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How To Get An Hourglass Figure Curvy Body Workout

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HourGlass Abs Workout! Slim Waist

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Shape a HOURGLASS FIGURE With This Workout | Wider Hips and Slim Waist

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Video taken from the channel: getfitbyivana


Hourglass Figure Workout for Beginners How to Get a Curvy Body

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Tiny Waist & Round Butt Workout | At Home Hourglass Challenge ��

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Small Waist & Round Butt Workout | Hourglass Workout | At Home Workout

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Fitness Blender’s Pilates Butt & Thigh Video can also do a lot for attaining the shapely glutes that often accompany an a curvy silhouette. Do this Hourglass Figure Workout 2-3 times through, 2-3 times a week. If you do these hourglass exercises regularly, you will definitely see a change for the better in your figure, no matter your natural shape!This hourglass figure workout plan has 3 moves that will target every single area of your body. The hourglass figure workout overview Now for you to get the maximum fat burn and muscle building effect some form of weights will have to be included.

You will need a pair of dumbbells ranging from 10 to 15 pounds. This week, we are doing an hourglass workout at home that focuses on toning your booty to make it round and perky, as well as the waist, to bring it in and make it smaller. 14 hours ago · Hourglass Figure Body Workout 30 Days Small Waist Big Butt is the perfect workout fitness training app for females who want to get fit & curvy body shape without using any equipment or going to.

Light cardio or running, accompanied by strength training, can accentuate your natural curves. 6 Week Diet & Exercise Plan – Hourglass Body Shape The hourglass body shape is my own body type and it has taken me years to understand its complexities. It has also taken me over sixty edits to trim down the information overload on this page and deliver the important facts you require.

Women with a curvy hourglass shape have a larger bust and hips with a slim waist. While much is made of body shape, body type actually allows you to form a weight loss plan based on how your body responds to exercise and diet. Hourglass: this body shape is balanced and harmonious. The hourglass workout routine below is designed specifically to target several areas of your body.

For example one workout will be for your waist, one for your hips and one for your butt and thighs. If you want to get a curvy lean body shape you have to do a total body workout combine with a healthy diet. If you want a sculpted waist, flat stomach and firm, lifted butt, then we’ve got you covered. To get the perfect hourglass body shape, you need to work your entire body, get in shape and drop any excess fat to showcase the right places on your body. Combine these, ab, lower body and HIIT workouts throughout the week to hit your body all over!

First ever HourGlass Figure Workout App on Google Play, specifically designed exercises for curvy body shape with detailed illustrations of each body move in: HourGlass Body Workout – Small Waist. Hourglass figure workout plan is a higher frequency workout plan. To make all these things possible you should do a full body workout.

By doing full boy workouts you can keep the growth effect of training at an elevated level throughout the week because full body training enables you to hit all target muscle groups after every 48 hrs.

List of related literature:

Isometric hip adduction with light ball: Place the ball between the thighs, exhale, and adduct 8 times (see figure 9.23).

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Start standing with your feet slightly apart on the resistance band, your knees slightly bent, and back in a pelvic tilt; your lower back should be slightly rounded not arched and your hands should be at the sides of your thighs, with your knuckles facing out, each hand gripping the handles of the resistance band.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
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As an Hourglass, you want to perform as much aerobic exercise as you can, especially if you’re trying to lose weight and mass.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
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Hulain supine, legs straight, hike hip up straight and down, keeping legs straight, alternate side to side 10 times each side.

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Press the fingers evenly on the floor, just behind the thighs, and lift and slightly coil the middle and upper back on the chair as both sides of the waist move back.

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Pull the knees toward the chest, place the hands against the floor below the hips, palms down, and in a single movement tighten the abdomen, push strongly against the floor with the hands and elbows, and lift the hips up and the feet overhead, straightening the knees slightly at the same time.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
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Experiment with walking your feet a little further apart from your hips (fig.

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| O O S E N | N G Y O U R | | | D S Whenever you find yourself standing stationary in one place for longer than 5 minutes, you can do hip circles to loosen your hips.

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First, keep a low center of gravity by flexing the hips and knees instead of bending at the waist.

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Pike up into an L-position by walking your hands back while flexing the hips and raising your buttocks toward the ceiling, then lower your body toward the floor by bending your elbows.

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  • I have a bit of a belly. I was wondering if anyone else who did this workout started seeing results in less of a belly and like moving towards a flat belly?

  • been doing these workouts for a few months, i see results but dont wanna post results yet! for every like=a day of workouts. hold me acountable!

  • I did this for 2 month but only ended up skinnier �� I really wanted those curves but I guess I was meant to look like a 16 year old boy all my life ����

  • Updating in 30 days for motivation!!
    Day 2. a bit easier but it is still hard
    Day 3. Was sick:( ❌
    Day 4. Busy ❌
    Day 5. It’s gotten easier!!
    Day 6. I powered through it and it was much easier!!

  • Despite having a large appetite and eating normal servings from breakfast to dinner, when I followed this exercise plus other exercises, my waistline went down. On the first day of trying this, my waistline was 32 then after a week of doing this, it became 30. My motivation was in order to eat many foods, I have to exercise sksks.

  • Yes, it works… Its my day 23 of this work out..and its jst amazing.. i m feeling lighter and its showing its result.. guys, do have shows its result..m very happy… THANK YOU MAM (CHLOE TING).M BIT OVER WEIGHT BT DS WORKOUT REALLY SUNSHINE FOR ME.. ��

  • Guess I’m doing this now >_<. I hate being fat shamed. It just makes me sad ��
    [Wish me luck lol��]
    I’ll be updating Everytime I went on this video;
    July 21st (Day one): I tried following this workout, and it seemed difficult to do it at first and it made me want to give up ;—;. I’ll get use to it eventually.

  • Does anyone else have the problem that when they work out their abs, their waist actually gets bigger? I have to be so careful to NOT work my abs too much so that my waist stays smaller, and then just work my butt and the rest of my body. It’s rather frustrating.

  • Miss Chloe? Is it normal to feel lower abdominal pain or sore after doing this workout? Anyways I’m on the 1 week and saw great results.

  • I’ve been trying the hourglass program and it really helped me and gave me abs and b***,tomorrow will be my last day in the program

  • 30 secs each

    narrow bridge
    seated crunch
    reverse crunch
    straight leg circles ( L & R)
    spider-man plank
    mountain climber
    leg raise (L & R)
    frog kicks
    LIE DOWN leg to side (L & R)
    up & down plank
    mountain climber


    frog pump
    single leg glute bridge (L & R)
    fire hydrant (L & R)
    rainbow (L & R)
    frog kick
    frog hold


    flutter kicks
    scissor kicks
    reverse crunch
    bicycle crunch
    heel taps
    mountain climber
    plank with hip twist
    up & down plank


  • Did u guys warmed up first before doing this workout routine

    (I’m not pyhsically fit, easily gets tired, and also this is my first time to do a workout)

  • Am glad there is no squat….I can do this bcoz hve knee prob:) how I thought this was easy as it seems waw��‍♀️ now am flat on my floor some1 come pick me up������ nd guys plz I need motivation jst started today and I hope I’ll keep it going✌

  • Been doing this workout and the Hourglass ABS Shred since May 21, and as early as now I can see the result!�� My waist before is 27 and now it’s 26. My butt gets bigger also. Omg! And my target waistline is 24. I will update you after the 25th day☺

  • Chloe
    Sometimes I jealous from you bcoz of your body
    I love ������
    Plz don’t mind it I’m just kidding

    But I really want that one-day my body look like your once… ������������

  • I have quite a stubborn figure, big hips, big legs, small breasts, but also a weird waist. I want my waist to get smaller. how long wI’ll this take to work?

  • Great workout. I’ve been doing this for 3 days with breaks in between the days, and when I measured around my hips, I noticed I went from 34.3 to 35. I’m quite happy with the results so far so I’m going to continue.

  • I don’t know if you see this but I wanted to say I weight about 55kg and I am 13 yrs old I know it’s not much but I still wanna lose weight and the thing is it isn’t just the weight it’s mostly fat and I don’t know how to get rid of it I also go to the fitnessstudio but I just lose weight and not fat:(

  • I’m 13 years old and I weight around 77 pounds. I am really skinny for my age. I really want to get a more curvy body because my body shape is my biggest insecurity. I already did a workout and that actually worked! My legs got thicker and my hips were a bit more curvy, but I lost motivation. Now, in quarantine, I’m back ��✌. I’m really excited to try this workout and even more excited to see the results!

    Day 1: AAH I BARELY COULD WALK AT THE END! I felt really good while doing the work-out, it’s really fun to do! I skipped some things because it was sometimes a little too much for me, definitely the end.
    Day 2: While doing the workout I felt it so much more than yesterday! But I tried to push my limits this time hehe. I skipped some things at the end but tried to do it. I also felt really excited today. Can’t wait for tomorrow:D
    Day 3: I felt really motivated today! Still, at the end it was really hard for me but I wasn’t giving up! I really want a really good result! Cya tomorrow
    Day 4: I feel stronger today! I almost did all of the exercises! So proud of myself. I’m actually starting to love my body more and more because of this workout! <3<3
    Day 5: if i’m honest, i felt pretty weak today. It was hard but went by fast (: Still proud that I didn’t give up yet hehehe
    Day 6: I almost forgot to do it! I’m trying to do the workout once a day. I hope I won’t give up c:
    Day 7: We’re now doingg it 1 week! Proud of myself haha. I definitely see a change with my abs and my thighs! This is a great workout and the results after one week are incredible!<3
    Day 8: skipped it today ): SORRYYYY
    Day 9: i see a difference tbh
    Day 10: feeling unmotivated ): but i wont give up! I promised myself to not stop this time, even tho I feel pretty motivated. Idk why but i just gotta think about the result and my motivation comes back hehe:D
    Day 11: did it ��
    Day 12: not giving up
    Day 14: two weeks of this amazing workout! I’m so happy I found it and I definitely already see the results

  • Just finished the hourglass program yesterday! Although the scale only moved 2.5 lbs, I lost 3 inches from my waist!! I’ve also noticed a drastic difference in my core strength! THANK YOU CHLOE!

  • I’m doing the 25 Days Hourglass Challenge and I decided to share my progress here! You can read it as motivation or while you’re taking a break in between the sets. ♡

    I am a girl, 14 y/o and I barely exercise. I used to work out with the Nintendo Switch game Ring Fit tho. xD

    I do not use resistance bands.

    My starting weight is: 50.2kg
    (I’m not trying to loose weight, but I’ll keep track of it anyway.)

    I will start on the 22nd of August!

  • day 1: did it!! completed the whole workout & i feel great:D i had to take a few breaks with the upper-body-heavy exercises since i’ve got noodle arms (like mountain climbers and up & down planks) day 2: i had to stop at 64% due to my cramps. i started my period today and didnt realize it. i also began feeling dizzy and developed a headache. stop & take a break if you start to feel bad! dont hurt your body ♡

  • This is my sixth day doing hourglass challenge and I’m already seeing my butt becoming nice and round and my abs are burning so badly

  • Hello Ivana, this routine is FABULOUS!! It’s really helping me achieve a toned and round look. Thank you for helping me reach my goal!!!

  • My cousin recommended this and honestly… I feel so fucking good! Like when I wear my crop tops I feel better about myself!

    I’ve been doing this for at least 4 days and I feel so happy. I’m doing the progress photos but I’m also measuring my body and honestly I feel confident.

  • Day 1:✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3:
    Day 5:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23
    Day 24
    Day 25:
    Just help me stay on task ye? ��

  • Hey! I’ve seen alot of girls around my age trying to achieve this body goal. My friend has made a body achievment groupchat on instagram. LMK if you would like to be added. We’ll try and help eachother achieve our goals

  • DAY 1: hell
    DAY 2: a bit more manageable
    DAY 3: rest
    DAY 4: almost did all of it. Starting to get the hint on most of the exercises that i struggled and it wasn’t as hard to finish.

  • girls will my hips get smaller? bc i dont wanna lose my curves, i want bigger hips, does this work for that too? please answer if u have info ��

  • who else has been doing her workouts for so long now that they’re not even shy to do them in front of their family??����

    it’s not just me, right?

  • Its my 15th day today and im really feeling my booty and thighs firming up plus my waist from 27 to 25 inch! This workout is very effective! And ofcourse with a proper diet. Thanks to Chloe and her motivational words all through the workout. Don’t give up guys we can all do this!��

  • Day 1:�� I did almost the full workout (hourglass challange) I didn’t manage to finish the 2nd workout.
    Day 2:�� Same story as day 1 but I felt like I could keep it up longer.
    Day 3:�� Was a rest day but I tried to do the workout of day 2 but then fully and I accomplished.
    Day 4:☺️ Started off with yoga before the workout, After that I almost accomplished the full workout, I only struggled with the last one, but I’m making a tiny progress and I can sleep better at night.
    Day 5:�� All of the muscles are hurting pretty much. This workout wasn’t too hard and I finished it without skipping a part of the workout.

  • I actually downloaded this video long back in 2019 and actually started doing it….it was my first time today morning and i really am sweating a lotttttt…..My legs are shaky. I feel that iam full of energy and adrenaline rush throughout my body…yeah…I just did it for my first time…I found it hard at the first but the cool down exercises ignited me… I need firmer busts and wanna cut down fat on my belly and have a tiny waist but pleaseeee I ain’t personally fond of bigger butts, I just want my body to be in shape but plz I don’t need bigger butts than I already have, so can I take this exercise further? Do reply if anyone knows the answer
    P.s I actually did the workout for 3 days and couldn’t move for a week, because girl, it hurts really bad…My legs were shaking…I had pain in my thighs and leg muscles

  • Day 14. I don’t have resistance bands, but I do have a 45 lb preschooler jumping on my back during planks and belly during bridges. Any port in a storm, eh?

  • Absolutely love your vids Chloe, so thank you for making them! I try to do 3 vids per day, abs & butt/thighs but so far my body measurements have not budged �� it’s discouraging but I’m gonna keep at it because I have gotten stronger. Some of these moves were a struggle for me when I first started and now I can do them all. Even lifting my legs up while laying on my belly! Lol. So, I am proud of that. Now, hopefully some of this cellulite will hurry up and disappear and my butt can lift up just a tiny bit ��

  • Otra estupida mostrando el culo es lo unico q saben hacer. Provocar a los hombres para despues abrir una marcha de feminismo. Estupidas

  • I have been doing this exercise for 3days now. I have noticed that my abdomen is a bit tighter and I can see shape on my body. I will keep on doing the workout until I can see the results.

  • Extraordinary! This is Day I am ALWAYS thrilled �� Let’s go sprawl! Play against yourself is brutal like I must see better me like cheetahs for UFC fight to look like a CATWOMAN not JUST like simple human ����…now ����
    I love to work with you because my countenance improved noticeably ❤ LOVE YOURAPPROACH FEMINEM LEVEL! THANK YOU OUR IVANA ��..����&��=�� IVANA didn’t know, I am in country of Europe EU on Mediteranian sea near Italy but not Italy

  • i love this workout and i do it everyday, can someone tell me how long it takes before you start to see results? i already have a slightly curvy body but i want to know if it works for hip dips and can actually help you achieve the hourglass look?

  • Hi robota so i just need some help frm u…my body shape is hourglass bt i have havy thigs…so if i did this workout every day did it works for me to lose thigh fat? Pls reply

  • Ohk Guys, I really loved this workout. Its a very easy and just 20 minutes workout which is quite doable. I’ll be doing it seriously and updating you the results����

  • This workout totally works I’ve done it for so long since 7th grade up until now, 9th grade, if u want to loose weight fast and easy, go check my channel, I have a playlist called ‘ Workouts that Work’ that you might really want to try out. They worked for me, but ofcourse it might not work for you, but I suggest if u really want to try it out then try it out and then tell me how it goes. GOOD LUCK ����☺️

  • Workout
    1. Arm rotations 20 reps
    2. Standing cross crunch 10 reps each side
    3. Squats 10 reps
    4. Side step plus punch 20 reps
    5. Rear lunges plus twist 10 each side
    6. High punch 20 reps
    7. Front lunges 5 reps each side
    8. Standing side crunch 10 reps
    9. Squat plus leg rotation 10 reps
    10. Standing twists 10 reps
    11. Half squat plus lateral punch 20 reps
    12. Rear lunges

  • This will be a lil longer since y’all like details. Stay consistent, fix your eating and you’ll have your results faster than you think. Just like with every workout. And if you make sure to follow posture tips in these vids, it’ll work just fine. I’ve lost 12kg like that and I’m seeing quite some shaping. I’m doing this 3 times a week (don’t forget to stretch before and after! They have videos on that too), lots of water, healthy diet (i do the half a plate of veggies, a third of a plate protein and the remaining space carbs thing) and I’m good to go. I started January last year, paused for a while and got back on track around October which leads to the total of 12kg down. Started at 107kg and I’m still losing and shaping. So in my personal experience it helped me a lot. I’ll soon switch from doing this 3 times to going to the gym 3 times and do these home workouts 2 times a week. It all depends on you, how often you can do it consult a doctor or something for this before you go all crazy on this and it might turn out to be the exact wrong thing to do for you (or to start with in the first place) in the end. Lumowell has a lot of beginner friendly workouts to ease into this.

  • Ok, I’m 114 pounds, I’ll try to update my comment everyday. Also please don’t get mad at me if I don’t, I’m kind of busy and I can’t really record my working out data.

  • Her workouts are very effective. I tried one of her lower abs workout regularly for 4 weeks to reduce my hips and waist 5 inches(Note that I was an extremely oversized person) Thank you so much! ❤️

  • hey i have gotten results in this, i stopped for 2 weeks and continued today, and as before I did the workout for a week I can already notice my waist smaller and hips bigger, and more days I continued I can see a big difference from before the workout! I continued because I know I can get the results I wanted if I did it!

  • I’ll keep record on how this affects my body
    (Doing this for 30 days straight)
    Day 1:my legs were really shaky during the excersice.i didn’t really expect to get results on day 1

  • I do already have hips and a slimmer waist (no boobs though, thanks gene pool) but I’m mainly doing this to smooth out my hips, make my waist a bit smaller and h o p e f u l l y get my boobs bigger. First day so far and… I am just now realizing how out of shape I am xD
    I’ll be doing this every night so I’ll check in probably every week and hopefully more ofteennn
    • I also forgot to mention this but after this workout I will be doing sit ups and each day I will add 5 more depending on if my body is comfortable with it
    Thanks for reading if you ddiiidddddd

  • I have curvy boobs and round ass but my waist, hips and hands have got fats so can I get a hourglass figure quite easily. Pls reply

  • I loved how much e durance i have grown doing her workouts.. ��
    Day one: done
    Day two:done… I see a bit of flattening
    Day three: did 10 mins HIIT
    Day four: done..

  • I want to see what my results will be in 30 days
    Weight: 55kg
    Height: 5’6
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23
    Day 24:
    Day 25:
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30:

  • Thank you so much lumowell! It really works I have been exercising for a while and they are easy to follow I think if your motivated everyone can achieve good results!!

  • My brother saw me doing this and was making funnie sounds making this impossible and she got me fucked up if she think my knee aint gonna touch the god damn floor

  • Jessica you are a damn sexy woman with an AMAZING body.

    Perhaps you could be my personal trainer so I can get strong abs like yours.��❤

  • Hello lumowell. My weight is 75kg and i wanted to know which workouts should i do beside this one to lose weight and get hour glass figure. I will be very thankful if u reply me. Thank u.

  • Thank you lumowell. These workouts easy and fun for me at least,I just haven’t move on becuase im also working on some of your videos for arm strenght.I started last week 2-3 times a day. And I really see a difference. I shared this video with one of my friends and also see a difference on her too. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • I did the exercises ( I stopped when there was a water break and I go to bed ) I did it for a week And I see that my waist is tinier and my hips are bigger but i have really little uhhh breasts

  • This work out is really good �� I enjoy it so much I’ve been doing this 2 times a day and when I’m done with the work out I sweat a lot thank you so much

  • this is the second video i did
    i really enjoy the lumowell workouts
    am gonna stick with it and eat healthy and tell u about the results
    can you do more upperbody exercises for arms chest and back
    or does this also train ur back arms and chest?
    thank you so much

  • does it works for skinny girls?? like does it suitable for them? i want my waist wider,rounded butts n bigger does it work for all these? rep me as soon as possible plz

  • it has really started working on me:):) am waiting for next level video:) thank you so much Lumowell for the video
    your channel is just awesome ��
    I have already recommended this to 4 of my friends

  • Donkey kickback 60 seconds each leg
    Side plank60 seconds each side
    Fire hydrant 60 each leg
    V-crunch 60
    Sumo squat60
    Hip twist plank60
    Lunge kickback 60 each leg
    W raises 60
    Crab walk 60
    Plank with kick 60 each leg

  • Your workouts are just awesome ��. You’ve the best hourglass figure ��. Thank you dear for sharing such great routines with us☺️. I’ve really felt a huge difference after doing your workouts. Thanks��

  • I once did this a long time ago and only did this for one day and after a week or so I started noticing my hips getting rounder and basically just trying to say that this workout really works!

  • You need to keep your back flat, and thighs in line with the body when performing donkey kicksyour way too arched you will injure your back and not be targeting the glutes as desired

  • does anyone remember how easy mountain climber was when they were little, and now it’s hard af and you don’t even know why? no? oh…well I do:)

  • From Kenya����I have been searching for some workouts for a while to bring that curveous figure with certain exercises.And I got them in full pack.Thanks ��

  • WonDerFuuuL….! FaNTaSTiiiC….! LoVeD iT….��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Hey!I really really love your workouts.They are challenging and effective but i’ve been doing your butt workouts and i feel like my legs are getting bigger.Do you have any suggestions?loveeee you��

  • Hi Ivana��, you are beautiful as always, here supporting your content.
    I love your super effective routines❤️❤️
    I hope you are perfect��.
    Hugs and kisses darling❤️❤️❤️����

  • You are always the greatest feel the burn when challenge your goals you are on fire today never being the at what you do you are truly the Legend of Fitness real Golden in the Universe my friend.������������������

  • Hey guys, I can’t wait for you to try this hourglass workout! Let’s get that round booty with thin waist and curvier hips. Let’s do this xxx

  • The countdown beeps: Chloe doesn’t excuse you, I do.
    ( It has been 25 days, and I still switch exercises right when Chloe says what is next qAq )

  • Todo bien que quiere tu una sola cosa no es de decir y no es de decir con chale no dije mas nada ay no te quiero te quiero aquí qui noes lo que lloqueria otro día

  • I just wish that you could explain the exercises a little more? Like how to do them, what position to place ourselves in etc. I don’t know how to do those rock kicks or lower back stretches

  • You know am a guy and too be honest this booty stuff is getting out of hand women should be aware that if they want respect they got to stop showing off thier stupid bodu parts, it really sick how women actually think with there ass instead with their heads

  • Just wondering if this workout makes your booty bigger? It’s something I’m trying to work on but don’t wanna do 5 different workout routines��❤️