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Forgive us if we’ve given you too many days off. But running coach Mario Fraioli, author of The Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide to Marathon & HalfMarathon Training, says you can do three workouts a week and be 10K-ready in a month. On a Monday, he may have you run and cross train; Wednesday, he might say sprint and lift; Saturday, jog only—each “on” day you’ll never spend much more than an hour. Prep for a 10K with Just 3 Runs per Week | MyFitnessPal Yes, you can run a 6.2-miler in four weeks with just three workouts a week.

You’ll earn serious bragging rights and burn some 650 calories. Article from Prep for a 10K with Just 3 Runs per Week | MyFitnessPal Yes, you can run a 6.2-miler in four weeks with just three workouts a week. You’ll earn serious bragging rights and burn some 650 calories. If you’re committed to running a 10K in four weeks’ time, this training plan looks at running three times a week, or around 16-20 miles.

If you’re a. Three-times-a-week runners should build up to a regular 20-25 weekly miles; five-times-a-week runners to 35-40 miles; and those training 6-7 times a week to 45-50 miles. In the week leading up to the race, rest more than usual.

Maintain your endurance, and keep your muscles loosened up by doing a few 3-mile runs. Be sure to rest for the 2 days before the race. For example, if you run 4 miles now, start with four and a half miles and add a half mile (five miles, five and a half miles, six miles) as you progress through the 10-week program.

Every four weeks, cut back to five miles to give yourself time to recover and adapt. Reduce the long-run mileage the week before the race to no more than five miles. Marathon Training Program With Only Three Runs a Week Train Less, Run Faster Achieve your marathon goal with only 3 running sessions per week – a speed workout, a tempo run, and a long run – plus 2 cross training sessions. Nike Run Club Guided Run: Two Mile Run or RECOVERY RUN: 3.2K / 2 Mile Run Nike Run Club Guided Run: First Speed Run or SPEED RUN: Intervals / 8 x 1:00 5K Pace / 1:00 recovery between all intervals Nike Run Club Guided Run: Easy Run or RECOVERY RUN: 25:00 Nike Run Club Guided Run: Next Speed Run or SPEED RUN: Intervals / 5:00 Warm Up / 1:00 5K Pace / 2:00 10K Pace / 1:00 5K Pace / 2 x 0:45 Mile.

Intervals – 10-minute warm-up / 4 x 5 minutes at your 10K race pace with 3 minutes of jogging in between intervals / 10-minute cool-down. One or two days before the race: Long continuous run followed by accelerations – 10-15 minutes / 3-5 accelerations. Make sure to warm up properly on race day.

List of related literature:

So instead of doing a long run every other week, run one weekly.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
from Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way
by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
VeloPress, 2016

Following such a schedule usually isn’t the way to run your fastest marathon, but it’s not our place to say categorically that you should never attempt such a feat.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

In most phases, you’ll still do your four or five key sessions a week: a long run, a fartlek, some sort of repetitions whether on hills or on the flat, and at least one steady recovery run.

“The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
from The Art of Running Faster
by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

To prepare for a 10-K, try running the hard parts slightly faster than race pace for a total workout of three to four miles.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

Continue with your strength training and do four thirty­minute easy runs per week for three to six weeks (or longer if you want) before starting the run foundation program.

“The Cool Impossible: The coach from Born to Run shows how to get the most from your miles and from yourself” by Eric Orton, Rich O'Brien
from The Cool Impossible: The coach from Born to Run shows how to get the most from your miles and from yourself
by Eric Orton, Rich O’Brien
Simon & Schuster UK, 2013

Runners training for ultras extend the long weekly run that is the core of marathon training and put in high mileages on a regular basis.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
VeloPress, 2012

Race prep workouts should be short in duration; athletes will not gain any fitness in the week of the race.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Nevertheless, if you want to run well in the marathon, you will need to change your habits in five areas in the weeks leading up to the race.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
from Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
by Hal Higdon
Rodale Books, 2005

• What’s your longest run during the week or weekend?

“Neale's Disorders of the Foot Clinical Companion E-Book” by Paul Frowen, Maureen O'Donnell, J. Gordon Burrow, Donald L. Lorimer
from Neale’s Disorders of the Foot Clinical Companion E-Book
by Paul Frowen, Maureen O’Donnell, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Sunday is a good time to perform this long run because of the amount of time required for the run and for recovery.

“Coaching Track & Field Successfully” by Mark Guthrie
from Coaching Track & Field Successfully
by Mark Guthrie
Human Kinetics, 2003

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  • This marathon training courses “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it) got me through my first marathon with no injury and I met my sub 4hr target. The book gives a lot of great information about training courses, diet plan, technique, and so forth. but the most useful page in the whole book is the training schedule which informs you how far to run on what day..

  • That two week free program is not opening for me.Its says site cannot be reached.Sent the link for me please…..I really need to start

  • Is it good to consistently push my limits? I have only been running and working out for 1.5 months and on average i only take 1 resting day a week, anytime i reach what i think my limit is (im in a lot of pain and my body starts to give out) i just overcome that the next day and get higher numbers. Should i keep this up or maybe not push myself as hard? No bad injuries yet, i also stretch and do yoga. Just some pulled muscles that are annoying but not painful enough to make me stop what im doing.

  • I’m excited to get this going, joining the army soon and want to be ready for SF training. Watched this video a couple times and trying to understand the break down of the walk/ run days. Example First Tuesday,
    5 x 3W / 1R
    Am I going out and doing all of this in one go or am I taking breaks in between these? Also why not just say 15W/1R for the mid line there? I’m just confused on it as iv never done a running plan before

  • Thank you so much for this program, I wanted to stay fit during lockdown and I decided to do a half marathon. I ended up running the half in 1:43:16 at 14 years old!

  • -how much time will i do interval training? and how much i could increase the time gradually? and what is my limits on increasing interval training time?

  • I’m a marathon runner too but I do 21k! When I train, I like to run short distances during weekdays (total around 15-20k) and rest day on Saturday then more than 15k on Sunday! You’re doing great job for the first week!! And 10k under 35 minutes that’s incredible! Good luck!

  • Hi I have been running 5 k for upto two times a week for some time now, but would like to reach 10 k perhaps once a month, as a 52 year old trucker I am really trying to do this without suffering injuries but keep taking a step back. If I break the training up with x training, cycling how often can i get to enjoy my 5 k run?

  • The last time I did a 10k was on the 19th April… I haven’t been running since I have water effusion [minimum] in my right knee… I think I have recovered and am planning to do a 10k on the 20th August… What do u suggest… Should i go ahead??

  • How’d you do in the 10k and what one was it? My PR for 10k is around yours 46:20 from Thanksgiving but fell out of shape due to fasciitis that I didn’t know how to fix (it’s really easy to fix and doesn’t require tons of rest) and now stomach issues.

  • I am at age of 43

    And I am not a Atlantic, but currently I am able to run 5K in 35 mnts.

    Now I want to run 10K, will I try for 10K?, guide me

  • I am practicing for 2 weeks everyday in the playground without taking one day rest.. but I can achieved to run only 5 round.. I need your help sir

  • hi m running 10k like every week and 5k almost 4 to 5 days a week using runtastic app but unfortunately in dec 2016 i had a knee injury during cricket match
    now i done my knee surgery 2 months ago (Acl reconstruction and meniscectomy)
    i just wanted to say that m really miss my runing and runtastic App hope recover soon and back to track

  • Ace hope Mary smashes it (or has smashed it..!) whatever the goals were she has gone for..! Looking forward to finding out! Great vid!

  • So 31. 05 is half marathon day. I will do you 12 weeks to 10 and 12 weeks to 21 so somewhere I need to skips 2 weeks but I will manage it. If I make it threw to the 31.05 I will keep you updated and it classic Internet fashion if I don’t I will delete this post. Wish me luck

  • if i will train for 12 or 16 week do you think it will be good to add a recovery week and if i have a plenty of time for training may be 6 or 10 months
    when would you recommend to add the recovery weeks?
    and could you tell me how to make a recovery week?

  • Hi coach. thanks for the tips.Concerning that I run 2k in 9min and totally 10km in 50 min,in your opininon whait I should do to reduce it?

  • In 2015 I ran a half-marathon and got a knee injury during the race, but still did decent ( 1:47). I plan on running again in 2017 with the 10k. I’m young and confident I can get a good result, but tend to go too fast for my own good. Any tips for avoiding injury?

  • Running twice a day seems to bring me closer to injury, even if it’s two shorter runs. It made me feel that one long run (as opposed to two shorter ones) leaves more recovery time between runs? At least in my case. Anyway, great video as usual! See you in Boston 😉

  • Hallo! I have a big question. I always get a quite horrible headache after running. I drink a lot, don’t run very long or fast, but almost everytime I die afterwards. do you have an idea why?

  • Can I download a copy of the plan somehow, or do I just copy the info from the screen? Running the Vancouver half on May 3 hopefully…so called ‘stunning running’. ��

  • Whats your water intake plan during the run (5k/10k/21k)? how does it vary depending upon the distance you run? assume temp of 25-30 degrees:)

  • Love your videos…so helpful! Working towards my first half. I have a lot of work to do.
    Don’t quite understand the name Messy Happy though��

  • My goal is to run a 10K run in pretty much 3 months from today. I wanna start my training tomorrow (after watching the videos I now know that its a good time to start:d ) but my stamina is really bad. Like, I feel like I’m dying whenever I run about 1.5KM. I barely do any sport, just lifting from time to time. For this trainingplan, I feel like aiming for 2KM for example would be not enough to achieve, and not very productive, but on the other hand I don’t know if I can run like 4K at once in the training. Should I start aiming low, like 2.5K for my first (long) day, or should I start right off the bat and go ham on like 4K?

    Do you have any other advises you could give a rookie like me?

  • I think this one will suit me, I’m prone to going a bit too hard too quickly and putting myself out of action. This seems like a nice steady increase with less focus on pace ���� I know others have asked but a PDF would be great ��

  • Hi Ben. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your channel. I have probably watched most of the videos about running, especially this one, and I’m six weeks into this plan. I feel so much stronger and way more confident, following all of the sessions, warm ups and cool downs strictly. So thank you! I was hoping you might have time to talk about intervals in tonights live session. I have done my first two interval sessions in this plan now and I’m not really sure what I’m doing. I have done a 10min very slow warm up and cool down and then do 20/30mins of 1 min legging it and 1 min easy jog. I’m not really sure what all the differences are between 10K pace and 5K pace, I’m still quite new and I don’t have a watch, so I just wanted to know if you could touch on interval training for the half marathon and different things I could do. Thanks again:)

  • @Vo2maxProductions Hey sage i have been running for almost a year now and I pushed my miles up recently and developed severe cramping in my calves/upper ankle when I run that has also come along with shin splints. What can I do to speed up recovery? I have already taken a month off and continued stretching and icing but I have not recovered much at all. Thanks for the help and love the videos!
    For more information I was running 20-24 mile weeks and then 2 30 mile weeks back to back without recovery days before the injury took place. I figured since it was more distance at a much slower pace I could handle it but I now realize its better safe than sorry when you are inexperienced.

  • Hey there! Thanks for an awesome video, I just wanted to ask about rest days. I enjoy doing HIIT classes at the gym, would it be okay to do a HIIT cardio class on rest days?

  • I’m thinking to run 70 miles a week next year in high school. I’ll be a junior then. This past year I ran 50 miles a week. Would this jump be overtraining? Also should this be when I do double runs?

  • Great advice on the plan there Ben.

    Done a 5k, think about a 10k
    Done a 10k, think about a half
    Done a half, not so sure on a marathon.

    You just need to believe in yourself you can do it ��

  • Thank you so much for this program, I wanted to stay fit during lockdown and I decided to do a half marathon. I ended up running the half in 1:43:16 at 14 years old!

  • I am fairly new to running. I have been doing it for several months but only 2-3 times a week. (I work out at a CrossFit style gym) I have a very hard time getting myself to keep running. I don’t mind doing run/walk sessions. I just did a half marathon doing one minute run, 30 seconds walk for most of the race. I finished in 2:39. Here’s my question! Am I better off to keep walk periods mixed into my running or should I focus on cutting them out?

  • at this moment, actually just like 2 hours ago i finished 7km run and it was quite easy, im kinda fit, i have like 14 weeks since today, you think that i will be ready if i stick to plan, and add like 3, 4 more runs?

  • This is actually amazing! My second half-marathon is in 12 weeks and I came across this video, thank you so much!! Hopefully by then I’ll run it under 2 hours. For a 16 year old that’ll be a dream.

  • Thanks Nate, will definitely help with my training for my 10k on 1st April 2018.

    Just need to sort my tight calf, as you advised the squats are helping. It showed me how weak my knees and ankles are!

    Thanks for sharing these videos with us.


  • Can you please advise on interval trainings? i have done a couple half marathon’s, but got injured so am in a recovery phase. I never did interval runs though.

  • You should have a drone following you and recording for us to get a more detailed and entertaining learning experience. Plz record the Boston Marathon and go full nerd on us.

  • Hi!! First of all congrats for your amazing YouTube channel. I was following your 12 weeks half marathon training programme but I was starting the last block of it when the coronavirus crisis started. Despite of in the UK it is allowed to run I have decided not to run outside cause around London people is not particularly strict when keeping the 2 metres distance while running. Nevertheless I am trying to keep active doing workouts at home but I wanted to ask you what is your advice when I start to run again. Shall I go to the first week of the programme?? Thanks a lot for your time. I hope you can help me with that question.

  • I been running short distances almost 20 years and completed five half marathons within the last Two years but never a full. Right after choosing to shoot for a full marathon, I followed this marathon training program “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it). Book very informative and lots of great tips. Completed my first marathon AND qualified for Boston..

  • Hi TT, I love this series. It’s coming out a little late for my first ever half marathon (April 7th) but I will definitely use the information and training strategies for my next one!

  • So. the training looks good. I was wondering what the diet and sleep have been like for you? Have you changed anything with your diet leading up to Boston?

  • I am gonna try this! 30th of March I want to run half a marathon. Currently running once a week only. Normally run 1 hour exactly and reach 10.30-10.60km. Do you have any tips for someone who plays football every sunday and indoor football most fridays?

  • I start to work with these workouts in 5 weeks is my half marathon and i think im not in bad shape. Do i run the 10 k temporun in the raceweek or the week before.

  • Hi! Thank you for the great content you are putting out here. Question. How would you balance this with lifting twice a week? I’ve been doing full body gym routine twice a week, and would like to add this 10k program to it somehow. Would it be wise to replace one of the running days with lifting?

  • Always enjoy your vids. Really well done right out of the gate. First Sprint Tri at the end of the month. Thanks from Texas for all you and your wife do!

  • Hi good day to you all… I’m Jojo from the Philippines! To run my first ever 10k Bay to breaker run this 2020 is one wish list to accomplish for my 50th birthday. I was at the Bay area this May 2019 and I was that close in signing in up for the run but got scared and intimidated by the numbers of runners and knowing that I’m not that ready…so guys give wish me luck and I’ll be following you guys so I can make it this 2020 and will be seeing you at the Bay area CA. I can’t wait and all pump up to start my training this January…

  • Hi, I ran my first ever 10k today, I ran it in 55:59 which I was happy about.
    Do you have any tips regarding pacing for a 10k?

    My mile splits were;
    1 = 9.54
    2 = 9:20
    3 = 9:10
    4 = 9.02
    5 = 8:42
    6 = 8.17
    0.2 = 1.34


  • Shared your channel in my running club’s whatsapp group. Hope you get a couple more subs from that. Keep up the good work. Pacers Running Jamaica

  • Question-I am running a 10K in just under 3 months and I’m a beginner. Is it doable? Tbh I’m not fussed about running the whole 10K even if I walk some of it for me it’s more about just completing it tbh. Anyway, do I have any hope? ��

  • Hi, I have been a smoker for 15 years+ and trying to get back in shape. I quit smoking about 3 months ago and ran a 5k in 30 mins about a month ago. I want to get to my first 10k in about 6 weeks from now. Good time is not my priority. Finishing a 10k is but my lungs give up pretty early in the run. Are there any tips for someone like me to get better?

  • I’m super excited I have my first 10k coming up in 3 months ��. What kind of exercises would I do for the strength and conditioning days?

  • THANKS, I want to know more about rest and recovery. After a half hill marathon how much time does it take to recover. 13.1 miles Hill is not easy. What should be the plan for week post the run on Sunday.

  • I’m really excited to get this plan going! I am a starter, never did any running trainings, I hope I can beat 10KM in 12 weeks! However, I am wondering I hit gym for weight training 3-4 times a week, if I am following this 10KM running plan, should I hit the gym as I used to? What changes should I make? Thanks a lot!

  • could you make a vid for strength and conditioning and maby another for stretches to do, while I’m completing these schedules, I trust your methods more then anyone on YouTube

  • Hi. I think you didn’t add the link to the strength and conditioning session you mentioned? I’d like to check it out please. Thanks.

  • thanks so much, def gonna do this.
    Do you by any chance have a file for this that I could print? so I can hang it up to remind me and make me keep my commitment

  • For the run/walk days, is there a recommended pace for the run segments? Should I be running them at my goal 10K pace? Same question for the interval segments. Thanks!

  • This marathon training courses “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it) got me through my first marathon without injury and I met my sub 4hr target. The book provides tons of great info about training courses, diet plan, technique, etc. however the most useful page in the whole book is the training schedule which informs you how far to run on what day..

  • Thailand is pretty hot. 40C degree today. I’m preparing my first full marathon. Have to carry hydration belt/vest because the water station is not always at every 2km or 3.5km…not very up to professional standard. Can you please give advice on preparing full marathon pacing?
    Thank you for all the Run/Yoga videos. they are very useful. I love your presentation and tone of voice.

  • Nice brother! I appreciate it. I am due to complete the full 12 weeks exactly 3 weeks before my first half marathon. What would suggest I fill these 3 weeks with? Shall I repeat weeks 10, 11 and 12? Awesome video by the way and thank you for the guidance. ��

  • I ran the 10k in 40:20 and went the wrong way. Probably would’ve broken 40 if I hadn’t. Also I started jogging thinking I was running a 43 cause I got a side stitch. I’m an idiot for not pushin harder. I wasn’t tired at all at the end. And advise of meals to eat before running?

  • I´m already in the 4th week of the 6w 20km plan ��. It is working for me just by following every step he says.
    PS: I don´t know if you could do this but i would like to see a core training plan. Greetings from Spain.

  • Hello, I am a field hockey player for mid level.i am 27 years I would stopped my training near by 15 to 16 months.
    Now am start a mini marathon.
    training started to with in a could start a training for mini marathon. Kindly give me the guidance about training..

  • Hi! Thank you for the videos! I am so glad I have found your channel. I have been running for a couple years and my 11 year old son joined me last summer for 3 x 5km, 1 x 5+ OCR and his very first 10km race. He never really trained other than running at school and the other race days. I unfortantly didn’t run much last year except for the races. Bad training last year. This winter I have been running ALL the time. Mainly short interval training on treadmill (as I am scared to run outside due to injury 2 yr ago) and some distance runs. We also train on a indoor track and do stairs. He is training 1 to 2 times a week right now and wants to do many more races this summer. His first 10km was done in 53 mins flat and he came 9th out of 49. I am so proud. We will be watching your channel for tips as we both want to run a half marathon one day!

  • I’m excited you were talking about running! Will you talk more about your gear? What shoes do you wear? What do you always have with you when you go out on a run? Are you on Strava? Also, you mentioned you were working on getting faster and I was wondering how you plan to do that because I want to get faster too! Are you working on your form or how do you get faster? Thank you and I am looking forward to more running videos!

  • This is so motivating. I hope you reach your goal time. I am running my first 10K in June like you, I can easily cover the distance but I need to work on my speed. ATM I could get 49/50 minutes but hopefully in the actual race I will get faster.

  • You’re inspiring me to do a 10k this summer!! I’m getting a procedure done in May so I’m a little worried I’m gonna lose some of my fitness during recovery D:

  • Please can you give some tips on how to stay positive and keep a good pace when you feel tired and how to improve your mindset when running? I know that being negative and thinking about how much I have left slows me down! Thank you! ��

  • yay love this it’s definitely motivating me to get out there and run more as well! what is you favorite time of the day to run and do you like to have any pre run or post run snacks?

  • “next time i will be faster with my camera and confront you”…. would have been cool to have seen a carb depleted, slightly dehydrated Sage in full G mode lol

  • Thank you for tips. I do interval training Nd but yes I think I do it 5days. till late i was fine with 5k until I had a ligament strain. I started with low intensity interval training, but need to know when can I push for 10k as race day is in November last

  • I just want to train for long distances as well. I have always been a short distance runner, training 3/4 times a week now for a full year to get faster and faster on short distances. I wonder how long it would take to train for such a half marathon or maybe a marathon. Is that still a progress of months?

  • Hi. Great video, thanks. I will be doing a charity half marathon in March. I’m new to running, but I do strength training, a program called strong lifts 5×5 which involve doing squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead and rows etc. My squat is now 120kg, and deadlift 110kg.
    How can I minimise any muscle/strength loss when I train for the half marathon? I’m planning to continue the weightlifting on Monday Wednesday and Fridays, (but perhaps reduce the volume to 3×5 or 3×3) and then go running on the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Rest on Sunday’s. Does this sound like an ok plan? Thanks for any advice ����

  • Comparing those that win the races you compete in, they seem to train less mileage on average. How can over training impact race results?

  • running shoes are supposed to last 400-500 miles though. Technically I should be changing every two months! A 100+ runner… that would be expensive!

  • Great enjoyed your video. I am thinking of doing my first half marathon in June. If i start the 12 week program now, what should I do to sustain the program after 12 weeks. Do i have a rest week after week 12 and then keep doing week 11 until the week prior to the half marathon?

  • It’s comforting to see someone who’s marathon race pace is in the low 5 minute/mile range benefit from running close to 2 min/mile slower on easy days. I sometimes question if taking too many easy days hurts my training, but this video along with your results are comforting! Keep the videos coming!

  • I just seen your video about trainer haters. Dont let the goobers get to you. There are people that can find negative in anything. And i believe you are right in that some people try to stop others because they wont do it themselves. You have inspired me to try some tri. I dont have any videos about with me training yet but i will. Thank you and keep plugging away. I just really started getting my channel going.

  • Think the lack of stretching (particularly after) has only gone and basically ruined my right leg. Knee, hip, groin and lower back �� plenty of stretching now, and on the road to recovery. Will definitely give this plan a go ��

  • Can I use this plan to run sub 1:30? My 5k is 17:31 but ok that 13.1 is way farther. I’ve been doing my long run and ran a half in about 1:38:35 last week just jogging. How should I pace the first 10k of the race?

  • As far as relatively cheap shoes go; what is the best running shoe brand for long distance running? Ive had good experience with New Balance.

  • 99k so close lol….
    I feel like watching his live sub count and unsubscribe right when he hits 100k (and then obviously subscribe again)

  • I have some questions about 10 k training plan:
    -what is the easy run (distance or time) i will begin with? and how much i could increase it gradually and what is the limits of increasing?

  • Hi. Amazing content you got there. Any advice on how to your combine your running plans with cycling? No triathlon yet, but as you say, the sky’s the limit:-) As to my background, for the last three years I have been riding three times a week pretty consistently and build a bit of base mileage. I got into running November last year, and ran at least twice a week except for an unfortunate two month break. I am signed up for a half-marathon in April 2020, so I do have some time. Before I jump into this plan, I wanted to do the 10k and/or the last couple weeks of the 5k plan to get into the habit of running amd following a structure plan which I have never really done. I would really appreciate your input on how to include cycling in this. I love me some long rides and the punchy strava-rides:-D

  • I’m preparing for Hamburg marathon and did a 145 km week. And doubling is really the way to do it. Used to run once a day but running twice makes it so much easier.

  • Sage, do you ever feel that running doubles per day, you don’t get enough rest/recovery between runs? Have you ever done a 100 plus mile week with single runs per day?

  • You don’t use the ‘workout’ and ‘race’ features? I find that really handy when looking at the bubble view training log. makes seeing yellow workouts and red races easy to spot.

  • Is there somewhere I can see the timetable for the plan? It’s too blurry for me to read on the video on my screen. Just recently discovered your channel and enjoying it.

  • Just watched this series after having watched several of your more recent videos. Do you still recommend this program? Considering it for a half in 16 weeks.

  • If you`re preparing to run a marathon for the very first time, you should attempt this marathon training program “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it). The book is filled with great assistance, ideas from those who have run one before, what to do as well as what NOT to do, and also training daily schedules. Highly recommend it..

  • Hi! Quick question: signed up for the training plan and wondering how long it usually takes before something lands in the e-mailbox (think I may have done something wrong perhaps?)

  • Just watched a minute long ad for you. Lol. You are the only person on YouTube I watch ads for. Thanks for the help. You’re making me a better triathlete.

  • this vid is just so much more straight forward although covers only 5k… bang, straight to the point

  • Race pace is trained only in the short intervals? And the other 2 training days are slow running? So how do I get to run full 10k at race pace on race day?

  • Hi Taren I have a question my race pace for a 1/2 marathon is 7:55 8:00 mint x mile should my tempo run be around 7:40 7:45? I’m trying to get to a 1:40 1/2 marathon time. Thanks in advance for your help!!