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Cell Phone Etiquette In The Gym

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Phone Etiquette In The Gym

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Gym Etiquette 101 | The Do’s and Don’ts of the Gym

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Gym Etiquette 101

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Gym etiquette 101: Cell Phone Use

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Phones-at-the-Gym Etiquette 101. by Kevin Gray. May 1, 2019. No Comments. Share it: The gym, 6:15 p.m.

You’ve just come off the. Since phones have not yet been banned from the gym, let’s review cell phone etiquette to reduce the nuisance factor while we are there. Phone Presence Aside from the obvious health benefits like lower blood pressure, weight and cholesterol, gym workouts are a great way to reduce stress. As noted in Fitness 19 ’s Etiquette 101 — Cell Phones and Gyms, “It goes without saying that if you must bring your phone to the gym it should be set on silent. Ideally, you should also disable the vibrate feature.

Buzzing and beeping from dozens of phones is an unwelcome distraction in any setting, and especially at the gym.”. Bottom line is, be smart, and considerate about your cell phones while at the gym. Save the social networking for the locker room, and keep your mind focused on what you are at the gym for to begin with, a good pump.

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Bro Science #27: Do’s and Don’ts of swell phone usage. Sign up with Ting at for $25 off a new device or $25 in service credit!Cell Phones at the Gym?

I’ve been wanting to talk about this topic FOREVER, but I always forget to bring it up! What do you think about cell phones at the gym? It seriously makes me want to reach across the treadmill and throttle someone when they are talking on their phone.

Here’s wh. Don’ts of Phone Etiquette; Why Phone Etiquette Is So Important. As mentioned in the intro, phone etiquette is not a big deal when it comes to everyday calls we all make.

The things are different when on the other end of the call happens to be a customer or, even better, a newly acquired prospect!At Planet Fitness in Boston, for example, there is a very strict anti-cell phone policy. You can only use your gadget in the lobby. Once you’re on the machines, pumping away, there is no tolerance.

About The Not So Obvious Gym Manners And Gym Etiquette Fitneass Gym Etiquette Make Muscles Not Excuses Gym Etiquette Gym Gym Etiquette Ignite Fitness Crossfit Ngk Gym Etiquette 10 Things You Can Do To Not Be A Total Jerk At The Gym Etiquette 101 The Art Of Manliness Unspoken Gym Rules Learning Proper Gym Etiquette [ ]. Gym Etiquette 101 The Art Of Manliness. Unspoken Gym Rules Learning Proper Gym Etiquette Complete Fitness. Gym Etiquette Meme Gym Etiquette Etiquette Gym Workout Programs.

Gym Etiquette 10 Things You Can Do To Not Be A Total Jerk At The. Gym Etiquette Sports Laloyolan Com. Sohee Fit Gym Etiquette 101 Consistently Showing Up Facebook.

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Iwantedto use those machines, so I had to sort of wend my way around the guys in ordertodo so.Very slowly, without saying anything, they drifted tothe adjoining part ofthe gym to continue their conversation,thus enabling me tousethe equipment without any inconvenience tomyself.

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He said he’d call as soon as he gets back from the gym, so I keep my phone by my side, with the volume up.

“To All the Boys I've Loved Before Complete Collection” by Jenny Han
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Then there are the gym rats who can’t bear to be on the treadmill without their cell phones.

“Of Thee I Zing: America's Cultural Decline from Muffin Tops to Body Shots” by Laura Ingraham, Raymond Arroyo
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At my gym, however, there’s a touch screen near the exit which asks me how my visit was that day.

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My phone is vibrating in my hand, and I’m tempted to pretend I don’t feel it—to tuck it back in my pocket until I can lock it away in the gym—and continue to put off whatever is waiting on the other line.

“You And Everything After” by Ginger Scott
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I shut off my phone, securing my equipment bag over the shoulder, and walk to the changing rooms’ area.

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As the call came for them to switch partners I turned to leave the gym.

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You could even take the headphones off when you use the gym and use boredom to help you process.

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I stand off to the side, pace around the outside of the gym away from them so they don’t talk to me, and wait until Hargraves comes in, which is last.

“Stephen Florida: A Novel” by Gabe Habash
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Although I don’t recommend using a regular speakerphone while teleconferencing, these particular phones have been specially designed to prevent the pitfalls I describe in this chapter, in the section “Minding Your Manners: Teleconference Etiquette.”

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  • The best gym I ever joined would get on the PA and call people out for not putting away weights.

    That place ran like a swiss watch.

  • Hey brother…just came across your vid….excellant…spot on….its ridiculous at my gym….people take thier phones into the steam room…the jacuzzi….this guarding thing is everywhere…..expletive phone zombies are everywhere…thanks for the laugh…youve earned another suscriber

  • You’re a Fitness nut you know nothing about gym etiquette… gym Hogs they monopolize several pieces of gym equipment… you have Space Invaders… they have no plan they cherry pick there exercises…. they don’t return the weights… they mix up the dumbbell rack and sandwich the plates… they scatter the benches and leave the safeties on the floor… some will drop the weight stacks and drop heavy dumbbells on the floor… this happens in every gym… they think rudeness is Macho!

  • These are the worst sorts of human beings, just like lemmings. hey “macho” bodybuilder sitting on the machine pecking at your phone you look totally ridiculous!

  • There’s a lot of really really pretty pretty totally pretty girls at my gym but that’s not what I’m there for and anyway if it goes south in process of getting to know that person….then it’s gonna be awkward when you come back to workout….like Mike Rashid says for the fellas….DON’T DO IT, if she starts with you…THEN YOU FOLLOW. On a side note: I do get a friendly stare,even got a comment once by a hottie, but the workouts the main reason I’m there… let one of them approach me in a supermarket or walking through the mall(where my gyms located)…IT’S ON.

  • Oookay here we go….1)hygene 2) Gym employees at front desk. (Talking/ joking around, rude, no welcoming skills ect..) 3)Lockers that are closed but when you open it there is clothes in it. ( put a damn lock so i dont have my hopes up thinking its a free locker) seesh. 4)The guy flexing his “incredible” physique all the time in the change room mirror, when infact he would place dead last in a show. 5)The guy awkwardly staring in the change room. Are u gay? 5) the guy in the change room that dosnt say nothing and stands there for a while, but then says ” hey im just right there” meaning your blocking his locker! Just say it from the begining dont Just stand there awkwardly quiet. 6)naked change room struter 7)just the lack of cleanliness in the washroom/changeroom 8) sauna etiquette (close the door behind you, dont stare ect…) 9) the guy that decides for all to hear his music out load while changing �� 10)the agressive guy that walks in the changeroom after a workout as if he is ready to fight ( slamming the locker, throwing his bag down hard, heavy breathing) 11) the guy/guys that everytime you look around the gym after a set or what ever, they are doing the same and i always lock eyes with him/ them and it seems like your “only” watching them but your not your looking around at everyone. (I know, thats a weird one) 12) the stupid guy that knows your watching yourself in the mirror while im working out and he gose in front of you and starts his pussy workout reps blocking your view of your self working out. 13) girls that think your hitting on them but you just want to be friendly 14) ego lifters 15) the douche guys that are loud and are Always at the gym no matter what time you go. There always there! 16) the comparer. He comes beside you and sizes you up in the mirror comparing himself to you. Then gets put to shame ( lol) 17)that one curious guy �� that you catch staring at you through 50 different mirror angles. Makes you wonder, where the hell is he? and then you start to look around. 18) water fountain etiquette. Fill your water bottle after! the poor thirsty guy is dying for a sip of water like a Somalian desert survivor. Let him drink first 19) like that guy who blocks you in the mirror, but he puts his dumbells in the empty dumbell spot that you clearly emptied to see your self through to the mirror, and there is a whole bunch of empty spots to begin with, plus the dumbells dont belong in that empty spot ✋ moron! 20) gym clothes fashion. That’s a whole other topic lol. Great post��������

  • The one time I held my phone in the gym was when a female friend of mine who gets beaten and raped by her boyfriend was almost starting kinda sorta thinking about leaving him and using my background as a psychological counselor to help her get away; we were texting regularly. I kept it just in case she got the nerve and I could set it up right away.

    Kinda like self defense laws, one shot to the heart is legal. If you kick the body, you got to jail. If there isn’t an immediate threat, put the phone down! You can read about what your wife overheard Cindy say for the 5th time today when you’re in the car idling by the park like child molesters used to do.

  • LOL I love this, but unfortunately there are too many bros at my gym who didn’t get the memo that this channel is satirical and literally do what was demonstrated in this vid.

  • Well for one I’m going to take my phone because I need my music because the music they play at the gym is fucking horrendous plus I need to see the time other than that I don’t sit on machines and text constantly like most people do hence the reason why they have no progress

  • You guys forgot the golden rule regarding dumbbells and barbells: Always rerack your weights, your mother is not there to pick them up for you.

  • I do not take a phone in the gym, I stay shorter than most people. because I don’t sit still. take lighter weights but do more repeats. and I get hot like a steam engine. when warmed up can increase weight. Weak people!!!

  • Steve, I think some of the footage in this video has been appropriated by another YouTuber. Check out
    “Epidemic: phones in the gym Raw footage” uploaded 11/1/2018 on this channel: I’ If I am wrong, please delete my comment.

  • They all look like shit too, what a surprise.
    I find more men do it than women. If you can’t put the phone away for 45mins or so and focus on your routine, you’ve got an addiction. It takes your mind off what you’re there to do, you can’t possibly have a good workout. Piss off and leave your lame ass at home. Guys in their 20s are the worst.

  • Chicks need to build their own fucking gym. Just pack it full of cardio machines. Stop telling men how to act in the gym. If we are going to have this conversation, then women need to learn to BTFO and stop trying to control men all the time. This is all we have left.

  • Excellent video, this should be shown at all gyms, to gym goers when they obtain their memberships, or existing members (some of whom might need a refresher).  

  • I don’t wanna start any trouble so i won’t say where I go……but there’s a few people in there that don’t KNOW exactly what they are doing!!! Another thing is THE EGO!!!! A few dudes (that have a really nice physique and are very strong)…..really really have a problem. I have a decent shape to me, nothing to write home about….but some dudes will come and do what I’ve termed “FAKE LIFTING”,like DUDE, YOU WHERE JUST ON A MACHINE WAAAYYY OVER THERE……AND THEY LEAVE ALL THEIR STUFF: WATER BOTTLE, TOWELS, GYM BAGS………COME OVER WHERE I’M AT,JUMP ON AN IDENTICAL MACHINE AND DO THESES CRAZY ACTION TYPE REPS….”FOR 1 SET”…..THEN GO BACK TO THE MACHINE/BENCH WHERE THEY WERE….been going for about 6 months and as of 2 wks ago….I just close my eyes and wait til the fuckery is over….I’m ME and am only in comp with MYSELF……SMDH

  • Would like to see Arnold Shwarzenegger go into this gym and clean up all the marshmellows,Q,Ahnold its Xplorer Steve,have this problem in my gym……A,no worries Steve,Ahnold will TERMINATE the problem…..hmmm see a possible snl skit.Indeed that’s pathet.

  • This is bias towards men. Every time I go to the gym creepy ass girls stare at me and make me feel uncomfortable. I am there to workout, I’m not a piece of meat, ladies.

  • I use to call the gym the meat market now its gotten so bad over the last 5 yrs or so i wont even go i use to go at lunch time 10 on the tread to warm up 30 min lifting fast shower then back to work so now i just play golf and carry my bag couple times a week and that’s my work out i am in my 60’s and i don’t see anyone my age carrying so i must be doing okay but go get them Steve the whole world has become lost do to the cellphone not a good thing

  • Here’s one: ignorants that occupy more than one machine/station at a time, they say “but i’m super-setting”. Yesterday this cow weighing about 260lbs and her pimp set up 3 (three) machines. Turned out one I wanted to use next, was not used by anybody, they felt was theirs and could not be used by me. Okay how about that one, yes we using that too, and that one yes we using that too. What makes you think it’s okay? pimp said “because I pay monthly membership”. He didn’t have much to say when offered to discuss that theory with a manager at a front desk, just bowed his head down. No point in spending time teaching them, plenty of other things to do. I had a great workout. That monkey had run his mouth for a bit in my vicinity later on with some vague threats, but as long as it’s not an imminent threat to me he can flap his lips till blue in a face, no harm will come to him.

  • So since when are you not allowed to sweat in the gym? And who died and left this lady boss to where she makes all the rules of what can and cannot happen in the gym? What does she work for Planet Fitness?

  • You are not old fashioned, you are just plain right. I once waited ten minutes for a calf press machine (the only one in the area I was working out) for a guy to do three sets of five, and then spend the rest of his time on his phone. You should record yourself or a friend confronting these people. So many views to be gained posting a “confronting phone users at the gym” series.

  • Hi there Steve Thanks for the compliments! Unfortunately this frustrating issue existed even before cell/smart phones. In the past, people always just sat there and rested or would chat with others in between their sets. We recommend politely asking to work in. We are aware of your concern though and will keep it in mind. Team LVAC

  • no, Gym Etiquette is: ask the closest person to a bench/machine if anyone is on it. RE-RACK YOUR [email protected]#ING WEIGHTS! and don’t sit there talking on to someone for a half an hour not letting anyone use the equipment that you’re “using and have 1 more set to do”… dick.

  • Here’s some gym Etiquette, or gym common sense: Don’t go to a gym with a can of Rockstar or Monster, or Starbucks coffee with you. It makes you look dumb.

  • short shorts are gym shorts right? phone for music, advice from someone that looks ripped as fuck compared to a skinny or fat PT hmm i’ll chat to the guy that i know it works for if he gives me advice…wtf is this place!!!

  • I see this shit all the time that’s literally mainly every guy at the gym I see guys doing more texting and talking than they do lifting weights especially the overuse of selfies that’s why most of them look the exact same as they did when I walk in the door it’s like why even pay for a gym membership if you’re not going to work out just constantly sit on equipment texting talking on the phone that pisses me off so much if you’re not going to use it get the fuck off of it

  • Awesome I love it. I remember at work people used to fight over the TV in the break room, now I go in and sometimes its not even on and the room is half full. All heads down, no conversations going on just text text text. Or maybe the guy with giant headphones jamming out to the latest and greatest tunes. No one talking not even complainingits work for Christ sakes, there is plenty to bitch about! LOL

  • so you say you never had sex?never accidentaly walked into someone? never shaked hands whit someone? its all ways to get sweat on your self from others and if it was as contagious as you wanted it to be every one would have it, and you think using a towel and giving a machine a whipe takes away the sweat well sorry to break it down to you but it dont always some left unless you use some heavy cleaning soap or something.

  • I’ve found the best way to get a bench, rack, or equipment I want is to use smelling bad in my favor. Leave early with a crinkled nose peasant. In the end I got what I want without uttering one word. Mwahahaha

  • Fucking pain in the ass people, can’t even put their phone down for five minutes. Get the fuck off the phone, you are addicted, the tech companies have you hooked to their devices and platforms, can’t you see? I have to deal with this in my gym as well. Brainwashed zombies with their faces buried in their phones everywhere I look these days, ridiculous. Get back to living in the real world people.