Short Workouts or Lengthy Work Outs Are Short Workouts Really Effective


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Short Workouts or Long Workouts? Are Short Workouts Really Effective?

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Short workouts (i.e. ones you can do in 10 minutes or less) are the antidote to that modern frenetic lifestyle—and they still offer plenty of benefits. And. Short Workouts or Long Workouts? In a nutshell, by far and large the best workout is one that you will actually DO.

If you plan to exercise for 80 minutes daily and your schedule realistically just does not allow for it, time and time again you’re not going to actually do it, and while good intentions are honorable they really don’t get you far in terms of reaching your fitness goals. Because here’s the truth: longer workouts aren’t necessarily better. In fact, longer workouts can actually be less effective than shorter ones for a lot of reasons.

And your long workouts may be the actual reason you’re not in the incredible shape you want to be in, or can’t seem to keep a consistent workout schedule. As the saying goes, the best workout is the one you’ll do. If you’re still thinking exercise has to be the old school, hours-long sloughs in the gym, think again.

With more and more workout options available to us like EMS (Electrical Muscle stimulation), which has you in and out in 20-30 minutes and on with your day, even the busiest parents or professionals or students can find something. Short workouts more often vs long workouts less often, which is most effective assuming the diet in each is the same? We asked several fitness experts for their opinion.

There are so many online fitness programs that consist of either short 10-15 minute workouts 5-7 times per week or 30-60 minute workouts 2-3 times per week. In fact according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Several short workouts throughout the day are proven to be just as effective as one long duration workout”. Not only are these studies showing that these short workouts are just as effective but there are even more studies showing the added health benefits to shorter workouts. Short Workouts vs. Long Workouts Hey all.

So I’ve got a question for those with experience in this. that those people who do have such a long sessions are taking long rest in between sets e.g. but that is not really my case. I train hard, for example: I believe if that is set and done right anyone can have good gains doing any long or. Not if you use the most of your time by increasing the workout intensity. All you have to do is follow the plan, move quickly, and work hard. You still need to accumulate volume over the course of those 20 minutes if you want to make physique gains.

One or two short workouts per week won’t make you fit. In fact, shorter bouts of exercise may actually be more beneficial than one continuous bout of exercise in helping to promote long term adherence to an exercise program, especially in overweight and sedentary adults, who may find the shorter duration to be more tolerable, as well as in youth, who tend to find shorter bursts of activity to be more enjoyable. That’s anywhere between 30 and 40 minutes of exercise on most, if not all, days of the week. To save a bit of time, the CDC does give you the option of doing 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity each week.

Also recommended are two days per week of strength training with a focus on total-body workouts that include all of the major muscle groups.

List of related literature:

I prefer workouts that are short but fast.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012

The second is that intense effort for short periods, followed by intentional rest and recovery, is more efficient, more satisfying, and ultimately more productive than moderate, continuous effort for longer periods of time.

“The Way We're Working Isn't Working” by Tony Schwartz, Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D., Jean Gomes
from The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working
by Tony Schwartz, Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D., Jean Gomes
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

Given that time and intensity are so closely linked, harder workouts by necessity must be shorter.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

might prefer a short, intense workout such as a 30-minute run, while others would rather work out for a longer time, at a lower intensity, such as a one-hour walk.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
Wiley, 2017

Long workouts are much too long, and intensity is often way too high.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2016

Because I want to keep the strength workouts short, I have created two routines so you can complete a wide variety of exercises each week.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

Long workouts are the most specific workouts that athletes can do.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

These workouts are typified by short,

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

They are split into two short workouts, but they can be combined if you have the time.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
VeloPress, 2014

However, if you want results and are up for the challenge, increasing the intensity of your workouts by completing more repetitions, taking shorter rest intervals, or moving at a faster pace may be worth the effort.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

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  • Funny that you mention running to catch the bus. I find myself sprinting with a full backpack to catch the bus on a frequent enough basis that I’ve literally saved hours of waiting at a bus stop by being functionally fit. Definitely has it’s benefits to be able to do that-even in flip-flops-if necessary! Fantastic videos, keep ’em coming!

  • Thanks for answering this question, Jessica! I’d been wondering the same thing. Personally, I find working out 20-30 mins 5 times a week works best as I like to stay active throughout the week…

  • Thanks. Great concept. Wish I would have implemented this 40 years ago when doing “to failure” training:). Makes things a whole lot more psychologically doable. 20 minutes. Most of workout done by the time I’d drive to gym and get started!

  • I’m glad to hear the shorter workouts are just as effective. Injuries have forced me to adopt that type of exercise program; thank goodness you have so many 15 min or less routines! I also delve into the longer ones, but I have to do part of it, and return later for the remainder.

  • When you workout every day for half an hour becoming stronger,without going to failure,you ll champ at the bit of training again the next day.You’ll exercise your body and nervous system better and you ll have a more frequent pump.That’s my personal experience.

  • I really appreciate you two:D
    Thanks soo much for posting this video:D
    I do workout with you both and actually have a few of your videos on my YOUTUBE playlist!:D Thanks again. Blessings and HIS favour on you both:D

  • You guys are awesome…! I love the line ‘Workout Smarter not Harder’…I have been watching your videos from a long time and got inspired. I am now inculcating you suggested workout routines in my life. As always, look forward to more guidance.

  • I started doing this after I stopped working construction and wondered how I could stay in that type of shape now in an office. Short, light to moderate workouts frequently will get and keep you in great shape with good mobility and metabolism

  • great workout made me sweat! I haven’t been able to hit the gym much because I have an infant and only have a treadmill at home. I’m just walking and doing slight jogging but just feels like a waste and have to do like 30-40mins to kill 200 calories:( would this be better and enough to do a day to burn fat?

  • I don’t want to lose weight, my weight is perfectly fine. I want to lose body fat. I’ve been doing a workout for almost a month now which consists of many workouts like pushups, sit ups, etc. for around 10-15 minutes. I’m also on a balanced diet. Is this enough to lose some body fat over the course of a couple months?

  • My doctor said, taking a bath right after a workout session is really nice (specially is the water is lightly cold) because that really relaxes your hart and makes it come to normal again, after a cardio session. Relaxes de muscles and prevents some types of muscle pain, also.
    You can take a bath and massage a little bit your muscles, if you did an intense workout!
    Being clean is also part of the workout, lol. I couldn’t live without my after-workout shower!

  • You could also train gtg style if time management is an issue.

    Matt have you trained gtg style? I would be easy for you since you work at gym. It would be nice to hear feedback if you try it or have tried it.

  • you are amazing..although i cant do alot of your videos love u guys. need another very low impact one for very new beginners with bad knees:(

  • As I said when you posted this new batch with “good behaviour plus”, I tried it some time ago and, besides time consuming, I got too tired (meaning that CC PLUS was a better option for me).
    Since I took this week off (we are in the carnival week here in Brazil), I decided to give it a go again and, boy, it’s gotten better! I kept almost the same overall time but with more volume.
    I’ll try and keep it up till the end of the month and see how it goes when I’m back to working days.

  • I can see the benefit of this training method to those that train at home or without the use of weights or equipment. Like stated elsewhere in the comments, going to the gym automatically adds time. At the end of the day, you have to train the way you like to train. Just like the controversy over whether training calisthenics is better than weight training, it’s all about what’s better for you. If you are like me and have a labor intensive job, training calisthenics and weight training twice a week is practical, beneficial, and I like it, so I like it

  • Travis I’m doing wendler 531 Monday Wednesday Friday and it’s working however I want to fit some short intense workouts on my off days. Can you recommend a few please.

  • I working this way since I had lots if back opps….yea back feels better for these work outs and better for my other injures as well….I just listening to my body…yea good podcast…thanks

  • Always looking forward to the bloopers part! lol. One quick question, you say that multiple small workouts are better than one long one for burning fat, but what about for building muscle. Am I better off doing my 45 mins lifting workout once in the day or split it in two or more? And also how does it affect muscle recovery?

  • Why does this dude seem really hyper and out of breath while talking…? It’s like he’s on stimulants or some other drugs? Actually looks a bit like he’s mildly hyperventilating!

  • I do the same. It makes you not want to take 2min breathers. Making you just hurry into next excersise. I lose that feel of intensity whenever i take 2min rests between sets.

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    1) Traumatize the PSG players with Lewandowski’s TikTok dances.
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    3) Make sure Eric Choupo-Moting does not come off the bench.
    4) Get Pavard to score a screamer just like the World Cup.
    5) Super-sub Coutinho.

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  • There is actually more and more evidence coming up that the shorter and more frequent training sessions are better for both strength and mass
    personally i changed from 2-3 (high in intensity) workouts per week to at least a good set everyday (following your PLUS advice) and the gains the fullnes the strength are so rapid!

  • Thanks for the info! Now I can fit my workout routines multiply into my schedule. I always thought that being healthy is to workout 1 hour non stop every day. And honestly it has consumed a lot of my time since I’m quite a busy person. Now I’m happy that I’ve finally have a reason to split the workouts!:D

  • Is a 45 min workout 4x a week going to be able to significantly stimulate all the muscle groups for hypertrophy? Like how much should you workout each muscle group?

  • Great video..just subbed! Really looking for workouts to build muscle n lose fat! But really wanna be done in 40mins
    Gonna check through the other videos:)

  • I think the biggest benefit is to stay active everyday and to have capacities to do other things. One thing that I don’t like about my old training style is that if my friends ask me to go outside doing something that involves sport, I would say no, because it was my recovery day. And I’ve missed the hormonal benefits of moving on those days. So basically feeling really good and doing awesome stuff was limited to 3 days a week in the evening in closed rooms.

  • when I do leg raises, I life my legs up and hold the position for 3 seconds then slowly let them down without touching the ground. when its at the lowest point I hold the position again for 3 seconds then I raise my legs and repeat but it burns my core and my lower back. is that supposed to happen?

  • I love long workouts because I’m addicted to destroying myself.  However, I do understand the importance of short workouts.  Plus, they help me not be mentally cashed for the day.

  • But I’m slow:( i take like time to stretch 10 mins, yoga 15 mins, hiit 10 mins then i do either tricep/bicep, legs/stomach routine.that alone takes time.i followed the reps recording you suggested to monitor my still an hour plus.

  • Okay so my current upper routine is about 1hr long, 3x a week. About 4 sets of 6 exercises. So what do you think about doing half of each session 6x a week? E.g that would be 2 sets of pull ups 6x a week rather than a 4 sets 3x a week. The total volume would be the same at the end of the week but lower intensity would have the benefits you listed. And higher frequency could mean more muscle growth and it’d be useful if you can’t find 1h 3x a week.

  • Can someone share a weekly routine?? I know everyone has different excersize levels…just as an inspiration:)
    (I’ve been following the reddit recommended routine for a month and a half…it’s Awesome!!! BUT it’s waay too long)

  • I trained heavy, hard, intense 2-3 times a week for years, and then, because of repeated injuries, I ccan no longer hold the pain long enough for me to work out hard, so I started little workouts every day, and my muscles (maybe I got used to the previous sets of workout) seem to develop way faster, fast enough for me to notice it within the second week.
    Si I’m going on internet to see if anyone else has ever tried this, and I came across your video (the first I found).

  • I do something every day..
    2 days push, 2 days pulls,2 days running (20minutes),1 day martial arts practice.(maximum 40 minutes a day)
    plus I try to walk for around 1 hr everyday(as meditation)
    Try to eat only whole foods and not more than 3 meals a day(no snacking)
    Have a healthy relationship with family and faith in God ��.

    can’t say how healthy I am, but I feel good ��

  • Hey Matt, I have really been enjoying your videos and your ideas. I see the benefits in having short and frequent workouts, however I would argue that for many real life situations it is benefitial to be able to work at a medium intensity over a longer a period of time. If you only train to one set of pullups either to high or low fatigue (cc veterano plus) one might have a hard time carrying heavy objects all day. I really like your holistic full body approach but I like to have longer and more strenuous full body workouts less often and do skill work and mobility on off days and the results have been great

  • I do 5 variations of push up 3 sets max reps
    3 pull up variations 3 sets max reps
    Squat 3 set max reps
    3 abs (hanging) 3 sets max reps is this a lot??? For me to finish this it’s took 2.5 hours

    Max push up 20
    Pull up 7
    My problem is when should I start using variation should I do when I hit my rep goal or for muscle….. What should be my rep goal to start doing variations

  • I’v just done squats, 4 varied sets and it took 15 minutes max. Later I will do some pull-up related exercises, 10-15 minutes max and after that, probably finish with some short focussed Abs work. Then tomorrow I will pick 3 others from the BIG SIX or maybe do squats again plus 2 others.
    It requires little motivation or drama to get this done but it still get’s it DONE! If i feel crap I’ll take a day off but usually there’s no need and I’m not much more than a beginner at this. For me it’s a great way to train and I feel most would benefit from it. I also echo ALL your sentiments from ALL of your videos! Very glad to have found you and “Convict Conditioning”.

  • What..? They are not fit?… WHAT? These guys are the most fit people I ever saw, did you see some of their workouts? Seriously.

  • Effing ipad…the strength training tip when you have less time is so true…I lean out more when I do 15 min of strength 5 days a week vs 30-40 min of cardio 5 days a week

  • Hello! You recently commented on my comments about how many reps and sets. So I was watching this. My routine for calisthenics is Monday is upper Tuesday is lower and so fourth. Till Saturday and rest Sunday. My workouts are like no longer then 20 mins. Hmm so if I did this just all week long 7 days a week for 20 mins, it shouldn’t be putting too much strain on the body is it? I also jump rope after for about 15 mins. So 35 mins total. So to sum this up if I did this 7 days a week would this be bad should I run a two week trial on this. My workouts consist of push ups, pull ups, squats. You know, all the calisthenics technique. I’m not doing the crazy hand stand, Or muscle ups.

  • For someone like me, who is an addictive personality ( I used to abuse drugs, and thus have the “all or nothing” problem with every single thing I like… period, always, forever, ad infinitum), doing something every day maybe the only way I can get better gains, cuz I cant help practically greasing the groove with all muscle groups… i already do pullup sets every day, and have been doing diamond pushups now every day as well… meanwhile I have a push, pull, legs 2 times per week that i’s upposed to be recovering from, but still can’t help with the pullups and diamonds… this is great

  • Hey Mate, I just started following your vids a few weeks ago and already I can FEEL the results. This video in particular was a game changer. I had some resistance to change after years of 2 hours x 3 times per week. Now I’m doing 20-30 mins max x 6 days with some pilates or yoga on rest day. After a few short weeks I feel stronger and I’m starting to see results and its so much more freedom! I was on my bike at the weekend enjoying a rare (I live in Ireland) sunny day and thought rather than go home to workout I would stay outdoors; found a branch of a tree for pull ups and away I went. I surf and hike a lot and always find it hard to keep any size on me, looking around the net for fitness advice just confused the be-jesus out of me until I hit on your channel. Cant thank you enough for your clear and easy to understand lessons.

  • So do you recommend HIIT twice a day, let’s say in the morning and late in the afternoon? How often can it be done this way without being overtrained? Thx

  • Good video. I followed the high frequency model with HFT and HFT2 by Chad Waterbury and really liked it. Funny because I’ve been thinking about getting back to that model again soon so the video is timely. Thanks!

  • Strong key here. I started doing this using Pavel’s “greasing the groove” and daily protocol of kettlebells simple and sinister. What I found is that your body adjusts to what it considers a base level of performance. Some base training should be brief and daily or more. People who want to advance in lifting or hypertrophy should probably follow rest protocols, but the vast majority of us getting our fitness information from youtube are going to look, feel, and perform at out best using brief sessions at high frequency, with 3-4 elongated sessions per week.

  • Years ago, I was on a long trip with a friend. We were eating out a lot and I knew I had to train harder to compensate. I trained in calisthenics five or six nights a week. Pushup variations, pull ups, handstand pushups, and squat variations for three to four super sets with a bit of rest between each set. No added weight. I also slept by 9.30 each night and awoke by 7 each morning. On Sundays I wouldn’t train at all.

    By the end of three months, my friend had gained 8 or 9 kilos of fat, mostly in his gut. I ate the same amount or more, but gained four or five kilos and most of it in my back, chest, shoulders and legs. Jeans were a bit tighter in the waist but much tighter in the legs. Tops and jackets were much tighter and I filled out a lot. This was after years of training martial arts twice a week and cals two or three times a week. I’m sure that if my diet had been clean, I would have made even better gains. This approach works.

  • I do 5 rounds of pullups, dips, leg raises, pushups +30 min cardio respectively, and it’s working out great and is easly sustainable if you’re busy

  • This is pretty much what Athlean X emphasizes: you can workout long or you can workout hard, but you can’t do both. Ever since I’ve been following his programs, I actually saw athletic improvements in myself. Not only did I gain more muscle, but I also gained more endurance, explosivity, strength, and athleticism, which really helps carry over in martial arts.

    I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who is serious about taking their workouts to the next level.

  • I actually did full body workouts every day and felt alot more energetic, since our bodies are made for moving around every day and not sitting. Now I went back to a bodybuilding split and I am fatigued all the time, I’m just afraid that I will lose potential gains with frequenzy workouts.

  • You mentioned podcasts, what are some that you listen to? I like when Tim Ferris interviews athletes or coach’s, but I don’t know of any decent exercise podcasts.

  • So i we do for example 15 minutes of cardio in the morning and then 15 more in the afternoon is ok? And it hast to be high intensity the short rutines, or it can be normal? Sorry but english is not my official language, and i dont understand a lot the video.

  • I’ve been following the Get Strong program for convenience. I’ve thought about splitting up the workouts into a couple of segments rather than doing the entire full body routine at once because I find it easier to get in 10-15 minutes at a time. So, I’d take a workout that would take me 30+ minutes and split it into 2 or 3 shorter workouts throughout the day. It would enable more focus on each segment of the workout. Thoughts?

  • Greasing the groove is really the only strength training option that fits into a single mom lifestyle. Not only for timing issues, but also because a busy mom cannot afford to be totally “wiped out” 2-3 times a week. It’s kind of like a military lifestyle: must always be on duty and on call.

  • I’ve been doing a quick full body workout every day for two weeks now, after doing longer workouts 4 days per week, and I must say I have seen far more benefits now than before. Besides the increase in gains, my favourite aspect of the high frequency model is that every day feels normal like it did before I started working out. Before I always felt like something was missing on my off days, making the day feel truly “off.” Now, that’s not an issue. Thank you RedDeltaProject for introducing this idea, because with it I have finally reached full integration of training into my lifestyle as an academic. That meaning I can train and reap the benefits of it, yet my life does not feel any different from when I didn’t train.

  • I’ve been trying to convince people of higher frequency for 15 years. Everyone (especially personal trainers) always insists you’ll overtrain. I’d tell them it’s what I’ve done and seen the most consistent gains but alas popular “advice” wins out. Finally there are more voices speaking up.

  • Im trying to change my workout “routines” that has 3×12 reps high intensity. Man i tell you, that is so exhausting, my performances decline cause lack of nutrition (no protein shake, just your daily food).
    Now im trying to make my own routine, A routine that can adapt my body easily.
    This video actually coincidentally same with what im doing now

  • @FitnessBlender I want to loose weight and get fit and loose more lower weight, not fighting for abs but for a clean fit belly. I dont need to loose much weight but yet… So my question is: Is the 30 min workout for busy people enough (once per day) or the regular program 50/ 59 min ( the 5 day loose weight program) better? Thank you in advance

  • I totally agree that higher frequencies can have huge benefits. In my experience however, the higher frequencies work really well with things that do not require a lot of warming up, like stretching and generally working in the 8-12 RM range. I guess there is an adaptation process to less warming up in the long run, but I feel that for those exercises that I can only do 1-5 reps with, I simply need a longer workout. I don’t think that this is a contradiction to what you said, but I feel that having at least 1-2 longer workouts a week is a very good idea. You can still do daily training between those, but for me, having 2 long, overloading workouts a week has worked best so far.

  • surely the long exercise the best, but after 20 minutes, I am died. I have done workout during one month, I feel very good. video: brutal hiit ladder workout. you are the best.
    I don´t speak english. thankyou.

  • I am using a pomodoro technique for working/studying at home. I do 3-5 pomodoros each day which result it 12-20 short 5-minute+ breaks. I will try and do some quick workout during those breaks.

  • Dean, I know you don’t usually do Europa league videos but please do something on Sevilla vs inter, it was a great game and I’d love to see what you make of it

  • I’ve been doing 3 rounds of 20 pushups, 20 dips, and 10 pullups daily and it takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes to so followed by 200 situps

  • Matt tell me what do you think about my workout and how can I improve it
    I workout twice a day 6 times a week
    1/ when I wake up 15 push ups 15 curls I repeat this 4 times no rest it takes me 10 to 20 Min
    2/ before going to bed 15 pull ups 20 crunches 20 squats repeat it 4 times no rest it takes me 20 to 30 min
    Oww and on Sunday I go jogging with my dog on the beach for like an hour then a walk in the forest

  • Hi matt,do you think this approach to training can be good also if my main focus is gaining strenght in weighted bw exercises?(i actually train fullbody 3 times a week for 1 hour but i’m thinking to pass to a 5 per week routine 20-30 mins each time).Ps:thanks a lot for your work, your channel is awesome

  • Hey Matt. I’ve been doing this kind of short workouts but I have a question as I’m trying to buile muscle. Should I eat the same amount of food as if i was training 1 hour every other day or should I eat more/less throught the day because of the frecuent workouts?

  • I once jokingly said to my friend who was demotivated, just do one press up one sit up, one chin up every morning and you will gain strength. I have never tried this my self but im not so sure it wouldn’t work. Consistency is a fantastic thing.

  • dude I found your channel in the best moment. just when I was looking for a change in my workouts. I have IBS and I find this approach very helpful.

  • So i we do for example 15 minutes of cardio in the morning and then 15 more in the afternoon is ok? And it hast to be high intensity the short rutines, or it can be normal? Sorry but english is not my official language, and i dont understand a lot the video.

  • This is something I’ve been going towards in my calisthenics focused workouts… actually partially because I liked one of your videos where you went pretty strong into motivation and it totally hit home. Do something every day! Keep that momentum. Some days are heavier, intenser. Other days are lighter, more relaxed but still get me warm, blood pumping, and a bit of a sweat, but feel perfect for recovery, not strain. So I’m absolutely with you on this one. Takes some adjustment period, and also playing with it to what really works, but I’m also noticing that it motivates me to tune into my body’s state and see what I am ready for and what I’m not ready for. Natural ebb and flow. But I always pay attention, sometimes I get to the gym feeling like I need an easy day, but once I begin, I go all out because it feels perfect in the moment.

    The main problem with this is needing to be close to the place where I do the calisthenics work, haha. The bars and such. I don’t have them at home, but I have them close by. But it was easier to go multiple times a day even when it was 5 minutes away. Now at 15 minute walk, it’s still super convenient but the hurdle is bigger.

    Keep hitting us with your great ideas and insights. I like the way you think and challenge convention, but without going all woohoo whimsical on us, haha. Well done, bud. I enjoy your channel a lot.

  • Your vids are awesome, informative and worth watching. Thanks. I’m new to this and finding it a struggle to find someone to look up to that’s down to earth and real

  • Hi, Matt. I’m switching from a 6 days a week gym routine for hypertrophy to a 2 days a week calisthenics “New Blood” routine from Convict Conditioning, beginning from the very first steps (I wish to master all the movements in the long-term), but I’m worried about losing the gains I have earned in the last 7 months (3kg of lean muscle mass). I’m 1,65m and right now I’m 59kg. Can I keep what I have earned with this routine? Or will I experience some muscle loss in the first months?

    Besides, I’m thinking of reducing to 3-4 meals a day every 4 hours, or when I’m hungry, from eating 5-6 meals a day every 3 hours. I do not want to bulk anymore, as I was doing when I was at the gym. A lot of meals and a high protein diet have given me muscles, that’s true, but they also have kept my abs on the shadow. Although my metabolism is fast, it cannot deal with that. I want to keep getting stronger and relatively bigger over the time, but without increasing my body fat percentage the way the bodybuilding gurus recommend for a guy like me.

    Thank you, sorry for the complicated problem, and congrats for your great channel!

  • Great timing! This is EXACTLY where I’ve been for the past month. One set of air squats to failure, one set of push-ups to failure, one set of Australian pull-ups to failure, and then a few minutes on the rebounder. Seven days a week. I’m hooked. It’s been a great month!

  • Thank you for the advice. I have been dabbling with this idea for a while because I want to and move movement and mobility to my weekly workouts. I usually do 4 days a week with strength training and HIIT and never had the time to add movement training.

  • Thank you this is what I needed to hear. So by doing maybe one hard work set per muscle group daily I can expect to see results and improvement.

  • The thing I like to do is to do your jump rope training workout, take a short break and then do advanced hiit workout (hiit me again, I think). It takes about 40 minutes and I am wasted by the end of it.

  • Look at prisoners, they work out everyday. And I BET they aren’t killing themselves there every workout. They are working hard when they want to, but doing lighter workouts all the time; then resting the rest of the day. Look at wild animals too. Look at gymnasts….

  • Short, frequent workouts is how our bodies are supposed to operate in the first place. I’ve worked in a hay barn for 5 years now, and done anywhere from 100-500 push ups every single day, spread throughout the day, and even when I’m tired, I still feel like I could fight a pit bull. The shit works.

  • Nadie habla de la canción shida que usaron en el vídeo XD y pese a que le espero una goleada del Bayern yo predigo que ganará el PSG para mañana tal vez diga las anotaciones y todo eso, bueno a esperar piscinazos de Neymar y las fallas de Lewandoski XD –

  • yeah i love the idea of shorter more frequent workouts!! it seems to me to be a more natural structure of working out. typically the more often we do something as humans the faster and better the results. why not working out as well?

  • all these so called fitness gurus on youtube.You are the real deal subbed will be sharing this with friends this is exactly what Im looking for. This is the whole package

  • Cool! Exactly what I am practicing the last few days, after i’ve read that after 30 minutes of workout the highest concentration of testerone would be reached and after approximately 45 min. the cortisol level would go up. 30 minutes every two days wouldn’t be satisfying enough, so…
    Thanks for your cool videos! They have inspired me to do my own little workouts in winter of 2015 and got many good Inspirations from them. My scale has been like nailed at 60kg for many, many years, no matter how much i was eating, which was rather frustrating for me. Now it’s at 68kg and I hope to break the 70kg mark until this summer. So thanks for inspiring!
    I hope my english doesn’t sound too awful…

  • I guess it would be better doing it at once if you want to win muscle because that way you really challenge the muscle fiber so it grows up, but then again im not an expert

  • First time trying this, had to stop on the last exersise of the first round but I’m asthmatic and really unfit. Going to keep going at it until my asthma improves! tysm for this!

  • I have been doing these types of workouts the last 3 months, i have been doing 5 pullups 10 dips, then take 30-40sec rest. Then i repeated it 20 times. 100 pullups and 200 dips in total:) I am able to do this in 23 ish minutes. After that i did 5 sets of 10 pistol squats on each leg:) In the start I had longer rest periods like 50-60sec, and week after week I decreased rest periods by a little.

  • Every time Dean says: My money’s on Man City
    Now: My money’s on psg
    What a change

    If Dean stop saying”my money’s on Man City” they will absolutely win the champions league

  • There is actually more and more evidence coming up that the shorter and more frequent training sessions are better for both strength and mass
    personally i changed from 2-3 (high in intensity) workouts per week to at least a good set everyday (following your PLUS advice) and the gains the fullnes the strength are so rapid!

  • Hello. First of all thanks for sharing such wonderful workout. I would like to know how much calories does it help to burn? Thanks:)

  • Hello, Jessica and thanks for all the great workouts!  Here is my question or maybe an idea for another stretch routine:  Best stretches for the Weekend Warrior.  I work outside in the garden most weekends in spring/summer and get soooo sore.  So a good stretch to loosen up would be awesome!

  • Great, informative video. I always questioned this myself. I usually push to hit an hour workout daily, but I wondered about shorter workouts & if they were effective. HIIT is by far one of my faves, so I’m glad to know it’s recommended to lose weight the most.
    Thanks for a great channel! Been using your channel for two years now almost, & absolutely love it.

  • I have a question: how can I detoxify my body from the ingredients of artificial sweeteners? I stopped consuming them a long time now but I feel my body still stores some of those components.

  • Please please put together a program plan with short workouts. Like FB Fit but with 3-4 15-min workouts instead of one 50-min one. It would be great!

  • Thank you guys. I prefer short workouts through out the day but I always thought I wasn’t doing it effectively.  I can not tell you how appreciative I am of you two.

  • Jessica, thank you for your great advices! I would like to know in another episode if it’s okay and safe to work our abs everyday? And what kind of activity do you suggest for active rest days? Thanks a lot! Floriane

  • Marischa, thanks… I´ve started with these HIIT workouts because theyŕe easy to follow…and even though it goes really Great in combination with my weight trainings, one more time thanks… youŕe good…keep up the good work

  • As always interesting and quality video.
    I always have to do short workouts because lack of time (max 1h for warm up workout streching)

  • I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now
    one push ups day, one pull ups day, one dips and pushups day, one pull ups day, and I repeat the cycle, I rest once every 8 or so days, and eve then I do some abs on my rest days.
    I do shoulders on the 4 push ups and dips days, and I do squats every 2 workouts.
    I just mainly do 30 seconds of vigorous push ups (or pull ups or dips depending on the day) rest for 45 secs, and repeat this for 22-24 mins (with no bigger rest periods between exercises), and I switch up the exercise every 4 sets (push ups to diamond push ups to triceps extensions to push up claps) (pull ups to wide pull ups to shorter grip pull ups to super slow pull ups)

  • This is fantastic. I’ve been doing something similar, but you’ve showed me some new exercises to add to my routine. Thanks, keep up the great work.