Sculpted Back Workout


Back Workout for Women (No Equipment)

Video taken from the channel: Holly Dolke


Week 5 Day 5 // Sculpted Back + Triceps Workout

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BACK FAT & BRA BULGE Exercises Back WORKOUT by Vicky Justiz

Video taken from the channel: Vicky Justiz


BACK Toning + Sculpting Workout

Video taken from the channel: Heather Robertson


SCULPT YOUR BACK | Home Workout for WOMEN by Vicky Justiz

Video taken from the channel: Vicky Justiz


BACK WORKOUT | Sculpting | Home Workout

Video taken from the channel: Coach Kel


Sculpt Your Back, Shoulders & Arms, Improve Posture & Look Taller! 10 Min. HIIT Workout at Home

Video taken from the channel: PsycheTruth

Back exercises: Seated Row — 4 sets x 10 reps Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown —4 sets x 10 reps T-Bar Row —4 sets x 10 reps Dumbbell Pullover — 4 set x 12–15 reps Bent-Over Row — 4 sets x 10. Lucky for you, Neon athlete and WBFF fitness diva Ashley Hoffmann has the art of building a sculpted back down to a science. Building the back is as much about balance as it is about actually lifting.

The right amount of horizontal movements combined with vertical movements will fine-tune your physique and bring out the definition you crave. A Back Workout to Build a Sculpted and Muscular Back V-Shaped Back. A great look for a man is the V-shaped back but without bulges of muscle everywhere.

A lean look with a Back Structure and Function. There are two main muscles in your back that will be worked in your back workout – the Top 5. Tips on Weight Training For The Back and Shoulders 1. Shoulder Overhead Press. A) Start with feet hip distance apart.

Bring elbows out to the side creating a goal post 2. Reverse Grip Double Arm Row. A) Start with legs together and sit back into a slight squat, engaging abdominals. Arms 3. “This full-body exercise also tones the butt and legs while working the back, arms, and core.” Begin in fourth position with the right leg in front and bending both knees. Pull in tight with the. Flex at the hips until the chest is parallel to the ground.

Maintain a neutral spine as you pull the dumbbells up the side of your body while squeezing the scapulas together in. 10 Best Back Exercises for a Strong and Sculpted Upper Body 1 Swimmers. This back exercise looks deceptively easy, but if you’re tightening your core and truly engaging your lats, 2 Bird Dog. Although bird dog is mostly known as a core stabilizing exercise, your back muscles are recruited to. HIIT Workout For Sexy, Sculpted Back Muscles Feb 1, 2017 Typically, “back day” means a slow and long workout that incorporates heavy weights with low reps.

However, if you’re sticking to this method exclusively, you may be selling yourself short. This routine targets all areas of your back, to give burn fat and give you a toned and sculpted look! ♡ DO THE QUIZ TO KNOW WHAT DIET AND TRAINING IS BEST FO. When it’s done right, the deadlift is an excellent back exercise.

As you pick up and put down the weight, your upper-back muscles—including your rhomboids, traps, erector spinae, rear deltoids, and.

List of related literature:

(2) Holding the rope in front of your forehead, bend and curl downward, rounding your back, bringing your head to your knees and feeling the abdominals crunch together.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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So exercises for the oblique and internal abdominis muscles, such as trunk rotations against resistance and lateral sit-ups (trunklifts), should be included in training protocols.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
from Science and Practice of Strength Training
by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
Human Kinetics, 2020

The Plankis probably the best all­around functional exercise for the core becauseit integrates all the core muscles to hold your body into position.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

These body-sculpting segments involve repeated movements, such as the simple sit-up, which progressively “overload” the muscle involved and bring it to “exhaustion.”

“Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression” by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
from Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
University of California Press, 2001

For example, a seated chest press machine is designed with a linear path of motion and single axis of rotation that places all of the force into the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and upper arms while a push-up uses those muscles along with all of the core muscles responsible for stabilizing the spine and hips.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

Planks and bridging movements statically work the musculature in a manner that can provide an additive abdominal stimulus.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2020

Basic exercises for the back performed with free weights are extremely difficult movements, but they work.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

It is not possible to individually stretch the majority of the muscles of the back, but it does do part of the work in various exercises aimed for other body parts.

“Stretching Exercises Encyclopedia” by Isabel Arechabala, Oscar Morán Esquerdo
from Stretching Exercises Encyclopedia
by Isabel Arechabala, Oscar Morán Esquerdo
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Without doing this exercise you will not get a wide, muscle-studded back, and without a great back you can’t hope to win a competition.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
Simon & Schuster, 1977

Caution: This exercise is safe for the lower back only when done properly.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
from Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living
by Ben Lerner
Thomas Nelson, 2007

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  • Thank you so much for this program!!!!�� It really makes my days (physically and mentally) so much better. Can’t believe it’s already week 6 now I can feel the strength improving! Burpees and anything pushup related is killer but just gotta keep at it ����

  • I’m doing exercises again after several years. I lost a lot of muscle and the simple everyday movements makes me tire easily. The first exercise was good, out of three that was the one I liked the most. When you said “try not to go crazy with the rocking,” that’s when I only noticed I was rocking it reaally crazy ��. The second exercise was harder, I was almost giving up especially on the last round but I finished yay. The inverted pushups at the end I finished too but I let go of the inverted position. I opt for the beginners pushup position and now I got a headache lol. Very good exercise, thanks for this Hannah!

  • Hope this one works for me.. I’ve done other back of the arm workouts and ended up with giant muscles on the front and still flab on the back ��

  • YESSSS LETS GET THEM BACK MUSCLES SCULPTEDDD!! hahahahah I love this workout tho it definitely does improve posture as well!! thanks for sharing <3 <3

  • 25 workouts! I am dripping with sweat and I couldn’t be happier. I never thought that a healthier me was possible during quarantine but here I am feeling stronger than ever. Thanks for this awesome program Heather!

  • Thank you Heather for continously putting your workouts on your channel its kept me focused and motivated. I am pushing myself everyday. Not �� there yet but I am so proud of how far I have come. You are an inspiration.

  • Love this!!!!! I already work out. Will incorporate this into my wiekout. How many times of week one do this exercise? Thank you for sharing. ♥️♥️

  • From one fitness professional to another, “Keep up the amazing work!” I had never completed a Barre class until I found your videos. Now, I’m hooked! As a previous dancer, I love the nostalgia it brings and as a runner, I love the functional strength I gain. Combining your videos into 45min 60min classes are my favorite. Maybe you could make some more full-length workouts?

  • Hi, very cute…nice long lean body, and flexibility. I do flexibility, and have been looking for some back work, now that I don’t go to the gym. ��

  • I’ve saved this work out in my list to do as soon as I get better. You are a great instructor! Thank you for easy workouts with helpful explanations:))

  • Well done!! I love thos video you are the only one who do strech after workout!! Thank you beutifull women! i can wait your another new video.

  • I’ve watched so many videos and never saw one that invited me until this ����. Your energy is amazing! I wish you continued success ��������

  • You cant do anything in 1 day, i thought that at first when i started, i was just loooking for something i could do in less then a week but now i am just wanting something that works. The first couple of weeks are tough not going to lie but then it becomes easier and more routine. All you have to do is get past the first couple of weeks. ♡I know you all can do it��♡
    ->Lots Of Love to you all
    P.s. I do have my own full workout with an included diet that i update regularly. Dm on Insta @smalls.2004 and I can send it to you.

  • I’m going to try this, I really need this for at 55 all is coming loose ��. So definitely this video is what I do need now. Thank you Hannah.

  • Last time I tried this workout I only made it to 12 minutes and just now I completed it all the way through. Proud of myself. Thank you Heather for an amazing sweat sesh!

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  • 15 x dumbell rolls 2:08
    15 x lap pull over 3:20
    15 x arm Y raises 5:00
    15 x back flys 6:30
    15 x push up to sit back 8:05

    She didn’t say got but maybe repeat 3-4 times <3


    GOOD LUCK!:)

  • Wow. I loved this video. It seems easy and its possible to do in my home specially in lockdown’s time in Brazil!

    I will do these exercises for my back

    Congratulations! Thanks

  • Heather just knows how and when to change the pace to keep you going! loved this strength workout…. and I didn’t fight with the ball as much!

  • New subbie here.. What sets you apart from other fitness instructor is that you show us the parts where you are struggling. You are so real and as a beginner, i really appreciate that and I feel motivated instead of feeling shitty about myself ��

  • This workout was really easy for me, like it wasn’t burning at all. Maybe it’s because I’m a swimmer, and my back and shoulders are generally strong, but I don’t know.

  • awesome video. ik you commented on it a couple times but thank you for rotating so i can see proper form. i am new to back exercises so this was very useful. might be good to give some more form tips for newbies like me. thank you

  • Hope I can get my shape back I’m so disappointed in myself I couldn’t eat for like 5 days over a guy and my ass completely went away I’m disgusted w my body now

  • Honestly she is the only workout Youtuber that I trust because she proved with all the info and if you have watched her videos she basically has everything you need. Can’t wait try out her challenges after the pregnancy!

  • Thank you Viki! I needed this! Can you also do a video for back fat? ‘You know, the one that sits under your lats or bra clip. I hate it!

  • Babe your workouts are the best!�� I tried out you bra bulge workouts for about two weeks and my bra really bulged out…today is my first day I’m trying these and I can’t wait to have that tone back at the comfort of my home… love you gorgeous ����

  • I knew which foods I need to eat to lose weight, but I didn’t know how much. Diet plan I got from NextLevelDiet contains portion sizes for every meal. Fantastic!

  • Thanks Vicky! If I want to grow the muscles of my chest area rather than my arms/shoulders, should I do regular push ups or what would you recommend?

  • I would love to give the video a thumbs up, but even picking up my laptop was a hassle lmao ( all jokes. I enjoyed the workout, I broke a sweat or 2 😉 )

  • This 12-week program has been the highlight of my quarantine! Getting in shape has always been a goal of mine, and your program has motivated me to stick with it and finish this thing out!! Thank you for inspiring me to prioritize my health! ❤️

  • NEEDED this video omg thanks vicky Ive been watching you since you were in the womensworkoutchannel ans I gotta say I love how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve come. I love watching your videos but i have bad commitment issues with working out. I do like 1 month and then school gets too hard and I have to prioritize my education but this time I really hope I commit to going to the gym and getting the body I know I can achieve with the help of your videos and your awesome personality. Thank you for being you!!!

  • Great focused workout once again. I paired this one with you newer LI FB HIIT w/weights to complete my workout hour and finished with your Power Cardio sweat sesh! Feeling accomplished…

  • 9:32 “If I can do it, so can you”
    You sure about that? We’re not exactly the pinnacles of fitness here!
    (If we were, we’d be out there DOING instead of sitting here WATCHING)

  • I quit after the second round….I’m sorry but I hate doing the same workout 3 times in a row, that’s just boring as fuck at that point.

  • Girls don’t like skinny boys! Get muscles like me. I got 3kg of lean muscle in one month. The secret is website called *Next Level Diet*, because I followed their 30 days meal plan. IM FU**ING STRONG NOW!!!

  • @Vicky Justiz does these exercises work for fat rolls right under the bustline? I have been on the keto diet and losing weight but wanted to incorporate working out. I can see where I would lose belly fat but I have this annoying roll of fat that is in the front above my stomach, not the back. Help!

  • Feeling stronger today and watching my sweat drops fall onto the keyboard as I type! (Ew, but yay! Lol) Congrats to everyone who has made it through this far!!

  • Love your workouts Heather. This one is no exception; the Row & Pull was excellent especially. Thank you for all of your hard work, effort & generosity.

  • OMG!!!!! I am so so soooo proud of myself! This is the third week that I’ve been working out and today is the first time I made it through the whole video.������

  • Heather, after enjoying and completing the 7 day challenge, I would like to start either the 28 day or 12 week challenge. How do I decide? Besides the difference in duration, could you offer any insight into which challenge to choose? Thank you Heather for your channel. It makes me want to cancel my gym membership.

  • Just finished this today, it was brilliant, really enjoyed this one today
    Thank you Heather for another great workout
    Looking forward to tomorrow

  • Omg Vicky!! You literally posted this the moment I was looking for a new back w/o! Thank you! We all know how hard you work!������

  • Week 5 completed! Not without a hiccup mind you. Haven’t felt the best this week but was still able to fit in workouts where I could. All ready for week 6. Amazing! Thank you Heather for these awesome workouts. This is the first time I have done Tabata ever. Actually like it very much! Stability ball is still a little unsteady sometimes more than others but getting the hang of it. ����

  • I have never really liked using weights in my workouts, but could really feel the abs at work also. May now start a weight workout once per week. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your other videos.

  • I’ ve just found you and simply can’t believe that you offer these high quality, perfectly edited full lengh videos here on yt for free! And also those monthly workout Plans!♥️♥️♥️��While others take a lot of money for much less and only Show some Short snippets in order to tease…

  • Me trying to do supermans: barely able to lift as high as her.
    Lmao halp cant even lift my chest off the floor even a tad bit ����‍♀️����‍♀️ looking like a fish out of water ����

  • Hey Dear! I am so happy i started your program. I am having great results, i feel much better! My Ass is getting a nice lift also my belly and all my body! Thank you so much. I suggested your program to my friends also and we are all very happy! Love ya Heather

  • I started doing this yesterday. I decided to do this for 30 days straight and see what happens!

    Day 1: completed.
    Day 2: completed. Feeling really sore! But that’s a good thing.
    Day 3: skipped ��
    Day 4: I was able to do the entire first set with no breaks during the exercise!
    Day 5: did this after a run. Only took 2 breaks on first set, and didn’t a 5 minute break between sets like I usually do.
    Day 6: completed. I can tell a huge difference in the past 6 days. I take substantially less breaks.

  • Hi! I just ate leftover roasted chicken after reheat in microwave once I finished ur workout but I am wondering that microwave kills or denature protein? I am afraid that I ate no protein chicken.. pls let me know if u have any idea ��

  • I’m confused if I go to gym workout with equipment.. or should I work at home with no equipment.. but thank you Vicky justiz I love your videos.. love ya..

  • I am not talking about this workout.. but like guys do you ever see a workout and you are like fuck this shit I rather starve? ����

  • I have a question plz answer,
    I do weight train glutes 3 times a week, but each time I workout i train the 3 muscles together
    Do you advice me to do like this?
    Sunday: glutes maximums
    Tuesday: glutes midious…
    Like this??
    Or workouting each time i workout my glutes the three muscles together??

  • I used to go to the gym religiously every other day to relieve stress. I hated my “masculine” figure (I got teased a lot growing up for having defined muscles for a female). Then I got Fibromyalgia from an auto accident. Muscles gone. Weights are too much for me to handle. The area for the workout is where my flareups begin, then spreads throughout my body. This looks like something I could try, at my own pace of course. Here’s to hoping this will work. Will check out your channel on Amazon. I will never complain about being too muscular for a female again. You never know what you had until it’s gone. Thank you for this.

  • Can you please post a video of your workout routine? It would be very helpful if you also included how often you workout, what time of day you workout, and if you do different workouts on different days! It would be great if you also included what you eat! Please please please do this video! I’m sure many people would be very interested to watch this!!!

  • sometimes I watch videos and I go “that looks really easy, it can’t be that bad”, but then I do that workout and I really feel the burnnnn

  • Loving these workouts.

    Does anyone know a mod for the moves with the exercise ball in particular the V-Squeeze? For some of the moves, I can lean against bed/couch, but haven’t figured out how to mod this one.


  • I’m at a good weight for my size and I’m starting to tone up. I do ab workouts and I took cardio. Well, I tried to take a dance class and then seized. Doctor said something like it was too much cardio in the workout. What are some things I can do, gently and with out really losing weight at home?

  • Absolutely loving this 12-week program! It’s so motivating to have something different every day stops me from getting complacent. Plus I’ve never sweated so much in my life! Excited to go on to week 6.

  • Holy smokes, this continues to be amazing, challenging and fun! I look forward to doing them every day. One of the things that makes isolation a little more bearable. Thanks Heather!

  • Thought I’d leave this one for later after dinner and it would be easy, yah right! I started with 10lbs quickly switched to 5lbs for the flyers. I used 10lbs for the resistance on the others. Boy, those flyers are tough with the 5lbs my arms were screaming. Got it done though. Now for tomorrow wk9 day 2 looks like a good one. Until tomoorow, and have a good evening. Thanks again for the workout/ challenge Heather.

  • I completed week 5. It was really tough but the results have surpassed all my hopes. Workouts every morning became the part of my life like morning coffee ☕.
    By the way I ‘ve reduced my normal amount of coffee so I only get up before workout ��️.It is great after workout of Heather feeling the rise my power and the vital energy!����I am not tired during these five weeks. I became stronger, more endurance, more peaceful and Hapoier.�� You bless, you make great deal!!!������

  • You make these workout look so easy…but they are not! They certainly push me pass my limits. Thanks for another great workout Heather,!

  • I see a lot of copycats trying to imitate your work. Your videos never compromise form, music is always fun and the moves you choose work! My muscles, legs, butt and waist are more defined since I started following your workouts about 4 months ago! You are amazing, I always look forward to your uploads. Every chance I get I like your videos and share it with my friends! Thank you Heather!

  • I really didn’t think I was going to have a “Sweatseesh” today, however I worked muscles I didn’t know i had in my back! Great workout!

  • May 6, 2020-1

    I cheated and did this the 1st time on week 5 day 4…lol…may 5, 2020-1

    May 14, 2020-2nd exercise today

    July 18, 2020-1

  • Thank u for your 12 week exercise heather. Been doing together with my friends. The result is amazing. Can’t go a day without doing your exercise.

  • Love,your workouts they encourage me to wake up and workout everyday and the fact that im a teen who loves to sleep. That speaks volume.

  • Hello coach.. Your workouts are amazing.. I m wet in sweat whenever I do it.. Can u please tell in detail how many times a week back sculp and how many times full body sculpt should we do.. And can u please share some flat tummy workouts for my belly I have an infant 6 month old.. And my belly bulges out when I do ur abs section..

  • Hello. Thankyou before for your give free 12 week exercise video. I wanna ask something, in the video use stability ball, what size we need? 65 cm? 75 cm or? Please answer. Thank you so much.

  • Hello Coach Kel, the one that’s lying on the matt and lift chest and legs up (from around 4.30 to 5.50) I am unable to lift my chest up at all. Is there any modification or what exercise/workout routine should I do to strengthen relevant (back? shoulder?) muscles to proceed to this one? Thank you very much!

  • I just found you a little over a month ago and I see such a difference in my body I love your workouts I look forward to it each day I’m happy I found you

  • This was awesome. It gets more challenging and I love it. I look forward to week 6. Thank you heather for helping us get stronger and healthier everyday. Love you ��❤️

  • Holly – just a question for you…do you have any exercises that don’t put so much stress on the wrist? I like a lot of your exercises, I just really struggle with doing those on a regular basis. It’s like it’s too much for my wrists.

  • Heather I absolutely love your workouts. I am CONSTANTLY challenged, and feel like I’m working a new muscle every single time. My body is constantly sore, which is something I’ve never experienced 5 weeks into a workout program. These are amazing! If you could just post some ways we can do the workouts without the stability ball, would be superrrr helpful. THANK YOUU!

  • I know this sounds silly, but I just don’t want to hear cursing when I’m trying to work out. It probably doesn’t bother a lot of people, but it did me, so for that reason, this wasn’t for me.

    Best of luck to all who are doing it!

  • 4 months postpartum mamma. Your workouts have helped me feel energized and fit. Plus my baby girl loves to watch me do all the crazy moves. Thanks for making this available when a lot of us don’t have access to gyms.

  • I love these workouts, thank you so much. One thing I am struggling with though is not enough break when setting up with the Swiss ball. I could use a few more seconds to get situated, thanks!

  • Thanks Holly,
    Today, I tried your intense arm and back exercise. I really liked them. They are truly intense, yet, doable. I have a quick question with you. How long do you recommend us to wait to feel and see the difference yielded by your exercise. Once again, thank you.
    Subscribed honey! ������

  • i took a before picture (i’m doing this for two weeks) and yesterday was my 5th day doing this. i already see results. i started crying when i compared my before photos to my now photos (not quite done yet). but keep in my mind, if you are planning on doing this workout you have to put your all into it. meaning, add some of her other workouts into it, and try to eat as healthy as possible. i added her flat stomach workout and her muffin top workout. i am so thankful i found holly, and if you really try you will be too!

  • Any work outs that get rid of excess muscle/bulge in the back of your arms and make the shoulders bigger? Nothing seems to even out my arms, and im in the process of losing weight but the back of my arm seems like the very last place any fat comes off of..

  • yay!!! 5 weeks down. I am feeling so strong and accomplished. Cant wait for next week! Thank you so much for this amazing program. You are so generous and inspiring. See you next week.

  • Hi Holly, i am wondering how many repetitions is this routine suppose to have? Only this 2? Or maybe 4 sets? Pls. Let me know, Thank you!! ��

  • General feedback/consideration: In your videos if there is a way to cue when the appropriate time to inhale and exhale given the exercise that would be helpful (inhale: straightening arms/ Exhale bending arms??? Not sure, but just thought I’d mention it since I seem to think this in each video. I’m thinking in the corner of video or when you introduce exercise name. Currently doing 12 week program and did your recent 7 day. THANK YOU. Great content.

  • Heather you are great. I am in the middle of your program. I am looking forward to finish it but I also worry. We ( me and my friends) we want more programs like this please ����������������. Thank you so much for all.

  • Yesterday’s leg workout was intense. Glad it was followed by this. Let those legs take a break. My arm and back really worked today. Thank you

  • Hello Heather! Thank you so much for this amazing program that I started with the lockdown in France. I would have a question: I am so addicted that I skip the 2 days rest and start the new week right after the previous one ended. Is it a problem? I feel like it’s okay because the workouts are “only” 30 minutes and don’t target the same groups two days in a row, but I would like to know your opinion about it. I don’t have body/muscle ache after the workouts since it’s been a month or so that I workout everyday. Thank you in advance for your answer, and for your work, you are the best <3

  • I love this one but also do you have any bust lift exercise? I have lost a lot of weight with your workouts but now I need a lift for my bust. Thank you for everything!

  • Holly dolke im so thrilled that I discovered you during quarantine! I did the 30 day challenge and I now add one of your routines to my daily workout. This back video is one of my favorites so far. You’re very dedicated and relatable and you have helped me stay on my fitness course. Thanks for the inspiration ❤❤❤

  • فخورة بنفسي الصراحة اني خلصت الاسبوع الخامس صج اني اخذت بريك بعد الاسبوع الرابع، بس اهم شيء الاصرار والعودة ولله الحمد وعقبال الجسم المثالي

  • I’ve tried your many videos. Very good workout. I like the back workout the most. Keep it up. Oh ya, I finally can hold up all the movements throughout in this video.

  • Can’t wait to do this at the gym. Thank you. I LOVE that you’re a cat person. And then you say “Loki… you’re always in the way”. WHAT!? HIS NAME IS LOKI!!! (Or is it Lucky?) If it’s Loki, you’re my Queen!!!!

  • This is epic! Just what I was looking for! I really appreciate the way you explain things in your video, like “make sure you use your arms and not your butt to pull you forward”, “you should feel it hurting here”. It’s so flippin’ helpful!!! ���� Thanks so much for all the work you put into these videos! ����

  • This workout is great, I’ve done it every day for the last 10 days and I’ve noticed a difference definitely. I had a good sized piece of flab on my back just under my bra which has reduced by about 75%. I’ll definitely stick with this workout.

  • i did the whole video and i still Don’t understand why i Don’t feel my back burning or something can someone explain i did them right and i Don’t even feel any burn or pain on my lower back

  • You are a very nice person, I follow your videos for years, but the last years you use words as f*ck, hell etc, not Nice, please change that!

  • I love this video!! Thanks for always keeping me motivated! Could you also do lower back? Especially the sides of the lower back. I struggle when it comes to working out that part of my back.

  • Any real fitness instructor will tell you to not drink meal replacements they are typically loaded with carbs and sugar and loaded with unhealthy crap.

  • Get muscles like me, I got 7kg of lean muscle mass in two months only. I visited website called NextLevelDiet, they provided me with 30 days diet meal plan and training plan. Their tips helped me to gain muscles as well.

  • Vicky I have been following you way back when you were on the other channel
    and i love that you focus on home workouts since those are popular and accessible

    but can we get one gym workout? i know that you didnt get your shape from 100% working out at home.
    ive seen you grow and scult your body and i know it wasnt from no weight

  • Comment down below which movement you thought was the easiest in the easiest! I felt that it was the burpee. Love this comment if you felt the same too! ❤️

  • so while trying to lose wieght what should u eat if your trying to lose belly fat and back fat?

    and great excercises!Im only 12 and im trying to stay healthy:P