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Need a Brain Boost? Try This Winter Sport. by Jodi Helmer. February 17, 2020.

No Comments. Share it: Skiing burns at least 400 calories per hour but making tracks through fresh powder is more than just a great workout. The popular winter sport also offers some serious mental health benefits, according to a 2019 study. Playing sports offers great benefits, from boosting blood flow to improving brain function.

Now that the weather is warmer, it’s the perfect time to think about trying a sport yourself. It’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, which means it’s the ideal time to get out there and give something new a try. So the next time you need to give your brain a boost, skip the energy drink and grab your workout gear.

To give your brain an immediate boost, try one of the following: A 20-minute aerobic workout. Despite the drop in temperature, many still enjoy the outdoors during winter by participating in sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding and ice hockey. But winter sports pose a legitimate danger to your brain if you do not take proper care to protect yourself. Need a Brain Boost? Try This Winter Sport.

The Science Behind the Slow-Carb Diet. How Many Cheat Meals Should You Have Per Week? 10 Foods That Help with Bloating.

How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting Once and for All. How to Use Running for Weight Loss Posts navigation. Previous;. Try to adopt a winter sport that you enjoy like skiing or ice skating or take up one that you can do indoors that will be fun like racquetball, swimming or dancing. Try some new home equipment that will inspire you like a rebounder or a virtual reality exercise program or get some DVDs and exercise along with an instructor.

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The brain boost helps athletes and fans understanding of information about their sport, even though at the time when people are listening to this sport.

List of related literature:

An interesting recommendation from the Brain Center was to find a sport that requires balance, like paddle boarding, surfing, or even cycling.

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Other great brain sports include dancing and tennis.

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Which type of exercise is best for the brain?

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Answers 1 swimming: pool 2 surfing: sea 3 skiing: slopes; mountain; piste 4 cycling: track; cross-country 5 basketball: court 6 volleyball: court 7 ice hockey: rink/pitch 8 skateboarding: ramp 9 snowboarding: slope

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Parched British Open, unusual course provides mental test.

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Snowboarding enthusiasts enjoy beautiful scenery, receiving healthy exercise, and improve physical agility.

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We often think brain games should help our brain, whereas exercising our bodies is something that helps just our body.

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  • Vegetarians, keto followers, intermittent fasters, starch consumers and carnivores all claim the same health benefits with their own dietary advice. They can also back up their claims with exactly the same science. What is anyone to believe? No wonder the worlds health is in such a mess!

  • Thank you. I’m 80 and looking for a way to tweak my lifestyle to keep going. My goal is to be the oldest living member of my family, which would make 113. Thanks again.

  • Obey God,,, Surrender to Jesus Christ Be a born again Christian & Your live for ever & ever,,,, Eternal Life is found ONLY n God son Jesus Christ I Pray Amen ������������

  • Advanced Alzheimers has been called Diabetes type 3, which is the equivalent to Insulin Resistance in the brain. No mention of Insulin, but talking about Alzheimers. Correlation does not equal Causation. I was Vegan for 3.5 years & at that time I would cite the China Study. Now, after my health had deteriorated on the Vegan diet, I went all the way through Keto to Carnivore diet. Have been feeling amazing, gaining muscle, more energy, more focus, less joint pain, better skin, less cravings. Many outspoken Vegan influencers has quit veganism for health reason. Timothy Schief, Jon Venus, etc. Just google “why I quit Veganism.”

    In addition. Where do you get Vit B12, K2, Creatine, Collagen, Carnitine, Carnosine, Vit A (Retinol, not Beta Carotene) DHA, EPA, etc.?
    Regarding the right amounts of Essential Aminoacids, the Bioavailability is dictated by the DIAS (Digestible indispensable amino acid score) which is far lower on plant foods. You would have to eat a lot more calories to be able to get the right amounts of these amino acids to be healthy.

    Lastly, plants contains plant toxins, also called antinutrients. Oxalates, phitates, Lectins (gluten included), glycosinulates, tannins, protease inhibitors, solanins, saponins & flavonoids. All of these have a negative effect on the body. Many of the degenerative cronic conditions humans have are related to these antinutrient.

    Hope this is helpfull the the lot of misinformation present in this video.
    Much Love

  • Dr Campbell’s study was with casein which is a protein unique to dairy. I have a hunch we need to distinguish between dairy protein and meat protein. I’m not sure you can conflate casein with all animal protein.

  • WHAT A STEAMING LOAD OF BULLSHIT! Don’t believe a word of it! I am 83 years old and in excellent health and of normal weight. Listen closely to what she has to say and then do the exact opposite and you will live to 100.

  • Fake information in this video! Animal foods are good and norishing to the body only junk food sugar and highly processed food create disease! These people lie to make you sick they tell the opposite of the truth! The biggest antioxidant glutathione is found in animal foods like beef, fish, poultry! Plants are inferior to animal foods. You need essential amino acids from animal fats, vitamin A, D, b12 heme iron, bioavalable zinc, complete protein only found in animal foods! Also most of those vegetable that are man made are veryrtoxic like spinach, kale, cotain high amount of oxalic acids which creates kidney stones in 80% of a time, then crucifirous vegetables are goitrogenic (toxic to tyroid) And much more!

  • You really want to lose weight and keep it off. Stop eating out. Eat organic. Stop buying processed food. Stop drinking milk, yogart and butter. Buy grass fed and finished butter. Grass fed and finished beef. Buy organic veggies they are not sprayed with Monsanto Weed Killer. Organic fruit. But cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil. No other processed oils that clog arteries. Buy einkorn flour no processed flour. All my craving stopped no more depression no more breakouts. No more hard bowel movements. I never felt better in my life. I was not trying to lose weight but slowly started losing excess body fat as a by product of eating right now i do not miss eating out at all. And the food has so much flavor. Hamburger tasts like hamburger. Veg have flavor. Fruit is sweet. Stop buying food that is made to kill you off early. Diets do not work. This is a life style that works. No tying of stomach. Walnuts, brown basmanti rice, avocados, do not buy any packaged organic food that has added unorganic ingredients. Maple syrup, stevia with nothing added to it. Raw honey. I dare you to try this?

  • i think; why do you say that plant base diet is good if according to his studies, only casein was the culprit. To me, i believe more in a very diverse food intakes than an exclusive diet which inevitably leads to nutrient deficiency. if you don’t eat meat, you better eat nuts or you might end up with very low iron level (for exemple). What else we don’t know about nutrients level and their effects on our health? The guy you talked about eat a little bit of salmon… well, salmon is rich in omega 3 which is very good at cleaning up arteries and controling bad cholesterol! So you see my point.
    I personally eat meat once a week and i enjoy it. But i also love cabbage, mixed veges, bruxells, carrots, peas and so on and with a touch of butter, those are a delight. But i also can enjoy a slice of bacon with my eggs if i feel like it.
    Who wants to live a life devoid of pleasure just to live 4 more years? Eating meat is a pleasure and that’s why people eat it. Now, there is vege burger, so maybe it will be easier to let go of meat, as far as the content of those vege burger is not full of salt and all kind of chemicals to make it palatable…

  • I have been cycling for over 40 years but because of my situation now, living alone in Italy, I have had a number of panic attacks over the last year, but have found if i can get out on my bike I can relieve the stress and clear my brain of negative thoughts.

  • Garbage (processed foods), dairy and meat is cheap because it’s subsidized by corrupt governments run by pharmaceutical and oil companies (often the same people own both). We have a ruling elite that does not want a healthy, thinking society. They want stupid, fat and lazy people to make them trillions of dollars by using their damaging drugs. Stupid, fat, and lazy people are more easily controlled and are happy to sit on the couch watching idiotic programs on TV. Let’s help each other get healthy and stand up to the lies that the governments and medical profession has promoted. I go to a doctor once a year to get blood work done and that’s it. No other tests, no flu shots, etc. I cured myself of allergies, painful menstrual cycles, and re-grew a thyroid, much of which had been removed when I was 11 years old through diet and nutrition (an under active thyroid loves seaweed!-not for hyperthyroid!).

  • It’s not the meat, it’s the carbohydrate in conjunction with it, and the INSULIN RESISTANCE you will develop from the massive onslaught of insulin.

  • Cycling helps, excercise helps… talking helps too. Just a quick example this video has 510 comments (between 10.02.19 when it was published and today, 10.05.19). Another GCN video…What’s The Best Bag For Commuting By Bike? Saddle Bag Vs. Panniers Vs. Backpack (between 18.02.19 and today, 10.05.19) has 682 comments!! Keep making great videos guys, Keep talking and most of… keep cycling!!

  • Very inspiring way of telling about the research and I appreciate the many motivating examples and clear recommandation of healthy choices of food and life style. Even if I have heard this before I am very happy that I fond this. Thank you for super inspirarion

  • This is bad information beyond all recognition. Ketogenic diet is a well known fact that works for healthy living. These doctors needs to be in jail for practicing and giving us the wrong info.

  • the phillipines? you had undernourished people in the USA and you dr. Campbell go the phillipines?
    the research today contradicts the “research” this lecturer presents.

  • Not sure if I can totally agree with that because my mother had taken 4 litres 1 percent Milk every second day for the past 20 years and my mother is still ticking

  • Meat eaters often criticize the vegan diet because supplementation of nutrients like B12 is advisable. Actually, most meat eaters could use some sort of supplementation or another. Forty percent of people are B12 deficient, which would include mostly meat eaters. Reasonable doses of supplements are good insurance that your diet is complete.

  • I’ve been a private caregiver in the Minnesota suburbs of Minneapolis for decades. I’ve always found my healthiest people are the ones who take the fewest pharmaceuticals.��⚕️������
    My favorite people are the ones who I can keep active and get out the house door. People who like to stay active, and be social. I’m often asked, “What are we doing today?” and we always find something fun or interesting to do.
    It sure beats being stuck in one of those pill pushing, pharmaceutical laden nursing homes.����
    Let food be thy medicine….
    So here’s to your continued good health everyone.��

  • That´s all very well but if you suffer with gout certain greens will cause a flare up! Especially peas, cauliflower and spinach! So what are we supposed to do? Eat spinach, asparagus, mushrooms etc and be crippled?

  • Interesting the supplements needed when eating a totally plant based diet. Get rid of processed foods eat meat and low carb vegetables. Get the carbohydrates out of your diet.

  • When vitamin A was being discussed as being found in melons a child was shown eating a nearly white fleshed melon. I think the vitamin may be found only in orange, yellow or green fleshed melons, not much in the whitish flesh. The green skin perhaps has some but it’s not normally eaten (though I’ve read of it being cooked or dried.)

  • I am 59. Getting myself out in nature helps my mood. Focusing on technical riding distracts my mind as well as makes me feel better about the capabilities of my body. Si asked insightful questions.

  • Hi GCN and a big Hi to Si! A great piece of work away from the usual indeed. Q: can a private person go to these labs and have tests run on them (for a fee)? Thank you

  • Anyone who believes it justifiable to experiment on animals is as loony & wicked as a Vegan Diet or Carnivorous diet. Animals were given to man to take care if, allow to do what created to do. All humanity needs learn what God Wants.

  • OK. She says casein was used. That’s a dairy product. But what may be in the dairy product? How was it produced? Seems like there are other questions to be asked here. I guess I need to keep watching to see if it’s explained.

  • Wow, what a excellent video. This video is like looking into a mirror. Cycling is my way to deal with stress and, getting out a depression.

  • I really enjoyed this and incredibly important to share.

    Currently, depression is huge killer around the world and can disrupt every area of life.

    Cycling since I could walk has allowed me to connect with all the comments below.
    Meditation also brings about similar mental clarity and alertness too and has changed my relationship with thought. So the same bothering thoughts may never go away but my personal attachment/relationship shifts and therefore the thoughts loose their power.

    Check out their website if you have time

    Thank you GCM

  • What they don’t mention is vegans have 20% higher stroke rate than meat eaters! What would you rather have a heart attack or a stroke! Keto is the way to go or very low carb!

  • Cancer is a viral disease. Virus destroys mainly end cells (matured cells in Q compartment), to which the organism responds with chronic inflammation and increased proliferation to restore the organ and clean the debris. In this chronic inflammation tumor may emerge. When stem cells are hit, the entire Tissue Proliferation Unit disappears, to which the organism responds with dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, carcinoma, etc… According to the hypothesis of professor Zajicek MD, tumor protects against cachexia (muscle loss, wasting manifested as fatigue and weight loss). Every cure, which silences the disease driver, namely virus, cures cancer. Muscle loss is seen in all cancer types. Cancer is one disease. Example: Fever is a defensive mechanism. Plus two degrees protects while plus five kills. As long as tumor does not block any vital function or causes pain, it should be left untreated. Patient should keep her tumor as much as possible (more info in professor Zajicek site). Some people find alternative treatments, like Ann Vigmor diet, very helpful. With a treatment strategy of tumor dormancy and with host resistance to virus, only minimal doses of medication may be required. Tumor dormancy is a state:when tumor shrinks or stop growing. In any case patient feels healthy.

  • My memory is noticeably better after starting to ride the last few years a lot. 60 YO. 10K miles last year. I now remember even store clerk names after noticing a decrease in memory in my 50s.

  • What really are changed in modern era in nutrient: Vegetables and vegetable oils came. Cancers and CVD and diapetes rate go sky high.
    When inuits changed their diets to western, they got sick. So, how bad flesh ja animal fat really are?

  • I am sure I read that a few years later that the China study has been proved to be very flawed because the guy who wrote it was a staunch vegetarian and and fudged the results.

  • I am a 58 year old woman and a long term vegan. I am not on any medication and very healthy. If you want to live a long healthy life, go vegan.

  • brains evolved for motor/limps controls for reproduction success. Cognition is just a byproduct. So exercise is linked to better mental health.

  • Well there is 100% connection between IGF-1 and animal protein. This is something body builders try to increase. And there’s a pretty good connection between IGF-1 and cancer (actually those with dwarfism, and lack igf-1, are pretty much immune to cancer). So there’s some truth to the dangers of high meat and animal protein.
    If anyone can weigh in on whey (is it dairy or not) it’ll be appreciative.

    But to be honest wheat and beans are probably no better for the body. And here she is preaching about them.
    Not to mention the vegans ive seen look pretty horrible, while keto or paleo people are leaner and more muscular. What’s more weird, is that keto and Paleo diets swear to have the same benefits (basically putting 100% of the blame on wheat, dairy, and processed foods). Either way more veggies, more fruit, and smaller red meat portions is the way to go.