and rise up from your head, keeping your lower ribcage grounded and crunched up.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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Now cross your hands over your abdomen, using your fingers to draw the sides of your abdominal muscles together as you breathe out, pulling your belly button inward towards the spine while raising your head slowly.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
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A simple activity that can teach you how to use your abdominal (core) muscles to breathe better is to place your hands around your waist and then try to push your hands slightly away and out to the side as you breathe out.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
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The stomach is wrapped around the band anteriorly to prevent the band from slipping out of position.

“Endocrinology: Adult and Pediatric E-Book” by J. Larry Jameson, Leslie J. De Groot
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First, a small stomach pouch is created by stapling or by vertical banding.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
from Consumer Health USA
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  • My fav part: AND THATS THE WORK OUT GUYSS. me: painfully slowly gets up wiping the sweat off my face ����z!(but the burn is totally worth itttt!!!)

  • Thank you very much for this video. I have twins (14 years old already). I still did not recover my belly since their birth. I hope this program helps me. I started this week the 21 days trial.

  • I haw A 3 Kids Girls.. Older dother has 13 year old. And thet 13 yers I dasnt know about Diastese.. When MY friend know about this problem before 5 days. And know I now wot should I need to do, if I dont haw A mammy Tommy.. So.. Thanky about your training prohram.. I DO THET EVERY DAY.. THANK YOU..

  • So I have had really bad back pain right now and I had my second c section 4 months ago. I’m working our regularly have lost almost 10 pounds but I can’t seem to get that lower stomach pooch to go away and like I said my back hurts every time I do abs!!! I’m honestly thinking that I’m doing it wrong and because I had a c section my muscles are just not responding the same and causing me sever pain…I’m seriously considering getting this program. Ive seen a lot of these type of videos on healing that specific muscle groups but not with regular ab workouts, but I thought they were just some stupid noncense videos.

  • You make very informative videos. Thank you very much. When is it too late to do these exercises? I’m 49. I had my last pregnancy 9 years ago and have only been active in the past 5 years. But I still have a bit of mommy pooch I want to tighten. Can I still do this program?

  • My delivery was normal but I didn’t loose my hanging belly is been 3years now it’s possible to loose hanging belly but I achieve my weight lose i an 55 kgs now but I want belly back can i loose it now

  • Thanks for this video, I wasn’t aware about diastasis recti. I had 2 c-sec deliveries, didn’t do any workout after 1st one. My second baby is about to be 3 years in next 2 months… I am doing all the exercises from past 4 months, it has reduced my upper body, my thighs and hips which were very heavy as well but nothing is working for my tummy, it still bulging and hanging out. ��

  • I love her videos�� I actually follow her since 2016 and I habe tried her video routines which have really worked. Love you chloe, now I know why I got pain on my back�� I always arch my bach

  • Hey! A self conscious teen over here. Anyone have any tips to still maintain self confidence and not beating themselves up because it’s “not working”? I’ve been doing this for only about 2 days and I’ve had trouble keeping up my self confidence of my current, undesired body image. Any help?

  • Jared, for the mummy tummy fix. There aren’t workouts to follow along. You have to learn the exercises and you a calendar to know the amount of reps?

  • Hi, I have a stubborn belly above belly button and loose belly below belly button. I still look like pregnant.

    I had my 1st one 11 years ago and second one 2 years. Whenever I do sit-ups my stomach bulges out. Hope you can help me out

  • Uhm i have a few questions, can you guys answer for me please?
    1. I was shaking too much my upper body in down and out, why? QAQ??
    2. My legs can’t be straight in wipers and also flutters, what should i do?

  • I’m just now know what diastasis is. Thank u so much. No more crunches or planks?! Those were the biggest killers. Thank you!!!! Very informative

  • So I’ve been doing your work out for 2 days. I had already felt it the next day and that’s only doing one set. I’m trying to get rid of my mommy pouch. I’m easing my way up to do 3 times a day. My plan is to do one set, one week and on the second week, do 2 sets and so on. You can actually feel the burn. thank you. I’ll let you know my results as long as I stay consistent����

  • 1. Down & Out
    2. Reverse Crunch
    3. Wipers
    4. Cross Body Mountain Climbers
    5. Cycles
    6. Plank Jacks
    7. In & Out Variation
    8. Reverse Crunch Variation
    9. Plank Hop
    10. Bicycle Crunch Variation
    11. Flutter Variation

  • Thank you so much. After four babies my poor core looks rough. My last two were twins, so you can imagine the damage I’m trying to repair. On a tight budget so cannot afford the gym. After two days I can already feel a difference! Thank you!!!

  • Can someone calculate my BMI? My mom says I’m not fat but I disagree. 5’4 and 114 pounds. I feel like I have a lot to lose… I’ve been doing her workouts for months and I feel like my abs are hiding underneath my belly fat.

  • Happy after starting since 7th wasn’t consistent but ur inner voice calls u and alarms u to get rid of the extra kilos. Since 3 days back to work out. Sweating a lot. Truth m enjoying working out.

  • I was fine with all workouts (I love most of them even though I can’t do it in one go), but this one always makes me cry and idk why?? ����

  • Thanks for guidance. My tummy becomes large once I drink water or juices, I mean kind of liquids and it takes time to come back to mummy tummy position itself.. Is that normal?

  • I have started this challenge
    With 11 mnt get rid of bat wings and 10 exercise to lose cellulite
    Day 1-21/05/19: completed
    Day 2-22/05/19: completed
    Day 3-24/05/19: completed
    Day 4-25/05/19: completed
    Day 5-27/05/19: completed
    Day 6-28/05/19: completed
    Day 7-29/05/19: completed
    To be honest i lost half inch belly fat

  • Thanks For This.. It is really effective..I am doing this since 2 weeks & can see the effect..
    It will be more beneficial if you can suggest basic diet

  • I have a hard tome finding ab workouts to challenge me but holly heckinbob these do for sure!! It’s only been a few days and I feel like I see a small difference lol thanks for these!!

  • i just wanted to say that i am so greatfull to Chloe bc i am 13 years old and i am fat well not that fat but fat for my age but with u Chloe i lost 3kg in 2 months and thank u for that sooo much i started like this is not gonna work but i’ll try and actually it works so i really would love the quarantine can be littel more longer so i can get skinny enough and show everybody that called me fat and ugly that they were wrong and actually i am very beautiful so yeah i just wanted to share this and i really really hate the workouts and that burn in my belly but in the same time i love it cuz i’m getting skinny YEYYY so yeah thank u god for that and u too Chloe bc if u weren’t updating videos i would probobly not getting skinny now:)))

  • I never heard this before this must be why i havent had much success after my boy’s after my first son i went back down and was fine my 2nd son was a complicated pregnancy and my stomach was very far out and its been almost 2 years of me trying to lose this stomach and sagging tummy i still have.. Thank you now i can finally see about getting back to myself!

  • I’ve had liposuction and bodytite done on my stomach to help tighten my skin. It did help a lot!!! Then last summer I had to have a hysterectomy and my stomach went to shit. I’m devastated and feel hopeless. I don’t know what to do. Please help!!!

  • Hello sir.. I m 45.. and bcz of cancer my ovary and uterus removed from my body 2 year ago.. now I want to reduce my tummy fat.. PlZ suggest any exercise link video… According to my major operation…

  • So I just found this video and I love how you explain everything but I’m having a bit of trouble. I find myself trying to tighten my abs as I suck in and I’m not sure if that’s right. I dont feel any “burn” on my stomach except for my lower back and legs for some reason. Any tips?

  • Hey Guys I’m a mother that just started my YouTube channel..i want to share my weight loss journey and gaining muscle..workouts that helped me over all meal ect.check it out of it sounds interesting to you ����

  • I cant feel the burn or feel it on most of them and it makes me worry im not doing it right and I wanna really get rid of my belly pouch for my bf and myself because itll make me feel a lot better and not so insecure so if someone can explain please do!! i also shake a lott

  • It’s been a year since I had my last baby how well would this work for me? Is it still possible to fix although it’s been so long?

  • Started doing these exercises, these six exercises are enough or should need to follow any of your other videos. If so can you tell in which sequence we should follow you videos?

  • Do you have to wait till the 6 week post partum mark before practicing these excercises? Or can you start them soon after the baby is born?

  • Does anyone else get a weird painless popping in their hip area when they raise their legs like that? I get it only on my left side almost every time

  • Definitely one of the best workout I’ve tried after my second pregnancy my son now is 14 month C-sec I was not motivated. But now in three weeks I’m seeing a major difference thanks now cant wait to complete 3 month with this workout THANKS

  • for some reason after doing this workout ( the ones that engages more with the lower abdomen ) it hurts my upper abdomen and i have this thing in the middle of my chest like a xiphoid process im not sure if any of yall have anything similar do reply to this please x

  • Thanx for sharing such gud information. 3 months back only I gave birth to my lill boy. I’m struggling much to reduce My tummy. Surly I’ll follow ur workouts.

  • Can someone help me I’m 14 yrs old and I’m 125 I have a belly I’m trying to get abs, how should I eat I eat a lot of junk food and workout but I just don’t know what to eat or what kind of workout will this help

  • i’m gonna do this for 2 weeks and keep updates along the way
    DAY 1. i could definitely feel my lower abs getting tighter already. after this workout i was also pretty tired.
    DAY 2. i could already see definition coming in n my lower abs, they also flattened a lot!
    DAY 3. i didn’t really notice a difference from day 2, but i’m going to keep persisting!

  • Does anybody have this awful weird sensation in their lower stomach that makes you suddenly feel like you need a wee and it goes away after a few seconds? Because I’ve been having this problem especially with leg raises and it’s really annoying but nobody seems to have this problem

  • Hello.. I hav hanging belly after my was normal delivery.but my stomach looks like,am stil pregnant..can I try this? Pls rply

  • Can I ask again doc of it is okay to do theses exercises during menstruation? Or should I stop for a while and continue after menstruation?

  • sir i tested i have diastasis recti. but im having hanging belly too… and one more this after doing this workout can i do butts and thigh workout, which includes lying leg lift, fire hydrate,hip lift progression and squad, can i do this?

  • I’m going for a week the results are going very well and I have noticed a difference in my abdomen… a bit flat but if it is missing to go down I think that next week I will go down more.

  • Me doing this challenge and next day finding the video were it has gone I am so dumb I can save the video

    I think this is only me

  • Hey first just wanna say I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! But when I do these exercises I mainly feel the soreness through my thighs while only during the leg raises I rlly feel it in my core, I just wanna know is that normal or am I doing something wrong?

  • Why do I feel like my legs are working more than my abs?? I have no more energy in them… I wonder if I’ll be able to stand up XD

  • Imma start this workout tomorrow and i guess in two weeks I’ll tell you my results because my upper abs are flat but as you get lower in forms a big behind pouch�� so I’m tryna lose that before school:).

  • Had my baby 4 years ago, been very seriously ill for 3 years after postpartum, couldn’t have any stamina to walk even for 30 mins,
    Now coming back to normal n regain my stamina

    I have 3-4 fingers gap in between DR. Will this work for me.

  • Día 1: No tocaba hacer este video.
    Día 2: No tocaba hacer este video.
    Día 3: Fue descanso

    Día 4✅: Corto video pero le saca a uno el jugo jaja.

  • Thanks for this video I have been exercising and eating better but could never get my mommy tummy to go away its been years Had my daughter in 2014 its getting to were it hurts because is pulls.

  • 4to dia del reto 30 dias y la verdad me siento muy bien habia bajado 1k con gymviertual y aqui ya baje 1.200g pero estoy sientiendo mejore resultados aqui!❤

  • hi, I have a question for the experienced Chloe Tingers… how do you not sit on your tail bone while doing in and out and other stuff like that? Or is my but not cushy enough? _

  • Interviewer to moms: how do you take care of your kids and stay so fit??
    Moms: Oh it’s just a painful process worse than childbirth called ‘ Chloe Ting’, it’s nothing
    ready to scream her head off
    Body: Oh heck yeah gurl��

  • Helpful video.. and want to fix my tummy but few doubts.. I’m having spd during pregnancy and prolapse blader.. unable to do last 2 exercise.. give me few guidence about exercises..

  • My coach once told my team:
    “If it burns that means your doing it right.”
    And honestly that’s what gets me through a Chloe Ting workout

  • Your workout series is amazing…Thanks for all workout videos…now a days cant go to gym so these videos help me to workout…the best thing in ur videos is that..its count reps n do all exercise with me…so no need of any music n all..Thanks alot��������

  • I have pcos. Do u think this exercise will help me reduce weight? Whether it helps or not I will continue. Plz tell me Roberta’ s gym

  • Fantastic video! Thankyou so much. Im a mother of 5 and ive had a large gap in my tummy muscles since baby 2, but it has gotten worse each time after that. Now with extra weight im scared to exercise. Are star jumps ok? Or not lifting arms better? I really need to work out. Maybe some pretend rope jumps is good alongside this set of exercises? So happy you gave us your wife’s example too. Great way to let us trust you!

  • Music: you make my heart beat beat super fast
    Me: Breathing in a super fast speed: Exactly girl you make �� beat beat super fast����

  • I struggle the most with my VERY stubborn lower belly fat and I could barely do half of this workout. I’m going to use this workout as a reference and try it every week to see how I improve. Keep pushing guys!!

  • Intense! Yes! We don’t even have the time to switch from one exercise to the other!! Beside, some exercise must be done more than 30 seconds as we don’t really tired the muscle!

  • You know what I shouldn’t give up imma ignore fast food as much as a can and try to drink water only water and healthy drinksimma do this everyday I wanna look good for summer

  • You weren’t kidding: this one was INTENSE! But, very good. I’m out of shape now, but I’m sure I can get this done after two or tree weeks of daily training. Once again, well done Rowan. Thanks!

  • I like the workout. But get rid of the Burn Belly fat tital. Your body doesn’t target just one area. You can only lose fat if your body is in a calorie deficit.

  • Since coronavirus I’ve been looking for something to do to get rid of this little pooch. I have higher abs but my pooch ruins the picture. I’m 4’9 and 144lbs

  • I started today your ABS program to my weight training routine program, thank you it’s great! it burns. You win one more subscriber. Thank you bro

  • I came across this video today and i have to say you are amazing and so is your wife.. Could you please make a video for posture correction in c section moms like me who also suffer from lumbar slip disc l4 l5 s5.

  • Starting this today! Have moderate fat and skin pooch, makes like a W at the bottom. Looking to tighten and have some more pronounced and toned abs. Day 1 did all exercises twice, apart from the plank bit because I’d done a leg/glute workout earlier and feeling weak. It was tough, I struggled, but breathed through it and pushed myself to complete it.

  • No matter how hard you try doing these exercises.. Diet is top of it.. I mean results remain distant if diet is not followed with exercise.. Stay healthy, stay fit… ����������

  • i love this work out i did it everyday for two weeks and i lost weight but the third week i notice i stared to gain all the weight back idk what happen

  • I have started this work out today… along with your 3 work out…I just got loved with your motivation work out… thank you so very dear ��

  • OMFG! I SO admire how amazingly FIT you are Chloe!!.. I tried this workout too and I can’t believe how challenging it is to do with only 10 secs of rest between exercises!!!!!!.. How the fuck do you do this whole routine without even breathing hard by the end, as I was just drenched in sweat and I could barely catch my breath!!.. I thought I was in good shape already, but your high intensity videos like this one are exactly what I need to start doing regularly to “level up” my workouts!.. I love your content, keep it up! You are amazing and unbelievably beautiful! I really hope to meet and get to know an awesome, fit, cool, and funny girl like YOU someday soon, after I get fit like you! ❤

  • My doctor asked me to go for a tummy tuck surgery coz I have saggy tummy skin as well as my belly button came out during pregnancy. I am now helpless

  • I find that when I do exercises like the leg raises I tend to lift my back involuntarily which can be quite sore, but I’m well aware that it’s a common thing with stomach muscles that are lazy and out if practice, just wanted some advice on this

  • guys do this workout with your ankle weights on..if you have them..because it adds additional stress to your abs making this workout 10x more effective! i guarantee you abs in 2 weeks…and this is not coming from a skinny girl…im 170cm, 66 kg and i always have had problems with my lower belly. Well…not anymore:)

  • i love how honest this is. most youtubers sugarcoat these but you made it clear that this will only show with a proper diet and it’s not a quick fix. thank you for that!!

  • Thank you, I really enjoyed this video and wanted to share this related topic that was interesting to me.

  • Love from India! Wanted to know if these excersizes are valid after 3.5 years having a child. Will it make a difference now if I follow the exact steps and be regular? Please let me know:)

  • Hi! Just found your channel! Had my daughter 10yrs ago and finally I am at a happy weight (128lbs, 5’3″) good fat loss all over But my C-sec “tent” is still there making me look chubby… will this work for a c-sec tummy? Already had a doc tell me a tummy tuck is the only way to fix it..��

  • I’m 12 and I’m quite skinny. I only weigh like 6 stone 5. But I have a little pouch on my lower stomach and it makes me feel really insecure in tight clothing (dresses swimsuits etc). I eat healthy and I’m a dancer so it’s not like I’m unfit. It may be a genetic thing as my mum had a similar thing. Please help idk what to do! I’m gonna try this I hope it works!!!!!

  • After having two kids my pouch looks bigger than ever, I think it’s time I motivate myself to see some results besides eating like a pig �� lol goin ham# want my slim tummy back ��

  • I don’t feel any muscle…just some jiggly jelly in my stomach… i belly is a mess…a huge drooping jelly bag…please help…i can’t find the muscles…

  • How to knw tht we have DR problem? I had 2 c section and my younger baby is of 6 months old. Pls suggest me the right way to get my flat tummy and body back. Waiting for ur reply. I m new subscriber of ur channel. Pls reply.

  • Ok I started with exercises….finally I decided…does any one else feel instead of tummy getting reduce it actually increase to me I feel like it…no doubt my stomach is soft now…I feel very light after exercise but my only thing is that stomach….maybe I am only doing from past 4 days��…..bdw gal thumbs up�� to u

  • Girls it’s impossible to lose all your fat belly in one week, maybe you can lose 1-2 inches in a week that’s it, but by doing this workout ����‍♀️ for 1 month or 2 month you may lose all of your fat belly, good luck ������ for you all

  • Hello..i just started doing some abs workout about two weeks..should i stop doing abs exercises and follow these steps or just combine them both?

  • Thanks for sharing such a valuable information on DRA.
    I had my C-section in 2017 and doing tummy related exercises but still I didn’t find any change in my tummy, could you suggest what kind of exercises will best to flat the tummy..

  • Sir,my child is 8 yrs old, so now can I get rid of mummy tummy
    I do some cardio and l do plank also
    So can I perform exercise shown by u including plank.

  • ilk yapışımda ikinci gün bacağımı incittim ve bir süre ara verdim, ardından tekrar baştan başladım ve yine ikinci gün az önce bacağımı incittim şaka gibi walkdapoflsömpokflös

  • This is the last day in flat belly program 2019 and I am so glad to get in this result, sure I will pick another Chloe Ting’s program to join; I comment to support your content beside showing you my appreciation

  • How long we have to do these exercises to heal up Diastasis recti? How do we know that Diastasis Recti is not there now and we can start with core exercises?

  • Absolutely love Vicky and her workouts but she’s already got such a flat stomach so was wondering, has anyone of average weight tried and found this works? (I’m a UK size 12)

  • I lowkey want to make a group chat on insta of girls my age so that we can motivate each other. To support each girl who wants to lose weight and just tell each other how amazing they are!!❤

  • Hi. I had a baby 8 months ago, would this workout work for me!? How to move in the next step of series workout!? Also can you brief about food which will help in it!? Am a lactating mother, and am worried that nutrient shouldn’t be cut down for my baby..

  • Can someone reply please. When I do the In and out with the bottle. My knees spread open and can’t stay together like in the video. Anybody else

  • Can someone please tell me why I am not sweating AT ALL while doing these workouts. I do 30 minutes or more but I don’t sweat. Why?

  • I have 1and half finger gap In my belly button it is normal or I need to do these exercises..I have belly pouch and back pain after 8 month of c sec

  • before the workout: I should workout to get a skinny beautiful body, before school.
    also me during the workout: F the workout and school I don’t care anymore I’m tired.

  • Can this help with weight loss or should I do it alongside cardio?? I need to lose 40lbs alongside toning up my mum tum but I’m finding it impossible as a single parent!

  • I did have my PCP checked after few months of C section of I have DR, she confirmed I do not have it! Can I still try these exercises to lose belly fat or there are different exercises for without DR?

  • What of the general body work out accepted for diastatic recti this just focused on the tummy I want to loose general body weight too

  • i am doing the 1000 cal workouts.. is that enough to reduce hanging belly or do i have to include this also? Kindly reply roberta gym

  • Is these exercises suitable for mom’s after c section? I am 34 weeks c section postpartum. May I do the above exercises to fix my mommy tummy?

  • I only felt it in my legs, oh my gosh the last one had me dYInG! I did it three times except for the last one. But I did way better than last time (only doing each once). I love this workout though, definitely recommend! Not too easy, not ThAt hard.

  • For some reason my upper stomach looks so fit and nice and my lower has that stupid pooch thing and it makes me feel really bad about myself
    I’m ready to change

  • Coming here after doing ur 30 day slim butt challenge…..really worked well doing from past 3 months……today started doing abs……hope I get my abs toned in 1 month

  • I’m not saying it again

    Intentional weight loss IS FATPHOBIC

    Nobody is telling you you cant lose weight.

    Nobody is saying you’re a bad person.
    But you ARE fatphobic.

    There is no sometimes it is fatphobic every time

    You cannot truly believe someone can be fat and healthy and losing weight isnt fatphobic.

    Every reason to lose weight is fatphobic.

    None of you know shit about what healthy is.

    If you keep debating this you’re just trash and fatphobic.

    I’m sick of being so much of a second class citizen that as soon as someone who isnt even marginalized the most by fatphobia says it’s not and y’all just running with it..

    Just say you hate fat people and move on. Even if you’re fat you’re not absolved of your intentalized fatphobia.

  • 10 years my tummy are becoming bigger n bigger…am just fed up n the tummy is so big n look like pregnant…am doing all types of excise but it’s not going flat

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  • My baby is 18 months old. C section…my current weight 57kg but my tummy look like I have 3,4 months pregnant….so can I do this exercise… plz reply

  • Day 1: I finished it but it very tired ✅
    Day2: I finished it was so much easier today ✅
    Day:3 I finished it was easy and I’m lost 4 pounds

  • How long did people do this for before you all saw results?? I’ve lost 2 and a half stone and I’ve have this horrible hanging tummy that I need to get rid of:(

  • Thank you so much. I believe this is the perfect workout for beginners. And some of these exercises also helped me relieve my upper back pain (Russian Twist). Looking forward to seeing some changes in rest of the body as well.:)

  • I’m on day 1, I like how you definitely feel this workout but it’s still doable for beginners. Keeps me motivated. Going to do it everyday this week and I’ll update when I’m done.

  • Thank you so much. For the past three months I didn’t get into menstural cycle. after doing this workout for two days I have periods.. really felt so light and so happy. I’m from india. Thanks a lot…