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How to Sculpt Your Shoulders (Delts) INFORMATIVE GUIDE | Christmas Countdown

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5 Minute Workout: THE BEST Sculpted Shoulder Exercises

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Shoulder Sculpt Workout | Build Sexy Shoulders

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Shoulder Sculpting Workout with Kelli and Daniel Shoulder Workout for Strength

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At Home SHOULDER SCULPT Workout (Tone, Build, & Define)

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Training the shoulder muscles can help improve postural alignment when done in balance, say experts. The shoulder is an important joint that functions with the use of many muscles. The rotator cuff. Shoulder workouts can be tricky, because the deltoid is small relative to bigger muscles like the glutes or lats.

Even the chest muscles are big relative to the shoulder. That means your shoulders will get tired quickly, even in a seven-minute workout. Using different types of exercises lets one part of your shoulder rest while the other works.

Shoulder Sculpting Workout with Kelli and Daniel Shoulder Workout for Strength FitnessBlender. Upper Back, Arm and Shoulder Workout for a Strong, Lean Upper Body Duration: 12:26. Shoulder stress during exercise can happen if your form is off or if you are dealing with an underlying problem. “Signs to watch out for include pain in the front of the joint or side of the deltoid,” says Driver, “and any clicking or catching in the joint.”.

How to: Start standing with feet slightly wider than shoulders, toes pointed out at 45 degrees, torso upright. Hold a set of dumbbells in both hands. This total-body exercise sculpts the shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Begin on your hands and knees in a tabletop position. Stack your shoulders over your wrists and spread your fingers wide.

One at a time, lift up your knees and step your feet back to come into your high plank position. Just raise your arms out parallel to the floor and make little six-inch-in-diameter circles to the front for a minute and then to the back for a minute. After the routine above, even without using any weights, your shoulders will be on fire!

Please try and keep your arms as parallel as possible. Try this 15 min dumbbell upper body circuit at home! Tone, sculpt, and build the arms, chest, back, and shoulders! ����SHOP MY COOKBOOKS!:

You’ll get all new moves to sculpt and tone your shoulders, while firing up your core and the rest of your arms, too! All you need is a set of dumbbells two if you want to really test your strength! Even if you decide to skip the dumbbells, I promise you’ll feel the heat through your delts, bis, tris, and more!

Tone and sculpt your shoulders in one amazing workout.All you need is a pair of dumbbells and 20 minutes to carve out sleek and sexy shoulder definition.So grab your free weights and let’s get to work, you can even do this workout right at home.

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  • Girl this video has to be one of your best in detail love it, but would be helpful to have a wee body diagram and the muscle in red to show what it is doing exactly. Thank you for the fab videos �� love you A&F�� xXx

  • scrolled through your YT page after starting your 12 wk workout (on W2D2) bc I needed an arm workout, great video. Will keep up with this

  • Great workout! I just completed this and my shoulders are already sore:D I really like this type of workouts, when you train really hard one part o fbody, please do more workouts like this:)))

  • I’m really happy I came by your channel!!! You’re so beautiful and I love your smile so much!! I love how you’re really informative yet so fun to watch! ❤️

  • i have to confess that i watch the video because you are beautifull and so… sexy! then i find your exercises really good. if you want to progress easily: open your mouth to breath!

  • I just saw one of your videos, and you guys said you’re visiting Egypt next month. I’m Egyptian. Bring lots of sunscreen, and stay hydrated. Also, keep an incredibly close eye on your belongings. Motorcyclists tend to snatch people’s belongings as they’re riding. People are very friendly, and welcoming. If you get lost, they’ll happily accommodate you.

    You’re such a motivation to me. I’m currently completing my first masters degree hoping to go into my 2nd. I want to obtain a master’s degree in public health concentrating epidemiology that way I can become a board certified epidemiologist. I hope to get a PhD one day in Epidemiology.

  • The light at the end of the tunnel is near! I envy you, I still have 2-3 more years of my PhD but your videos will be fun to watch while I do microscopy:) I tried creeping on you and your research on Pubmed but I didn’t see anything.

    I do have a question, aren’t you worried about potential future employers seeing your social media and judging you for it?

  • Loved this!! Would like if you could do one of these ”reps circuits” a bit more intense, so not as much resting in between as this one. Love what you do!!

  • YES, more of this, love them, this one BURNED AS HELL! Loved it, I did it yesterday and deserved a peanut butter toast with banana. <3

  • That was definitely a killer! I don’t know how you used 10lbs the whole time. I had to switch to 8lbs for a few of those excises. Definitely my goal would be to work up to 10lbs for all the exercises. I’ll definitely be watching this over and over again when I work out my arms. Great video thank you maddie!

  • hey Stephanie,
    Your vlogs are very inspiring especially for students like me who do science in university… I would love to know how u do that, I mean how u balance the very busy uni life and workout routines?

  • oh my god i love you so much i don’t know why
    from ur 10K cal challenge i just loved ur personality�� plzz keep doing more videos i am gonna go see ur latest vid now��

  • 16:04 “I actually wasn’t gonna work out today!” That was me watching a pointless youtube video and decided that a 17 minute shoulder workout is more beneficial for me!

  • Loved this style video! I’m also looking for a chest workout, I Could not find one on your site. I trust you with what your saying is true, maybe you can make one for me:)) I’ve been working on increasing my bust…. well working with what I can hahahaaa

  • I had to pause this video and comment on the Elvis lip because I was laughing out loud! I thought I was the only one who did that!!!

  • I am so grateful for this workout. My shoulders are starting to look so beautifully defined just from 2 times doing it. Maddie….you’re one and only!

  • Love these things.>>> Wanted to build a small home gym in my garage, but didn’t want to take up a ton of space. They are perfect for giving you tons of options for weight increments while not creating the clutter of having 15 pairs of dumbbells. They are very easy to use and quickly adjust weight. The only knock as others have said is that if you did the smallest weight (5 pounds), it’s a bit bulky for a 5 pound weight. Not a deal breaker for me by any means…I anticipated that. They look and feel very solidly built. Quality product

  • wow!! beautiful!!! i was looking for a workout that targeted my shoulders as i m very conscious of them, they are big and broad lol. cant wait to try it out! thank you

  • Wow thank you so much for this vid, I love training shoulders but I never know when and where to target what♥️I appreciate your efforts!

  • Stephanie, you seem like such a wonderful person who’s genuine at heart and that’s what caught my attention. Don’t ever change your beautiful attitude and you’re doing a fantastic job building muscle! Thank you for these tips and routines. I appreciate you!

  • This one lends itself well to bouts of cardio in between sets. Today I did 20 jumping jacks in between each AB set to keep my heart rate up a bit more and increase the calorie burn.

  • Added this to my Shoulder and Lats routine.  Also, I don’t do the Elvis.  I do, what I call, the terminator.  I just bear my teeth and clench my jaw.  I still breathe though:-)

  • Love u FB!! I know this is out of ur usually content but I would love a video on how you two meet and/or how you became fitness trainers? Love you two on the same screen.

  • Thx so much for this helpful video ��������. Do you have a strategy behind the order of your exercises in the workout? If not, would it matter to do them in a different order than you do?

  • my workout routine includes both strength training and cardio but after dong alot of weights my arms started looking unpleasantly bulky. when I flex its muscle but when I leave my arm down it looks bumpy and like fat. is there anything I should add or remove from my arms routine?


  • I didn’t do “the Elvis” during this routine, but I have done it on another upper body move. It is pretty odd and hilarious, I must admit! Haha:-)

  • This is one of my favourite workout videos. Your informational workout videos are so unique. I truly would appreciate more videos like this for other parts of the body including for arms, core, glutes and legs

  • I want to gain muscle and burn fat do you think this is possible with your workouts and a balanced diet?

    What do you guys think if carb cycling? Would that be more effective than just eating balanced?

  • Shoulder Sculpt baby!! ���� This is a killer & quick circuit to tone up those shoulders! Hope you enjoyed! See you soon Xx Maddie

  • I totally admire Fitness Blender for many reasons including that notion that you are against “body shaming”.  Size does not matter; it is all about what your body can do.

  • Heyy.
    I’m 5’7 & I weigh 60kgs.
    I hv kinda fat around my waist nd my arms. Can u please suggest what kinda work out should I do? Nd what diet should I follow.

  • If somebody can help me,please do it, I have cellulite in my outer thighs, but I do legs and butt workout almost everyday, what can I do?

  • Hi Kelli and Daniel. I have a question for you guys.
    I like to workout first thing in the morning and i dont eat anything just drink water. Ive tried looking up to see what should be recommended but its a 50 50 thing. Ill read that you should eat but then i come across that you shouldnt. Id appreciate your opinion! I just want to do the right thing for my body. Thank you!
    P.s. thank you for everything that you do. You guys are amazing!!

  • Maddie!! THANK YOU for this workout and all the others you’ve posted…. I always struggle getting a burn with at home workouts but your workouts kill me and I love it! I paired this with your other 15 minute arm workout and my arms were dead!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Stephanie!! I just got into your videos and I’ve been trying so hard to gain muscle but I can’t �� this week I will start challenging myself with more weights but can you do a video about muscle growth I really need it ��

  • We need more upper body workouts. There always seems to be more lower body or ab workouts released.  Don’t get me wrong I love those along with total body workouts. I want my whole body to be strong. The shoulders are a weak spot for me.  This really helps.

  • Thank you for mentioning to never be afraid to adjust the weight if needed. I always feel so self conscious when I have to stop and adjust

  • Hi Madfit! Since quarantine I am trying your workouts and in combination with good nutrition i have lost 6kg:) keep going girl! I really like your 30 min LIIT workout please do more!!

  • Loved this video Krissy! So informative and easy to understand, gonna take some of those cues on board and definitely trying the medicine ball catch

  • The top that you are wearing at the end is so cute! Do you remember where you got it it from? I also wanted to say how badass it is that you are finishing you PhD. Take all the time you need, we subbies will still be here.:)

  • Kelli or Daniel, would this be a good should rehab workout to do 2-3 times per week?  I need to focus on rehabbing my shoulder, before I can get into some of the other workouts that use upper body movements.

  • Before you guys said the Elvis thing I noticed the last time I did shoulders I couldn’t help but raise my lip. I thought it was so strange. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  • Can someone help me with what workouts to do for a week to lose 40 pounds,I’ve been working out since 1.5 years with FB,I actually lost 20 pounds last year but gained it all back due to poor food choices and its becoming really hard for me to lose weight. I’d be glad if some one helped me with their work out routines
    I’m a student from India and therefore cannot buy any of their plans online
    Please help!
    Thank you

  • Tes videos sont très utiles même pour un bodybuilder d’expérience comme moi.Tu expliques les exercises d,une façon claire et nette.Super!

  • I feel she is too good for him, like he’s out of her league. He look so stumpy, and miniature.,, while shes so tall, beautiful and curvy. Well love is blind afterall

  • Thank you for your great variety of programs, they makes huge difference in keeping my body in shape..I feel like Im at the gym….��

  • Thanks for the great tips Ulisses. I always wondered about how many sets would be appropriate for a warm-up; so thank you for sharing!

  • I think as a natural lifter training for example in a push/pull or push/pull/legs split it doesn’t make much sense to train the front delts isolated. These are already trained during all push exercises like flat bench, incline, decline bench presses. In addition, a very pronounced front delt also ensures that some people get problems e.g. during chest exercises to feel their chest properly because their front delt is too dominant and helps to lift the weight.

  • I saw your “Winter gym lookbook” video and then this and you definitely got a new subscriber immediately! Love the way you explain things and your voice is nicely soft and pleasant:D Also, the written information about the movements was very useful! I can just take a photo and then watch the photos at the gym. So many are just showing the moves and talking through them but then I forget what to keep in mind while trying to do them. Excellent work! Gonna go watch your other videos now:)

  • Dear Stephanie, I have a very flabby and over sized upper arm. I would like to reduce and tone it. Would you please make a video to show how to work on it. Thanks!

  • Awesome video Robin! I really liked the anatomy info, this will be super helpful for when I’m putting together my own workouts to make them more well rounded:)

  • 12/08/16 Done as a 2/2 of my workout for the upper body today. Totally have that feeling of accomplishment Kelly is talking about��

  • Where are your nikes from!!?? I NEED! Feeling so inspired to work shoulders tomorrow now. Just did back and now watching this video on the elliptical! Much love ��

  • sometimes I don’t understand the point of the workout videos if there is no voiceover instruction… Why put music over Jeff’s talking…. ��

  • OMG KRISSY!!! This was amazing! So educational! Please do moreee! Regarding other muscles… I loved to know about the type 1 and 2 fibers! LOVE YOUUU

  • Will this make my shoulders broader? I have quite broad shoulders compared to my lower body and am looking to lean out my upper body. Some insight would be greatly appreciated! Love FitnessBlender!:)

  • Oh my god, this channel gives me life. You are a boss! keep doing what you’re doing. You’re so inspiring to me to be a muscular woman like you.

  • I feel sore after leg day after switching things up, which was three days ago am I in recovery mode and when is it safe to start back working at my own pace, and how long does it actually takes to recovery? Because I Know if I rush back into my normal routine too quickly it can put my body in a state where I’m not progressing.

  • 1mão na cabeça descer e subir lombar.
    Perna semi flexionada coluna também subir e descer peso.
    2 avião tensionado
    4prancha contrária
    6elevação de quadril mão encima
    7-deitado frente braço encostado no peito.
    8-puxada lateral
    9-agachamento deslocamento agachamento.
    10ajoelhado subir peso até peito

  • Could you please do a video on how you started out with lifting and healthy eating? I’ve recently started lifting but, not really sure what I’m doing ��

  • Loved it! I will definitely subscribe.
    Can you do more workout videos like this!? I would love to see workouts for legs and glutes or even full body that will build muscle similar to yours. I am new to the gym, so finding a routine that works is a bit intimidating.

  • I just love you guys. I’ve never been athletic and have never made personal fitness a priority. You both have motivated me to get off my booty and whip it into shape! Been following fitnessblender for 4 months now and I can’t believe my transformation. I’m more excited that I don’t get short of breath going up one flight of stairs than I am looking great in a tank top haha!

    Anyway, any thoughts on doing an upper body challenge?

  • I love the effort that you put into your videos Stephanie! Also can’t complain listening to Kendrick throughout either. Can’t wait to read your research once you’re done!

  • Love this format! Its so helpful getting new exercises to try out to keep things interesting and the tips really help ensure I actually use proper form.

  • hey Steph! this was great, if you could include the workout in the description that would be awesome so we can screenshot and take it to the gym with us:) you look amazing!

  • You are officially my favorite YouTuber! Could you make a what I eat in a day video and what are your macros and total calorie intake number right now?

  • I love your workout very much. Can we have some workout help with improve posture, especially after a long day sit in front of computer Thank you!

  • This video is really good and useful, particularly for a beginner. Great exercises. What weights do you use in each one? Thank you so much!

  • Tell me how I watched your video first and THEN heard the track on Kendrick’s new album realizing it was from this video. Immediately thought of you!


    Keep going hard girl! <3

  • I’ve done this workout 2 times by now. Absolutely in love with it. Robin, the content you create is a real treasure! Immensely greatful to you��

  • I’m so, so glad I happened upon your channel a few months ago! I currently do undergraduate research, but I start my masters next year and then (hopefully) will be moving on to a PhD. I just can’t tell you how inspiring it is to see someone so dedicated to what they do and still finding time to take care of themselves and pursue non-research based goals. It can be hard to find someone to look up to that’s going so hard and being so successful in academia, but still making time to grind the way that you are. Now when I’m stuck at my lab until 9 or 10 at night and know I won’t be able to work out afterwards, you’ve inspired me to make myself run flights of stairs or do a quick body weight workout in the 15 minute gaps between samples and it really has made a difference, I feel like I’m actually getting more done! So thank you so much for doing you and working so hard, and good luck on your defense! We’re all rooting for you ��

  • I was hooked on your videos when I found out you were into fitness and science! I want to become a clinical pathologist and get my P.h.D. as well. I would like to know more about the path you took to get to where you are in your career and what medical school is really like. Whenever you have the time I’d be interested in seeing more videos about school and your career. You are absolutely gorgeous and a huge inspiration to me ✨ #goalsAF

  • I’m a micro major and have such a hard time balancing fitness and school! Please, please share some tips about balance, if you have them. I have almost succumb to the idea that my fitness goals will just have to wait until after graduation.
    Also, I LOVE that you incorporate your research into your channel! You are seriously GOALS. I rarely say that because it doesn’t really resonate with my personality the way it is commonly used. But…PhD student and fit af. Thats all I want out of life haha

  • My shoulders were already burning after 1 set….I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.
    When you’re sore, you know it worked�������� Loved the workout!!!��������

  • I just admire everything about you Stephanie! I aspire to be as well rounded as you both in academics as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Keep up the good work, I love it whenever I see you upload a new video ♥

  • Thanks you guys for this awesome workout! I haven’t found any forearm or ankle workouts. Not many people are concerned with those muscles. But I do sports and I want prevent injury to those muscles. Thanks again for this workout:)

  • Absolutely LOVED this one! Especially the reps versus one minute timed — allowed me to focus on each rep more (if that makes sense)!

  • Loved this! Yes 5 min arm workouts, legs, abs, the whole sha-bang! I love quick little mini effective workouts! Thanks girl! You’re my favorite fitness professional on YouTube ��������

  • I appreciated you tips I have been doing I felt it, the change.. I would more appreciation good supplement recommendation yaa without supplement you can’t have great body give us tips pls pls..I would be delighted if you openly tell us supplement

  • You totally rocked this shoulder workout! Thank youI’ve been looking for good shoulder workouts and they’ve been few and far between.

  • Thankyou! I am trying to develop a routine which targets front of the body on Mondays and Thursdays and back of the body on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • I’m the 900th like!!!! Lol srsly tho, love this format the info is very helpful to know when you’re doing something right or not. I agree with what other people has been saying that this is superb helpful

  • I never usually comment anything, but seriously girl! you are amazing, my favorite teacher in this field. You rock! Keep on going forever!

  • I have never hated you until now!! My arms are shaking and burning! But I’ll forgive you later ��. I have used your workouts since the start of lockdown UK you have kept my spirits up, been a great addition to running and I never need to return to the gym! You are a natural teacher. Thank you ��

  • Yall really make the most wonderful work out videos on the internet! Always so professional, clean, and easy to follow. I love that yall show the little time bar, number of calories burned, and what move is next. Seriously great work. Thank you.

  • Such an awesome video! I was wondering if there was a specific reason that you chose to hit shoulders and triceps on the same day? Is it just the way that you like your split? Thank you!

  • Really loved this video! I love videos that are in depth and explain why you’re doing the movement and what areas it specifically targets.

  • Please, do one for toning arms. I flabby arms and it’s my really troubled area. I hope you can help me ����

    PS. I love your content ��

  • Being a beginner, this was BEYOND helpful! I loved the format, and actually learning how many muscles a certain Muscle group has, and how to activate each one. Never even knew about slow and fast twitch muscles fibers until now!! Would love more videos like this for every muscle group! ��

  • Watching you two workout together is so cool and cute too. Although it makes me feel a bit lonely because I never have anyone to workout with. No one in my family wants to workout with me. The only person who tries to is my mom but she has to stop because the workouts are too advanced for her so I end up on my own. My siblings usually just watch me and complain about how I’m hogging the television and our PS3 to workout because I use our PS3’s YouTube to workout. In the end I guess it’s okay because listening to you guys speak and laughing is ends up being enough company and motivation for me to workout on my own.

  • Yes! Love love love it! I’m glad you included the without with the bench because i didn’t know how to angle and raise my arms for that workout. Thanks for sharing this with us, krissy!

  • I’m currently trying the explosive ball exercise and it’s so hard to let go of it �� it’s hard to throw 5kg up like that. I can’t feel it in my shoulders yet but I’m going to continue to practise so I get better at fast movements

  • Notice the difference in shoulder ROM between the man and the woman, especially during the bent over dumbbell sh. extension movement.  Daniel is not getting nearly the range (past the posterior part of his body) that Kelly is able to achieve.  A lot of this has to do with hormonal makeup.  Having more estrogen, women typically have a blend of muscle and adipose tissue chained with moderate to large amounts of progesterone, which may enable greater flexibility.  Higher levels of testosterone is commonly found in males, which may increase the tension of muscles and tendinous attachments surrounding the joints.  
    My point here is to perform each exercise to YOUR maximal range of motion.  This will, of course, vary from person to person.

  • I love how you took breaks in between each move because it felt like you were doing it with me instead of me just keeping up with you. One of the best shoulder workouts I’ve ever pulled through and it’s all thanks to you. Much love xx

  • Amazing tips and excersises, Now when are you going to tell us about your steroid cycle? i mean come on everybody knows what’s up these days, The old half natty trick doesn’t work anymore.

  • Yes, more videos like this please! I’m always curious to see how people lay out their workouts for each body part. Thanks for the shoulder activation tips, I’m going to incorporate those!

  • Krissy, first off I LIVE your videos. You are such an inspiration not only from a athletics and point but personal and professional growth is imperative to you and you always mention those successes and as a professional women as well I love that! Favor I have is would you be willing to list your gym outfits at bottom of youTube post so we know which outfits you are wearing? This would be so awesome!

  • Robin I’m finding my upper traps are much more developed than mid-low traps. Can you recommend any ways to train the mid/lower traps?

    Maybe do a video on exercises for people with rounded back posture?

    Trying to fix it is difficult!

    Thanks x

  • Yes yes loved it and I can do a lot of it at home. Team no gym membership over here! BUTTT no excuses, still working out and eating right ����������‍♀️����������������

  • Krissy, I loved this setup, I learned so so much. I love how you explain things and take your time to show the movements correctly. I really have loved training my back and have seen so much growth following your back exercises. Thank you! I would love to see other muscle groups like this setup.

  • I LOVED this style! And I was so pumped when I heard you reference Jeff, he’s so knowledgeable and just down right amazinggg! Please do more like this! Love you girl!!

  • Great.Absolutely great.Unique.Keep doing that,it’s fascinating.You provide us with valid information,science,anatomy and you make it so logical that one cannot help but want to TAKE responsibility for their training sessions.Thank you,and congrats!

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