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These challenging movements will target your glutes and thighs, giving you a sculpted, lean look! Sumo Squat with Calf Raise Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart with your toes slightly turned out. Perform a deep squat, lifting your heels off the ground.

Count to two then lower your heels and return to a standing position. Squeeze your glutes and make sure to square your hips with the chair; don’t open your hip out to the side when you kick behind. Raise your leg as high as you can and then lower your leg with control and return to the starting position. Repeat this move 10 times and switch legs. Do two sets of these.

Holding two dumbbells at your sides, stand with your feet hip-width apart and toes turned slightly out. Keeping your chest up, push your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are parallel. How to: Start in a kneeling position, then lower hips until they’re sitting on heels. Reach arms straight in front of chest or hold over abs, which should be engaged.

Pressing the tops of shoe. Standing with your right side facing a step bench, hold a 5-pound weight in each hand in front of your thighs. Step up onto the bench sideways with your right foot and squeeze your glutes for a count of 3, then step down. (Related: 8 More Tight Butt Exercises That Have Been Scientifically-Proven to Work) Do 15 reps per side. The best glute machines for home use should be affordable and small enough to fit in your home, yet also directly target your glute muscles while activating all muscle fibers in your glutes to effectively stimulate maximum muscle growth.. This review includes 8 of the best glute machines found online that will easily fit into your home or apartment and some even small.

The single-leg deadlift will sculpt your butt, hips, and upper legs. For balance, place your hands on a wall or chair. 5. Stability ball knee tucks. Squeeze your glutes and make sure to square your hips with the chair; don’t open your hip out to the side when you kick behind. Raise your leg as high as you can and then lower your leg with control and return to the starting position.

Repeat this move 10 times and switch legs. Do two sets of these. How often to do this routine & more @ 4 Week Workout Programs for every fitness level & goal @ Find us on Faceboo. How to: Sit on the floor in front of a padded bench and place a small resistance band around your thighs, just above your knees.

Lean your upper back against the bench, bend your knees and place.

List of related literature:

But all of this intensity is for a purpose: to do everything possible to develop every part of the thigh.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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reps: Complete five circles in one direction and five in the other, working from your knee up to your pelvis and stabilizing the action you on a 45-degree angle, keeping them glued together; continue pushing until your inner thighs touch.

“The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates: The Essential Guide to Total-Body Fitness” by Brooke Siler, Editors of Women's Health
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With regard to exercise selection and glute sculpting—that is, targeting a specific region of the glutes with an exercise—I’ll simply refer to the upper and lower subdivision of the gluteus maximus.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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If you want to work the inner area of the thighs, keep the feet wider than shoulder width and point the toes out.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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To add intensity to this exercise while maintaining the position achieved in step 2, lift and lower the top leg three to five times before lowering both legs in step 3.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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In either case point the toes to the rear, tighten the gluteal muscles, and last, keeping the knees extended, hyperextend both thighs, allowing them to become comfortably abducted at the same time.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
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This exercise will give one well developed thighs.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
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This asana is useful for your inner as well as outer thighs.

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
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Furthermore, the muscles of the inner thighs are meant to be challenged daily; they too suffer from underuse.

“3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief” by Joseph Weisberg, Heidi Shink
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While performing squats and lunges, maintain a straight spine, keep the knees behind the toes, and be sure the majority of the body’s weight is in the heels, as the knees and hips are flexing and extending.

“Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan G. Salvo
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  • I have been using Blogilates videos for years, Cassey is amazing. I am wondering if anyone knows what the second song is in this video is (Butt lifting and thigh sculpting workout), the one she says sounds like Shawn Mendes. I have tried shazaming it, but doesn’t work. Anyone?

  • Yea!!!!!!! Today was the first day I could keep my heels together for Froggers. Thanks so much for such great exercises. ����������

  • It’s been 3 months and I still can’t get used to this work, I still need just a few breaks here and there but my booty looks amaaaaaazing!

  • Omg gosh guys.. I didnt even realize how strong my tights are now… I have been doing her 10 mins thight workout with the hot potatoes and stuff and also her saddle bag workout.. And let me just tell you my thights are really strong now.. I see slight tone like very slight… But most importantly my thights are really strong now..

  • What about a Boho Beautiful Wall Calendar 2021 a mixture of Yoga and Pilates poses, travel, you and mark portraits, meditation, the odd food recipes but each month has a new message, a food for thought. That would be amazing. I’d definitely buy this.

  • Thank you for your great, short, challenging and “just right” videos I’ve always felt shame around my flexibility or ability to perform exercises when I’m at an unfit stage (getting back into it after a transition to remote work at home) at but somehow you know exactly when to push and when to encourage. You make me feel like fitness is a possibility for me, and I even smiled a few times during this, thanks to you! Thank you for creating and sharing these videos! I believe you will help me achieve my goals of mobility, taking care of my heart and body, and ultimately feeling fit and free!

  • Cassey, I absolutely love this video. I really like how it sounded like you were almost whispering, just that calm quieter tone of voice at the beginning. It almost felt like a stretch video but with the benefit of a workout that doesn’t make me wanna cry. Like, this quiet encouragement kept me going and my mind calm. I almost fell asleep when we laid down and during the grasshoppers, I just felt so at peace. I really like this calm feeling and especially because this was the last workout video of my day. Perfect way to end, thank you!

  • 3/28/2020
    This was supposed to be my friend’s wedding day but they had to push it 8 months back due to the Covid-19 ��
    Anyways March is almost over ����❤️

  • I really, really, really liked this!!! Thank you so much for your time and encouragement; I appreciate you more than you know! Blessings!:-)

  • WOW how am I sweating from this? I didn’t do the cardio part yet lol. It’s tough to keep the foot flat on the ground. PS you look amazing!

  • alright, i did this challenge for 7 days and the result was absolutely amazing, i wish i had measured my thighs, but anyways i can see a huge difference and i lost so much of my thigh fat and they are much more leaner, and it only took 7 days, thank you cassey, i really appreciate your effort, i really look forward to do your 7 days abs challenge <3

  • Today was my last day of the 7day thigh challenge! Those were really the most longest 7 days till date..! ���� I never took a before photo on day 1 becoz Never really thought I could get so much better and and have stronger legs at the end of this challenge! Tysm dear Cassey for your optimisum and constant motivation!!! ❤️❤️������

  • Beautiful day in May to exercise! It is my favorite most perfect time of the year between air-conditioning time and the beach! My legs ��it!

  • So quick and short BUT sooo effective! Finally i found a video that focuses on your inner thighs because thats what i wanted to target, and i actually felt my inner thigh working wow so good! I loved it ��

  • Hi dear do u have any calf slimming quick workouts? I stopped watching during my pregnancy because your workouts were a bit to fast paced to follow. But im glad to be back again. Stay safe

  • hey bailey, im going to try this everyday! great video, tho i wonder do you have a calf slimming vid? mine are huge and idk what to do, idk if its muscle or fat and its really annoying. much love x

  • I’m so glad to have found your videos and your workout calendar. I started it last week sunday, and while i havent been consistent doing every days workout, ive managed to do more within this past week than i have in a really long time. I do have to make some modifications or not completely do certain moves because my joints have already betrayed me in my early 20’s but It still feels good to be able to workout and already see improvement in how well I can hold up and how my body is already improving after a short time. It’s really helping boost my mood as I haven’t enjoyed my body’s appearance or weight lately, but knowing im able to work through the daily videos with your motivation has been awesome

  • Thank you so much bailey! This is really helpful since I have a screen time limit so I needed a workout that works while not taking too long! Tysm:)

  • I just saw this and oh my god, I haven’t even try it I just knew its gonna be a killer burner. ��
    I’m gonna try this tomorrow. Just wanna remind the girls to do your after workout stretching. It helps a lot! ��

  • What I love about Cassey’s workouts is that they’re hard without killing your joints. I have a few injuries, and a lot of days I can’t do much with my hands and my feet. Most other workout videos are either too much impact for me to do, or so easy going that I feel like I haven’t worked out. Cassey’s are perfect!

  • This is only my 4th day in a row doing this workout and the first day I was literally sweating my assss off but now I’m a lot stronger ��

  • ve never tried Pilates. I’m very fit doing HIIT workouts with weights but I feel my legs aren’t toning up or getting lean. I always thought u needed weights when working legs. A trainer said avoid squats and lunges. Would Pilates be better?? My cardio is more kickboxing now

  • that moment when u think ur better than Cassey until u realise u’ve been pausing periodically and she HASN’T EVEN PAUSED FOR A SECOND ����

  • Wonderful! Thank you!! I’m really in a rusty condition and I’m ageing… I’m grateful to have the opportunity to improve as far as I can go… Also amazing locations when you film!

  • Morning. Great exercises, but if they were slowed down a bit, I could see/understand the exercise. This would encourage proper form. I could always go faster than the example as I get better. Thank you.

  • Love the video. But I have a problem when I do the grass hopper excercise cause I have very bony hips and which I do the movement, my hips dig into the ground and it really hurts. Might just be because my yoga mat is really cheap and thin though

  • haven’t been motivated to work out in forever, but this and a few other of your videos got me up and moving:) thank u thank u thank u!! Your encouragements really keep me going

  • 1 Round for Each Side
    @Passes Degages
    @Front Kicks
    @Arabesque Kicks(lift)
    @Arabesque Circles
    @Pretzel lift
    @Pretzel Presses
    1 round each side
    @Kneel-Backs(Lean Back on Knees)
    @Heel Presses(Pulses)
    @Fire Hydrants & Hold(high knee tucks)

  • Great workout! BohoBeautiful is a amazing! I’ve been doing the workout and yoga videos, they are a fast and effective way to see results! Thank you!

  • LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that this is apart of the March 2020 Workout Calendar!!! I DO THIS VIDEO EVERY SINGLE BOOTY DAY!!!!!!����������������

  • I’ve been following cassey since I was super young I’m 18 and just graduated high school but when I was young (and now) it was so good to see an influencer that is so into keeping fit and healthy that is also asian american!! This workout made me feel so refreshed

  • So grateful you said “make sure you’re doing your other leg now,” because guess what?
    Great session; thank you so much for sharing it. I’ll be returning to it regularly.

  • you are the only fitness blogger i can follow because you are so much funny and motivating! even if you are not super muscle, i like you so much! i follow you since your beginnings. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BE JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! SUPER FUNNY AND FANTASTIC. A REAL PERSON! kisses!

  • Cassey, I’ve been following you for years but I’ve come and gone a lot. I always come back because I love your energy and I appreciate the encouragement throughout I’m dealing with a lot of negativity regarding the positive changes I’m making in my life right now, so you’ve no idea how much it means. I started to see changes in my physical appearance last week, BUT this video, the start of week 3, is where I see and feel the changes in my movement!!! YES!!! FINALLY! My hips are steadier, my movements are more fluid, and I feel just a liiittle more graceful on the mat! Thank you for being you and sharing and loving what you do!

  • What sort of foods do you need to eat before doing these workouts in your spare time? Hi I’m a student all the way from the UK and I’d like some advice on home workouts to do to give me a break from study. x

  • This one burns the most out of allllll of your booty workouts! It’s incredible how difficult the simple movements can be. Thanks for motivating me Bailey!

  • I think I stopped about every 7 seconds and said, “my goodness” in disbelief of how hard this workout is…
    needless to say, I struggled

  • I feel like a bomb went off on my bummmmmm, honestly it is so soreeeeee����.
    I’m gonna start off doing this 2x a wk and than hopefully 3x a wk if my bum hasn’t fallen off, along with ur inner thigh workouts…�� thank you sm x

  • Hey everyone, I have a question about the breathing, maybe someone can help. I think we’re supposed to breathe out, when the exercise is the hardest, and in, when it’s easier, but for example with the grasshopper, the moves are so quick, that one would have to breathe really really fast? I’m kind of afraid of hyperventilating if I do it like that:D or is that part of the training?

  • What if I’m totaly unfit and I can’t even form the starting pose?? And if I can in sone exercises, I can’t do but only a couple of repeats and then I fall down… How do you suggest getting stronger?

  • Wow I actually love it for the first time, this workout is easy but I dunno if I am doing right position since I couldn’t see my butt ����☺️but love it

  • I find that personally doing the 45 / 15 works better as that little break does a LOT in terms of getting ready for the next work out, the first 3 exercises are all so similar that i need more than 5s to recover. This workout is a killer but I love it!

  • Just discovered your channel and I have been binge watching. Thanks for your calming content. Question: Should we do this workout every day or just two or three times a week? Thanks again!

  • There’s something about your 5 min workouts that are killers. I feel more sore with your workouts than doing other 30 min workout videos. Luv ya ����

  • I did the work out this morning thinking “Eh, that probably wont do anything.” 7 hours later… OOOUUUCCCCHHH ��
    Well played, lady ��

  • Please make videos as Sunday morning Monday morning or like day 1 to day 31.. So it will be more helpful to us to do on daily base.. Please…and thank you.. I am learning a lot from your daily videos…

  • I’ve been trying out many of your thigh workouts in these past few years but THIS ONE was amazing. I felt all the thigh muscles, not just the inner thigh but also the outer thigh and something else in between. Thank you Cassey

  • thank you for those 5mins!!!! WOW!!! You can really feel something is working all parts of my body! Thank you again. Stay safe and looking forward for more of your 5mins.workout.

  • Maybe it’s a testament to how messed up my knees are, but doing this work out it felt like someone was trying to shatter my knee caps.

  • Not only do you have an awesome name, but your positive energy has really motivated me to try and get a cuter butt. Thank you!! I’ll be adding this to my workout list!☺️

  • This is my favourite butt and thigh workout video ever because these exercises Don’t strain my knees. I might be doing others wrong to strain my knees but these don’t and I feel them burning my thighs and butt which is what I came for.

  • co worker wanted me to try this. I told her I don’t do Pilates because I don’t find them challenging enough. She sent me your 30 day workout and I’m only day 7 nowit is challenging but this one I found the easiest. But I’m also a believer that Pilates can be fun and a great workout!

  • It’s been two months and I still can’t do this workout all the way through, I can do her other butt workouts but this one is just more intense than her normal intense workouts!

  • I love how ‘doable’ this and your other ten minute glute exercises are <3 I just added some ankle weights for more challenge! Thanks so much for these videos.

  • idk if its just me but whenever i do leg/butt workouts i feel the burn in the leg thats on the floor and not the one doing the kicking

  • I like how my shoulders and arms were also totally working. It’s sneakily the whole body workout with the focus on the bum! I can feel my back, my abs… everything!

  • I feel great after doing this video. I had subscribed to this channel a long time ago and haven’t used it because i had an overload of videos that were so hard, that instead of me getting motovated, it would discourage me. I needed to collect myself and reset, and what better way than to come back to pilates. It is challenging but very much more manageable. Thank you for making these videos. They are helping me get back on track.

  • I want my thighs to be more fit and slim, I’m going to do this little workout everyday and run for 30 minutes 3 times a week, hope I’ll see results soon!

  • Your workouts are always so effective and so good? Like I’ve gotten more out of a few days from your videos than months of like chloe ting or something

  • Couple seconds into dis n i started laughing,i can’t do dis. Den i hear cute butt so am back doing it with a break every 5 secs.���� my left leg just can’t tolerate

  • OMG this burns sooo good. Thank you Juliana & Mark. ���� I’m so stoked that I’m now able to follow along with the entire thing and do it like a champ. Massive difference compared to when I first started. Yay ������

  • Now is the perfect time to do all these workouts people say we’ll come out of quarantine super fat but I bet I’ll be fitter than I was before lockdown

  • It sucks because they are ruining your videos with long ads that we can’t click off. It was never like that before but it seems to have infiltrated your beautiful video.

  • My hips always hurt so bad for these, even after rolling up my mat or a towel it still feels like they’re digging into the floor. Any advice?

  • So my body feels exhausted like three days ago with these workout so i took a break. Come back to the monthly calendar today and feel strong again. Dont be too hard on yourself!!!

  • Moving a little fast at first but wow some of these moves worked muscles harder in one stretch than doing reps of others. Great video and lots of variety!!

  • Ugh your so beautiful I’m so jealous
    As you see in my profile picture I look like a block of cheese and my body looks like cottage cheese so yeah I’ll go eat some ice cream now

  • Hey!! I need help with as much help as i can�� i have so much body especially leg and belly fat i just cannot get rid of and im getting so insecure, not confident, and sad in my body. please help!!������

  • OMG That was a wonderful workout.
    I’m guessing your in your early 20’s and I’m pushing 60.
    I could do almost all of them, but have a hard time with donkey and hydreren at the same time.
    I’m use to doing like 20 hydrants,and then the donkey kicks after.
    But if I keep at it, I will catch up to you, I hope.
    I did love the cardio, that’s what I’m use to.

  • For some reason I literally felt dead throughout this one because I did the 2020 challenge first. Also “breathe through it” is easier said than done ��

  • Hey guys, does anyone have any idea which workouts she’s talking about that we can progress to when this one starts to feel easy? Because I’ve done most, if not all, her workouts-and this feels really hard! I can’t think of any inner thigh workouts that are much harder. Just curious if anyone else feels the same.

  • I bartend in nyc and am never up for going to the gym, that’s why I’m so grateful you do what you do:) I do at least one of your vids 3-5x a week in my little kitchen in the Bronx where I don’t have to go out in the cold or catch a train, keep doing what you’re doing please! Abigail Snyder

  • love your positivity! for some reason though, whenever i am working out one side of my butt, the other leg feels like it’s about to fall off. i know it’s because all my weight is going on that leg, but for some reason i can’t fix that. if i were to fix it i would most likely fall. that leg gives me balance and support but it hurts so bad to lift the other leg up and do the work out. anyone else relate? loved the workout tho!

  • My shins feel like they’ve being ripped apart on those circles if I have straight legs, can someone recommend some stretches or something for this please?

  • i love all your videos, you guys should do a teacher training or worshops about everything you do together because is really cool, i would love to join and learn, much love from Berlin, Namaste!

  • Psyche Truth is the best creator for health and wellness. I actually created my own channel called Only Organics and Jewellery to show even more health and wellness tips…highlights. Come and check out and I will always follow back..

  • started watching your videos today and subscribed. ive gained a stone over lockdown and i feel great after doing this workout plus done your abs one before it ��

  • just simply love this powerful thighs and glutes toning workout…thigh and glute muscles ache but they are ultimately toned the end justifies the means

  • truely a lovely video guys! hit like if you agree.. I believe i have content that will rival this channel, please visit my channel guys, i believe you will love the complimentary content.. peace:)

  • I tried this yesterday… and woke up FEELING SO SORE! IT’S AMAZING! I’m so excited to keep trying this and I feel like I will definitely get results.

  • i remember for track we used to do muscle warmups before practice and i could never do the side planks with leg lifts (gracefully anyways lol) obviously i’m not in track now but i tried doing them at home after just a week of this workout and OMFGSJD I CAN SERIOUSLY DO THEM NOW. i’m so happy, thank you sm for this workout!!:))

  • I did so many butt workouts but this workout here got my butt so burning like dammm I’m going to try it for a week even longer and tell you a little bit about it ����. Day 1:My butt hurts so freaking much but it was hella worth it.See y’all tomorrow

  • This is just about doable leg-wise but it’s KILLING my shoulders. Even though I do Juliana’s arm exercises as well, successfully, I often fail the leg exercises because my shoulders just give in. My arms are shaking and sore after this, more than my legs! Any tips?

  • Found ya’ll on IG. LOVE the workouts, so easy to follow and they don’t last too long for me to be discouraged. Keep up the good work!:) God bless, from Texas!